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Default Bigger is Better

Beauty Weight
Chapter 1
No, I’m not gay or anything like that, 24 year old Jack Thompson though to himself. What I’m coming out about however also carries a social stigma. I like fat girls.

The problems with being a chubby chaser are many. First of all, far too many people never understood why I liked fat girls, like there was somehow something wrong with me or something. I say what’s wrong with extra cushioning, or some extra curves, or a little more to love? My health conscious family never understood my appreciation for it that was for sure, or any of my friends, including my athlete best friend Jenna. They seemed to feel like an attractive looking guy like me could get someone way better (or in other words someone thin).

For the record I really did try not to be this way: going to prom and homecoming with what were considered the “attractive, supermodel like girls” but I couldn’t help but think they always were just way too thin and boney and I absolutely hated how when I would take them out to eat somewhere they would eat practically nothing in order to maintain their figures. What good was starving yourself just so you could be thin?

Ultimately though, I’ve finally accepted who I am and what my preferences are. You would then think that I should have no trouble finding a fat girlfriend, it wasn’t like it was as hard as say being gay for example, but unfortunately so far no such luck, even at 24 years of age and already proud owner of a successful company that sold t-shirts. It was supposed to be just a hobby in high school and college, but when it just took off, I finally went for it, earning to a degree in business to learn how to run it. If only my love life were better, then I would have it made.

At any rate, I was learning and was finding that if I really wanted to find the types of girls I liked, I needed to go to the places they might visit.

That was one reason why I liked Dan’s. Dan’s was an all you can eat buffet. The food wasn’t healthy by any means but I didn’t care and it was still good enough to be worth the relatively inexpensive price.

After paying at the entrance, I started scanning the restaurant for any attractively large girls. There was one woman that caught my attention that was probably around 250 with a very large backside, but since she was old enough to be my mother I opted to pass on her. Nothing against cougars though.

That was when I saw her, my jaw just about hitting the floor at first sight.
The girl probably weighed easily around 300 pounds, her two chins wobbling as she dug into an absolutely massive pile of food on her plate in front of her. Her absolutely massive breasts would have gotten my attention on their own as gigantic as they were, and clearly too big for either her shirt or bra, a couple inches of delicious cleavage clearly on display as the rest stretched out the too little clothing material. Of course the other reason her shirt was so stretched out and what totally got my attention now and forever was that those beautiful huge boobs rested upon a huge, food-filled belly that only continued to stretch and grow as she continued to eat while languishing upon an ass big enough to spill over both sides of her chair.
I licked my lips. Now there was my kind of girl.

To add to my excitement, I noted that she looked to be about my age too. Perfect.

Upon deciding I simply had to talk to her, I quickly found a table close by where she was sitting, pretending to play with my phone, but glancing up at her as much as I dared without her noticing while I tried to come up with a good opening in which to start a conversation with her.

Unfortunately I had learned through experience only some of the things not to do. This yet again was one of the problems of being a chubby chaser: for some reason fat girls have difficulty believing that an attractive guy like me could actually like a girl as big as them. The first time I tried, with the girl kind of suspicious if this was some sort of mean dare I was doing, trying to ask her out, I confessed I actually really liked fat girls. Okay, so apparently girls don’t like you suggesting that they are fat, even if they know they are. Needless to say I didn’t get anywhere with the girl after that.

It wouldn’t be nearly as hard if perhaps I was ugly or fat myself, but genetics had unfortunately gifted me with good looks: a 6 feet tall, toned body with what I’m told are absolutely gorgeous green eyes and blonde hair with the face of an angel. Or at least that was what a secret admirer had once said in a note stuffed into my locker in high school. Go figure it wouldn’t work in my favor right?

Still, I had to talk to her. She was quite possibly the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, especially as I watched her dig in with relish, all that wonderful food to add to her already beautiful figure. Finally, she got up, slowly as she was forced to readjust her weight in order to balance out her heavy top-half, sending much of her body jiggling as she stuck out her massive butt, her thighs rubbing against each other as she started to walk.

Her long blonde hair descended to below that rear, almost like she was trying and failing to cover it up with it, but on account of its sheer size, it did very little to disguise just how big it was. It caused me to wonder what her measurements were. At her size I could only guess. Being still rather new and inexperienced with bigger girls I had a hard time judging.

A moment of panic then entered my brain as I worried momentarily that she was actually leaving as she walked away…only to be relieved as she then started turning towards the dessert line. That being said if all she had was dessert left I really needed to make my move soon if I was to have even a chance with her.

Rushing on over, I quickly grabbed a plate and went to go get in line behind her. There was a middle aged man who looked like he had been about to get in line first ahead of me, but he seemed to be hesitating, a look of disgust clearly written upon his face as he looked at the girl, no doubt wondering how a person could ever let themselves go like that.

Personally I wanted to scream at him that this girl was possibly one of the most beautiful girls on the planet, but I resisted, not at all feeling guilty if I might have cut in line in front of him. At any rate, he suddenly decided against having dessert after taking one last look at the girl, instead heading over to the salad bar, possibly figuring that dessert just wasn’t worth it anymore. Well his loss I figured.

At any rate, now here I was, close as can be to the girl I now had a serious crush on, who was currently now filling her plate up with brownies.
Talk to her! The voice inside my head said, all the while my mouth seeming to have lost the ability to speak. I had even dated briefly a real life model in college, but I simply couldn’t talk to this girl.

Then perhaps some of the most melodic sounds I ever heard came as she suddenly spoke first as she asked, “Aren’t you going to get something?”
I glanced at my plate. In all the attention I had spent on trying to work up the courage to talk to her, I had totally forgotten to get any food…and we were now at the end of the dessert line.

“Oh right,” I said as I quickly grabbed the first thing I saw, some sort of square shaped thing, “I was just waiting for the um…”

I looked down at it trying to figure out what it was before having to glance over at the small sign below the tray I had gotten it from:
“Soy cubes,” I finished, although unable to hide the look of disgust on my face upon finding out what it was. Who on earth would put soy cubes in the dessert section or rather even in a restaurant for that matter?

The girl however laughed, causing an eruption of slight jiggling on her body before commenting, “Let me guess. You were struggling to come up with a way on how to talk to me?”

My eyes widened with surprise as I sheepishly nodded before asking, “How did you know?”

She laughed her amazing laugh again and then admitted, “Well you weren’t exactly subtle. You certainly tried not to stare earlier and pretended to be playing with your phone, but it’s a lot more believable when the screen is actually on.”


“Sorry, I guess I’m not used to being around girls…who look like you,” I said before immediately clapping my hand on my forehead for what I had just said. Great now she’s going to think you suggested that you called her fat.
She however didn’t seem to mind at all.

“Oh don’t be sorry, I’m flattered really. Most guys just like me for these,” She told me as she lifted up her two very heavy boobs, “although it’s pretty obvious you like the total package. Every once in a while I’ll get someone like you, but I have to say, none of them have been as handsome as you.”
She fluttered her eyes a bit at me for that, causing my heart to melt in the process.

“Thanks,” I answered, feeling now a great deal more relieved and relaxed partially because she had just called me handsome as I stuck out my hand for her to shake, “I’m Jack Thompson.”

“Katie Winters,” She replied back as she took my hand. Now I had a name to go with the face. Good.

Deciding to try my luck I asked, “Mind if I follow you back to your table?”
She gave me a curious look as she asked, “So you can get to know me better or watch me eat?”

“Both,” I admitted, hoping I hadn’t said the wrong thing.

“You aren’t a feeder are you?” She asked curiously.

“A what?” I asked.

“Someone who deliberately fattens another person up,” She explained, “I guess not if you didn’t know what it even was.”

She waited for me to fill up a plate full of food before I followed her back to her table, trying not to stare too much at her bouncing backside even if she didn’t seem to mind too much.

As we both sat down and ate across from each other, we got to talking, with me finding out that she was a recent graduate from Stanford and was now into drug testing at a local pharmaceutical company.
So she was smart too, I realized.

I began telling her a little about me and about my business.

“It was basically just sort of an idea and a hobby I had my freshmen year of college, but it’s actually grown quite a lot since then,” I explained about the T-shirt company Zinno’s. Truthfully I was already well on my way to becoming quite rich from it now that we weren’t having to continually reinvest all of the money we were making from it and start to take in profits. Still I made it a point not to mention just how much success I was having to Katie. I wanted her to judge me for me not on how much money I could potentially make.

She nodded and listened patiently as we continued to get to know each other. I had been worried that if I even did manage to talk to her that we wouldn’t be able to get along, but instead I found her personality rather charming and nice and it was actually very easy to talk to her now that I had gotten over my initial nervousness.

Finally she was the one who brought up her weight.

“I wasn’t always big,” Katie explained, “really I used to just be average sized other than my boobs. I mean I was a DD-cup by the time I was 14.”
Wait, when she was 14? How big was she now then? I wasn’t even aware that boobs could even be bigger than a DD-cup, but then again it’s not like I had a lot of knowledge in bra sizing.

“Now just look at them,” Katie observed as she hefted them, “I mean have you ever seen breasts as big as mine?”

I had to shake my head that I hadn’t.

“I simply love them,” She told him as she gathered them up into her hands.
It was obvious she was quite proud of them I noted. I was also tempted to tell her I loved them too, but figured that probably wasn’t a good idea. Even now more comfortable talking to her, I still felt like my brain had turned to mush.

She however continued with, “The thing was though I was never really happy with my body even though people liked to tell me that I was growing up to become a beautiful young lady. Then I got this disease…”

She let out a long sigh and I waited for her to continue.

“It was this tropical disease I got on a vacation to Colombia,” Katie continued, “it caused me to have aches, chills, fever, vomiting, really just a bunch of nasty stuff I won’t go over. By the time I was over it I’d lost a lot of weight despite being only average sized before. I was down to 78 pounds by the time it was over and for a girl who is 5’7 that’s pretty thin. Of course that wasn’t really healthy so my parents started making bigger and more fattening meals for me in order to get back to my previous weight of 115. That’s really when I discovered my love of food and eating more and more. My previous weight came and went as I just never really stopped eating that way. As my body began to pack on pounds in addition I just felt better about my body, more sexy and more confident, and well…here I am today.”

“I’m sorry,” I said apologetically.

“Don’t be,” She answered, “in a way it was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me.”

Things were going so well that we continued talking long after both of us had finished eating. Finally however she glanced at her watch and said, “Well it’s been great talking to you, but I have to go.”

Even so, she lingered for a bit, trying to give me a hint which fortunately I caught.

“Can I see you again sometime?” I asked her boldly.

“Yes,” She replied almost instantly, seeming quite pleased that I had asked.
“Would tomorrow night be okay around 6:00?”

“Sure,” Katie agreed, flashing me a warm smile as she quickly jotted down her address and phone number before struggling to her feet, “I’ll see you then.”

Katie left me then as I watched her go. Only until I was sure she was gone did I raise my hand in triumph.

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Well, you've made a good start :-)

What I would request is that you take your text, break it up into maybe a few sections, and post each section as one post in this thread. I can help with formatting, but it would really help if you could use block paragraph form (leave a blank line between paragraphs) as the boards don't reliably handle indents.

I'm gong to leave your attachment here for the moment, just in case you don't have it backed up somewhere, but I'll take it down in a day or two, so you really do need to move the text into regular posts.


- a moderator
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It sounds good to me. As Tad said, just post it here. I would type it in a word program, that helps with minor spelling errors and such, and then just copy and past it right in the text box. Other than that, it sounds good, and I hope you continue it.
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Yup. I agree with everyone else.

A great start but some formatting is needed.
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When Katie got home from the restaurant, she was still thinking about Jack and how things had went. He was so cute! I mean not just physically, but the way he looked and acted around her, all totally tongue tied and so obviously very attracted to her…well it definitely made her happy. While more than happy about her body, it was still nice to receive such adoration from such a nice, young man.

As soon as she got inside her small apartment she shared with 2 other girls, she immediately plopped down on the couch, needing to rest a bit after eating so much, right now feeling too lazy to really do anything.

After checking to make sure neither of her roommates were around the next thing she did was quickly remove most of her clothes. She had already outgrown these ones, but with money being tight like it was she couldn’t exactly afford to buy new ones, especially at her size. What were difficult to obtain in particular were bras. The one she had on now, but was still her largest one was simply inadequate. That she removed last, pulling her very huge and heavy breasts free.

That’s better, she thought, her babies as she sometimes called them now no longer squashed inside the too tight confines of her clothing.

Sometimes she would get asked just how she managed with them being as big as they were, how they probably weighed a ton, and were a literal pain to lug around, and did they hurt her back? You would think then they would just be terrible to have, but she simply loved them as she hefted them both up, feeling their weight. She felt so sexy with them as they bounced and jiggled as she moved and any physical challenges she might have had with them were easily handled with an already genetically strong back along with minimal exercise. Just because she was big didn’t mean she was totally unhealthy. Of course another reason she could so easily handle them would be the belly she had to rest them on as she let them fall from her hands and drop right on it. She rubbed her magnificent belly, still full from dinner. No wonder she just kept gaining weight after eating meals like that. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she had been a starving college student up until recently she’d probably be even bigger. She played with her belly for a bit, massaging its belly folds as it stuck out far enough a person might think she was pregnant before moving on to squeeze her ass. While assuredly tending to be more top heavy, she definitely had a really big rear that commanded its own attention as she walked past, enjoying feeling it bounce behind her. As she sat there, admiring her own body and feeling extremely sexy, her thoughts turned to Jack once again.

Jack had certainly thought she was sexy, she thought.

So tonight had been…really good. Better than good actually. She had to smile at thinking about Jack. He didn’t say much but she found him really handsome, thoughtful as well as innocent in a way towards his obvious love of bigger women. Of course every once in a while she met someone who was an obvious chubby chaser, in that regard she had been rather lucky. Many girls she knew seemed to think there was shame in being fat as if any extra weight somehow made them unattractive. In her opinion nothing could be further from the truth. There was definitely something about being big and beautiful, especially when you embraced your size like she had. That would certainly be something to show Jack and she was excited about it.

All of that being said about the beauty of large women, of course, she could still understand the health concerns and it was for that reason she was in the field she was in: she wanted to create a drug that would allow a person to be able to be fat but also healthy at the same time. With it, she could end so many different obesity related diseases and with society already whether they liked it or not only getting fatter and fatter, it would be quite useful.

Only problem however is it involved lots of funding, funding she didn’t exactly have as a young upstart scientist. Frankly she was lucky to have the job she had even though it wasn’t researching anything she was particularly interested in. Even so, it provided her with the money she needed in which to research and develop in her own time. She knew she was getting close to developing a test product, but that still left plenty to do.

Which meant she had better get a move on, she told herself as she managed to get herself off the couch and over into her room to work on her computer. As she sat down, she noted that the chair she was sitting in was simply too small for her, it had ever since she got it, her ass overflowing it, but again comfort would have to be sacrificed as any access money would have to be used for the project.

Fortunately it did not require much effort to find inspiration. She immediately got on to a site where BBWs could freely mingle. She’d posted a few pictures on it and got a lot of great comments back which only further enhanced her feelings of self-worth as well as gave her a lot of knowledge into such a world, but really she was on the site mainly for research purposes.

She clicked on the weight related health problems section, and sighed as she saw page after page come up of overweight and obese women complaining about their health problems. Unfortunately such problems were not solely to be found in women who actually liked being big, it was to be found worldwide among so many. In the United States where she lived for example around a very large percentage of people were considered overweight or obese. It would save countless lives if she were able to make being fat actually healthy, not to mention help drastically decrease the stigma and negative feelings towards being fat. Society was becoming more and more accepting of the fact that big could be beautiful, but it was still slow going in that perception change. A drug like the one she was trying to create would help eliminate that.

The drug she was working on focused on a lot of rather complex stuff, but she had gotten the basis of the idea from sumo wrestlers, who were big but also could be rather healthy. The prototype she was working on however would cause a person to gain weight, but cause various chemicals contained inside the developed fat to only strengthen the immune system and body. With any luck, it might actually make a person healthier the fatter they got.

As she went over her notes, she received a knock on the door.

“Just so you know I’m mostly naked,” Katie announced, still clad in only a pair of panties.

The person didn’t seem to mind that as the door was opened and she found her roommate Lucy standing there.

“Hello Katie,” Lucy greeted her, her left hand full with a shopping bag while the other still clutched the doorknob.

“Hello Lucy,” Katie said back, looking up from her work to look at her.

Lucy physically was the exact opposite of her: thin, muscular, and athletic with a light brown complexion and long black hair. Yet in spite of that, she had a great personality which made them very quick friends after becoming roommates. Through that friendship, she had been able to learn that in actuality Lucy really didn’t like her appearance all that much even though plenty of guys asked her out. Instead she had inadvertently from spending time with her been convinced that big was beautiful and had recently started on her own journey to gain weight.

“I had to go get some bigger pants,” Lucy announced, a touch of pride in her voice as she pulled them out of the bag.

“They look great,” Katie encouraged her as she admired the new pants before confiding, “I think you’re probably going to end up a pear.”

It was still too early to tell for sure with Lucy only just having started on her weight gain, but it seemed like that would be the case.

“I hope so, I’d like a nice big ass,” Lucy answered back with a smile as she put an affectionate hand on her hip, “of course I’d like a nice pair of boobs to go with it, but I’m not going to be expecting or wanting anything anywhere near what you’ve got for example. They must weigh a ton.”

Katie once again hefted up her breasts and insisted, “They really aren’t so bad. So did you get your measurements yet?”

“Yes,” Lucy replied, “28C-18-34. Not bad for a start. A C-cup isn’t all that small unless it’s in comparison to you, but I think and hope a lot of the weight will go to my ass, especially when I start really get going whenever you finish your prototype for the drug.”

“You’ll be my first guinea pig,” Katie promised.

While she would have liked to be able to spend time testing it on animals, etc, there just wasn’t the funding for it, and with a willing participant who had practically begged her to have it tested out on, she felt like she just couldn’t refuse.

“So how was your night then?” Lucy asked her, “I hope you actually did something besides work and research and had a little fun.”

“Well…” Katie admitted, now blushing a great deal, “I met a guy.”

“YOU MET A GUY!” Lucy practically screamed in delight.

“You don’t need to shout,” Katie reminded her, even so very pleased to see her friend so excited for her.

“What’s his name?” Lucy inquired.

Katie smiled and began with, “well his name is Jack…”

At that, she began telling her all the many nitty, gritty details.


Author’s Note: Okay, so this is my first chapter of my very first story. Please post reviews or comments to let me know how I did. Thanks!
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This is awesome! I can't wait to read more!
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l look forward to it
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