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Default Late Night at the Grocery Store - By FFABoots (~FFA, SSBHM, Sexual Foreplay)

~FFA, SSBHM, Sexual Foreplay - A grocery store employee on the night shift sees a fantasy come to life before her eyes.

Late Night at the Grocery Store
by FFABoots

It was as dull a night as any other--Sally had begun to wonder why they even kept the grocery store open 24 hours. They got so few customers in the middle of the night; it couldn't be worth paying the staff to stay. She slumped against the deli counter, hoping a manager wouldn't come by and give her the old "If you have time to lean..."

She checked her cell phone--1:15 AM. This night was never going to end.

But then she saw them. Most late-night customers were shift workers who sped through the store to grab a few things; Sally couldn't remember the last time she'd seen a couple shopping together past midnight. And these two were special. The woman was quite beautiful--a curvy redhead with creamy skin, she wore a gray pencil skirt and blouse that looked fresh and unrumpled even this late at night.

But it was the man who caught Sally's attention. He was exactly her type: he had dark wavy hair, an amazing smile, and--the most important part--he was enormously fat, at least 500 pounds. He wore khakis and a light blue dress shirt over his big, soft breasts and belly, and he leaned on a shopping cart piled high with food.

The redhead gave him a swat on the bottom and said, "Okay, for tonight we've got pizza, frozen cheesecake, fried chicken, and all the stuff to make milkshakes. What else?"

Sally couldn't take her eyes off them. Her heart quickened and she was overcome with jealousy. That lovely woman was going to get to take her fantasy boyfriend home and feed him up, put even more delicious pounds on that huge body. The man chuckled. "You're so bad, you can't keep letting me buy all this junk."

"You love it, so it's not junk. I looooove seeing you happy," the redhead said. Her attraction to the fat man was palpable; she nearly sparkled. "Hey, there's cookie dough, I know you love that!"

She grabbed four tubes and put them in the cart. "And we'll need milk..."

"Get skim," he said over his shoulder, looking at a display of chips. He picked up two family-size bags.

"Sure, of course," she said back, grabbing two cartons of what Sally knew to be whole milk.

The man noticed a small collection of tables and chairs by the deli counter. "Hey, I'm gonna sit down for a minute, okay? I'm a little bit winded."

As he made his slow way over, Sally sneaked to a spot behind the counter where she could see him, but he couldn't see her.

The redhead walked over to him. "Hey, good idea. How about we get an early start?"

She grabbed a tiny sample spoon off the deli counter and pried the top off a carton of chocolate ice cream. She offered him a spoonful.

The man looked at it hungrily, but then scanned the area around them. "What if someone sees us? Will they think we're stealing? I'd hate to end up in the paper as the fat guy who stole ice cream."

The redhead grinned. She put the spoonful in his mouth and he closed his eyes and savored it.

"Are you kidding?" she laughed, "I used to shop here all the time and nobody's around this time of day. I mean nooooobody."

She fed him a few more bites, then set the carton down and went in for a kiss. She straddled one of his vast, round thighs and pressed her lips to his.

Their kisses grew longer and deeper. Sally, watching behind the deli counter, had forgotten to be envious and was just living vicariously through the redhead. She felt herself grow wet as she watched the redhead run her hands down the man's torso. She imagined what it must feel like to grab one of his soft breasts and knead it, to run a hand down to his belly apron and press your fingers into the fat.

The redhead snaked her hand up the man's shirt, and as the shirt lifted up, one of his dimpled belly rolls came into view, then a second, then a third, to Sally's delight. Her nipples were so hard.

Sally watched the redhead take one of the man's hands and guide it up her skirt. His eyes widened, but he looked more than happy to oblige. She began to grind softly against his hand while holding his breasts with both hands, and kissing his double chin.

Sally reached down and started to rub herself through her jeans; she'd never done that at work before, but this was like her own personal Penthouse letter coming to life. She imagined she was the redhead, getting to rub against that mountain of belly fat, that pile of soft rolls.

She and the redhead bucked and came at nearly the same time, Sally biting the tip of her thumb to keep herself from moaning out loud. Sally watched as the redhead kissed him one more time, stood up and straightened her skirt and said, "Wow."

The man was smiling for all he was worth. "Uh, YEAH. That was pretty crazy."

He beckoned to the redhead and whispered in her ear for a minute. Then both turned and, to Sally's horror, looked straight at her.

"Hi there, miss," said the fat man. Sally blushed to the tips of her ears. She could not have turned any redder. How much had he seen?

"Hi," she finally squeaked. "I thought maybe you couldn't see me."

The fat man chuckled. "I'm hoping we're not in trouble...?"

"Oh, no no no," Sally said quickly, "It...ah...I don't...it didn't bother me at all. At ALL."

She was blushing so hard she thought she must be turning purple. In an attempt to lighten the mood, she nodded at their cart and said, "Hey, with that meal, I think you need mac and cheese...and maybe a cherry pie."

The redhead and the man locked eyes for a second, and then the redhead turned and smiled at Sally.

"Boy, that'll be a lot of food...we might need help out to the car..." she said, her words rich with meaning. She winked.

Sally couldn't believe her luck.

"I would be delighted to," she said, thrilled. She stripped off her apron, then she and the redhead each took one of the fat man's huge hands and helped pull him to his feet.

"Let's go," Sally said as she bagged the groceries and led them out to their car. She didn't tell her manager she was leaving for the rest of the night. She was thinking of what she would feed the fat man once they got home.

The End

If you would like to leave a comment on this story, please create a Dimensions account and follow this link to the board where the story was originally posted.
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