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Fiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesFiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Holiday Binges, Part One

Thanksgiving came and went and Christmas came and went and it was New Year's Eve and I was buck naked at 11:59pm awaiting my end of year weigh-in. I was at 408 pounds on the day after Halloween but that was but a distant memory. An obscene amount of food had gone into my gullet in the two months since with even the people who were used to my feats of gluttony -- my wife and primary feeder Nora, my plump work friend and secondary feeder Lacey, my assistant Ophelia who was constantly bringing me snacks -- all being amazed at just how much more I could consume with just a little bit of extra encouragement. Others, who just didn't understand, were totally appalled, however.

Take Thanksgiving, for instance. Against my better judgement, we invited my brother Tim, who lived on the West Coast and hadn't visited in a couple of years. Not exactly skinny himself, at my height of 5'9" and about 225 pounds, Tim was totally taken aback at seeing my condition. I had maybe outweighed him by 25 pounds the last time we'd seen each other, but in the weeks since Halloween I'd been packing on ten pounds or more a week so that the day before Tim arrived I checked in at 445 pounds!

First, there had been all the extra Halloween candy that Nora had bought -- five times what she normally bought -- which needed to be finished off. Then there was that dinner at Lacey's house, what a crazy night that was ...

Lacey had told me that she wished her hubs would gain some more weight like I had, but I still wasn't prepared for what I saw when we arrived. I'd met her hubby Lou a couple of times in the past and had remembered him as an average-sized guy, about my height and maybe 180 pounds. But what I saw that night was a man, of course not as big as me, but at least 300 pounds maybe 325. He now wasn't too far behind his sexy wife!

"Quite a change, huh?," Lacey asked us as we walked in their front door. Before either of us could answer, Lacey patted Lou on the belly and said, "yeah, I got tired of being the heavyweight in the family!" Then she grabbed Nora's hand and said "and thanks for all your tips, they've worked great!" I looked at Nora inquisitively and she whispered, "I'll explain later ..."

Lacey escorted Lou and me to a sturdy couch and has us sit down, our combined weight of over 700 pounds no doubt testing the strength of the sofa's springs. "Now you two big guys take a load off and I'll bring you some nice appetizers to tide you over until dinner is ready." Lou and I eyed each other suspiciously and engaged in a little small talk, but not for long, as Lacey soon emerged from the kitchen wheeling a tea caddy overloaded with treats and parked it in front of us.

"Here boys, I've got a big party platter of shrimp cocktail for each of you! And some mini-crabcakes ... and some chips and dip ... hope it's enough! Dig in and I'll call you when dinner is ready ..."

And she was off again, Nora in tow and trying to conceal her glee that their two fat men were going to consume all those apps.

There must have been two pounds of shrimp on each platter and five mini-crabcakes apiece, but true to form I dug in with gusto, as did Lou. Lou didn't seem to be quite as much the pro at eating as me, but he still demonstrated quite the prodigous appetite. I polished off my shrimp and crabcakes in about 35 minutes, while it took him about 45, and we nibbled on the chips and dip until around the one hour mark when Nora stuck her head through the door to tell us dinner was served.

It was a delicious rump roast, quite appropriate since Lacey's derriere resembled two plump rump roasts pushed together, plus endless mashed potatoes, lots of bread and butter, and no green vegetables! While Nora nibbled politely, the other three of us dug in, with Lacey having thirds, and Lou and I fourths of everything. We were definitely three stuffed piggies by the end, so much so that Nora ended up clearing the table while the three pigs retreated to the den, Lou and I undoing our pants and Lacey stripping off her panty hose to get some relief for our poor aching bellies!

Before we knew it, Nora re-emerged wheeling that tea caddy again, brimming with a coconut cake, a chocolate cream pie, and a gallon of vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate fudge sauce at the ready. All three of us protested, but Nora loaded up a bowl of ice cream, poured on the fudge sauce, and sitting next to Lacey on a loveseat started spooning the concoction into her mouth. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, Lacey greedily lapping up the dessert.

"Do me now!," I begged, and Nora stood up and took a big carving knife to the cake, slicing off a quarter and loading it on a plate. But instead of handing it to me, she handed it to Lou. Then she returned and sliced off another quarter, but again not for me, but for Lacey. Then she returned and picked up the serving plate, handing me the remaining half of the cake and saying in a most authoritative tone of voice, "I expect you to eat ALL of this, do you understand Fat Boy?" I obediently shook my head yes and she added, "such a good submissive piggy!"

Then she went back into the kitchen, coming back a moment later with a cup of coffee, and re-assumed her spot next to Lacey, contentedly watching us three piggies eat our cake. As she watched, she undid a couple of buttons on her blouse and commented, "it's awfully hot in here don't you think?" Lacey, her mouth full of cake, shook her head yes, and Nora leaned over and undid a couple of buttons on Lacey's blouse before letting her hand linger down to Lacey's tummy ... Lou and I glanced at each other and Nora said, "nothing to see here boys, just go back to eating!"

Soon Nora and Lacey were making out on the loveseat and Lou, having finished his quarter of the cake, got up and cut a piece of the pie, and attempted to sqeeze himself onto the loveseat on Lacey's other side. Unable to fit, he preferred the slice of pie to Lacey, who pushed Nora away for sake of more dessert. Looking disappointed, Nora looked over at me, pathetically still working on my half of the cake, arose from the loveseat and picked up the remains of the pie and a single fork.

Kneeling in front of me, my eyes riveted on her open blouse and the cleavage created by her expensive push-up bra, Nora began feeding me bite after bite of chocolate and custard goodness. "That's a good piggy" she cooed after every bite, "getting fatter and fatter for me."

Once about half of the pie was gone, Nora looked back over her shoulder at the plump husband and wife making out like two horny teenagers, and said, "Lacey dear, would you mind if we borrow one of your bedrooms?"

"Top of the stairs on your left," Lacey yelled back.

"Thanks," said Nora, "oh and do you mind if we take the rest of the ice cream with us?"
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Fiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesFiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Holiday Binges, Part Two

I'm totally gassed by the time I make it halfway up the stairs, which greatly amuses Nora. She passes me by a couple of steps, turns around, reaches back as if to grab my hand and says "come on Fatty, you can make it!" I plead with her, "just go on up and I'll meet you in a couple of minutes ... after I catch my breath ..."

"And to think you used to be a runner when we met ..."

"Just go on!," I say again.

"Nope," she responds, "we're going together." Then she plays dirty by waving the gallon of ice cream in my face and asking, "will this give you enough encouragement?"

"Maybe," I respond sheepishly.

Then she plays dirty again, stripping off all her clothes and letting them drop onto the steps and leaning into me so that her pert little breasts are right in my face.

"Let me ask you again," she says, "does Fatty want to come out and play with his sexy wife?"

"Maybe," I say again ...

"And polish off this gallon of ice cream?"

"That's more like it" I respond with a grin and let her help pull me up to the next step with her free hand while her other one grasps the ice cream carton. Slowly we climb each step and in a couple of minutes I'm completely gassed again but at the top of the stairs with only about twenty steps to go to the guest bedroom.

Nora lets go of my hand and rushes off to fling open the guest bedroom door and prepare the way for her fat prince. By the time I trudge to the open doorway she has pulled down the cover and top sheet and is beckoning me to come join her. And I see she is holding a riding crop, perhaps something Lacey had conveniently left in the room for her!

She slowly drums the leather tip of the riding crop into her open hand, making an oddly sexy sound, then pivots around so that her tight little ass is facing me and daintily slaps the tip against one cheek. Not too hard but enough to leave a little pink welt on her buttock.

I'm feeling an awfully taut erection under my belly apron by then and step a little more lively, but not lively enough for my queen. "God, you're slow," she bellows, and rushes over, little titties bouncing up and down as she does, and gently taps my touchey with the crop to speed up my progress.

As I reach the bed, she gives me another little swat, this time on my apron, leaving just a hint of a mark. "That's my mark, Fat Man ... means your mine and no one else's, get it?"

"Yes ma'am!"

"I know you think Lacey is hot and I don't blame you ... so do I!"

I gulp at what may come next, but it's just a gentle admonition that I better not stray with the sexy pear-shaped executive assistant.

"Understood," I respond.

"Good then," Nora says, "and now I have something else that will mark you as my Fat Man and no one else's."

"What's that?," I ask, wondering what it could possibly be. "Here's what," she says in a very seductive tone of voice, and reaches under the bed to retrieve a bag ... and I can't tell for sure, but it looks like it is from the local riding shop ... probably where the riding crop came from ...

As she opens the bag and pulls out its contents, it looks like some sort of leather collar ... no, it's a harness of some type. WTF?

"What is that?," I ask a bit incredulously.

"Well ..." she starts to explain, "I've gotten hooked on gay porn ... you know that's the only place you can consistently find fat man porn ... and I saw these videos of a really fat man, probably about your size, wearing one of these and his chaser standing behind him and wobbling the fatty's belly up and down for the camera. I thought it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen so I took a picture to the saddle shop and they made one up for me ... or rather for YOU my sexy Fatty ..."

"Here Big Boy, let me put it on you and see how it fits." So I bend my head down and lift up my arms to let her slide it on me, then she steps around to my sides and then around back to get the parts all fastened together. I'm a little surprised because it's pretty comfortable once I'm all fastened in. Then Nora has me step over to a mirror to see myself in the contraption and I have to admit I look pretty hot, particularly with my big floppy moobs all but covering the bottom straps.

"Perfect," she exclaims and grabs one of the leather straps and leads me to the bed, stopping a couple of feet from the edge. After a little making out, moob play, and lifting and dropping of belly, she turns me around so that my back is facing the bed. A little more foreplay ensues, with me nibbling at her hard nipples, at which point she asks me to hold my apron up with both hands so that she can explore what lies beneath, first with her hands and then with her mouth.

By this time my erection is even more intense, as if that was even possible, and to speed things along I make the mistake of mentioning that my legs are tired from holding up over 400 pounds. My sweet Nora looks at me and mutters, "poor fat baby," then gets an evil glint in her eyes. Before I know it, she takes a good step or two back, raises her arms and hands into a ramming position, and slams into my chest full force, sending me careening backwards onto the poor defenseless bed, which immediately greets the force of my backside with a loud 'CRACK!.'

It was a real shame as it looked to be a very nice four poster antique bed, but now we refer to it in the past tense as those nice old 18th Century walnut boards stood no chance against 400 + pounds of me. They are mostly splinters now, used by our host and hostess as kindling to start fires in their family room fireplace.

Nora's face initially went ashen with her knowledge that she had wantonly murdered a priceless antique bed that had no doubt been in Lou's or Lacey's families for generations. But within seconds she became doubled over in laughter, seeing the priceless old bed in splinters, mattress and box spring resting directly on the floor, and my big belly still wobbling back and forth and to and fro from the sheer force of the blast.

Making it worse, Lacey and Lou came rushing in to see what had happened, and both completely naked (finally giving me the chance to see what Lacey looked like in the buff and, let me say, she looked magnificent).

I expected anger at the death of the bed, but Lacey laughed the most, telling us as she patted Lou's now substantial belly, "WE wanted to break that old bed but Fatso here beat us to it!" That got Lou laughing too, that is until he spied the still uneaten gallon of ice cream sitting on the night stand, just melting away.

"Lou baby," Lacey cooed at him sweetly, "why don't you go downstairs and get two more spoons?" "I like your thinking Lace," Nora says most seductively, "I think I've got three fat piggies to feed!"
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Fiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesFiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Holiday Binges, Part Three

Lou turns to go downstairs for the extra spoons but quickly spins back around and asks, "what is that thing you're wearing?" Before I answer, Lacey cuts him off and says, "it's a plaything that Nora bought for him," then adds, "if you want one Fat Boy, you gotta gain another hundred pounds like Tubby here!" Lou smiles at that thought and hustles off for the spoons.

As he does, Nora digs the one spoon deep into the melting ice cream and lifts its contents not to my mouth but to Lacey's! Lacey laps it down and cries out, "more!" Nora obliges, then takes the bottle of chocolate sauce and motions Lacey to tilt her head back and open wide, pouring in a liberal portion, followed by another heaping bite of ice cream.

I reach underneath my apron and moan "that's so hot," causing both girls to pause their routine and come join me on the mattress. Nora commands me to hold my belly up so she can stroke my balls, while Lacey feeds me a big heaping spoonful of ice cream, followed by a chocolate sauce chaser. Just then Lou makes it back into the guestroom with the spoons, panting furiously from the exertion of going down the stairs and back up again.

"Come join us," Nora beckons Lou, and he stumbles onto the mattress next to us. It's all pretty crowded on just a little queen-sized model as my fat is touching Lacey's fat which is touching Lou's fat, and all that fat is really turning Nora on, even more than ever! With one hand still clutching my balls, she climbs atop Lacey and starts kissing her, while using her other hand to grope Lou's belly rolls. Finally letting go of me, then Lou, her hands shift to each of Lacey's little breasts, then she leans over and locks lips with Lou and rolls on top of him, while I roll on my side and start toying between Lacey's massive thighs.

Soon Lacey and I lock lips and she mounts me with her deliciously wide hips and starts rocking slowly back and forth, grasping my new harness firmly so as to push herself deeper into my cock. Simulataneously, Nora mounts Lou and goes furiously at him, and we find out that Lou is a bit of a screamer. With Lou and I maybe a foot apart now, the big girl and the small girl start rocking in unison on top of us, pausing occasionally to fondle each other's breasts or give each other a brisk kiss. As they kiss, I reach over and fondle one of Nora's breasts with my left hand, using my other hand to fondle one of Lacey's. Lou picks up on my lead and does the same, with the simulataneous stimulation by three partners at the same time driving the girls to new heights of ecstacy.

The added stimulation causes Nora to rock Lou even harder, while Lacey, near exhaustion, slows down, requiring me to pick up the pace at my end. I reach both hands around her ample rump and command her to pull harder on my reins. It's difficult with over 400 pounds of me and 350 pounds of Lacey, but I manage to make one heroic thrust after another and finally bring my big sexy lover to climax as well as myself. As Lacey collapses on top of me, totally bereft of energy, the far more athletic Nora continues to ride Lou without mercy, screaming at him, "cum for me Fatty ... you can do it!"

And Lou continues his screaming too, "oh that's it, keep it up, do me, do me!" It's actually a little embarrassing, but it seems to reinvigorate Lacey, who still on top of me, rises up and leans over to kiss her husband. Finally, the combined efforts of the two women bring him to climax, but not with the expected shout, maybe more of a satisfied whimper!

All four of us now completely spent, we lie together on the cramped little queen bed, Lacey in the space between Lou and me, her ass resting against my belly and her legs draped over Lou, while Nora changed sides and is wedged in the small space between me and the side of the mattress. It's all very cozy ... until Lacey says, "you know, I've got another gallon of ice cream downstairs" and Nora says, "I'll go fetch it for my three piggies!"
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Fiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesFiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Holiday Binges, Part Four

Getting back to my story, a couple of weeks after the amazing night at Lacey's house, it's Thanksgiving and my brother Tim and his plump wife Dahlia roll into town and I know I'm gonna get grief from the guy the whole time they are here.

You see, Tim is my older brother by a couple of years, but he doesn't make nearly as much as me, he has a much smaller home, not nearly as nice a car, and Dahlia, even though I love her dearly and find her quite attractive in her own way, is not nearly as hot as Nora. Oh, and I weigh 220 more pounds than Tim and yet my wife still finds me incredibly hot, which is probably making Tim steam even more! He probably thinks it isn't fair, since he had better grades, was the better athlete, went to the better college, yada, yada, yada ...

And since he hadn't topped me in anything else over the past twenty years, I just knew that he was going to ride me about my weight. It started the moment he walked through the front door and saw how much I had gained since the last time we'd seen each other, a couple of Thanksgivings ago at his house.

"My God, little brother, you're huge! HUGE! I bet you weigh more than Dahlia and I put together!"

He was probably right on that point, since he and Dahlia each appeared to be around a deuce and a quarter, while as I mentioned previously, I'd weighed in at an astounding 445 just the day before.

"Don't be rude," Dahlia scolded Tim, "besides he looks good with a little extra weight!" That's why I loved Dahlia, she was just so nice, way too nice to be married to my brother.

Nora had come to the entry hall by then and reached her arms around me from the back and said "he is still a sexy beast isn't he? ... even with 200 more pounds than the last time you saw him." Dahlia giggled, but Tim exploded, "200 pounds? No wonder you look so ginormous!"

Then he added, "Nora, I hope there is enough Thanksgiving dinner left for the rest of us once Fatty here gets through!" Nora just smiled and said "don't worry Tim, there will be plenty to go around ..."
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Fiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesFiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Holiday Binges, Part Five

Sensing the need to get my brother out of my presence, Nora suggested, "Tim, you remember where the guest suite is, right? Why don't you carry your bags up then we can have some drinks and appetizers when you get back down. And I'll ask your lovely bride to help me in the kitchen ..."

"OK," he said and I mouthed a silent "thank you" to my wife, which Dahlia caught too and she shot me a knowing grin. I wrapped my arm around Dahlia's shoulder and started walking with her toward the kitchen and when Tim was out of earshot, she whispered "don't mind him," and I told her, in an exasperated tone, "I'm trying!"

Then, making sure Nora was out of earshot, she whispered again, "you REALLY do look great and I'm kinda hoping Tim will put on a few pounds once he retires in a few months."

"Really?," I asked her, then continued, "well Nora is just the person to talk to if you'd like some pointers on encouraging old Timmy to gain. After all," I laughed, "she's done wonders with me!"

Dahlia got a cautious look in her eyes, then asked "if it's not too nosy of me ... uhm ... er ... " Sensing what she wanted to ask, but was too embarrassed to, I told her, "I weigh 445 pounds as of yesterday." Her eyes widened to the size of saucers and she exclaimed with a bit of incredulity "wow, Tim only weighs 223." "That means he has room to grow, just like I did." This time, Nora heard us and she loudly corrected me, "you're not done yet, Mister!"

Dahlia's eyes widened even more, as if I thought that was even possible, and she asked "you want him to gain even more?" Nora got that trademark evil glint in her eyes and told her sister-in-law in a most lewd tone of voice, "Dahlia baby, this Fatty doesn't know it yet, but my plan is for that belly to touch his knees by this time next year!" I gulped a little at that news and felt a definite stirring downstairs, thinking to myself that it was a real shame that Tim and Dahlia were there or I'd bend Nora over the kitchen island and take her from behind right there!

But Nora's attention quickly turned to the business at hand and she asked Dahlia, "so you want to secretly beginning fattening up old Tim?" Dahlia excitedly shook her head in the affirmative and Nora got that evil glint in her eyes again and pulled her co-conspirator close for a consult. I even thought I heard her whisper, "I'll make sure to insist that he take thirds and fourths of everything ..." That made me smile, imagining the two women starting my brother on his way to extreme obesity ... I know it sounds awful, I still love the guy, but sometimes I'd like to see him get a little dose of what he dishes out with regularity!

True to their plan, Nora and Dahlia pushed food on poor Timmy throughout the evening and I swear he at least had four servings of everything and maybe even five or six of the mashed potatoes and stuffing. And when his endurance started flagging, they turned it into a bit of a contest to see who could eat the most. Of course, I could beat him with ease, as much as my stomach had expanded after months of extreme eating, but I took it easy and let him win, just to give him some confidence that he could beat his little brother at something ... anything.

Eventually old Timmy was just too stuffed to go on and Dahlia escorted him to the study to rest up for dessert. Sitting down in our easy chairs, I let out a huge belch, which finally brings a smile to Tim's face, and he follows with an even bigger one of his own. Sensing a lighter mood in my brother, I stood up to unbuckle my belt and unfasten my slacks to provide my belly with some relief. He got a big chuckle out of that, then stood up and did the same.

Then he asked me an unexpected question, "Rich, it seems to me like ... I mean ... I guess what I want to ask is ... did Nora want you to pack on all those pounds? I mean she really seems to like you like this ... so fat ... and you two seem really happy about it all ..."

Then he added, "sometimes, like tonight, I get the sense that Dahlia wouldn't mind me getting fatter ... she always seems to be pushing food at me lately ..."

I just smiled at him and said, "brother, if you only knew ..."

About then, Nora and Dahlia walked in, grinning ear-to-ear and wheeling my food cart, piled high with desserts. They parked it in between Tim and I and each took a seat on an arm of the easy chair and began bringing desserts to our mouths. Tim gave me a questioning look and I told him, "just sit back and enjoy the ride big brother ..."
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fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Great additions! I am really enjoying this story.
"Eat, Eat! You will gain weight and be more attractive!"
- Russian Tour Hostess of the 1980s, as reported in National Geographic
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Fiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesFiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

A Month's Gain

It's now Christmas Eve, about a month removed from that incredible Thanksgiving evening when Timmy and I let our wives stuff us to complete fullness and then some. After re-bonding over that immense feast, Tim and I had spoken a couple of times a week since and he even invited us to their home for Christmas but Nora and I decided to have a special holiday all to ourselves. I literally just got off the phone with Tim to extend my Christmas greetings and was not altogether surprised to hear that my brother had packed on twenty pounds since Thanksgiving ... not as much as me, of course, but pretty impressive for a guy who heretofore had only been a little fat ...

I don't know exactly how much I weigh, but I know I've gained a lot more than Tim's twenty pounds. It's been a pretty hectic time since Thanksgiving, with our new live-in cook trying out new recipes on me seemingly hourly, and my office Christmas party, Nora's office Christmas party, Ophelia's frequent snacks during office hours, and countless invitations to friends' homes for all manner of holiday events. It seems like I haven't gone a waking moment since Thanksgiving without something fattening in my mouth. And I have to say I've loved it, feeling my belly constantly full yet feeling the compulsive need to consume even more.

Nora made me promise to enjoy the holiday season and not think about pounds, so I haven't weighed myself since the night before Thanksgiving when I had checked in at 445 pounds. I continuously am tempted to step on the scale but am better at resisting that urge than I am at all the food that has been put before during the last month. Still, I am pretty confident that I have broken the quarter ton mark, if not blown completely through it ... but tonight I will find out for sure, as for her Christmas present, Nora has asked merely that I step on the scale and reveal the full extent of my post-Thanksgiving gain. And to maximize the results, she has ordered our cook, Irina, a pretty little Russian emigre, to ply me with treats throughout the day.

While I've been loving it the last month, some bad has come with the good, particularly in the office. Lacey and Ophelia have been doing their best to run interference for me, but with increasingly little success as the CEO looks at me every day with total disgust in his eyes. And it didn't help when the VP of HR, who was in charge of the office holiday party, insisted that I dress up and play Santa. Then to make matters worse, she shot her mouth off to the boss about how hard it was to find a Santa outfit that would fit me! It disgusted him so much that he whispered in my ear at the party, "have some self-respect man and lose weight!" Then he added, pretty ominously, "or else ..."

But right now, I'm not thinking about that as Irina has just handed me a big platter of shrimp cocktail, the really big ones, and there must be two dozen of 'em. And better yet, she patted my belly quite affectionately and said, "this is just your light appetizer, so make sure to leave a little room in there for the next course!"

All I can do is think about how surprised Nora is going to be when I climb on that scale tonight ...
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Fiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesFiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

The Conclusion ... For Now

I have been stuffing myself with Irina's creations all afternoon and fear I may have no more room left in my belly for what she has prepared for tonight. I swear that delightful young Russian chef has been a Godsend and she is just so damned cute to boot! Short, curvy, and such a beautiful face ... and that accent ... she's flirtatious as she can be with me but, alas, knows what Nora will do to her if she were to try to touch me. Not that I think she's really interested in a fatty like me ... probably just trying to ingratiate herself ... but that's just fine with me as I just love having her infectious personality around the house!

I look at my iPhone to check the time, since there isn't a watch band big enough to fit around my wrist now, and am surprised to see it is 7 p.m., thinking that Nora should be home by now. After all, we agreed to let Irina take off the evening and all of Christmas Day to spend with her boyfriend, and she should be leaving anytime now.

But almost as soon as I think it, Nora comes bounding through the door with the type of energy I used to have 300 pounds ago, arms loaded with shopping bags. Irina comes in to greet her and Nora exclaims, "good -- I'm glad you haven't left yet as I've gots loads of Christmas gifts for you!"

"Oh, you didn't have to," Irina purrs, eyes wide with excitement.

"Oh yes I did -- you've been so good to us Irina, particularly this one," patting my belly for emphasis. "He's just gotten so much fatter this past month from all your cooking!" Irina giggles at that thought and whispers in Nora's ear, just loud enough for me to overhear, "I've been trying to guess how much he has gained ..."

Nora gives her a hug and whispers back, "we're going to find out tonight and I'll text you the results." "Goody," Irina says, "I hope he breaks 500!" That really seems to excite Nora, who responds, "if he isn't there already, "I'm sure that big feast you prepared will put him over the top," then she looks at me and says, "right Fatty?"

"Right!" I shout and immediately begin feeling an erection stir downstairs and begin to think it's time for Irina to leave the house to Nora and me.

Finally, as Irina bundles out the door with all her packages, I beckon Nora over for an extended hug and kiss. Then I reach behind the couch and pull out one of my gifts for her, in a fancy wrapped box from her favorite naughty lingerie store ... "open it," I say.

"Wait a minute," she says and steps over to the remaining bags she carried in and reaches for one in particular. "This is just for you my sexy Fat Man," and hands me the greatest gift possible, a box of eclairs from my favorite bakery! "Try one, while I open your gift," and I do and it's delicious, almost better than sex with Nora!

She rips off the wrapping paper excitedly, then opens the box ... and finds nothing inside! "I thought it would be perfect for you ... now try it on," I tell her with a sly grin and walk around behind her to unzip her sexy black work dress, making sure to grind my belly into the small of her back as I do so.

Once unzipped, I find she is wearing my favorite black push up bra of hers, the one that makes her look like a young boy's sexy MILF dream. She moans, "keep working that belly Fat Man ..."

I slip the dress off her shoulders and gently tug it down over her breasts and graceful hips, finally letting gravity do the rest. As it falls away, I discover she is also wearing my favorite black thong ... definitely not work attire for the CEO of a major company, but I imagine her sitting at her desk during the day feeling very powerful in the skimpiness of her near non-existent undies and sexy push up bra ... God, I wish I could have been there to take her on her desk (or rather for her to take me there since there's no way I can be on top anymore!).

Soon the sexy black bra and thong are gone too and she stands there in all her majesty and I say, "if I do say so, I nailed the outfit ... it looks PERFECT on you!"

"Speaking of perfection," she lears, "you are wearing too many clothes Fatty," and begins unbuttoning my shirt, but not before handing me another eclair. "I see you like my gift too," as she starts undoing my belt, the one she had custom made by a saddle maker, at the same time he fabricated a nice sexy leather dog harness for me. She mutters lowly, "have to put that harness on you later Big Boy ..."

Soon I'm down to my underwear and socks and Nora is admiring and playing with my spectacular moobs and awe-inspiring belly, musing about how much I must weigh after Irina's non-stop cooking of late. "Hon," I ask, "this all started out months ago with you telling me I needed to go on a diet ..."

"Yes," she responds with a hearty laugh, "and we all know how successful you were at that!"

"Well ... if I do break 500 pounds tonight ... well ... maybe it really will be time for me to go on a diet ..."


&quo t;But I'm really afraid the CEO is going to sack me after the holidays ... and I'm not sure I blame him ... you really can't have a quarter ton COO ..."

"If they do, we have plenty of money and Irina and I can keep you fat and happy for years ..."

"Still, I like my job and would like to keep it ..."

At that, Nora looks at me pleadingly and asks, "but do you have to stop just now?"

"Isn't 500 pounds enough?," I ask, just a little pleadingly myself.

She pauses to think for a second and responds, "tell you what, you turn 55 next month and I think 550 at 55 sounds very appealing, maybe then we can stop ... what do you think Fatty?"
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