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John Smith
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Default True story, muffins and shorts thoughts about female weight discrimination to Quebec.

I've originally writing this post on Feabie one or two months ago, but I thought that some people will appreciate that. So, enjoy!

" True story : one year ago, I began as customer service commitee into a coffee shop, while one day a young and georgous woman between 25 - 30's, wearing often a professionnal but urban outfit composed by a dark-colored fit skirt and a white shirt, come buy some pastries. Quickly, she got addicted to our muffins and came back daily for buy and buy again, going to buying until three by day.

I don't know what's really happens after few times because I didn't work in the same hours during few weeks but one month later this first gathering, I clean the store when I hear a familiar voice salute for my attention.

I turn back. Litteral heartstroke. I tried to immediatly regive mastership of this reflex of stomaching which threatening to tear my usually-wusually-welcoming smile into a morbid grin. The customer was not a super thin girl before with her average, curvy frame and with her glutonnous addiction,I should admit that with time she's certainly put some weight : but the character which take front to me looks get out directly from a fictionnal realm such that state was IM-POSSIBLE!! Her face, still familiar was so swell that the definition of her sweet, thin but bouncy-cheeked delta-shaped features turn in a confusely plump, heart-shaped, pregnant-like round face with a saggy underchin. But it's althrough the rest of her 5 feet 4 body who knew the most of its " swelling " with her now huge Petite-sized big body with bosom assets, thickly trunk-strunk-sized calves and a globular belly hang out with an asstounding firmness under her (akwardly) same exact outfit that she weared the first time where I meet!!
Maybe that she was pregnant or sick or that she had a slower-and-slower metabolism ... I told to myself : but when I see her enormous belly jiggles while she waddled through the place where we presented her favorite candies, I concluded that the pregnance wasn't not among those possibilities.
Today yet, I wonder to myself how is possible that a person can gaining such weight in so bit of time (she must fattening of approximatively 30-50 kg in only four weeks after all) and even think if this brand-new BBW wasn't maybe not some Fat Admirer or Feedee, after all I myself cross a lot of skinny, thin or average girls from my age whose desired becoming obese but doesn't make by fear of social reject or mockeries and finished by feeling bad onto their skin, developping strangely by consequence an ever - growing appetite that they're still tried to flush out, following by emotionnal troubles.

Life of women in this society is very hard. "

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