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Default Looking for FA and gaining friends

I have fantasized about being fat since I was 2 years old and used to stuff towels under my clothes to masturbate, even as a kid. I was always pretty normal in my weight, but the only thing that turns me on is thinking about myself and other girls gaining weight. I have usually been with in shape guys in the past because I have been scared of my preferences. After being skinny my whole life, I gained 15 pounds in the last few months and it has turned me on more than anything ever has before. I'm scared of what my friends will think and can use some support!
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Hi. Your story sounds like mine tho' I am male. As I've gotten older, the fear of social opprobrium has decreased, and I found the courage or lost the inhibition, and I've gotten fat. I love it. And you will too I'm sure. My advice is, if you go ahead and gain, try not to let it dominate your life. Have fun, be with your friends. Find some new ones if they're shy about being seen with a fatty. Have a story to tell them if they express concern at your gaining weight. Something neutral, not that you're turned-on by it. And, my gosh, find a fat girlfriend! I could use a friend here too! Milwaukee area. Freaked out by my own bi-ness, I wish I'd have 'got over' that a long time ago.
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