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Default Biggest Hero of the Six (BBW Fantasy)

[Authors note: Please leave some feedback to my short story so I can improve. Enjoy.]

Biggest Hero of the Six
by PoorP

“You got ten seconds to explain why you’re calling this late or consider your apartment burnt down”, Gogo Tomago whipped her eyes over to the digital clock that read 2:01 AM.

“I do! I do! I do!”, Honey Lemon chirped to the exhausted Gogo over the phone, “Come down to the lab! I’ve got something that is going to change the world,” She breathed in for extra emphasis, “Forever! Hurry over! I’m at the nerd lab!”

Gogo sighed; tossing the bed sheets away, “I’m kicking your bony butt if it has anything to do with microbots”.

Her stomach rumbled, did she forget to eat dinner?

At San Fransokyo Institute of Technology AKA Nerd Lab

Honey Lemon stretched out the hoop shaped device to a diameter that exceeded her wingspan, proudly displaying it for Gogo to take in. It was as plain white as the materials that constructed Baymax, “…You woke me up for this? A hula hoop? I’m out.”

“Gogo! Wait. Stay! Don’t be mad!”

“I wouldn’t be ‘mad’ if you had something cool, like a frisbee or at least some sort of Meat Gum. Not a stupid hula hoop!”

Honey dove in Gogo’s path, “Not just any ordinary hula hoop-or a hula hoop at all. Think of it more like a belt.” Honey scurried, with her bright blonde hair and snow white lab coat fluttering behind her, she brought back a small rectangular device that when touched it opened up to become a floating PowerPoint presentation, “This belt, not only super fashionable and super cute, possesses the potential to solve WORLD HUNGER! Go ahead ask how-“

Seconds had only passed, yet it didn’t take long for Gogo to drift back to sleep.

“I said ASK HOW!”

“W-wha? Ho-how does it work?”, she smacked her lips, yawning.

“Delighted you asked,” Honey Lemon moved to the next slide, “’The Belt’, which has yet to be named (and trademarked), has two main functions. The first and most important is the fact that the belt is composed of harmless chemical matter absorbable through the human skin through properties of-”.

“Yeah, yeah. Like osmosis. We both took biology 121.” Gogo yawned while scratching her disheveled hair.

“Correct! ‘The Belt’ is materialized from many sub-components of chemical fusion that has a name unspeakable by the human tongue. I just like to call it; solidified calories. Took me all week to think of that”.

From the looks of it, Honey’s just as tired as Gogo. Matching messy blonde hair, bags under her eyes, and a staggered walk to name a few symptoms.

Honey flipped to the next slide, probably too overtired and oblivious to Gogo’s obvious boredom, “’The Belt’ operates by snuggly fitting around the subject’s waistline, then slowly releases calories into the body. Models of this product can range from one thousand to one million calories, if some prefer. After it’s use the belt can still be worn, for yes, fashion. As it-“

Gogo jumped awake from almost slipping on scratch paper covering the floor, “Alright! Alright! I’ve seen enough!”

“In that case, are you ready to try it out, test subject?”

Gogo scoffed, hand on hip, “’Scuse me?”

“I didn’t want to waste your time just to show you this, silly. I want you to try it out, give it a test run, the ol’ college try-“

“Why me? Couldn’t you-oh, I don’t know-Use a monkey or at the very least, Fred, for this kind of thing?”

“Gogo~” Honey smiled sweetly, “You know I don’t believe in animal testing and I’m sure Fred, Wasabi and Hiro are asleep. I mean, might as well while you’re here, right?”

The statement sent aches to Gogo’s head that only a rub of the temples could cure. Well, to be honest, she was a little peckish after she was so rudely awakened. Finding a place that serves snack foods as good as Aunt Cass’s Lucky Cat Café, at this hour is next to impossible, “Hand it over.”

“First, sign this,” Gogo threw her John Hancock on the clipboard Honey held out.

“I hope you’re hungry. Hold up your arms,” Honey slipped the belt around Gogo’s torso and released it. The built in advanced technology helped the belt configure itself to a comfortable circumference around Gogo’s waist. A circle indicating the on/off button formed in the front.

“Now watch it work it’s magic by…” The belt, like a mood ring, changed its color from grey to purple and black, a scheme to compliment Gogo’s outfit, “Wala! How does it feel?”

Gogo had to admit, the belt did compliment her style in clothing well and the hunger nipping at her for a few hours quickly began to fade away, “Oh my god! Honey,” Her excitement, although rare, is genuine, “I think you stumbled on something revolutionary here.”

Honey jumped and danced for joy, “Aaaah! I can’t believe it! Yes! Yes!”

“Yeah. Great! So now that you know it works, I’m gonna going home now,” she yawned, “I still got some sleep to catch up on.”

“Sure, thing,” Honey walked in front of Gogo and pecked the release button, however as she feared, it didn’t remove its grip, “Oh crap.”

“‘Oh crap, what?”

“N-nothing. I just gotta-“

“C’mon, quit joking around. I feel pretty full now,” Gogo tried her hand at removing the belt, but to no avail. It’s position seemed to be fixed around her waist.

“Let me just. Try. The. Button. One. More. Ugh!”

No matter how many times Honey pecked the button, the belt wouldn’t release, “Might have to reach for the manual override on this. That’s located directly behind the on/off switch.”

Gogo’s brief fullness was replaced by the feeling of being overstuffed, which began to not feel pleasant, “Honey! What’s taking so long?”

“J-Just give me a second!”, Honey tried to remain calm while wedging her finger between Gogo’s soft midsection and the emergency button, “G-geez, Honey~. Watch where you’re touching.”

“Sorry. Could you suck in your gut?”

“My gut?!?”


Honey’s accidental words found themselves to be true. Gogo’s formerly slim physique albeit with a thick lower body was showing signs of a pot-belly/muffin top that grew over the rim of the belt.


“ICANFIXIT!” Honey felt herself losing the battle between finding the switch and Gogo’s expanding flesh. The Japanese girls violent trembling around didn’t help much either.

“Dang it!” Her finger barely escaped the window from being permanently stuck between the belt and Gogo, “I need bolt cutters to get this off!”

“Can’t you use scissors?” Gogo grunted.

“I like to go for style and durability thank you very much.”

“Isn’t their a pair in here? The lab?”

Honey rubbed the back of her head, “Well, since Fred’s juggling incident two weeks ago all sharp objects had to get removed from the lab.”

Gogo internally cursed Fred for inadvertently making a mundane situation worse, he has mysterious ways of doing that. She pressed her palms on her softening midsection. Her belly already pushed past the fabric of her off-white shirt, exposing her fair skin to the elements.

‘The Belt’ didn’t solely affect her midsection. Gogo’s cheeks began to flush red at the sensation around her plump rump. If it wasn’t already evident already, Gogo has sort of a nice ass on her. Don’t get her wrong, she loved her body for what it was, but making an already outstanding feature on her body stand out even further wasn’t the best. Especially with the biker shorts she loved so much getting tighter around her swelling butt cheeks.

Her beloved black and purple leggings were forcefully stretched due to Gogo’s thick thighs growing closer and closer to one another. And don’t forget already round face too growing a little more cherubic as time passed.

The way her hands sunk in slightly gave her a similar experience of squeezing Baymax’s pillowy body, “Gosh dangit! Look, I gotta pair at my apartment”, Gogo moved for the exit when she felt her thighs rub together more than usual, her general movement was also slowed down, “I’m gonna need some help,” grabbing Honey by the wrist the pair sped through the hallway. Gogo’s grip on Honey , while gently yet firm, tightened while she felt her breasts bouncing up and down, partially blocking her view with each stride.

The two stepped outside to where Gogo’s mag-lev bike came to her beckon call, “Let’s speed!”

The pair whizzed through the streets of San Fransokyo not with blinding speed, but at a steady, normal bike pace. Gogo grit her teeth through the pain of moving a measly seven miles per hour. Already, with her breasts pressing against the bike’s handle bars, her great belly brushing against the body of the bike, the jiggling sensation around her arms, and Honey gripping her succulent love handles tight with half her skinny torso pressed against Gogo’s rotund rear end, there was no way she could pull off the usual daredevil feats she craved so much.

Despite the average rate of travel, Honey still held on for dear life to Gogo, even going as far as to wrap her long, thin legs to Gogo’s chunky thighs. Her equally thin arms tied themselves to Gogo’s belly and brushed against her under boobs. Most of the fear came from Gogo’ booty taking up most of the bike’s seating, leaving Honey only an inch or two of seat left. Although, she had to admit, it wasn’t all bad, for a reason, that she couldn’t explain with scientific reasoning, she felt that the sensation of holding onto Gogo’s jiggling fat…felt…intriguing.

The worst part of it, for Honey anyhow, had to be the fact that Gogo was still growing. Honey had to hold tighter to keep her clamp like grip on Gogo’s love handles. Her seating on the bike was losing the uphill battle to the rider’s billowing butt.

“Alright. Here we go.”

Sure, Gogo didn’t have the body she once had earlier today nor was she biking at the hair raising speeds she was used to, but there was no way in heck she would skip out on her favorite ramp.

Honey felt the wind whiz faster. She opened her eyes to see the wooden ramp next to the guard rail coming closer and closer, “W-wait, you’re gonna jump off the ramp?!? I’m no industrial engineer, but that could-“.


For a moment, everything seemed weightless. Honey’s bag, glasses, and jacket hung in the air while she hung onto Gogo’s body that seemed to float off the bike. A wicked adrenaline filled smile filled Gogo’s cherubic face from the feeling of free fall. It always felt so exhilarating to stare danger in the face.


Fortunately the two landed smack dab in front of Gogo’s apartment door, but at the cost of the bike’s wheels shooting in opposite direction. Honey, fortunately didn’t wind up under her companion, “Gogo. I think you got too fat for the bike.”

“Don’t you think I know that?”, the dark haired girl rolled herself onto her feet. The accursed belt still clung to her wide load waist, “Alright, hurry, hurry!”

Inside Gogo’s apartment, Honey fumbled around in Gogo’s drawer until her hand collided with the bolt cutters, “Don’t cut me! Be careful!”

With the precision and accuracy of a natural born chemist, Honey snipped ‘The Belt’ off with nary a gash on Gogo.

“And-“ CLIK. One swift motion and the ‘Belt’ fell to the floor with a loud clack. The two let out a good sigh of relief.

“That was a close call wasn’t it?”, Honey placed a hand on her more than pudgy friend.

Gogo stood with her back turned. Her hands feeling all over her fattened form. Honey backed toward the bed, expecting some kind of freakish onslaught of rage from her fellow engineer. However, that all came to nothing when Gogo turned, her eyes half lidded when she yawned.

“Whatever.” She kicked off her shoes and plopped down on the bed that creaked loudly under pressure. Her belly as round as a dome in the air, Honey gawked at it, fighting the need to rub all over it. That intriguing sensation never left. For some reason, it just lingered over her head. Until-.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Aren’t-“

Honey sprang onto the bed next to Gogo. Her long limbs cradled as much of her friend’s adipose as they could, “I’m not going anywhere.”

A shade of red filled Gogo’s cheeks, “W-what?”

“As the experimenter, I am legally bonded to make sure my test subject is in good condition twelve hours after the experiment was performed,” Honey nuzzled closer to Gogo’s fatty breast, “It was in the contract you signed, silly.”

It was hard to think straight with rage filling every orphus of her body. Although, the thin spindly fingers of Honey Lemon groping and fondling her soft skin did feel really nice…and it is a little late to leave Honey to walk home all alone.

“Just this once. You do NOT tell anybody about this.”

“…That doesn’t mean stop fondling.”

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