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Default Un-party - by Tad (~BHM)

~BHM - Finally finished a little situation/romance story that I'd started years ago. Fluffy summer romance, for all that it is set in Winter. A little odd and uneven, but sometimes life is like that.

By Tad

I handed in my exam, pulled on my coat, gathered my packages, and walked outside into a wall of sleet. Well, it might have been freezing rain, I was never quite clear on the difference. Whichever it was, the ground was a mix of icy and wet, and within two minutes I was as well.

I very nearly decided to just go home. I'd said I'd go to Lori's end-of-term-plus-Christmas party, I'd made butter tarts, and nothing was waiting for me back at my apartment, so I kept trudging into the wind and sleet. Lori shared a townhouse that was about fifteen minutes walk from campus on a normal day. Gingerly sliding over the icy ground it must have taken me nearly twice that. Some young teens whipped past me, enjoying sliding along the sidewalks, but I stayed cautious. If I went down I'd trash the tarts, not to mention I'd hit the ground with probably close to twice the weight of those kids, which would hurt a lot more. I couldn’t have gotten much wetter if I rolled around in a puddle, but the bruises I could do without.

I arrived at Lori’s door feeling like a drowned rat, a half frozen drowned rat at that. Her door was sheltered from the wind and rain, making it seem like a haven even before I rang the bell. Lori answered the door wearing sweat pants and a faded sweatshirt, which I couldn't help notice couldn't totally disguise her curves. She looked surprised to see me, and I finally put together her expression and clothes in time to say "I totally should have remembered to turn my cell back on after my exam, shouldn't have I?"

She gave me a wry smile, but confirmed "I actually called at ten this morning after seeing how bad the forecast had gotten, I did leave a message..."

I admitted "I turn my phone off the day of exams, so I can stay focused. I knew the party was starting at three and my exam didn't finish until five, so I was hurrying.....crud, sorry, didn't mean to disturb you."

"No, wait, step inside at least, you came all this way....oh geeze, don't you live over near the Walmart?" she stepped back as she finished her question, gesturing me to come inside.

I gladly stepped into the light and warmth of her front hall. I quipped "Yep, that is my high rent district."

"That is the other side of campus from here, and its getting dark out."

"I should be fine, anyway, the wind will be at my back this time." Don't get me wrong, I was groaning inside at the thought of probably three-quarters of an hour back out in the sleet. But I'd established one rule at the start of the year, as the only guy in our Modern Rhetoric MA program: I would not let it show, where ‘it’ was anything bothering me at all. In a class with a dozen high-achieving, mostly alpha-type, women, I figured my best chance was to have a skin of ice, a cool shell to which nothing could stick. Of course, it was not usually quite as literal.

Lori gave an adorable little frown, and said "Well, at least I could call you a cab....I hope they are still running."

That was when the power went out.

In the dim light coming in through the front door window Lori looked stunned. After a long second she said "OK, that is it, a cab isn't likely, and you aren't walking home with no street lights--it is almost dark out there already. Stay at least until the lights are back on and we can get you a cab. I've got tons of food, wine, and candles, because of the party. We can hang your clothes up to dry and I'll get you something to wear while they dry a bit."

"I could call a cab, my cell should be fine once I turn it on..."

"If they are running at all, why not let people who are in more urgent situations have them. Besides," she gave a dramatacized pout, "I was just sitting here feeling bummed out that my party got busted by the weather, my housemates already went home for the holidays, and I'd appreciate the company." She suddenly smiled, and said “We can have an ‘un-party,’ how does that sound?”

I felt a surge of bitterness and had to struggle not to say "Do I really seem THAT safe, that you feel safe alone here with me in the dark?" but I reminded myself of my icy armor and instead kept my voice mild and said "OK, I could stay for a bit, and have an un-party. And yah, a towel would be good so I don't soak your furniture, but I don't think you'll have any clothes that will fit me."

"What? Oh!" her hand flew to her mouth, like a cartoon character in shock. "I'm not used to being around people who are bigger than me, I mean, not that you are that big, but the rest of the class, you know, so..." she trailed off with a flustered flapping of her arms.

"It's OK, I know I'm big, I'm used to being bigger than most everyone else, and twice the size or more of most of our classmates."

"Twice? Really? I didn't think....never mind. Um, I might have a few loose things that would work, I mean, not like you are going outside in them, that is, if you don't mind too much, they are more girly...."

I'd never seen Lori look this flustered or upset, so I relented "Look, I don't want to ruin any of your things by stretching them out, but if I could use your bathroom, a towel, ring out my clothes...if you find something that you really think would work that is OK, but if not, don't worry about it, I'll be OK."

"I really do think I have a couple of things, I'll leave them by the door, you can see...and why don't you grab a quick hot shower, the water in the tank should still be hot."

We nattered on a bit more, but in the end I did take a quick but very hot shower, then proceeded to wring out my clothes as best I could and hang them over the railing of her shower curtain. My forty-four inch waist jeans just barely fit me, but stretched out like that they looked huge, and my turtle-neck looked like it should the sail for a medium-sized sail-boat. At least my underwear had stayed mostly dry, so I had that much coverage.

I wrapped myself in the beach towel Lori had given me, opened the door a crack and dragged in a small pile of clothes. There was a robe that, when I held it up, looked promisingly generous in cut and appealingly warm, although the soft pink confirmed Lori’s comment about ‘girly.’ I pulled it on, only to find that while it covered me well from waist to mid- thigh, it gaped open above that, and simply ended that short. Not enough on its own to be particularly decent or warm.

A wrap skirt I moved to one side, it might have reached around me, but it was not going to help with my biggest issue which was my bare chest. A rather large sleep-shirt, baby-blue with a teddy-bear print on it, might help. I did look pretty big, and a check of the tag said it was a 2X. No way would Lori wear a 2X, maybe a 1X, but not a two, so I didn't know why she had it, but that wasn't mine to ask. I pulled it on, and it fit, after a fashion. That is, I got it on. I outlined my chest and belly in a rather disturbing fashion, and stretched out so much to the side it pulled shorter, also only reaching mid-thigh.

For my legs, the only option looked like tights. Tights? Did she really think I’d fit into tights? But they didn’t have feet, so the length shouldn’t be an issue, so I reluctantly gave them a try. They actually fit adequately in the legs and hips, but I didn’t even try to stretch them over my gut. Still, they worked after a fashion, and covered me down to mid-calf.

Combine it all, and I was covered, in a motley fashion. I was even fairly warm. I didn’t particularly want any of my classmates to see me like this, but Lori had insisted and knew what clothes she’d given me. I brought the candle that was my light, and headed out.
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Posts: 3,557
loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.loopytheone has ascended what used to be the highest level.

The living room of the townhouse was bright compared to the bathroom—Lori must have been busy finding empty bottles into which she could shove candles, as at least a dozen now illuminated the room, along with several tea lights in colored glass bowls. It was enough for me to admire the fair sized Christmas tree standing in one corner of the room, and the coffee table covered in munchies by the couch.

“Wow, this is so civilized! It makes my little basement apartment look like a dungeon in comparison.”

“I was lucky” explained Lori “My friend’s Aunt and Uncle bought this place for their daughter when she came to school here, and she graduated just before we started our undergrad, so they rent to us at a pretty fair rate, and we’ve lived here for years.”

“Oh, you did your undergrad here too? I didn’t know. Well, I didn’t remember, we did all do that intro session in September, but I lost track, sorry.”

“You went to McGill, I remember that.”

“And now I feel even worse that I didn’t remember about you. Sorry!”

She giggled, something I’d never seen her do before. “Don’t be silly, there was one guy, twelve girls, it was easy to keep you straight. I don’t remember where everyone else went either. Anyway…..help yourself to food, and I have more in the kitchen. Beer or wine or vodka coolers? I was going to mull some wine, but…..no electricity means no stove means no mulling.”

I went with wine, and she poured me a large glass of something that looked almost black in the candlelight. I made appreciative noises after tasting it “This is really nice!”

“Thanks, but I won’t take too much credit. I asked my Uncle, this is an Argentinean red he recommended. I’m more of a beer gal.” She picked up a bottle of Molson Export and took a swig, by way of demonstration.

I started picking at hors d’oeuvres from the platter in front of me. Lori admitted “Those ones came from the grocery store, but I’d cooked some up for myself before you showed up. Fortunately most of the rest doesn’t need cooking.”

That reminded me that I’d left the butter tarts sitting in her front hall. I mentioned that, which got us talking about baking, which got us talking about baking versus cooking. We determined that I was more of a baker, and she was more of a cook. By that time my wine glass was empty, and Lori filled it back up, then went into the kitchen and came back with a shrimp ring.

I love shrimp, and whatever we didn’t eat would be garbage, so I happily ate quite a few of them, washing them down with the really most excellent wine. Lori somewhat shyly brought in salmon rolls she’d made herself, which were excellent. Lori poured me a glass of white wine, saying that the red might overpower the salmon. I didn’t like it as much as the red, but it still seemed to slip down pretty well.

Inevitably we ended up talking about our classmates. I was relieved to find out that Lori also found a lot of them to be rather up-tight and over-focused. At one point Lori mentioned “And if I hear any more diet talk from them, I might just kill them all with a fork.”

I laughed and admitted “I thought they just did it deliberately around me, like a reminder that I should lose weight.”

“Nah,” said Lori then took a pull on her beer before expanding “The one non-school thing they all seem to be able to talk about is diet and exercise. They have different politics, different backgrounds, but they all want to be top students, a size 2, and super-fit.”

That seemed to call for a response, but it seemed like a subject that could get touchy. I had a drink of my wine—when had my red gotten re-filled? “So what do you do when they get in those discussions?” That seemed neutral enough.

“Wait around quietly while seething a bit. Especially when they complain about being fat, and I’m thinking like “Excuse me, if you are fat, what the hell am I, a whale?”

“If you were a whale, I’d be what, an aircraft carrier?”

Lori snorted at that, but riposted “You aren’t all that big.”

I shrugged “I’m fat, I’ve never been small, and I keep getting fatter. I’ve accepted it. It doesn’t’ bother me, much. Well, other people bother me about it; that is the only real bother.”

Lori frowned, opened her mouth to say something, and ended up belching. We both laughed. “Beer, a lady-like drink!” quipped Lori. We settled down, and she got back to the topic. “I think your size suits you. I can’t imagine you being skinny.”

I took a moment to think about that, then admitted “I can’t imagine me skinny either. Sometimes I’d like to be able to be lighter on my feet or something, but yah, I guess this is who I am.|”

Lori suddenly stood up and said “Be right back, need to use the facilities.” She snagged a candle and hurried out of the room.

While I wondered what had prompted that reaction, I munched on more shrimp. Lori was quite a time coming out of the washroom, and her footsteps headed into the kitchen. By the time she came back I’d somehow nearly finished the shrimp ring.

She set a quiche down in front of me, apologizing “I hope this isn’t too girly….”

I waved that away and said “I don’t see anything feminine about quiche.” Something about that didn’t strike me as quite correct, so I thought about it a bit more, coming to the realization that I had to be getting drunk if I was so distracted by my own words. Eventually I fought my way through that mental thicket, and amended my comment “Or I don’t really care for ‘Marlboro Man’ masculinity. What is wrong is just doing calls you, and standing by your convictions?”

“Nothing is wrong with that.” Lori assured me. Then she cut mea huge slice of quiche, and asked “red or white? Oh, wait, the red is empty.”

I didn’t think I’d drunk that much, had I lost count of glasses? “White is probably better with quiche anyway.”

“I wouldn’t know, I can’t stand quiche.”

I laughed and suggested “Maybe you are more man than I am?”

“No, I think you are all man.” My eyes jerked to her face, and it looked like she was blushing. “Oh crap, sorry, didn’t mean to say that, too much beer.”

“s’OK, I can make like in class and pretend I don’t hear what is going on around me.”

“No, don’t. I mean, do it if you want, I just, I mean, yes you are hot, but I didn’t mean to say it.”

Ice, I needed ice, that icy shell. But wine seemed to be in the way, and I found myself saying “Why not?”

“I didn’t, I don’t, that is….I almost made you stay, fed you wine, I didn’t want to make it like I was trying to trap you.”

I was way more drunk than I’d realized. “It seems to me that the problem, as we’d put it in class, is an asymmetrical exposure of aims, rendering one side vulnerable. Let me make that more symmetrical: I think you are really pretty. You are a classmate so I wouldn’t have told you, ‘cause that could be uncomfortable, and now it probably is, but it was already uncomfortable, so maybe this is like two uncomfortable make a, I don’t know, less uncomfortable….”

Lori laughed and said “You are rambling. And drunk.”

I nodded, and admitted “I don’t have a very good head for alcohol, I don’t drink much normally. And this wine packs a punch.”

To which Lori replied “I held this party in hopes that you’d come.”

I admitted “I wouldn’t have come here through the sleet if it had been anyone else’s party.”

“You think I’m pretty? Normally I get ‘cute’ or more likely ‘you’d be cute if you lost thirty pounds.’ Or something like that.”

“You’d be bony if you lost thirty pounds. You are pretty and cute. Both, at once, like peanut butter cups are peanut butter and chocolate, blending together to be better than either at once.”

“Did you just compare me to a peanut butter cup?”


“It’s OK, I think I like it. It’s sweet.”

“They are. Sweet that is. A bit salty too, but you don’t really notice. Oh, wait, you meant the compliment was sweet, crud I drank that wine too fast.”

“Here, have the quiche, that should help soak it up.”

Somehow I ended up eating that big slice, then another, while Lori explained how she’d made it, and why she’d made it despite not liking it. It seemed like a good way to avoid what we’d just been talking about.

I dropped the last bite from my fork. I looked down to see where it had landed, and realized that the robe had somehow pulled itself more open, leaving my belly in all its pink-nightie-clad glory in full view. The bite of quiche was balanced on top of it. I had a fork in one hand, plate in the other, if I leaned forward to put either down on the coffee table the quiche would fall off of me.

Suddenly Lori was seated by my side, and scooped it up, holding it to my lips. I ate it, then found Lori’s face awfully close to mine.

I looked down, and wiped at the oily mark on the nightie, dimpling my belly. “Sorry about the stain.”

She touched it, then left her hand there. Almost in my ear she murmured “It’s OK, I have one of those sticks that is great at getting out stains.”

A moment later she admitted “I’m not very good at this seduction thing.”

My eyes were still on her hand, which was still on my belly. “Do you really want to seduce someone who looks like a pink pumpkin?”

Her hand started rubbing circles over my belly “It really isn’t that big, but I wouldn’t mind if was either.”

I pointed out “You know what, you really aren’t very good at playing the seduction game. But I’m not much of a player either. I’m not even really sure which way the play is going.”

I looked up. Her eyes were very close to me, and very wide. She licked her lips, my eyes tracking her pink tongue over lips so red they had to have cosmetics on them—when had she done that?

“I think,” she finally, carefully, said, “That maybe we should have your butter tarts and try and figure out what game we are playing.”

The tension was thick, but I managed to break it by lurching to my feet. The floor felt a little loose under my feet, but I kept my balance OK as I headed to her front hall, saying “I’ll grab them.”

I came back into the living room a minute later to find Lori hadn’t moved. She patted the couch to indicate that I should come back to where I’d been sitting. I did so, putting the butter tarts onto the coffee table in front of us.

Lori looked at me, and complained “You didn’t have to fix the robe up, I liked the view the way it was.”

It took me a couple of breaths to sort out my thoughts, then I slid it open again. “Then it should be my turn. I’d like to be able to see you better than I can with you in bulky sweats.”

Her eyes seemed to flash, then she slipped out, saying “Stay right there.” A few seconds later she came back for a candle, then disappeared again. While I waited I unpacked the butter tarts from their box. She still wasn’t back, so I had some more quiche.

Finally the patter of bare feet announced her return. I looked up to see her in a red satin gown, down to her knees but showing a triangle of flesh below her throat and giving tantalizing hints of her curves.

“I undid my robe. Your robe. That I’m wearing.”

“I know. She bit her lip, and asked, “Are you sure?” I nodded and she loosed the belt from the robe and pulled it open. Underneath she was wearing a red lace teddy that had to be made of something stretchy from the way it clung to her, and matching red lace boy shorts. They were maybe a little small on her, both pulling away from the gentle arch of her stomach, leaving a crescent of pale flesh.

I had to swallow, twice, before I found my voice. When I did, it seemed to echo oddly in my ears. “Thank you. Umm. You might be better at the seduction game than you thought.”

She let out a relieved sigh as she sat down beside me, nestling up against my side, putting one hand back on my belly. I suggested “I guess that makes it your turn. What is your desire right now?”

She bit her lip, and I said “Come on, out with it.”

“I think, that is, I’d like to feed you some butter tarts.”

Not quite what I’d been expecting. “Ah, OK. Don’t you want any?”

“Maybe later.” She held one up to me, and I took a nibble. I admit, I make a pretty darn god butter tart. Not too sweet, not too gooey, and I actually make my own pastry. It is relaxing for me, bizarrely. Anyway, it tasted as god as I new it would. I took nibble after nibble, until I could grab her thumb in my teeth and bite it gently.

She jerked against my side. “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”

“No, just startled. It’s all good. You could do that again.”

I took her fingers and nibbled and sucked on them one by one, and her eyes seemed to glaze over. Honestly I didn’t think that it was that special, but it seemed to work for her. When I’d worked through all five digits, she held up another tart for me. I ate it more quickly than the first one. I went for her fingers again, but she pulled her hand away.

She plunged her fingers into another tart, scooping up the filling, then held that to my mouth. I lipped away most of the filling, then sucked the rest off, finger by finger.

I found my voice, from somewhere very far away. “I’d like you to taste the flavor off my lips.”

Without saying anything, she leaned in, then started licking my lips. Then she sucked at them. Finally she kissed them.

When we took a breather, one of my hands was tangled in her dark hair and one of hers on the back of my neck. She was straddling one of my legs, her other hand on one of my man-boobs. My other hand was on her thigh.

“Wow.” I’m not sure which of us said that.

The lights came back on.

“Oh.” That was her, I was just sighing.

“Should we…?” “Do we….?” We both stopped. I started up again first. “The un-party just finished, I guess. What do you want to come afterwards.”

“I’ve always heard guys say that lingerie looks best on the bedroom floor. I kind of like that nightie on you, but I’d like to test out the theory.”

“What? Oh. Oh!” I went to get up, but couldn’t with her sitting over one thigh. A thought occurred “Do you have, um…”

“Condoms? Yes.” She slid off my leg and took my hand. As she led me to her bedroom she answered the previous question “I’d like there to be an after-un-party. You’ve heard what people get up to at after parties. After-un-parties should be even better.”

The End

If you would like to leave a comment on this story, please create a Dimensions account and follow this link to the board where the story was originally posted.
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