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Default A Sticky-Icky Situation (American Dad)

Part 1 (Comments and Constructive Criticism is appreciated)

"Oh, man, *burp*, this is a great batch."

Hayley Smith, daughter to the right wing Smith family of Langley Falls, is lounging in her room absolutely stoned out of her mind, once again. She's sunk, cozy, in her beanbag chair. On the stereo, My Morning Jacket ambiently plays in the background. Her little slice of heaven was complete with the lava lamp keeping her mind afloat with its colorful gooeyness.

“I am so high right now”, she mumbled for the umpteenth time to no one in particular, except to the three-inch tall goblins running around her trashy room.

This activity had become a monthly ritual for Hayley ever since she hit the rebellion stage at the age of fifteen, it then grew into a weekly custom since she began dating Jeff a few years back, and after recent events it finally it transformed into a daily formality soon after aliens, thanks to Roger, abducted Jeff just two months prior. However, these rituals have recently become a lot more food filled ever since she purchased herself a copy of 'The Stoners Cookbook' at the Local Langley jamboree.

The hippie took a long drag from her blunt, letting the smoke stir in her lungs and melt her brain, “Wow, that Ernesto sure knows how to grow some good weed”, she blew out the air with a low pitched belch.

Hayley was able to deter the sting of Jeff’s unexpected abduction by keeping herself high and well fed thanks to the cookbook. At first, her dive into indulgence was unsuccessful due to the recipes unorganized and messy nature, you can never trust burnouts to not do something half assed, but with the power of the internet and the constant experimenting of the ingredient measurements her endeavor had turned for the better.

Beside her was a near empty tray of brownies and a half-finished 6-pack of Pawtucket beer. Slothfully, while smacking on the brownies she accompanied them with a mouthful of beer between each bite. A little chocolate was smeared on her cheek, “Eh, I’ll get it later”.

Satisfied, Hayley belched and scratched her soft basketball sized stomach lethargically, "This *hic* has to be, *mph* the best purchase ever."

Hayley shook the remaining amount of beer into her mouth and tossed the bottle amongst the rest of the empty snack packaging that laid strewn about in her room. The droplets that didn't make it into her mouth rolled down her face and along her ever so slight double chin, some even slid into her belly button, “Nothing could *retch* beat this feeling. I hardly miss…whats-his-hat anyways”.

Abruptly, the door swung open to reveal an aggravated Francine Smith, hands on hips, eyes narrowed and stern, "Hayley Smith! What in God's name do you think you're doing? This place smells and it's a pigsty! It’s a smelly pigsty!"

Hayley shoved the last of the brownie of her mouth and stammered to reply to her angry mother, "Dy’me Juft hafing some bruwnees. Chill”.

Francine narrowed her eyes further, "Here it comes...".

"You have become such a slob! Your room is a mess! And look at you!" Francine stuck a firm finger into Hayley's rotund abdomen, "You've put on some weight, Missy!"

"Hmm?" Hayley placed a hand on her gut, it certainly wasn’t as bad as her mom made it out to be, "Hey, when did I unbutton my pants?", she searched for the pants button and found that it was all the way across the room, "Oh". She touched her hair; her fingers came back slick as grease, "Well. It adds to the sheen".


“Mom, a little clutter, goblins eating my torn underwear, and pizza on the floor never hurt anybody”.


After taking a swig of beer and a fistful of cheesy paws, Hayley had to say something quick to get her mom from yelling at her anymore, "Ugh, she’s killing my good vibes with her…not so good ones”.

"Well then, I'll just, err, join a gym. Yeah, that’ll straighten me out. 'Kay, love you bye."

Before Hayley could completely shove her mother out of the room, Francine firmly placed both arms on the doorframe, adding too much resistance for Hayley to counter, "Hold on, fatty. You’re not just lying to me to get me out of here. If you don't shed those pounds by the end of the month...then-then-uhh..."

"Then what?” Hayley snickered, "Are you going to do something...uhh…," Hayley's stoned mind had lost the words itself.

"Yeah! I'll do...something!", Francine’s mind fumbled around to say anything more threatening, “I’M LEAVING NOW!”

"There we go, Franny," she smiled coyly to herself upon exiting while cradling, "Demolish the battle and sweep the war."

Hayley slammed the door after her mother's exit, "Great. Now I gotta exercise,” she gripped the belly fat on her middle, shook it, and watched the adipose bounce up and down. Her inebriated mind had found the jiggling somewhat hypnotic, so she did it again. Again. Again. And yet again. "Wait...what was I doing? ...Oh yeah, the gym."

Hayley turned to the window with her glazed eyes peering along the humble town. She reminisced about the time she and Jeff first went to the gym, “He tried to deadlift a 10 pound barbell, stalled, and he ended up striking it against some bodybuilder. God, he looked adorable when blood was dripping down his broken face”.

Hayley wiped the tear sliding down her cheek. Then she snapped out of it, “I can’t go to them gym! Me and Jeff have memories there. Going there would make me…” Her voice cracked, she turned to take a quick puff to fill one of the many voids Jeff left her with.

Hayley double over from the emotional pain, as it didn’t satisfy her, while unintentionally ripping her too tight pants in the process, and quietly sobbed in her messy room, “I just need a solution for all of this!”

Bursting out of from Hayley’s closet, in a flash of newfound opportunity, is the family's pet alien, Roger Smith! "Did somebody say "solution"? Cause I'm the creator of them all!"

Hayley wiped the snot from her nose and the tears from her eyes, "Roger? W-what were you doing in my closet?"

"What? Me? You know me, always popping out of strange places with no explanation."

"Look, I’m not in the mood for one of your-“

"Alright, you got me, I'll come clean! I was recording you stuffing your face, belching, rubbing your adipose, and crying like the fat, lonely pig you are. People pay big bucks for that on the Internet y'know. Your last video raked in about 400 bucks within hours."

"Roger, I don’t- Wait did you say 400 bucks? No, wait. First, the solution, solution creator."

"Ah, yes", Roger pulls out a packaged garment, "Here's my newest invention and certainly not something I stole from someone, a slim pack!" Roger tore apart the packaging and wrapped it around Hayley's middle, "All you gotta do is," Roger started as he wrapped the garment around Hayley's widened waist, "tie it-like *grunt* this," With a tug here and a hard pull there, the slim pack was able to completely conceal Hayley's unsightly belly bulge, "And there you go!"

Hayley craned her head downward and was actually able to see the parts of her feet past her fattened breasts, "Wow! My waist is slimmer than ever, but, the other parts of my body are still fat. No. This won’t work. Maybe, I should go to the gym, forget about Jeff, move on."

"Crap," Roger thought to himself, "I can't lose that sweet internet fetish revenue. C'mon, think Roger. Those perverts are depending on you. “

Hayley cradled her stomach, “I remember the time Jeff thought he could squat a thousand pounds.”, Hayley’s lip began to quiver, “He herniated so many disks that day. The crippled walk that he did after was so c-cute.”

Upon thinking about Jeff, Hayley’s stomach gurgled. Roger smirked devilishly.

“What else do you remember about Jeff?”

Hayley sniveled, “I remember when Bullock tried to kill Jeff for my love. His squirrely way of surviving was so-*grumble*-sweet. I-*gurgle*-remember the syrupy, buttery-*gurgle*-waffles we had after.”

“I’ve got it!”

"Got what?"

"You don't have to worry about the gym, Hayleykins. I have a proposal. You sit around the house, go around the town, stuff your face all day, and let me record it. And in return I'll get you more slim-pack parts. It’s an offer you can’t refuse!"

Hayley casually grasped a 3-day old beer bottle and sipped the rest of the contents, "And *urp* if I refuse?"

"Well then have fun being stared and poked fun at by all the other fit and beautiful people you were once apart of while being sad about Jeff. FOREVER!"

She was taken aback, "Roger does have a point, but then again he was the cause of all of this. Perhaps this is one of his elaborate schemes", Hayley turned to her reflection in the mirror and noticed that she does look fatter without marijuana in her system clouding her mind. Then it struck her, “This is just what I need. If I could, through Roger, raise enough money. I’ll be able to fund a space program to find Jeff!!”

"Fine, Roger. We have a deal."

“Good and once this is all over you’ll have enough money to hire a certain personal trainer,” Roger smiled, shaking his newfound subject of profit’s hand, "But, for now let's get started with THIS."

From within the closet, Roger brings out a smorgasbord of mouth watering fatty foods.

"R-roger! This is easily enough food to feed a small African village for a night! I can't-."

"You're gonna have to if you don't want your nickname to be ‘fatty fatty two by four can't fit in the gym no more’."

"Fuck,” Hayley hoisted a chilidog to her mouth and spotted a pair of unwavering eyes at the window, “Can we at least do this where I won't be watched by creeps through the window?"

"What are you talking about?"

Hayley turned Roger's attention to the window to see Snot standing there, breathing heavily and smiling creepily, "Hi, Hayley! I’ll love you at any size!"

"Fine. Let's go to the attic."

Upon Hayley and Roger’s departure, Francine once again entered Hayley's room with a vacuum cleaner and a trash bag, "Honestly, I don't understand how she could live like this."

She tosses away a few bottles and scraped the veggie lover's pizza from the floor. Vacuuming next to the beanbag, the suction tube tapped an object "Huh? 'The Stoner's Cookbook'?" Francine opens it up and scans her eyes over the first few pages, "Wow! Scooby snacks? Bud Butter? Man that takes me back”, she spoke wistfully. A special compartment in the book opens and out falls a bag of kush with a phone number and name taped on it, “Hmm, Ernesto? Maybe it's time I starting paying ol’ mary-jane a visit."

Taken by surprise of the turn in events Snot rears his head towards the window and gasps on que, “Uh oh! The plot thickens! We’ll come back to this story after some time has passed, but for now enjoy some quality advertisements for companies that raise awareness about drug abuse.”
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This is pretty good, hope to see more soon.
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Originally Posted by jacob286482 View Post
This is pretty good, hope to see more soon.
Thank you! Part 2 will be up some time around Winter Break.
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Originally Posted by PoorP View Post
Thank you! Part 2 will be up some time around Winter Break.
Ooh goody, can't wait.
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Well done thus far I'm really enjoying it, can't wait for the next episode
Fat Girls Make the World go ROUND!

For the first time ever, overweight people outnumber average people in America. Doesn't that make overweight the average then? Last month you were fat, now you're average - hey, let's get a pizza!- Jay Leno
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Gee! Thanks guys this means alot!
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(forgot to post the second part here)

Snot stands at attention on the top ledge of the ladder still peaking inside the Smith household. His attention is broken by the presence of a few hundred eyes watching him.

“Hi, gang! Welcome back! It’s been about, uh, three weeks time since we left Hayley and Francine to their unexpected journey to obesity. And before you ask, no I haven’t moved from this spot since we last left.”

There’s a pause.

“I mean, what the hell else am I supposed to do? Nowadays, I get a guest appearance every once in a while, usually with that Timberlake wannabe Steve. So this is my time to shine, NOW LET ME HAVE IT!”

There’s another pause.

“Okay, so in between these three weeks things have been rather….eh,” Scott giggled, “I’ll let you see for yourself.”


"Alre-*buuuurp*-ady?!?” Hayley tugged at the fabric a few more times. She tried and tried to get her ever rounding stomach to allow her brand new XL hip huggers to fit, but with the inclusion of her gradually widening waistline that wasn’t going to be, “This fit a few days ago! Roger!"

Waddling as quickly as his stubby legs let him, Roger came to the aid of his only money making source, "Yes, Haley?"

Haley held up a pair of pants that had been torn around the thighs and seat, "Could you tailor these a little more? I'm going up sizes faster than we thought".

“No problem, sweety”.

With her meaty arm, Haley wiped the sweat from her brow, "Thank you. Whew, trying on those pants really took it out of me. Say, do you have any more of those slim packs like you promised?"

Roger darted his eyes back and forth, "Yyyeah. They're here. But, they'll take a little more time to be...ready. Look, just don't worry about it now. I've got ya covered. Now! I hope you're hungry for milkshakes! Somebody has requested a video involving me tube feeding you six whole gallons worth of slightly melted ice cream! Aren’t you excited?"

“Mmm, milkshakes.” Hayley felt slightly ashamed of herself from that fact that a word like ‘milkshakes’ now wet her appetite. She wiped the drool from her face and sighed, “Roger maybe we should stop this. I mean, it is great and all for money, but I’m not sure this is exactly the most healthy thing for me. Maybe I just belch have to face the reality that Jeff is-”. She couldn’t finish the sentence. Hayley grabbed her pants and headed for the stairs, “Wait. Wait. Hayley don’t you realize? This is what Jeff wanted!”

Hayley could already feel a hunger pang forming in her stomach, “What do you mean? I don’t think Jeff wanted me to be fat.”

Roger caringly placed his long digits on Hayley’s larger middle, “HolyshityouhavegottenMUCHfatter.”

Hayley angrily placed her hands on her hips as she caught the word, “fatter”, being mumbled.

“Out *urp* of my way, Roger.”

“Look, Hayley, you can’t quit now! Look at all of this money you’ve made! And with each passing day and new video being produced, you’re growing (literally) closer to your goal! What do you say, huh?”

“Erm…”, turning her view toward the dark side of things, Hayley looked down and grabbed her thick love handles. She didn’t like the view of her stomach sticking out over her waistline, blocking the sight of her toes, or feeling of her thighs rubbing together or the tired sensation after walking up a flight of stairs or the constant sound of ripping jeans.

However, looking on the brighter side couldn’t complain about the increase in fullness of her breasts. She always wondered what it was like to be a C cup. Then with Francine suddenly spending all of her time in the kitchen for some reason, sneaking in and out of the house has been easier than ever.

Hayley sighed, “Well…” Within the past three weeks at the sacrifice of gaining about 71 pounds on the dot Hayley has made a considerable amount of money from the forty-three stuffing/feeding video she and Roger made, about 500,000 dollars to be exact. At this rate, Hayley should be able to pay a space program to find Jeff within a few months.

“Okay, Roger. I’ll stay.” Hayley sat her fat ass on the rolling chair, cringing as she heard the squeaky creak of the once sturdy chair as she could tell it sunk lower than it originally did eight days ago.

"Good! This is going to be so sexy", he brightened as he brought one end of the hose to Hayley's mouth and connected the other to a funnel. "Okay, we've got six gallons of milkshake Ben & Jerry's to clear through. So let's get started!"

“Dwait! Woger!”

Without a sign, Roger began dumping quart after quart of ice-cream down the funnel as it slowly slithered its way into Hayley’s mouth. At first it flowed nicely, Hayley was able to keep up with the pace that she was being fed at. But, near the end of the first gallon and after a few attempts to take a breather and slow it down, the pace was too fast for her mouth and stomach to keep up with.

Hayley ripped the hose from her mouth, “Roger, you have to slow down!”

“That wasn’t in the request. Put the hose back in your mouth!”

“Make me!”


Using his unique ability to slow down time (remember that?), Roger was able to tie Hayley’s fleshy arms behind her back, her legs to the chair, and the hose to her mouth, “Now keep sucking or you’ll make your cheeks explode”.

After what seemed like a few hours, which was more like twenty minutes, the force-feeding ended with a overstuffed Hayley moaning in pain. She leaned too far back in the chair and fell backwards. “That’s okay, Hayley, gather your strength. We’ve got a video with 4 dozens of badunken donuts in record in 15 minutes.”

Hayley groaned in immense pain, her overstuffed gut stuck in the air and blocked her view of anything past that, “Oh, Hayleykins, do you need a belly rub?” Roger’s finger danced around the record button.

“No! I can do it myself.”

Hayley placed a gentle hand on the flesh she could reach and gently began to caress the globular adipose, “Mmm. That feels-oooh.”

The record light on the camera flickered and Roger’s eyes turned into dollar signs, “And now I need to go to the Emergency Room”.

The front door opens, “I’m home!”, through it comes Steve Smith, “I’m back from self confidence camp! And Snot’s peeking through the window, again! Hello? Anybody?”

Usually, Steve’s greeted by his mother's smiling face, a huge and a kiss, and a clean living room or at the very, VERY least Klaus, yet instead, “Woah! I almost slipped on that…chicken grease? But, who would be messy enough to leave chicken grease on the floor? Perhaps, Hayley?” Suddenly Steve had caught a waft of marijuana floating in the air.

"Yuck. Hayley knows to keep her degenerate activates locked away in her room." He noticed the haze slowly crawling from the kitchen, “Time for Steve Smith to tattle”.

Posing in a karate stance he once saw out of a Japanese cartoon he jumps through the kitchen entrance, upon doing so he slips on some more grease, "Damnit!"

“Hey, Steve”, uttered a lazy, yet familiar voice.

Then Steve lays his eyes upon all that was wrong with this current situation; his mother. Lazily lounging on one of the kitchen chairs was Francine Smith. Her expression showed that her mind was a million miles up in the clouds as she sloppily feed herself a space cupcake.

The kitchen itself was an absolute mess with unwashed dishes, pots, and pans here and there. The heat was sweltering from the oven, deep fryer, and stove being used 24/7, and Steve needed to be careful of his next step or his face would kiss the dirty floor, "Mom? What-What's going on here? I leave for-"

"Steve, shut up and be a dear and grab the sticky fried snickers from the deep fryer." she spoke rather sluggishly.

Steve couldn’t tell what is what, but for some reason Francine’s face looked a somewhat fuller than it did before, including chubby cheeks and a rounder face.

"Deep fryer? Since when did we-whatever. Where are the gloves and tongs?"

Francine waved a hand, "Oh, you don't need those. Just reach in it should fine.”

"A-are you sure? Wait a minute, why would you think-?”

“Shut up, you fool! How dare you go against the all-knowing Klaus!”

“K-Klaus? Where are you?”, Steve looked all around the kitchen, “I’m right here Steve, next to your mother.”

“Where? Behind the tall stack of pancakes or somewhere in the soda bottles?”

“No, like right here. Behind the centerfold. Well, I guess I should move into view.”

Klaus shuffled into view and flashed an insidious smile.

Steve was surprised to see Klaus so…evil, but whatever it’s Klaus.
“Hmph. I don’t have to take orders from a fish. I’m going to Snot’s.”

“Steve! You better not insult the genius”, Francine took a drag from her blunt, “Now do what the talking orange says and get my Snickers, bitch.”
“Or what? I’m going to Snot’s.”

"Call you a massive wuss. Wuss. Wuss over here is massive."

"Hmph. That isn't the only thing that's massive." Steve remarked regarding his mother's figure. Ever since she had laid eyes on the cookbook and got back in touch with her dealer, Francine hadn't left the kitchen. Most of her time was spent baking, smoking, lounging, sleeping, and most importantly indulging on the fattiest of snacks and meals the cookbook provided.

All of the airborne grease and sweat building up from the heat has given her skin a shiny disposition. "Fine. I'll get it myself. Wuss." Lethargically, Francine stood upward, and Steve could tell immediately what damage the marijuana filled binge has caused. Francine was definitely chubbier and wider than before.

For starters, he could immediately tell that his mother's bust has increased, yet not at the cost of their perkiness. They had looked much fuller and succulent than before. They’ll definitely give Lara Croft a run for her money. The two bounced and wobbled with each half-assed stride Francine made.

The pair of cantaloupe sized tits jiggled above Francine’s pudgy belly. It just about matched the size and circumference of a basketball, not sticking too far ahead of her breasts, but still far enough to be noticeable. A bit of it hung over her waist and with it created great love handles that sat on top of Francine’s magnificent waist that exponentially complemented her hips. They swayed side to side with each effortful step she took. To finish it off, her ass, which was already amazing for her previous size, had become greater in size, now being rounder and jigglier than before. Even further, her thighs had thickened and filled out to the point that it was clear that her pink sundress was tightening around her figure. If it wasn’t already obvious by the slight stretching fabric around her ass, belly, and breasts.

“Oh mein gaht!”

“Oh, no, Mom! You’ve let yourself go!”

“And it is good!” Klaus barked, “It is beautiful, it-it-it must be shared and profited off of. And I just know how.”



“Alright, three dozens down and four more to go.”

Hayley massaged her over inflated beach ball sized stomach to soothe the pain, "Fan-*urp*-tastic. Can we take a break? I feel like I'm really hitting my limit here. Not to mention that I have put on a massive amount of weight since I've started working with you.”

Hayley thought for a hot second, “Roger! How is the girdle going to hide my weight gain if I keep getting fatter?!? Did you lie to me?!?"

"Oh, crap. She's getting her clarity and clear thinking back."

Roger smiled weakly, "Just a second, Hayley."

He ran downstairs and whipped out his cellphone, "I hope my dealer can get here quick. Yes, hello, Fernandez?”

Roger whipped out another cellphone and leaned is head in the other direction, this time speaking with a ghetto accent, “Yeah? What you want fool?

“I need your latest batch. All of it.”
“Sorry, my man. Fresh out.”


“Some chick came in and cleaned out my whole supply, paid in full too.”

“What do you mean someone has already bought all of it? Who?”

“Some smoking hot white bitch in a pink dress”

“Some hot blonde in a pink dress? What is Princess Peach doing-?”

“Be serious.”

“That's all you can say? Fine! Then I have nothing to say to you!"

Roger angrily hung up his phone, "Hey! Non one hangs up on Fernandez! That punk better watch his back!

“Now, I have to find a hot blonde in a pink dress, but who? Hm, Francine might know."



Steve Smith clawed at the floor to escape the uncomfortable situation. Just as Francine had reached for one of those bars, she had muttered something along the lines of, "I don't feel like walking back to that chair. Sit down chair person." Steve, being of slow reflexes, was pushed over and sat on. The weight and size of Francine, as well as the width of her rear, kept Steve's head pinned to the floor.

“Yes! Yes!” cheered Klaus grinning eye to eye, “Smoosh him! Smother him! Show him that you are the queen of this domain!” He zoomed in his miniature camera toward the action.

To Steve’s happiness, Roger came into view at the stair well, "Help me..." Steve whispered to Roger, "Quiet, Wuss!," Francine barked in between smacks of a bar, "Person chairs don't talk! They person!" She then went to chug the oil, grease, and butter that was used to fry the bars.

"Please, Rog-" the rest of Steve sentence was muttered as Francine fell backwards asleep, her body rippled in response of the impact. His hand twitched in hope of Roger freeing him, but the alien was after something else. "Sorry, Steve. I still have a lot of money to cash of this cow."

Roger snatched Francine’s stash of weed from where she always kept it, behind the swear jar, and left the scene. He didn’t want to ask questions.

“Wowie, Zowie.”

Snot zipped up his pants, “I was just peeing in the bushes.”

“Anyhow, the craziness that’s going on in the house is just piling up! Hayley’s beginning about to have doubts about Roger’s plan. Roger is having a beef with his dealer, which is just himself in disguise, Klaus is controlling the ever fattening Francine! IT’S GETTING CRAZY UP IN THIS BITCH! Tune in after the break!”

“I-I’m just going to go back to peeing in the bushes.”

Snot turns back to the window, “Go away!”
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Part 3

“Is there anything more perfect than a Wednesday morning at the park? Citizens of Langley Falls enjoying their time off by spending time with loved ones whether human or furry beast. Some choose to take in natural beauty, stare up at the clouds, or run through the trees during a delightful jog,” A man standing in the field turns to the audience, “Hello. I am Hideki Yoshida, Toshi’s Father. Snot has been placed in a county jail for multiple accounts of stalking and public indecency near the Smith house and won’t be released until further notice. So, I am here to provide the introductory and closing statements to this story. As well as a few wacky jokes! Anyhow without further ado, let’s join one of our two protagonists of this story right here at the park! Again, some time has passed so expect changes to have taken place.”

Hideki gestures over to the park parking lot where a black SUV rests with white clouded windows.

“Yes! Yes! Francine! You’re reaching so much closer to your goal!” Klaus quickly snapped a few pictures of the blonde.

Francine slowly inhaled a long drag from the roach, chugged half a two-liter of orange soda, and let the two mix for a while, “BLUUUUUUURP! Oh, that’s the ticket!” Francine patted her round, taut, jelly belly that felt like a weighted ball resting on her thighs, “Wait? What was my goal again, magic orange?”

Klaus giggled, tapping the record button on the camera, “Oh, Francine, too baked to remember the simplest of things. Your goal is to finish all the junk food you bought from that 7-11 down the street. You’re so close right now. All you have left is this one twinkie dog. Do it! Do it!”

The last bit of orange soda hit the pit of Francine’s gullet. Her inebriated state could no longer numb the pain that throbbed her midsection, “God, this is starting to hurt. I don’t think I can-” In the midst of Klaus’ cheering, the fish was joined by the entire inside of the car by them growing faces and mouths to cheer her on, “DO IT! DO IT!”

“But they are cheering me on though…”

Francine lifted the twinkie dog, which was just a hostess twinkie in a hotdog bun topped with squeeze cheese, chopped onion, sprinkles, soaked in Airzona, then stuffed it into her mouth, “Tada!”

When you’re high, you’ll just eat about anything.

“YEAH! We did it brothers! Nothing can stop the shear horsepower of Peer Pressure! Now let’s convince her to redo the entire interior with snake skin leather!”

The entire car except for the ceiling that suggested the idea had a look of shock, “B-but Jerry, that’ll kill us-“.

“Yeah. And with leather the heat or cold from the outside weather would ruin it within a season. Francine would have to drape a tarp over-“

“I said cheer for snake skin leather!”

“Urp, oh boy.” Francine cradled her distended stomach, “Here we go…”

Klaus panicked, “What? What’s happening?”

Like the soda, the twinkie dog had hit her stomach. It too pushed Francine past her limit, it also forced her stomach to push outward. Her dress practically wrapped around her body like skin on a sausage, but that twinkie dog became the straw that broke the camels back.

First, her belly tore right through the front of her dress leaving a massive hole in the middle allowing the ball of fat to ooze through, breath, and nudge the steering wheel. The tear traveled upward to her full, milky breasts that had already flesh spilt from the top. It ripped for Francine’s cleavage to fully rest on the top of her belly. Around the back, another v-shaped split formed and traveled downward, her back fat rising out like bread baking through a wire.

“Oh, shit! Did-burp-I just explode?” Francine panicked.


A fist came through the passenger side window, Hideki popped his head right in, “Ah! Audience, did you like what we described so your brain can paint a picture?” Hideki snaps a picture of Francine, “Nice. Continue reading.”

“No, Francine. You just quite possibly me made the richest fish in the entire world”, Klaus drooled re-watching the footage on camera.

“How so?”

“Err, I mean,” Klaus searched for a way to backtrack, “I mean, your dress just ripped right off your body, yes that’s it, it must’ve shrunk in the wash recently. You know you can’t trust Steve to do anything right.”

“Ugh, that dork. I’m gonna make him by pay shuffling his entire comic collection!! Let’s see him read Superman in order now.”

Francine turned the ignition, bringing the car to life, however she felt her surroundings becoming…real. “Klaus, hand me my weed, I’m about to drive and I’m coming down from my high.”

“No problem,” Klaus retrieved the bag, however, is shocked to see that it’s empty, “Err, on second thought, better wait till we get home, weed is so much more fun to do in the privacy of your own home.”

Francine sloppily drove out of the parking lot, nearly running a dog over.

“…So, I-uh-know I’m high, but-uh-but are we going to tell Ms. Yoshida about-“

“Hideki? No. Best to just ignore his shit.”


“Why’d you tell me to come here? I thought we were going home.”

“We are,” Klaus rolled his eyes, he was really tired of Francine’s constant questioning, “ It’s just that, uh, we need to…buy you a larger dress.”

“What for?”

“Because, that idiot Steve shrunk the rest of your clothes at home. And you can’t just walk around in your,” Klaus readied the camera, “Bra”-click-“and”-click-“panties”-click-“Only for those who pay. Here cover yourself with this. It’s for their annual Toga discount.” Klaus tossed Francine a large white cloth.

“No peaking.”, The blonde stepped out of the car and wrapped it around herself, “I may still be high, but I’m not a slut.”

Klaus watched in awe, as the cloth was big enough to barely conceal any indecencies. It contoured Francine figure so that every curve and slight spills of flesh could be witnessed, “If I had a human body and a cure for impotence I would soooo demolish that.”

Beep Boop

“Hi! Welcome to Large and Lovely!”, a bloated saleswoman approached dressed in a red blazer that looked like it would pop off at any second and clean white pants that hugged so tight they might as well be painted on, saleswoman’s eyes crept all over Francine’s figure clad in cloth, she licked off a sliver of droll, “I’m JENNAY and I can see somebody has heard about our annual toga discount. How can I help you?”, she asked with a overly cocky tone.

“Hi. I’m in the market for a large dress. Pink. One that’ll still fit you after your stupid son shrunk it in the wash.”

“Mhm. I we got a section just for that, but first I’m gonna need for fine ass to get on the scale. It’ll help making the search a lot easier.”

Francine stepped on the industrial sized scale while the digits fumbled around to receive the correct number. When it displayed, she could only feel sorrow.


“Why?!? How could this have happened to me?!? What have I done to myself?”, tears ran down from her chubby cheeks all the way down on her double chin before dripping down onto her exposed cleavage.

“Yes, Francine. You were once a beautiful young slim thing. Nice, gorgeous, easy on the eyes, a perfect one hundred and nine pounds”, the man dressed in suit and tie tilted his head towards the heavens, “But not only has your gluttony taken your magnificent body away and bloated you to this, it has also destroyed your Grandmother’s favorite sitting stool.”

Around the woman’s bottom were splintered pieces of a stool. It’s simple to presume that her weight was too great for it to withstand. The woman whipped a tear with her meaty forearm, “My weight has gotten out of control hasn’t it?”

“Let me ask you this.” He approached closely, “How do you feel?”

“…Sad, but with the insatiable urge of hunger.”

“That’s my girl. And end scene! Perfect cut print, we got our first fifteen minute movie,” Roger took off the black wig, “I better get a trailer by this Thursday or you’re all getting four long ass fingers across the face!”

“Really good performance today, Roger,” Hayley took of her wig, which happened to be blonde, “Although, wasn’t it a bit strange that we dressed up like my mom and dad?”

“Dressed like? Nonsense. See your wig is a bleached blonde unlike Francine’s golden blonde and while I am wearing a smaller version of Stan’s outfit, notice the heavy Spanish accent in my voice. Completely different.”

Haley held out her fat laden arm to which Roger used all of her strength to help her stand up. Shooting up from 127 pounds to…this level of fatness in a matter of a few months didn’t give her muscles proper time to rest. Especially with late night snack runs, filming humiliation videos, and crushing things with her big ass for the perverts online to enjoy, but whatever brought in that sweet cash.

“How much do you think we’re going to make off of this one, Roger?” asked Haley who was having a difficult time standing up, “A quarter million?”

“We’ll have to see. Depends when these community college level assholes deliver my trailer on time! By the way, before I forget, I finally got you your slim-packs!”

Haley’s heart jumped for joy, “All of them?”

“Yep,” Roger produced the boxes, “One for every part of your body. Let’s get these on ya.”

After much struggling, grunting, panting, pulling, pushing, whining, moaning, snapping, yelling, groaning, wrapping, and thrashing, the slim pack did its job of magically concealing Hayley’s unsightly body fat.

“Quick! Get me a mirror!”

Roger did so by retrieving one of his many full-sized mirrors and held it in front of Hayley. She couldn’t believe her eyes, it was her! Like, it was her body before Jeff’s disappearance: sexy and slim.

“It works, Roger! Oh my god! It works!”

“Hey, what’s going on up here?” The two look toward the staircase to see Steve Smith, “Yo, bitches. Check this shit out. Been dying to show somebody this since I snuck into parkour camp.”

Steve grabbed the handrail and performed an unimpressive flip over it.

“Wow. That was incredibly underwhelming.”

Steve looked all about the room, he felt something amiss aside from Roger’s usual antics, “Who smashed this stool, this was the stool that I read my comics on? What’s this whole set up for did you guys make a movie or something? Isn’t this supposed to be a bar that’s sometimes a regular attic or whatever…and…wait a second.”

Steve felt a certain presence in the room, “There’s a fat person in here. Did Barry sneak in our house for the cookie jars again?”

“What? No.”

“Yeah there is. The human eye can tell, but when your around a lardass like Barry for long enough you begin to recognize the feeling.”

Roger diverted Steve’s attention, “What’re you here for?”

“To tell the truth, I’m looking to revenge on all the woman I’ve been wronged by. And I thought. Who better help me than you? So, I came up here after shooing out that film crew filming our garbage. They thought it was art.”

“Ah, yes. Revenge is something yours truly specializes. Hayley, take this 400,000 and go somewhere. I’m gonna be busy. Oh wait, actually could you do me one quick favor. I purchased this extra-extra-extra-extra-extra-large Sunday Dress for Queen Latifah’s birthday party, but she doesn’t need it anymore. Cause-well-y’know-she’s got too fat for it and got in a car crash. I know that seems completely unrelated, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting her to pull through. Anyways could you return it? I bought it at Large and Lovely.”


298 pounds.

The digits made Francine’s enlarged heart skip a beat, how could she not notice? She reached down and grabbed what her high mind thought was just a bodysuit made of silly putty. Nope. All hers.

“Oh, Francine, dear, I know how you feel. Those numbers so high, you probably think your past the point of no return, don’t you?”, Jenny placed a fat caring hand on Francine’s meaty shoulder, “Well, shit. You’re right and you know what that means…”

“No! I don’t know what that means! I don’t know what any of this means”, Francine grabbed her stomach, “I’m a blimp for fucks sake!”

“No, Francine!” Jenny stuck a thick finger on Francine’s full lips, “You’re a goddess.”


“You heard me! I said a GODDESS! I could tell from the moment your double chin walked through those double doors that you are powerful. Don’t be ashamed of your weight, Francine. Embrace it. You’re the only woman who carries it well with nary a dimple of cellulite in sight. The rotundness of your fat can make you the most desirable and powerful woman on earth!”

Francine gave herself another lookover in the mirror, “You know what? This isn’t half bad actually. I mean sure, I’m a lot wider, but that just means a whole lot of Franny to love. Got me a huge rack and a planet sized ass, Stan’s gonna love this when he gets home.”

“You know your man will.”

“And if some bitch gives me lip. I’ll hip check her and send her flying away. Damn, you’re good a persuading people.”

“Yes, I know. And you’re a GODDESSSSSSSS….well atleast close to one.”

“What, but I thought you-“

“You’re two hundred and ninty eight pounds. The limit is three hundred.”

“Oh. Well,” Francine huffed, “I might as well kill myself.”

“No, wait. What if I were to tell you that I can put those two pounds on your figure in ten minutes or less. Tanquaray! Debra!”

Two familiar women stepped from the back of the clothing store. Francine recognized them as the two hookers who Stan hired for that Laundromat, “Hello. You two have…been eating well…”

“Yeah,” Tanqueray placed her hands on her corpulent hips, “This is the only place that, while having a non-existent resume, gives you a job.”

“It’s not so bad, though,” The blonde stripper spoke, “It pays the bills with seven square meals a shift.”

Francine couldn’t get her eyes off the women’s impressive bust that were made more impressive through their weight gain. They felt like headlights being the defining feature of their bodies.

“You two. Get our soon to be goddess the complimentary ten foot party sub.”


Beep Boop

“Hello. I’d like to make a-what the hell?”

Hayley couldn’t believe her eyes or the odd coincidence. In the middle of the store she saw her own mother, half naked, obese, with a crown perched on top of her head, finishing a sub. Two nearly as fat women sat beside her, caressing her belly and occasionally prodding Francine’s fat.

“Mom?!? What the fuck is going on?!?”

Francine’s heart skipped multiple beats at the sound of her daughter’s voice, “Hayley! I-uh-uh-you look great!”

“’Scuse me, ma’am. Is this your daughter?”

“Of course,” Francine bit into the sub, “And from the looks of it she lost that unsightly body fat like I told her to.”

“Hm. No thanks to you.”

“Lost weight? Honey, she didn’t lose weight “ Jenny’s eyes narrowed, closing in on Hayley’s position, “What do you mean? Look at me! I’m trimmer than ever.”

“You’re not trim. A fat person can tell when another fat person is in the room. Even some thin people can tell if they hang around us long enough. No, you’re not thin. You’re…condensed.”


Jenny grabbed a box of thin mints from behind the register, “Why don’t you help yourself to some? Thin mints are arguably the least resistible cookie known to mankind.”

Hayley backed away, “No! No. Thanks. I had a rather expensive salad at Olive Garden. You know those Italians.”

“Hm. Have it your way. Just one question, how will you ever attract a man with an ass that flat?”


“Oh, Haley has a boyfriend. His name is Jeff. He’s a sweet guy, kind of a stoner, the light of Hayley’s life,” expositioned Francine, “Too bad he got abducted into space recently.”

Damnit, there it was, that empty pit in her stomach. Suddenly, the box of thin mints looked like the most appetizing thing in the universe, “Gimmie those.” Hayley scarfed them down with reckless abandon. Mouth watering treat after another. Then, with their known cause of fat swelling, the slim packs lost their grip on Hayley’s adipose.


“Knew it.”

With each flinging of a slim pack, Hayley jerked in different direction. Her body letting loose and free. Exposing every inch of the thick, blubber she has gained. Tearing the clothes she wore of the packs without mercy. If it wasn’t humiliating enough, Hayley tripped and landed her elephantine rear on the industrial scale.

“Hayley Smith!” Francine barked, “You didn’t lose that weight like I told you! Look at yourself.” Francine jutted a pudgy finger.

“Hey, you’re no model either.”

“No, my darling.” Jenny said in awe lifting the crown from Francine’s head, “You’re no model, either.”

Hayley felt the crown perch on top of her head,”You’re a Super Goddess!”

“Wait. I thought I was the Goddess.”

“Oh, Francine you’re merely at beginner Goddess weight because you stuffed yourself, Hayley over here weight 330 pounds on the dot! She ranks higher than you!”

Hayley’s eyes grew wide, “Oh my God! Does that make me more attractive…than-“

“Yes, honey.” Jenny snuggled herself close to Hayley, “You’re the pretty one.”

“Ha. Did you here that, Mom?”

“Tanqueray! Debra!”, the two fat strippers ran to their call and immediately begin massaging Hayley’s fat.

Francine was livid, not only had she lost her title as a goddess, but her own daughter who was supposed to slim down had got huge and swiped in from under her feet…or on top of her head in this case.

“Oooh! Hayley! Just you wait! I’m gonna get fatter than you. Bigger than you! More-,” Francine struggled, but stood on her feet, “beautiful than you! I’ll become a goddess once again!”

With that, Francine walked-er-rather waddled in this case out of the clothing store.

“Let’s see you try, BITCH!”


“Holy crap! Did you read all of that? Long one wasn’t it?”, Hideki smiles at the audience, clearly hiding within a clothing rack in the store, “I bet you have a MAJOR STIFFY! Nothing is hotter than mother-daughter gaining competition! Now, leave me at piece while I watch three bit characters massage a major character of the American Dad show.”
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