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Chapter 23 - Journey on the Road to Discovery and Decision

Michelle chewed on her lip. She had a problem. It was her stomach. It gave a low, long rumble. Like it was bellowing to be filled.

I had that salad for lunch!

It was a message she kept sending to her stomach. Like a mantra. But Michelle's greedy stomach demanded more. To make matters worse, her taste buds craved for something sweet.

She bit on her lip again, trying by sheer force of will to shut her stomach up. From the corner of her eye she saw Amanda staring at her. Did she imagine it or was Amanda looking at her belly? Michelle's reflex was to suck in the soft dome that was her tummy. She could feel in resting on her thighs. God, how could it ever go wrong like this. Never in her life had she expected to have a belly so large and thighs so thick, that those body parts would convene every time she sat.

It was of course all Lizzy's fault. Michelle still could feel the anger flare up when she thought about that moment almost a week ago when her mother told her that all of Lizzy's "helpful" tips were only making her fatter.

Since then she refused to talk to Lizzy. Now she listened to her mother's advice. It meant eating lots of fruit and vegetables. It also meant having an empty stomach most of the time.

It rumbled again. Louder and longer. Michelle made herself as small as possible. She saw Amanda glancing again, someone snickered. Probably bitch queen Tanya, Michelle thought.

To her surprise she was actually losing some weight. She thought it had to do with not taking that stupid heavy cream. She was down to the same weight as Friday, when she weighed herself in the gym. 171 lbs. She almost couldn't believe it, but a weekend of some serious heavy cream had caused to gain to 177. Those six extra pounds were equally fast gone, but for some reason Michelle saw the number 171 this morning for the second time. Yesterday it was just the same.

It made her rumbling stomach, the hunger pains and her day dreams of eating heaps of brownies even more unbearable. She knew she was being unrealistic and incredibly impatient, but one thing was clear. She was not made for dieting.

Everything sucked. The amount of food. The exercise she had to do. The perceptive glances of her mother. Yesterday she mentioned wishing she could have a little bite of a brownie. Her mother had given her a sharp look and an even sharper rebuttal. Dieting, exercising, losing weight, it all sucked big time.
Another rumble of her stomach brought Michelle back into reality. Shaking of the depressing thoughts she went back to her school work.

Later that day, Michelle couldn't help but to sink in to her negative mood again. She was in the gym, with Amanda and Diane. She just began her exercise routine by cycling a few miles on exercise bike.

Her eyes were set on her deep cleavage. Her big boobs slightly jiggled and it had a mesmerizing effect. It made her feel relaxed, watching those two squishy mounds of fat quiver so rhythmically. It eased her train of thought and made her not think about how awful her week had been, filled with hunger and disappointment.

A memory broke through the surface of her mind. It was the memory of a time when she went jogging with Diane. She'd jogged behind her - why was that? - and couldn't help but stare at her friends jiggling butt. It had mesmerized her just like her boobs did now.

Right then the spell broke. The image of Diane's jiggling but and the thought of jiggling fat able to sooth her brought her back. She glanced around if anyone saw her daydreaming. As if it could be apparent of what she was thinking about.

She saw Amanda on the treadmill, a tall and ever slimming figure.

Thinner than me

On the other side she saw Diane, busy with lifting weights. Lately, Diane had been in the grips of weight training, ironically causing her weight to rise again. Michelle watched as her friend pushed up a heavy weight, her biceps bulging and her leg muscle more defined than ever.

She looked back at Amanda who just began speeding up her pace. Amanda's legs looked long and almost trim, her stomach soft but flat and her love handles only peeking lightly over her shorts.

Michelle felt her how her thighs slightly pushed up her belly when she cycled. She knew how she looked. Fat. Bulging out of her clothes.

She stopped. As in a trance she stepped of the exercise bike and started walk to the dressing rooms.

Amanda gave a startled noise. 'Michelle! Where are you going?'

Michelle only hesitated a bit.

'I'm going back home. I don't feel right,' she answered. It wasn't even a complete lie. She did feel off. But she felt like that all week. She had an empty feeling inside, filled with hunger pains, and her thoughts were slow as if she had a big headache.

Michelle was a bit disappointed that Amanda only nodded in sympathy before returning to focus on her running.

Near her bike, Michelle suddenly felt incredibly thirsty. She rummaged through her bag, but did not found the bottle of water she always had with her. Cursing softly, she looked around helplessly. Within fifteen minutes she could be home, drinking fresh and cool water. But peeking out over the rooftops of shops and other buildings was the top half of the most famous 'm' in the world.

The thought of going to McDonald's send a shiver through Michelle's body. She couldn't and shouldn't.

Her stomach rumbled as loud as an ocean wave crashing down on the beach. Rays of the sun seemed to target her mouth especially.

Michelle didn't even know if they sold water at McDonald's. She knew they had Coke. But every place sold water, she thought. A milkshake would be pure heaven. Water would be just as good.

No, it would not.

Banana's were healthy, so maybe a banana milkshake. Yeah, that sounded delicious. And healthy of course.

Before she even processed it she already rounded the corner, following the road to the fast food restaurant. Minutes later she stood in front of it, looking at a big poster showing an incredibly tasty looking McChicken.

Only a milkshake! her mind cautioned.

There were only three customers in front of her, of which two were being helped. Michelle looked at all the images of burgers, fries and more, beads of sweat were beginning to form on her fore head.

A sharp voice asked what she wanted to order.

Only a milkshake. Banana, that's healthy.

'A banana milkshake. And a McChicken.'

No! What am I doing? Take it back!

'The milkshake, large, small or medium. And do you want fries?' came the order taker's reply.

Michelle thought frantically. She had a big thirst. And she just had to cancel her stupid order of the McChicken.

'A large milkshake please. And... And fries...'

Her heart pounded in her throat. What was she doing? She just ordered fast food. Her diet in shambles. Although... One moment of weakness wasn't that bad. Right?

And so, Michelle ate and drank. The food tasted better than she ever thought it would taste. And each gulp of the milkshake made her close her eyes of pure enjoyment. Anyone who could see her eat had to agree that it looked like she was eating the best meal she'd ever had.

Back home, Michelle's good mood slowly crumbled. She just ate at McDonald's. She switched gym time for time eating fast food. This had to remain a secret.

Quietly she entered the kitchen. Nobody was there. She heard her mother talking in the living room. The way she talked made clear she was on the phone.

Michelle just wanted to walk out of the kitchen with a casual nonchalant stroll, when her mother said something that made her stand still.

'I don't know, Louise, sometimes I just think I'm born to be a big gal, you know. Like I'm meant to be on the heavy side.' Her mother stayed silent for a while, no doubt listening to the answer of aunt Louise on the phone.
'You're right, I'm too old to fret about this. But still, you and me, mom, Lizzy and even Michelle now. It's like the women in our family are destined to be big.' said her mom.

After a few seconds, Michelle heard her mother laugh. With the laugh the subject had changed, now suddenly it was all about a cooking show on tv.

Michelle's thoughts were all centered on that one sentence her mother had said.

Destined to be big. What if she had been looking at this all wrong. What if she was fighting a losing battle because...

'I'm destined to be big,' Michelle muttered.

That night she went to bed, her head filled with confusing thoughts. But before she went to sleep she made a decision. A decision that simultaneously shocked her and comforted her.

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Britt Reid
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Chapter 24 - New Game Plan

Michelle woke up with an all too familiar feeling: hunger. But today, she was adamant to do something about it. Clothed in Lizzy's jogging pants and shirt she made her way to the kitchen. She was lucky, her mother wasn't in the kitchen to make her breakfast and advise her about what would be healthy and what not.

Michelle rummaged through the cabinets and proceeded to make herself some pancakes. The thought alone made her stomach rumble. Her pancakes weren't as good as those from her mom or Lizzy, but they looked alright. She made four. That amount somehow sounded reasonable to Michelle. She was moderate with the syrup.

Her first bite was too good to be true, so a second one came quickly. For a moment Michelle just sat there, with a bit of pancake in her mouth, enjoying the flavor.

A shout like a whip shattered her daydreaming.

'Michelle! What on earth are you doing!' Her mother stood in the kitchen doorway, fiery eyes and mouth agape.

'I'm enjoying some delicious pancakes,' responded Michelle calmly. She was prepared for a confrontation.

'Pancakes!? Did you already forgot you're on a diet?' her mom stated, eyes wide as saucers.

'No, I haven't. I decided to stop dieting.' Michelle ended her sentence by having another piece of her pancake. It happened to be the last bit of her first pancake, and if nothing was wrong she already began cutting her next pancake.

'What?' Her mother looked as if Michelle had gone crazy.'You can't just give up -'

'I'm not giving up, mom,' Michelle said. 'Well, maybe a bit. It's just been a rollercoaster this past weeks. First that stuff with...Lizzy. And this week was a living nightmare. I just can't go from eating a lot to dieting all the way. I want to...,'

Michelle searched for the right word, 'I want to normalize a bit. I want to eat like I did before all this happened, and then I can decide to go on a diet.'

Michelle realized there were flaws in her reasoning and she knew that it sounded like she gave up dieting way too quickly, but something in her told her it was the right decision. She remembered her mother's words.
'And perhaps, I'm destined to be a big girl.'

That silenced her mother for a few seconds. But as Michelle already suspected her mother next tried to convince her that dieting was good and that her decision was way too hasty.

While her mother was talking, Michelle listened, nodded or shook her head when necessary, stayed calm and sympathetic to her mother's reasoning, but above all, ate pancake after pancake, until all four were gone.

When she finished eating, her mother gave up convincing her, walking away muttering things like 'suit yourself … stupid girl…'you'll find out yourself'.

Michelle was ready to live again – and Lizzy had been eavesdropping.

Lizzy couldn't believe what she heard. Michelle ate pancakes for breakfast. She could still hear her mother complaining about that "stupid girl". Her sister was giving up her diet!

Only a week and that weak tub of lard already gave up. What a joke, Lizzy thought mischievously. She herself was still presumably maintaining her diet, although she hadn't been in the gym for a week. Punishment for her stupid mistake. But it didn't bother her too much, especially now that she heard about Michelle. If things went right, her sister would gain weight again and then she would definitely be the fat sister.

Lizzy observed as Michelle walked past her bed room, only visible for a few seconds. The bounce in her step caused some serious jiggles throughout her entire body.

Soon, thought Lizzy, soon at that old jogging suit of mine will burst off of you!

Michelle grinned like a Cheshire's cat. She'd watched Lizzy out of the corner of her eye. She had thought it all out. Not only did she want to stop with her diet, but there was something else she wanted even more. Payback.

Lizzy had fooled her good, messing up her diet, lying to her face. Michelle felt like a lab rat that was fattened up by an evil professor. Not anymore. Michelle had promised herself to take revenge. But it had to be done gently, with finesse. She wanted Lizzy to gain weight, not by fooling her with some kind of fattening stuff, but by slowly altering her lifestyle. Bottom line: Michelle wanted to break Lizzy. Slowly.

In her room she found a Snicker's bar and took a bite. Each chewing motion accompanied a thought.

Chew: No more rumbling stomach.

Chew: no more "I can't eat this".

Chew: Lizzy will go down.

(Continued in post 30 of this thread)

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Borghen has said some nice things

This is a great plot twist!
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Keep up the great work! Hope Michelle gets a lot bigger
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Britt Reid
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Chapter 25 - Fate dictates a new direction

Michelle looked at how her belly spilled over the waistband of her jogging pants. Actually the pants belonged to Lizzy, but she wore them now. Three weeks had gone by since she made the decision to stop dieting. She had to admit that she ate more that she had thought at first. It just felt so unnatural to only take one brownie, or one donut. And if she ate two, then three didn't seem that ridiculous.

Her mother refused to cook differently, something Michelle could understand. But the consequence was that Michelle often ate her normal dinner and then proceeded to order a pizza, or to go for some take away food, or to just go to a fast food restaurant.

In three weeks time she gained enough to break the 180 lbs mark, bringing her up to 182 as of today. Needless to say, her body jiggled more than ever. Now, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, Michelle looked at something new. A crease at the sides and front of her lower belly was visible. Not so much a crease as a tiny fold. It signaled the beginning of a belly hang.

This development was a curious sight. Michelle didn't know how to react. It was a sign she was definitely getting fat. She should be upset, ashamed, determined to diet again. But all she could do was to stare and jiggle her belly. Her bare boobs quivered harmoniously with her tummy. It had become a routine, something she only became aware of a couple of days ago. She would jiggle her belly, look at her boobs, only to grab and squish them softly. Michelle just thought her boobs looked so inviting that she had to touch them.

Turning aside, she glanced at her bulging buttocks. The only exercise Michelle did consisted of squats, and she wasn't sure it was because of those or her weight gain, but her ass looked rounder than ever. A shelf ass, thought Michelle. Although her butt cheeks were looking round, the mounds of fat were still as jiggly as always. Sometimes Michelle thought of her butt when she walked, and then she could feel her butt shake with each step, feel each cheek being heaved up and let down. She had to admit that it felt kind of sensual.

Michelle wanted to go back to her bedroom when Lizzy opened the bathroom door.

Lizzy noticed her sister right away. The porker stood with her enormous boobs faced to her, looking caught. She saw how Michelle cringed a bit and how one hand went to her belly, as if she could cover that soft dome with just one hand.

Lizzy couldn't help but to smile. Michelle was getting fatter again, now without her involvement. The decision of her sister to stop with dieting maybe made Michelle feel good, but for Lizzy it was a gift from heaven. Just when she thought that Michelle would get back to her old slim self, without her getting the chance to be the thinner sister, Michelle went on the path to weight gain again. And she was looking soft! Lizzy watched approvingly at every squishy bulge of Michelle's body.

Lizzy suddenly thought of the widening smile on her face. She was getting a bit sloppy with her feelings. Quickly she said: 'My what a lovely day! How are you feeling?'

She hoped it would explain her smile.

Michelle shrugged her shoulders, causing her boobs to shake freely.

'Pretty good,' answered Michelle and then let out a sigh.

Lizzy felt compelled to ask if there was something wrong after all.

'Oh no, I'm really fine. It's just... The scale said I weighed 182 lbs and it feels like I reached a new level of fatness. I guess that's the consequence of stopping your diet.' Michelle smiled weakly.

Lizzy felt her heart beating. Her sister weighed 182 lbs? That meant she was almost as heavy as Michelle! She felt an urge to step on the scale right here and now. But it probably would sent of a wrong message to Michelle.

'Hey, what do you weigh? You're looking thinner than I do,' asked Michelle, her eyes glancing over Lizzy's body.

Lizzy thanked Michelle's stupidity for this opportunity. Lizzy knew that she looked thinner because thanks to hours of gym time, her body was much leaner and firmer. And she a bit taller than Michelle.

'Well, let's check.'

Lizzy stepped on the scale, waited, and then looked at the numbers. 185. So close.

'Still more than you,' she said, her disappointment barely restrained.

Michelle's face was the epitome of disbelieve.

'How is that possible? You're looking great! I definitely thought you to be in the lower 170s!'

Lizzy wanted to say something about muscle weighing more than, fat, than she was taller, but somehow no words came out of her mouth. Michelle just gave her a compliment. Never in her life had Michelle said that she 'looked great'. It was always frumpy, fat, blubbery, doughy and more of that.

When Michelle left Lizzy looked in the mirror. Yeah, she looked awesome.

Michelle smiled deviously. She could understand now how Lizzy had felt when her plan to fatten her up worked out so good. It was a great feeling.

In her room she muttered: 'You're looking great... Puh!'

The best part of her revenge plan was that she wasn't in a hurry at all. As in an epiphany she realized what Lizzy was hoping for: to be thinner than her. Michelle sincerely thought Lizzy already looked slimmer than her, something Michelle needed to get over first. She was just getting used to the idea that she was the fat friend of her group, but now she also was the fat sister. But somehow Lizzy found it important to also weigh less than her. She could get her wish. Only three lbs.

When that hurdle was taken, Michelle would move to phase two of her plan.

She chuckled. She was looking forward to it.

She put her boobs in her bra, noting the tightness of the bra straps. Then she looked for a shirt and pants, old ones from Lizzy. Instead of a shirt she found a tank top she though looked nice. It was a bit tight around her bust and accentuated her love handles, but it did fit. Next she put on a new pair of yoga shorts, ten pounds ago the right size. They were a bit too tight to look like a good fit, but Michelle didn't mind. Her bigger body wasn't something that upset her anymore.

In the kitchen Michelle once again clashed with her mother. This time it wasn't about her diet or lack of exercise, but about clothes.

'Isn't that Lizzy's old tank top?' her mother asked.

Michelle looked downward, as if she had to check herself, but she only saw her massive cleavage.

'Yes, it is. Something wrong with it?' she responded,

'Well, you can't keep wearing her old things,' answered her mother.

Michelle couldn't think of a reason why she couldn't wear Lizzy's clothes. Not that it was something she desperately wanted to keep doing.

'You need your own clothes, sweetheart. You must realize you're not wearing the latest fashion.' her mom continued.

'I''m too fat for the latest fashion.' countered Michelle inwardly. It was something she didn't want to say out loud. Instead she came up with another hard truth.

'I don't really have the money to buy a new wardrobe,' said Michelle.

Her mother seemed to think it over. Michelle almost felt a glimmer of hope that her mother would pay for it all.

'I guess it's time for you to get a job then,' her mom said resignedly.

Michelle winced. The dreaded j-word.

'But mo-' she started to protest.

'Summer holiday is almost around, so that would be the perfect time to have a job, wouldn't you think. Aren't you going to the mall today with your friends?' her mom inquired.

'Yes,' said Michelle hesitantly.

Her mother smiled as if everything was sorted out.

'It's the perfect opportunity to look for a job,' her mom declared.

Great, thought Michelle. How did this suddenly happen. She imagined herself working. The thought alone depressed her.

To spite her mom Michelle stuffed herself with a large breakfast.
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Borghen has said some nice things

Was not michelle supposed to be an inch taller than Lizzie?
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Benny Mon
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Excellent stuff - really detailed, and the psychology of the characters is wonderful. Keep up the good work!
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Chapter 26 - Michelle lands a job

Nothing was how it used to be. Michelle remembered a time in which she and her friends would drink milkshakes and then to take something nice with it. A donut or brownie, something like that. Michelle would celebrate her metabolism, which kept her body curvy and taut. She would look at Amanda and Diane, thinking that the former should go on a diet, and that the latter was on the verge of being chubby. Grace, the skinny one, looked too much like a ruler in Michelle's eyes, and hoped that the girl would grow some curves, just like she already possessed.

Now, Michelle watched as the waitress put on three glasses of water and one milkshake down on the table. Next to the milkshake, the girl in the apron put down a sizeable piece of apple pie with whipped cream. Michelle tried to remain stoic as she observed the two sweet things in front of her. On the one hand she wanted to smile and eat and drink. On the other hand, she saw the glasses of water and the gazes she received from her friends.

A moment of awkward silence passed by, broken off by Diane who continued her story on her weight training. Michelle took the opportunity to take a large bite from her apple pie and pretended to listen. She phased out quickly. Diane's stories about her endeavors in the gym bored her. The only thing she remembered was that Diane told them that she now weighed more that when she started her diet. Of course, it was all muscle.

Michelle had smiled and congratulated her on her achievements, but in reality she thought Diane was starting to look too muscular. Diane now sported well defined abs, her biceps were plainly visible, her thighs were big strings of muscle and her buttocks was round and perky. Diane's butt was her best asset, thought Michelle.

Amanda looked leaner than ever. Michelle was glad that Amanda, although proud of her weight loss, didn't talk much about it. Michelle was happy to see that Grace was still good old thin Grace. However, sometimes, dark thoughts hoped that Grace would plump up. So that she would not be the only one.

That was something that was still hard to swallow. Michelle found that coming to terms with your body, something she still hadn't done completely, was easier that getting over the fact that you're the fat friend, a notion which only grew more apparent with every pound she gained and her friends lost.

And yet, with all these difficulties surrounding her growing body, she'd ordered a milkshake and a piece of apple pie. With whipped cream. It was something she didn't understand herself.

What Michelle did know was that she was an excellent anger eater. Her mother's insistent logic of her finding a job made her so angry, that after a breakfast with six syrupy pancakes, and two peanut butter sandwiches, she gorged on three brownies, four donuts and a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Later, when she was ready to leave for the mall, she demonstratively gulped down a tall glass of Coke in front of her mother. Understandably, it had no result, only for her tank top to lose the touch with her yoga shorts.

Her shorts were another matter about which Michelle knew she was behaving contrary to her earlier convictions. When she was slim she used to loathe looking at fat people in leggings or yoga pants and she especially found it repulsive when fat women showed off their cellulite by wearing short pants.

And now she was wearing shorts, yoga shorts no less, in the mall. The only thing that Michelle could think about them was that they were stretchy and comfortable, and it was hot enough to wear shorts. She also had a weird sense of selfishness. Her soft squishy thighs were for all to see, including the expanding amount of cellulite.

But, thought Michelle, I'm not the one who has to see it. Other people can look away.

It was a logic she never had thought of when she was the one looking at the cellulite of other people.

Diane was done with her pro gym talk, as was Grace who was telling about running track. Michelle had finished her apple pie and was drinking her milkshake. The talk continued, now about a subject Michelle found interesting enough to join in. Too soon, her milkshake was finished.

The girls thought it to be a sign for them to go on shopping, but Michelle asked for some patience to use the little girls room.

Walking in the tiny sanitary compartment, a quick look in the mirror made her stand frozen. Two crescent shaped wet spots were visible under her massive bust, a telling give-away that her belly and boobs pressed together while sitting had its effects.

Disgusted, Michelle grabbed a paper towel from the stand, lifted her top and wiped the area under her boobs. In her deep cleavage she saw something glistening and quickly dried that too. She was so busy doing this, that she didn't heard that someone walked in the room.

'Ah, I see the hot weather has got to you. Bigger gals like us need to be watchful for these kinds of things. I've experienced it often enough.'

Michelle stood petrified. Here she was, with her top up, exposing her rather full belly and wiping of sweat from her cleavage.

She turned around to look at the intruder and saw a fat girl with a chest almost as big as hers. She was as fat as Lizzy.

As Lizzy used to be, corrected Michelle.

She needed to give a response, Michelle thought.

'Yes, the weather is quite unforgiving,' uttered Michelle.

The girl, maybe three or four years older than her, nodded vehemently.

'I agree. And now, I have to work twice as hard. It's so unfair.'

'Oh, why is that?'

'An employee, a new one, suddenly quit on us. How rude is that?'

'How awful!'

Michelle wanted to say goodbye and leave, but something clicked in her mind.
'Uh, are you guys looking for a new employee?'

The girl nodded again. 'We sure do. Why, do you want the job?'

That girl is to the point, Michelle thought. Well, I can do that too.

'Yes, I do!'

Within an half hour Michelle had a meeting with the manager, a matronly lady, and another half hour later Michelle got the job. She had to begin next Saturday, exactly a week later. Michelle was excited and nervous at the same time. She had a job!

Next week she was officially a waitress at Good Anne's Coffee and Pastry. Who Anne was nobody knew, but the establishment was known for its pie and cakes, and you had to possess an iron will not to drink coffee without a treat. Michelle remembered the frown of the waitress who served them. Her friends had ordered water. Although on the menu, it was a bit of a faux pas.

Michelle waved her goodbyes to Nina, the girl that told her of the job. She ignored her arm fat wobbling left and right and strutted home.

Nina watched her newest coworker walk out of the building. The last thing she saw were the two soft and jiggling spheres of Michelle's butt.

Another waitress stopped next to Nina.

'I know that girl,' she said. 'She used to look hot. I kind of like how she blimped out like that.'

Nina found that comment rather rude, considering that she was still bigger than Michelle. But she had to agree that Michelle looked much bigger.

'She sure won't lose weight while working in this place,' remarked Nina, poking into her coworkers belly, feeling a softness that wasn't there months ago. 'She's in for a treat.'

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Chapter 27 - Plumper Michelle goes to work

Michelle learnt something that following week. Every day she became more nervous for her first day of working. And every day she managed to eat more. Michelle almost thought that she was losing control.

It wasn't that weird of a thought. When she got up Thursday morning her feet landed in an empty pizza box. Right away she felt the disgusting touch of cold tomato sauce and melted cheese. A shiver went through her body, give her fat a nice jiggle.

Not wanting to create smudgy foot pattern to the bathroom she decided to hobble on one leg. However, she forgot the size and volume of her boobs. She hopped two times. Two times her boobs were launched in the air in diagonal manner, only to smack down at her chest. To prevent this, she put her left arm around her melons. She started to hop again, clumsily getting out of her room. In the doorway she had to stop. She breathed heavily and she felt a tiredness in her supporting leg that she hadn't felt in ages.

This was how she stood when Lizzy got out of her room. Michelle watched as Lizzy's surprised face changed in to smirk, only to be quickly changed in to a frowning face demanding an answer.

Michelle showed her her foot.

'Stepped into a pizza box.' said Michelle as if it was a regular thing to happen.

Lizzy raised an eyebrow, but didn't stand by idle. She grabbed a paper towel and wiped off the grease and sauce of Michelle's foot.

Meanwhile, Michelle was thinking about her weight and that of Lizzy's. She was sure she was now heavier. She was also certain that Lizzy wanted verify that. So after Lizzy was done, Michelle made her way to the bathroom.

'I really pigged out last night,' started Michelle. 'I'm not surprised if I gained some weight.'

She saw that Lizzy perked up, looking interested.

'Oh, you think so,' asked her sister casually.

'Let me check.' Michelle stepped on the scale, ignored the creaking sound and waited for the verdict. She actually thought she would have gained two pounds or so since last Saturday. However, she saw the number 186, meaning she'd gained four pounds since then. She also realized that she now was one pound heavier than Lizzy's 185, also from Saturday.

'There you have it,' Michelle said. 'I gained four pounds.'

She her sister face, looking positively ecstatic. Michelle guessed that she indeed weighed more than her Lizzy now.

'While I'm even bigger, you look like you have lost some more weight is that true. Look at those legs!'

Michelle made sure to sound genuinely impressed. It wasn't that difficult. Lizzy did look amazing. Her legs, once thick sausages, now appeared longer and leaner. Hours of jogging and time in the gym and solidified Lizzy's thighs, giving in a balance look of muscle and meatiness. The sea of cellulite that used to cover her thighs now had subsided in to a few separate area's of cellulite.

Once Lizzy possessed a broad, flabby, big butt. Now, her butt had a more rounded shape, lost an amount of cellulite and had gained more muscle mass and in general had lost much of its size. Lizzy's belly, her biggest source of fat had lost its blubbery apron look. It still rounded out, and it still jiggled while she walked, but it had become much smaller. Lizzy's arms and bust looked smaller as well, and her round face looked more defined.

That face now waited expectantly to the moment of the scale's verdict. When the number appeared they both looked down. Michelle read 182.
Michelle was officially heavier that Lizzy.

In her room, with the door closed, Lizzy jumped on her bed and did a small dance. She could not believe it. Finally, she was thinner than Michelle. Sure she already looked slimmer than her sister, but now she also was lighter!

It was the result of hard work and Lizzy had to admit that she had to deprive herself of many things to get this far. Being the thin sister. Thinner sister was an more apt phrase. She was far from thin. But she was on a good path and maybe, just maybe she could slow down her weight loss. She was afraid that her many work outs would cause an injury. Lizzy pondered that for a moment. Perhaps she could do with some less time in the gym.

Lizzy looked in the mirror and she immediately thought of the response Michelle had given after her weight was shown.

'Wow, sis, you look fabulous.'

It meant a lot coming from Michelle, especially because she sounded so jealous. Lizzy spun around. She indeed looked fabulous. Much better than Michelle.

Lizzy recalled how she had wiped off the grease of Michelle's foot. That alone was disgusting. Her head had been on the same level as Michelle's big blubberbutt, and she could see every stretch mark and dimple. Lizzy had noticed with glee how Michelle's thighs shook with every wiping motion she made. Michelle was fat. And she was thinner. That was all that mattered.

Later that day, Michelle visited Good Anne's Coffee and Pastry, usually called Good Anne . There she got informed that her work outfit consisted of plain jeans, a button-down shirt and an apron. Nina was there, and she provided Michelle with the button-down shirt and the apron. Nina advised her to get a roomy shirt, saying rather mischievously: 'People tend to put on some weight.'

Michelle was sure it was the largest button-down shirt she ever had owned. Even Lizzy's weren't that big. The apron was a simple piece of cloth, one without a top part. She grabbed one and put a knot right above her shelving ass. In the front, the fabric covered the lower side of her belly.

'You need to fasten it a little lower,' advised Nina, who tugged down the apron at the front. It was now hanging right under her belly. Michelle tensed a bit when Nina proceeded to tug down the bands, so that her love handles pouched over them.

To make matters worse, the button-down shirt had to be tugged in her jeans.

Michelle knew that it would not make a flattering sight.

She suddenly noticed Nina eyeing her.

'What's the matter?' she asked.

'You're wearing yoga shorts again. You do own a pair of jeans, right?'

Michelle turned red. She started to stammer. 'Yeah, N-No, I don't.'

Nina only rolled her eyes.

That day she came home with a new pair of jeans. Remembering Nina's advice about the button-down shirt, she also bought her jeans with room to spare. It was also the first time she ever set foot in a store meant for bigger women. She didn't know how she felt about that, although she actually felt slim when she saw a couple of the women there.

Tossing her newest purchase on her bed she noticed a bag of chips on her desk. Michelle licked her lips.

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Chapter 28 - Michelle's amazing expansion

Nina was humming a cheerful song. It was Saturday morning, almost 7 am, and Nina congratulated herself on being a morning person. She was cleaning the counter in Good Anne, so that the freshly baked pastries could be seen clearly. Through her humming she suddenly heard scuffing noises and panting. A little while later, her newest coworker appeared in the shop.

Nina couldn't help but to observe Michelle as she came closer. In the three years she worked here, she was accustomed to see coworkers gain some weight when they started to work in this place. She did too. Usually is was no more than ten or maybe fifteen pounds. Then, two things could happen. The extra weight would stick, or would be lost. Nina kept the weight she gained. Not because she liked it, but because she didn't really care.

Nina couldn't believe one whole month had already passed since Michelle began working here. It seemed like she worked here much longer. Michelle had a nice personality and she became good friends. But it wasn't because of Michelle's inner side that made it seem that she worked her longer. It was her outer side.

Yes, Nina was used to see people gain weight, but Michelle was a complete different story. She remembered Michelle's first day vividly. Michelle had spun around in her work attire, showing of her new jeans. She told Nina that she bought a size bigger than she was, and seemed very content with the way the jeans and the button down shirt fitted. Both items had room to spare.
Nina instructed Michelle the entire day, pleased with the results she showed.

During the day, Nina found out that Michelle took a big advantage of the store's high standards regarding pastries. It meant that it happened regularly that pastries, deemed to inferior, were discarded. They were put on a big plate in the kitchen. Nina saw how Michelle would take one, or two, each time she passed by. Sometimes Michelle purposely walked to the discarded pastries to eat one.

At the end of the day, the pastries who weren't sold, were either thrown away, or, if someone wanted that, some could be taken home. The first day, Michelle shyly took a dozen pastries with her. The following times, she would take more. The last weeks she just took as many pastries as she could carry. This trend of taking more also became apparent during working hours when Michelle had almost always a pastry, or another treat, in her hand.

Needless to say, Michelle gained weight, just like so many before her had done. But what Nina witnessed was almost supernatural. Michelle didn't just gained weight. She ballooned.

The jeans and the button down shirt, which fitted so nicely, grew tighter and tighter. The button down shirt could not compete with Michelle's growing boobs, her expanding love handles and her increasingly rounder belly. Even the sleeves looked to be painted on her skin at one point. The shirt had been replaced. But that button-down shirt had the disadvantage to be a perfect fit. It already was getting too tight.

The jeans, so proudly bought by Michelle, soon found themselves to be overflowing by a never stopping and inescapable muffin top. The pair were filled to the point of tearing by Michelle's fattening thighs and calves, and above all, by her immense butt. On a rainy day the jeans finally tore apart, giving a glimpse of Michelle's red panties. The jeans were replaced. And the replacement was now getting very tight.

Nina saw as Michelle caught her breath, leaning against the counter. Her chest went up and down and her belly in and out.

Those jeans won't last long, thought Nina. She could actually see that Michelle possessed knee fat. The soft deposits of both knees touched each other, thereby being the end of where Michelle's legs touched each other.

Above the jeans Michelle's big muffin top told the story of her indulgence and weight gain. Her belly hang substantially over the waistband, obscuring the sight of the button. On the side and her back her love handles protruded brutally. Above her love handles and below her boobs a thick crease created a big roll of fat. Each button of the shirt was strained and between them there were openings of half an inch. Seen from the front, the form of that big, hanging belly with those hefty love handles at the side reminded Michelle of a pear.

Of course, pears didn't have two massive, jiggling globes of fat above them. Michelle's breast were soft and pliant, and the brave button down shirt pressed them tightly against Michelle's chest. It was quite a feat, but it only highlighted how big Michelle's breasts were.

Michelle's butt was a problem area for its owner. It was so big and wide that Michelle regularly bumped into a corner of a table or counter. Although it was much bigger that the first day since she came working her, Nina noticed that Michelle's butt cheeks lost something of their roundness. Instead they spread out.

The biggest change happened to Michelle's face. When she began working at Good Anne, Michelle had an average double chin, maybe even below average. Her face was on the brink of chubbiness. Today, the change was easily visible. Michelle now had round cheeks and a luscious permanent double chin. The creases in her neck, showed some fattening in that area as well.

Michelle wore her hair in a pony tail, which only accentuated how round her face had gotten. On numerous occasions, Nina had detected that Michelle's double chin would quiver ever so slightly when she would move her head faster than normal.

All of these changes were staggering on its own, put together it was something Nina thought never could have happen. But she had to admit that she never saw a person eat so much as Michelle.

Michelle was a machine. One time, they shared a drink after working. Michelle had a big plastic bag full of discarded pastries. While Nina was telling a story, Michelle ate. She took big bites, but seemed to savor each one. And although her anecdote had been pretty funny, she believed that Michelle's smile was for the most part because of the food.

Michelle let out a last, big sigh and began preparing the coffee machines.
Nina had been giving the order of the manager to say something about Michelle clothes. The day that Michelle's jeans suddenly gave up its battle had created a lot of fuss, and that had to be prevented.

Nina cleared her throat, not looking forward to what she had to say.

'Michelle, I need to tell you something.'

But Michelle was so busy that she didn't hear her. Nina rolled her eyes and wanted to speak again when Michelle bent over to grab something from the ground. Nina guessed it to be a forgotten straw. As Michelle's head got nearer to the ground, Nina saw the jeans struggling. Would it happen again? A tearing sound. A beet red Michelle?

Nothing happened. Michelle stood up straight, her clothes still alive.

Nina uttered Michelle's name when out of nowhere an angry pang followed by a tingling noise ruptured the relative silence.

Nina and Michelle watched dumbfounded at three glasses, still moving around a bit, with a large button in the middle. Michelle put a hand under the dome of her belly and felt the buttonless front of her jeans. The open flaps revealed the black fabric of Michelle's underwear, and above that angry red lines. Nina thought it must have been her imagination when she saw that Michelle's belly still jiggled.

'Huh,' muttered Michelle incredulously, as if it was a miracle that the button had popped off.

Nina could only shake her head.

'You need new pants,' was her unnecessary response.

'And a new shirt. Believe or not, but I already got them.'

Nina smiled at the look of surprise on Michelle's face.

Michelle huffed and puffed. Getting her pants off proved to be as hard as getting them on. She wiggled her butt, pulled at the waistband with all her might, only to feel how her vast behind would not let go of her pants. She momentarily gave up, and undid herself from her button down shirt. That was easy enough. The blouse practically opened itself. With a halfhearted toss she flung it in her locker. Her melons moved happily, ready to break out of tight cups of her bra.

Michelle focused on her jeans again and after two times of tugging the jeans suddenly got over her ass. To her embarrassment, her panties got tugged down as well, and she quickly yanked them up. Normally, the jeans would have fallen to the ground, to be scooped up by Michelle's foot. Now, her thighs were the next obstacle, holding on the jeans as a magnet. But Michelle just turned her jeans inside out by rolling them to her feet. With a sigh she sat on the bench. She just had to catch her breath for a minute.

However, Nina stormed into the locker room.

'Congrats, Michelle. You're the first employee to get leggings. Not only that, look, a stretchy t-shirt!'

Michelle looked at the clothes. They looked fine to her, but there was one thing that bugged her.

'How did you know my size?'

Nina just rolled her eyes. Michelle realized at the same time that she must have told her the size of the her new jeans she bought. No, my old jeans now.

Michelle stood up to get dressed but was stopped short by Nina.

'Just a friendly tip. I think you should buy new panties as well. They look super uncomfortable.'

'Yes, they're tight,' replied Michelle, and then muttered: 'That happens when you stuff your face every day.'

'What?' asked Nina, on her way out.

'Oh, nothing,' said Michelle. 'Nothing at all.'
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Champ has said some nice things

I wonder how much she weighs now. Looking forward to more. Thank you for the great story.
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Chapter 29 – Lizzie’s “Secret Admirer”

Lizzie enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her body. She wore her newest bikini. That she wore a bikini was one of those victories that came with losing weight. She previously always wore a one piece bathing suit. Not anymore.

With a contented smile she took a sip from her Coke. She actually didn't want to have Coke, but Michelle had accidently poured in one, because that was what she drank too. Lizzy lazily dragged open one eye. Michelle was gone, as she expected. Nowadays, her sister spent most of her time in her bedroom, either snacking or sleeping.

Lizzie yawned. She had to admit that the warmth was making her sleepy too. She hadn't been exercising as much as she wanted, but it didn't really matter. She still ate right. She was a weight loss machine. She liked the thought of that.

Suddenly a faint ring disrupted the silence. The doorbell. Knowing that it would take Michelle ages to get down, Lizzy got up to her feet, and dashed to the door.

It was a mailman with a package. The man, noticed Lizzy, tried not to watch to overtly at her bikini clad body. It flattered her. She signed for the package and looked curiously at the name. It was for her.

That was weird. She didn't order anything. Quickly she opened the box. In it were two other boxes and one typed card.

The card only said: For my sweet summer Valentine, please accept these gifts of love, kisses your admirer.

Lizzy's heart pounded in her chest. Was this a joke?

The "gifts of love" consisted of one big box of Hershes' Kisses, which happened to be one of her favorites. The other box was filled with 'Love Brownies'. They looked home made.

Lizzy was staring at her gifts, feeling very uncomfortable.
Then Michelle came thudding down the stairs.

For a few seconds Lizzy's unease ceased. Michelle was wearing her usual attire: stretchy shorts and a tank top. This particular tank top was several sizes too small and now served as some sort of bra. Lizzy witnessed her sister's expansion with excitement. Everyday Michelle seemed to get larger. As Michelle walked down the stairs, Lizzy's eyes became transfixed on all the jiggling fat. Michelle's thighs were almost completely covered in cellulite and stretch marks. Those red lines also crept up Michelle's hefty muffin top.

Once, Lizzy had wanted to have big, round, perky boobs like Michelle. Now she was glad with the boobs she had. Michelle's breasts were huge, but looked painfully heavy, weren't firm and lost the roundness they had. Michelle looked at the box and in doing so Lizzy's thoughts focused on her situation.

'What's that?' asked Michelle, swallowing the last bite of something that only could be another pastry.

'It's a bit weird. There's a card that says it's from an admirer. He says that I'm his sweet summer Valentine.

'Aaaaw, he gave you chocolates. And brownies too!'

Lizzy saw a glare in Michelle's eyes that gave her an idea.

'If you want them...?' she asked slowly.

But Michelle put her hands up defensively.

'No, no. There yours! Why would you not eat those chocolates? And those delicious brownies? '

'Well, I have to think about my figure,' answered Lizzy, trying not to sound rather haughy.

'Pfff, you're skinnier than ever, Lizzy. I swear all you do is losing weight, those treats wouldn't even make a dent in your weight loss path. You're a machine!'
Coincidentally, Michelle used the same words Lizzy had in her thoughts.
'Oh, you have a secret admirer! I didn't even have one when I was thin like you!'

Lizzy rejoiced silently. She was the one who had a secret admirer, something Michelle never had. What harm good those treats do to her body?

She took the packsage and headed back outside to relax the sun while Michelle headed back upstairs. ,

In her room, Michelle congratulated herself with a job well done. If it was up to her she would get and Oscar. An Emmy would be fine too. As she she fell down in her chair, which creaked dangerously, she filled her mouth with another delicious pastry.

Lizzy and a secret admirer? Ha!, thought Michelle. What a joke. She had gone to great lengths to buy the chocolates, to bake the brownies when Lizzy wasn't home - that was the hardest and the most exciting part - and to make it as if a secret admirer had sent it to her. Sweet summer Valentine. It was one of Michelle best ideas, with one goal in mind: to fatten up Lizzy.

Once, Michelle had read that having fat friends could make you gain. She had discarded the article, because she was slim and thought she would remain that forever. But now, Michelle had thought about it again. Would it also work if it was between a fat sister and a thinner sister.

This idea had come to Michelle quite recently and it did a great work to ease the conflicting feelings she felt about her massive weight gain. Now she used her fatter figure to give Lizzy the rightful, but lulling impression that she was the thin sister and could relax a little.

Michelle had noticed how Lizzy had gone to less and less gym sessions. The hot summer roasted away any desires of going on a run. And Michelle made sure she was around to help Lizzy with her drinks and occasionally she would mess up. That could happen right? A Coke instead of a water... Oops. Also, Michelle was very aware of the glances Lizzy made, eyeballing her soft body with that stupid smirk on her face.

If Michelle was attentive, she would have advised Lizzy to watch her figure. Her sister's firmed up legs and buttocks, although at their peak still with a jiggle to them, started to soften up again. And Michelle was glad to see how her sister's mid-section seemed to have grown the littlest bit.

All thanks to bad soda and barely any exercises. With her "secret admirer" Michelle planned to now include fattening foods.

Michelle was so content with her scheming that she didn't notice that her phone gave a buzz. The second one ended her triumphant thoughts and with a curious look on her face she read the text she’d just recievd. It was from Tanya. What did she have to say?

She hadn't spoken to miss mean girl in a long time and truth be told, Tanya was almost out of her memory. Now, all the awful things she did flooded her mind. She read the text with a growing worry. The text referred to Facebook and indeed, the same could be read there, only more extensive.
Tanya invited the entire class for a farewell pool party, the last of high school.

'A pool party?' muttered Michelle, while watching at a photo of Tanya standing beside a pool with her hands up in the air. She forgot that Tanya had a pool in her yard. Bitch

Then she read the dress code. Bathing suits. Michelle's eyes travelled back to the image of Tanya, dressed in a skimpy, green bikini.

There was a time, not that long ago, that Michelle would have grinned at the opportunity to wear a bikini. It was just another time for her to flaunt her body. Oh, how she would walk, giving her boobs an additional bounce, making sure her round buttocks swayed hypnotically and showing of the straight line of her stomach.

How different was that now? In a trance, Michelle looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn't as tan as she normally would have been. She was quite pasty to be frank. She eyed her stretch marks, the most clear signals of her almost supernatural weight gain. She had acquired a lot of stretch marks on the whole of her muffin top, her thighs, butt and her boobs. They were ugly, but Michelle persevered in lotioning her skin, hoping the red lines would fade.

Stretch marks weren't her only skin problems. Cellulite had invaded and conquered most of her thighs, butt cheeks and lower belly. It was if her cellulite ridden skin had more jiggle to them. Michelle moved a leg, just by moving her foot a few inches. The result was a jiggling of her leg up to her butt. Her other leg shook lightly too, now that her legs were almost permanently pressed against each other.

To make matters worse, Michelle now had, for the first time in her life, the problem of acne. Red zits spotted her cheeks and forehead. She rarely looked at her face nowadays. Before the zits her face had puffed up, resembling a full moon. She still wasn’t used to seeing her double chin be so large, although she felt the soft pocked of fat when she'd tilt her head downwards.

That was now the case. The whole idea of a pool party made her think about her bikini's. She had a lot. Normally, she would have bought a couple of new sets by now, but she hadn't thought about wearing a bathing suit, let alone a bikini, since her weight gain.

She remembered a nice dark blue bikini. One of her newest and not that revealing. She activated her bulk and searched for the item. After some rummaging through her closets she found the bikini.

In her present condition it looked so small. She held up the bikini bottom in front of stretched out yoga shorts. It looked ridiculous. It needed to be at least twice the width, maybe even more, to cover her up.

Then she slowly pulled of her shirt, baring her boobs to the mirror. Her breasts flopped down, quivered with sudden freedom and then remained in a sagging position. Michelle could feel the familiar pull that caused her shoulders to hunch slightly. Michelle grabbed the top of the blue bikini and placed the cups over her boobs. It would me more accurate to say that she covered her areole, plus maybe two inches more. Her melons seemed to be almost three times to big for the bikini top.

Michelle threw it on her bed, took a bite from a cookie and pondered what to do.

Not going would not be an option. But it would be safe. No stares and no comments. Going meant to buy a new bikini. Or maybe it was better to buy a one piece bathing suit. Michelle cringed at the idea, but she cringed even harder when she pictured herself in a bikini.

Her cookie was finished, so she took another one. What she did knew was that she needed to go shopping.
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Chapter 30 – Chubster in Charge

Finally, thought Michelle. With a thud she stepped of her bike. Something what she called a "bodyquake" went through her body. Although her feet hit the ground first, the bodyquake began with her big breasts. It was as if they were made from iron and the ground suddenly turned into a magnet. Her bra worked as hard as an Olympic weightlifter to hold her boobs inside. Her shoulders were pulled down with the force of her chest falling.

This experience lasted only for a split-second. After the initial downward fall of her melons, they would bounce up and down, until there was a relative standstill. The bodyquake would almost simultaneously rock her belly to every direction, something Michelle especially felt by the tight elastic waistband of her leggings. Inside her leggings her butt and thighs jiggled even more than her belly.

She could feel her thighs scraping against each other, caused by the force of the jiggle alone. And, if she felt it right, then her butt just had pulled down her leggings slightly at the back. Michelle didn't even had to look to feel a sudden fresh breeze against her tummy, a sign that her stretchy shirt had crept up.

With a sigh of relief, after a day of work she was glad to be home, she put her bike away, and waddled to the kitchen. She put a big plastic bag on the counter, filled with leftover pastries and only then tugged down her shirt. She felt the fabric hugging her belly. Suddenly she wanted to shirt to be off. She grabbed her shirt again, pulled it first over her belly, and then she forced it over her boobs.

With the shirt off, Michelle let her skin feel the sunlight on her body which peeked through the kitchen window. She hadn't sunbathed in a while. In a long time, she thought.

In two days she'd have a pool party and she was looking whiter than ever this time in the summer. She could catch some rays.

Normally, Michelle would have ran upstairs to put on a bikini. But Michelle still hadn't bought a new swimsuit. She didn't look forward to it and kept delaying the inevitable.

Michelle squeezed her double chin while she thought. It was a gesture she wasn't aware of. Her parents were gone and so was Lizzy. They wouldn't come home for more than a few hours so she had time to lay in the sun, in her underwear. It was a bit weird, sunbathing in your underwear, but there was one positive thing about it. She wouldn't have to go upstairs.

Feeling giddy, she got out of her leggings. Dressed in panties one size too small, and her bra which was too tight, Michelle gathered her things: a box of donuts, a bottle of Coke, and sunscreen, the latter being from Lizzy.

She laid down on the recliner Lizzy always used this summer. She ignored the sounds of protest that came out of it, caused by her rather falling down than sitting down. The recliner was lower than she thought. It was also possible that her legs couldn't hold her weight anymore.

With each leg on the one side, Michelle proceeded by putting sunscreen on her skin. She began with her face. She found it alarming how fast she was getting used to feeling her face being round and soft. It was already something she suspected when her fingers brushed her cheeks and chin. The crease dividing her double chin with her neck felt hot and sweaty.

Quickly Michelle moved on to another part of her body. Her arms were squishy, especially her upper arms. When she applied the sunscreen there she was amazed at how much fat hung from her arms there. It was literally a handful. Michelle waved her arms around and watched the pocket of fat would swing and jiggle with the motion.

Her chest was next. Last year she would have felt her collarbones and rib cage. Now she felt a soft layer of fat. Her cleavage was large and Michelle made sure the exposed part of her enormous boobs were properly smeared in with sunscreen.

Then the task of applying sunscreen on her belly came around. Michelle first took a big bite from a donut before she began. It took her longer than she would've thought beforehand. While she was busy with her belly she also took bites from her donuts, followed by a second one and a glass of Coke.

\Her legs proved to be even more troublesome than her belly. Putting sunscreen on her thighs went well enough. She watched as her hands glided over stretch marks and cellulite, her soft fat oozing between her fingers. If she was gentle she could even feel the cellulite. It surprised

Michelle that she wasn't fazed by feeling or seeing it.

Her calves were difficult. The former tight parts of her legs were now just as soft as any other part of her body and her ankles had evolved in to cankles.

But that wasn't the problem.

Her belly was.

Michelle felt how her belly became an obstacle in reaching her calves. The first halve wasn't that much of a problem, but her feet were almost out of reach. Holding in her tummy and forcing herself to reach her feet she managed to get there.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Michelle laid herself down the recliner. Putting on sunscreen had gotten a task, and she was glad that she finally could enjoy her donuts.

Fortunately for her taste buds and enjoyment., unfortunately for Michelle stomach and general wellbeing, the donuts were followed by more pastries and after a sensible pause, followed by a macaroni and cheese dinner.

Michelle didn't want to eat too much, but after each bite she saw that the mac & cheese was almost finished so she kept on eating. Even when she was full she craved for a cold dessert and took some ice cream. That made her feel better for a moment, then she just felt super stuffed.

She still was on the recliner, outside in the yard. Her belly had become a tight round dome jutting upwards. Michelle caressed it gently. Now and then a surge of pain would go through her sides.

'Oooof,' groaned Michelle. 'Why do I do this to myself?'

A cold breeze grazed her body. Immediately she felt goose bumps.
Michelle, wanting to go inside, made an effort to stand up. She failed when she felt a pain snaring through her side. She dragged her legs to each side of the recliner and slowly pushed herself upwards in a sitting position. Her belly rounded out in front of her, taking up the space between her legs and almost touching the seat of the recliner. With a lot of unintelligible grunts she managed to stand up.

She stood still for a couple of seconds, holding her belly with both hands.

Suddenly she heard a noise. Michelle thought it might be her parents and as fast as her body would let her she jiggled to her room.

Her relatively fast pace was definitely over by the time she reached the stairs. Michelle was out of breath and felt her leg muscles burn. Slowly she walked up the stairs, listening if she heard another sound of her returning parents. But she had been mistaken. By the time she was in her room, it was as quiet as ever, with no parents in sight.

Later that night, Michelle was checking if she had got a tan. She thought she didn't look as pale as before, which was a big plus.

Her belly ache had faded away and to her shame she already ate a couple of treats. Her belly still looked round. For a second Michelle wondered how she would look in her old night gown. It was a weird thought. Her night clothes now consisted of an extra large t shirt.

She was just about to put that on, she already had removed her bra, when she heard a knock on the door, immediately opened by her sister.

Lizzy was drunk. She swayed a little and had half a grin. Michelle remembered that Lizzy had a night out with her some of her friends. Lizzy had ignored them a bit when she fully focused on her weight loss and had been pleasantly surprised when Michelle had told her than one of Lizzy's friends suggested a get together.

Michelle prided herself on arranging it. Lizzy's friends were all fat and Michelle hoped it would rub off onto her sister. And by the looks of it the first night was already a success.

Lizzy wore a dress she had bought to flaunt her weight loss. Instead in accentuated her recent new weight gain, which she wasn’t yet aware of.

Michelle watched approvingly at how Lizzy love handles and belly pressed against the fabric. Her legs were looking bigger too.

'I.. I had so much fun,' stammered Lizzy.

'Well, good for you,' replied Michelle, not wanting to hear a drunken tale.

'Oooh, they all were shooo jealous, haha.' Lizzy had to hold the door to not fall.

'Okay.' Michelle waited a second and then added a goodbye.

'L-Look at my belly!' Lizzy was poking the soft fat of her belly, sporting a wide smile.

Michelle wasn't comfortable with this. She didn't want Lizzy to realize she was gaining weight again. Sure enough, as if her sister could hear her thoughts.

'I have to reminder, no, to remind myself to weigh me tomorrow. I might've gained a bit.

Michelle immediately went in to the reassuring mode, saying what a crazy thought that was, and coaxed Lizzy to her room.

The scale!

Michelle pondered what to do. It was quite simple. If there was no scale then Lizzy could not weigh herself. She had to hide it. No , that was silly. She had to break it, or making it look like she broke it.

Michelle waddled to the bathroom. Her plan was to make it appear that she broke the scale. So she jumped on scale. A loud creaking noise followed. It was louder that she thought and waited a few seconds, anxious that somebody heard it.

Then she took the scale. Nothing looked broken, even the display worked. To her shock she found out that the scale had weighed her.

218 lbs.

Michelle gasped. Deep down she knew she'd surpassed the 200 lbs mark, but seeing the number shocked her. It seemed like a minute passed by while she just stood there, frozen. Thoughts flooded her mind, but she managed to focus on one. Disable the scale.

She took the damn thing with her to her room, all the while trying not to think about the magnitude of her weight gain
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Chapter 31 - A broken scale and a new bikini

Lizzy stared down at the broken apparatus under her feet. Since when was the scale broken?

Her curiosity for her weight had brought her early in the morning to the bathroom. She was suspecting her recent laziness had caused her to gain a bit of weight back. She hoped the scale would tell her otherwise, but the scale stayed silent. No flickering of digital numbers. A crack ran through the middle of the device. How on earth did that happen?

It was as if the universe provided her with an answer when Michelle entered the bathroom, glanced at the scale and smiled guiltily.

'It seems that jumping on the scale at my size is a bit stupid,' said Michelle while shrugging.

Lizzy didn't even notice the jiggle of Michelle's boobs. Not for the first time she was coping with conflicting feelings. Michelle breaking a scale because of her weight gain filled her with so much glee that it almost became childish. But the fact that she couldn't check her own weight troubled her a bit.

She returned back from her thoughts when Michelle's soft hip grazed her. She also heard the last words of a sentence uttered by Michelle.

'Sorry, what were you saying?' she asked sheepishly

'Sure, you want to hear it twice? Okay,' her sister rolled her eyes, but continued:

'I said; why were you standing on the scale, to see how much thinner you've become?'

Lizzy couldn't help it, but her cheeks turned red.

'You really think I lost more weight? I actually thought I -

'Oh, nonsense. It's clear you lost weight. I am the one who's gaining weight.'

Michelle looked ashamed for a moment and seemed to think about something.

'I'm almost 220 pounds, can you believe it?' said Michelle softly.

Lizzy thought her eyes might pop out. It was as if she saw her sister for the first time this morning. Yes, Michelle appeared to be as big as Lizzy used to be at her heaviest. Well, almost as big. Lizzy always had eased her mind thinking that there were people way heavier and bigger than her. That was the truth of course, just like that Michelle wasn't by far the fattest person she'd saw. But the fact that Michelle almost weighed 220 lbs seemed so huge to her. Her thin sister looking as big as she used to be.

She realized that Michelle waited for a response.

'Almost 220 lbs? You certainly don't look like that,' she replied. She didn't know if it was reassuring or not. Quickly she left Michelle alone.

Nina was observing Michelle. Something was off. At first hand, it looked like Michelle was doing alright. She smiled to customers. Was nice and friendly.

She chatted with her and other coworkers. Nothing wrong.

Except for one thing. Michelle wasn't snacking.

She always snacked. Her mouth seemed to be moving continuously throughout the day. But not today. Yes, something was wrong. Michelle's smile seemed to cramped. Her fingers too fidgety.

Michelle was nervous for something. For a moment, Nina congratulated herself on her psychological abilities.

When their first break arrived, around ten am, Nina cornered her chubbed up coworker.

'So, how's life?' she asked. She was planning to ask general questions first and then to hit the target with a sharp question or two. Yeah, that sounded awesome.

'Oh, Nina. I have pool party tomorrow, and I need a new swimsuit. The only bikinis I have are from when I was thin, and do I have to wear a two piece or a one piece? Perhaps I will stay home.'

Nina blinked, feeling rather disappointed. She didn't suspect Michelle to pour out her heart that quickly. But it did save some time.

'Yeah, I can imagine your old bikini's being rather tight.' Despite the situation, Nina couldn't help but laugh, but stopped when she saw how hurt Michelle looked.

'Listen, first of all. You are going to that wretched pool party. Staying home and feeling sorry for yourself will not help. Trust me, I know.'

Michelle looked surprised at her, but Nina pressed on, content in her role as advisor.

'Secondly, the question of wearing a one piece or a two piece is unimportant. Both can look good and bad. On slim people as well as fat people.'

Now, Michelle winced when she heard her saying fat people. But Michelle had been eating herself out of the chubby territory.

'Lastly, this afternoon you and I are going to buy a swimsuit.'

Michelle laughed nervously.

'This afternoon. But -'

'No buts!' Nina sounded like her mom, and she enjoyed saying.

Later, when Michelle walked passed her, Nina watched the two spherical, soft and squishy-looking butt cheeks bouncing up and down in the tight leggings.
'No buts..'

Then, Nina had a laugh that lasted minutes.

Michelle looked at the chocolate stain on her index finger. She caught it just in time. A second later and the bikini top she hold would have a chocolate smear on it. Quickly she licked her finger. The taste brought back the memory of lots of donuts and the tight feeling in her stomach agreed with that memory.

She turned her attention to the bikini top. It was the tenth or eleventh she'd hold since beginning her search. An equal amount of one piece swimsuits had passed through her hands. One thing she had found out, after a full hour of indecision, was that she definitely felt better in a two piece swimsuit. It was revelation. So now she was staring at the biggest bikini top she had touched in her life.

The saleswoman was sure the huge cups, resembling safety helmets of construction workers, would be big enough to hold her boobs. It was time to find out.

Michelle unclasped her bra. which practically exploded of her chest. Her boobs sprang free, jiggling happy in their freedom. Below her huge breasts her belly domed outwards, full with lots of pastry. It surged a little over the bikini bottom she wore, just like her love handles pouches over the sides. But the bikini bottom didn't really feel tight. It probably had to do with her soft body.
Michelle put on the bikini top, adjusted her boobs accordingly and knew she had found the bikini she wanted to buy.

The saleswoman was right. The cups fitted her boobs like a glove, giving her an endless cleavage. The straps did cut in her soft flesh, but she thought that was unavoidable at her weight.

She turned around and admired the good fit. Time to let Nina see her.

Nina looked up when Michelle strutted out the fitting room. The smile on her face said it all.

Thank Goodess! She found one.

Michelle talked enthusiastically about how good the bikini fitted. The saleswoman agreed, obviously smelling a paying customer.

Nina too admitted that the bikini was wonderful. When Michelle walked to and fro, Nina eyes darted of to Michelle's jiggling thighs and butt, the cellulite on clear display. She hoped that Michelle would realize that walking like that would only accentuate her weight gain. She almost wanted to be on that pool party.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall during the moment Michelle would appear dressed in that bikini!
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This definitely goes on my list of favorite WG stories of all time. It's so fantastic! Thank you!
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love it
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Chapter 32 - Nurturing Lizzie's denial while awaiting the inevitable

Michelle's euphoria in purchasing a bikini quickly faded away when she was at home. Why had she purchased a two piece swimsuit? Had she gotten mad? She was way too fat for a bikini. She remembered when she was thin that she used to scold fat girls and woman for wearing too revealing clothes. Fat should be covered up, that was her thought back then.

Not that long ago, Michelle thought. Stupid Lizzy and her heavy cream, making her huge!

Michelle conveniently forgot her own gluttonous behavior.

She eyed the top of her bikini suspiciously. Those cups had seduced her. Her huge boobs filled them out nicely, not snug at all. The feeling had been wonderful. That's why she'd bought the blasted thing.

Her gaze went to her mirror. Quite unnecessary. She didn't have to look to feel how tight her bra was. The clinging shirt she wore showed off every bulge that her bra made, including the tidal wave of soft flesh that reached over the cups of her bra.

Looking at her boobs just made the tight feeling more uncomfortable. With a sigh she unclasped her bra and pulled it off her boobs. The twin mounds of flesh immediately succumbed to gravity, sagging an inch or so before they were held back by her tight stretchy shirt.

Everything was tight nowadays, Michelle thought. Everything except her body. And that gorgeous bikini.

She shook her head angrily.

'I will be showing off my fat body like a fool,' she muttered. There was no other way.

Michelle put her hands on her hips, feeling how they sank in the softness of her love handles. Absentmindedly she started to knead the fat. Startled she found she enjoyed what she did. It happened more often lately. More and more were the moments that she suddenly caught herself massaging or kneading a part of her body. Her belly seemed to work like a magnet on her hands, her love handles and butt both were good runner ups. One time she'd moved her hand on her inner thigh. She found out just in time for it to get awkward. It happened at work.

She yanked her hands away from her hips. She had no time for this.

In the adjacent room Lizzy looked in the mirror. Had she gained weight? She looked softer. Was it all that lounging around? Perhaps she was eating more. But Michelle had said she looked as good as ever. She couldn't even hide her jealousy.

Lizzy smirked when she remembered that jealous tone. It was nice to feel superior. Her smirk changed in to a scowl when she thought of how that fat cow of her sister somehow broke the scale. Now she couldn't even weigh herself. Maybe she should buy a new scale herself?

She squeezed her belly. It did look softer. It's probably the lack of exercise. Lizzy wanted to examine her body further when someone trotted by. Michelle.
Lizzy darted for her door and was just in time to see Michelle's backside going down the stairs. And what a backside that was.

Lizzy was certain that her butt never had been that big and she would deny any claim that her butt had been as jiggly as Michelle's was. In amazement she watched how two huge butt cheeks swayed left and right, up and down, into every direction. Michelle's butt was always round, now it was more wide than round. But still round, thought Lizzy.

Above that big butt two large love handles quivered out of sight, when Michelle continued her way down the stairs.

Lizzy continued scrutinizing her figure. Now her outlook had changed without her being aware of it. She looked at her legs and didn't think that they might look squishier, but that they were leaner than Michelle's. Her tummy suddenly seemed smaller, and those soft pockets of fat on her hips almost look laughably small compared to her sister's.

Lizzy shook her head. She'd been acting silly. She wasn't getting fatter.

Michelle was glad to see that her secret stealth operation of making her sister gain weight was paying off. Lizzy was definitely fatter.

She watched as Lizzy took a sip from her milkshake. Made by Michelle. That tummy roll pouching over the waistband was certainly larger. Michelle even noticed an increase of fat in Lizzy's legs. She almost chuckled. Making someone gain weight was fun.

Michelle also noticed Lizzy so-called secretive stares. When she would bend over she more than once caught Lizzy glimpsing at her belly or butt, followed by that stupid smirk of hers. Let her think I'm way fatter that her, to give her that sense of being thinner.

Lizzy took a last sip of her milkshake and sighed satisfied. Michelle enjoyed seeing how Lizzy was getting lazier by the day. The days of constant workout were gone. When Lizzy walked by to go to her room, Michelle couldn't help but observe how much her sister’s butt jiggled.

'Wow Liz, your butt looks amazing,' said Michelle with a smile that also oozed some envy.

Lizzy almost blushed.


When Lizzy was out of sight, Michelle thought her smile would break her head in half.

That night, Michelle started to get nervous. Tomorrow was the pool party. Tomorrow she would appear in a bikini with al her fat on display. How would people react? Would she get nasty comments? She texted that last question to Nina, who just said 'yes, so be prepared.'

What followed were witty and not so witty responses to mean comments. They were meant to cheer her up, but Michelle chose to remember them. Just in case. She had a couple of favorites.

"At least I don't have your face." and "Your nose hair is ugly too" were two of them. She only had to make sure she didn't sound too pathetic.

Other snappy remarks weren't that snappy of funny. Some, like "Fat floats, bones are no boats" were so random that she didn't know if she had to laugh of look dumbfounded.

Nina also mentioned 'Zip it, shrimpy!' to say at guys, saying that she had it from the Snickers commercial with Joan Collins. However, Michelle didn't see herself saying that out loud, how funny it was.

Her coworker and friend emphasized one thing: be confident.

Michelle hoped she would find that confidence. She did have a nice bikini though.

Right before she fell asleep she had a fleeting thought. Maybe, just maybe, everything would go just fine.

Or not.
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Great to see an update! Definitely my favorite on theforum right now
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Fun story, got any more?
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