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Lexi slowed down, as she saw brake lights in front of her. The short haired brunette looked at her bulging gut, pushing her shirt up as she sat in the driver’s seat of her car.



The car in front of her began to move as Lexi sighed. She had been dreading this shopping trip for weeks.



Lexi silently read each mailbox number. These numbers made her depressed, as they were numerical vestiges of a figure now long since vanished.




Lexi shuddered. How she longed to be that skinny again. The brunette reached into her center console and pulled out a handful of cheese curls.



Lexi kept driving on, trying her to best to ignore the numbers. It was bizarre how something so innocuous could remind her of something so devastating.


Soon, Lexi found something she enjoyed on the radio dial. She took a long sip of her fountain drink and continued driving along. The porky brunette had been planning this trip to the mall for awhile now. She had nothing left that fit.

Three months had flown by since Sarah moved out of the apartment. The infamous bikini incident was hardly acknowledged after it happened. It was more or less understood that it was likely time for the two to part ways. Sarah was able to find a nice place across town. The pair hadn’t seen each other since the move out day.

Lexi pulled into the mall parking lot. Whether consciously or not, she choose the lot closest to the food court. The blubbery young woman heaved herself from the car, each joint screaming out in pain over the added weight and sedentary lifestyle they had been subjected to over the last several months. Lexi adjusted a wedgie in her sweats and began her long plod toward the mall.

“Figures I have to park a mile away,” muttered the brunette, as she trudged toward the entrance. She looked at the handicap spaces closest to the door. All of them were empty.

Lexi pulled her sunglasses over her face and the hood of her sweatshirt over her head.

“No use in being seen…”

It’s not as if anyone would’ve recognized her anyways. Lexi was now significantly overweight. That fact, partnered with her short hair and splotchy skin was more than enough of a disguise necessary to make it through the mall incognito. Lexi took a deep breath as she walked through the food court. Auntie Annie’s cookies seemed so tempting.

“I’ll just grab one sample,” said Lexi, as she took three samples of chicken from the Japanese restaurant as she walked by.

Lexi continued trudging along. She wondered why Lane Bryant was such a far walk across the mall.

Once upon a time, the young brunette was used to having male eyes on her at all times. Those days were now officially over. It was almost as if she could feel people averting their glances from her. Well, almost everyone. She still caught the look of the occasional snickering teenaged girl when out in public.

After what felt like an eternity, Lexi finally reached Lane Bryant. She stopped for a moment and looked at the store sign directly across from it.

Victoria’s Secret.

The sheer value of the underwear she had purchased from that boutique that no longer fit her was enough to make her cry. Sure, she could probably find something that fit her now. However, what was the point? Nothing would look cute on her anyway.

Lexi turned, burning with frustrating, overwhelmed by her own fatness and walked toward the plus sized shop.

“Lexi!! Is that you?”

She knew the voice. Her instinct was to run. Her physical reality was to stand like a statute.

“Lexi! It’s so good to see you!” said Sarah, rushing in for a hug. Her arms sunk softly into Lexi’s sides.

Sarah was standing there, holding two bags from Victoria’s Secret. Next to her was a very handsome young man, holding two more, and a pleased grin on his face.

“Lexi, this is my boyfriend Michael.”

Lexi turned red. She knew who he was. He used to hit on her regularly whenever she would go out to the bars around her neighborhood. Michael was tall, dark, and quite handsome. At the time, Lexi was never really interested in him. Now, she was welling with jealousy. Not only at the fact he was with Sarah, but also at how great Sarah looked.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” said Lexi halfheartedly, extending out her meaty fingers for a weak handshake.

“Oh hi! Nice to meet you. Sarah’s said so much about you,” replied the boyfriend.

The envy welled in Lexi’s empty stomach. Michael didn’t even recognize her. Normally, she would’ve mentioned they had met many times before this chance situation. However, Lexi preferred to not be recognized by anyone in public. She simply looked down at her feet, hoping Michael wouldn’t pick up on the fact that this once gorgeous young fox had ballooned into the image of a dumpy middle-aged woman.

“Going underwear shopping, Lexi?”

“Uhh, just browsing around.”

“Oh, it looked like we interrupted you from going into Lane Bryant.”

“Ohh, ahh, no… Just browsing around.”

“Yeah, not us! We’re on a MISSION this afternoon. We put some damage on the credit card today!”

“You mean MY credit card, sweetheart,” said Michael, going in for a soft kiss.

“Well, sounds great guys. I guess I should get back to it,” said Lexi sheepishly.

“Oh, well, we should get together soon! Things have been crazy busy for me.”

Lexi nodded, hugged Sarah one last time, and then walked aimlessly in the other direction as quickly as her short, stubby legs would let her.

Michael looked at Sarah as Lexi walked away.

“She’s your fat friend you were talking about, right?”

“MICHAEL!!!” shouted Sarah, almost laughing.

“Hey, those are your words! For some reason, she looks super familiar to me!”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know where you would know her from. She doesn’t get out much anymore.”

“Yeah, I don’t either. She just looks like… a bigger version of some girl I used to see out.”

“Hey, eyes on me only!”

The two laughed again and then went off in the other direction.

Lexi ducked into Spencer’s Gifts and peered out. As soon as the happy couple was out of sight, she made her way back towards the food court. She purchased one large Pretzel with extra mustard and left the mall.

Sometime later, Lexi found herself at home, alone, in her bedroom. The brunette was standing in her underwear, looking down at the scale she had long since buried under the bed. This was the same scale Sarah left behind after moving out.

Lexi examined her pale belly as it hungover the elastic waist of her pink cotton panties. She sucked it in. Then she let it out. Then she sucked it in. Then she let it out. It was almost as if it made no visible difference. She grabbed the ample flesh with two hands, shaking it, molding it, and marveling out how unforgiving it had become. Lexi tried to remember back to a time when this was her pride and joy - her taut abs. Now, it was like that memory had been erased.

The fat young woman stood on the scale. It read 174 pounds. She had neither the heart, nor the mental acumen to figure out how much weight she had gained in total. She looked around her room. There used to be a mirror in it. That had since been moved to the closet. Suddenly finding herself in a mood to self-assess, and deprecate, she stomped over to the closet and brought and leaned it against the wall.

The woman looking back at her was unrecognizable. Her hips had expanded out well past the point of having womanly flare. Many females consider themselves to be either pear or apple shaped. In Lexi’s case, it was as if the fruits had been bread into an evil hybrid. Her hips, ass, and thighs were as prominent as the significant pot gut she had added around her middle.

Lexi turned to the side, showing off not only the significant spare tire around her midsection, but also the flabby ass she had acquired as well. Pockets of fat flared over her panties, pinching her in every trouble spot, highlighting her love handles. She turned further. Her rear end was unrecognizable. It was hard to believe she used to run competitively. The considerable amount of fabric that made up her panties did the best to cover up the considerable amount of assets she was sporting behind her.

Even her back was fat. Lexi didn’t even realize that was possible.

Lexi looked into her closet, seeing a tiny, size 2 cocktail dress she used to love to wear. Without skipping a beat, she pulled it from it’s hanger. For whatever reason, she decided to step into it.

The normally figure hugging dress wouldn’t budge. In a fit of rage, Lexi kept pulling it. Miraculously, it start to slide up her legs.

As the seams began to pop.

The bulbous brunette was undeterred. In a fit of rage, she kept pulling it up. The harder she pulled, the more the seams began to give way. Her fat pot gut strained the material even further. The seams continued to burst at the hips as she pulled it. Pools of fat emerged through the holes of the fabric, peeking out like a child would during a game of hide and seek.

Lexi strained to get her sausage like arms into the dress. Seams at the rear began to give away, exposing her pink panties. About the only thing that looked admittedly impressive was the cleavage she now sported. Even that had the quality of being both mocking soft, and somewhat saggy.

The brunette looked in the mirror. She looked pregnant in the tattered dress. The zipper in the back was pulled tightly into a v-shape. Her back fat escaping through its flaps.

Lexi stood shaking in anger. How could this have happened to her?

The brunette tore the dress off. It was still surprisingly tight, despite the fact it’s structural integrity had long since been compromised. There she stood again, in only her pink bra and panty set, pouting in front of the mirror.

Lexi picked up her phone which was laying on the bed. There was a text from Sarah.

“I’m serious, we really should get together soon! I miss you!”

In a fit of rage, Lexi threw the phone at the mirror, causing the glass to break.

Lexi went straight into the kitchen. She opened up the freezer door and grabbed a gallon of ice cream. She grabbed a dirty spoon on the edge of the sink and began digging in to the frozen treat.

She shoveled ice cream in her mouth at a rate which could best be described it disgusting. Lexi stopped after four straight minutes of shoveling. Melted ice cream lightly dotted the top side of her breasts. She went into the refrigerator and grabbed a can of easy cheese. The brunette began spraying it directly into her mouth.

Whether she wanted to admit it or not, this sudden gorging was as painful to her stomach as it was arousing. She stood there in front of her open refrigerator, eating anything she could find. Sarah’s text had sent her into a bizarre eating rage, that was oddly bordering on pleasurable.

Lexi went back to her ice cream, this time pilling whip cream and chocolate sauce on top of it. She continued to gorge on it. Her stomach was telling her to stop, but she kept eating. Finally, she began to slow down, and then she fell into a slump on the kitchen floor.

She was something underneath the refrigerator. It was a photo. Laboriously, she managed to wiggle her chubby fingers between the floor and the appliance and fish it out.

Lexi examined the photo. It was of her and Sarah. Lexi, was standing next to an overweight Sarah, looking tan and stunning in an electric blue string bikini. She was the picture of health, fitness, and most importantly, hotness. Sarah on the other hand was frumpy, fat, and decidedly average. Lexi flipped the photo over the back and read a small note that had been written, in Sarah’s handwriting:

“I will look better than her someday.”

The brunette took one last gaze at her corpulent body. In this sitting position, her belly was pushed up close to her breasts, giving the heavy hangers a place to rest.

Lexi tore the picture up.

Sarah was right.
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Wicked good
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I am actually glad now that Lexi became the fat one and Sarah remained slim. Lexi was never as evil as Sarah became. She was inconsiderate. And somewhat blissfully unaware of her own good fortune.
Leaving Sarah slender DOES leave an opening for a Sequel where she gets her just reward for being downright mean.I hope you'll consider one in the future. What a Great Witer you are!

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Not so sure you'll see a sequel, but I do appreciate the sentiment. I hope everyone enjoyed.
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Thank you for finishing this. I look forward to more of your work!!
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loving the end
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