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Default It's Fun to Count ~BBW ~Feeding ~WG ~Explicit Sex

Chapter 1

Mike moved to New York City in the summer of 2012. He found it to be very expensive and very noisy. However, he joined FF and a couple fetish sites and found that there were thousands of beautiful women within 15 minutes of his apartment that shared his preferred lifestyle.

One afternoon while Mike was at work he check his phone and saw a private message he received on FF. The screen name was bluberry83. Being a horny 28 year old he checked her photo before he even read the message. She was gorgeous. Chubby cheeks, jet black hair, and a beautiful smile.

He clicked further and saw her full body pics. She was easily 300lbs and very sexy. She had large breasts that sat voluptuously on her chest, a round belly that protruded nicely through each piece of clothing, and lastly, some beautiful chubby arms that looked fluffy and very soft.

He was super excited and quickly jumped back to the message text, "hey there, I noticed you live on 73rd street. That's my hood cutie. Maybe I'll see you around Taylor"

Mike wanted to reply, but he didn't want to blow it like some schmuck. This girl was a hottie and she obviously thought he was cute.

He waited 30 minutes so he didn't look desperate. "Hey Taylor, yea I'm kind of new in town and just getting the hang of NYC. Yea, maybe I'll bump into you at a deli or an ice cream shop, that would be cool, Mike"

A few minutes lady he received another message from Taylor "A Deli or an Ice Cream shop? Have you been stalking me?? I'm in one of those places almost every day lol. You should come to Murphy's pub tonight, we'll make it your welcome to NYC party."

Mike was ecstatic, he waited only a minute or two and then replied, "Awesome, I'm there. Sounds like a plan! Later Taylor "

Mike left work early. He went home and had a quick dinner. He had a few sips of beer and headed out to the bar.

After a few blocks later he made it to Murphy's pub. He walked inside and started to move through a crowd of people. At the far end of the bar he saw a group of 5 girls. 4 of them were skinny, but one girl stood out. She had a white blouse on over some very tight jeans. She had her back turned to him and he could not stop staring at her huge butt. She turned around suddenly and liked eyes with him, they both smiled.

"Mike!" She yelled from down the bar.

"Hey Taylor, what's up?" Mike replied as he walked towards her. They hugged and he kissed her on the check. She then introduced him to her 4 other friends. They were in party mode and had just finished doing a shot.

"Oh my God it's so freaking cool there are FF people in my neighborhood." she said.

Mike laughed and replied "yea I've been on there for two years and you're literally the first person I've met in real life."

"No way!" She exclaimed, "I feel honored," she said as she smiled and
placed her hand on top of her heart.

"So what do you do? Said Mike.

"I'm a graduate student at NYU. I want to be a math professorand I freaking love numbers. I know, don't say it, I don't look like the math type." She said laughing.

Mike giggled, "Really? Ok that's cool, what is it you like about numbers?"

"Um they are good for calculating and measuring things."

Mike was confused, but he didn't say anything.

"So what do you do?" Said Taylor

"I'm an engineer," said Mike. I like building things.

"very cool! Said Taylor, "I like a man with a big brain."

She then leaned in and whispered in his ear "so are you a feeder?"

"Um, yup, totally a feeder, guilty as charged," Mike replied.

"Yessss, she said playfully as she reached up to high five him." She was very upfront and had a big personality, Mike loved it.

"Sooo, I'm going to guess you are kind of a feedee?" Mike whispered back to her.

She leaned in again but spoke a little louder, she didn't want everyone in the bar to hear her. As she spoke she placed his hand on her Belly. Mike thought this was really odd, but he was suddenly more than turned on. "No, you mean a man that will spoil me, stuff me with delicious food, encourage me to indulge in every whim and desire I have? Why the hell would I want that??" She said sarcastically as she threw his hand back down by his side.

"Just kidding!" She yelled as she began laughing. "I'm totally a greedy little piggy like you wouldn't believe."

Mike gave a huge smile and grabbed her hand back "Hmmm, I might make you prove it to me," he said sarcastically.

"Oh I could do that, believe you me," she said with a sexy look.

One of friends interrupted, "Taylor! Hey sorry to interrupt guys, I know we are ragging, but it's still Wednesday night and we have work in like 7 hours! Let's get the hell out of here."

"Damn, I have to go," said Taylor. "Let's do this again soon though!"

"Dinner? Friday?" Said Mike.

"Sweet, I'm there Taylor said excitedly as took Mike's phone and typed her number in. As she walked out the door she turned around with a big smile and said "Text me!"

As Mike began walking home he reassured himself of what a great idea moving to New York City was.

The next day Mike went to work. he was slightly hungover but he soon got very busy. At about noon he sent Taylor a text, "hey you, thanks again for last night. It was nice of you to invite a new guy out, I didn't even know that cool bar was near my house."

Another two hours passed and then Mike got a text back "Hey no prob, it was really nice to meet you." "Ughh, sorry but I am not feeling so hot right now."

Mike thought to himself, damn she is setting me up to cancel tomorrow night, dammit...

"You feeling alright?" Mike texted.

"Yea, I'm not sick, I'm just super stuffed. I went to a big lunch with a friend from work and just got a little crazy lol. I can't move."

Mike sat at his desk starring at the text. He began to feel a huge erection coming on.

"You should probably take something for that" Mike texted her.

"Like what??" She replied.

"How about an eclair or a milkshake?" He sent her.

"LOL, I like your style," she replied quickly. "I think we are both on the same page!"

That night on the way home, Mike stopped at a supermarket. He bought a massive amount of pastries, cake, junk food, and ice cream. He figured, if he was going to be a feeder, he might as well shop like one.

The next day at work he couldn't wait for his date that night. The minutes passed so slowly. He and Taylor texted several times, making each other laugh and both getting excited to see each other.

After work at 7pm Mike arrived at the restaurant he picked out. It was a really nice Italian place near both their apartments. As he read the menu next to the front door, he caught Taylor's sexy figure walking towards him.

"Hey you," she said as she approached.

They hugged and smiled as they looked into each others eyes.

Taylor looked over at the menu, "mmmm Italian, nice choice, let's do this!"

After sitting down their waiter brought them each a menu.

Taylor opened it up and sighed deeply.

"Everything alright?" Mike inquired.

"Yea, um, don't judge ok. I kind of had a big dinner before I came here."

Mike was confused at first, but then he came to his senses and was stunned.

"That's awesome!" he shouted.

Taylor laughed hysterically, "OK I agree, but keep it quiet," she said as she looked around as if to make sure no one was listening.

"So you stuffed your face before you left your apartment and now you are ready to stuff your face even more with me?"

"Yes, you are correct!" She said playfully.

Mike was overjoyed. He didn't know girls like Taylor existed.

When the waiter came back they ordered wine, two appetizers, and two large entrees. Mike had the Veal Shank and Taylor had the Chicken Marsala.

She struggled from the first bite. "What did you eat before you came here piggy? Mike said poking fun at her.

"My roommate ordered a pizza, I almost ate the whole thing," she said.

"Oh c'mon, that's it?" Mike said sarcastically.

"Hey, watch it buddy, I might eat your dinner after I'm done with this one!" She joked.

20 minutes went by and as they talked Mike noticed Taylor had powered through her meal.

"Can I try that veal?" She said.

Mike was stunned. "Um, absolutely."

He cut off a chunk and as he reached over to place it on her plate, she stopped him.

"Uh ah, right here." She mumbled as she had her mouth wide open. She wanted Mike to feed it to her sensuously.

He brought the thick and juicy meet to her mouth with his fork, her eyes were closed. As the meat touched her tongue and she wrapped her mouth around the fork, she opened her eyes and looked Mike right in the eyes. She gave a subtle erotic moan as Mike pulled the fork away leaving the food in her mouth.

She chewed it slowly as she smiled. Mike could barely contain himself.

He motioned the waiter over to the table. "Hi, can we have a desert menu?"

The waiter replied, "Sir, we do not have a desert menu, but I can recite our four different delectable desert options to you and you may select them," Mike interrupted, "just bring all of them please."

"All? All four sir?" The waiter looked confused.

"Yes, all four of them." Replied Mike.

"Not a problem," said the waiter. As he turned around Mike stopped him, "oh and sir, just one fork please, thanks."

Mike looked back at Taylor, her jaw had dropped. She looked at him and smiled "you know, I'm really glad I met you."

"I am too," said Mike.

A few minutes later the waiter approached with cheesecake, chocolate cake, creme brulee, and key lime pie.

Mike grabbed the fork and she perked up as if she was suddenly filled with energy. She wanted to eat for him and she was determined to do so.

She enjoyed every fattening fork full, and as she finished the last couple bites she leaned back and sighed. "Now that was a dinner,"

Mike laughed, "so, how about you tell me again why you like math so much?"

"I would love to explain that to you, how about at your place?" She smiled deviously.
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Default Chapter 2

"Are you full now?" Mike asked as he smiled.

Taylor laughed as she looked down at her belly, "no way, my mouth was just getting tired," she said playfully.

Mike closed out the tab and watched Taylor waddle next to him as they headed for the door.

A cool breeze flowed down the street and it was now dark outside. Taylor held on to Mike's arm and they began walking slowly.

"I can not get over that dinner, what a freaking meal that was," Taylor said as she looked up at Mike.

"I can not get over you," said Mike as he laughed. "You're like a bottomless pit."

"Oh, you have no idea, if I really tried, that meal could be a snack," she boasted.

"What do you mean by try?" Mike said laughing again.

"You know, I mean if I really let myself go. Every time you stretch your stomach, you have more room the next time you stuff yourself," explained Taylor.

Mike still didn't understand. "What do you mean let yourself go, what are you holding back from yourself?"

"I'm holding back a lot," she said as they walked, "Think about it, I have a job and responsibilities right now. As much as I would looove to be 800lbs, I wouldn't be able to do it on my own."

"Wait, did you say 800lbs?" Mike looked down at her excitedly.

"Yea, um at least. That's just a number but there is really no limit in my mind."

"That is like beyond hot, oh my God," said Mike as he looked up at the sky and then back down at Taylor.

She giggled and then bit her bottom lip as they stared at each other.

"This is my place," Mike said as they approached a beautiful building with a door man.

They took the elevator up to the 32nd floor. When the doors opened, Taylor was amazed at what she saw.

"This place is huge," she said, "awesome!"

"Huge is good right?" Mike joked.

"Um yea, huge is always good," she replied.

Mike walked her through the living room, kitchen, and then out to the large terrace. Taylor walked to the railing and took in the nighttime skyline, she was amazed.

"How about some wine?" Mike asked.

"Absolutely!" Said Taylor as they made their way back into the living room.

They sat down next to each other on Mike's plush white leather coach, each of them holding a glass of wine. They stared at each other and both starting laughing at the same time.

"So um, Mike began, "tell me again about why you're such a math nerd."

Taylor laughed, "well; how should I say this. Numbers turn me on."

Mike began laughing and said playfully, "what are you like The Count from Sesame Street and you just love numbers??"

"No silly," she said. "Let me explain it like this, do you know how many calories it takes to gain 1 pound of fat?"

"Um, no, I have no clue," Mike said, "but I would love to know."

"500 additional calories a day, on top of what you need to sustain your current size," she said.

"Really, is that all??" Mike said as he sat with a surprised look on his face."

Taylor stood up slowly and began walking towards the kitchen while still holding her glass of wine.

"Yup," she said, "isn't that cool?" She walked to the fridge still wearing her heels. Her belly and breasts jiggled a bit with each step and Mike couldn't help but stare.

She approached the fridge and opened the door. Her eyes lit up and she looked very surprise. It was apparent she had discovered just a portion of Mike's shopping spree form the previous evening.

She reached in and pulled out a large chocolate covered strawberry from a package of 12. She closed the fridge and began liking the chocolate around the strawberry.

"So anyways," she said, "I have this infatuation with counting calories and grams of fat."

She took a bite of the strawberry and let out a quiet "mmmm." It might sound kind of OCD, but when I bite into something incredibly and deliciously fattening," she stopped for a second and bit off the rest of the strawberry. She began talking again while chewing, "it just makes it even more erotic and satisfying to know what the actual math is behind it that makes you grow"

Mike's jaw dropped. He was rock hard at this point and Taylor was turning him on more than he thought was possible.

He set his glass of wine down and stood up. She smiled at him as if she wanted him to come to her. He could see there was still chocolate on her lips that she didn't bother wiping off.

He approached her quickly, grabbed the side of her head gently and began kissing her passionately. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back wildly. Their hands where all over each other. Soon Michael's hand crept down under her dress.

At first she didn't stop him, but then she stepped back from him. Mike was breathing deeply and stood there very confused.

"Not yet," she said, "where is your bedroom she asked?"

"Down the hall to the right," Mike said quickly.

As Taylor turned toward the bedroom, she smiled at Mike "meet me in there in 5 minutes. Oh, and bring some treats with you, dinner was like an hour ago and I'm starting to feel starved."

Mike just stood there, watching her big butt sway back and forth as she walked to the bedroom and went inside. It took him another minute to realize what was going on. He quickly turned and walked into the kitchen.
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Default Chapter 3

He pulled out a large silver serving tray. He thought for a second and then began pilling on the snacks. As he pulled everything from it's package, he wrote down the number of calories for that particular serving. He began to enjoy the calorie counting. All this would be served to Taylor and that made him overjoyed.

He continued to load up the tray with a slice of cheese cake, 10 Twinkies, a large portion of creme brulee, 10 chocolate brownies, 1 pound of raw cookie dough, and 1 bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup. Finally, he grabbed a large empty 24 oz glass and filled it with heavy whipping cream.

Mike picked up the tray carefully and walked towards the bedroom. He opened the door carefully and walked inside. The lights were dim and Taylor had put some music on.

When Mike saw her he almost dropped the tray. She laid horizontally on her side upon his king size bed. She was completely nude. Her breasts hung down beautifully with large erect nipples. Her belly was very bloated and it lay beautifully out in front of her. She also, oddly enough, was wearing a belt she had obviously taken from Mike's closet. She had wrapped around her back and across her belly. She tightened it just enough so it was taut comfortably around the circumference of her girth.

She lay there with a devious look on her face, "ohh, now that's a snack!" She said.

Mike smiled, "the belt?" He said, "it looks wonderful on you, I'm just curious."

"Oh," she said as she took her hand and rubbed at around her massive belly, "I love to wear it while I'm being fed. As it gets tighter, it mikes me very, very horny.

Mike almost dropped the tray again. He set it down on the night stand next to her and pulled up a chair.

He handed her a piece of paper with numbers written all over it. At the bottom there was two big numbers circled, "5,000 cal" and "250 grams of fat."

Taylor got very excited. Oh my God, that's so much!" She moaned as she stared at the paper, "but I can handle it," she exclaimed.

Mike picked up one of the big brownies and delivered it to her lips. She stared him right in the eyes the whole time she ate it. It was incredibly erotic. He then handed her the huge glass of heavy cream and she drank it quickly. She finished a quarter of the glass right away. Mike was astonished!

She spoke in between bites, "you know Mike, what I would absolutely totally love to do one day?!"

"What's that beautiful?" He said as he spoon fed the creme brulee to Taylor.

"I would love, to eat 100,000 calories and 5,000 grams a fat in a single day." She picked up the glass of cream and took a sip, "am I just the greediest little piggy in the world or what?"

Mike was speechless. It took him a second to respond, "that is the hottest thing I have ever heard. Oh my God, I bet you could do it too!"

Taylor took a deep breath, as if to catch her composure. She picked up the Hershey's syrup bottle and opened the cap on top.

She looked at the label on the back and announced "17 servings, 100 calories per serving, 1700 calories."

"That's not bad," said Mike, "is that diet syrup?" He quipped.

Taylor laughed as she leaned the bottle back into her mouth. She began sucking on it aggressively, like a true Goddess drinking pure nectar.

She was out of breath afterwards. Mike took his right hand and ran up in down her incredibly distended belly. The belt she had put on was now a good full inch sunken into her fat.

Mike leaned in and kissed her, he could taste the intense sugary leftovers on her lips. She then motioned him back towards the tray.

The only items remaining on the tray were the ten Twinkies. Mike picked them up one at a time. He began to slowly deliver them to her mouth but Taylor suddenly took her own hand behind his and used it to cram the first twinkie into her mouth all at once. He could see the cream explode out of the sides of the cake as it pressed all the way into her mouth. She took only a moment to chew and swallow and then opened her mouth again, ready for another.

Taylor's pace slowed as she approached the last twinkie. It took about 30 seconds of chewing, but she finally swallowed the whole thing.

Taylor then finished the last of the cream as she stared intensely at Mike. Her eyes were half open as she was very drowsy.

"Are you full now?" Mike asked as he smiled.

Taylor laughed as she looked down at her belly, "no way, my mouth was just getting tired," she said playfully.

Mike suddenly leaned in and they started kissing intensely. He slowly unhooked the belt around her astounding belly. As the belt came off her fat rippled violently and erotically.

Mike began to pleasure her with his right hand. She was absolutely dripping wet. They began to make intense love as she lay on her side. Her belly was too swollen for any other position. She screamed so loudly with pleasure and lust that even some pedestrians on the street below could hear her cries.
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Default Chapter 4

He rolled over and opened his eyes. Mike could see his alarm clock glowing, 2:00AM. He noticed something was off, he was in this bed alone. There was a three hundred something pound girl next to him when he fell asleep, and now there wasn't.

Was it all a dream? Did she leave in the middle of the night. Why would she? Mike panicked. He jumped out of bed and opened the bedroom door. He was suddenly relieved.

"Oh man, guess I'm busted," Taylor said as she slowly licked some ice cream off of a spoon.

She sat on a stool adjacent to a counter in his kitchen. She was completely nude and her belly rested beautifully on her thighs.

"I see you bought the most fattening ice cream on the market." Taylor said as she held the half gallon of Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream while reading the nutrition facts. "And I noticed that while most people have one box of ice cream in their freezer, you happened to have 6."

"Alright fess up buddy," she said playfully as she pointed the spoon at him? "Are you a feeder or something?"

They both laughed. "You are...incredible," Mike shook his head in disbelief. "You just ate enough junk food to feed an entire city a few hours ago, and here you sit mowing through a half gallon of ice cream."

"Haven't you ever heard of a midnight snack?" She laughed and her belly jiggled noticeably.

Mike walked towards her and began to rub her huge belly as if it were a piece of art.

"So how much is that?" He said as she lifted another spoonful to her mouth.

"Um, 360 calories and 24 grams of fat per serving, 10 servings, 3,600 calories and 240 grams of fat." She said as if it were a minuscule number.

As she polished off the last bite, Mike began walking through the kitchen. "OK so I have to say it," he said.

"Yes, I know, I know, I should probably go to bed," she replied as she gave a frown.

"No, that's not what I was going to say," Mike said as he opened the fridge. "I think you should drink this first to help you fall asleep," Mike said as he pulled out a big carton of eggnog and poured it into a huge glass.

Taylor gave a huge smile, "you are really getting to know me aren't you?"
She drank the eggnog quickly, stopping only once to catch her breath.

Mike approached her as if to help her off to bed. She grabbed his hand, but took his index finger and placed it in her mouth. She took it deep into her mouth while looking Mike right in the eye. She then ran his wet finger down her belly and inserted it deep into her belly button. Mike became instantly rock hard.

They hurried off to bed and made love again and again before finally passing out for the night.

They slept in the next day until 11AM. As Mike awoke he found himself in a spooning position with Taylor. His arm wrapped around her belly. He could feel her belly move up and down as she breathed.

As she slowly awoke she gave a big yawn. "Good morning handsome," she said.

"So how are you feeling sweetie," Mike said obviously referring to the multiple feasts that took place the day before.

"I feel fantastic, I'm pretty hungry, but I feel fantastic," Taylor said smiling.

They both sat up in bed and chatted for a bit. Recapping the glorious feeding they experienced yesterday.

Taylor slowly got up and began to get dressed. "Whoa are you headed off to the kitchen already?" Mike said.

"No, I know it sounds lame, but I have to go get some work done. I'm supposed to review 100 graduate papers this weekend and it's going to suck big time," Taylor said as she pulled her dress back over head. It didn't fit right anymore. Her belly protruded so much the dress found itself hiked inappropriately up the top of her legs.

"Dammit," she said as she began to look frustrated. "How am I going to walk 10 blocks like this."

Mike stood up and approached her, he grabbed her hands. "Listen, I would normally never move anything this fast, but I've met a lot of women in my life and not a single one has the beauty, personality, and appetite that you have. Stay with me here and forget work. Maybe you could, I don't know, move in."

Taylor stepped back a little freaked out. "I literally just met you yesterday, are you crazy?"

"I know, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," Mike said. "I'll take it back."

Taylor walked out the bedroom door with her head down into the living room, Mike followed her. She turned around and look at Mike with a serious look on her face.

"Look," she paused, "last night was amazing and I think you're really cool, but you don't know me yet and you don't understand how much this lifestyle means to me. I cannot commit to someone unless I know that with every fiber of their being that they are committed to helping me devour endless amounts of food and growing as huge as my body and my imagination allows me to grow. It's part of who I am, it's written in my DNA, and I'm not willing to settle for anything less."

Mike was kind of insulted. They stood and stared at each other for a minute and then Taylor turned around and walked for the door.

"Wait," Mike said emphatically. Taylor stopped and turned around slowly. "I want to show you something," he said as he opened a door next to the kitchen.

"Look, I know you have a nice place, but I don't need to see the rest of your apartment" Taylor said, "I have to go, bye."

"Taylor, stop!" Mike insisted, "you accused me of not being into this with every fiber of my being and it's kind of insulting. Now please come over here for one minute."

Taylor turned around shaking her head somewhat frustrated and followed Mike into the other room. He flipped on the light and what she saw made her jaw drop.

There was an incredibly large reclined leather chair in the center of the room. It must have been 6 feet wide. There were tubes hanging from the ceiling and tubes coming up from the floor. There were several flat screens on the wall opposite the chair and a tablet computer adjacent to one of the armrests. The tubes above the chair ran across the ceiling to the back of the room, connecting to large refrigerated containers.

Taylor knew exactly what she was looking at, but she was in such awe that she asked on reflex, "what, what is this??"

Mike laughed, "I told you I was an engineer. I like to build things."

"It's amazing," she said, "it's like you broke into my head while I was sleeping and pulled this right from one of my dreams." Taylor stroked the leather on the chair and admired all the tubes running along the ceiling.

"I'm sorry," she said as she took her clothes off. She began walking slowly towards the leather chair like a moth towards a light bulb. "I had you wrong, we are ***ing perfect for each other."

She lay there naked in the incredibly comfortable chair. She looked so tiny as it was obviously made for someone three times her size. She began laughing as she looked around the room. On the ceiling there was beautiful Rubenesque artwork.

"Before we get started," Mike said as he turned on one of the flat screen TV's. Numbers began calibrating and a large display read 310lbs. "This is what you weigh right now. There is a scale on the floor and the weight of the chair has been subtracted."

Taylor smiled, "that's awesome baby, but we really need to increase that number ASAP."

Taylor moaned momentarily, "oh God you know what just made me so wet?"

"What's that?" Mike replied.

"I just imagined a 1 in front of 310. That's so ***ing hot! Oh!"

Mike felt a huge erection coming on. Did Taylor truly imagine herself anywhere near 1,310lbs? Was that even possible?

Mike approached the chair. Taylor reached up and grabbed his shirt, she pulled him in very close and kissed him.

She then leaned to the side of his head and whispered in his ear with a very sexy voice, "I need you to promise me something" Mike paused, "anything," he said.

"I want this more than anyone has ever wanted anything. I don't understand it and I probably never will, all I know is that this is what I want and I won't settle for anything less."

Mike interjected, "Taylor, I know what you want, we want the same thing. But with that said, I still think it would be really hot if you elaborated."

Taylor continued, her mouth still an inch from his ear. "I want to be the fattest, the greediest, most gluttonous, most lustful, most insatiable, most hedonistic woman on this planet. And I want you to promise me you will do everything you can to make that happen."

Mike responded without hesitation, "there is nothing else I could ever imagine wanting more in my life than to make that happen. So yes, I promise."

Taylor moved her head back in front of Mike's, still holding his shirt firmly, "good. And one more thing, you better make sure you stay sharp on your engineering skills," she said as she gave a big smile.

"Oh, and why is that?" Mike replied as they were still two inches from each others face.

"Because one day soon you're going to need to build me a bigger chair," she replied with a devious look.

Mike laughed with joy. This was all happening very fast, but he was very much excited.

"So, how does 10,000 calories of fattening eggnog sound?" Mike said as he walked to one of the refrigerated tanks at the back.

Taylor smiled and nodded. "It sounds delightful!"

She placed the tube in her mouth. The thick, rich liquid began to travel up to the ceiling and then down into her anxiously awaiting mouth.

She closed her eyes and laid back in the chair, she became very aroused. She then thought to herself "now this is exactly how a real feedee should be treated."
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Default Chapter 5

As Taylor lay back in her chair, thick and fattening eggnog flowing into her mouth, she began to touch her self. She kept her eyes closed and imagined herself growing bigger and bigger.

She noticed a control for the flow on the left hand arm rest. She turned it up to the maximum for the last bit of fluid and made herself climax as she felt the intensity increase.

She removed the tube from her mouth and slowly dosed off to sleep feeling drowsy, stuffed, and satisfied.

She awoke feeling just wonderful. She gazed over at the clock and saw that two hours had passed and it was early afternoon.

She gazed back down at the left hand arm rest and saw a small button that said "Mike." She pushed it and a minute later the door opened.

A large serving cart entered the room with Mike pushing it from behind. It looked like a massive lunch buffet.

"Did you have a nice nap sweetie," Mike said as he entered the room.

"Oh my god yes, I feel amazing," Taylor said as she looked up at him with a big smile. "And you read my mind! My liquid breakfast was delightful, but a lunch buffet is just about the best thing I could imagine right now."

"I do have to get up for a minute, Taylor said," as she frowned at Mike.

"Nonsense," said Mike, "why would you want to do that?"

"Well, when you eat delicious food around the clock, you kind of have to use the bathroom more often."

"Mike approached the chair and pulled two more tubes from the floor up to Taylor. "We have a solution," he said.

Taylor was confused, "and how the heck is that going to work?"

"Trust me, I designed the whole thing based on medical guidelines. I know it's awkward, but how does not having to get out of your chair before a delicious meal sound?"

You've got a point, I don't think I've ever been more comfortable in my life, let's do it," Taylor said as she turned over on her side.

Mike put on latex gloves and inserted both the tubes into Taylor. It was a perfectly clean process and the tubes were concealed discretely through holes beneath the chair. They were not translucent so neither of them would have to even think about her using the bathroom, it would just happen quietly without Mike ever knowing.

It provided Taylor with instant relief, "oh my God that is amazing, what an awesome friggin idea!"

"Now, let's get down to business," she said as she pointed towards the serving cart.

Mike pushed the cart up to Taylor. "Ok so let's start with a light lunch and see how you do," Mike quipped.

"Three quarter pound cheeseburgers, A whole bbq chicken, a half pound of pulled pork, 5 bratwursts, curly fries, onion rings, and a glass of heavy cream to wash it down," Mike said excitedly.

"Awesome, I am starved!" Taylor said, "and....what's the final number?"

"Well," Mike paused, "I cooked everything in lard and measured out as much fattening ingredients as I could. This is just a tad over 8,000 calories."

"OK, that's not bad," Taylor nodded. "So if I'm a good little piggy do I get a treat at the end?"

"That I can promise you," Mike said as he lifted the first forkful of pulled pork to Taylor's mouth. She clapped her hands with excitement as she chewed the first bite.

Mike turned on one of the flat screens and they watched the cooking channel as Taylor ate. She commented on things she liked and Mike took a mental note to make them for her at a later time.

Taylor loved the feeling of being treated like an absolute queen. She stared at the TV while each forkful was brought to her lips. Sometimes morsels of food would fall down onto her breasts or onto the floor. She paid no attention though, as she decided this was Mike's job to clean up later.

As she approached the end of the meal, she began to slow her pace. She felt somewhat full, but was by no means stuffed. Her jaw was tired from working so hard and she looked forward to whatever liquid desert awaited her a few minutes from now.

She finished the last few bites and Mike slapped the side of her belly gently. They both looked down and watched it ripple beautifully.

Mike wiped Taylor's mouth and cleaned up any food that had fallen on her chest or on the floor.

"So," she said as she looked up at him with a sexy look, "I have to ask, what's for desert?"

"Oh my, you are such a greedy little piggy aren't you?"

"The greediest," Taylor said with a big smile.

"How does 10,000 calories of triple thick vanilla milkshake sound," said Mike as he held one of the tubes in his hand. "I have to go stop by the office for a bit, but that should give you some time to finish this little snack before dinner.

Taylor frowned, "work? Really?"

"I know, I already hate leaving this room, even for a moment, but I have some great news!"

"My business partner and I have spent the last several months getting ready to sell the company. We are about to go public on Monday."

"Oh my God that's awesome, so what does that mean?" Taylor said excitedly.

"Well, we have built this thing from the ground up over the last ten years. We moved it to New York with our existing client base and it continued to grow. We could literally sell this thing for over a billion dollars."

"A billion dollars!?" Taylor's greedy eyes lit up. "I'll never have to say no to anything, ever again!"

"Yes, exactly sweetie, once I sell this thing, it's just you and me. I promise, you will never want for anything."

"Well," Taylor said, "wanting more and more is a good thing, not getting it is what's bad."

"That's a good point," Mike said as he rubbed her belly, then so be it, you will get anything and everything you want, I promise."

"I want you," she said, "and I want you now!"

Mike ripped his clothes off and began kissing Taylor like crazy. He suckled on her huge breasts and she moaned wildly. He adjusted the chair so that she was leaned all the way back horizontally. He lifted her fat heavy legs up and placed them on his shoulders. He then entered her with deep thrusts. He placed his hands on her massively stuffed belly. He could feel it stretched by all of its contents.

They made passionate love for what seemed like an hour. They both climaxed intensely as Taylor gave one last incredibly loud moan. Mike loved nothing more than to hear that sound, as it came from such an insatiable girl.

Taylor lay back exhausted, her face was flushed. They both just stared at each other for several minutes trying to catch their breath.

Mike pulled up a chair next to her recliner. He rubbed her sweaty distended belly.

"A billion dollars," Taylor said slowly.

"Yup," Mike said smiling back at her.

"There's going to be no stopping us babe," she continued while staring at the ceiling. "I'll be the fattest woman in history and you'll be the epic feeder that got me there. It sounds so poetic." Taylor rubbed her belly as she lay there completely nude.

"God babe, you're turning me on again, and I have to go to work. Dammit," Mike said with a coy look on his face.

He slowly placed the feeding tube in her mouth. He turned on the flow from the arm rest and Taylor quickly looked up to watch the heavy milkshake run up to the ceiling and down to her mouth.

She then touched a few buttons and adjusted the chair back to a reclined sitting position so the liquid could enter her belly more comfortably . Mike dimmed the lights and put some relaxing music on.

Taylor waved goodbye to Mike as he opened the door to leave. She then placed her right hand on top of her huge belly and closed her eyes.

Leaving that room was the last thing Mike ever wanted to do, but he knew he had to for now. As he entered the elevator the headed down to the street, he thought to himself, "I better get back quickly to start cooking dinner."
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Default Chapter 6

Mike attended a meeting with his business partner, made a few important phone calls, and then caught a cab to head back to the apartment. It was 6pm and he had left Taylor alone for a few hours now.

As he entered his apartment building and hit the elevator button, he felt a massive erection come one. He reminded himself that just a few dozen stories above him, he and Taylor were living out a wild fantasy. He felt incredibly lucky and smiled to himself as he imagined the incredible future together they were going to have.

After entering the apartment he walked quickly to the feeding room. He opened the door and found Taylor watching TV with the tube in her mouth. A rich chocolate smoothie was flowing down into her gullet. Her belly looked massive, more distended than when he left a few hours before.

She waved at him excitedly. He walked over to her. She held up one finger as if to signal "one minute." She increased the flow and leaned back. The rest of the tank behind her emptied quickly into the tube. She finished it off with about a half dozen large gulps.

Mike was ecstatic, "you have really got the hang of this thing haven't you!"

"Oh my God, you have no idea. I figured out how to switch to a fresh tank with these buttons on the arm rest and that was my third shake since you left. This is the greatest machine ever...almost as good as the one between your legs," she gave him a big smile.

"That's like 30,000 calories!" Mike said with his mouth wide open.

"I told you," she said. "I know myself, and I know how to stretch my stomach."

"Wow, all I can say is wow," Mike said as he caressed her huge belly. He stopped and pressed his index finger into her belly button, "feels deeper already, that's so hot!"

"Time for an update, "Mike said as he grabbed the TV remote. He turned on one of the flat screen on the far left hand side. It displayed in large numbers "330 Pounds, Daily Consumption: 48,000 calories, 2,400 Grams of Fat."

"That is amazing!" Taylor said, "You've put 15 pounds on me in one weekend!

"Holy shit, I am wet just reading that, isn't it fun to count?" Taylor said excitedly.

"Uh yea, it's absolutely amazing," Mike agreed.

"Hey, I just thought of something," Mike said. "Do you want to call your roommate or your parents and tell them where you are?"

"Well, yea," she replied, "I already told them I left on short notice for a business trip. No offense, but I didn't tell them I met the man of my dreams and I recently began living in an epic feedee fantasy with an unimaginable supply of fattening food."

Mike laughed, "yea good point, not sure if they're ready for that just yet."

"So, speaking of epic feedee fantasies, it's almost 6:30 at night? Would anyone be in the mood for a little dinner?"

"Me me me me," Taylor said raising her hand jokingly. "Dinner, yes. Little, no."

"Sweet," Mike said, "then I'll go get started."

"Go get to it big boy!" Taylor said as she took a deep breath and looked down at her belly. "I'm going to take a nap and prepare myself."

Mike entered the kitchen and spent the next two hours making the most fattening array of delicious food in his arsenal.

When he used sour cream, he found a way to make it heavier. When he went to deep fry something, he did it twice to make sure it was as greasy as possible.

When Mike was done he pushed the cart into the feeding room. Taylor lay there, asleep while listening to light music, nude, and every inch of her looking supple and plump.

Mike did not wake her, instead he covered his finger in heavy whipped cream and placed a bit on her lips. She suddenly smiled and used her tongue to lick the cream from her lips.

She yawned, "hey handsome," she looked at the cart, "what a wonderful surprise!"

Mike had so much food, he began to read from a list on paper with a huge smile. "1 pound beef burrito with cheese and sour cream, 1,200 calories. An entire lasagna drowned in ricotta cheese, 1,800 calories, 5 large deep fried portobello mushrooms, 1,000 calories, 1 large meatball sandwich with the thickest mozzarella cheese I could find, 1,000 calories, an entire large cheese pizza, 2,000 calories, 10 large double deep fried chicken fingers, 1,500 calories, for desert 1 large bowl of fried vanilla ice cream, 1,500 calories, 1 slab of raw cookie dough, 1,000 calories, and to begin, 1 giant bowl of the richest french soup you have every seen, 1,000 calories. So 12,000 total."

Taylor began clapping her hands, "yay!" She yelled, and then patted the top of her belly several times. Where she got this appetite from, Mike had no clue.

As he began to feed her by hand, Taylor looked him right in the eyes again erotically. As time passed, much like last time she leaned back in her chair like a greedy queen, watching TV as he brought the food to her lips.

While she fed, they began to talk about Mike's pending business transaction.

"So, you know I'm not a gold digger right? I'm after your food," Taylor quipped, "but what is going to happen after you sell the company on Monday?"

"Well," Mike said, a week ago I figured I would sell the company and maybe enter another business venture, but since last week things have changed," he leaned over and patted her big belly.

Taylor smiled as she continued chewing, "what do you mean by changed?"

"Well," he said, "I figured rather than me going back to work, I would just retire and we could live wherever and however we want. We could live out our wildest fantasies. We will have more money than we could spend in ten lifetimes."

"And more food than we could eat in ten lifetimes," Taylor continued chewing while Mike laughed.

As Taylor mowed through the final hurdle of the massive two hour meal (the gigantic bowl of fried vanilla ice cream) she began grabbing at her huge breasts and touching herself.

Mike reached down and began pleasuring her. He put his free hand on her belly and began pushing it gently. He loved to feel the mass of food and liquid slosh about inside her.

"Stand up baby," Taylor commanded. She then noticed a can of whipped cream on the serving cart Mike brought in the room, "hand that to me, right now."

Taylor pulled Mike's swollen penis through the zipper of his jeans. He walked closer to the front of the chair, fully erect. Taylor covered it in whipped cream and then placed it in her mouth. She gave him the most amazing head he had ever experienced. As she made herself climax with her own fingers, Mike exploded deep in the back of her throat. She swallowed over and over making sure to devour every drop.

When they were done, Taylor leaned back and gasped for air. She was exhausted from the very brief but intense exertion.

They stared at each other smiling while Mike sat back down next to the chair. "Let's got to bed," he said.

"Baby," she said as she grabbed his hand gently, "you know I would love to sleep next to you, but you built your feedee this amazing chair, and while I'm hear I can eat around the clock, pumping my insatiable gut with more and more fattening goodness."

Taylor continued, "for the first time in my life I feel complete. I feel like a greedy little piggy tied to a feed bag, and it feels amazing!"

"Taylor," he said smiling, "nothing would make me happier." Mike walked back to the refrigerated tanks and prepared three tanks of fattening milkshakes so Taylor would have as much as she could handle throughout the night. "You know, you keep up the good work and that 100,000 calorie day will be here before you know it," he continued.

"Yes," she replied, "that is still the plan. I got more than half way there today, and with this chair, it will be no problem baby."

Mike spent a few more minutes with her and then kissed her good night. "Hit the button if you need anything sweetie," he said as he walked towards the door. He slowly turned around before leaving, "you know, today was about the most amazing day of my life. Once again, I am so glad I met you Taylor."

"Aw Mike," she said, "me too. Yesterday I was just a normal girl going out on a random date, and now I am a feedee princess living in a friggin fantasy. I really don't think it has hit me yet. "Good night baby!"

Mike went off to bed. Part of him feared that he would wake up in the morning to find that this was all a dream. Could it be possible that Taylor really had such deep seeded desires to grow bigger and bigger? He hoped so.

A few hours later as he slept, his phone beeped. Taylor had pressed the "Mike button" and he was being summonsed.

When he entered the room he found she had just finished another tank of heavy cream. She was stuffed to the brim and horny. She watched him as he entered the room naked. She curled her index finger signaling him to come closer.

They made passionate love for the next hour or so. When they finished, Mike placed the feeding tube back in Taylor's mouth and kissed her goodnight once again.

As he closed the door he hoped to himself that she would ring for him again in an hour or two. In about 45 minutes, he got what he wished for!
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Default Chapter 7

Sunday morning came and Mike woke up around 8am. He was pretty tired from being woken up every hour or two, but it was totally worth it.

The first feeding of the day began at 9am. Mike stayed in the room with Taylor the entire day, only leaving to get more food. Massive fattening meals were followed by wild sex and relaxing caressing.

Mike started to notice Taylor's belly was beginning to spill out to the side. He got chills as he imagined it would soon cover her thighs completely.

Lunch turned into many afternoon snacks, which soon turned into dinner. Through each meal and tube feeding, Mike sat next to her rubbing her belly and patting it with encouragement.

Towards the end of dinner, Taylor surpassed the 350 pound mark. They were both ecstatic and Mike soon wheeled in a cake that read "Happy 350!" on top.

"Tomorrow is the big day!" Said Taylor as Mike began feeding her the celebration cake.

"I know," he said, "it's crazy when you think about it. I really don't want to leave you, but I have to head over to Wall St. to execute the sale."

"You will be putting up big numbers, and so will I!" Said Taylor. "I have dreamed since I was a child of being so greedy that I would sit and eat 100,000 calories in one single day."

"Oh my God, it's going to be beautiful," Mike said.

He continued, "let's get to bed and when you're ready tomorrow, you know how to get my attention."

Mike kissed her goodnight and headed off to his room. At around 4am, Mike's phone began ringing. He sprung out of bed a ran right to Taylor.

"Good morning baby. Wake up and let's get to it, I'm a hungry girl! Taylor said as she leaned her chair forward to a sitting position.

"Ok, so I'm adding pure Lard to each one of your liquid shakes. That should add 5,000 calories to each session," Mike said as he added ingredients to the refrigerated tanks behind Taylor's chair.

Mike then approached Taylor. "I've got a surprise for you tubby, close your eyes."

Taylor closed her eyes and smiled with anticipation. Mike pulled out what looked like a large bib. He placed it on her chest then tied it around her neck.

Taylor opened her eyes and looked down. It said in big letters, "Mike's Greedy Piggy."

"Aw baby, I want to be such a good piggy for you!" Taylor began moaning excitedly, "feed me baby feed me! I want to out grow this ***ing chair and make you buy me a new one, feed me!"

Mike turned on the first tank and Taylor watched the rich chocolate shake flow to the ceiling and then down to her anxiously awaiting lips.

Mike headed towards the kitchen and began making breakfast. He held back nothing. At one point he took and empty plate and stacked 5 individual sticks of butter on it in a pyramid shape. He new Taylor could probably eat them one bite each.

As he wheeled it into the feeding room, Taylor was wrapping up the first shake. "More!" She screamed, "Now!" Mike hurried to her side. He began shoveling food into her mouth, she ate in a frenzy and began touching herself.

When she was done, Mike stood up with a sad look on his face, "I gotta go babe, but I will hurry back as fast as I can. You are already at 30,000 calories which is amazing. The tanks are also prepped for another 50,000."

"Enjoy it baby, and finish every drop." He kissed her goodbye and gave her big belly once last loving slap to watch it ripple.

Taylor soon turned on the TV and slowly fell asleep. She woke up a few hours later and turned on a fresh tank of pure heavy cream.

She began flipping through TV channels and stopped on a business channel. She saw a stock ticker on the bottom and began to think about Mike.

The host kept talking and Taylor began to doze off again. Then she suddenly heard "renowned engineering firm" and stared right at the TV set. The announcer continued, "in an incredibly enticing sale, MTJ Engineering has seen it's stock price go through the roof on just the first day of trading." Taylor remembered him mentioning it. That was the name of his company!

The ticker MTJ suddenly popped up on the screen and commentators began chiming in. As the stock price rose to 1 billion total market value, Taylor began to get very aroused.

As the heavy cream continued to flow into Taylor, she leaned back. She started fantasizing about how they would live their life with this money. She touched herself and moaned loudly.

She began imagining a much bigger room than the one she was in. There were multiple refrigerators, a full kitchen staff. She sat in a much larger chair with a much larger tube inserted into her mouth. She was inside of an incredible home. Everything was covered in marble and gold.

She began to think that her fetish was much more than a dream of eating delicious food and being stuffed by a feeder. She also had this epic desire for greed. She wanted to live in excess, beyond any common sense. She even began wondering if this is how queens from ancient times thought to themselves in private.

The host of the show kept talking, "MTJ Engineering is now at 1.5 billion dollars in market value." She felt chills and became more and more turned on. She increased the flow on her heavy cream and began pleasuring herself wildly. Her legs were in the air and she was taking the cream several ounces per second.

"MTJ is now astonishingly valued over 2 billions dollars!" As Taylor heard these words she climaxed and collapsed back in her chair.

The cream stopped flowing a few seconds later and she was able to catch her breath.

It had finally hit her. She now had a billionaire feeder with an imagination as wild as her own.

She laid there in her beautiful massive flesh and fired up another fattening shake with the push of a button. She was determined to finish every last drop before Mike walked in the door.
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Default Chapter 8

After the sale took place Mike's business partner asked him to join him for a celebratory lunch. He quickly declined, said his goodbyes, and headed to grab a cab. All of his share of the money would hit his bank account tomorrow morning, it would be about 1.2 billion dollars.

As he got into the cab and shut the door, he let out a sigh of relief. He would never have to work another day in his life again, instead he thought as he smiled to himself, he and Taylor would satisfy every whim and dream they could think of.

As he got out of the cab in front of his building, he jogged towards the elevator. He couldn't contain himself.

He opened the door to his apartment and ran to the feeding room. When he opened the door Taylor was sleeping peacefully with her incredibly distended belly high in the air. He looked up at the screen and saw an amazing site. She had consumed everything left in the refrigerated tanks and had consumed a total of 80,000 calories for the day.

He turned around and gently closed the door. She had 20,000 calories to go until 100,000 and he wanted to be there when she hit the milestone. He hurried to the kitchen.

Mike began to pull out ever fattening desert he could find in his huge fridge. A full cheesecake, 6 cannolis, a gallon of ice cream, a huge slab of raw cookie dough, and a quart of rich hot fudge.

He placed it all on the cart and pushed it quickly into the feeding room.

Taylor awoke to the noise of the cart. She was still very drowsy, "hey baby, am I still dreaming or is that cart covered in the biggest array of deserts I have ever seen?"

"I think you're awake, hell sometimes I think I'm dreaming when I'm in here though," Mike replied with a big smile.

He approached her chair and used the arm rest buttons to place it in an upright position. Taylor laid there without moving a muscle.

"Baby," she said slowly, "I ate those shakes and it was sooo much food, but I did it for you baby," she continued while sounding half asleep, "how much did I eat?"

"Well, you ate 80,000 calories today you greedy piggy, but you still have 20,000 to go," Mike said as he put a slice of cheesecake on a large fork.

"Aw baby that looks so good, but maybe I could take a little nap and make some room?" Taylor said cautiously.

"Nonsense," Mike said, "my greedy piggy doesn't turn away anything this delicious," he lifted the huge piece of cake with the fork and let it hover about 3 inches from Taylor's lips.

She still had dried cream and lard all around her lips from the shakes she drank, Mike thought it looked so hot. Taylor began again slowly, almost mumbling from being so drowsy, "see, that's why...that's why you're such a good feeder, you know how to encourage your greedy piggy to keep going."

She opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes, she didn't move her head an inch. Mike delivered the huge piece of rich cake into her mouth and she began to chew.

For the first time since Mike met Taylor, it appeared she might actually be feeling full. Mike rubbed her huge belly with his left hand as he held the fork with his right. He leaned in every now and then and kissed it with love.

The feeding continued slower than usual, but Taylor somehow made room. As time passed she reached 95,000 calories and she looked as if she would fall asleep at any moment.

Mike walked over to a closet at the far end of the room. He pulled out what looked like a motor oil funnel with a very thick tube connected to it.

He walked back over to Taylor and grabbed her chubby cheeks tightly. She was startled and looked right up at him. He leaned in and kissed her deeply. "I love you so much baby," she said, "but I can't eat anymore. I am absolutely, undeniably stuffed."

"Now that's not the insatiable feedee that I know," Mike said smiling while he held the funnel.

"Stop" she said with a serious look on her face, "I can't, I don't know how else to say it, I'm full. I can't eat another single morsel.

Mike paused for a second. He patted the side of Taylor's massive engorged belly.

He then leaned down slowly and placed his mouth next to her ear. He began whispering slowly, "I made you a promise that I intend on keeping. Remember? Now you are my greedy piggy and I won't let you stop because you're a little full!"

Mike stood back up, Taylor stared at him with the same serious look, not breaking eye contact.

Suddenly she grabbed his arm and pulled him back down towards her. She now placed her mouth near his ear and whispered back. "God, you are amazing. That was a test, just a test to see how dedicated you are to this. And guess what? You passed with flying colors baby."

They both smiled, "now shove that funnel down by ***ing throat and feed your woman baby," she continued whispering in his ear. Mike was suddenly hard as a rock.

He pushed the funnel deep into her throat. He then grabbed a quart of rich chocolate fudge. "Ok baby, this is it, 5,000 of rich melted fudge. This will be super rich and super heavy, so take it easy ok?" She nodded in approval at him.

Taylor leaned back and closed her eyes. She arched her back and grabbed the sides of her belly. It look like she was holding a giant beach ball in her hands. Mike began pouring the rich fudge. It was very warm and very thick. Taylor took large slow gulps. She grabbed Mike's left hand and squeezed it tight. A few minutes later the last of the fudge headed down the tube. As she finished she gasped for breath.

Mike grabbed the tablet attached to her chair and typed in the last calculation. 100,462 calories and 11,238 grams of fat. Taylor was now also 362 pounds.

She moaned, in between pain and ecstasy, she moaned. Mike massaged her belly, hoping to help settle everything. He then lifted her belly and placed his head in between her legs. He began to pleasure her with his tongue to take her mind off of the discomfort of being full.

Mike took his clothes off and climbed onto the chair. There was just enough room for him to squeeze in between Taylor and the arm rest of the chair. He wrapped one arm around her belly and used the other to caress her head. They began making out heavily again.

They paused and Taylor began, "every day that I spend with you Mike is more amazing than the last," she said as she stared into his eyes.

"I have a feeling it's going to continue being like that for a long time," Mike replied.

"You know, they talked about your company today on TV," Taylor said.

"No way, I had no clue, that probably helped us sell so many shares!" Mike replied.

"Yup, and as the share price went up, I laid here, stuffing and pleasuring myself. It got me really excited.

"Oh yea?" Mike said, "what kind of things did you fantasize about?"

"Oh my God, everything. I imagined a huge house filled with marble and gold, we had a massive kitchen with at least 4 huge refrigerators. We had servants and chefs on hand. I had a chair that would dwarf this one. It was like, wow!"

"That's sounds perfect," Mike said, "let's go online and start looking at homes tonight. If we don't see anything we like, we'll build one to custom fit our needs."

Taylor laughed, "just like that, what if I want a 20 million dollar home and a staff of 15?"

"Done," he said as he slapped the side of her belly, "done."

Taylor looked up at the ceiling, "wow, this is crazy, I am really going to get carried away without any limitations."

"Um, that's what I was kind of hoping for," Mike said as he looked down at her belly.

They talked some more about plans for the future, then Mike suddenly looked down at his watch. He jumped out of the chair and headed to the door.

"Where you going babe?' Taylor said with a confused look on her face.

"Babe, it's almost 8pm, I gotta get dinner started," Mike said with a smirk on his face. "Don't tell me that a measly little 100,000 calories spoiled your dinner?"

Taylor shook her head while smiling, "I love you baby, I ***ing love you."
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Default Chapter 9

6 months or so had now passed. Non stop feedings and sexual escapades went on around the clock. Taylor and Mike lived in absolute bliss. They didn't know what time it was, they didn't know what day it was.

Then one evening a few back to back stuffing sessions, Taylor had finally reached 500 pounds. Mike was very much ecstatic about this milestone and he prepared a celebration.

As Taylor was fast asleep in her feeding chair, Mike quietly wheeled in a huge ice cream cake. It was roughly the size of a huge wedding cake.

Mike quickly lit 5 candles, one for each of the luscious 100 pounds she held on her beautiful body. He flipped the lights on and just stared. He had seen Taylor ever day for the last few months, but he was still amazed at how fat she was getting. Her thighs now filled the entire width of the chair, her belly filled her lap. It dripped anxiously over her knee caps as it begged to grow towards the floor. On its sides it would soon begin flowing over the arm rests. Her breasts were much bigger now, they sat on top of her belly so perfectly like two engorged melons.

As Taylor awoke, he began singing playfully to the tune of the happy birthday song, "happy five hundred to you, happy five hundred to you, happy five hundred my feedee."

She began laughing and interrupted him, "ok cheese ball, nice song baby, now let's take a look at this cake."

It read in big letters "Happy 500 Taylor, The Greediest Girl in the World."

"Mmmmm" she said as she clapped her hands together, "what flavor?" She asked.

"Well, chocolate of course," Mike said. "You know it's more fattening than vanilla."

Taylor laughed, "as always, I like the way you think."

Mike wheeled the cake directly in front of her and she raised her huge chair to the upright position. He then pulled out a bib that simply read "The Big 500."

Taylor loved when he went the extra mile on little things like this. He placed the bib around her neck and tied it.

"The greediest girl in the world huh?" She quipped, "not sure if I hold the title yet, but I am sure getting there"

Taylor rubbed the side of her belly, "God baby, all these stuffings have really stretched my stomach. Even after all I have eaten today I am ridiculously hungry right now.

Mike turned around to grab a fork to begin feeding her the cake. As he turned around he was startled.

Taylor lowered her head face first into the cake and begin eating voraciously. At first Mike was startled but then he became outrageously turned on.

Taylor moaned as she continued devouring bite after bite. She didn't raise her face for several minutes as she gorged herself.

Suddenly she sat up breathing heavily, Mike began wiping the ice cream cake off of her face so she could see. He was laughing while at the same time amazed at her behavior.

Taylor looked at Mike while she was still breathing heavily. She said one word, "cream."

Mike poured a glass and brought it to her lips. She drank it very quickly as if she were parched. Cream was spilling everywhere. It dripped between her massive breasts and onto her belly.

When the glass was finished she lowered her head back down and continued eating the cake like a farm animal.

After about 20 minutes the entire cake was gone. Taylor sat back exhausted and Mike cleaned her face again.

"Oh my God babe, that was so ***ing hot! What got into you there?!"

"I have no clue," she replied. "I just feel like I want to let go, no more inhibitions. I want to live like an absolute wild hedonist."

Mike smiled, "I'm with you baby. Anything, anything at all, just say it, it's yours."

"Ohhh, Mmmmm," Taylor moaned. "More!!"

"More what babe, more what??" Mike said urgently.

"More everything!! Tayor screamed. She began touching herself with her right hand and rubbing her breasts and belly with her left hand.

Mike ran quickly to the kitchen and brought a cart of any and all food he could grab. He rushed back in and found Taylor looking very horny.

She was still absolutely covered in cake, icing, and cream. Mike was becoming more and more turned on my the greedy mess Taylor was.

Taylor moaned louder and louder, "more! more!" Mike was taken aback for a second.

Mike took all his clothes off and approached Taylor. He took two sticks of butter and began rubbing them around her belly. As they melted they left a slippery and delightful film on her belly. Mike took the remainder of the butter and pushed it deep into her belly button. It was easily 9 or 10 inches deep.

"Ohhh God that makes me so wet baby!" Taylor exclaimed as Mike worked his two fingers in and out of her belly button. Mike was starting to realize that Taylor could get aroused this way.

Taylor was still sitting upright. Mike began caressing her wet, slippery, buttered up, massive belly.

He then placed his throbbing cock deep into Taylor's belly button. It felt like nothing he had every felt in his entire life. His cock was completely engulfed in nothing but pure, luscious, warm, godly, fat. He had already had sex with Taylor countless times, but this was different. This was a different level of eroticism he had never felt.

"Holy shit babe, ***!" Taylor exclaimed.

Mike began thrusting back and forth, it felt absolutely amazing. He then grabbed a cream filled eclair and shoved it into Taylor's mouth as he ***ed her. She gobbled it and moaned simultaneously.

Mike grabbed another, then a canoli. Taylor grabbed her nipples as Mike continued thrusting deep into her belly button. With each thrust they both watched as all 500+ pounds of her jiggled wildly. This turned them on even more.

Suddenly Mike picked up an entire cheesecake off the cart. He shoved it right into Taylor's face, the fattening mess was all over her face. She moaned louder than Mike had ever heard, she was practically screaming.

Mike could feel Taylor climaxing as her body began to shake. With one final thrust he came deep, deep inside her slippery belly button encapsulated in layer upon layer of fat.

They both collapsed completely exhausted, gasping for air. Each of them in shock. They were both slowly starting to digest what had just happened.

Mike started to speak, but then stopped. He was still out of breath.

He stepped back from Taylor, there eyes were still locked on each other.

Taylor looked at Mike and just mouthed one word to him over and over again, she was too exhausted and drowsy to speak. "Wow.......wow.

Mike continued sitting there staring at his personal goddess Taylor. He was so ridiculously satisfied, yet he wanted more. He wanted to feed her more, he wanted her to grow bigger and bigger. He began imagining what he would get Taylor for her 1,000 pound celebration...hell why stop there.

He smiled at Taylor and she smiled back. He realized they were both letting their fetish completely control their lives, and guess what, he wouldn't have it any other way.
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please continue!
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