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Default Sweet Tooth - by Billsfan248 (~BBW, stuffing, ~MWG, Fantasy)

~BBW, ~SSBBW, ~MWG, Fantasy - Office worker meets vampire with particular tastes.

Sweet Tooth
by Billsfan248

“We’re not all into health food. I’m an American vampire. Some of us have a sweet tooth. Refined as I am, I do enjoy junk food.”

“And I’m-”

“Why, you’re junk food, sweetie.” She saw Adeline’s face fall slightly, and continued quickly.

“Don’t let it get you down! My junk food has a lovely existence.”

“You’re going to eat me?” Adeline’s tone surprised her - less worried than idly curious. She asked whether Alexandria would eat her in the same way she might ask about the soup of the day.

Alexandria chuckled, a smooth, rumbling sound from deep within her immensity. Her voice was deep, slow, and quiet, like it was coming through several layers of fabric.

“Honey, you misunderstand. I’m not a cannibal. Filthy beasts, cannibals. Very messy and very unpleasant. No dignity, no class.” She shook her head in a mixture of pity and contempt.

“I’m a vampire. And you, you’re going to live here with me, a life of luxury. And, from time to time, I’m going to drink from you. Not blood, mind you. That’s just an old legend popularized by the pent-up Victorians. I drink something… less tangible. It is difficult to explain, but I promise, it won’t hurt you at all.”

“That’s…” Adeline could not finish her sentence. A warm calm had draped over her, making her tongue feel sluggish. On some level, she noticed that the woman’s words were troubling. Yet… they didn't’ feel troubling. They felt fine. Everything was fine. Some part of her brain demanded she run and find an exit. Leave, and sprint as far as her chubby legs would take her. She ignored it.

“I promise you you aren’t going to mind it a bit. Most of my girls come to love it. Speaking of… Becky!” Alexandria clapped her hands sharply.

Almost instantly, a blonde woman appeared in the doorway. The speed of her arrival was all the more impressive given her physique and attire: she weighed 300 pounds if she was an ounce, and was packed into a sleek black dress three sizes smaller than indecent. She listened intently as Alexandria explained that Adeline was new, and told her to help get Adeline settled. Becky smiled and took Adeline’s hand. “C’mon, new girl. Let’s get you settled.”

Following the woman, apparently called Becky, through a series of corridors, Adeline realized that she had vastly underestimated the size of this place. They walked through what seemed to be a maze, all of it sumptuously decorated with Rococo paintings and deep red vases and plush velvet curtains. By the time Becky turned the knob on an extremely wide oak door, Adeline was both wowed and completely disoriented. The room they entered was vast, at least twice as big as her studio apartment back home, and easily three times as beautiful. There was a masonry fireplace and a large raised hearth made of black granite flecked with silver. There was a wide, inviting chaise lounge and a huge bed draped in crimson blankets. Next to the bed was heavy oak stand; on top of it sat a large book, opened to an empty page. No, Adeline corrected herself, ‘book’ wasn’t grand enough for this object. It was a tome. Massive and old, with gilded pages yellow with age, and a little golden lock peeking around from the hidden cover.

Now that they had reached their destination, Becky suddenly looked distracted, and kept glancing at the door. “Whatever you want,” she said, “you just write it in the book. Oh, you’ll need this.” She reached into her generous cleavage and produced a small, black fountain pen. Adeline took it with some hesitation.

“And then?”

“And then you get it,” Becky said quickly, already waddling out the door. She moving quickly, quicker than Adeline would have thought she could, and her dress made a zipping sound as she swung her arms. Adeline watched the blonde’s ass churn back and forth as she disappeared through the door, exerting significant effort to move her bulk so quickly. From down the hallway, her voice faded, “Just write it down!”

Adeline was left alone in the room. When she came in, it had seemed cozy, despite the size and elegance, but without another person there, it seemed a bit cavernous. She rolled the pen around in her hand. It was still warm - from Becky’s chest? It seemed too hot for that. Like it was radiating heat. And it was far heavier than it should have been. She scratched at the black material with her nail, but could not figure out what it was made out of. It looked like opaque glass.

Her feet sinking into an ornate rug, she walked over to the bed. She sat tentatively on the mattress, which she quickly realized was beautifully soft. It was… wonderful. Involuntarily, she laid back on it, sinking in, her arms spreading out from her body to maximize the amount of surface area she had that could enjoy the bed. For once, her plump body was an asset - she had so much surface area to spread
The bed was like nothing she’d ever felt before. She once had a one night stand with a man who owned silk sheets - they were burlap compared to whatever the comforter was made of. It felt more like a liquid than a fabric. For a moment, she just lay there, luxuriating, more comfortable than she’d ever been in her life.

She wasn’t sure how long the moment lasted, but she eventually sat up, feeling remarkably refreshed. Had she fallen asleep? She didn’t think so. The pen, still in her hand, was just as warm. Warmer

This had been, without a doubt, the strangest day of her life. Sitting on the edge of the impossibly wonderful bed, she took stock of how she’d arrived here. After work, her resolve had cracked, and she’d decided to go to the chinese place near her office to treat herself. Had that really been just two hours ago? It felt like a whole different life. She squeezed the mattress gently, checking that it was still tangible. It was.

She’d been dieting and exercising for three months, and had managed to lose two pounds. At this rate, to get down to her ideal weight… she only needed ten years. Something about that fact - the realization that she had 80 pounds to lose, and would be 35 by the time she did, and that was if, if she was able to keep up her discipline… Giving up was so much easier. All the effort sweating on the treadmill, all the self denial of ordering kale salads, no, no dressing for me, thanks…and what did she get? Two pounds? The diet was over, and she knew that the place for a chubby girl who was no longer holding back was the buffet.

It was just after she got her third plate that the evening took a turn for the peculiar. She returned from the line of steam trays with a plate piled with a precarious stack of golden, deep-fried pork swimming in neon orange sweet-and-sour sauce. She plopped down, much to the dismay of the green plastic booth, and had her chopsticks poised to grab her first bite, when the waiter cleared his throat. He was a middle-aged chinese man, always polite but never friendly, but he was smiling sweetly at her now.

“Compliments of the lady over there,” he said, setting a tall glass in front of her. It looked like a milkshake. And this Chinese buffet, like most Chinese buffets, did not serve milkshakes. She looked at the glass, then up at the waiter, with that placid smile on his face.

“Compliments of who ?"

“The lady, over there,” he repeated, this time pointing at a table in the corner behind her. Craning her neck, Adeline still couldn’t get a good look. Torn between standing up to figure out who had bought her this drink, and asking the waiter when they started serving milkshakes, she surprised herself by taking a third path. She wrapped her lips delicately around the straw and took a long pull from the glass.

It was deliciously rich and chocolatey. Had the waiter stayed there, she would have complimented him on it, but he didn’t, and that was all for the best anyway, because she couldn’t bring herself to pause her drinking. She gulped, everything except the taste crowded out of her mind, until she was startled by the sharp bubbly sound that told her there was no more in the glass. Glancing down into it, Adeline saw only a few streaks of the dark red drink - she’d never had a red velvet milkshake before now - and did her best to gather those last bits up with her straw. Her stomach felt simultaneously cold and warm. She stifled a belch, closed her eyes, and let out a tremendous sigh of contentment. Her plate of fried pork sat dejected, rapidly cooling and completely forgotten.

“I take it you enjoyed it?”

Adeline opened a single eye, then realized that wasn’t going to be enough to handle the optical task before her. She opened both eyes and stared. Beside her booth was the largest woman… well, maybe the largest woman she had ever seen. Adeline was a chubby girl, verging on fat. She’d been to enough weight watcher meetings to have a pretty good understanding of all the different possible levels of fatness. And this woman put the fattest compulsive eaters Adeline could remember, the four-hundred pounders who showed up to meetings stinking of french fries, to shame.

She was dressed all in black. Black was slimming, Adeline mused - she herself was wearing a black skirt for that very reason - but there was only so much you could reasonably expect a colour to do. The woman was beyond the concept of slimming. Her sheer black evening gown probably had enough fabric to clothe four Adelines. A massive silvery belt wrapped around her middle, tasked with the impossible job of giving this enormous woman the illusion of a waist. Down below, peeking out from below the gown were a pair of bloated cankles, and peeking out from below those were a pair of glittering black pumps.

“Take your time, sweetheart. I know I’m an eyeful.”

Adeline reddened, embarrassed to have been staring at this stranger. She motioned slowly to the seat across from her, without thinking

“Mmm… nah, the booths aren’t really up to the job, I’m afraid.” The woman did not seem embarrassed, and perhaps because of that, Adeline’s embarrassment quickly faded. “Now don’t you worry a bit about it. I’m Alexandria."

“Adeline,” she said.

“Well Miss Adeline, it’s lovely to meet you. I saw you enjoying your dinner from across the restaurant, and thought, there’s a girl who appreciates life. I’d like to talk to her. So I ordered you a little something the chef makes for me here, off-menu. But I can’t stand here forever. Would you like to come with me?"

Adeline assumed she meant “over to a table with chairs.” By the time she was walking out the restaurant door, she realized that wasn’t what Alexandria meant. Adeline looked back at the buffet - inside, the waiter was still waving at her, a vacant grin on his face, even though she hadn’t paid her bill.

She followed Alexandria into the chilly night. The fact that the woman she could walk at all was impressive, but beyond just walking she seemed almost light on her feet. She wobbled as she walked, but she didn’t appear ponderous. Her gait was more of a slow shimmy than a lumber. Her whole body sloshed back and forth, with each step, slowly wobbling side to side like a… like a… milkshake.

Adeline jolted awake. She was momentarily disoriented, before remembering where she was. Had she fallen asleep again? Her stomach rumbled. More than anything, she wanted another one of those milkshakes. The pen was still in her hand. Idly, she stared at it. “Whatever you want,” Becky had said, “Write it down in the book.”

Nobody was watching, and stranger things had already happened tonight. Adeline sat up and reached out. The moment she touched the book, her fingers tingled. At the top of the page, in very small letters, she wrote “red velvet milkshake.” The ink that flowed from the pen was smooth and slightly glossy.

And then, as if by magic (no, she realized, just “by magic”) a table appeared next to the book stand. Thick mahogany legs supported an even thicker tabletop, on which sat what she hoped was an equally thick milkshake. She reached out and considered the beautiful crystal goblet, its surface frosted. One experimental sip became one long drawn out gulp. After draining it, she felt replete. Wonderful. More than full, she felt whole. Reaching out again, her fingers closed around the pen. Under her tiny order from moments ago, she scrawled “another.”
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Great Start!!
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Well expressed and written.
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Default Part Two

Part 2

The discovery that the book could make milkshakes catapulted Adeline into a weeklong binge. Her decision-making process was stripped down to the absolute basics. Was she full? If not, she ordered another shake. This loop repeated until she was packed to the absolute brim, at which point she eased back into the embrace of the bed and drifted off.

Early in her life as a fat girl, she had learned that there was a price to be paid for binging: inevitably, the next morning she would be wracked with a combination of indigestion and self loathing. Remarkably, she experienced neither of those punishments here. She’d wake feeling refreshed, recharged, and completely famished. Some mornings, she felt so energetic that she made plans to find out more about her situation. The door wasn’t locked- why not go explore? Try to find Becky or Alexandria or someone else to talk to?

Those plans always evaporated the moment she forced herself into a sitting position. There, inches away, were the book and the table, just begging to be used. And after she slept, the magic table was somehow always spotless again, cleared of its pile of empty red-stained goblets. Since the table’s only purpose seemed to be generating food, it didn’t seem right to leave the poor thing empty. She’d never read anything about magic tables before; for all she knew, it was just as conscious as she was. And leaving a conscious being devoid of purpose, well, that would just be cruel. So the kindly Adeline always obliged the magic table by ordering just one shake; besides, it would help quiet her belly so she could focus on planning her explorations. That one inevitably turned into two, then three, then an uncounted parade. Soon, she was once again stuffed and sleepy, any thoughts of leaving the room were submerged under a tide of sugary drinks.

Occasionally, in the brief moments between filling herself up and falling asleep, she wondered idly about her life before coming here. Was her car still sitting in front of the chinese buffet where she’d left it that night? Was her boss aware that she was missing? Ms. Zwibecki was pretty strict. She always reprimanded Adeline when she showed up fifteen minutes late after an emergency drive thru stop; if fifteen minutes bothered her, she probably wouldn’t appreciate Adeline showing up several days late. Or was it a week now? Either way, Adeline doubted “traffic problems” would be an adequate excuse.

Thinking about work made her realize that she’d lost track of time totally. There were no clocks, computers, calendars - nothing in the room to let her know how long she’d been there. Not even a window to tell her if it was day or night. That should have alarmed her, but instead it just relaxed her further. No waking up for work, no appointments, no paying rent… she seemed to be on permanent vacation.

She might have stayed on this vacation forever - slurping then sleeping then slurping - had she not been startled several days later by a knock on the door. Without waiting for permission, Alexandria entered. She was still wearing the same outfit she had worn last time, or a near copy. Seeing the vampire standing in the doorway, silhouetted by the bright light of the corridor, made Adeline realize just why the doors here were so wide. Alexandria’s prodigious hips kissed the frame on both sides. There was no chance she could possibly fit through a standard door.

“Good evening, dear. How are you feeling tonight?”

Adeline wiped her chin, and said “Great!” with enthusiasm that surprised even her. But why not? Life was great here.

“Wonderful! Warms my heart to know that you’re enjoying yourself. I trust you’re finding everything alright?”

“Oh, yes, absolutely.” Adeline paused to take a generous slug of her drink. “These shakes are great! I keep thinking I’ll get tired of them, but I just don’t.”

“Well, I should hope you do like them. They’re formulated to your exact preferences. Far more delicious than anything a mortal… what is your word these days? Milkshakesmen? Iced-cream monger?”

“I think it would just be a chef,” Adeline said helpfully.

“How delightfully simple. As I was saying, it is far more delicious than anything a mortal chef could come up with.”

“Mmm…” Adeline rubbed her stomach, slightly cold to the touch from everything she’d consumed. “You’re right, they’re soooooo good. I could just lie here and drink these forever.”

“You could,” said Alexandria, a slight glint in her eye. “You could… or you could join me and my other guests for dinner.”

“Well…” Adeline hesitated. She was already pretty full, and starting to get sleepy again.

Alexandria continued, a slight edge in her voice now. “I do ask my guests to join me for meals occasionally. Not really an onerous demand, when you consider all I give you. We’re all about to enjoy supper in the dining room, and I thought you might like to eat something else. From what I understand of mortal physiology, subsisting entirely on milkshakes is not especially wise. You must have variety, dear!”

Adeline drained her cup rapidly and then got to her feet, ignoring the slight pain of her stomach sloshing. The fear that she had offended her benefactor drove her to move more quickly for the first time in days.

“There will be a gown for you in the washroom, if you care to wash up and dress for dinner,” Alexandria said. “I’ll just wait for you here. Take your time” she added, easing her bulk into an armless chair that creaked but bore the load.”

In the attached washroom, Adeline slipped off the cozy bathrobe she’d worn since arrival. She stepped into the enormous clawfoot tub, feeling the slightly enhanced bulges of her body as she showered. Drying off, she was especially careful not to disturb her sensitive, stuffed belly. She hadn’t brought anything to wear, and she swore the towel rack had held nothing but fluffy towels when she was in here earlier, but true to Alexandria’s word, a sheer gown hung on the rack. There was also makeup and a brush and hairclips on the vanity; she did her blonde hair in a simple ponytail and applied just a hint of blush and lipstick.

The dress hanging with the towels looked like the one Becky wore when Adeline arrived. It was shiny and black, long enough to just touch her knees. Of course, it was significantly smaller than the one the obese Becky had worn. Of the two people she’d met here, Adeline noted with some satisfaction, she was by far the slimmest.

As if to punish her for that thought, the dress refused to slip over her breasts. It bound up tight, folding over on itself. The seams creaked threateningly as she tugged on it; it was no use. She was too big.

This was a feeling she knew from her 25 years of fat girling. She’d outgrown plenty of things, from dresses to jeggings, but this was probably the first time she outgrew something before she discovered that she owned it. With the gown now discarded on the floor, she appraised her uncooperatively chunky body in the mirror.

The woman who stared back was no longer one who who could be politely euphemized as plump or curvy or even plus-sized. She was out and out fat. The couple pounds she had spent months working off had returned with friends, spread all over her body. And the new ones seemed looser and slightly more jiggly than her previous fat, probably thanks to her completely sedentary lifestyle. The one exception to the newfound jiggliness was her packed belly - it didn’t wobble at all, instead sticking out far in front of her. Adeline examined it suspiciously. If she didn’t know that she had just consumed nearly a gallon of shakes, she would have assumed she was pregnant.

Her belly piercing - a relic of a college summer when she promised herself she’d be both thinner and more fun - was now surrounded by a ring of red stretchmarks. The belly ring she’d worn the day she came here, a silver chain capped with a little blue heart, hung in front of a substantially deeper navel. Her hips had also gained slightly, widening and developing a few stretchmarks of their own. Her breasts hadn’t escaped the new weight, either. In fact, every part of her seemed bigger. She was relieved that no scale had magically appeared in the room, since it would have been both hard to resist checking and disheartening to see the actual number. There was no doubt about it, though - 200 pounds was in the rearview mirror.

Adeline wrapped herself in a towel, then adjusted it in the mirror to make sure her breasts were covered. She would have to go out and ask Alexandria for a larger dress.

“I think you look great,” her reflection said. Adeline thanked her reflection for the compliment, then turned to leave. “Mm-mm, girl. Look at that ass.”

Adeline turned back to see her reflection admiring her backside. She took a look herself, at the parts she could see. It was rounder than it had been, though still perky (that had been the one benefit of her months at the gym). In addition to rounding out, it was paler than it had been - she’d never been a huge fan of the outdoors, but she did make sure to spend some of her summer outside getting at least a bit of a tan. Now that she was an indoor fat girl, she was losing any hint of bronze, her skin turning porcelain. It didn’t look bad. What did concern her, though, was the slight hint of cellulite appearing on her butt and upper thighs. Had she not looked closely she never would have noticed it, but she knew it would only get worse as she got bigger.

“It’s getting too big,” she said to herself, “and there’s cellulite.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said her reflection, slapping her mirror butt and causing it to jiggle. “Any girl with enough material to have a proper ass also has a bit of cellulite.”

Adeline decided that this peculiarly talkative, if pleasantly positive, reflection was too extraordinary to process at the moment. “Mirror, I’m in a hurry, and you are too extraordinary for me to process at the moment,” she said. “I have to go ask Alexandria for a bigger dress.”
“Oh, no need to do that,” her reflection said. “I’m an expert at handling these little outgrown clothes situations.” She leaned towards the surface of the glass and raised a hand to whisper conspiratorially to Adeline. “Seems I gained a few pounds recently myself!” She wobbled her full belly slightly, pleased with her little joke, and then looked back at Adeline. “Show me the dress again?”

Adeline held it up in front of her body. It didn't come close to covering her width. The reflection held up its own version, which started to stretch slightly. The length stayed the same, but it grew roomier around the hips, bust, and especially the belly. “There we are,” the reflection was satisfied. “Try it now.”

Adeline looked down to see her version had grown in kind. She slipped it over her head and found it comfortable, if slightly too roomy.

“I let it out a little extra,” the reflection said, “because I know the only reason you’d get dressed up is to go for a meal. Don’t want you feeling constricted!”

“Thanks,” said Adeline, “and that is very kind of you. I’m about to go to dinner.” This was a very considerate reflection.

“Lucky,” said her reflection jealously. “I’m stuck here.”

“Well, maybe I’ll bring you back something.”

“I know you will,” said her reflection, wobbling her belly again to show just what she expected to return.

Alexandria looked very pleased with Adeline when she returned from the washroom. “My my my, you are turning into a delectable little thing, aren’t you? Give us a little twirl.”

Adeline pirouetted, which shook her around enough to cause her to hiccup. Alexandria seemed not to notice.

“Look at that little belly blossoming. I was going to ask you why you took so long, but a plump dear like you can take as long as she wants. Yes, I wasn’t wrong when I brought you here. You’ll fit in very nicely. Come!”

Alexandria stood, much more easily than a woman her size should have been able to, but still with difficulty. Movement of that many pounds of vampire was a complex function of shifting lard and sweaty rolls that had to slide past each other. Her belly caught in her dress above her belt as she stood. Without any shame at all, Alexandria reached out and lifted it up to adjust it. “Ah, that’s better. Now, for dinner.” And they set off down the hall.

The dining room was not what Adeline had expected. Days of solitude ended as she entered a noisy, bright room with a massive table in the center. Candles hung from overhead chandeliers, and enormous fireplaces roared along the walls. It was packed with people - at least 30 of them - and every single one of them was fat. A few were plump, some were portly, most were morbidly obese, and one or two were completely beyond Adeline’s vocabulary.

Most of them wore black - the women in dresses, the men in suits - and they were all impeccably groomed. Had they not all been fat, they would have resembled the guests at a Manhattan cocktail party. Adeline was very glad she’d taken the time to put on makeup. Excepting a few fat bums peaking below dress hemlines and lardy guts hanging out of dinner jackets, the clothes fit remarkably well. Even the largest man there was dressed in a three piece suit that covered most of him. Adeline simultaneously wondered how he got into that garment, and what he would look like out of it.

They were all enjoying drinks - beers, shakes, mixed drinks - as they chatted and laughed. Very few of them stood - mostly just the smallest ones - and the rest relaxed in wide armchairs and couches arranged around the fires. Adeline spotted Becky chatting animatedly with a portly man in a red tie. Together, they filled the full-sized sofa, their hips touching in the middle.

“Good evening, dear guests!” Alexandria boomed, her hands spread wide and her flabby arms wobbling. “Dinner is once again upon us.”

“Hear hear!” shouted a middle-aged man with a mustache and a stomach that hung to his knees.

Everyone began to make their way to the table. This was a slow process, with much grunting and groaning, as bodies grown far too big struggled to stand and walk to their seats. Adeline had plenty of time to stand and gawk, she hoped not too conspicuously.

Alexandria took the seat at the head of the table. Hers was an especially ornate oak dining chair, practically a throne. It was four feet wide and looked like it would comfortably support a mid-sized sedan. But that wasn’t the part that stood out about it - many of the dining chairs were at least that wide. The thing that intrigued Adeline was the glasswork that ran through it. It was like someone melted the oak, then shoved in a series of glass bulbs joined by glass tubes, then hardened the oak again. In several places, spirals of pitch-black metal wrapped around the glass. Adeline traced the labyrinthine route of the tubes with her eyes; they all seemed to lead to a spigot attached to the armrest.

Comfortably seated in this bizarre chair, Alexandria heaved a deep sigh. She then motioned to Adeline, and pointed to a much smaller chair near hers. Adeline scurried over and sat down, feeling tiny between Alexandria and a woman who had to weigh five hundred pounds, with at least 300 of that in her ass. Despite picking one of the larger chairs, the woman’s rear spilled several inches over the edges.
After everyone had maneuvered their fatness into their seats and caught their breath, Alexandria spoke.

“We have a new guest tonight! This is Adeline.” Fat hands palm-up, she pointed to Adeline as she would have an especially fabulous game show prize. Adeline’s face went crimson.

“Please make her feel welcome!”

“Welcome!” they shouted in perfect unison. Had they practiced that?

“Wonderful, wonderful. And now I will delay you all no more: “Bon appétit!”

The crowd fell upon the table of food like a swarm of blubbery locusts. The enormous pear shaped woman next to Adeline leaned over slightly.

“So delightful to meet you,” she said, through mouthful of German accent and buttered bread. “I’m Ilse.”

“Adeline,” Adeline said, holding out her hand.

The woman shook it quickly, and then spoke even more quickly. “Perfect. And now that we’re acquainted, could you please pass me those game hens?” Adeline spotted the platter in front of here, piled high with the tiny fowl. She reached out and grabbed it, her arms actually straining slightly under the weight of it. There had to be 25 birds on there. The woman licked her lips, then took the platter and speared several birds to put on her plate.

“This all looks so delicious,” Adeline said hesitantly, hoping to keep the conversation going. She had barely spoken to anyone since she arrived, and she thought it might be good to make a friend in this odd place.

“Oh, it is,” said the woman. Adeline waited for her to continue, but she just took another massive bite and chewed happily.

“Do… you have any recommendations?” Adeline was struggling to keep the woman engaged.

“It’s all good,” replied Ilse absently, staring hungrily at a tureen of creamy soup. “Mmmmmm…” she added, closing her eyes as she chewed.

Then, apparently having of another point to make, she continued. “MMMMmmmm,” she said emphatically, scooping herself several ladles. She poured them into a beautiful china bowl that would, based on its size, also have made a pretty good mixing bowl.

Adeline abandoned her conversation with Ilse and looked around the table. There wasn’t much conversation anywhere, she saw. People were eating with single-minded focus, eating as if they hadn’t eaten in weeks. Judging by their physiques, though, she doubted they were fasting types. Even the smallest of them outweighed her by at least 50 pounds.

Meanwhile, to her left, Alexandria wasn’t eating anything at all. She didn’t even have a plate set in front of her. She was just looking around, smiling in satisfaction at the scene of unrestrained gluttony.

“Would you like me to pass you something?” Adeline asked, hoping to be helpful.

“Oh my, no. I don’t eat mortal food. Makes me terribly sick.”

“Ah. What will you eat?”

“Drink, dear. I drink. And there’s no word for it in any mortal tongue, so I just call it Chi. It will be ready in no time.”

At that moment, the spigot on her chair, which had been clear glass, turned red.

“Speak of the devil!” she laughed slightly, then suddenly became very serious. “Don’t speak of the devil, though. He may appear, and he’s a tremendous bore.” She grabbed a beautiful jeweled goblet and held it under the spigot on her chair. Red liquid cascaded out, quickly filling the goblet. She tipped it back to her lips, draining it without pausing “Ahhhhhh…” she said, “it just gets better and better.” And then she refilled it, emptied it, and then refilled it again.

Adeline would have liked to ask more about what Chi was, but Alexandria wasn’t paying attention to her anymore. Having lost both her potential conversation partners, Adeline looked around the table. She wasn’t sure where the food had come from, but there sure was a lot of it. As she watched people wolf down everything in reach, she realized that the piles of food didn’t even seem to be shrinking. After five minutes of eating at this rate, they should have at least dented the stacks in front of them, but it all looked just as full as it had when dinner started. Ilse’s platter of game hens was still stacked as high as it had been when Adeline struggled to hand it to her, and the tureen was still brimming with soup.

It must be the same sort of magic as the book and table by her bedside, she reasoned. But while the book in her room seemed to operate by allowing the user to request what they wanted, the dining room seemed to have a different philosophy behind it. Instead of giving the user exactly what they wanted, the table appeared to try to give the users everything, assuming that whatever they wanted would be in there. And based on the frequent moans of approval coming from the assembled fatties, that logic worked.

She was momentarily distracted when a very young woman two seats over from her - she looked no more than 21 - let out a startled squeak. Her dress had torn around her belly, and few inches of creamy, fat flesh were squeezing through. Adeline felt bad for the woman in her moment of humiliation. In fact, she seemed to feel much worse for the woman than the woman felt for herself. Instead of rushing off to try to deal with the rip, the woman just laid a silk napkin over her midsection, nodded approvingly, and returned to stuffing herself with something deep fried.

Finally, having observed everything she could observe, and having failed to start a conversation twice, Adeline decided maybe she should have a bit of food. Alexandria had been right when she said a pure milkshake diet was probably unwise. And despite how full she’d felt when she left her room, she was starting to feel peckish. Perhaps it was all the delicious aromas around her - the basket of crusty baguettes to her right smelled particularly fantastic. Or perhaps it was just the desire to fit in with everyone else. Whatever the cause, Adeline felt like she had a bit of room. Picking up her knife, she buttered a slice of baguette and nodded approvingly as it crunched in her mouth.

The meal went on forever. By the end of it, Adeline was more full than she could ever remember being in her life. The most uncontrolled binges of her life - when her parents were out of town and she took out her teen angst on the fridge, or when she came home from a night of drinking in college and consumed an entire XL pizza - those were nothing compared to this. Even her milkshake bender of the past few days had never left her this full. Her belly arced out, practically creaking as it struggled to find space to store everything she’d shoved into it. She was simultaneously sleepy, satisfied, and in significant pain. She burped loudly, covering her mouth and excusing herself, though nobody had noticed.

Everyone else was too busy dealing with the effects of their own overindulgence.

Stomachs stretched. Several of the men had popped buttons, while at least one other woman had joined the young brunette in tearing her dress. Eyes were glazed and mouths ringed with sauce stains. Yet the table in front of them was still full, though at some point the mix of foods had shifted to mostly desserts. Adeline caught herself lazily considering whether she could reach that black forest cake in front of her. How could she still be thinking of eating more? But it looked so good.

Even Alexandria looked uncomfortably full. She was slouching, a half-full goblet resting lazily in her hand, apparently having reached her absolute limit midway through that drink. A slight dribble of red liquid made its way down her chin. She had a napkin in her other hand, and she half-heartedly attempted to raise it towards her mouth before her massive arm ran out of steam and flopped back down, jiggling. The silver belt she had worn each time Adeline saw her was now unbuckled, though there was no way to tell whether this was on purpose or the result of it snapping. In any case, it allowed the rotund mound of fat that was Alexandria’s stomach to stretch to its full, stuffed size.

To Adeline’s right, Ilse was still waving a hand ineffectually at a stack of tarts. She was far too full to sit up straight, and her belly had pushed her too far back from the table to reach her treat. Adeline had no idea how the gorged Ilse, or Alexandria, or anyone at this table would stand up. At the moment, she didn’t really care. The warm, sleepy feeling had returned, and nobody seemed to be in a hurry to leave.
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