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Default Meeting The Family by Cylon_Bob (BBW (mult), WG, Stuffing)

~BBW (mult), ~~WG, Stuffing - Boyfriend of a (now) big, beautiful woman meets her bigger, beautiful family for the first time

Meeting The Family


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

When Mari introduced me to her family, I had no idea what to expect. She'd told me little about her mom and sisters, and done a lot to keep us separate. Three years together, and I'd only seen pictures, old pictures.

Never knew why until that day.

She'd visited with them plenty on her own, which was good; it meant there'd be no lengthy explanation of what the hell happened to her feminine physique.

See, in the three years I've dated Mari, she's changed. Grown as a person, specifically, into a fatter one. I like to think it's because of my encouragement; at least once a day, I manage to get my thick-bodied, dramatically-curvaceous girlfriend overeating, indulging herself more than she should. In reality, I know, there's no way she didn't choose to let it happen, but I can pretend.

When we met, Mari was a tiny thing, deliciously curvy, but decidedly slender, a dimple-cheeked beauty with a liking for sweets and enough restraint to keep it in check. Three years later, she's as gorgeous as ever; she's got the dimples, got the sweet tooth, but the rest of that, the restraint especially, all of it's in the past.

Dating me, Mari's grown plush, plus-sized, and all that in the best way imaginable. The only thing still tiny about her is her height; she's packed on more weight than I could have hoped, adding blubber in all the best places. Her weight's better distributed than a teenage boy could have hoped. Her ass is huge, her tits are hypnotic, and there's just enough butter-soft puffery in between that you know she's all natural. Maybe a bit more than that.

Not all men would understand exactly why I kept the high-calorie treats in high supply while my classically-hot girlfriend was porking out big time, packing on pounds faster than a pregnant heifer, but it's simple enough.

See, as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing sexier than watching a woman blossoming into a soft-bodied goddess, and that's what happened. With a woman like Mari, every morning after a big meal is a show, seeing her fight with that “brand fricking new, lacy effing bra that she just effing bought,' watching her wriggle, struggling to capture those fleshy globes in cups larger than a hat as her burgeoning back fat swallows the straps. I would watch these performances, and then I'd gave her a Hershey's as comfort, king-sized of course, always king-sized for my queen.

It's been a long game, but it's worked. She's eaten her way past chubby, through 'thick,' plumping up steadily, turning sexier with every extra piece of cake. That day in the car, at that point, she had one hell of a body, a fleshy, caramel-colored, Hawaiian hourglass, and I think we both knew that she was inching ever closer to graduating to a new stage, some unimaginable next level of impossibly fertile squishiness.

I was up to my usual 'tricks' that morning, trying to be sneaky, enabling her to eat too much. That morning, I'd made sure the car was fully stocked with chocolates. It's an entry-level move for guys like me, supplying the lady with chocolate and sitting back for the show as she eats away her stress, swallowing those feelings with extra nougat.

I expected her to nibble a bit, maybe get a bit crazy, openly indulge, tease me about how fat she's getting. That's how this usually works; she turns snacks into shows for me, making happy noises when the chocolate appears, eying me mischievously as she wrapped her delicate pink lips around the tasty treat, moaning when she eats, groaning when she realizes how much she ate.

That is the usual order of operations. She does that, accuses me of spoiling her, and teases me for trying to be tricksy. That day though, she found the first as soon as she was seated, then actively sought out and scarfed down twelve King-sized Snickers in the time it took me to get three miles from our apartment.

She made noises, gobbling up the chocolate, grunting like a pig and groaning softly when the weight of almost 6,000 calories settled inside her soft tummy. She bit her lip, but didn't stop searching, rifling through the glove box, the door compartments in search of more unnecessary sustenance.

I was a little freaked, to be honest, but I kept my calm. I'd seen Mari in some serious binges; she's more than a few times eaten pizza until her gut was too heavy to move. When she first realized how hot that got me, she started doing it purposely, asking me to get more food for her. But this wasn't that, she wasn't trying to turn me on, and god knows, after the lunch we'd just eaten, she wasn't hungry. I had to ask, "Are you... Okay?"

"Yeah, I'm just a little... Mmph..." She stopped, "Hey, could you do me a favor?" She asked, looking at me pleading, huge blue eyes and long, black lashes. I sighed, and she knew that was a yes, "Yay! Okay, can you pull in here? I'm craving some Mickey D's soft serve, okay?"

I pulled in, but I didn't order. I looked at my girlfriend. She's not a big girl, aside from her curves. Saying she's short exaggerated her height; she's 4'9, not even 'close to five foot,' and again, aside from a 40+ inch ass and a ripe pair of G cup breasts, she's not that big.

Not usually.

That moment was different. We'd had a big lunch, she had to use her pregnant-woman's-waddle getting to the car, and that was before her recent chocolate feast. Normally, she's fat, but curvy enough that 'big' seems the wrong word, but right that second, it was the only word for her. Her shirt was rolled over her tummy, her gut poured into her lap. She looked to have swallowed a watermelon, but she wanted more. I checked again, "You're sure. You really think you have room in this?" I reached to pat her belly; it felt like a rock.

"I'll make room. It's melty." She said, without hesitation, pursing her lips, "Screw it, get me two. I feel fat today."

"Today?" I snorted, "God, how much you're eating, just wait until tomorrow." I joked, pulling into the drive-through. I had reservations, but I'm always glad to help Mari give in to her fundamental gluttony.

Mari grimaced, "Ugh. God. Don't remind me. I'm already like, ten pounds heavier than I woke up, and we haven't even got to mama's house." She set her hands on the bloated dome of her tummy and frowned down at her body while I ordered. She sighed, "God. This is just the start, too." She tilted her head back, her eyes looked glassy, "Nnnngghh, and I'm about to eat so much..." she whined, like she had no choice

"Wait, what? What the hell are we doing here, then?"

Mari sighed, "Just... pull ahead. You'll figure it out."

I did as I was told, handed off the ice cream and did my best not to look. I focused on the voice of the GPS while Mari went all out. She dropped all pretense of propriety, or so the noises I heard suggested. It was hard not to look, but just the sound was sexy, and it might be bad taste to meet the family with a raging erection.

All I knew about her family was that she was the skinny one. She maintained her Mama was an inch shorter and almost twice her weight, which I had to believe could only be true seventy pounds ago. Mari's height means that at 169 pounds, she's thicker than my 212 pound ex. That mama stood shorter than a 12 year old, yet weighed more than an average NFL player seemed hard to believe

My certainty on that took a pretty serious hit just from the size of the sister who answered the door, grinning, "You must be Danny!" She beamed, grabbing me in for a hug, wrapping her wobbling, deceptively-strong arms around my waist and pulling me into the soft mass of herself. She stepped back with a grin, happy to say, "You're the one Mari's been dating for ages but won't introduce!" She could barely contain her joy at letting me know, "I don't know a dang thing about you!"

I needed a second to reboot, the woman in front of me was taller than Mari, and so much wider. She took up the entire door frame with her plush, doughy body. Her clothes didn't exactly flatter her, but it's hard to flatter a figure like that, with no discernable waistline, all convex curves and rippling rolls.

There was some family resemblance between the two, if you imagined Mari's face swollen into a triple-chinned sphere and her soft, barely-visible waist replaced with a billowing apron of wobbling meat that hung down, peeking from beneath her shirt. It was something in the eyes, maybe, or the subtle curve of her lip. I couldn't be sure, but it was in the face.

I realized she was waiting for me to respond. I stuttered, "N-no? Well, uh, I'm kind of in the same b-boat! You're, uh..." I wracked my brain to recall the names and childhood pictures Mari had shown me, but they'd all been thin then, "You're the, uh... the younger—"


"Older, older sister, so that means you're..." I wasn't sure, Mari'd given me this run-through when we first started dating, three long years ago. I wasn't sure, I think my voice raised an octave with nerves, but, "Su?"

She laughed with her whole body, by which I mean there wasn't a visible inch of her massive body that didn't quiver with mirth, "Got there in the end! Come on in! Meet the rest of us!"

She shifted her bulk to let us through, her huge smile growing broader still as Mari passed through. She playfully nudged her sister, "Hey, look at you! Looking good!"

"That all you got to say?" Mari grunted, face distorted with discomfort, clutching her overstuffed gut.

Su's response, you'd think she expected that rudeness. She shrugged with a satisfied half-smile, "Eh. For now. Probably more later."

Mari wasn't so amused, "I'm sure. Where's Luana?"

Su snorted, "You get three guesses." She arched an incredulous eyebrow, "And if your first is anything other than 'the kitchen,' I'm disowning your skinny ass."

Mari nodded, eyes rolling, "Of course. Mama's in bed?"

Su gave her a look of mock disbelief, "It's almost like you... You know us!"

That broke Mari's ill temper. She snorted, shaking her head, and reaching out for a hug. "It's good to see you too." Breaking apart, she had a knowing expression, like she could read her sister's mind, "Kitchen first?"

"Either that or we go hungry tonight because Lu's fat ass finished it all off."

Mari laughed, "Yeah right. I grew up in this place, I know how stupid huge our family meals are."

Su's face wrinkled, "Yeah, but you don't know how stupid huge Luana's gotten."

We followed the big, bouncing belly into the kitchen, where every surface was weighed down with treats and all the seating was triple wide and extra-reinforced. Taking up two of the wide stools with her gut keeping her two or three feet back from the table in front of her was a woman actually fatter than Su, a potbellied pear of a woman with a chocolate-stained face. Her mouth was full, but she gestured, excited for Mari to come closer. This was Luana, I could see the resemblance in this one, but that was only that Luana had curves, specifically, an ass the width of a bus, and I'm still not certain that's an exaggeration.

The instant Mari was in arm's reach, Luana's hand shot out, grabbing roughly at my girlfriend's plentiful fluff. Mari rolled her eyes as Luana sunk her chubby fingers deep into her plushy tummy, moaning happily, swallowing hard as her exploring brought her to the overpacked bulge of Mari's belly. Her eyes got wide, shocked almost, and her happy tone agreed with that, "Oh my god!" She squealed, "Mari! Areyou..."

Mari snorted, pushing away her sister's insistent groping, "No." She said, "I just... I had kind of a big meal a bit ago."

"Aw." Luana snorted, disappointed, and you could almost see the idea coming together in her head, "Wait. Big meal, like..." She looked to me to verify, "Like, big big?" I didn't answer, but apparently, breaking eye contact is affirmative. Luana had a look of glee in her eye, "Oh my god, Mari, tell me you didn't stuff your face to stop me from making fun of you. Tell me you didn't do that. You poor, sad woman, please tell me you didn't stuff your belly full of fast food to make think you'd gotten proper chubby!"

Mari slumped, "I just thought—"

"Thought what, I'd give you a break because you look knocked up? Mari, Mari, Mari, I love you, but as long as you stay skinny, I'm going to make fun of you!" Luana cackled, "You're great, I love you, but for god's sake, you beautiful, bony bitch, eat a dang cheeseburger!"

I stepped in, "Trust me. She's had a few already."

"Yeah, well, I don't care; she's not getting out of dinner!" Luana chuckled. She nodded my direction,. "I'm just glad I don't have to kill your boyfriend; I'm medium-sure my ass is glued to this spot right now, it would be way too much trouble to murder you." She glared, but sounded almost gleeful, so amused by herself, "Wed, then bed her, Danny boy!"

"Yeah, because you're so virginal." Mari snorted.

Luana looked into the distance, pouting, feigning innocence, “I don't know what you're talking about.”

"Bitch, we've caught you in the act, more than once,” Mari argued, rolling her eyes, “and you're gonna call me out for being promiscuous?"

Su snickered, "Seriously, Lu, come on. Just..." She shook her head, "Three words: Marriott, Florida, spa."

Luana turned red instantly, "That... I was..." She scoffed, "I was having a hard time, okay?"

"I'll say!" Mari laughed, "Somehow, your fat ass managed to get two hard times going on, if I remember right!"

"Well, I mean, there were definitely two men in there," Su agreed, "but I feel like I remember one of them making an escape somewhere in the middle of it all."

"Huh." Mused Mari, "Wonder what happened there?"

Su was getting into this, "That was last... November, right? Yeah, 'cause you'd just found out you were bigger than me." She pursed her lips, "My bet, little lardy Lu-Lu wasn't looking so tidy downstairs. Freaked him out." She leered, grabbing the drooping flesh of her sister's gut, "You can't even reach around all this to shave anymore, can you? I know you can't see it without a mirror. Poor guy was just afraid he'd get lost in the jungle!"

Luana scowled, "Ugh, don't be gross. I wax."

Su squeaked, realizing "Oh my god. You <i>sat</i> on him!" Luana went quiet, "Oh my god, that's it, isn't it?" She laughed, "Ugh, the poor guy, he's getting all hot and bothered, it's probably his first threesome, then all of a sudden, oh my god, he can't move, he can't breathe, he's being smothered by a lazy slut with too much junk in her trunk!"

"Okay, first of all!" Luana bit back, "All this I have happening in the downstairs area, this is too much for 'junk in the trunk.' I am a fricking dump truck, okay, get it right."

Su couldn't have been happier, "So that's that beeping I keep hearing! Come on, do us a favor and walk forward, wide load!"

Luana scowled, "Second, it wasn't my fault, I'd just come back from dinner. We got busy, and suddenly, he couldn't get out from underneath me, and I couldn't bend in the middle to get off of him!"

Mari snorted, "Dangers of being a jumbo-sized, belly-stuffing slut: you might strangle a random hotel worker because your fat, piggy butt couldn't say no to another bowl of breadsticks. What were you saying about how I should be keeping my virtue, again?"

Luana scowled, "Okay, first off, what I said was 'wed, then bed.' Last I checked, a massage table isn't a bed!" She saw the glee in her sisters' faces and rushed to silence them, panic rising in her voice now she was in their sights, "Look, it's whatever, okay, it's not important! Point is: you're not married; don't make babies; boom, end of subject, moving on!"

I stepped up, "Actually—" but I cut short when Mari's hand squeezed tight; this wasn't the time and place.

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Mari took over, she wanted to get things happening, "Actually, we should really go see mama now. Could.... Could you two come with us? We..." She looked to me, "We have news."

Luana lit up, "Oh my god, you are preggers! Skinny slut!" She turned a proud grin to Su, "Fricking called it!"

Mari rolled her eyes. She turned towards the hallway. Su was moving, but Luana still hadn't shifted. Mari frowned, a bit exasperated, "You coming?"

Luanna frowned, petulant. She sighed, like it was too much and Su jumped into action. This was a pattern and she was sick of it, "For the love of god, Luana. You fat cow. You haven't moved in like, eight hours." She stepped up, snatching Luana's flabby belly apron and pulling back, "Stop... freaking... eating..." She grunted out between tugs, shouting over Luana's pained yelps, "and take... part... in our freaking... family!"

She nearly fell flat on her cushioned ass when her attempt succeeded. That would have been further delay, though, and Mari was irritated as it was. I grabbed the soft, pliable meat of her upper arm. She blushed, muttered thanks and glared at Luana. She moved to get another handful of flesh to pull at, but her sister slapped her hand away, massaging the tender, bruised area, "I'm coming, okay?" She growled, "God!"

We filed into the room across the hall, three women of incredible dimensions, two out of three waddling. I might have gone slack jawed when I saw Mama. She might not be full double her youngest's weight, but she was close. She was almost a duplicate of Su, but her body type was somehow even less womanly, more couch-like. Her face was lively, and when she grinned, her cheeks dimpled. like Mari's, "You must be Danny!"

I've never been good with these kinds of conversation. Mari inhaled, was about to say something but Luana was grumpy from thirty seconds without food. Sullen, she spoke for her sister, "Mari's pregnant."

Mama's grin went too big for her face. Excitement flooded her expression as she eyed the impossible-to-disguise bulge under her tight tank top, but Mari spoke fast, barking at Luana, "Goddammit, Lu, I'm not effing pregnant!" She breathed in, centering herself, "I mean, not right now."

For being so excited, mama recovered quickly. She laughed, "Good girl. No ring, no baby!"

Mari's eyes met mine; it was time. I stepped up, "Actually, that's..." I smiled, Mari was digging in her purse, "That's why I'm here. Why... Why we're here."

Mari glowed, pulling from her purse, the ring box I'd given her. She bit her lip, stuttered, "I... I said yes!"

Luana and Su went quiet. They might have gasped, I don't remember. Mama shifted her weight, reaching for, grabbing a pull bar alongside the wall. Heaving herself to her feet couldn't have been easy; she must be incredibly strong somewhere beneath the heavy layers of candy-caused coating. She groaned, but managed faster than I'd have expected. She looked energized, but moved sluggish, ponderously stepping towards me and grabbing me in for a big, squishy hug.

I'm not a tall man; my arm span isn't exactly impressive, but my hands weren't close to meeting.

She pulled away first with a "Welcome," then moved determinedly towards the door. I was still frozen, Su and Luana were cooing over the ring, until mama stuck her head back in, laughing, "You coming? I stocked up on treats when you told me you were coming!" No one shifted. Mama scoffed, "Look, just because I can eat an entire cake on my own doesn't mean I don't want to share it with my family!"

The largest two in the room vanished from the room faster than you'd think possible. Mari was flushed, smiling, and she looked so beautiful. I wrapped my arms around her; her pink lips parted and I took the hint, locking lips with the love of my life.

Then she looked down, nose centimeters from my chest, hand on my spine. She laughed, her eyes turned up to me, "We should really get in there before they eat it all..."

Hand on her food baby, I smirked, "You really want more food?"

A smile twitched in the corners of her mouth, "Yeah... I mean... I'm getting married. I can let myself go, now, right?"

I chuckled, "Right. Please."

Mari broke out in a grin. She yelled out the door, "You fat cows had best save me some cake!"
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I'll save time telling you about the next forty minutes, simplify it by saying it was amazing, gluttony like I'd never seen.

That's saying something. I used to follow all-women eating competitions for the chicks. These four made those girls look like amateurs, those champion eaters I thought were so huge with their XL granny panties and threadbare sweatpants.

I was in heaven.

'Cake,' Mama had said as a singular, but I learned quickly, she meant plural. The first two, Mama was on top of things, waddling to one of two refrigerators for the next while her daughters gorged themselves. The third, she asked my help; she needed my help; she'd eaten too much, but would I please, this would be the last, it was on the top level of the second refrigerator from the door, a sheet cake three feet across.

Mari's eyes were rolling to the back of her head, her ability to speak, make sounds in general, was limited to hiccups and belches. Her sisters were no better; they all seemed lost to that urge to glut their overindulged bodies, but when that last dessert hit the table, they moved in. It was an orchestra of fatty grunts, stitches popping in my fiancée's elasticized stretch jeans, and sturdy chairs creaking as the heavy hotties shifted their excess weight, spreading their legs to let their bellies hang between, all accompanying a symphony of pleasured and pained groaning.

I half-expected to be directed to a fifth slab cake, making one for each of the big, beautiful women in that room, and one for me that I would have donated to the cause, but mama leaned back with a satisfied smile. She saw my readiness and found it hilarious; her upper body rippled with her giggles, "I think... I think we're good!"

Mari groaned, her long lashes fluttering, head nodding to the left, "Ugh. Good for a long while, I think..."

Luana scoffed, "Bleh. Calling bull on that!" She eyed the layer of warm, tender flesh pouring over the sides of Mari's pants. She smirked, "Looks like the family curse is kicking in, little sis!"

Mari flushed, her head was too busy with feeling her fullness, cloudy with mixed discomfort and satisfied pleasure. Her eyes turned to her sister; her head didn't move. She grimaced, "Shut up... No, it's not..."

I looked around the room, four women in different levels of food coma. It felt like my voice echoed over the kitchen table, they were all so quiet, "Family curse?"

Mama sighed, "Well first, it's not a curse. Luana, don't say that. It's mostly medical." She folded her arms, “And it's not that terrible, besides.”

"Right, the whole 'eat a sheet cake on your own' thing we just did has nothing to do with it." Luana responded, rolling her eyes, "You had dad, okay? Some of us aren't so effing lucky."

Mama's face tightened, but she didn't raise to the bait. She took a deep breath, and looked back at me, "What she called the 'family curse.' She's talking about our thyroids." She snorted, "Might've noticed, we're not exactly slender."

"Basically, we're super skinny when we're little, then we hit a certain age and blimp out for good." Su explained, "I mean, we could exercise and lose weight, probably, but—"

Luana scoffed, "—Yeah, pretty sure we can't."

Su turned on her fatter little sister, "Lu, what's your problem?"

Luana shrugged, flippant as ever, "I got no problem. I'm just pretty sure there's no hope." She said that with a smile, "Not a bad thing, I mean, it's just not gonna happen!" She furrowed her brow, and to prove her point, she wondered aloud, "Was that, like... all the cake? I could go for another slice."

Mama sighed, weary, "No."

Luana pulled a puppy dog face, pleading, "No cake, but..." The whine in her voice begged for a detailed list of every treat in the house.

Another heavy sigh from Mama, "No, but there's ice cream in the freezer."

She turned her pathetic, watery eyes to me, but I felt nothing. She's good with that begging expression, but Mari's cuter, and Mari didn't look up to it. She saw my unchanging expression, tried words, voice high-pitched and begging, "Hey... Future brother-in-law? Danny? Would you please bring me ice cream? And a spoon?"

My eyebrow arched, "Really? You're gonna try that?" I put an arm around my girl, "You make Mari feel like crap and now you want me to do you a favor?" I leaned back, "You know what? If you want ice cream, get it yourself!"

Luana widened her eyes, surprised. I half-expected her to launch some verbal assault. She started laughing. Su was smiling, too, and Mama looked to approve. Luana nodded, "Hey, Mari?"


"I approve this one."

Mari snorted, "Good. I'm marrying him."
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

We sat there for hours. We talked, they ate, and more the second than the first.

Luana mellowed soon enough, now she knew how I felt about Mari. When the ice cream came out, I didn't stop her from indulging, just ensured Mari had more. We took our leave after everything sweet was eaten, me walking my fiancee out to the car, ready to head home.

She'd held off snacking towards the end; she wasn't good at conversing on a full belly, and I had to know. Luana's insistence on bringing up the 'curse,' I'd worked out a theory. As we pulled into the road, "Were they... I mean, Luana, was she trying to scare me off back there? Was I imagining that?"

Mari sighed, "She's just trying to be protective. She had kind of a bad experience a couple years back." She closed her eyes, leaned back, sighing, "So? What'd you think?"

"I think your family is amazing. I don't know why you hid them for so long!"

"Because..." Mari gulped, "Because Lu's right, okay? I'm getting fat, like, really fat, okay, and I... I just don't know." She bit her lip, “I mean, all this is happening and my thyroid hasn't even screwed up yet. God, when that happens...” she shook her head, imagining and not enjoying it nearly as much as I was.

I pulled the car into the first driveway I saw. Looking at my fiancee, I smiled, might have chuckled, "Mari, it's fine. I told you." I reached out, didn't pinch, didn't poke her protruding gut, just rubbed the dome, fingers pressing into the softness, "I love you. I love this. You're beautiful. You're perfect."

Mari looked me in the eye, and I could see how nervous she felt, "Well, yeah, you say that now, but..." She sniffed, "You saw my sisters. What about if I get that big? God, what if I get bigger? I mean, I don't plan on it, but what...” she gulped, “what if?"

I chuckled, "Would this be a bad time to tell you your sisters are sexy?"

The tension was diffused instantly, "Oh my god." Mari laughed, punched my arm, "Is there a good one?"

I smiled, "Probably not. But you get what I mean, right?"

"I think so..." Mari said with a smile. She lifted her head, looked out the window and noticed something. She laughed, "Oh my god, are you-" She turned back to me and shook her head, “Seriously?”


Mari gave me a look, then pointed out the window at the sign, "You took me to a McDonald's to tell me you're into super fat girls? Wow, that is..." She burst into a giggling fit, "That is... God, that's either the most ridiculous or the best possible plan!"

"Or, it's a coincidence." I laughed. "Or... Maybe... I dunno, maybe it's a sign?" She gave me an incredulous look and I jumped back to defense mode, "Or not! I mean, you've been eating all day, I'd understand if..."

I trailed off because Mari's hand was on my thigh, making it's way up. She had my attention; she leaned closer to my ear and whispered, "I could do a McFlurry..."

I couldn't believe it; I knew she didn't care about her weight, she'd never once, in the time it took her to nearly double her weight, shown interest in a diet, never once exercised more than necessary. Realize now it's because she'd accepted years ago, but this was different. This was acknowledging she'd overeaten, recognizing she didn't want anything else to eat, then ordering something fattening to please me. I loved it, but, "Are... Are you sure?"

Mari snorted, "Please, sweetie, remember where my hand is. Your pants got tighter the second I suggested it. You're telling the truth."

"Well... I mean, yeah, but—"

"—But nothing!" Mari urged, "You're into fat chicks; I'm halfway there, and dang it if I'm not doomed to go the rest of the way in the next few years, anyway!"

I gave a sly smile, I wasn't trying to discourage her when I reminded her, "Not planning to try and lose weight for the wedding, then?"

Mari laughed, "God, no! Try the other way around!" She looked so much freer, "I'm thinking... Oh yeah, we have got to get an all-dessert, all-you-can-eat buffet for the reception."

I laughed, "Oof, I just saw how your family eats; do those exist around you?"

Mari chuckled, "Not so much, but we can dream, right?" She slapped her gut, grunted at impact, "Oof! God, my dress is gonna have to be, like, 90% elastic." She sighed, her head tilted back to the window, and she remembered. She hit my leg, reminded me what we were doing, "McFlurry! Now!"

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am!" I answered, "Anything to keep you full up and happy!"

Mari laughed. She shook her head and scoffed, "Oof, that's a full time job. I'm gonna keep you busy. I get my appetite from my Mama!"
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I've kept my word on that, Mari's been well fed ever since, you might even call her overfed if you're not into that 'former-bombshell-lost-to-her-natural-piggishness' look. Who am I kidding, she's stuffed like a Christmas turkey seven days a week, dawn to dusk, and she's never been one for exercising, not when she looked classically hot, and especially not now she looks like a McDonald's-addicted Jessica Rabbit.

She's not her mama's size yet, not especially close, even, but the chubby, overflowing hourglass figure she had back then is only visible if you're looking for it.

My woman these days looks like a puffed up, possibly-pregnant playboy bunny, and thanks to my help, she's always midway through a snack, too stuffed to eat another bite, but she'll get it down anyway, because she has to if she wants the next treat. The bigger she gets, the hornier she feels; the hornier she feels; the hungrier she pretends to be, and it all comes back to the start.

Family dinners are monthly now. Mari likes the company, I like what it does for her figure, how it encourages her. She's still the skinny one, but it's all relative. In that family, there's no such thing as 'skinny.'

'Skinny,' to that bunch is as unnatural as diets, as impossible restricting yourself, and as mythical as pants without elastic waistbands.

I get why she kept me from meeting them; she didn't want to scare me off. It's a rational fear, I could have called off the wedding then; there's a lot of men that would.

I am not a lot of men.

Any possible doubts I'd had about us disappeared that day, right alongside Mari's restraint, her table manners, and with how she treats public wardrobe malfunctions now, the last shreds of her self-respect.

All of that, gone.
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Intriguing little story! The 'meet the family' angle is always good for some imaginative tweaking.
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