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Default The Disc - by cardboardboxer (~BBW, ~~WG, Fantasy)

~BBW, ~~WG, Fantasy - An exercise fanatic finds a "classic" workout vidoe and gives it a try.

The Disc
By cardboardboxer

Alicia Starks started her normal morning exercise routine without a second thought of eating. Her mornings usually began the same way; exercise first for an hour and a half, eat a breakfast of half a grapefruit and green tea, if she was feeling naughty she might have half of a blueberry muffin before her next workout which consisted of a mile run. By 8:30 am she was showered, primed, and ready for work.

Arriving at the studio for her afternoon taping she stopped by the office of Ted Sprat. He was a quiet fellow who ran an easy-going ship of several producers, directors, make-up artists and a slew of advertising agents and product promoters. Usually it was a crowd of go getters he didn't have to manage too much. It worked well for his low maintenance lifestyle of 'it'll happen if it happens.'

Alicia often noticed he was withdrawn and very non-confrontational. If she wanted she could run the show in any direction she wanted with barely asking, he was an easy pushover for whatever she wanted, which was a good thing for how she wanted to take the show in a more extreme direction.

Alicia had thought about changing the show from a low impact, easy cardio run for their viewers. The producers were afraid it might turn off the majority viewers (mothers in their mid 20s to late 30s trying to lose weight during the 12-3 time block) but she had bigger ambitions for HER show. Alicia wanted a high impact, large weight loss exercise show that could get her an exclusive DVD and exercise program deal.

"Listen, Alli. The producers won't go for this unless you've proven you have done a thorough research on the area. At best your credentials are jazzercise instructor and marathon runner. They won't go for a gambit like this unless you've got a solid sales pitch." Ted was very dismissive to the idea, which Alicia had guessed she would encounter. She knew he was a pushover but he wouldn't risk his career on pitching a possible failure for his mid-day exercise time block for the studio.

"I've got it covered. I'll write up and put together a full and thought out proposal over the weekend. I've got it all planned out, I'm going to buy a ton of the eighties exercise VHS tapes from Walter Frothing, get his lesson plan and research various dietician regimens for a high cardio, low carb lesson plan. It'll be good as gold, it's 2 steps above the cardio program we're broadcasting now. It isn't as risky as me trying to sell a 'Dummies Guide to the Olympics.' I wouldn't risk it that stupidly." Alicia had been planning this encounter for a week. There was no way Ted would say no to her now, she had shown the initiative of a sure-fire plan.

"Alright. You have the weekend. Get your tapes, research, meal plans, whatever you need to make this plan. I'll give you open access to the studios' petty cash to get you started, but I expect a cut on this investment before you sign ANYTHING. I'm not gonna risk my easy pass to a 25 year retirement on a pretty face who wants to push into the field faster than the rest of the world is ready for. Alicia, I'm willing to help as much as I can. Don't disappoint us, it's not just my job here. The studio can't afford another failed investment like Happy Harrison's House." Ted was referring to the children’s program that had inadvertently hired an ex-con who was imprisoned for drug possession. He was right, the studio would shut down and her career would be over before it started.

"Okay Ted, I won't disappoint. If they aren't interested, I won't push. I know I'm hard headed but I won't ruin things for the whole studio." Alicia was confident in herself being able to sell her fit body to this studio. She had the exercise resume to back her up, she just had to prove that finishing multiple marathons, training athletes and producing a successful bronze medal Olympian could help land her her very own instructional set. She could be the next Tony Horton, Richard Simons! She could make the next Tae Bo or whatever craze would help push her career down the offshoot money path for those who were risking investment in an 'exercise plan' or 'health enhancing drug' neither of which endorsed by the government or exercise community in any means. It didn't matter, if '6 minute abs' can make millions, then so can Alicia Starks!

Pulling in to the flea market Alicia counted the petty cash Ted had giver her. "$250 bucks to get the resources I need. Easy enough, I can concoct a cockamamie plan just as easily as Richard Simmons can. Time to go diving for answers and get creative." Locking the door Alicia adjusted her jean shorts hugging her lithe frame and tucking in the front of her tank top she ventured forth to the thick of the flea market. She had been wandering for a while browsing collections of VHS tapes, old DVDs and a few BETA-max stands. After an hour or so of going through several stands and perusing a few collections of 1980's neon covered collections of exercise videos featuring several different exhausted instructors she eventually happened upon a laserdisc featuring a very brightly colored, slightly overweight female named Janine Reasling displaying a cover of other chubby females in mid-pose for an exclusive cover shot showing them all on a 'stair-master' mid kick with the neon title of the cover saying "Cardio Kicks: Getting Your Body in the Shape It's Meant to be!" The cover itself was a little disconcerting, showing overweight women exercising was not a great way to get your sales pitch across, but the info on the back was legitimate; high impact jump and kick cardio, expressing an emphasis on diet featuring a low carb, high fat intake.

"Perfect! I'll take it. How much and do you have a laserdisc player and the instructional manual it came with?" Alicia exclaimed to the old woman behind the booth, she reached into her pocket and pulled out the remainder of the petty cash Ted had given her. "Well dear, I do have both. But I wouldn't recommend this to a person trying to lose weight, besides, you already seem to be pretty fit yourself? Anyways it's yours if you want but it didn't work for me when I tried it." The old woman was overweight, Alicia could see, but she doubted this woman ever followed any exercise regimen more than 'eat, sleep, wake-up' so she quickly handed over the cash, collecting the laserdisc player, discs and instruction manual. "I just need it for ideas. I'm doing a study to make my own program and this looks right up my alley.

It even includes a feeding program!" Alicia could not hide her excitement as she put all her new possessions in the cardboard box the woman handed her. Alicia pulled the hair tie out of her long blonde locks as she raced towards her car, impatient to get started on her new project.

On her drive home her eyes were nearly glued to the back of the laserdisc cover, intently reading the contents of her newly acquired package, "Wow they even include progress pictures and tapes of these women after their exercises. Even modern exercise programs don't include videos or pictures of the fatties after the program!" Alicia was enraptured as she dodged quickly through traffic, nearly hitting several cars as she hastily made her way home.

Unlocking the door her apartment complex she was greeted by her neighbor Evan Dulcey, checking his mail as he greeted Alicia, "Hey, I've got a coupon here for Pestroni's Italian Buffet. 2 for 1 all you can eat! I was hoping you'd want to go? Maybe tomorrow or the day after?" Evan asked the thin attractive instructor.

"Sorry, Ev. I have a big project I have to finish this weekend! I have to get started right away! If I have time I'll give you a knock?" Alicia liked him, even if he was a bit quiet she still liked his thoughtfulness. "I'll tell you what, I'll give you a call tomorrow if things work out?" She said while frantically pressing the fourth floor button.

"Sounds good! I'll talk to you tomorrow." Evan sulked as he opened the door to the stairwell.

Alicia opened the door and briskly made her way to the TV. She was lucky enough to have one of the newer LCD televisions that featured a coaxial connection, she realized as she started connecting the artifact to her display. The laserdisc fired up, luckily, as she plugged it in and started putting the pizza sized disc into the tray. "I hope this thing still reads, I bet I can get a wealth of information from this thing to start my own program. Luckily I can copy from this thing without anyone every have heard of this relic."

The startup screen showed all 5 of the large women displaying the menu, while looping through a video of the females doing very beefy kicks, flinging their large thighs in the air as their bellies jiggled, their breasts were swaying in the various retro spandex suits they had been sandwiched into-beefy thighs and ankles jiggling about in their leg warmers. "Well at least they feature the after videos showing them in their more current state." Alicia was hopeful after the disingenuous preview promo. She pressed play hoping the best.

"Alright girls! I'm Janine Reasling and I'm going to show you how to get into the shape you belong in!" The chubby brunette in the leopard colored unitard in the front shouted at the 'audience' (all the videos from this time had the instructor shouting at the view, Alicia remembered) "First we're going to go through stretches!" Janine happily announced, as she stood on one leg, and quickly thrust her left arm in the air, causing her to wobble all over; her breasts swayed and her belly, thighs and arms jiggled quickly as she finished her exclamation. "First we'll do a few ankle and thigh stretches!" Janine was overly happy for a girl her size, Alicia thought. She shouldn't be teaching exercise this way, that was concrete in her mind.

Janine turned her beefy back to the camera "First we'll do a few ankle stretches!" Janine turned her wide backside to the camera and reached down to her left ankle, "Reach on down there and grab your ankles! We'll do 15 seconds a piece!" Her very large rear end raised into the air, Janine clasped on to her ankle, the back of her leopard spotted unitard slight splitting down the middle, thinning out the material. Alicia shook her head and started with the video. Her exercise outfit was very taught today, but she soldiered on, doing a progressing lean into her ankles along with the video. "My tights are feeling small today... Need to be more careful of those gym washing machines..." Alicia stood upright, legs spread shoulder length apart just as Janine had, not noticing the expansion in her tights thinning the fabric in the back.

"Alright girls! Next thing we start on is arm stretches! These are pretty basic so just follow along!" Janine flicked her poofy brunette eighties hair to the right as she grabber her left bicep with her right arm, stretching it across her very large chest. Was her belly bigger? Alicia didn't remember the instructor outfit showing small tears in the front, revealing Janines belly button. "Whatver."

Alicia thought as she powered on through the very retro exercise disc. She pulled her doughy shoulder across her breasts with her opposite arm "Man! These things were never in the way this badly! I must have gained a few in my chest. I need to concentrate on upper body more on my next routine..." Alicia thought to herself as she dragged her toneless arm in the opposite direction, following suit with the video.

The exercise was more winding than she had expected. "This was a good investment! These older videos are more intensive! The newer ones concentrate on not causing too much strain to dissuade newcomers!" Alicia exclaimed to herself as she huffed, wheezed and finished the second stretch.

"Okay, we did our upper and lower body stretches, now we need to get our waist, hips and thighs!" Janine was excited about these upcoming stretches, more so than the last two. She started by spreading her legs apart (Were her thighs that big? Is her butt bigger now? I don't remember her breasts bouncing that much...) The ample instructress sat on her wide rear and spread her legs until her feet were touching the large women to each side of her (Weren't the thinner at the beginning of this tape?) after touching toes the camera zoomed in on Janine’s cherubic face (Did she have a second chin at the start of this tape) "Now using this stretch position we're going to put our heads forward and stretch our torso, using our legs as leverage to stretch our midsection and thighs!" Janine smiled as she lunged forward, doughy arms at her sides, her soft belly touching the ground. As she kept leaning forward Alicia thought she noticed the instructors belly spreading slowly across the exercise mat. When she sat up Alicia thought she saw a second roll forming on the instructor prolific gut, spread very wide between her legs. "Alright, now that we're done with that lets work on our hips and thighs!" Janine struggled her way up off the mat as her large breasts and belly swayed, the profile of her body exposing her larger ass, the tears on her leopard spotted unitard becoming more and more apparent, exposing gooey flesh splaying out from each exposure on her outfit, like dough rising in a pan too small.

Alicia struggled up from her sitting position, adjusting her belly into her sweatpants as her workout shirt rose up just under her breasts, displaying a half inch of tit flesh, the air cool on her sweating body was refreshing as Alicia wheezed and struggled. She hardly noticed when her nylon sweats split down the middle. She was slightly distracted by her body when she looked down into the crevasse of her breasts (when were these ever THIS big?!) but Alicia struggled on and looked back up to the screen to the 5 obese women squeezed into very, very tight spandex, most of which were very bottom heavy pear

shapes, wheezing and red faced with the bellies exposed from their outfits (weren't those girls just slightly chubby when the video started 15 minutes ago?! this is just the stretching routine!) Alicia huffed and took a swig from her chocolate milkshake as the next routine started.

"*huff* okay you big, beautiful girls! This is the next *huff* step in the stretch! We're doing sides!" Janine lifted her wobbly arms upward as far as they went until her hands touched, the gooey bicep flesh wobbled next to her face "Now we lean to the left, and then the right!" The extremely out of shape instructor moved her barely touching uplifted arms to her left, her muffin top squeezing into three fleshy folds as her belly lifted slightly to the side, exposing to the eye pointed in the other direction just how large her ass had gotten-the split in the seam ran down her leg as it exposed her panties which themselves had an exposed seam displaying 6 inches of her butt (the camera angle had shifted to a position slightly above and to the side, showing nearly the same results on the other 4 girls.) When Janine switched to the other side Alicia gave a huff as she took a seat on the couch, her sweatpants giving up the fight and splitting neatly all the way down displaying the thinly stretched fabric of her pearl white lycra exercise panties, long ago turned into a thong and finally snapping like an over tightened rubber band.

Alicia grabbed her remote and turned off the laserdisc of the 5 morbidly obese women attempting to stand up after they heavily flopped to the ground, unitards covering less than a fourth of their exposed doughy flesh "These things are a crock. Nobody loses weight with these. Might as well take Evan up on his offer." She reached for the phone and began dialing his number when she realized she should change into something more presentable when Alicia heard a knock at her door.

"Hey Alicia? It's Evan. I heard a bang and thought you might need some help." Evan knocked repeatedly until he heard an answer.

Alicia squeaked "I'll be right there. Er. Just a second!" Alicia panicked. She couldn't answer the door half naked and sweaty but if she waited too long he'd get even more worried. She thought quick and grabbed her workout towel, slinging it around her breasts and tucking it under her armpits when she ambled her wide body up off the couch and waddled her way to the door. Alicia grabbed the knob and sighed deep as she
swung the door wide open, invitingly as nothing had happened.

Evan glanced up slowly and got a looked wide eyed as he took all of Alicia’s toweled body in. He turned bright red as he talked to her, glancing slightly downward during the whole sentence, "Well... um, uh... Yeah you look great... I just thought I'd check you ou... Make sure you're okay...."

Alicia looked where Evans eyes were glued and saw that the towel covered just her breasts and not her billowing soft belly, or even her wide, swaying ass that were still jiggling slightly as she stood still.

"I'm very much alright and I would love to go to that all you can eat buffet later. But first, I need you to help me with something..." Alicia smiled coyly as Evan met her eyes. She dropped the towels and pulled him in with her fleshy arms by the wrists, placing one hand on her gargantuan ass and another on her soft, spongy breast, pulling his face in at the same time to connect with a passionate kiss. As she dragged him closer inside with her lips she twisted him around, kicking the door closed with her doughy ankle before promptly pulling away from him. "I need your help with something first, sweety..." She said with a wry smile on her face as she pushed him backwards onto the couch and tipped herself over on top of him.

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Talking Keep up the great work!

I read The Carnival Attraction a while back, and I enjoyed it. Then I read The Fortune Reader recently when you posted it, and I loved it, but was kinda sad when I realized those were the only two stories you had up. And now you turn that frown upside down with another great new one.

Loving your work, and eagerly anticipating more!
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One of my favorite stories, wonderful work.
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