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Default Metamorphosis - by SkinnyToChubby (M to BBW, ~~WG)

M to BBW, ~~WG - a male admirer of BBW’s unexpectedly gets to experience things firsthand.

Author’s Note: I never think I'm done with a story, but I think it's time that I called this one "done", at least for now. Can't wait to see which category it gets classified in...

by SkinnyToChubby

I have long been an avid student of the female form. Beyond mere admiration, I study what appeals to me and struggle to understand why. When I was younger, it was breasts that appealed to me the most, then I became what you might call an ass-man. But eventually I realized that what I loved the most in a beautiful woman's body was the combination of a curvaceous female form with the supple softness of strategically placed and apportioned fat. That's right, fat. While it might have taken a little while, I now reject the pop culture fallacy that fat, the substance that comprises the most feminine aspects of the female form, can somehow be extricated from the rest of a beautiful woman's body. To me, the paramount in feminine beauty lies at the point immediately before growing softness stops accentuating and starts obscuring the hourglass form I admire so well. In short, a curvaceous, chubby beauty.

Such were my thoughts as I stared into my half-empty wine glass. This was not an uncommon train of thought for me, but at this particular time, the inspiration for this thought was sitting directly across from me at the small French cafe at which I was having dinner. And it wasn't because the girl across from me fit my ideal. Far from it. I had been set up on another date by a friend who thought that my present dining companion and I would "really click", and it was clear why she had thought so. If it isn't weird enough that people tend to choose dogs that look like them, I've found that most people take a similar approach with their significant others. Blond dates blond. Tall dates tall. And fat dates fat. I, however, fit quite squarely into the "thin" (or even "skinny") category, and thus was expected to be perfectly matched by the very thin girl pushing her salad around the plate across the table. Like me, she had brown hair, greenish eyes and had to easily border on any doctor's definition of "underweight". Not that I didn't eat, mind you--I ate plenty. It just never stuck. Whether it was possible to put a pound on my date tonight, however, had clearly never been tested, as she had hardly eaten a thing.

But to be honest with myself, perhaps I had never gained any weight myself because I didn’t want to. Maybe I was even scared to. I had always been the skinny guy, and I wouldn’t be myself if I wasn’t my usual skinny self. But if I were her, I thought, thinking of my date, that would be another story. Fat had such a sensually feminine connotation in my mind that on me I felt it would be emasculating; on her, it would be an unqualified improvement.

As I mused over this thought, something momentarily distracted me. A stunningly gorgeous woman, mid-twenties, with long blond hair walked by and turned more than a few heads. She was tall for a woman, my height, about 5’9”, plus heels. And she was not skinny. She was dressed in a tight blue dress that showed off her voluptuous figure very well: a classic Marilyn Monroe hourglass with generous cleavage showing and a bubble-butt that was barely contained by the dress. And (for me) best of all, I made out the soft contours of her little belly gently shifting as she strolled behind my date’s chair.

My date. My eyes shifted back from curves to angles, and I knew I was wasting both of our time. The waiter passed by, and I asked for the check, eager to extract myself from the awkward position I had put us in and go home. I don’t think she was surprised either; my heart obviously wasn’t in this, so after the matter of paying was taken care of we parted ways, amicably but without the typical empty gestures suggesting any kind of future contact.

My whole walk home, I couldn’t get the gloriously chubby beauty out of my head, and I kept wondering why my date (and all of her myriad look-alikes) starved themselves to look worse.

Having arrived at home, I walked into my bedroom and put on the t-shirt I usually wear to sleep in with my boxers. As I put on my “small” size t-shirt I wondering if I was being a hypocrite about my date’s weight. I pulled out the scale in my bathroom. 132lbs. Scrawny. Yet I was a little relieved to see that I hadn’t gained any weight recently -- total hypocrite.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, got into bed and turned off the light. After an exhausting day, first at work and then on the date, I couldn’t wait to go to sleep. Tomorrow was Saturday, so I was looking forward to sleeping in. And as I closed my eyes, my mind drifted to the blurry image of the voluptuous beauty who had momentarily graced my field of view earlier that evening.


It must have been mid-morning when I awoke, because the sun was shining directly into my window and drew me from my sleep. I stretched my arms out, shifting my body beneath the sheets, hoping to eek out a few extra minutes of slumber by turning my face away from the window.

After flipping over in my half-awakened state, and focusing hard on returning to unconsciousness, I gradually became aware of a curious sensation. My boxers were almost painfully tight and were giving me a ridiculous wedgie. I figured that I must have gotten them twisted around in my sleep, but when I reached down to pull on them, they were skin-tight! I pulled off the sheets to figure out what was going on when I had an extraordinary shock. Looking down to see the boxers, my view was entirely obstructed by my shirt, which seemed to have puffed up or something. I pushed down on it, and instead of pushing down an air pocket, I found myself pushing on ... me! Or at least a strange, squishy part of me.

This was getting really strange, and I was wide awake now, so I fully threw off the covers, sat up, and saw that my boxers were practically painted onto my legs. Which were completely hairless. And rather shapely...

I leaped out of bed and ran into the bathroom, which was plastered with mirrors. Looking back at me was a very attractive woman, wearing my clothes and making every movement I made. I felt my stomach flip, like upon the descent on a roller coaster. I muttered out loud, "what the fuck?" but my voice sounded strange -- higher, and more feminine.

I had a sudden thought and grabbed between my legs and found what I feared -- something was missing. The full impact of everything was finally hitting home. Somehow, impossibly, I had woken up as a woman. But I was wearing the same clothes (which obviously didn't fit me anymore) and my hair was the same. And I was in my apartment.

I leaned in closer to the mirror and examined my face. As I stared into the mirror, I realized that while the face looking back at me was that of a woman--a very beautiful one at that--it was my face. Only female. My mouth was a little wider, lips fuller, nose smaller and cheekbones higher, but it was clearly my nose, and my face. And I was looking back at my green eyes, framed by a softer, more delicately feminine version of my face. It was like I had become my female twin.

I stepped back to take in the rest of the changes to my body. If my face had at least been somewhat recognizable, my body was not. Though I saw that I still had the small birthmark on my left arm, my body had transformed -- and grown. The t-shirt I was sleeping in was pressed tightly against my chest (in fact, tight everywhere) and my breasts were pulling it up so that a bit of my stomach was exposed. Though I had been a very skinny guy, it was clear that I was not such a skinny girl. My boxers were digging into a couple of inches of soft tummy flesh and I had little love handles on my sides. Even my arms were thicker and were tightly pressed into my shirt sleeves.

I needed to get a sense of the whole picture, so I pulled off the t-shirt, albeit with some difficulty. In all my years of dating, I had never had the opportunity to see a pair of breasts like those I now possessed. They were large, but very pert, with perfect nipples. I cupped them with my hands and guessed them to be about a D-cup. It felt so strange to have this soft, jiggly flesh hanging from my chest, but as I handled my breasts, I felt myself begin to get aroused. Then I poked a delicate finger into the strange new softness on my belly, feeling it sink into a new layer of fat where before had been visible abs. I needed to get my boxers off, but it was clear that my hips had widened considerably, and my thighs had filled out. I started to try to pull off the boxers, but I quickly realized that the biggest obstacle would be that my butt had doubled in size. Realizing the futility of my situation, I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the boxers off, very carefully.

So there I was looking in the mirror at a voluptuous naked woman. Me. My body was nearly hairless (including down there) and my skin felt incredibly smooth to me. I checked out my ass in the mirror and couldn’t believe how much bigger it was than my skinny guy butt. Not only wider, but it stuck out several inches more, forming a bubble butt. Looking carefully at myself, I realized that the overall curves I had acquired were in part attributable to the thin new layer of extra fat that had spread over all of my body. I sucked in my stomach and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a buxom, hourglass-figured pinup girl. But when I relaxed, my new little belly stuck out a bit more than pop culture allowed. Out of curiosity, I stepped onto the scale I had used the previous night. 162 lbs. That was a thirty pound gain! But looking at my new boobs and belly, wider hips, bigger butt and fuller thighs, it was clear that all this extra flesh had to weigh something.

My stomach rumbled, and I realized that I was starving and didn’t have any food in the house. But I couldn’t go out naked! I walked back into the bedroom and tried to scrounge up something I could wear in public. It was summer, and summer in New York is anything but formal, but what could I wear? First step was underwear. Looking at the scraps of the boxers I had needed to cut off lying on the floor, I knew that boxers wouldn’t work. I did have a stretchy pair of tighty-whiteys in my drawer that I never normally wear, so I pulled them out. They appeared to be about 99% elastic, so I was able to pull them up, although they were clearly too small and ended up looking more like a thong on my bigger butt. The waistband dug into me too, forming a noticeable indentation in my softer waistline. I looked like I was about to burst out of the underwear, and I found myself turned on again.

I grabbed the pair of jeans I had worn out the night before, but I was unable to pull them up past my thighs. A pair of khakis got past my thighs and hips, but my new little belly made buttoning them impossible. Sucking it in as much as possible, I couldn’t get the button and button-hole to meet. What was I going to do? I started digging through drawers and found an old pair of sweatpants. These had always been loose, so I figured I’d give them a try. This time I succeeded, although they were embarrassingly tight and obviously too small. I put on a t-shirt, but it too was very tight around my breasts and you could tell I wasn’t wearing a bra. What was I going to do though? It’s not like I had bras lying around. As I walked towards the door, I could feel my boobs jiggling madly. Fuck, I was going to be that slutty bra-less girl walking down the street. Plus my breasts pulled up the shirt, revealing an inch or so of soft tummy flesh poking over the restrictive sweatpants.

I got my wallet and walked to the door, still somewhat in a daze about the whole situation when a thought occurred to me. I pulled out my license, and boy was I in for a surprise. The picture was of girl-me. Instead of “Sam”, it said “Samantha”. And there was my height: 5’9”, hair color, “brown”, and eye color: “green”. The address was the same. I had no idea what to make of this, so I slipped on my flip-flops (which were now a little too big), grabbed my keys and headed out.

There was a hot dog place on the corner of my block, Papaya-something, so I walked over there. I was really starving, so I got three hot dogs and a drink, trying not to think about how strange my voice sounded, and attempted to ignore the man behind the counter grinning at me while staring at my chest. As quickly as possible I took my food, headed to the counter facing the windows onto the street, and sat down to eat.

While sitting there eating, it was almost easy enough to forget that I wasn’t the usual me. But then I’d look up and see a glimmer of my reflection in the glass window and I realized that if I was a woman now, I needed to fix my look, fast. I decided that step one would have to be the clothing store. There was a nice department store up the street, and I figured I could get everything I needed there. So I finished up my lunch, threw out my trash and started walking uptown. The sensation of my breasts freely jiggling as I walked was so strange and embarrassing that I walked most of the way with my arms crossed in front of me and my head down. I could feel my butt shaking with each step as well, which was strange. I couldn’t believe the entire world wasn’t looking at me, yet in New York, I’m sure I barely stood out, a hot girl wearing tight clothes and a short haircut. Nothing special for this town.

As soon as I stepped into the store, however, things were a little different. This was a nice place, and I certainly did stand out. I approached the employee standing by the door, who gave me a somewhat quizzical look.

“Excuse me, I was wondering if you could tell me where something is?”

“Sure, what are you looking for?”

Wow, where to begin. What was I looking for? I responded, “I’m looking for the underwear section.” This seemed like a priority, or at least a reasonable foundation.

“Ladies’ Lingerie is on the third floor, to your left.”

I thanked him and headed towards the escalators. When I got to the lingerie department, I stopped for a moment, smiled to myself and shook my head. This had always been a department that I went out of my way to avoid. If I got dragged along with a girlfriend, I always felt very uncomfortable, because I didn’t want to be the weird guy wandering around the lingerie department. And now I was here buying stuff for myself.

“Can I help you?”

"Yes, thank you. I'm looking for..." I paused for a second. What was I looking for? "I'm looking for everything I guess."


I thought for a moment and had my answer. "Well I had a fire in my apartment this morning, I won't be able to get in for weeks perhaps and I have nothing, so I'm totally starting from scratch. This seemed like the place to start."

"That's terrible!" the saleswoman responded. "Well I'll get you fixed up with some new underwear right away. What size are you?"

I had no idea. This is the kind of thing I'm supposed to know. "Well...I've never shopped here before, so I'm not sure." This seemed like a smooth save to me, but I was mistaken."

"Ok, but what sizes are you normally?"

I didn't know what to do but guess. I threw out my default. "Uh, small?"

This was met with a skeptical look. The saleswoman looked me over from head to toe and said, "Well honey, maybe our sizes run a little small here, because I think you should go for at least a medium in the panties."

I blushed a bit, suddenly aware of how tight the sweatpants were that I was wearing. "Right, of course. That makes sense, thanks."

"And for the bra?"

This was proving to be a lot harder than I had imagined. "Um, you know, it's been a while since I last had a fitting, and I think I've um, gained a little weight since then, so maybe it's best if we check."

"That's fine, I'll be happy to help you with that. Why don't we step into a dressing room?"

I had absolutely no idea what this would entail, but I followed the saleswoman to the back, into a dressing room, which was surprisingly spacious.

The saleswoman had grabbed a tape measure and stood looking at me, waiting.

“Ummm, what are we waiting for?” I asked.

“Well this is much easier if you take your shirt off.”

I blushed and looked down at the floor for a second.

The saleswoman smiled. “Oh, it’s just us girls here. If you’re shy though, I understand, we can try and measure with the shirt on, it just may not be as good of a fit.”

“Oh no, I’m fine.” I said, and pulled off my shirt. The saleswoman approached me and wrapped a tape measure around my chest immediately below my breasts and then around them.

“OK, all done. I’d suggest a 36D. Is that a big change from before?”

“Definitely.” I sure wasn’t half-assing the whole female thing.

“You mentioned that you had put on a little weight recently. If you don’t mind my asking, how much did you gain since you were last fitted?”

“Thirty pounds,” I responded, absent-mindedly poking a finger into my soft, exposed tummy and suddenly feeling a little self-conscious.

The sales woman gave me another look over. “Well, I sure wish I could gain thirty pounds and look like that. I’d say it suits you very well.”

I blushed again. “Thanks. I guess I’ll keep it.” I laughed, and she smiled.

“While you’re at it, would you mind taking my other measurements, I figure so long as I’m getting a new wardrobe, I might as well get it right.”

“Sure honey. As I had suspected, my hips were eight inches bigger than before, and I had also added three to my waist. I thanked the saleswoman, put my shirt back on, and went out the the sales floor.

I picked out ten bras and ten pairs of panties, and after paying, excused myself to hop into a dressing room and put them on. Putting on the bra was easier than I thought it would be, and the panties were less snug than what I had been wearing, and allowed me to breath a little, even if I was still in the insanely tight sweatpants. I realized looking in the mirror that I had a visible panty line, so I went back out and got a couple thongs too, in case I wanted them later.

I still needed normal clothes, so I found the casual women's clothes department. The first order of business was jeans, so with the help of a nice salesperson I found the right size. Tighter than I would wear as a guy, but that was the look. The "curvy" cut that I got really showed off my ass! I bought a couple of pairs and decided that for the summer, I should get shorts too. When I tried those on though, aside from being tight like the jeans, I couldn't believe how short they all were. I would have felt ridiculous as a guy wearing them, but looking in the mirror, I knew they looked good, and I would have stopped myself dead in my tracks. Why not dress a little sexy, I figured. When life deals you lemons, you make lemonade, so if life had dealt me melons, well...you know.

I picked out a bunch of tops too, mainly going with the salesgirl’s suggestions. When I went to try them all on, I was again thrown off by how form-fitting everything was, but they all looked great, so bought everything. I was even talked into a couple of bikinis, "just in case" the girl said.

The salesgirl suggested that I get something a little more formal, so I tried on a little red dress she suggested. It looked amazing, and really showed off my curves, even if a little belly was visible through the tight fabric.

Fully attired (with matching shoes of course), I gathered up my loot and grabbed a cab home. Easiest cab I ever hailed.

Once home, I started emptying out my old clothes from my closet and putting in my new ones. It had been really hot out, so I hopped in the shower. I still couldn't believe this was my body. I could feel all the extra fleshy softness as I lathered myself up. I was getting very turned on, and without even realizing what I was doing, I found myself exploring my curves with one hand while pleasuring myself with the other. It was the best shower of my life.

After drying off, I slipped on some underwear and a pair of my new shorts, a tight tank-top and a pair of sandals and checked out my reflection. Hmmm. I had some great cleavage going on and I looked hot, but the boy's haircut was terrible. I decided to go to see what could be done.

There was a salon down the street that I had never been to before, but it looked nice, so I decided to give it a try. As soon as I walked in, I was pleasantly greeted my a pretty blond girl around my age, though at least as skinny as I had been before my recent changes.

"Hello, what can we help you with today?" she asked.

"Hi," I responded, "I was hoping you could help me with a style change."

"Of course, I'd love to help you!" the girl responded. "I'm Stacey."

"I'm Sam. Samantha."

"Well Sam, what did you have in mind?"

I thought for a second. "I don't really know. I guess I don't know what's possible, and I'm interested in hearing your suggestions."

"Sure! Ok, with hair as short as yours, there's still a lot we can do -- cuts, color -- and if you're interested in extensions, really anything is possible."

I hadn't thought of extensions. In fact, I didn't even really understand what they were. "How do extensions work?"

"It's kind of expensive and takes a long time, but we attach strands of hair to your hair to make it longer. We'll have to dye it all so that the color all matches, though we can match your natural color."

This opened up all new options. "That's really interesting. What would you recommend?"

Stacey took a good look at me, tapping a finger on her chin as she thought. "With a build like you have, I tend to favor longer hair. Have you ever seen yourself as a blond?"

Definitely not, but I had never seen myself as a woman, so I decided to be flexible. "Umm, I'm open to anything."

"Cool. Here's what I'm thinking. We add extensions until your hair is at your shoulder blades, then we dye it all a darker blonde and add lighter highlights."

"That would be different!"

"Sure would. Are you interested?"

Why not, I figured. A whole new me.

"Sold. Actually, how much is this?"

Stacey's response nearly blew my mind (I was used to cheap haircuts), and I couldn't believe the amour of time it was going to take, but there was just enough time left in the day to get it done and I had nothing else to do.

I won't recount the hours-long process that followed, but I got to know Stacey very well in the hours we spent together. Eventually, as the sun was starting to set, we finished, and I could take in the results in the mirror. It was an amazing transformation. I had a kind of honey colored skin tone, so the blond hair looked very natural. Not to be vain (I hardly felt like the face I saw in the mirror was even mine!), but I looked gorgeous. Especially in my tight tank-top and shorts, I was every bit the voluptuous blond bombshell.

Stacey smiled as she saw me admiring my reflection. “Looking good! Pretty nice work, if I say so myself.” She put on a wry smile. “I must say, it really looks like this was how you were meant to look.”

I twirled a lock of blond hair in my fingers. “I agree.”

The few blocks I walked home were a kind of strange experience. I’ve always been an observer of people -- it’s part of the fun of living in New York. But I wasn’t really used to being observed. Now when I looked at people, I realized that many of them were already looking at me. I decided to stay in for the night.

I got home and realized I was starving. I flipped on the TV, ordered a pizza, and settled down for the evening. When the pizza came, I realized they had given me a large instead of a small, but the delivery guy was very, very accommodating and only charged me for the small. I practically inhaled the pizza, and before I knew it, it was gone. All of it. And wow was I stuffed. As I walked over to the bathroom to wash the grease off my hands, I caught a glance at my reflection. I practically looked pregnant, my stomach was so full. I had been full before in my life of course, but I usually was wearing something looser, so it wasn’t so obvious. Plus I had more belly now no matter how full I was. I had a brief moment of panic; I had always heard that women put on weight much more easily than men, and I didn’t want to get fat. Right?

It was then that I realized that this was my opportunity. Was I a hypocrite? I had always criticized the serial dieters while rationalizing my skinniness by my fast metabolism and a nagging belief that fat on guys just didn’t look good. But now here I was, a beautiful woman with a curvaceous build that could clearly support a few extra pounds, and I was worrying about getting fat. So I decided that I would eat whatever I wanted, and I’d let things happen as they happened.

And they happened fast. The next morning I had digested everything and was hungry again, so I got dressed and went to the diner down the street. I ordered myself the lumberjack breakfast with just about everything imaginable, much to the surprise of my server. “I’m just really hungry today” I explained. Indeed I was, because I finished everything. By the time I ordered my next pizza that evening (after a great burger for lunch), I was stuffed and fell asleep dreaming of food.


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SkinnyToChubby has said some nice things

It only took a few days of reckless eating for the results to show. The first thing I noticed was that my shorts became a lot harder to button. I could button them, but it was a tight squeeze. And when I put on one of my new tops, it left an inch of my stomach exposed. I stepped on the scale and saw that I had gained nine pounds in several days. I couldn’t believe I had gained weight so fast, or that I could possibly be 171 lbs -- it was so much more than I had ever weighed before. All my life I had always been skinny; it was something I was known for. But looking in the mirror, not only was I a woman now, but I was starting to become a chubby one. It looked like most of the pounds had found their way to my midriff region. My stomach, which had become pudgier upon my initial transformation, had acquired a further layer of fat, giving me the start of a chubby pot belly. Also, what had before only hinted at love handles had grown into full-fledged love handles, poking over the waistband of my shorts. No wonder so many girls are such diet freaks -- they get fat easily! Now I was getting fat, and for some reason, I really wanted to show it off.

I found my most revealing outfit (a tight tube top that showed plenty of cleavage and midriff plus very short shorts), and headed out to the village to hit the bars. I don’t know what I was looking for, but I had been cooped up in my apartment for days and wanted to see people, have a drink, and have fun.

I hailed a cab and had it take me to a relatively laid-back bar that I had always liked. But as I got out of the cab and approached the bar’s door, I had a pang of nervousness. I had been to this bar many times before as Sam, but never as Samantha. This was going to be weird.

I opened the door and walked in. Immediately a few heads turned, and I suddenly felt exposed in the tight and revealing outfit I was wearing. This was the nakedest I had ever been seen in public -- not the usual loose t-shirt and jeans I’d wear as a guy. And not only did I feel exposed, but as a few people checked me out, I was self-conscious of my body. I could feel my belly jiggling slightly as I walked down the few stairs into the bar (a new and unusual feeling!), and I knew that what I could feel others could see. So I made my way quickly to the bar, hopped onto one of the few empty stools and waited for the bartender.

As soon as I sat down, I was conscious of the belly roll that formed over my shorts, but that was unavoidable in my plumpened state, so I put it out of my mind and made eye-contact with the bartender. I didn’t recognize him, which was just as well. I ordered a beer, which he brought my right away, and I smiled appreciatively, paid him, and sipped on my beer. I looked around the bar at the people I could see, people-watching as always. There was about a 50/50 gender ratio. Suddenly a thought occurred to me that shocked me. Now that I was a woman, would I be attracted to guys? I felt like my mind was still my own, but that would be a frightening change. I checked out the guys I could see, but felt nothing. Then I saw a very attractive girl, a short brunette with a few extra pounds on her (the way I liked) and I felt an appealing warmth below. Nope, I was still me -- sort of.

After a few minutes, I felt a tap on my left shoulder. I turned around to see a guy, probably my age.


I turned around and my heart nearly stopped. Did I know this guy? And how did he recognize me??

He continued, “It’s Bill, from high school. Bill Walker? Sorry, it’s been a while and you probably didn’t recognize me.”

I did recognize him. I hadn’t know Bill well, but I definitely knew him. But this was strange because obviously I knew him as a guy.

I wiped the confused and startled look off my face and smiled, standing up to greet him. “Of course, Bill, it’s good to see you!” I started to put out my hand to shake his, but he quickly gave me a hug and pulled back.

Bill gave me a quick head to toe look-over and said, “Don’t feel bad, I hardly recognized you. You were always so skinny back in school.”

I blushed in embarrassment. So this extra weight was new to girl-me as well.

Bill saw my reaction and put out his hands in apology. “No, I meant you look good. Really good! Never looked better.” He looked sincere.

I assured him I wasn’t offended. “Thanks. It’s a new look for me.”

Bill took the opportunity to take a good look at my chest and then his eyes lingered on my stomach for a moment. “Well it’s a very good look for you. If you don’t mind my saying, you’ve filled out nicely.”

“Thanks. Ummm...you too.” This made no sense really, and we both laughed. At least that broke some of the awkward tension.

Bill made motions as if to leave and said, “it was great running into you. Here’s my number in case you ever want to meet up now that we’re both in the city. I still see Shana and Vicky all the time, so give me a call and we can do something.” I didn’t know what to do, so I took the slip of paper he handed me, thanked him and said goodbye.

I needed to find another bar.

I waited a minute after Bill left and then headed for the door. As I was stepping out of the door, I walked into a very pretty girl making her way into the bar. I apologized and she was nice about, but I couldn't help taking another look at her as she walked away. She was hot. That's when I realized what bar I needed to go to.

A little further down and across the street was a bar called the Kitty Kat Lounge. I knew it was a lesbian bar and thus had always been off my radar for fairly obvious reasons. Now it was just the place I needed. I smiled at the bouncer outside, gave him my ID, and stepped inside. I was usually a laid-back dive bar guy, so the decor was not quite my usual style. The place had relatively dim lighting, loud music, and it was packed. Really packed.

As soon as I passed through the doorway, I was confronted by a mass of bodies blocking my way. And they were all girls. For any straight guy, this was a dream come true. It was like I had just entered a fantasy of mine.

I had no real direction in mind, so I started making my way to the bar. I was never a bar pick-up kind of person, so this wasn't my most comfortable environment. But I could certainly use a drink. Saying "excuse me", to no one really, I pushed into the crowd. Most people were at least as scantily clad as I was, so the experience of pushing through the crowd was that of my smooth flesh rubbing up against smooth flesh. Here and there an elbow or should pressed against my chest and I felt my nipples harden. About half-way to the bar, I was startled when I felt someone grab my ass. I quickly spun around and found a beautiful dark-haired woman with a tan complexion and blue eyes smiling at me. She winked and said, "Sorry, but I just had to make sure all that is real."

"It’s all me, though I can hardly believe it myself," I replied with a laugh. I'd never had someone come on to me like this, and though I thought I should be offended, this girl was very hot and this was what I was here for. “I hope that’s the answer you wanted to hear,” I continued.

“It is,” the girl said. "Can I buy you a drink?"

"I’d love that. I'm Samantha."

“I’m Kate.”

Kate, as I now knew her to be named, pushed ahead of me towards the bar and I followed. I took the opportunity to check her out to the extent possible in this crowd. She was wearing a tight halter top and miniskirt, which showed off a slim, but not too skinny body. We seemed about the same height too, but I realized that she was wearing 2 inch heels, so I guessed that I was a bit taller.

“What do you want?” asked Kate from in front of the bar.

“A Grey Goose martini would be great.”

“Not a very girly drink. That’s strong stuff!” she said, looking a little impressed.

“I’m trying to get drunk and be taken advantage of,” I said with a suggestive smile. Kate laughed and ordered the drink.

Handing me the drink, Kate said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before; I’m sure I’d remember.”

“It’s my first time,” I replied.

Kate absentmindedly traced her finger around the rim of her glass. “Then consider me the welcoming committee.” She looked around the room for a moment until settling her gaze on a darker corner across the room. “Follow me.”

Pushing our way through the sea of bodies, we made our way to a less populated (but no quieter) corner with a few lounge chairs. Kate sat down and motioned for me to sit next to her on the small couch on which she had planted herself. The music was loud, so Kate had to lean in close to my ear to speak with me.

“So where do you normally hang out?”

I didn’t know what to say. “You know, bars,” I responded feebly.

Kate looked confused for a moment and then surprised. Slapping a hand on my leg for a moment, she exclaimed, “Oh, you mean straight bars?”

“Um, yeah.”

“And some guy finally drove you here?” Kate said with a laugh.

“No no,” I said, “I was never interested in guys, I guess I just never had the guts to come into a place like this.”

Kate took a large sip of her drink and set it down. Leaning in towards me, she ran her fingers down my side, coming to rest on a love handle exposed where my top was riding up. “Don’t tell me you’ve been letting this luscious body go to waste.”

The feeling of this girl’s fingers on my hip was exciting, both because she was beautiful and because she made me consciously aware of the voluptuous sexuality of this new body of mine.

I looked around for a moment and saw that nobody was paying attention to us; privacy in plain sight. I put my hand over Kate’s, pressing it deeper into my side. Speaking into Kate’s ear, I told her, “this body wasn’t this luscious until very recently.”

“Oh?” I could feel Kate’s fingers starting to wander.

Kate’s obvious interest in my fuller figure was turning me on, and I was keen to explore this. “I’ve always been very skinny.”

Kate’s hand had deftly inched up my top, exposing my chubby belly hanging over the waistband of my shorts. Poking a finger into the chub, she whispered breathlessly into my ear, “this doesn’t seem very skinny. What have you been eating?”

I instinctively pulled away from Kate's probing finger, but I felt a rush of excitement run through me. Blushing, I said, "too much I guess." I was suppose to be the skinny one; having my new fat pointed out was as embarrassing as it was erotic.

Kate laughed and playfully pouted in sympathy. "Oh, don't be self-conscious!" she said. Leaning in again towards my ear, Kate's hand found it's way back to my hip, and she whispered, "I think you're incredibly sexy."

I knew that I wanted to see where this could go. I leaned in towards Kate, my hand on her exposed thigh, and said, "Sorry, I can't help being a little self-conscious. I feel like I suddenly have an entirely new body. Maybe you could help me acquaint myself with it better."

Kate smiled. "I'd love to. Let's get out of this place."


It turned out that Kate lived all the way out in Brooklyn, so my place was much closer, just a few blocks away. As we emerged from the bar, the brighter lighting of the streets gave me another perspective from which to view Kate. She really was a beautiful creature, probably around 5'5" and I would guess roughly 130 lbs. She had a great ass and probably wore a B-cup. As we turned a corner towards my place, I caught our reflection in a glass store-front. I was struck by how much bigger I was than Kate. Sure I was taller, but I looked positively chubby next to her slim (but shapely) figure.

Once we got to my apartment, I broke out some beers that I had in my fridge and the two of us sat down on my bed.

"You've never done this before, have you?" Kate asked.

I had brought back plenty of girls here before, but no, I hadn't ever done anything quite like this.

Kate took a long swig of her beer, and I did the same. "Just do what's comfortable." With that, Kate leaned in and kissed me, and in moments we were embracing, arms wrapped around each other, kissing passionately.

Then Kate pulled away from me for a moment and taking the bottom of her shirt in her hands, pulled it over her head and threw it on the ground. With one hand behind her back, she unclasped and removed her bra too. The nipples on her pert breasts were hard as a rock.

Kate smiled at me, “come on, don’t be shy. You don’t have anything I don’t have.”

“No, but I’ve got a lot more of it,” I replied.

“You know, you’re way too hot to be self-conscious about your body,” Kate said.

“It’s just that I’ve gained a lot of weight recently.”

“Well let’s see how it looks.” And with that, Kate pulled my top over my head, casting it to the side. Sitting as we were, my new belly was rolling over my shorts’ waistband and I instinctively tried to suck it in, futilely.

“Hmmmm....” Kate murmured, looking thoughtful, but with a mischievous look in her eye. “Stand up.”

I stood up, and was very conscious of how my soft belly stuck out over my tight shorts, even sucking it in as I was.

“Take off your bra.”

I followed Kate’s orders and set my breasts free.

Kate leaned back on the bed a little, propping herself up with an arm. “Looking good.” Kate got up off the bed and walked over to me. She got close enough to kiss me, but instead reached her hands down to my shorts and tried to unbutton them. I could feel her fingers sinking into my chubby stomach, and in a moment I felt the button come loose.

“There,” Kate said, “I bet that’s more comfortable.” I blushed, but Kate didn’t miss a beat, pulled my shorts down to my feet, and I stepped out of them.

Kate moved back a bit, looked at me and laughed. "You can breath now."

"What do you mean?" I asked, pretending not to know.

"This," and Kate's hand darted out at my tummy, tickling me. I immediately exhaled, all my focus on stopping her from tickling me, and my belly expanded to it's full size. "There, doesn't that feel better?" Kate asked.

"I just didn't want you to see how fat I've gotten" I replied.

Kate's lips turned up in a devious smile. "I want to see exactly how fat you've gotten." Kate pushed me down on the bed. Grabbing onto a pronounced love handle on my side, she asked, "besides, you didn't think you could suck in this, did you?" I didn't know why, but Kate exploring my chubby new body was making me immensely horny, and i moaned in pleasure. She pulled off my shorts and rolled me onto my stomach. Kate grabbed my butt with both hands and shook it, settling its soft flesh jiggling wildly. "Or this? How were you going to suck this in?"

Quivering in pleasure, I said, as embarrassed as I was turned on, "I didn't mean to get so fat."

"But you like it, don't you?" Kate asked, smacking my ass. She rolled me over again, my chubby little pot belly poking out at Kate over the tight waistband of my panties. Kate was straddling me now, her breasts undulating before as she moved. Then Kate's left hand slipped down the front of my panties as her right hand pressed into my belly. "You know, you're not fat."

"I'm not?"

"No." She grabbed a handful of my tummy and shook it while simultaneously stroking my clit. I jolted in shock and pleasure. "but you are getting pretty chubby."

"Do you mind?" I asked.

Kate massaged my clit while poking a finger deep into my soft belly. "No, but stick with me and I will plump you up so there will be no more trying to suck this in."

To my great disappointment, Kate jumped off the bed and said to me, “do you have any old clothes around here?” She didn’t wait for a response though, and went straight towards the closet that had all of my guy clothes.
“Hmmm...you have interesting taste. So did you figure before that since you liked girls you should dress like a guy?”

I paused for a second. “Um, yes, that’s exactly it.”

Kate seemed to accept that answer. “I’ve known plenty of lesbians who do the same thing,” she said. “Why did you stop?”

“I didn’t really think I looked much like a guy anymore,” I answered.

Kate ogled me for a second as I lay on the bed. “Indeed you don’t.” She grabbed a button-down shirt and a pair of jeans from my closet and threw them on the bed. “Here, let’s see if you can still fit into these.”

I started to protest, but Kate insisted. Kate watched intently as I stepped into my old jeans, which quickly were overwhelmed by my new chubby girl’s body. The jeans were skin-tight over my thicker thighs, and it proved impossible to fully pull them past the swell of my butt.

As I jumped up and down, struggling and jiggling, Kate laughed at the spectacle of me trying to fit into my old pants.

“I don’t think that’s going to work,” she said, still laughing.

I responded, “told you so,” as I wiggled my way out of the jeans.

As I finally free myself from the jeans and toss them to the side, Kate threw the pair of sweatpants at me that I had worn in desperation the morning a few weeks earlier when I had first woken up as a girl. But these had been skin-tight that day, and I had only been getting bigger since then.

“What makes you think these will be any better?” I asked.

“Oh come on, no one’s ever too fat for their sweats!” said Kate with a mischievous smile.

I muttered to myself, “hmmm, we’ll see about that.” Sure enough, if the sweatpants had been intended to be tights, anyone would still have said they were too small. Like a few weeks ago, they were skin-tight everywhere, but at the waist it was clear that I had graduated to unquestionable chubbiness now as the soft flesh of my new pot belly poured several inches over the taught drawstring.

Kate stood up and walked over to me and prodded my chubby tummy with her fingers. “Well, I take it back. I think you have gotten too fat for your sweats.”

I grabbed Kate’s mocking fingers, “Well if I’m too fat for my clothes, then maybe I shouldn’t be wearing any.” With some difficulty, I slithered out of the sweatpants and my panties and stood there stark naked in front of Kate. Without another word, she got down on her knees in front of me, I closed my eyes, and my world exploded.

--The End (at least for now) --

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Heck of a start! I'd like to see where you take this!
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Default Hi

You write so very well! I'm not a fan of the male change as a genre, but you wrote that portion very well - and once Kate came into the picture, the story suited me down to the ground! What a wonderful job! Thank you.
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Terrific story!
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This is a wonderful, well written story and I can see many, many plot possibilities for forthcoming chapters.

Sam is beginning to enjoy her new sex and of being a BBW. It would be wonderful to enjoy them along with her in her future adventures.
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hey this is really good! original and well written, keep the pace and gain slow but steady... i can't wait for more!
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Thanks everyone for the kind words, it is appreciated. This was a strange one for me to write, but I thought the whole transformation genre needed something slower and less cruel than the few I've come across.
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I'm not sure I could exactly call this a "fantasy" of mine, but it is a scenario I've thought about before. This was wonderfully written, I think you captured it perfectly.
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This is literally my favorite story. If you ever think about continuing it, please do.
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This is simply wonderful. I certainly hope you continue!
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Just doodlin'
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Really nicely written, I enjoyed it very much! Great descriptive passages and wonderfully playful & teasing dialogue. Hope to see you write some more, either continuing this story or something new!
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