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ffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Nora's Machine - by ffaboots (~BHM, ~FFA, Feeding, ~Sex, ~XWG)

~BHM, ~FFA, Feeding, ~Sex, ~XWG, A man meets an unconventional dietitian.

Nora's Machine
by ffaboots


Philip sits in the chair (the only one that will reliably support his weight anymore), his legs open to let his belly hang down between them. He can hear Nora in the kitchen, opening the pantry, opening the fridge, tearing packages and pouring things. He knows whatever she has in mind for tonight must be a showstopper, she's had a manic gleam in her eye since she got home. "What are you doing in there?"

"Never you mind," she calls back, and he begins to get nervous. Maybe he shouldn't have let her tie him to the chair. He tests the restraints and they press deep into his blubbery forearms. He smiles at how unnecessary they are--he can't get up from this chair without her help anyway. And this is his Nora; she wouldn't actually hurt him. Philip thinks back to the first day they met. Back when he was a mere 260 pounds and actually trying to lose weight.

Eight years ago

In the lobby of the building where she officed, Philip looked over the plaque of names until he saw it--Nora Bauer, Registered Dietitian. He was sweaty and cursing the 15th day of hundred-plus-degree temperatures that August. Fricking Texas. At least her office was private, he thought, stabbing at the elevator button. He'd only have to reveal his weight to one person.

Upstairs, he walked to the door of Suite 615, opened it, and immediately saw something incredible--this perfect, huge, round ass bent over the front desk, a tight pencil skirt hugging every inch of it. He enjoyed the view for a moment and then fake-coughed to alert her to his presence.

"I know you're there," said the woman's muffled voice. "Are you Philip?"

Philip struggled not to laugh. "Yes, ma'am."

She straightened up, triumphantly holding a zip drive in one hand, and flipped her hair back, pink with exertion. "Well, welcome," she breathed, and Philip forgot about laughing. She was steamroller cute. Just dumbfoundingly cute. Silky dark hair, perfect little mouth, huge tits and a belly he wanted to sink both of his hands into and never let go. It was a sin for a fat chick this hot to work the front desk at a dietitian's office. Instead, she should be...well, a dozen filthy possibilities raced through his mind.

Philip wasn't sure how long he stood staring before she stepped forward and extended her hand. "I'm Nora. Great to meet you finally." As they shook hands, she smiled as if she knew a secret about him.

"Oh! Oh you're..." he blinked and cursed his mouth for suddenly going so dry.

"Yup," she grabbed a clipboard. "My assistant's at lunch, so it's just me. Let's go to my office."

It wasn't bad at all. When he heard "dietitian," Philip had expected someone with ropy muscles who'd lecture him about eating slowly and only in impossibly tiny portion sizes. Instead, he and Nora talked for a while about his food preferences, and his lifestyle. Easy, comfortable, pleasant.

At one point he got curious about her own size. "It's interesting that you're not..." he started, then realized he might be overstepping.

"...Thin?" Nora finished, then shrugged. "Makes me more relatable, don't you think? Wouldn't you just tune me out if didn't know what it was like to try to lose weight? Or does it bother you?" she said, studying him for a moment.

"Oh, no, not at all! You're..." he tried and failed to think of an adjective other than "super hot." "You look very nice. And, as you said, relatable."

"Mmm-hmm," she said, but turned away so he couldn't see her expression. She pulled a tupperware container of cookies out of her bag. "Hey, will you eat a couple of these?" she asked, pushing the container toward him with her index finger.

He squinted at her. "Is this a test?"

Nora laughed. "No! God no. Well, it's a test to see if they're any good, I'm trying a new recipe."

He politely took one and they were delectable. He instantly wanted more. "They're excellent."

"You can't tell from just one! Seriously, take as many as you want, take the whole container, you'll be doing me a favor." She was so warm and genuine as they continued to chat that he forgot himself and did wind up finishing them all.

At the end of the half-hour Nora scribbled something on a pad, ripped off the top sheet, folded it, and handed it over.

"Should I...?" he asked, starting to unfold it.

"Wait until you leave, I don't want you to fight me on it. But that's your 'prescription,' as it were. I'm...unconventional about this, you'll have to trust me." She escorted him to the door. "See you next week."

Philip didn't even wait until he got to the elevator before he unfolded the paper, which said, "Eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Really." Unconventional is right, he thought.
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ffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes


Philip shifts in the chair and looks down to watch his enormous breasts and colossally fat stomach jiggle with the movement. Although he and Nora just had dinner a couple hours ago his gut growls, perpetually ready for more. "Can you hear that?" he shouts in the direction of the kitchen. "You're taking so long that my stomach's growling."

"You better hope you're ready to eat, Fatboy," Nora calls back from the kitchen.

Eight years ago

The next week when Philip returned to Nora's office for a second visit, he hoped he wasn't meant to have lost weight--he'd eaten like a pig that week and his waistband bit into him cruelly every time he sat down. When Nora weighed him, he'd gained three pounds. "Well done," she murmured to herself, making a note on his chart.

"Hey, when do we get to the part where I actually lose weight?" he ribbed her, sitting down in her office.

Nora changed the subject. "Let's talk about why you're working with me. What do you want to accomplish?"

"Well..." Philip looked at the floor. "I'd like to be healthier..."

"Bullshit!" Nora fake-coughed. "No guy your age means that. Really?"

Philip grinned at her candor and offered some of his own. "I want to meet women."

"But you could do that without losing any weight at all," she said, baffled.

He shook his head. "I'm not assertive enough. I think maybe losing weight would increase my confidence, plus I'd look better."

She closed her eyes as if trying to picture it. "Mmm....agree to disagree. Okay, confidence. So let's practice, then--ask me out."

Philip squared his shoulders. "Do you want to get a drink sometime?"

"Oh, you bet. See you at 8," she beamed.

Philip laughed. "If only it were that easy!"

Nora looked at him like he might be dim. "What does 'See you at 8' mean where you come from?" She scribbled something else on a page, folded it, and handed it to him. "Don't worry, no weird prescription this time, just the place we're going." She ushered Philip out, and once he heard her heels click back to her office, he celebrated all the way to his car.

That night, tucked into a private corner of a restaurant bar, three quarters of the way through a bottle of wine, they decided to order dinner. "Am I still on 'whatever I want' rules, or do I need to get steamed fish and vegetables?" Phillip asked, half-kidding.

Nora looked at him and the corners of her winsome little mouth turned up. "Can I tell you something?" Philip could tell she was just tipsy enough to say something she wouldn't say sober. "You're not going to lose any weight working with me."

He smiled back. "Why not?"

She poked his soft gut, and he jumped. "Because I don't want you to."

Philip wondered if he'd heard correctly. "But it's your--"

"Philip," she interrupted with a sigh. "All day I have to tell clients, 'Don't eat a serving of meat larger than the palm of your hand! No soda! Only fruit for dessert!' but when I get a hot fat guy like you in the office..." she shrugged and spread her hands, "I can't help myself. I just want you to really eat, and enjoy the hell out of it, and get fatter."

Philip knew no matter how the rest of the night went, the words "hot fat guy" would pinball around his head for a long time. "So I can keep eating whatever I want?"

"Of course, you always could," Nora said as if that were obvious. "Although frankly I'd prefer if you ate what you wanted and then just a liiiiittle more."

"How much more?" asked Philip, awed.

"Mmm.." she regarded him. "Twice as much?" She laughed. "I'm not sure. Whatever makes this--" she touched one finger to Philip's double chin, "--get fatter. And this--" she slid it down to one of his breasts, "--And this--" her hand came to rest on his stomach.

"How big would you want me to get?" he asked her.

Nora got a faraway look for a moment. "Now that's a dangerous question...there's really no limits on it. I think the question is how big could you get?" she asked, slightly breathless.

Fireworks exploded in his solar plexus. The question was shockingly erotic and everything took on a dreamlike cast, as if he could say anything and there wouldn't be any consequences. He leaned into her, brushed her hair back, and murmured in her ear, "So you'd closely monitor my fat, naked body, right?"

"Now you've got the idea," she answered. "Anything for my favorite client. Maybe make a few home visits."

"Let's get our food to go," said Philip. "I want one of these house calls immediately." While they waited for the valet to bring their cars they made out like their plane was going down, hands taking an inventory of each other's round, succulent bodies.
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ffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes


Nora pads into the living room, barefoot. He can hear whirring in the kitchen. "How much longer?" Philip asks.

"Soon," she says, looking him over. She can't resist grabbing two handfuls of his tits and jiggling them, then kneeling in front of him and pressing her face into the endless softness of his belly rolls. She says something that he can't decipher with her mouth smushed against his layers of flab. His stomach lets out an impressive groan and she chuckles. "All right, all right, I can take a hint, Porky." She stands up and ambles back to the kitchen. Philip can't decide what needs attention more--his gut or his cock, which is getting harder by the second.

Eight years ago

The first night Nora fed Philip, she was late getting to his apartment. The longer she took to get there, the more he worried that she'd gotten lost. He had ordered takeout from the excellent Italian place in his neighborhood and stashed it in the oven to keep it from getting cold. Finally she knocked, and he opened the door to find her holding a couple of grocery bags. "I wasn't sure what you had in your kitchen," she said, breezing past him into the apartment and starting to put the things she'd brought either in the refrigerator or on the counter.

"Hi..." started Philip. "What is all that? I already ordered dinner..." He saw her take snack foods, pastries, ice cream, and other morsels out of the bags.

Nora stopped unloading, sauntered over, and put one hand on his belly, sending a jolt through him. "Did you think this was just dinner? Philip, I've been fantasizing about fattening you up since the second I saw you get out of your car for our first appointment. I don't think I can wait one second longer." She slid closer to him and her soft, ample thigh brushed his erection. "Seems like you're on board too."

So they sat down to dinner, and not long after he finished his, she said, "Do you want some of mine? I can't eat another bite," and when he assented, slid a nearly-full plate to him and said, "Good. Finish it." It wasn't a casual request.

While he ate, starting to pass the threshold of comfortably full, she prepared a tray of desserts, and when he finished the second dinner, she brought it over to the table and set it in front of him. "Okay, time for dessert!" she said, obviously excited to see how much he could put away.

"I'm getting kind of full..." he hedged.

She laughed. "Well, do as much as you can and then I'll help you keep going." So he tucked into the pastries and cookies and ice cream, surprised at how much he actually managed to eat in his first go. It was kind of terrific to have someone actually encourage him to pig out.

"I think I might be done..." he ventured after a while.

"We'll see," she murmured, then sat down beside him and began to rub his belly. Philip loved the feeling, and the enthralled look on her face as she worked on his tight stomach. At one point she paused and said, "Hey, I don't know if you're willing, but you'd be more comfortable if you were just in your underwear." Philip was slightly flustered at this, but indulged her, stripping down to his boxer briefs. She stood and gave his body a ravenous once-over, first with her eyes, then with her hands, which led to some kissing and groping.

Eventually she untangled herself from him. "Okay, keep eating--I can't wait to see what all this stuff does to these love handles," she purred, jiggling one. She slid the waistband of his boxer briefs under his gut. He started eating again, and kept it up until the whole tray was gone. "Oh, you're good at this, I think you've found your calling," she said, and then shot him a look that plainly said she wanted him. Although he was beyond stuffed, Philip was more turned on than he'd been all night, which considering the amount of groping they'd done already was saying something.

"Meet you in the bedroom," he said, and slowly made his way there and lay down, one hand on his swollen stomach. Nora peeled off her dress and his cock throbbed at the sight of her lushly fat body in just a bra and panties. She started toward the bed. "No, take everything off," he insisted, then exhaled hard as her breasts and the double roll of her belly were revealed. She slid into the spot next to him on the bed, and they kissed while he took his turn running his hands over her curves and rolls and folds.

With some help, she slid off his underwear and then curled her hand around his shaft. "Are you ready?" she asked "Because you're hard like a diamond right now."

"Oh god yeah," he said hoarsely, and she climbed on top of him, put him inside her, which made them both moan. She was incredibly wet and he loved that, pressed his hips up as much as he could while she rode him. After several minutes he came hard, bucking and groaning. Once he was done, Nora dismounted and lay down on one side of the bed, rubbing her clit. After Philip had recovered, he rolled over to her and began to play with her nipples while murmuring in her ear--"Nora, if you keep stuffing me like this, pretty soon I'll be so huge I'll barely be able to waddle from the kitchen to the bedroom anymore." She arched her back and cried out ecstatically and wordlessly, making it obvious what she thought of that plan.

As they lay in bed afterward, Nora idly tracing a line between his tits with her finger, Philip said, "When can we do this again?"

"You mean the sex?" she tested him, circling one of his nipples.

"No, I mean all of it," he said, so emphatically that he surprised even himself.
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ffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes


Nora rolls something big into the room and leaves it behind him, where he can't see it. "What is that?" Philip asks, and tries to twist around to look at it but can only see the edges of a machine on a rolling cart.

"Quit squirming," she says, smiling. "This'll be pretty similar to the funnel in principle, just slightly different in execution. This is going to make you really fat," she says, uncoiling a tube and fussing with its end.

"Jesus, Nora, I'm pretty sure you're the only person who doesn't think 650 pounds is 'really fat' already," he teases her, watching her eyes light up at the number.

"After we've been using this for a while you're going to think of 650 as waiflike," she says, and gives him a look that makes him glad he's already sitting down.

Four years ago

Once he got past 400 pounds Philip did not often visit Nora's office, but for their anniversary she'd floated the intriguing idea of lunch and a hotel nooner, so he was glad to show up promptly at 11:45 that day. He opened the door to her suite and noticed that her assistant wasn't in, which was strange--who would answer the phone while he and Nora were at lunch?

"Mr. Weller!" Nora said, using his last name as she approached him briskly. "We haven't seen you in some time...looks like you've...grown a bit in the interim."

It threw Philip for a second, and then he caught on to the game. Ah, they hadn't played Naughty Dietitian in months. His stomach tingled. "Well..." he feigned embarrassment, "Maybe a little."

"Let's get you on the scale and just see how much," Nora said briskly, leading him back to the weigh-in hallway. He was amazed at how long the walk felt now that he'd blimped up so much. He stepped on the scale, and she slid the weights all the way across the beam. As they'd both suspected, he exceeded its maximum capacity. Her eyes widened. "Oh, you've really gotten fat--this scale goes all the way up to 400 pounds. What have you been eating, lard? We'll have to use the bariatric scale." She brought him to another scale with a larger platform and a handheld readout, and he stepped on. Nora looked at the number and gasped.

"What does it say?" he asked, genuinely curious now.

"Four hundred...and fifty...seven...pounds." She drew it out slowly, walking a circle around him and taking in every ounce with her eyes. He noticed her nipples were already hard under her sweater. He flushed under her scrutiny. "Well, someone has not been following his diet at all," she said sternly. "Strip down to your underwear and let's get some measurements."

He stepped off the scale and quickly shed his shirt and dress slacks, then stood exposed in just his boxers. "God, just look at all this," she said in a tone that would have been cruel if it wasn't thickly overlaid with desire. "Your arms have gotten so flabby," she said, jiggling one. "And these breasts--all the stretch marks--" she cupped and hefted his tits, sliding her hands from the side-boob to the front. "And your thighs--" she touched the rolls, "I'm amazed you could even walk here from the car. Thank goodness for elevators, right, Tubby? I'm positive you couldn't climb a flight of stairs. And let's not forget this..." she put her hands inside his boxers and lifted his stomach with both hands. "Well, I can't imagine what you're filling this gut with that would add so much blubber to it." Philip was so aroused he could hardly stand it.

Nora moved behind him and leaned in to speak softly into his right ear. "You like to eat, right Porky?" He nodded. "That's obvious. Well, no sense cutting back now." She nudged him over to her office, then opened the door and a delicious smell wafted out. He recognized catering from the city's best fried chicken place, one so delicious that it made you renounce all other fried chicken places. She'd ordered enough for a family of four: chicken, potatoes and gravy, creamed corn and biscuits.

"You have to eat all of it, I can't be caught with this stuff in my office," she said, settling him on the couch. He had suspected she was going to stuff him so he had skipped breakfast and he ate hungrily, but there was still so much food he had to have the last piece of chicken and a couple biscuits coaxed into him before he sat back, belly so full he could pop.

Nora rubbed his belly, "You did great, now lie down," she said. Philip did, gratefully. "Close your eyes," she ordered, and he did that too, stiff with anticipation of what might be next. He heard her lock the office door, then kneel on the floor next to the couch. And then she slid off his boxers and put him in her mouth, such a pleasantly intense surprise that he moaned aloud.

Later, after Philip came, he caught his breath then at last opened his eyes and looked at Nora, still sitting on the floor, smiling for all she was worth. "God I love that game," he said.

"Me too," she concurred.
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ffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes


Attaching the mouthpiece to the tube, Nora says, "Okay, I'm going to put this in your mouth--it's just going to pump gain shake into you. Nudge me with your leg if you need me to slow it down or stop it. God, I can't wait to see how much blubber we can pack onto you using this thing." She slides the mouthpiece between Philip's lips, hits a switch, and something creamy and heavy and sweet begins to fill his mouth. He, practiced at this from the funnel, begins to gulp away. Nora is studying his face and he closes his eyes to concentrate on taking in all the fattening, delicious liquid; he doesn't want to slow down. He's already incredibly turned on thinking about how much fatter this is going to make him, then Nora slides one hand between his thigh rolls, moving toward his crotch, and he jumps. The tube slips out of his mouth and with his hands restrained, he can't grab it before it releases a rivulet of gain shake onto his chest.

Nora switches the machine off and uses her mouth to capture the stray dribble between his breasts. "You know that's going to make you gain weight," he teases her.

She smiles. "God, more? I'm already knocking on the door of 300."

"Amateur," he jokes, noting the way her breasts are starting to overflow her bra approvingly. "Are you going to put that tube back in? I'm getting thinner by the second here," he says.

"Yeah, I noticed how skinny you are," Nora says dryly then lifts Philip's enormous belly apron and drops it, enjoying the sound of it smacking on his thighs and the ensuing full-body jiggle. She puts the tube back in his mouth and flips the switch again.

Two years ago

One day, when Philip was at 530 pounds, Nora was cooking his breakfast while he ate donuts as an appetizer. She started to say something then stopped.

"What? Out with it," he said, salivating at the smell of bacon.

"I had an idea for an outing we could take with the scooter," she said. The scooter had been a recent purchase, Nora's idea. She said it was so that they could do more things even with his diminished stamina for walking, but the fact that it would decrease the amount of excercise he was getting hadn't escaped her for a second. "We've never been to the State Fair. Every year I hear them talk about all the crazy deep-fried foods and wish we could go, but I always figured it was too much walking before so I didn't mention it."

Philip started to laugh. "What?" Nora asked.

When his laughter subsided, he said, "I know exactly what happened--you heard about the deep-fried butter and you thought, 'What is that, and how soon can I get Philip to eat a whole bunch of it?'"

Nora grinned. "You know me too well." She turned the stove down and crossed the kitchen to embrace him from behind. "Can I help it if I always want a little more of you?" She nibbled on the fat roll around his neck, and squeezed his belly with both hands.

"I'm not complaining," Philip said, "We can definitely go. But only at night, when it's cooler out--god knows I can't take the heat anymore. Actually, it sounds really fun."

And it was. They both got a secret thrill from the "no way that tremendously fat guy is actually plowing through five servings of fried cheesecake" stares as they food-toured the fair. Nora pressed the workers at each booth for recipes, dying to make some of the decadent, fattening dishes in their own deep-fryer at home.

Somewhere around fried margaritas Philip began to say he was full, and at fried mac and cheese he started to really insist, but between discreet belly rubs and assurances of "Just one more..." Nora still beguiled a good deal more food into him. By the time they were headed for the exit, his stomach was so full that it bumped against the steering column on the scooter.

"This was terrific," he said as they headed for the entrance, and burped. "We should come back next year."

"Stop one second," Nora ordered, and Philip braked. She leaned down by his ear. "If I have it my way you're going to be far too obese to do this next year," she whispered, patting the mountain of his belly.
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ffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes


Philip's stomach feels like it might burst. He's painfully full and aroused at the same time, a pleasure-pain he's grown to love over the past several years. The machine begins to clank and from between his knees where she's working on his belly, Nora looks up, slightly alarmed. "Oh my god, you drank all of it." She quickly reaches behind him and hits a button, silencing the machine, and takes the tube out of his mouth. "You drank ALL of it. I didn't think you'd get halfway there, Fatty. That's tens of thousands of calories you just took in."

"Feels...like...it," he barely manages.

Nora shakes her head, disbelieving. "I just...this thing's going to work so much better than I thought. I have to do some planning--I thought it would take longer, but if my math is right, you're going to be too fat to walk at all in a year or so."


After just half a year of regularly using the machine, Philip finally gave up on going to work at around 700 pounds. Nora couldn't have been happier; what little exercise he got going from their home to work was curtailed and he primarily sat on their sofa, eating almost constantly.

Nora couldn't get over the delicious juxtaposition of seeing clients every day who complained that their weight was nearing 200 pounds, then going home to Philip, who weighed more than triple that and was gorging himself on the most fattening food possible.

Around that time she took a picture of him lying on his side on the couch, legs so laden with fat rolls they looked like two cumulus clouds, and his dimpled belly blubber spilling over the front of the couch to brush the floor. And of course, he was putting a Twinkie in his mouth.

Philip looked at her with the camera and smiled. "You gonna frame that one and put it up...." he adjusted one tremendous breast to give his hand better access to his mouth, "...in your office?" He loved to tease her--they'd established long ago that her weight-focused clientele could never know about their private life.

Nora smiled. "I'm going to put it on my clipboard under my notes. That way I can sneak looks at you all day long. That is, until you get even bigger and give me a reason to take a new one."

Philip licked filling off his fingers. "Bigger like overflowing-the-bed bigger?" he asked. He knew this fantasy was irresistible to her, it was one they'd invoked countless times since their first night together.

"That's the plan, Fatboy," she called over one shoulder as she strolled to the kitchen to get him more food.
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Just doodlin'
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Really enjoyed this story, very nice structure to it, and excellently written! Bravo!

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Wow - that was amazing.
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Default I need a "Nora"

What fun this is. Great story. Thanks.
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Really enjoyed this story.Would also like to meet a woman like Nora.
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Mr. Jigglesworth
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any chance of adding more to this story or writing another one similar to it. I really loved this story alot.

Mr. Jigglesworth
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ffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesffaboots can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Thanks to all for the really thoughtful comments--there probably won't be any more to this story, but I'll definitely write others in the same vein.
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wilfredes has said some nice things

That was amazing.

Last edited by Britt Reid; 10-17-2012 at 08:54 PM.
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oh my if a girl would have that machine i certainly would try it once in a while ;-)
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