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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Growing Andrew - by Big Dreamer (~BHM, Tube Feeding, sex, immobility~XWG)

~BHM, Tube Feeding, sex,immobility,~XWG

Growing Andrew
by Big Dreamer

Andrew had met Gemma on one of those online dating sites. He was intrigued by her ad which read:

Voluptuous Italian Goddess, 33, seeks BIG, sexy man
to share good food, good times, and more good food.
Looking for someone to grow with.

Andrew had wondered if they had left the word "old" out of the last line. Or if maybe she had meant "grow" in spirituality. Or with experience. No matter. He had seen her accompanying photo, which depicted a shapely brunette with gorgeous green eyes. She looked to be circling 200 lbs. and had fabulous light tan skin - a mixture of northern and southern Italian heritage, he had guessed - and he was instantly attracted to her.

Weighing in at 248 himself, he was thrilled that she had specified "big" in her ad, because he was tired of all the women who were searching for all the Ben Afflecks and Mel Gibsons out in cyberspace. He was only 5'10 and his 248 lbs were not exactly muscle. His sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin only accentuated the fact that he was, well, chubby, and he could tell by the wording of her ad that it wouldn't make a whit of difference to her. He had eagerly sent his reply and a picture as well, and from there, a cyber-romance was born. Soon afterward came a few phone calls and then the all-important first date.

They hit it off fabulously and decided, right from the get-go, that they had each found their soulmates.

Andrew worked for an advertising agency and lived about a half-hour from Gemma. Gemma had started her own plus-size mail order business 10 years ago, and quite successfully worked from her home.

They couldn't see enough of each other. At every opportunity, they were together, either at Andrew's apartment, out on the town, or at Gemma's lovely house where she enjoyed cooking gourmet meals for him. And what a cook she was! And the sex -- well-- what they say about the Italians was certainly true! Gemma was the most passionate and attentive lover Andrew had ever had the pleasure to sleep with. He knew he was the luckiest man alive.

They had been together for around four months when Andrew discovered Gemma's unique fetish. It was quite by accident, really. They had just come home from a night of good food and lots of wine when Andrew went off to the bathroom. While he was sitting on the toilet, he realized he was going to be there longer than he had originally planned, so he opened her cabinet under the sink to look for something to read. He saw a stack of magazines and pulled them out to take a better look.

They weren't like anything he had ever seen before, though.

The pictures on the covers were of very large people and they were all eating. Some were sitting in front of overstuffed dining room tables. Some were being spoon-fed. One even had a picture of a man with a tube in his mouth with a woman standing over him rubbing his mountainous belly. And they had strange titles like "Gain" and "Grow." The one with the tube-fed man was called "Feeder Fantasies." Andrew opened that one and was shocked at what he saw. The whole magazine was filled with stories of how men and women were helping (and sometimes forcing) their partners to grow fatter and fatter. There were pictures, too, of before and after shots. Only the "befores" were always much thinner than the "afters."

Yes, Andrew was in shock. Not only because he hadn't known about this side of Gemma, but also because the sight of these large bodies was giving him a raging hard-on. He read and gawked with great interest for at least a half an hour.

He finally emerged from the bathroom, magazines in hand. Gemma was sitting in an easy chair in the living room. He came up behind her and nuzzled her neck.

"Oh, there you are sweetie," she said, still sounding tipsy from all the wine she'd had. "I thought you'd fell in."

"No," he said, "I was reading..." He showed her the magazines and sat down next to her. He saw she turned red. But it wasn't an embarrassed blush. No...it was more of sexually heated flush.

"What do you think?" she asked in a sultry voice.

Andrew thought for a moment about how he read through the magazines with interest. How he'd grabbed his own little belly as he looked at the pictures. How he'd gotten as hard as a rock...and still was.

"Actually," he said, a little surprised at himself, "I found them to be a turn-on."

"Oh really?" Gemma was really hot now. She reached down to rub his crotch.

"Unnghmmm," he moaned, so aroused already he thought he'd explode. "But why didn't you tell me about this before?"

Gemma was unbuttoning his jeans. "I thought you knew already," she said as the zipper slipped down and she grabbed his rock-hard cock. She got up and knelt in front of him. "I mean, you did answer my ad..."

Her ad! NOW it made sense. "Good food, good times AND MORE GOOD FOOD. Someone to GROW with...."

His eyes were closed in enjoyment when he murmured, "I didn't realize that was exactly what you meant..." His voice trailed off as her lips wrapped around his dick. The magazines slid to the floor and he threaded his fingers through her hair as she slowly bobbed up and down along his shaft.

"Do you want me to grow you?" she asked, her mouth full of cock.

Grow him? GROW him! He imagined himself sitting in front of that large dinner table. Then, her spoon-feeding him. Then with the tube in his mouth. In his mind's eye, he saw his already-soft belly getting bigger and bigger, growing like the people in the magazine pictures. Grow him!

"Ummmmgh," he could only moan as her skilled mouth worked its magic on him. Oh, God, she was so hot. He couldn't stop thinking of the images and then, when she reached up to grab his little love handles, it was just too much and he shot his load, which she greedily sucked down. His body convulsed again and again in waves of pleasure as she played with his little roll of fat while sucking him dry.

When he was well-spent, she stood up and pushed his head between her ample breasts. He was still breathing heavy as he started stroking her round little belly.

Grow him, he thought again. The very idea seemed...DELICIOUS!

As she stood in front of him, he slid her pants down and started to finger her very slick pussy. Her head rolled back in pleasure.

His head still between her breasts, he asked, "Would you like to grow me? Do you want to see me get bigger and fatter?"

"Mmmmmm," she answered. "I want to feed you, Andrew."

He continued to finger-fuck her. "You want me fatter?" he asked again.

"Mmmmmm. Fatter," she moaned.

He pulled her round ass closer to him and then buried his face in her wet pussy. She was so hot that it only took a few thrusts of his tongue before she was coming like a wild woman.

She sat back down in the chair and they both lit a cigarette. They sat for a moment in heated silence when he asked her, "Do you really want to do this?"

She took a long drag. "I have always wanted to grow someone, Andrew. The right person. YOU, Andrew, would be the perfect person. Do you want to get fat, Andrew?"

He was thoughtful for a moment. He couldn't believe how much this idea was so appealing to him. He couldn't imagine, in his wildest dreams, that someone would have been able to see into his deepest desires, as she just had.

He had always been a "big guy." "Big Andy," they called him, but it was always a struggle for him to not become "too big." He loved food. He loved to eat. He even loved the way his belly jutted out in front of him and his soft ass felt cushiony beneath him. But he had always gotten the message that "too fat" was unacceptable. Unattractive, even. So he never let himself truly experience the feelings of pleasure he had about getting fat.

And now here was this woman. This beautiful, exciting goddess who wanted him to do just that. To eat as much as he wanted and get as fat as he cared to. How could he say no?

He let out a long stream of smoke and said, "How fat are we talking?"

She bent down to pick up one of the magazines and turned the pages between them. There were men and women of all sizes there -- that is -- all super sizes.

She let him drink in the sight of these beautiful large bodies and said, "As fat as you want to be."

And so, on that wonderful night, they planned the growing of Andrew...

The next day, Andrew could barely keep his mind on his work. He kept thinking about his amazing night with Gemma and could only look forward to the night to come when, she promised, the feeding would begin. The hours crawled by, but finally it was 5 o'clock and he was out the door and in the car. He was at her house in minutes. Going up her walkway, the smell of good food made his mouth water and his groin tighter. She answered the door wearing a sheer negligee and led him right to the dinner table. It was filled with dishes -- a large pan of lasagna, a platter of meatballs, a few long Italian breads and a huge bowl of macaroni.

"I hope you're hungry, lover," she said as she led him to a chair. His stomach rumbled a little as she pushed a huge plate of lasagna to him and reminded him of the rules she had laid out the night before.

"Remember," she told him. "You promised to eat everything I put in front of you." He nodded as he started stuffing his mouth. And she kept piling on the food. Some meatballs, some bread, some macaroni, more lasagna....Holy cow, he thought, I'm gonna burst!

She could tell he was feeling full so she slid her hands down his hard, rounded belly to unsnap and unzip his pants. He felt a little more relieved, but he didn't think he could eat another bite. "Aww, come on," she coaxed and pulled his dick out from his pants. "If you eat a little more, I'll make it worth your while."

He looked at the small mound of food still in front of him and closed his eyes against the pleasure of her stroking his growing hard-on and his distended stomach. As he lifted a forkful of food to his mouth, Gemma knelt down beside him. Just as he popped the food onto his tongue, she wrapped her lips around his dick. And so it went. The more he ate, the more she sucked while gently massaging his oh-so-full stomach. The incredible combination of feeling his stomach grow while getting sucked off was the most arousing sensation Andrew had ever felt. He ate and ate and ate some more and his blow job got more and more intense.

Gemma finally decided he had had enough -- for now -- and sucked him to an exploding orgasm.

He sat back in the chair, fuller than he had ever felt in his life and well-spent. Gemma rubbed his rock-hard, rounded belly a bit more and then told him to come into the bedroom to rest while she cleaned up. Very full and very tired, Andrew took off his pants, lay down on the bed, and quickly fell asleep.

He awoke an hour later to find Gemma next to him. She stroked his belly some more and said, "Ready for dessert?"

"Dessert?" he thought. "Holy cow, this woman is unstoppable!" But he let her put a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth and was surprised when it easily slid down his throat. She kept gently massaging his belly and feeding him ice cream until an entire half gallon of premium vanilla was gone. The she laid against him and let him go back to sleep.

His eyes slid open around 11 o'clock and realized he had to get home so he could get up for work the next morning. On his way out, Gemma handed him a large, heavy bag. "Here's your lunch," she said to him and kissed him passionately before he left to go in his car. He didn't even try to button his pants for the short drive home and when he went into his apartment, he put his lunch in the fridge, dribbled off his pants, and fell into bed feeling very full and very happy.

The next day at work, Andrew was surprisingly hungry enough to eat two donuts for breakfast and then worked lazily until lunch. In the cafeteria, he opened his heavy lunch bag to see that Gemma had packed him two huge meatball sandwiches and a thick slice of cheesecake. He got more than a few stares as he started tearing into the enormous lunch and was barely able to make it through the second sandwich.

The cheesecake, he decided, would have to wait until coffee break and, later, as he was eating it, Gemma called to remind him he had to eat everything she had given him. He promised he would and found he had to unbutton his pants at his desk in order to get through the heavy snack but he managed to squeeze the rest of the cake in before getting back to his job. Looking at the clock, he realized he had a few more hours before returning to Gemma's and he wondered if he would be able to withstand another feeding like last night's...

And so it went for the rest of the week. Andrew ate everything Gemma gave him, with her fabulous blow jobs as encouragement, and then squeezed in her massive lunches during the day.

On Friday, Gemma told Andrew he may as well stay the weekend and she spent all day Saturday and Sunday feeding him, fucking him, and sucking him, and making him nap. Boy, was it hard to go back to work on Monday! Harder still, to be sitting in the same pants that had fit him comfortably just a week ago. He wondered how much weight he had already put on and planned to weigh himself at Gemma's when he came in after work.

As soon as Andrew arrived at Gemma's place, she led him into her large bathroom and told him to step on the scale. It wasn't your everyday scale. It had a big platform to stand on and a digital readout on top. He sucked in his breath as he watched the numbers speed past his starting weight of 248 and stop spinning at 262.

"Holy cow!" he thought, "that's 14 lbs in one week! An average of 2 lbs a day! No wonder my pants are so uncomfortable now." He was already developing a roll that sat on top of his waistband, and he found he had to go down 2 holes on his belt, too. He also had a hard time buttoning the top button on his dress shirts so he was leaving them undone underneath his tie. 14 lbs! At this rate, he would double his weight in...he thought a minute...about four months.

Wow...the thought made him both scared and aroused.

About two weeks into his new "diet," Andrew's clothes really started to feel uncomfortable. He had always found work clothes to be constricting, but now they were downright binding. He woke up on Tuesday morning and, after a shower, barely got his pants zipped and buttoned. He grabbed his standard "Gemma lunch" from the fridge (today's would be four potato and egg sandwiches and half an apple pie) and got into the car to head toward Dunkin Donuts' drive-through.

He ordered two bagels and two donuts, scarfing down the donuts on his way to work.

After he got to work and put away his lunch, he grabbed a cup of coffee and went to his cubicle to sit at his desk with his breakfast. A little out of breath, he sat down heavily in his chair and was greeted with a loud ripping sound. Oh great, he realized, the seam of his pants had given way. Well, nothing he could do about that now, he thought, and he proceeded to munch on his bagels and drink his coffee while he got down to work.

He had to walk around all day in ripped pants, hoping the tear wasn't too visible. At lunch, he got more than the usual stares as he went to town on the major meal and then made himself scarce the rest of the day by hiding in his cubicle. He went right to Gemma's that evening and the sight of his torn pants seemed to excite her even more. She fed him a tremendous meal and then made love to him with his pants on, rubbing his ass through the now-gaping hole.

By that Friday, Andrew woke up and realized that he couldn't find one pair of pants that he could even button around his growing belly. Terrific, he thought, how am I going to get to work now? He decided he would have to leave his pants undone and threw a vest over his belly to hide the open button and zipper. He called Gemma from his desk to tell her the news. She was ecstatic and told him not to worry -- being the owner of a large-size clothing business, she would be sure to give him some new clothes that weekend. He came over at 5 o'clock and Gemma ordered him straight to bed to celebrate his new milestone -- outgrowing his first set of clothes.

She fed him and seduced him all weekend and then, as promised, sent him home Sunday night with a whole new set of roomier clothes.

Monday night was weigh-in and as soon as Andrew came to the door, Gemma led him right to the scale. He gasped a little when the numbers stopped at 292 lbs. 292! That was a 54 lb. gain since they had started a few weeks ago. Gemma was thrilled and didn't even wait for him to step off the platform before she had his pants down. She let him stare at the numbers as she took his cock into her mouth. He kept closing his eyes in ecstasy and opening them again to stare at his new weight. 292. 292. By the end of the week, he would top 300. Oh God, what would Gemma do then? The thought just intensified his pleasure.

And then, Gemma stepped onto the platform with him to bury her face further into his crotch. His eyes opened wider to see the numbers spin to 500. Oh my GOD! he thought even more aroused (if that was possible). That put Gemma up at....unngghhh...it was hard to think....218 lbs. He knew she had gained some herself, but he hadn't realized how much. Together they weighed 500 lbs. but, he realized in the deepest of pleasure, one day he alone would make the scale read 500 -- and at the rate he was going, it wouldn't be too long. The thought sent him over the edge into a mind-shattering orgasm.

Andrew knew he had hit, and passed, the 300 mark by the time he reached Gemma's Friday night, but she insisted they wait to weigh him til Monday. Keeping the weigh-ins to once a week was incredibly exciting because they kept the gains high and, besides, she planned on adding at least 5 more pounds to him that weekend.

They decided to go to an "all you can eat" buffet Friday night to celebrate Andrew's growing body and appetite. Gemma made Andrew sit at the table while she brought him plate after humongous plate of rich, fattening foods. He knew people were staring at him in both amazement and some in disgust, but he didn't care. He was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of his belly growing, stretching, straining against his clothes.

At the fourth plate of pasta alfredo, he needed to unbutton his pants to allow more. On his sixth plate, now messy ribs and mashed potatoes, his stomach was actually touching the table. "I don't know how much more I can fit," he whispered to Gemma so she smiled slyly and said, "Well, then, it's time for dessert." His eyes widened when she brought over two plates of cheesecake and chocolate layer cake but did as he was told and ate every bite. She then brought over an ice cream sundae and promised him this would be the last thing he would have to eat -- for now...As spoon after spoon slid down his throat, he could hear the zipper of his pants undo itself tooth by tooth.

When the last bite was gone, Andrew had to wait a long time before he was able to heave himself out of his seat and, feeling way too tired to drive, let Gemma take him to her house and put him to bed. She spend the rest of the weekend bringing him meal after meal and keeping him full and satisfied in every way.

The weeks went by and Andrew kept on growing. He was finding it a little hard to adjust to his extra flesh, though. Putting on his shoes became a challenge. It became harder and harder for him to fit behind the wheel of his car. His chair at the office started to bind him on the sides and his fat began to spill underneath and over the armrests. He even found himself needing to leave his cubicle more often to visit the snack bar to keep himself satisfied between meals. Tongues were wagging in the office. One day, when Andrew was upward of 360 pounds, one of his work buddies sat next to him in the lunchroom and eyed up his mammoth lunch.

"Got yourself some spread there," he told Andrew.

"Uh-huh," Andrew replied, his mouth full of a huge hero. It was already his second.

"Your girlfriend is, um...some cook," he said smirking.

Andrew pinched one of his fat rolls. "Oh yeah," he said. "She likes to feed me."

"Jesus, Andrew," he finally said. "You're getting huge, man!"

Andrew glanced over at Carl. "Yeah, I guess I am putting on a few pounds. But Gemma likes me this way."

"Holy cow, Andrew," Carl said, shaking his head.

Andrew was actually feeling excited, knowing that everyone saw him that way. Huge. Growing. He smiled as he continued to tear into his lunch. Carl didn't know what else to say. He just watched Andrew eat and shook his head disapprovingly.

On his way home from work that day, Andrew stopped to buy Gemma a dozen roses. He had decided now was the time to give her the engagement ring he had bought. When she opened the door, he presented her with the flowers and she shrieked with delight when she spotted the ring inside. He heaved himself down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. There in the doorway, she accepted and they kissed long and passionately. Then, she led him into the bedroom where they ate dinner in bed and fucked long into the night.

And still the weight poured on. As Andrew neared 400 lbs, he found himself getting winded just walking down the hallway. He had a hard time being comfortable in his tiny cubicle and getting close enough to his computer. He spent so much of his time trying to keep his huge appetite satisfied that his work was actually starting to fall behind. One day, his boss called him into his office.

"Sit down," Mr. Baxter told him.

Andew squeezed himself into a chair and heard the seams start to pop on his pants. Oh crap, he thought, this can't look good. He rested his hands on his huge belly and looked across the desk at Mr. Baxter.

"Listen, Andrew," Mr. Baxter tried to be delicate. "It seems that you are having some, uh, health issues?"

Andrew nodded and Baxter continued. "Well, it appears that your work is starting to, uh, be below par. Do you need some kind of...um...help to be able to do your job better? Less hours, maybe? Perhaps a good...um...doctor?"

"I am feeling fine," Andrew answered him. "I know I've put on some weight," he said, "and I do get tired easily. But I am not sure that reducing my hours is going to change anything."

Mr. Baxter tried to tread lightly, but his agenda was clear. "Andrew, I'm going to be frank with you. If your work continues to suffer, I'm not going to be able to keep you on here. Either you are going to have to figure something out to improve your performance or you may want to consider a different line of work."

Not knowing what else to say, Andrew promised Mr. Baxter he would figure something out and get back to him. Then he hefted his bulk out of the chair and lumbered back to his cubicle.

Gemma had her normal luscious meal waiting for Andrew when he got there and he dug in with gusto, trying to forget his troubles at work. He gorged himself on steak, potatoes, corn, biscuits, and onion rings and then stumbled off to the bedroom to rest. When Gemma joined him later with brownies and ice cream, he hesitated before beginning dessert.

"Listen, Gemma," he said. "I have a bit of a problem."

Worried, Gemma sat up. "What's wrong, lover?"

"Well," he said, "I am truly enjoying your fattening me up. I love eating and I love my new body. But, "He wasn't sure how to put this, "I got a 'talking to' by my boss today. It seems that my new fat is affecting my job. I need to figure something out or they are going to let me go."

"Is that all?" Gemma asked, looking relieved.

Andrew stared at her. "I'm gonna get FIRED," he said more plainly.

"Look, Honey, " Gemma said stroking his big belly. "You and I are getting married. I already make enough money for us both to live very comfortably. And your salary was basically going to pay your rent and bills anyway, so we could live on my earnings alone."

She handed him a thick, gooey brownie.

"Just go in there tomorrow and quit. We'll hire a mover to bring your stuff here and we'll start living together right away."

Wow, he thought, starting to munch on the brownie thoughtfully. That sounded like Heaven. He could devote all his time to Gemma and to growing his body. He felt his dick tighten at the thought. Gemma noticed and started rubbing him and kissing his neck.

"Ummmm," he moaned, throwing his head back and grabbing another brownie. He was surely the luckiest man alive...
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Growing Andrews, Section 2

The next day, Andrew put in his two-week's notice at work. Mr. Baxter was surprised, to say the least, but he said he understood and asked that Andrew just arrange to get his work in order for someone else to take over his accounts. Andrew worked leisurely, eating all day long, and counting the days to when he didn't have to squeeze into his work clothes, or into his computer chair, or, he was realizing daily, not even behind the wheel of his car.

They gave him a going-away party on his last day of work, and his co-workers were amazed at the amount of food he unabashedly stuffed into his face throughout the day. They were further shocked when Gemma showed up -- all 230 pounds of her, with even more food and a huge sheet cake to add to the festivities.

Andrew had weighed himself the night before and, he himself was 430 lbs. Together, they made quite a large, yet attractive couple. Everyone wished them well as they waddled off together at the end of the day. They stopped off to eat on the way home and then both went to the same house -- their house now, excited about starting their new life together.

Their wedding was planned for two months from that coming Saturday. It was Andrew's goal to be at 500 lbs by then. Gemma wanted to be at about half of his weight, so she joined him in many of his feedings, but let him stay comfortable in his bed most of the day so he could pile on as much as he could while she worked and cooked and shopped and made preparations for their big day.

On the morning of their wedding, Andrew woke to the smell of pancakes, eggs and bacon cooking. His mouth watered as he pulled his body to a sitting position then, with some effort, swung his legs over the side of the bed. He finally got his large body out of the bed and lumbered into the kitchen. He came up upon his beautiful bride-to-be and gave her globular ass a squeeze. He nuzzled her neck as she cooked and ran his hands up and down her well-padded hips.

She turned off the stove and turned around. The sight of her soon-to-be husband made her suck her breath in and release it with a little moan. He was amazing. His huge stomach jutted out far in front of him and hung down to his tremendous thighs. Deep red stretchmarks adorned his lower belly and snaked up his sides. And his ass --oh! -- it was incredible! It was so very round and breath-takingly wide. He was a vision.

She put her arms around him but between her burgeoning belly and his super-sized one, her fingers barely reached his sides. They kissed long and hard and then he smiled slyly and led her to the scale. He stepped on it and held his breath as the numbers climbed through the 400s and stopped at 502. He stepped off to let Gemma climb on and they both were thrilled to see her weight was up to 253. Damn! It had been some 8 weeks. She had packed on some 23 lbs. and Andrew had grown an incredible 72! They were living large, indeed, and they weren't done yet. Together they went back to the kitchen to feast on the enormous breakfast Gemma had made for them.

The wedding was like a dream come true. Gemma was spilling out of her beautiful white lace gown and Andrew was gorgeous in his black tux. Gemma's four sisters, all them them big, beautiful women, were thrilled to see their "little sister" finally catching up the them. They made stunning bridesmaids. Andrew's family, on the other hand, were shocked to see how large he had become, as were the co-workers he had invited to the wedding, but no one spoiled the day with insulting remarks. Instead, they lined up to with "Big Andy" and his beautiful bride a lifetime of happiness.

For their honeymoon, they had two first-class tickets to Italy where they visited with Gemma's many aunts, uncles, and cousins, all of whom felt it was their duty to feed the newlyweds incredible meals. They spent 3 glorious weeks seeing the sights and sampling all the savory, rich foods Italy had to offer. They arrived home a good 20 lbs. heavier each! And then they got down to the real business of gaining and growing.

The weeks went by in a haze of food and sleep and sex for Andrew.

The more he ate, the more he wanted to eat and the more he and Gemma marveled in his ever-growing body. He reached and passed the 600 lb. mark in a blink of an eye and started on the road to 700 lbs. Going out became more and more of a challenge for him since fitting in most chairs was uncomfortable at best and mostly downright impossible. Booths long had become out of the question. Even maneuvering his body into the car was an ordeal, so it became easier to just stay home -- and in bed -- most of the time. Their home had to undergo some changes, too, to accommodate his enormous bulk.

Long ago, they had to have the bed built onto a heavy-duty platform and provide Andrew with a strong grasp bar to help him get in and out of it. The bathroom was made bigger, too, with an extra-large toilet and a Jacuzzi instead of a standard bathtub. He needed help getting his massive clothes on and off and washing his body properly -- two things Gemma loved to do -- and which often led to fantastic blow jobs and carefully choreographed fuck sessions.

He really was enjoying his decadent life, but, laying in bed, seeing his mountain of a stomach lying beside him and his super-sized ass jut out behind him, he finally had to admit he was getting a bit worried. If he kept up the pace he was going at, he would eat himself right into immobility. One night, he confessed his thoughts to his beautiful 300 lb. bride. She assured him he would be fine and fed him more and more as she tried to soothe his worried mind.

The day after her confessed his fears to Gemma, she came into the bedroom with a surprise for Andrew. It was a contraption made of several jugs and tubes. Andrew immediately recognized it as a feeding machine like he had seen in the feeder magazines and he swallowed both with anxiety and anticipation. He wanted to protest, but could only stare in amazement as Gemma hooked the thing up beside their bed and then attach the two massive jugs to the tubes.

When she brought the tube to his mouth, he wanted to say no, but the part of him that was so enjoying this journey through obesity had to at least try the thing out. He opened his mouth and his groin tightened as she turned it on. The sensation of the endless creamy calories pouring right down his throat to his stomach was nearly enough to make his cum on its own, and he quickly forgot everything he had said the night before about being afraid to keep growing.

This tube feeding quickly became a large part of his day between the mammoth meals Gemma brought to him and the blissful sleep his extra-large body demanded.

More weeks went by as jug after jug of the weight-gaining mixture poured into Andrew's body. His weight soared even more quickly now and his appetite was virtually insatiable. Some days he could almost feel the new fat deposits form on his body, on his face, neck, arms, ass, and especially his massive, glorious stomach. Days blurred into one another in a frenzy of calories. Gemma inspected his beautiful body every day, playing with his rolls and rolls of sexy fat and finding new places on his body every day to bring him more and more pleasure.

And then, one day, it finally happened. Andrew awoke one morning and struggled to sit up so he could attempt to get out of bed. After much struggling, he finally managed to sit upright, but his copious fat just spilled all around him in a massive quivering blob. His stomach reached practically to his knees and fell between his massive thighs to rest on the bed below him. His hip fat folded over the sides of his ass. His legs had become so heavy he couldn't swing them off the side of the bed. Try as he might, he couldn't move his massive bulk under his own power anymore. He was...IMMOBILE! Trapped by his own incredibly massive body.

Frantic, he called his wife in, who waddled in as fast as her nearly 400lb body could take her. She stared in heated wonder at the glory of her mammoth husband and told him not to worry. She had planned for this day. She brought in a hospital bottle so he could relieve himself and then, getting a new feeding loaded up into the machine, told him help was on the way. Andrew could do nothing but lay there and eat as he waited to find out what was in store for him next.

Soon, workers came in to install a heavy-duty harness system to help Andrew get out of bed and into a specially made wheelchair. He found the procedure of getting up to actually be easy with the new contraption, and felt freer than ever to let himself continue to grow. Gemma also told him she was hiring helpers to cook and clean for her and to run her business as her own weight was starting to slow her down. Now she can spend even more time eating with, and feeding, her sexy husband.

Before she climbed into bed with him, she showed him one more accommodation that had been added to his special bed. A platform had been built under each of their mattresses in their double-king sized bed and, with a push of a button, they would get a readout on their weight To demonstrate, she pushed hers first displaying a readout of 412 pounds. Then, she reached over and pressed Andrew's and he almost crapped in his shorts when he saw the numbers stop at 872 pounds!

Well, he thought, no going back now, and he allowed his beautiful wife to place the tube into his mouth to keep up with the task of growing Andrew...

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zonker can now change their title

You even make tube-feeding and immobility sound romantically fun!

Again, I love your writing. Thanks for sharing your talents...

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Love the description about when he finally gets too fat to leave his bed.
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billisred1 has said some nice things

Mmm, nice.
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