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chrissy has said some nice things

As we drove to my place, I couldn't help but turn the conversation to the other girls from that fateful night a year ago. I had to know.

"So, I have to ask," I started, "how are Jessica and Claire? And Alexis, for that matter?" II hadn't kept in touch with anyone as part of my self-made pact, which was now rapidly being destroyed.

"Oh, um... well first all they're all doing fine so far as I know. As for what you probably mean, Jessica and Claire have lost a lot of weight, and Alexis has lost some. So like the opposite reaction I gues I had, haha."


"Yeah, I don't know. Maybe they thought about what had happened and just had this visceral rejection. Maybe they're afraid. Maybe most days they really actually don't want... this. Of course I get it. But me... eventually I had to call you. There was no one else but you who would understand me more about my little secret."

When we got to my place, I went to the washroom and decided to fire off a text to Alexis to test Shannon's claim. I received a response pretty quickly -- while in there.

"Hey, nice to hear from you. Sorry, I don't do that anymore, but I'm happy to hang out as friends..." Well it said nothing specifically about Alexis' figure, but it didn't look great.

My attention turned back to dinner. I made a homemade mac and cheese with sausage. Rich. Paired with wine.

"Wow, did is pretty nice! Certainly a few steps up from KD, haha." Shannon dug in on the couch with me and we watched some late night.

Eventually she put her legs up and under her body on the couch, idly handling her half full wine glass, dinner finished. She was an utter vision of beauty. Her upper body was actually sort of slim; her lower belly took the large brunt of her gain over the past year, evidently. The large belt did much to maintain an illusion, but the way she was sitting meant that her lower belly fat pooled all around and on top of her jeggings.

"So," Shannon said, removed the elastic from her ponytail and hetting her wavy hair all around her face, lightly brushing her shoulders, "I want to ask again so we're sure... things aren't going to well with Stephanie?"

I mean, they sort of were, but Shannon sure seemed to offer a little more in terms of shared interests and, dare I say, personality, and I admitted as such.

"Okay. That's fair. You know, around most guys I've been pretty shy about my tummy. I've had to tell them I'm dieting, or try to get them to focus on my chest. But I know you. I know what you like. That's super refreshing. And to be honest I really like what you do too, professionally. It's really cool."

I smiled and leant up to her lips, kising her passionately. As we did this for almost a full minute, I moved to take off Shannon's buckle and lift up her dress over her head. Finally, I had a clear view of her gorgeous, now-huge belly after a full year of gorging and concerted gain.

While Stephanie's belly with doughy and pillowy, Shannon's was more thick and solid, although rapidly losing that form. Shannon's navel was sheer perfection, large, round, and very, very deep. As I circled the circumference of her belly button with my index finger she bit her lower lip. "Hmmmm, that feels nice. I want to try something I've read about."

"What's that?" I murmured as I caressed and explored her plump form.

"I want to try um," she giggled, "I want to try bellyf***ing."

I went to get some whipped cream as Shannon laid herself onto the couch. Her belly sort of undulated in wavy ripples and finally settled, gently heaving in and out with her breath; her white G cup bra rested like two wide hills, gently sloping just above her stomach.

I dabbed some whipped cream in and around her belly button and proceeded to gently lick it off.

"Mmmm, does it taste good?"

"It tastes even better than usual," I responded between my licks.

"Mmm, this is even better than I thought it would be. No one's done this," Shannon cooed. "I'm getting pretty wet."

I, sitting at the side of the couch, went back to kissing her on the lips, and I gently started to dip a finger into her navel. It went surprisingly deep.

"Oh... yes... push it in and out please..." I did do and the previous whipped cream lubricated the whole thing, making a subtle sucking sound as my finger moved back and forth out of Shannon's belly button and my other fingers grabbed and explored some of her sizeable paunch.

About ten minutes into this, Shannon declared, surprisingly, "Oh... my god... oh... oh... I'm going to c*m!"

And shortly after that, with a great shudder than shocked her entire body, Shannon had gotten off almost completely on belly and navel play, which was new even for me.

She turned and looked at me with a dreamy, sex-fuelled gaze I hadn't seen for a year.

"You... gotta get rid of Steph... to be with me," Shannon said between breaths.

I decided to be bold. "Something tells me you'd do this anyway."

She looked a little turned off, but after a moment relented. "Well... you know what I want and maybe you have to think about it, but I think you want it too."

"You'll never tell Ally about this, or you'll have no chance," I added, suddenly thinking about the ultimatum she gave me.

Shannon nodded, lips pursed.


Shannon left for the evening and I sat propped up in bed, thinking about what had happened. Why couldn't I just commit? Between Shannon and Stephanie, suddenly things weren't so clear. It wasn't really a matter of obligation, per se. Stephanie would be fine with her divorce proceedings. But what if commitment is, you know, about sticking to someone even if someone better seems to come along? The news about Alexis was also intriguing. I found it really hard to believe she would give up on her lifestyle like that...
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chrissy has said some nice things

For whatever it's worth, if you've been keeping count you'd realize I've been straddling a career and a likely-frisker-than-usual sex life for seven and a half years, now. I was nearly 30 that November, and it was hard to understand where all the years had gone. I thought about my 22 year old self and wondering which I'd be more surprised to hear -- that I was on the cover of Wired for my cloud storage company, or that I has developed a taste for heavier and heavier women, now topping out around 280 pounds (well worn, mind you, but all the same). I have to understand it wasn't just the heaviness I liked, however. It was the hard to get-ness of some in particular. I hate to admit it, but the potential for a potent mix of shame and pleasure, guilt and surprise that some women seem to experience as they move from a mindset where they feel they are heavier than they ever should be, to, well... just heavier, and possibly still climbing upwards.

But for all of this, and all of my apparent openness towards my colleagues, my friends, and my family, I just couldn't come out and admit I was an unabashed fat fetishist. I started to think about insane ideas like getting Steph to lose a load of weight, introduce her to all, and then allow her to build it up again and chalk it up to age (although at 37, Steph wasn't getting younger anyway). I thought about just going with Shannon instead -- the journalist -- that we both had careers could be more compatible in a way, not to mention interests, and although Shannon had become very big, she was taller and seemed better at hiding it all.

Then there was Alexis, who I had probably started to fantasize about mainly because she was hard to get. I heard through mutual friends that she had substantially slimmed down -- back down to "the way she was when first started apartment hunting with her, more maybe a little more." They were really happy for her. She had joined a gym, they said. I casually suggested that that was a good idea and asked which. Fitness SF, they said. Apparently they have a pool, which was more my speed anyway.

I thought about it. Alexis had fought off my every offer to hang out via text, with a facade of friendliness, of course. This -- this was human nature, right here. I had not only Stephanie and Shannon, but they were both single, and Alexis was married, and by all accounts she was slimming down fast. But I thought about her little soliloquy referencing Pulp Fiction, her astounding rise from her round, curvy ass to the bodacious, 5'5" sexpot she had become by the end, and by God I wanted to see if I could do it again.

I took the thought and held it. And things entered another holding pattern.

Two weeks before Christmas that year, Steph told me we had to talk.

"That's never a good thing," I said. What could it be? Did someone blab?

Steph faced me on my apartment couch.

"Listen... it's been a year or so. When are you going to introduce me to everyone? What's wrong? Is it because I'm... big?"

"No, of course not," I totally lied.

"Then I want to get things moving, you know?"

I hesitated. Finally, I decided to tell my truth.

"Steph... I like the way we have things now."

"Why? So that we we separately -- so that what? I knew you've done things with Ally. Are you still...?"

I paused for too long.

"Well." Stephanie looked angry in a way I had never really seen. "Guess what?"

".... What." I shot back, defensively.

"We never finalized the papers."

I had never felt such a mix of relief and shock.

"Excuse me?"

"That's right. I can go back. I just have to... be nice and lose a few."

"Your husband is really so vain about looks?" I was quizzical.

"And you're not? I got so fat. For you."

"You like it." I flatly said.

Stephanie looked flustered. "Whatever. I'm nice. I have interests. I even clean up around here sometime. What do you want?" She looked desparate, and I felt helpness, even though if I wanted to I could resolve everything right there and embrace her. Instead I folded my arms.

"Really?" Stephanie gave me a well-deserved slap and marched out of the apartment.


I thought about this for a few days, as we kept our distance. She was wrong to tell me she was divorced when she wasn't, and the way she talked about it, she had no real intention. However, she had every reason to until she was sure about us. So she was right. Not to mention my seeing Shannon at the same time, which made her doubly right. I had failed our experiment.

I called Steph about a week after the fight.

"Listen, I think we -- I -- just need time and space."

"That's all I've ever given you. Shame on me."

"Will I ever see you again?" I got needlessly melodramatic, but she softened a bit as a result.

"I... never say never." We hung up for now.

I looked at the website for SF Fitness again. Did I really want to be a stalker? No, I thought. It would be a chance encounter. I'd go swimming. I wouldn't necessarily try to find out her schedule or even know whether she used the pool. I'd just go for a swim a couple of times a week. It'd be good for me anyway.


It took a couple of weeks, but one time when I decided to try an evening swim around 8pm on a Thursday the week before Christmas, I spotted Alexis. What should I do, I thought. Hide? No. Pretend you have no idea. Of course.

She got out of the pool gently and I was, suffice to say, disappointed by what had happened. Alexis still wore a one piece, but she was actually looking almost trim. Her ass, stubbornly held on to size 16 dimensions, but her pot had melted away considerably. She retained C cups, which her noticeable. Her arms were still big and smooth, but almost looking toned sometimes as she moved. She would probably never have the body I met her with, and the body she had grown into lay dormant. She eased herself into the hot tub, her hair, which had grown to her shoulders, gently touching the surface of the water.

I decided it was as good a time as any to pretend we noticed each other.

"Oh, hey," I said, walking up to the tub which only had her in it.

"Oh, um, hi!" She seemed nervous but determined to stay cool. "Fancy seeing you here!"

"Yeah! I thought I'd join a gym. Really just for swimming, though. I find it calms the mind.

"Makes sense. Congrats on the cover of Wired! Wow, can you believe it?"

"Haha, actually I almost can't." We dumbly smiled at eachother for a moment.

We continued our small talk for about ten minutes, and then I swung it around to the point.

"So uh, it looks like the gym is working out for you," I said. Had to bring it into the body talk at some point.

"Yeah... yeah it is. Can I be clear about something?" I got nervous.

"Sure, fire away."

"I... we're never going to talk about that night, and we're never going to do anything like that again." She almost trembled with her words. I felt empathetic.

"Of course." I shook my head. "Don't worry. Let's be friends."

"I have a husband and... I need to be at least somewhat trim. That's normal. It's normal. I'M -- NORMAL."

"Okay -"

"And YOU'RE kind of a FREAK." That stabbed me. It shook me to my core. Was I?

I sat in the tub and closed my eyes, pretending it didn't happen. I heard Alexis get out of the hot tub and walk out. It was only us two at that point in the evening, thankfully. I wouldn't have wanted anyone to over hear that.


About an hour later, as I changed myself into clothes, Alexis texted me.

"I'm so sorry. I think I'm projecting. But please understand, it's a struggle for me. Do you understand?"

I quickly replied, "It never happened." And that was it. There wasn't much else I could say. She knew what I wanted.

A moment later, I took my phone out again and fired another thought to her. "Did you want to talk about it?"

Ten minutes after that, her reply: "Yes. Yes, let's just have a beer. Just one. I think. Friday at 9 at the Fairweather. Hubby thinks it's my girls' night. Sometimes it isn't."

"What was it before?" I asked, curiously.

"Oh god, I can't believe I'm telling you. It used to be stuffing night. I still get massive cravings."

"Well don't worry, we're just doing a beer."

"Should I trust YOU with that?"

"Yeah... hopefully?"

And Alexis left it with a simple wink. ";-)"

This, I thought, was quickly getting intriguing.
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chrissy has said some nice things
Default Chapter 22

"Cheers," I said, clinking beer steins with Alexis at the Fairweather. She had changed into business attire. Her jacket was noticeably a little small on her, but perhaps ironically her slacks were quite snug -- trying to fit into the 14s she had started with, but not quite.

"So yeah, sales are actually up. It's a hotter market than it used to be," Alexis noted how her career was going. I was mildly interested.

"So," Alexis started, a few minutes deeper into the conversation, "why me? I'm still married, I'm trying my hardest to keep the weight off right now, and I'll be the first to admit that I can be a real pain in the ass.

"Because," I deadpanned, "you're still married, you're trying to keep the weight off, and you can be difficult."

Alexis pursed her lips and looked around the room, then dug her elbows in and looked at me confidently.

"You're a bold one, aren't you?"

We both laughed.

"Is there any cheating allowed in this diet?" I asked.

"First of all, it's not cheating if you're allowed, and second of all, it's not a diet. I mean, everything's a diet. It just depends on what it is.

"That's fair."

The waitress swung by with a couple of menus.

"Could I interest either of you in dessert? It's a speciality here," she noted. She was a slim young brunette and reminded me, standing at our table, how big Alexis actually still was.

"Oh, thank you, but I really shouldn't --" -- the way Alexis said this gave me a little rise.

"Do you have a birthday special?" I butt in. Alexis' birthday was next week but I thought a little rounding error wouldn't hurt. She would be 37, I thought.

"Oh, you're taking the lady out for a special birthday? I love it."

"This is just the start," I added, as Alexis was about to open her mouth to correct it. "She's uh, 29 next week, right honey?"

Alexis resigned to the act. "Haha, something like that," she said.

"Well we've got a free birthday ice cream on the house waiting for you if you want."

"Haha, oh, no, again I --"

"She'll love it, or at least I will, haha," I interjected. That meant something slightly different than the waitress was probably thinking.

"Okay, why not, right? Vanilla?"

"... Chocolate." Alexis added. I looked at her, starting with intent at the waitress, nodding firmly.

"Oh -- ok, thanks folks." She was off.

Alexis turned to me. "Oh my God, how dare you!" She was admonishing, but you could clearly tell she wasn't quite serious.

"Well if you don't want it, I'll have it." I threw my hands up. "And I guess I'm going to have to go with chocolate. You chose."

"This is gonna set back my lingerie-ready date by at least a week."

"What's that?"

"It's on the calendar I share with my husband. Oh God, why am I even sharing all this with you? You."


"Yes, you." Alexis got in closer and nearly whispered to my face. "Whenever I see you I think of all those apartment viewings and that night with Ally and the rest of them. It feels like freedom. But I know it isn't real."

I dully whispered back and shrugged my shoulders. "This is real, Alexis. It certainly feels real. I'm certainly not going to tell you you need to gain weight... or get a nice luscious pot belly..."

"Or turn this around and get even bigger than ever," Alexis cooly added. I stopped and blinked.

"Sure," I continued my whisper, "but that's your choice. Would it be nice? Yeah I think so, but it's up to you. And I understand you've got a marriage and whatnot, and let's be honest, keeping somewhat trim had to be good for the career."

Alexis sighed and went back to a normal voice, sitting back down in her chair. "I admire your straight-shooting honesty. It makes my heart a little confused sometimes."

I decided not to point out that those two statements were contradictory.

Eventually the sundae arrived. Eyeing it, something in Alexis' will broke because she completely devoured it in front of me. We didn't get much chance to speak in between, so I casually took a bite here and there.

Ten minutes later, the waitress swung back. "Wow, that was fast. Just the bill?"

"Haha, thanks, I may have helped a bit. Or a lot." Alexis smiled a little at my fib. "Yeah, just on debit, please."

As the waitress left again to get the bill, Alexis gave me a light punch. "Look what you did."

"What?" I asked incredulously.

"Can I see what you did with the place I sold you, then?" She quickly skipped topics.

"Yeah, sure. Shouldn't take long."


A quick drive later, she entered the condo and I drew up the lights with my phone. The hall way light wouldn't turn on, however, and it was there that in the relatively darkness Alexis threw me against the wall.

"Bad, bad boy," she said. "So hard to get this weight off, see what you did?" I was silent as she stripped once again, leaving on just her panties, slacks, and bra. As much as she had shrunk, much remained. Her belly still hung over the lip of her pants in every direction, thanks in no small part to her insistence on wearing her original size 14s. Her arm fat was similarly stubborn, and what was borne out of her cycle of massive weight gain and a minor loss was a number of sexily outsized proportions across her body, which might be even more dramatically outsized should she prove to follow through on her threat to take her penchant for abundant curves out for a second ride.

We both stared down at her navel, which also seemed larger than it should have been given her overall return to more regular proportions.

"You like my hole there?" Alexis smiled.

"Yeah." I was transfixed.

"I could gain for you." Alexis looked up and bit her lip.

"What?" I got a real rise out of that one-liner.

"Mmmm yeah. I could."

"How so?"

"Touch my sides." I did so.

"Okay, I could gain for you... for $20,000, I'm 180 pounds now, so add... umm... for $20,000... add fifty pounds."

I did not immediately say no, and that emboldened her. I was hoping she would just lose in inhibitions again. But Alexis decided the equation could be balanced a little more. I didn't disagree to it in principle. I had the money now, in spades. We were going public as a company imminently and Alexis knew this. It was in the Wired article.

"Smart move," I finally said. "I'm going to have to consider it."

"I was kinda hoping you'd just lay it down now," Alexis said as I caressed her body.

"How do I know you wouldn't just do it anyway?"

"Because I must have self control. It's my marriage. It's my career. I almost let it slip last time."

"And this wouldn't allow those things to 'slip'?"

"A little... fifty is manageable. Just tuck it away. Use a corset. I was at the edge of manageable before. This would be past that, though. The precipice of manageable."

"You've thought about this."

"I think about it every day. I just need a little push."

I had to think about it. For all my ethical questionability, mass amounts of cash paid to encourage weight gain was going to be a new low if it were to happen. But screw me if Alexis wasn't so gorgeous and tempting.

"Well I need to think about it too," I finally said.

"Hmm. Not sure whether to call that self control or being a cheapo. I know you can do it. I helped you snag this place."

"Want to just watch some tv?" Finally Alexis let it go. "Yeah, alright."

We watched the new. Suddenly Alexis said, "you know, my size 24s are in storage."


"You could help me get them out."

The gold digging was getting to be a little much, yet I understood.

"I just don't think I can do it. Slippery slope. I'm more than happy to take you to dinner," I offered.

Alexis sighed inaudibly. "Yeah, alright. I like being friends and f***buddies anyway. This would add a weird new dynamic. You must put on the pounds or else!" I laughed.

"And that is a lot of money any way you look at it."

"Mhm, that was the idea."

"So do you think we're the only people in the world who can have this conversation and not have it be awkward?"

Alexis raised her eyebrows. "That I know of. Somewhere in the world the odds actually are it's been done."

"Well you are still really sexy," I said, lifting her shirt a little and revealing her soft round tummy resting on top of her pants.

"I'm scared of puttiing it all back on," Alexis conceded. "So far it's been a mix of appetite suppressants and dumb determination."

"There's nothing I can say for you there," I laughed slightly. "Damned if I do, damned if I don't."

"Well thanks for hanging out." I pecked her on the cheek.

"Do you want to see how I'm progressing towards my bikini bod?" Alexis asked, giggling a little.

"Sure, let's see it."

She got in my room to strip down to her skivvies and came back out, strutting.

Alexis always had a serious ass, and this would always be true. However, she was complemented by a sizeable belly overhang that wouldn't go away, and her arms was similarly meaty. Lastly, her DDs retained their shape. Most of the weight seemed to leave her behind and the mid-torso; the rest remained, including her smooshing thighs.

"You look amazing," I said.

We started to make out while standing, and I idly caressed and fondled her all over.

"Looks like you're working very hard," I whispered in her hear. "But you don't have to, you know."

"Hmmm..." Alexis was lost in it.

I went down on her, allowing her belly to enfold me.

"How do you like it?"

"Better than my husband," Alexis immediately said.

"What do you like?"

"You like my..." Alexis shuddered... "my stubborn little pot belly."

"What if your pot belly grew?" My coaxing intensified.

"Hmmm... yes, it's done that."

"And would you do it again? .... For Ally?"

That triggered her. "Oh... oh my god yes, I would..."

"How about for Shannon?" I started to finger her.

"What... oh yes... yes...."

"And what about for... Stephanie?" I rubbed her hard nipple with a bit of water what I said this.


"Yeah," I said, forming the plan out loud, "another girls' night, just for the sake of it."

"Nooooo... I need to lose weight, not gain it...." Alexis faintly protested as I worked her body into ecstasy.

"You'll show them your amazing pot," I said, with conviction.

"I'll... show them my amazing pot," Alexis said, closing her eyes.

"Your massive, fantastic ass," I said.

"My... massive fantastic ass." Alexis blurted, breathlessly.

As she moved into moaning, my mind thought about how, maybe, such an event would bring some closure to this saga of love, lust, and bigger women, and I thought it was as good an idea as any. I had not seen Ally for a while and I suspected she might be impressed if I did such a thing on my own volition. The wheels began to turn...
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bbw, weight gain

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