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coyote wild
You'll love me, I swear.
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coyote wild carries a lot of weight on this boardcoyote wild carries a lot of weight on this boardcoyote wild carries a lot of weight on this boardcoyote wild carries a lot of weight on this boardcoyote wild carries a lot of weight on this board
Default Adephagia Rises (~BBW, ~BHM, ~SSBHM, ~EXPLICIT, ~XWG, ~GAS)

(Author's note: First appeared in Horngry Magazine Issue 4. You should check Horngry out because a tremendous amount of hard work went into each and every issue!

As far as this version's differences: this one doesn't adhere to word count limits.

Also, please check out my feedism podcast, Weight Up!


Adephagia Rises

by Coyote Wild

I wouldn’t say I’m “into” fat chi - ahem, sorry - women, but Marissa was hard to ignore. It was at a local spot that was equal parts pub and club that I first saw her. She caught my gaze before I hers. At around 300 pounds, she wasn’t hard to miss, but that’s not what drew me to her. I’m honestly not sure WHAT drew me to her, other than her beauty obviously, but I was intrigued. It was an interest that, I believe, is typically mistaken for “love at first sight.” No, it wasn’t love. I just knew I really wanted to talk to her.

And I’m glad I did.

Her confidence was refreshing; her smile, infectious; and her laugh more so. Thankfully, she thought I was pretty alright too, and that’s how I ended up tangled in her bedsheets the next morning.

I’m not going to pull some faux-noble, sham-chivalry, BS quote like, “A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell!” I’m just straight up going to tell you: it’s none of your business what went down that night. All I will say is, we did have sex. And I’m only admitting that because it’s pertinent to the story.

But after we fell asleep, I had the most bizarre dream…

{I’m walking towards these two really tall doors. There is a loud clang and the doors slowly begin to open, revealing a long red carpet running the length of a long hall that ends with, what appears to be, a room with a table and chair.

The closer I get, the more I realize the chair is exquisitely crafted and the table is thick and long. Oak, perhaps? And the room is what I could only describe as, a banquet hall. Or some sort of large, dining area.

As dreams can be kind of...ephemeral...I can’t describe her to you now, but the most beautiful woman I have ever seen is standing by the long table, smiling.

“Please, Will. Have a seat,” she says, gesturing to the lone chair at the end of the table.

I sit. A door at the other end of the dining hall opens and waitresses pour in, some pushing carts, some carrying trays, all bringing foods of varying tastes. Pyramids of burgers, mountains of fries, rows of hot dogs, bowls of pasta...full, enormous meals. And even in the dream, I can smell it all. Thinking about it now, I may have even actually licked my lips in my sleep.

“This is going to take some explaining, so I ordered us some dinner. I hope you don’t mind,” the mysterious lady says as she hops onto the table, taking a seat, crossing her legs.

“Not at all,” I think I respond while picking up a hot dog and biting into it. I can’t even adequately explain to you how delicious it is. It was just...a rich symphony of savory, with the subtle buzz of sodium and the electric tang of mustard and relish. I always get a little teary-eyed when I think about how delicious it was. And it’s the same for everything: The pizza, the pasta, the chicken nuggets, the burgers, the soups, even some of the salads!

“You see, I may not look it, but I am very, very old. My name is Adephagia, but you can call me Gia. Ever hear of me?”

I look up at her from scooping pasta into my mouth from a large serving bowl just long enough to shake my head.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m in this mess. You see, I’m the Goddess of Gluttony. Be sure to google me up when you awaken. Over time I have passed into legend, and as people forget about me, my power wanes.

“So for the last...however long it’s been...you lose track after the first few generations...I’ve only been able to survive in the dreams of those that have made love.”

“I’m sorry?” I ask, chewing a mouthful of burger.

She sighs. “Did you get lucky tonight?” she asks, impatiently.

I nodded proudly with a sheepish, idiot grin.

“Well that’s where I come in. The lovely young lady that slept with you tonight, was she a little...” she pauses before pantomiming a large form and mouthing the word as if saying it aloud would be rude: ‘fat?’

I nod, taking another bite. I don’t hear her continue, so I look up from eating to see Gia with a sly grin, her thumb pointing at herself proudly.

“I did that,” she explains. “You see, in my weakened state, the only way I can live on is in the minds of others. I’m stuck bouncing from person to person through the act of coitus, doing my thing, demonstrating my power and skill to feed and indulge, until enough people start believing in me again, which will allow me to regain my full form.” She seems to have caught herself in a villainous rant and takes a breath. She composes herself, turns to me and once more bares her teeth into a Cheshire Cat grin. “Speaking of full form…”

Gia saunters over by my side and leans in. She pokes my belly, which feels...weird.

It’s...soft. I look a little bloated. I usually take good care of myself, but my torso...it appears to be lacking in definition. But this is a dream, so isn’t *everything* lacking in definition? No...no, this food is...magnificent! Everything is the best thing I’ve ever eaten. How is that possible?

“Still confused? Don’t worry. We’ll have plenty of time together to sort it all out. Now, how about another bite?”}

The sweet swaddling of sleep was eroded away by the stinging of daylight. I awoke, tangled in Marissa’s sheets.

Despite that dream somehow leaving me full and bloated, I was seized by a most pleasant aroma. A smell that can only be described as...breakfast.

I found my way into the kitchen, where Marissa sat, gorging on an array of bacon, scrambled eggs, and biscuits covered in gravy. She moaned, slowly chewing through her current bite, taking a deep breath through her nose and sighing in pleasure as a rumbling expulsion of excess was expelled from her leggings-stretching ass.

“Good morning!” I announced, attempting to save her from the embarrassment of acting like a total pig in front of her latest conquest and current guest. But she barely acknowledged my presence, instead taking more bites, eating as if it would all be taken from her unless she finished it all within a fast-approaching time limit. Her aroma swirled with the essence of fried potatoes and pastries and awakened a hunger in me I had never known.

She dropped her fork for a moment to rub her round belly, leaving glistening trails of grease from her chubby hands. She then brought her right hand to her mouth and kissed every fingertip, pulling the remnants of flavor from them. Her ass groaned again, in an attempt at relieving the intense pressure pushing outwardly from deep within her belly. “Good morning,” she breathed, as if having just come.

“I had this weird dream last night,” I began, poking a sausage link with a fork I found lying on the table.

This seemed to get Marissa’s attention as she suddenly began to lean forward. Her chair and stomach both groaned from the movement. She continued to rub it as she spoke to me. “Yeah, I’m really sorry about that,” she said. “And forgive my manners, but now that the spell’s broken, I can eat whatever I want for the next few days without consequence. And since I’ve gotten so big, my hunger has been difficult to satiate.” She patted her belly for emphasis.

“No worries,” I said, more out of habit than anything else. I wasn’t really following her, but instead of being polite and pretending to know what she was talking about, I decided to prod a little more. “Wait, what do you mean, ‘spell?’”

“Oh, surely Gia explained it to you.”

Gia. The woman from my dream. How did she know?

Marissa saw the vexed look on my face and tried to be as clear as possible: “We had sex last night. So now she’s with you. I will be returned to my former weight and you...well…” she trailed off.

“Well?” I asked, hoping she would continue.

“She’s going to fatten you up,” Marissa said. She was looking into my eyes like a doctor giving an unfortunate diagnosis. As if she could see that I had no idea what I was in store for.

And then she farted again.

I laughed. Denial. That’s the first stage of grief, isn’t it? Well I couldn’t say I was grieving, but I was most definitely in denial.

“Fine, go ahead and laugh," Marissa said, returning to her rich, calorie-laden breakfast. “You don’t have to believe me. I guess I didn’t believe Sam, either, after that first night..” She took a bite of gravy-soaked biscuit. “Give it another day. You'll be farting like this too, in no time.

"But I’m going to make it up to you! I’m going to help you find someone to pass it on to.”

“Wait. You’re going to help me get laid?” I asked, incredulous.

With her cheeks bulging from a mouthful of pancake that’s been soaked in butter and syrup, she nodded.


I had work later so I got dressed to head home. It took two tries to fasten the button on my pants, but I didn’t think much of it.

The day went without incident until that night, when I was out on my evening run. I slowed to a stop at a crosswalk because a red hand made of lights told me to. I jogged in place to maintain my momentum, but was caught off guard when my phone’s text notification chimed.

I stopped jogging and pulled my phone from the case strapped to my arm. I swiped across my pattern to unlock it and expanded the text notification headline.

It was a picture of two, thick burgers, 3 patties deep, each layer connected with a coating of melted provolone, edges of bacon poking from crevices. A mountain of fries, speckled with a green seasoning, ran off the edge of the photo. The accompanying text read: [Dinnertime.] Sender: Unknown.

Glancing up, I saw the shopping plaza across the street, and nestled between the Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop and a Publix, was a Five Guys. I licked my lips and my stomach growled.

My run was cut short that night. And on top of that, I think I gained three times the calories I burned while exercising. Because in addition to ordering something almost identical to the picture Unknown had sent, I also got a shake.

Sometimes, you just gotta treat yourself, you know?

By the time I got home, I was ready to pass out. I kicked off my running shoes and took a quick, hot shower. After sliding on a pair of surprisingly snug boxers, I crashed into the mattress and was drifting off instantly…

{I’m already sitting at the oak table, chewing on...cake! Delicious, fluffy cake, my tongue slow dancing with the creamy, viscous frosting. I moan from pleasure and before I know it, I’m slicing off another chunk and bringing it to my mouth.

“Consider that the appetizer, big boy,” Gia says.

I jump, not even realizing she was there. I nearly choke, but luckily the cake slides down my throat without issue. “Hello...Gia, was it?”

She rolls her eyes. “That’s cool. Make jokes. When you wake up, you’ll know full well who I am.”

I take another bite of cake but realize she’s holding the fork.. And yet my hand still wielded a fork of its own. And my fork still had another large bite. With our combined effort, I’m able to eat twice as fast. I bite from her fork and mine, pausing only to chew, before another one-two hit.

I drop my fork onto an empty plate and lean back in the chair, giving my stomach room to breathe, my voice slightly strained: “That was incredible. I have never been this full. Let alone from a single slice of cake.”

“Aww, such a cute little beginner. You don’t even know just how full I can make you.”

She claps her hand and a waitress swoops in and takes away the empty plate. And with the effortlessness of a wind through the woods, another waitress was sliding another plate in its place. This one carrying another slice of cake, identical to the first.

“I thought tonight’s theme would be a simple demonstration of my power. Using only a single cake, I am going to convince you of my veracity and when you wake, you will know.”

She slides another chunk of cake past my lips. “There will be no mistaking where these pounds came from.”}


The alarm clock programmed into my phone yanked me into the day. What little energy I had was used to growl at the noise. Shortly after, I swung my heavy arm onto the bedside table and started slapping and swiping my phone's screen until the noise stopped.

I groaned one more time before deciding to get up and get ready for work. I pushed against the mattress and was dismayed by how much strength I had to put into getting up. I realize I was probably in the middle of a REM cycle when my alarm went off so the weakness and the grogginess made total sense. I swung my legs over the edge and felt them land like lead weights against the carpet. I involuntarily grunt at the effort it takes to sit up and stop for a minute. My eyes still closed, still enjoying the buzzing high of sleep, eventually opened when I felt something weird against my stomach.

It was my lap. I shouted.

I was chubby! My toned stomach wasn’t just without definition. It was now officially a belly. I grabbed it and shook it, feeling the weight of it jiggle. The rippling of my fat flowed outward, around my hips and love handles and up to my tits.

“What the hell!” I shouted. I rose to my feet and bounded to the restroom. I swung the corner and shoved my face at the mirror. I slowly pulled back to get a better view. My face was relatively untouched but a little fuller. I squeezed both cheeks by grabbing my chin from beneath, causing my lips to pucker. I slid my hand down my neck, following it with my eyes as it slid down my chest, over my sternum and grabbed my right breast. I squeezed it to test its softness and to see if it was, indeed, me I was feeling.

It was.

With both hands I grabbed my belly by the sides and gave it a couple of shakes, watching it bounce in my reflection. “Oh my god, it’s real. Oh no.”

Suddenly, the fullness of last night's feast materialized in the pit of my stomach, nearly to the base of my spine. I stumble forward and catch myself of the counter, leaning over the sink in an effort to direct the pressure to the nearest exit.

My ass moaned deeply in relief. My belly sighed in tandem with my lungs.

Realization after realization hit me like a ton of bricks, until landing on the inevitable conclusion: “I am going to get so fat.”

My phone buzzed and I lightly jogged back to the nightstand to grab it. I had to take a deep breath to compose myself after the minor exertion. I swiped to unlock and there it was. A text from Unknown: [Bingo.]

I threw the phone against my bed in a safe demonstration of anger and ran my fingers through my hair. “Marissa!”

I pick the phone back up and text Marissa: [What the hell!]

[Come over,] she replied.

I threw on my gray sweats and headed out into the world.


Marissa answered the door and I gave an audible gasp. She had lost a lot of weight since the day before. Perhaps just as much as I had gained.

“Oh great! So you’re losing weight and I’m finding it?” I asked, bitterly.

“Calm down. Come have a seat,” Marissa said, rolling her eyes and stepping back with the door, giving me room to enter.

I stormed by her and entered the kitchen. There was an enormous pot of pasta on the stove and a large bowl of salad on the counter. A lone plate at the center of the kitchen table held a tower of garlic bread pieces.

“You knew I was coming before I texted you, huh?” I asked, calming down, hoping she didn’t hear my belly whimper with hunger.

“I had an inkling.” She sauntered past me and stirred the pasta. “Take a seat, big boy.”

“I really wish people would stop calling me that,” I muttered, lowering my new bulk into one of the chairs. It creaked in protest but held firm. A bowl of pasta and a bowl of salad was placed in front of me. I shrugged and grabbed two pieces of garlic bread.

“Don’t go too hard. You are very susceptible to calories as long as she’s with you,” Marissa warned.

“What’s that mean?” I asked, my mouth full, having already used the garlic bread to scoop up pasta and shove it over my lips.

“You can make yourself instantly fatter just by eating too much. You have to go slowly and spread out your meals.”

I swallowed and wiped my mouth with my napkin. “But I have to eat! That isn’t fair!”

“Tell me about it. How do you think I got so big after only a week?”

“That was you after only a WEEK of this?! I’m never going to get laid!” I complained in despair, taking another large bite of pasta and chasing it with a huge bite of garlic bread.

“Hey! Jerk! Sam was barely fatter than you are now and he had no trouble landing me! It doesn’t matter what you look like just...be a good person. Besides, I think I have a lead.”

I lifted my head in hope. “You do?”

“There’s this girl, her name’s Hannah, she’s kind of a weirdo but not only is she into fat dudes, she’s also into getting fat herself,” Marissa explained. “But she’s being smart about meeting strangers on the Internet, so I have to meet her at the McDonald’s on the corner to prove I’m on the level. Will you be okay while I go get her?”

I nod excitedly and take another bite of pasta. Hey, why not? The curse is about to be lifted anyway.

Marissa grabs her keys and starts to put on her jacked. “Full disclosure: this place is still stocked up from my celebration of being free of Adephagia. But don’t eat any of it or you’ll swell like a balloon. If you can hold out for just a few more hours, this will all be over! Can you do that?”

I nodded again, feeling my cheeks wobble. Had I already gained since walking through the door?

“Okay, be right back. Make yourself at home, but remember: Don’t eat anything.”

I pause in chewing to direct another pocket of pressure to my softer ass.

Marissa fanned her nose and added, "...and try not to stink up the place."

She shut the door and locked it from the outside.

Don't eat for a couple of hours? No problem! I had just eaten about...who knows how many bowls of pasta!? I actually felt satisfied. The beginning of fullness. I remember when that was enough.

But I could feel the fullness sink deeper, becoming more focused within me. I breathed in through my nose and out through my widening rear.

I licked my lips and took another bite of garlic bread, my salad bowl going untouched. I looked around her kitchen, taking in my surroundings, when I noticed her cabinet door slightly ajar. Just based on a sliver of blue and parts of a logo, I could tell she had Oreos up there. I shook my head and averted my gaze.

My phone buzzed.

I swiped.

[Do it.]

My ass whimpered in eager agreement.


I could hear the key unlock the door and I knew Marissa was back. Here we go.

“Will!” she called. “I brought a guest!” She gasped. I imagine because she saw the mess I left in the kitchen and smelled the aroma I left there. “Will?” she called as I heard two sets of footsteps move across the kitchen floor and approach the living room, which is where I made it to before collapsing on the couch...and breaking it.

“Oh my god,” Marissa said behind the hands covering her mouth. She, and the girl I assumed to be Hannah, stared blankly at the fat man sprawled out on the sunken couch. All 600-plus pounds of me.

“Hi,” was all I could think to say, weakly waving my hand. I farted, dominating the room more than just physically.

“I’m Hannah,” Hannah said, waving my scent from her face before extending her hand for me to shake.

I twisted a little so that I could reach and grabbed her hand, squeezing it with my chubby digits and falling back into the cushions. “Hi, Hannah. I’m Will.”

“Can you even have sex? This isn’t going to work if we can’t find your dick,” Marissa said, worried.

Shifting my massive bulk, I tried to hook my thumbs beneath the elastic band of my gray sweats. I pushed them down and lifted my belly. I twiddled my fingers, trying to reach between my gelatinous thighs, but I couldn’t get past the fat pad that had swallowed my manhood. I began to get nervous. And I used to be so well-endowed!

Marissa stepped forward and helped heave my belly. Hannah saw she had to act fast as even our combined efforts couldn’t hold my bulk for long.

I felt her hand get swallowed by the fat around my crotch, and the electricity of desire flow through my lower half when her thin fingertips brushed the tip of my dick.

She leaned forward, her face pressing into the flesh between my thighs, just so her lips can reach my receded penis. She kissed, and pulled, and pulled, and licked, and pulled and pulled and pulled.

My forehead began to sweat as even orgasms are apparently an intense workout for me. My body shook and I pressed my hands into the sides of my belly, holding on to the pillow of myself for comfort and calm. The pleasure washing over every acre of my new poundage made me feel as if I was somehow capable of falling off of this ethereal ride, so I grabbed my belly and held on for dear life.

Before my dick got relief, my ass did, as the pressure inside of me was vented.

When I came, I was a geyser, an intense relief of mounted pressure, escaping the universe of me and flowing into the body of another. Hannah.

My dick pumped a few more loads into her mouth and she somehow swallowed every drop. She sucked a little more to make sure she got it all, but I was completely dry.

“I’m, no, empty, I’m done. I’m done I’m done I’m done,” came my feeble attempt to form a coherent sentence letting her know I was finished.

Marissa dropped my belly, but it didn’t have far to fall as the persistent weight had caused both her and I to lower it slowly as our arms became tired and weak. But when I was done, everyone was done, and both women collapsed onto the living room floor at my feet.

I panted incessantly. I hadn’t moved in hours but I was worn out. “Thank...you...Hanna…” I breathed.

Hannah moaned and I could hear that she was smiling. “No, thank you! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.” She stood up and loomed over me. “I recently found out my husband has been attending swinging parties and orgies. Well, the next time he goes, he’s going to be bringing a little gift to his insatiable friends.”

My eyes widened. What effect would multiple partners have on spreading Gia’s influence? In my haste to free myself from her, had I just unleashed her onto an unsuspecting world?

My phone buzzed and I struggled and shimmied to get it from beneath my enormous ass. When I pulled it up to my eyeline and swiped my fat thumb across it, I saw another text.

From Unknown.

[See you soon, fatso. ]

A nervous fart escaped...

...the end.
"Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding. "
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Fiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesFiji can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Really fun read!
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coyote wild
You'll love me, I swear.
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Posts: 561
coyote wild carries a lot of weight on this boardcoyote wild carries a lot of weight on this boardcoyote wild carries a lot of weight on this boardcoyote wild carries a lot of weight on this boardcoyote wild carries a lot of weight on this board

Thanks, Fiji!
"Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding. "
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