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joonam has said some nice things

really like it so far can't wait for next part
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firestarter87 has said some nice things

Neither can I. The author is doing a great job developing the story. I can't wait till the Main Characters realize their change.
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billsfan248 has said some nice things

I always enjoy your work - good stuff!
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Just started reading this. This is shaping up to be another great story. Just don't leave us hanging and keep going. Cant' wait for the next part.
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Jake (JMJ)
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Hello all. Here is the next part to the story. I know it's a long chapter but once I started writing I couldn't stop. Hope you all enjoy it.

Jake (JMJ)

After her tirade and pants exploding fiasco, Rosa had every intention of going to Ross to complain about the flabby twins but when they showed up the next morning with one of the many delights she enjoyed from Krueger's bakery (a double fudge brownie topped with chocolate icing and Reese's pieces), she decided to let it go for the time being but warned Roy that she was still mad at him. He just nodded and handed her the treat along with one for George who questioned why he was getting one as well but let it drop once he took his first bite.

They were however a bit more surprised when just after lunch they were greeted with cookies from Mrs. Fields'. This time George did protest but Alex quickly said that they wanted to put everything behind them and figured they would be nicer from now on. George tried arguing, stating that it was no big deal but Rosa once again interfered and told them they had better be nicer. Alex and Roy smirked as they walked away, knowing they had Rosa and George, hook, line, and sinker.

Being "nicer" entailed bombarding the two obese guards with unhealthy foods at every opportunity. If Rosa and George were about to finish a tour of the mall floor, Alex would tell them to stay put and then he'd bring them a snack from whatever stand was in the vicinity. If they were about to head out for lunch, Roy would rush ahead of them to the food court and tell them he'd bring something back for them before they walked over. All of this was done to ensure that their tormentors burned no calories and that their daily total would continue to increase.

While George had initially protested to all of this extra food, Rosa's insistence on accepting it (based both on her belief that it was owed to them and because her gluttony now knew no bounds) eventually forced him to remain quiet and just humbly accept everything that was given to him. He had become very subdued in his demeanor and very rarely said anything that could even remotely be considered confrontational to anyone. His once outgoing and egotistical personality had been replaced by a shy, timid and nervous one, which to most was his usual personality but to Rosa it was out of place.

That didn't mean though that she mentioned it to him, quite the opposite actually. She enjoyed being in charge and giving orders and used it to her advantage whenever she could. She would tell him to bring her whatever she wanted for breakfast (usually any of Krueger's filled muffins); she'd make him drop her off at the doors to the mall so she didn't have to walk; and she even began making him see Melanie more, just so she could get more free coffee and donuts. She still viewed George as a friend but figured if he was going to act like a wimp she'd bully him like he was one.

As the winter turned to spring and the turned to summer, the two security guards fell into a gluttonous and sloth like routine that would have appalled them in the old days. Both would wake up early and have a large "snack" (eating a bag of Oreo's or a box of Devil Dogs is probably more than just a snack), then shower, followed by breakfast from wherever Rosa told George to get it from, followed by their first snack at the mall, usually a scone or something from Cinnabon, then getting into their security guard uniforms before taking a walk around the floor, a walk that used to take twenty minutes, now it took over an hour to complete. The walk was filled with many rest stops and snack breaks with the longest break occurring at Dunkin Donuts where George and Melanie would carry out an awkward conversation, all the while with Rosa glutting herself in the background to drown this out. A snack from Roy or Alex came after this which was usually eaten while they watched the monitors. George and Rosa would then eat whatever lunch was given to them by Roy and Alex while they continued to watch the monitors. After digesting they would make another slow trip around the bottom mall floor, huffing and puffing while trying not to break too often as that was usually when Ross was paying attention to the security cameras. Dinner was usually a few double burgers, fries, and large shakes from Shake Shack, with the former tormented now spiking each shake with weight gain powder purchased at the GNC in the mall that George used to frequent. More watching of the cameras followed along with another snack before shifts end and they got changed back into somewhat better fitting sweats before going home to sleep and repeating this process all over again.

As time progressed and the cold winter was replaced by a warm spring and an even warmer summer, the duo had become very complacent in their new lives and all thoughts of this being a temporary position flew out the window. Rosa had gotten rid of all her fancy work clothes due to their "shrinking in the wash" but also because she didn't want the stress of being in charge anymore or having to actually do work. She threw out all books having to do with her old job and canceled all her subscriptions to magazines dealing with either work or fashion, preferring to read things like Star Magazine or the Enquirer.

Her weight may have gone up but her ambitions had dwindled dramatically and she no longer had the drive that propelled her to winning dance titles or getting promotions months out of college. Whereas before she was mean and determined to get things on her own, she now wanted to do nothing and be spoiled by others; her feeling was that she was entitled to all of this due to her good looks. All that seemed to matter now was her next meal and getting someone to do something for her so she could relax.

The air conditioners loud humming woke her from a restful sleep one August morning, just minutes before her alarm clock was about to go off. She rolled over onto her back and slowly opened her eyes as she tried to get her bearings. She lethargically twisted her body to allow her stubby legs to hit the floor, happily finding her slippers as she continued the process of getting out of bed. Being short had its set backs but she was finding that each day her legs seemed to be getting closer to the ground although she failed to realize that it was due to the bed sagging under her growing weight and not her magically getting any taller.

Getting to a standing position required a bit more effort but with one large push she was able to do it; her entire body quivering for several minutes after she stopped moving. Rosa scratched her large drooping gut and let out a large belch, the taste of last nights binge of Rocky Road ice cream still lingering on her breath. She grinned sly as she let out another burp, this one slightly louder than the first.

"Urp, that was some good ice cream, I think next time though I'll get two cartons, they just don't put urp, enough in each one."

Rosa tugs on her ill fitting panties and waddles into the kitchen, her blubbery thighs rubbing together something fierce. The short walk puts her severely out of breath and she has to lean on the kitchen island for support. Her apartment is always cold due to her leaving both her air conditioners and fans on at all times but she is still sweating profusely from this short amount of exercise.

"Damn air conditioners must be, urp broken. Gotta call the company and replace em, oops excuse me" she says as she lets one rip from her shelf like behind.

With the amount of junk she has been consuming it is no wonder that her stomach is out of whack. She has been losing more control of when to belch and pass gas and as a result some of her coworkers have begun calling her "The Mad Gasser" behind her back. She is about to grab something to eat from her fridge when she hears her phone go off in the other room.

"Ugh, if that's George he better be calling to say that Krueger's is having a sale, otherwise I'm going to kick his ass!"

The phone rings and rings but even moving at a faster speed doesn't prevent her from missing the call. She sees that it is George and calls him back.

"Huff, George, this, huff better be good" she says while wiping sweat from her forehead.

"Oh, it is. I just, ugh, one second. Ugh, there we go. I just drove by McDonalds and they had a deal on sausage egg McMuffins, 3 for the price of one so I waited in line to get them for us. I'll be by you in half an hour so, ugh, stupid seatbelt, be ready."

Once the call ended Rosa did her best to jog into the shower and get ready. The shower took longer than she anticipated, only due to the fact she had more surface area to wash. Once finished, she pulled up a pair of plain cotton panties that she purchased about a month ago from Walmart (Roy may have been an ass about telling her to go there but he had been right about the comfort of the clothes) and then into a loose (well, not tight would be a better phrase) sundress and tied her hair in a quick ponytail before grabbing her pocket book and phone before heading out the door.

By the time she lumbered her way down the stairs she was gasping for breath and the already humid air took whatever breath she had left out of her body. Thankfully George was already sitting in his big truck and waiting for her. She made her way to the door as quickly as she good, her body bouncing in multiple directions, seeming rebelling against her with each ponderous step. She finally made it to his truck and grabbed onto the side bars and pulled herself up, her sundress coming up just as she was about to get in, providing any around with a great view of her cellulite laden ass.

"Oomph, I think, gasp, you need an elevator for this truck", she said as she tried getting her seat belt on.

George nodded in agreement before handing her an iced coffee that looked almost completely white. Both of them had been asking for extra extra cream whenever having the caffeinated delight.

"I agree. I asked when I bought the car but they didn't think I was serious. At least it beats that BMW! What was I thinking with that purchase!"

He laughs as he tugs on his seat belt again, the fabric digging into the vast expense that is his belly. At over 400 pounds George is getting too big for walking tours but Ross hasn't told him this yet.

"You should have had your, gasp, girlfriend call them. She would have fixed this for you snort! Hahaha snort!"

George blushes.

"She's not my girlfriend. We are just two people who hang out."

"She's your girlfriend. You guys hang out almost everyday, right?"

George nods.

"Then she's your girlfriend. It's not a bad thing Georgie, she's nice and you could do worse snort" she says while grabbing one of the bags at her feet.

"I know I could and Mel is great."

"Course she is chomp. Those double chocolate glazed yesterday, mmm they were so good urp" she says while she devours her food. Rosa's manners are also going out the window it seems as she makes her way through her first breakfast of the day.

Her partner is eating his but he isn't too keen on Rosa's comments about Melanie.

"She's more than just that Ro. I don't hang out with her for free donuts and coffee, even if she hooks us up more than we need to be" he says while glancing down at his gut.

As time has gone on George has become more and more aware of his girth but instead of being surprised he seems to accept it, thinking more that he's also been big, just not this big. He has always hated working out in his mind, he only did it to fit in with some of his coworkers. Now that he doesn't talk to them anymore he is free to enjoy food like the big guy he is.

"Sorry sorry I don't want to upset you and your girlfriend urp."

"It's ok just try being a little nicer to her. She is really sweet and I like her. I mean, as a friend. Yeah as a friend."

Rosa laughs to herself as she sees George nervously fumble with his sandwich. It's always too easy to get him flustered but she decides to stop bothering him for now, she can always do that later.

"No problem pal, I'll be nicer to her, no worries. Urp. These Egg McMuffins don't seem as big as they used to be though, guess that's why they were three for one" she states while popping the last of her breakfast in her mouth.

"Yeah I know what you mean, this barely constitutes a snack" he replies while getting ready to pull into the mall parking lot.

"Hopefully the flabby twins have something good waiting for us, I have a feeling I'll be starving once we finish this long walk to the doors."

George looks at her as if to ask if she wants to be dropped off but decides against it. If he has to walk the long distance she should too, especially after her teasing him about Melanie.

"Good thing we got these coffees. You ready Ro?"

Rosa slurps on her coffee before unbuckling her belt.

"Let's do it."

What should be just a five minute walk has become a marathon for the fattened pair. They waddle towards the door and try their best to conserve energy but the heat and humid are draining them quick so they try and move faster but it isn't working. Each step cause ripples in their bodies as Rosa's sundress clings to her sweaty body and her cankles over flow the straps of her sandals. The poor woman is barely over five feet tall so all the additional adipose makes her look even fatter than she really is.

George may be heavier but he is actually moving a lot better than his shorter partner. He isn't exactly a speed demon but at least he is able to take more than three steps without feeling like he needs to collapse. His legs shuffle awkwardly as he tries to move his massive thighs forward without causing his gut to smack them too much. At just under 430 pounds George is clearly nearing the end of his touring days and if things keep up the end of his driving days as well.

After just over 20 minutes of walking (and including breaks), they finally make it to the entrance, both completely gassed and ready to pass out. Rosa's moon shaped face is completely red and she chugs the rest of her iced coffee to replenish any lost nutrients from the walk. George adjusts his t-shirt to hide his hairy stomach before adjusting the waist band on his khaki shorts so they don't pinch into his waist. He wipes the cup on his forehead to cool off before chucking it in the trash.

"I, think, huff, we need to, huff, ask Ross for like, huh, special privileges, or, gasp, something. That, gasp walk is too, huff, much" she says while bent over. Sweat from her forehead and arms drips to the floor in front of her creating a small puddle. She picks at her panties, the sweat causing the stretched cotton to stick to her ass.

"I'll see what, huff, I can, huff do. It is cause of me that we, huff, got new chairs in the static room."

"That's, true gasp. Those damn chairs were, huff, meant for children anyway, my hips get getting stuck in the, huff arm rests!"

George nods, his three chins jiggling in unison as if they are one.

"I know. Let's get, gasp back there and huff start our shift."

Roy and Alex are sitting in the back waiting for Rosa and George to show up. Roy has gone to Krueger's today and picked out a double fudge brownie for each of them along with a black and white cookie for Rosa and an oatmeal raisin for George. He smiles devilishly as he hears the familiar huffing and puffing that comes along with their waddling.

Since Rosa's outburst many months ago he has become obsessed with making them both obese no matter what the cost. At first Alex was completely on board but as time has gone on he has tried to get his friend to pull back a bit, especially when it comes to George. They both can see that he's not at cruel as he used to be and he actually has started calling them by their names and saying hello to them. As his weight had gone up he become a kinder person and they almost felt bad about making him so fat.

With regards to Rosa however they are still mad at her although Roy has almost a vendetta against her. As time has gone on the fog that seems to be over most people's eyes when it comes to her weight gain has been lifting very slowly and he is starting to see just how heavy she is becoming. He relishes every time a new bulge appears in an outfit or counting how long it takes for a uniform to get too tight before it needs replacing. For him it has gone beyond a simple joke or revenge plot, it is now seemingly his desire to see her become immobile.

"Looks like they are on their way", Alex says while adjusting his shirt.

"We got time. It takes them at least 8 minutes once they are in hearing distance for them to get here."

Alex looks at his friend with concerned eyes.

"Eight minutes? You timed them?"

"Of course I did, how else would I know if our plan was working? The longer it takes them to get here the fatter and more out of shape they are."

"I guess."

"Exactly. I think for their snack today I'll go to Auntie Anne's in a bit, something salty should balance out the sweetness."

"A snack? You trying to feed them till their stomach's explode? That's a lot man", Alex says, trying to talk his friend out of this.

"Explode? Please. Do you see George's gut sagging down on his thighs when he stands? Do you see that cute little belly outline Rosa has when she is stuffed into her uniform pants? They'll be fine."

Roy imagines Rosa in too tight pants and his heart rate increases. He has never been attracted to fat women before but something about making Rosa so far she can't walk has him more turned on then ever before. He realizes his friend is looking at him however and tries to reassure him.

"Look bud, we are pretty much done with George anyway. Let's just give him normal sized meals now and no more 'shakes'. He's big enough as is."

Alex sighed a breath of relief.

"Good man good. That guy isn't all that bad anyway. Besides I don't know if they have a bigger uniform after the next one. He's not exactly a small", Alex says while laughing.

"Yeah, he's gotta be about 426 pounds by about now", Roy replies, not completely sure how he has such an accurate number about George's weight.

"426? Holy shit no wonder he almost broke that chair two months ago!"

"Pretty much. Oh well, maybe being this fat has shown him he shouldn't be mean to people. That 'chubby bitch' hasn't learned yet though."

He cracks his neck as he finishes his sentence. Alex glances over at him nervously.

"Chubby? She's pretty big herself man, I know not as big as him but come on. She's gotta be well over three hundred too."

"No, she's not over three hundred yet, but she is pretty close", is Roy's response. Though her actual weight is displayed in his mind, he decides to not share it with his friend.


"No buts, this was your idea and I say we keep at it with her."

"But Roy...."

Roy turns back to his friend and it's as if something otherworldly has taken hold of him.

"We don't stop until I say so, do you understand me?!?"

His second chin shakes as he trembles with anger and defiance. Alex is scared but a calmness washes over him, almost as if someone is reassuring him that it's ok.

"Ok man ok. You're, you're the boss" he says to his heavier friend.

"Damn right. Now go get them some pretzels, we have a busy day ahead."

Alex leaves the back room and waves to George and Rosa as he passes them. They walk in to see Roy waiting for them and his arms outstretched, two bags from Krueger's in his hands. He hands them their bags and wishes them a good day as he goes about the start of his tour. They both notice he is walking much more confidently these days.

"What's with flabby twin number 1?"

"I don't know Roy seems much happier these days, I don't get it."

"He probably doesn't want to piss me off anymore", she says as she tears open her bag.

"I don't know, they are ok guys, maybe we should tell them this is enough?"

George bites into his oatmeal raisin cookie and moans due to how good it is.

"Rightttt, let's give up all these great treats. You saw how small breakfast was, do you think we could make this tour without this snack?"

He ponders the question while his partner noisily finishes off her brownie in three bites, fudge smeared all over her chin.

"Sooo good. We need the energy George so let's not turn this stuff down. "

"I guess you're right Ro."

"Of course I am. I'll meet you out front in a minute" she says before waddling into the changing room but not before grabbing a towel first.

After wiping all the chocolate from her face and sweat from her body, Rosa goes about the long process of getting into her work uniform. The material doesn't have much give so she is very careful now, she delicately tries to force her blubbery thighs and wide hips into the pants before pushing her doughy midsection in as well. Next comes carefully pulling her arms through the sleeves of her shirt before trying to button it around her midsection and breasts. They may not be the prime beneficiary of her gain but they are still rather large and threaten to burst out if she isn't careful with her movements. Once dressed she puts on her shoes which thankfully are now slip ons, otherwise she'd ruin all the work she just did to get dressed.

Dressed and ready to go she makes her way to the outside and next to George as they prepare to make their rounds. The over 700 pounds duo are quite the sight in their uniforms and most store owners and patrons are now making fun of them whenever they see them. While still oblivious to why they are being stared at (George does have his suspicions), they do sense that there are many eyes on them while they wobble around the lower floor to make sure things are ok. It is just another reason why Ross has asked for authorization to keep them on static duty full time, his hope being that it should be granted shortly.

By the time 11 rolls around and even though they have consumed more calories in 4 hours than they would have in entire days before, they are absolutely ravenous by the time they walk inside. George sees Melanie and sheepishly smiles at her before waddling to her. His stomach makes it first to the counter and he rests it on there to provide some support. As he jostles his belt underneath his vast gut, a button pops off his shirt and lands in the tip jar, much to his embarrassment.

"Hey Mel. Er, sorry about that. Thing er, shrunk in the wash", he says before going to remove the button.

Rosa agrees even though she knows he has put on some weight recently.

"These uniforms are made poorly Melanie, it's a wonder I can even fit in them and I'm a tiny girl!"

Melanie looks at Rosa quizzically, unsure if she should point out that Rosa is rather obese or that she's insane, but figures that the girl must mean her height and let's it go.

"Yeah, they are the same company that makes ours, although I think that uniform fits you well handsome."

Melanie smiles as she leans in and gently rubs his arm which is covered in flab and hair. Since she made her comments months ago George has found himself wanting to be more like her ideal so he stopped shaving. His full beard and big belly make him look like a younger but more massive Santa Claus, much to the Dunkin Donut's workers delight.

"So what can I get you, 'big guy'?"

Melanie had always had a thing for bigger guys and George was about as big as they came. However, unlike Roy who had malicious intentions, Melanie was genuinely interested in George and while his size turned her on greatly, she had no desire in fattening him up. She may have enjoyed giving him free food and going out to eat with him after work, she wasn't trying to fatten him up, she just enjoyed being with him.

He blushed before striking his beard, the sight of this the turning her on to no end.

"I guess the usual, angel of java."

Melanie grins and goes about getting the dozen donuts ready. Rosa's mouth is already watering as she envisions devouring six donuts in rapid succession.

"Boston creme is gonna be so good today. My blood sugar is so low."

George tries to fix his pants again, once again knocking a button off the front and exposing more of his hairy paunch. He glances over at Melanie and admires her from her far, even if her slim body barely fills out her uniform.

"Mel looks, um, good today, right?"

"Yeah, sure she does. Hey, you think you can maybe ask her to, you know, do what she did for us last week?"

He rolls his eyes.

"I dunno Ro. I feel bad. She didn't seem too happy when we were hanging out afterwards."

Rosa flutters her eye lashes at him, before rubbing up close to him, her large breasts rubbing into his stomach.

"Pretty please Georgie? I could use another late night snack and I'm sure you could too."

She puts on puppy dog eyes and the now weaker willed man can't resist.

"I'll, I'll ask. She'll say yes I'm sure, she is the best."

"Thank you George!"

Rosa tries to give him a hug but their stomachs get in the way, making them look even more ridiculous as they are still pretty far apart.

"Here you guys go, 4 Boston creme,
2 strawberry frosted, 4 double chocolate glazed, and 2 jelly. And here are your coffees too."

She goes to give George the donuts but Rosa intercepts them and simply thanks Melanie before waddling away happy, not even waiting to take a step before shoving a jelly donut in her mouth. She gives George a knowing wink and heads towards the doors.

"Hey, angel. I, I uh, hate to ask but could you."

Melanie just sighs, already knowing what is coming.

"I know what you're gonna ask George. I can do it but you gotta tell me first, is this for you or your 'tiny' friend over there?"

They both glance over at Rosa who is enjoying stuffing her face, bits of food and jelly spraying everywhere.

"No no it's for both of us. You know I need something after work."

"Alright hun I'll do it. Regular dozen?"

"That's fine. I really appreciate it my dear."

He kisses her hand.

"Aw, you're so sweat. I can't tonight but I can tomorrow if that's ok. But if it is ok, you owe me dinner!"

They both laugh.

"You, you got it angel. I'll text you later."

"I can't wait handsome."

George waves goodbye, his flabby arm shaking uncontrollably as he waddles to meet up with his partner. Rosa stuffs another donut in her mouth, her chins joyously jiggling as she enjoys a treat.

"These are so good! Have one buddy!"

She picks out a Boston creme and stuffs it in his face. He is about to protest but the sweet confectionary treat is too good to resist.

"See, that's why you listen to me. Happy she's giving you more?"

George nods somberly.

"I told ya. Stick with me partner. Now come on, let's finish these off and the rest of our tour. That should help us get ready for lunch!"

As they leave Melanie watches them go, stunned by just how big they both are. Rosa leaves first, her uniform pants showing off just how big her ass has become as her hips sway and her cheeks bounce together, almost like a pendulum. Her panties are clearly visible to all and she picks at them again with no regard for who may be watching.

George follows behind with the box in his arm, a third donut already finding its way to his waiting maw. His behind is like an oar in the ocean, bobbing up and down as his legs shuffle in front of him out the door. He, like Rosa, is already winded and ready for a break.

Melanie just watches and grins.

"Can't wait to see you tomorrow, big boy."

The rest of their shift goes as it usually does with the exception of George getting smaller portions than Rosa. By the time they are dressed and ready to go home they are stuffed to the gills. As she waddles out of her changing room, she runs into Roy who is talking to George.

"So yeah, you need to try the new triple fudge snickerdoodle brownie they got at Krueger's now, it's friggin amazing."

"I'll have to get it some time", Roy responds.

"Or you could get it for us tomorrow. I'm sure we could use a morning snack."

"Ro, he doesn't have to..."

"George, he wants to, don't you?"

Roy grins. His answer is of course yes but not for the reasons she is thinking.

"It's ok George I don't mind. I'll pick it up on my way to work. If you want I could even drop it off on my way to work."

Rosa scoffs at this and laughs heartily.

"Please, like a lady like me would let you know where I live."

Almost as if to make fun of the lady comment, Rosa let's out a large belch in his face. Roy just chuckles.

"Yes, how stupid of me. I wouldn't begin to think of finding out where a 'lady' like you lives."

She agrees.

"It's ok, snort. But I give you an a for effort. I've heard worse from guys before. Oh well. It's time to go now Georgie, I'm hungry."

"Ok. Have a good night Roy."

"Bye you guys."

They waddle towards the door and make it outside. Roy laughs as he sees Rosa's cushiony hip brush against the door.

"I may not know where you live now but I'll find out. When I do, you won't be able to fit through that door not matter how hard you try."

He walks away when out of nowhere the address and apartment number of where Rosa lives flashes into his brain. He grins as he begins plotting what he will do to her tomorrow night.

As he is plotting, the ring in Rosa's apartment shines and the table begins to shake a bit. Almost as if the ring is laughing along with Roy.....
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Jake (JMJ)
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Hey everyone, here is the next part. Hopefully you all like this addition.

Jake (JMJ)

While knowing where she lived may have seemed like the perfect opportunity for Roy to stalk Rosa, he actually had no intentions of getting arrested or in situations that would put his health in danger. His reasons for wanting her address were actually much subtler and calculating.

He waited a few weeks before enacting the next part of his plan, just to make sure Rosa forgot about his comments about bringing her breakfast in the morning. After a particularly gruelling day at work he waited for George to leave before he got in his own car and sped over to where she lived, parking all the way up the block so he could look at her get out of the car without being seen.

He watched as she began the laborious process of getting out of her partners truck, swinging one dimpled thigh out in front of the other and onto the support bar before hoping down. Her body quivered as she tried to regain her balance before pulling out her apartment key. It was amazing but it seemed as if he was the only person who knew just how big she had gotten. Alex may have picked up on her being bigger than she used to be but he had no clue just how much bigger she was. Roy was enthralled with her body and how she moved; how her stomach would bob up and down in unison with her breasts or the way each thigh would brush against the other almost to the knees and then continue jiggling and dipping just above her knee caps like a waterfall of flesh. She looked nothing like a dancer who once could do five backflips in a row.

"So much jiggle and wobbling going on here, although I'd prefer it if it was just limited to the bed", Roy says as he adjusts the boner he has going on.

He sees her struggle up the stairs and watches as George pulls away and out of sight. He sits up fully in his car seat and pulls out his iPhone to look at some delivery menus.

"Hmmm, by the time you make it to your apartment the food should be here, but what do I get you tonight? Chinese? Burgers? Thai?"

Just as he is contemplating his order, he watches her tug on the lower half of her dress as it rides up, exposing her cottage cheese like ass, the thought of cheese making his decision all too easy.

"Looks like pizza it is my dear. Just a little more cheese to add to your 'cheese'. Now let's see what else to get you."

Roy pulls up a website for a local pizzeria and checks out the menu.

"Oh I wish I could be there to see you eat this, it'll probably turn you on so much to eat it all" he says to himself.

As Roy places his order, Rosa makes her way through the front door and takes the slow walk up the two flights of stairs, sweat dripping down her body with each step as she fights exhaustion and her own body which is seemingly rebelling against her for making it exert itself this much. She clutches the railing tightly and finally makes it to her floor.

"I, gasp, need a new, gasp, place I think. These stairs are, huff, too much" she says as she wipes her forehead off with the front of her dress, giving anyone who is around at the moment a full view of her outstretched paunch and barely visible panties.

She makes it to her door and the cold air from running her air conditioner all day hits her in the face and sends a chill up and down her sweaty body. She takes it all in and immediately makes her way to the air conditioner to really cool off.

"This thing is the best, so glad I listened to that fat guy at McDonalds who mentioned it to me. Still don't know why he told me I looked like I needed it", she says to herself, recalling how she was bent over the counter at a McDonalds a few weeks ago and looking ready to collapse when a man about her age suggested getting this new model to help keep her cool in the heat. She brushed him off at the time but he was right, it was a godsend.

"I guess I owe him a burger if I ever see him again snort. Actually, with as fat as he was maybe two hahaha snort", Rosa says as it fails to register that she actually outweighed the man by a few pounds.

After a few more moments spent cooling off, her stomach began to rumble and she placed her hands on her super sized gut and sighed.

"I know, I didn't really have dinner tonight so you're complaining".

Dinner was actually three soft shell tacos and two over-stuffed burritos. This also didn't include all the snacks she had devoured both before and after this meal.

"First though, I need to sit and rest for a few, it's been a long day."

As if to protest this a gas pocket in her stomach let's itself known as she lets loose a fart that would knock a person over if they were anywhere near her. She giggles at this little outburst and mockingly fans behind her ass as she waddles to the couch. She is just sitting in the well worn groove she has made over the past year when there is a knock at her door.

"Ugh, who could this be this late at night? Maybe George thinks it's 9 am and not 10 pm" she says as she exerts great effort to get off the couch.

After a slow walk and three more knocks she finally makes it to the door. Opening it she sees a teenager standing there with what appears to be a pizza and a bag on top of it.

"Vincent's pizza delivery for a Rosa?"

"Um, I'm gasp, Rosa, but I didn't order this."

The delivery boy is unmoved.

"I know, someone ordered it for you, said it was your admirer."

Rosa holds onto the door for support, her legs already weak from the walk.

"This sounds a little too sketchy for me, I'm not paying for this."

She goes to shut the door but he puts his foot in the frame.

"Look, it was already paid for. Guy had a prepaid card so I don't know who it is. Just take the pizza. You can throw it out after I don't care."

He thrusts it into her ample midsection.

"If I show up with it I'll get in trouble so please take it. Thanks."

She tries to hand it back but he has already walked away and heads towards the stairs. The old Rosa might have given chase but this one is way too out of shape to bother. She closes the door and makes her way back into her living room.

"Admirer? What is this gasp, snort, some kind of soppy love story? And a pizza? Real romantic" she wheezes as she gets to the couch before plopping down, the leather groaning in protest.

She drops the pizza box on the coffee table and begins to think about who sent her this. She knows she probably has a ton of admirers but but that doesn't explain who sent her the pizza? She hasn't spoken to her ex Charles in over four years and she's moved since then so it couldn't be him. George? But why would he not just say it to her face? Besides, he was too wrapped up with Melanie to want her, even if she had a much hotter body.

"Could it be one of the flabby twins? But they don't know where I live either. This is weird."

She looks at the pizza again and thinks back to anyone she could have interacted with recently that knows where she lives. Her mind is not pulling up any reliable leads.

"I don't get it. Whatever, I'm not eating it so it doesn't matter. I'll figure out who sent it in the morning" she says aloud while getting comfortable in her couch.

She turns the TV and looks at some reality show that is on Mtv. Before becoming a security guard she would never watch one of these shows but with her rising weight it seemed that her proclivity for trashy tv and magazines had intensified.

"Haha, that guy took a baseball bat to the nuts, haha snort."

She watches for a few minutes and gets really comfortable, the occasional passing of gas further reiterating just how comfortable she is.

The show ends and she looks at her watch. As she does, her stomach lets out a roar, rivalling that of a lion. She sheepishly clutches her paunch and giggles.

"Hehe, I got so wrapped up in the show that I forgot to make dinner."

As she shifts on the couch to get up when the intro to the show she just had on starts up.

"Ohhhh, another episode! It's back to back!"

She is about to get into her proper viewing position when her stomach growls again. As it does, the aroma from the pizza box begins to fill her nostrils. Instinctively her mouth begins to water and her attention is quickly drawn to the box.

"That does smell really good. Maybe, maybe I just have a look at it, just to see if it's as good as it smells.

The obese Italian woman strains past her bloated stomach and lifts up the cover. Inside is a still warm large pie, loaded with extra cheese, sausage, and meatball. She moans as scents overcome her in a powerful wave of pleasure.

"Mmmmm, meatballs. Sausage. Sooo good. Shouldn't have it, but it's so close."

She reaches a flabby arm into the box and pulls out a slice. She doesn't even hesitate and stuffs the entire slice into her face, grease spraying all over her chins, breasts and dress. Rosa can't believe how good the pizza is, her senses are overloading as she swallows each morsel.

"Oh my fucking God", she moans. "This is so fucking good!"

She leans in for another and again stuffs the next slice in her mouth and making more of a mess. This slice only intensifies her pleasure and she begins to fan herself, her face flush with passion.

"My, this is really good. Is it getting warmer in here? Maybe I should take off this dress, cool off for a second."

She plants both hands firmly in the leather sofa and uses the force to propel herself forward. With some effort she makes it to a standing position and almost falls back down but is able to steady herself. She pulls her dress over her head (struggling at her hips and stomach) and throws the dress on the floor next to a pile of other dirty clothes. This is a woman who isn't exactly concerned with her appearances anymore.

"Ahhh, that's better" she says as a cold breeze from the air conditioner hits her belly, a cold chill running up her body in response.

She plops back down in the middle of the couch and picks up the pizza box and rests it on her almost non-existent lap. Her belly makes a very nice table as she goes about finishing off the food.

She opens the bag that came with the pizza to reveal a dozen garlic knots. She claps her hands giddily as she uses a knot to sop up some of the grease from a slice and plops it into her greedy mouth. She is a total mess, bits of meat and cheese strewn across her various folds and rolls but she does not have a care in the world, the only thing that matters is satiating her hunger.

"Burp, this is so amazing. I urp, will have to, belch, thank my secret admirer in person tomorrow" she pants while devouring another garlic knot. She belches again before passing a little more gas from her behind.

As she is eating, she feels her body getting warmer and warmer and her face reddens immensely. It has been a long time since she has been this aroused but as the remaining pizza dwindles she is finding it harder and harder to ignore.

"Oooff, it's really, pant, hot in here. I, gasp, should probably take this off, pant, too."

Rosa stuffs the doughy treat in her mouth with one hand and reaches around her swollen stomach and massive love handles to try and tug her cotton panties off. However, they barely went on this morning and now after a day of unrepented gluttony they will not budge.

"Come, pant, on! These are my, huff, good pair too! They couldn't, have, ugh, shrunk already", she cries out in despair as the cotton won't move.

She pauses from eating and forces herself up once again, her knees cracking in protest from this movement. She grabs at the overstretched sides of the panties and tugs them down again but her hips and thighs are too fleshy for anything to happen.

"You, gasp, are going to, gasp, come off!"

Rosa makes one final push and after a loud rip feels relief as the panties seemingly move from her hips as she pulls down once again. She looks past her bloated flabby body and sees that the panties are nowhere to be found. She smiles before sitting back down in the well maintained divet her ass has formed in the couch.

"Ah, much better. Now I can really enjoy this pizza", she says, failing to see the now shredded panties that lay at her feet.

With the gluttony resuming Rosa feels herself getting wetter with each bite and every time she moves on the couch it squeaks and a loud squishing noise echoes through the apartment, a torrid combination of her sweat, love juices, and the leather causing her to stick to the sofa. She pops another garlic knot into her mouth and moans softly, slowly rubbing her breasts through her over taxed bra.

"Mmm, this is so, pant, good. I,mmm, really, really, could, gasp get used to this."

She removes another slice from the box and begins to eat it slower, savoring the taste and rubbing her nipples faster as she slowly chews. She lets out a soft squeal as her nipples harden to diamond cutter status and decides it's time to make her way lower. Rosa spreads her legs as best she can and proceeds to fumble around clumsily as she tries to navigate past her stuffed belly and blubbery thighs.

"Grr, this, pant, would be, gasp, easier, if I, gasp, wasn't so, huff, tired from work" she says as she struggles to lift her belly from her lap.

With a final push she is able to get her greasy hand to her lips and immediately is lost in passion. She begins rubbing her clit and trying to eat at the same time, her mind lost as to what should be more important to her, food or sex. She stuffs the last bits of pizza into her mouth and continues rocking back and forth on the couch while massaging her clit, her eyes wild with passion as she does so.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck yes! Fuck yes! I, gasp, I need this! So, snort, so fucking good!"

Rosa feels herself getting closer and closer to orgasm and really starts hoping up and down on the couch, the leather sofa creaking and groaning with each acceptance of the three hundred plus pounders weight. Her hand pushes deeper and deeper past into her wet slit and her body begins to quiver in response to all this movement and excitement.

"Oh, oh, oh, right ohhhhhh!"

Rosa explodes with a thunderous orgasm just as she finishes off the last garlic knot. Her body quakes vigorously as each roll responds to the pleasurable wave that has over taken her body. A content smile is plastered on her face as she removes her soaked hand from her nether regions and wipes the juices off on her lower belly region. She is covered in sweat, bits of sauce and food and also love juices, all combining to create a very unique smell that is quite overpowering. She isn't aware of these smells and just lets out a belch that eases some of the fullness from her stomach.

"That, that was so, gasp good" she says as she sucks the grease off the hand used to eat. "It's, it's never been that, pant, good before. I wonder who sent me this food though",she asks out loud as she lets out a thunderous fart that sends shockwaves through her obese body.

She giggles before letting another one rip, totally fine with the stench that results from this display.

"Hehe, I'll have to, urp, work on that a bit though, don't, urp, wanna do that in public. It's very, urp, unladylike."

She is completely oblivious to the fact that she does in fact do that often at work, much to the chagrin of those around her.

"I think though for now I'll get some sleep, tomorrow I can shower and clean up, I'm too tired for that now. In the morning I'll, burp, try and see who, urp, sent me this and thank them. Can't have them, urp, do this too often, I won't, I won't gasp, fit through the doors at the mall if they do."

Rosa pats her fupa and lets out another burp before sinking into the couch more and falling asleep. She doesn't even bother to wipe her face and it isn't long before she is fast asleep, occasionally snoring and burping herself into a deep slumber.

As she sleeps Roy is back at his apartment going through local eateries that he can order food from that are near Rosa's apartment.

"Don't worry my ever growing fatty, I'll make sure you are well fed every night", he says with a devilish grin, almost as if he is responding to Rosa across town...
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I like the newest additions
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Hello all. Here is the next part. It's a little shorter than normal but hopefully you'll like what it is setting up.

Jake (JMJ)

Rosa did in fact ask George the next day about the late night food delivery but he denied any knowledge of it. Rosa even tried calling her ex who was adamant in denying responsibility for the food, almost as adamant as he was in rebutting her attempts at reconciliation after hearing her burp and fart on the phone for three minutes straight.

Roy and Alex also denied any knowledge of this, both stating that they didn't know her street address let alone apartment number. As she waddled away Alex confronted his friend.

"Dude, did you send her food?"

Roy shook his head in denial.

"Of course not, how could I? I have no clue where she lives."

"Maybe you went into Ross' office and got a hold of her file? You have been snooping around there lately."

"Do I look like the sneaky type? I can't even run you think I'm going to be all stealthy and go into Ross' office or follow her home or something", he says, shaking his corpulent stomach to emphasize his point.

His friend is still not entirely convinced.

"I don't know, it's just awfully weird that she's now getting food delivered to her door while we are doing this to her at work."

"I didn't do it, simple as that. There is just someone else out there that wants her to keep eating other than us. Maybe we can cross paths with him/her and team up."

He adjusts his walkie talkie and smiles.

"For now I'm concerned with what she eats while here so let's go, I'm sure she's mighty hungry already."

Alex lets the matter drop and goes about the normal course of business with his friend. He doesn't bring it up even when Rosa comes in the next day saying she received food again. Alex ignores this and listens to Roy's denials once more. In fact by the time Rosa has been getting food sent to her door for a month he realizes that even if Roy isn't lying he'll never figure out who did it so he will just ignore it and leave it alone for now.

One person who was not ignoring this new development (outside of Roy) was Ross who by now was very concerned with the image his once favorite guards now put forth whenever they tried to make their rounds. He watched them lumber around in pitiful fashion; they moved slowly, they were constantly gasping for air, their faces always flushed and drenched in sweat, and not to mention that their uniforms could barely contain the vast flesh of either guard.

He wanted to fire them so badly but his superiors had seen the duo and knew that termination could lead to lawsuits that costed more than keeping the obese workers employed. Ross was not keen on keeping them on staff but as usual he was not one to get out of line so when he received the call he just followed orders and gave them the news.

It was about two months after Roy had started having food delivered to Rosa when Ross was given his orders. It was a typical Sunday morning and both Rosa and George had just finished their morning rounds and we're both trying to recover from all the walking. He sees them panting from the exertion and tells them to hang around for a moment. He walked over and began to address them.

"Rosa, George, I got some news. Remember how I told everyone a few months back that we were going to employ full time static guards?"

"Yeah I think I remember that", George replied, using the wall to support his vast weight.

"What, chew, about it?"

Ross watches as Rosa stuffs an eclair in her mouth and chews, food spraying everywhere. He is disgusted by her gluttony and lack of respect.

"One, don't eat and talk at the same time", he says, pausing to try and keep his voice at a reasonable level. "Second, you two are going to be full time static for the foreseeable future."

Rosa is thrilled at the sound of this as she has grown tired of having to trek though the mall, preferring the times she gets to sit and zone out in front of a monitor.

"That's great news!"

George is not so thrilled by this.

"Um, sir? Is there any chance we could, erm, still do a morning shift? Maybe we do a quick one? Nothing crazy and we wouldn't be long."

Ross looks at the burly man and grins. From the security cameras he knows that the two of them have been more than frequent guests at Dunkin Donuts and that there are several rumors about George and a certain assistant manager being more than chummy with one another.

"I know you are chummy with someone at Dunkin Donuts George, but this is a serious job and I can't have you strolling over there and going in there to get yourself a sugar rush whenever you please."

George cowers a bit as he hears his boss raise his voice. The old George would try and look down at his adversary but this one instead tries to stare past his prominent paunch at his own feet as he gives up without a fight.

"I, er, I understand sir. I won't go, I won't go there during work hours."

Ross can see that George is visibly upset and sighs.

"Easy big fella, no need to get upset. You can go there on breaks but I'll be timing you. If you take longer than 15 minutes I'll dock your pay, got it?"

George looks up with a smile and nods happily.

"That goes for you too Marella, no visiting that store or any other if you're not on a break, understood?"

She nods in agreement, her chubby hand still clutching the container holding the remaining eclairs.

Ross looks at what used to be his two best employees and grunts his displeasure. He is especially disappointed in Rosa, not just because the once sexy little Italian girl has tripled in weight but because she's also extremely lazy. George may be heavier and eat just as much but he at least attempts to do his job.

"If only you didn't get fat, I'd leave your lazy ass on the streets" he says under his breath.

Rosa hears him mumble but do to her own loud chewing can't make out what he said.

"Hmm? What'd you say boss?"

"Oh, er, um. We ordered you guys some new chairs that should be more comfortable than what's over there now. They'll be in tomorrow."

"Oh good. They have to be better than what we have now, those things have no give at all. And the seats barely cover anything, my butt is always hanging over the sides! Imagine if I was fat! Haha snort!"

Both Ross and George look at her as if she has two heads. Everyone is able to see just how fat she has gotten it seems but her. Even people who before were oblivious now look at her and think she's spent her entire life sitting on a couch stuffing her face. No one that doesn't know her past would ever believe she was once pondering a professional dancing career.

"Um, I'm just going to let that go. Get to work you two."

He walks away shaking his head in disbelief as he lets George and Rosa start their new full time positions.

George was not all that happy about this new position but Rosa was thrilled as she stuffs the last two eclairs in her mouth. She wipes the chocolate off her face with the back of her doughy forearm and tries to cheer her partner up.

"It's ok Georgie, this is better now. We don't have to give so much effort anymore and can relax a bit."

He is still not happy.

"Come on big guy, how often do you get home at night from her and are so drained you just pass out?"

George vividly remembers almost falling asleep while hanging out with Melanie.

"Yeah, that has happened before I guess"' he says while dropping down into his chair. He pushes himself forward for a moment and then stops once his voluminous gut hits the table.

"Well, don't you want to have more energy now when you hang out with your girllllfrienddddd", she says, adding extra emphasis to the word girlfriend.

"I guess so but I dunno, I feel like this is just punishment or something. I dunno, like they want to keep us off the mall floor."

Rosa drops into her chair and tries to get comfortable, her wide hips pouring out over the edges of the chair and her own gut pressing into the table, just not to the same degree as her partner.

"Punishment? For what? We are by far the best this company has, you think the flabby twins are better than us? Those two cant even walk a foot before they are gasping for breath."

Again, George isn't as convinced as her.

"We aren't exactly the epitome of physical fitness these days".

These words annoy Rosa as she tries to fix her seat, her titanic behind giving her fits.

"Oh please. So we put on a few pounds".

She looks at George's stomach and changes her mind.

"Ok, maybe more than a few in your case but we are still better than them. We don't get all red faced from walking like them, do we?"

George knows the answer is yes.

"Well we kind of..."

"Exactly, we kind of got out of shape for a bit but we still can do this job better than anyone else. I mean, the other day I saw Alex doubled over after running to Shake Shack, you think either of us would get that gassed from a quick run? Hahaha snort."

She laughs at her comments while he looks at her in disbelief. While he may not know his actual weight (nor does he care), he does know that they both are just as out of shape now as Roy and Alex, perhaps even more so. He also doesn't really appreciate the comments about them anymore as he has gotten to know them both and almost regards them as friends.

"Hey Ro, maybe you should lay off those guys a little, ya know? They are better ok dudes if you ask me. They bring us food everyday and have been covering for us a lot more these past few months.

She laughs once again.

"Ok George ok. I see you're going soft in more than one way so I'll stop. Wouldn't want you to start blubbering all over the place hahahaha snort snort."

She starts laughing very loudly, her voice carrying throughout the entire back room and almost into the hallway leading to the mall floor.

"Get it? Blubbering? Cause you've gotten heavy, you know? So it's blubber from your body and crying! Haha, I'm so snort snort funny!"

She keeps laughing, her belly quaking and threatening to burst through her untucked dress shirt. George's face gets fire engine red from anger and he thinks about what he can say to her to get her back. As he watches her tug on her pants to give her gut some space, he knows what he can do.

"Fine. Since I'm so fat from now on I'll let you get your own donuts from Melanie, how's that? You can ask her for favors and you can walk over there on your breaks to get your sugar rush."

She doesn't like what he's saying.

"Wait, no! I'm kidding Georgie, kidding!"

"Nope, I'm serious. From now on I'll let you go when you want so my bad habits don't rub off on you and you don't get as fat as me" he says with a grin.

Rosa begins to pout, her extra China quivering seemingly along side her lips. She attempts to cry but her partner stands firm.

"It'll be ok Ro. Mel will still hook you up, I'll talk to her about it tonight when we get off and it'll all be fine."

Rosa is nervous and really has no desire to go out to get anything during her shifts. However, her gluttony is outweighing her preferred lethargy and she decides she'll have to suck it up.

"If that's what you want George fine. I'll go get my own stuff. And", she gulps, hating to have to do what she is about to do. "I'm, erm, I'm."

George knows what she is going to say and he smiles.


"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for making fun of your weight."

"It's fine Ro. We should probably get back to the monitors though."

The rest of the day continued business as usual for them. Roy was thrilled to hear that Rosa wouldn't be walking around anymore, believing that all the excess calories and no exercise whatsoever would only cause her to balloon at an even faster rate. He and Alex didn't have to really do anything differently, they just had to bring the food to Rosa and George's work stations from now on instead of while they were on the floor.

When George told Melanie what had happened, his girlfriend, not surprisingly, was very pissed off. However, instead of wanting to say something to her, Melanie decided to go a different route.

"Look handsome, she has no right to say that stuff to you. Especially since she's not exactly the picture of physical fitness nowadays", Melanie says while sipping on a shake from McDonalds.

George pulls out a bottle of ketchup from his fridge and waddles back to the couch. His stomach flops out over the waist band of his sweats, completely covering his lap and drooping past his knees.

"I know angel but what am I gonna do? Am I gonna be like 'hey don't call me fat cause you're fat'? I don't, chew, wanna be that mean. She is my, gulp, friend."

George swallows the rest of his burger before dabbing ketchup on some fries. Melanie watches his belly sink further towards the rug as he reaches forward and almost pounces on him. She tries to deal with the matter at hand first before jumping his bones.

"No, you're much too sweet to do that. Maybe, hmmm."

She ponders something for a moment before popping a chicken nugget into her mouth. The tangy mustard hit her taste buds like a shotgun and she took her time chewing it. She was never really one to take the time to enjoy a meal but since dating George she found herself getting a lot more practice at it. As she enjoyed the last nugget, she seemingly had an epiphany.

"I got it hun!"

George scratches his hairy stomach and stifles a belch.

"What is it babe?"

"Well, you say she's really lazy right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"'Maybe we make the poor little thing exert herself more than she'd like to?"

George is confused.

"I don't think I follow Mel."

Melanie grins.

"It's ok hun, once I explain you'll think it's a good idea."

She chuckles while dipping a few fries in the mustard, all the while her boyfriend remains clueless.

She is right though, once he hears the plan he thinks it is a very good idea. Had she been there, Rosa would probably disagree...
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Very nice additions, I have to say.
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Is Melanie going to get fat now?
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A good story...if this is an indication I support more darkness in the future.
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Hello everyone. Hope all is well. Here is the next part, sorry for the slow update. Been busy at work, getting ready for a move and working on another story so it's been taking longer than I wanted.


Jake (JMJ)

Melanie's plan was nowhere near as devious or evil as Roy's but it was probably just as harmful to her health. Melanie had seen first hand just how out of shape Rosa had become and decided that if she was going to call her boyfriend fat she'd have to pay the price a little for her insensitive remarks.

Her idea was rather simple, she'd continue to give them donuts whenever they showed up however with George she would now meet him in a location closer to the security center, and in an area that had no cameras. The reasoning behind this was that Rosa would see that George, the supposed fat man who couldn't do anything as good as Rosa was easily making it to Dunkin Donuts and back in under 15 minutes; a feat Melanie knew full well Rosa could not accomplish at her current weight and level of fitness.

George wasn't too keen on this at first but after a Rosa's poor attempts at sucking up to him the following day lead to another weight crack he decided to give in and let his girlfriend have her fun.

The plan was basic but rather ingenious. George would go on break at 11 and quickly shuffle his fat legs over to the t-shirt making kiosk very close to the security entrance. While he did Melanie would leave her post and make her way over well before George announced his break so that on the off chance Rosa did see Melanie leave she'd think it was for another errand and not related to George's break. Then, after meeting up at their designated location (and enjoying a quick kiss), George would take his haul of donuts and coffee and waddle back to his post with his coffee in tow (donuts didn't last long around him these days), much to the shock of his partner.

Rosa knew she was in better shape than George so she anticipated that she'd be able to do the same if not with more time to spare. She couldn't have been more wrong.

The first day she attempted this she quickly found out that 15 minutes was nowhere near enough time for her to go to Dunkin Donuts, get her donuts, eat them, then waddle back to her desk in time. Thankfully she picked the moment before Ross went out for a cigarette so she knew she had probably 20 minutes or so to get back for this "test run". She made it to Dunkin Donuts in 10 minutes and the moment she walked in Melanie could see that the once chiseled dancer was on the verge of collapse.


Rosa tried to wave back but she lacked the energy to do so. If she did raise her arm the entire place would be able to see the large and still growing pit stain under her arm. She used her remaining strength to waddle up to the counter, her pants pulled tightly against the front and giving her a visible belly line.

"Hi, gasp, puff, Melanie. How, huff, are you?"

Melanie looked at her boyfriends partner and felt horrible at that moment. Rosa was completely gassed, her face a shade of crimson and the sweat was just pouring off her face. Her white shirt was sticking to her body and it was obvious that if she hadn't been using the counter for support she might have fallen over. It made Melanie mad at herself for doing this to Rosa.

"I'm ok Rosa, what can I get you?"

"I don't, gasp, have anytime to eat but can I, huff, get two, gasp, extra large iced hot chocolates to go? Extra whipped cream and huff, cream."

"Coming up."

Melanie left to go make the drinks as Rosa grabbed a napkin to wipe down her forehead. The napkin didn't budge and immediately got stuck on her face. She grunted in displeasure before ripping it off her face, little piece of napkin still remaining stuck to her forehead.

"Stupid, gasp, George. Making me, huff, walk all the way over here" she muttered to herself.

She watched as Melanie came back with the two drinks and smiled before greedily grabbing one and gulping the contents of it in one massive chug. She belched loudly as the cold liquid passed her esophagus and down into her stomach, it sending chills down her spine and somewhat cooling her off.

"Gasp, thanks Mel", she said before throwing a twenty on the counter.

"No need to pay me. Maybe tomorrow I'll have George bring you some donuts", she said, feeling terrible for making George allow this poor obese woman to wobble over here like this.

Rosa's face lit up at the thought of not having to walk back this way anymore. She was all ready to thank Melanie for her kindness and generosity for helping her out. And had she kept thinking about that and the fact that her thighs were on fire from all the friction caused by the walking, she may have saved herself from getting into more trouble. However, since her brash behavior had seemingly grown along with her waistline, she blurted out another stupid comment.

"Burp, that'd be great. And you keep the twenty Mel, it's a tip. I'm sure this place doesn't pay well and you could use the money more than me."

And just like that Rosa had pissed Melanie off. She kicked herself for not realizing just how rude Rosa really was. Now she was making fun of a former friend and telling his girlfriend that she had a shitty job that didn't pay well? Who the hell did she think she was?

"They pay better than you'd think Rosa. Want anything else before you go? Another drink?"

Rosa belched in Melanie's face as if to say yes.

"Urp sorry about that. Um, yeah I think I can have one more for the road."

"Coming right up."

Melanie quickly went back to her station and took out an extra large cup and filled half of it up with heavy cream, half and half and whipped cream before adding the iced chocolate mix in and stirring it up. Just for good measure she added more whipped cream to the top and didn't bother putting a top. She was glad she didn't because by the time she had gotten back Rosa had finished off the other drink and was eagerly anticipating another one.

"Ohhhh that looks yummy. So much whipped cream!"

Rosa snatched it from Melanie's hand and took a large swig, whipped cream going on her nose and three chins.

"Belch, that's really good! Just the right amount of sweetness!"

Rosa took another sip, more whipped cream getting on her face than in her mouth.

"This will really help me cool off for that long walk back", she said as she took another sip. As she did she dribbled a little out of the side of her mouth, the chocolate hitting her collar and mixing in with left over ketchup, mustard and other food stuffs. She was such a mess.

Melanie just took it in and smiled.

"I'm glad you liked it. I'll make you more next time you come in."

The obese security took more of the liquid in and let out another belch. She had no regard or awareness to just how slovenly and disgusting she was becoming.

"Burp, that sounds good to me. I better get back though, don't urp, wanna get in trouble. See ya!"

"Take care Ro. And I'll talk to George, maybe he'll change his mind."

Melanie watches as Rosa makes her way to the door, swinging her tree trunk thighs forward as slowly as possible towards the exit. George's girlfriend watches as her blubbery shelf live ass shakes violently behind her and stretches both her panties and slacks to the absolute limit.

"God she's gotten fat", Melanie says to herself.

She glances back up as she watches Rosa open the door and turn sideways to get through, her paunch almost getting jammed in the door frame and her butt sliding against the other side. With some effort she gets through and starts heading back to her station, her ass checks smacking together from the exertion from gettin out the door.

Melanie laughs to herself before taking a break herself. She grabs a cup of coffee and a donut and goes to the back room for a moment. She ponders what's going on with Rosa and again has second thoughts about exploiting her weight and appetite further.

"Maybe I shouldn't do anything else to her."

As she is saying this she reaches into her pockets and pulls out the pity twenty that Rosa just gave her. She stares at it before crumpling it up and throwing it on the table.

"Or maybe I won't. That bitch needs to learn a thing in humility. So either she's gonna apologize to me, Georgie, or she is gonna get to big to get her elephantine ass through the door, one way or another she's gonna have some amends to make."

Melanie takes a sip of her coffee and relaxes, throughly pleased and content with herself at the moment. As she bites into her marble frosted donut, she wonders which of the three outcomes will happen first.
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fanofthemass has said some nice things

Great story. Rosa has become her own worse nightmare. It will be interesting to see how she will react to herself when the ring's haze wears off.
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Jake (JMJ)
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Sorry for taking so long, here is the next part. It's a bit short but there aren't many chapters left. Hope you all enjoy.

Jake (JMJ)

Melanie lost track of how long she waited for an apology but as each day passed it was becoming increasingly obvious that one wasn't coming. Each day that Rosa would come in she'd wait with baited breath while the obese Italian woman chugged her calorie laden shakes for her to utter the words, "I'm sorry", but it never happened. Her frustration level was rising as the days passed.

The only thing seemingly rising faster than Melanie's anger was the sizes on the clothing charts that Rosa was blowing past. It had been about two and a half years since Rosa had started work as a security guard and the ex dancer was finding it difficult to keep herself in clothes that fit for too long. Her work uniforms barely last two weeks before she was bursting at the seams or they were covered in too many stains to be presentable. Roy and Alex were thankful they had taken several from the laundry to replace them, otherwise their little scheme would have ended a long time ago.

Rosa remained blissfully ignorant to the other changes occurring around her; she was always finding excuses for why certain things were happening. If a chair was too small, it was because the manufacturer was stupid. If steps caused her to get on the verge of collapsing, it was because she worked too hard during the day (she walked just about a mile a day in the span of 10 hours). If her non work clothes were too tight and restrictive it was due to poor fabric. When her ass had knocked over George's coffee one day at work it wasn't because her ass could be registered for its own zip code, it was due to poor cup placement by her coworker. She even would tell people who were much thinner than her that they were fat, specifically Roy and Alex who she now outweighed by about a hundred pounds or so.

Her ignorance didn't stop at just her weight however. She was increasingly ignorant to just how slovenly and lazy she was becoming with regard to all aspects of her life, particularly in the hygiene department. Rosa used to be someone who took showers 2-3 times a day, now she was only cleaning up on days she had work. She chalked it up to not needing it because she didn't sweat much but truth be told she was sweating more than a turkey the week before Thanksgiving. The simple act of walking to the bathroom while at home was enough to leave a gallon of sweat on the floor, never mind if she actually went to the air conditioner and then the kitchen.

Flatulence too was another area that she didn't pay attention to but everyone else sure did. Her diet was terrible at this point and eating only processed foods made her a gas passing machine. She had tried to control it but now even with control she couldn't prevent herself from letting one rip and eventually decided it was too much hard work so why fight it? Besides, they didn't smell so why should anyone complain?

In truth the only people that were complaining were the poor delivery boys and her neighbors on her floor who had to take in the noxious smell coming from her apartment. Between all the food, sweat and farting, her apartment reeked to high heaven. She had gotten complaints from the super about the smells coming from her apartment and reasoned that they had to be from work so she had taken to leaving her windows open to air things out. That still didn't completely solve the problems as most delivery guys would attest to. Those that had been there several times now held their breathes after knocking and quicke handed their goods to her and ran out without waiting for an additional tip; the smell was just too much to handle. Not to mention that due to her constant sweating she only wore robes around the apartment and most delivery boys had no desire to see the 350+ pound woman show off her stretch marked covered stomach and breasts once she made her way to the door. With the exception of Roy, Rosa wasn't exactly on most men's radars.

None of this mattered to Rosa. Between her own inherently selfish ways and the ring's powers she was more than content with becoming an extreme caricature of an obese woman, even while she acted like it was only a few pounds and she was still a size 4. Nothing it seemed could shake her out of the fog she was in. It looked like it would be a never ending cycle for the obese Italian woman.

A few months after Rosa had made her inflammatory comment, George picked Rosa up as usual for work and handed her her requested egg sandwich from the deli (4 eggs, bacon, American and Swiss cheese, turkey sausage, mayo and hot sauce on a kaiser roll) before rolling towards the mall in his truck. While she stuffed her face, she glanced over at her partner who appeared to be a little more comfortable in his seat than usual.

"Hey partner, what gives? You lose a little weight? Your seat seems more comfortable than normal" she said while they were stopped at a traffic light.

George bowed his head in his typical reclusive manner and nodded his head. Rosa may not have lost her ego or bluntness but George had lost almost all of his backbone. His sensitivity and compassion had replaced his greed and chauvinistic nature but also destroyed any semblance of standing up for himself that he might have wanted to posses. He instead chose to look away from his partner instead of at her when responding.

"Melanie's brother in law works at an auto body shop and he uh, he uh got me seats that support my weight better. Only took him a day to install them and move the dash around."

He bit down on his own sandwich.

"Well you should have had him do my seat too! This thing is way too uncomfortable for me and I'm not even a fraction of your size! Look at this, my stomach almost touches the dash!"

She points to her paunch to emphasize her point (though she only sees a still relatively sleek stomach, not a guy that is folded into several rolls).

George keeps his mouth shut and quietly chews on his egg sandwich. He doesn't have the heart (or stones) to tell Rosa he's not that much fatter than her. She probably wouldn't believe him anyway even if he tried.

"I could talk to him Ro, I'm sure he'd do it."

"Good, it'll be nice to have more room for a change. Between the chairs at work, the dumb door to my apartment and the entrance to Taco Hut, it'd be nice to get a little comfort for my shapely Italian behind."

She pats her butt as a joke and sends ripples throughout her body. She laughs at her own brand of humor and is unable to control herself as a very audible fart escapes her gigantic shelf of an ass.

"Hahaha, that was a loud one."

George immediately rolled the window down to clear the car out. He was not taking any chances, especially since Rosa was currently eating eggs.

"Oh come on Ro, really? Did you have to do that?"

She just continued to giggle before letting another one rip.

"I can't help it sometimes Georgie, I, urp, didn't mean to. It's not that bad anyway, you can handle it."

He fans the smell from his face and rolls down all the other windows in the car. Rosa is oblivious to the smell and continues to stuff her face.

"Gawd, what are you going to do when your girlfriend farts, buy a gas mask? Lighten up."

She takes another bite into the greasy breakfast, little bits of food dripping down her three chins and onto her sweat shirt. It was already covered in grease, sweat and sauces so this added mess didn't really make things worse, it just enhanced the display of her laziness and gluttony.

George blushes through his heavy beard and decides to leave the matter alone for now as he stuffs the rest of his sandwich in his mouth while continuing to make the trek to the mall.

It's a bit chilly out which explains why both are wearing sweats. George makes his way out first and his hanging paunch is not covered up much by his once oversized sweat shirt, his hairy gut visible to all as it bounces against his tree trunk thighs. He tugs at the waist band of the blue sweats to try and cover his stomach but it is no use, they are ill equipped to handle his girth and he regrets not going up another size in his wardrobe. The just under 450 pound man makes quite the sight as he slowly shuffles to the door, his own size able backside swallowing up his boxers and with the combination of skin tight sweats gives the appearance to many that he is in fact wearing a thong. He opens the door for his coworker before heading in himself.

Waiting for them in the lobby with a box of donuts in her arms is Melanie, who has been doing his for the past month or so to further her little revenge plan. She smiles at them and walks over to her boyfriend and gives him a kiss on the lips.

"Hey Ro, how are you today?"

Rosa wipes a little sweat from her forehead before greedily snatching the donuts from Melanie, not even bothering to ask who they are for.

"I'm fine, mhm, double chocolate glazed!"

She stuffs the rest of that donut into her mouth before taking a coconut donut and devouring that as well.

"Nice talking to you too", Melanie says sarcastically before hugging her boyfriend, though the waves of rolls that are his stomach makes it very hard to do successfully. While she hugs him, Rosa pops yet another donut into her drooling maw.

"She in one of those moods" he whispers in his girlfriends ear.

"When isn't she? Sometimes I think it's easier just to attach a feed bag to her mouth so she doesn't have anything rude to say."

"Huh? You guys talking about me" Rosa says, pausing a moment from her gluttony.

Both Melanie and George try to conceal their embarrassment as they shake their heads in defiance.

"Of course not! How are the donuts? They're really fresh."

"Pretty good though they seem smaller today, usually they can hold me over till my snack but I'm still pretty hungry" she says while throwing back the last bits of a chocolate frosted with sprinkles. She burps loudly but of course doesn't excuse herself.

"Maybe we need more than a dozen from now on? Your boyfriend probably can take them down in ten seconds if I can go through these small ones in a few minutes", she exclaims pulling out the last donut and eating it before taking the empty box and tossing it in the garbage.

Melanie can't believe that Rosa has gone through a dozen donuts in about five minutes. She could not believe that this feet was accomplished but when she heard Rosa let out a body shaking belch she knew it was true.

"I, urp, think from now on you should get like two of those for us. I mean, belch, they were REALLY small, urp."

Rosa pats her stomach and let's out another belch. She giggles at the looks on Melanie and George's faces, thinking her little out bursts are cute and not rude or in anyway shape or form disgusting.

"Um, I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks hun, we should probably get going though, our shift starts in a few."

He kisses Melanie on the lips and waves good bye. Melanie waves back and waves to Rosa who is too busy sucking the sugar off her fingers to respond. George sees this and her lack of thanking Melanie and is none too pleased.

"You should have, gasp, thanked her" he says, panting from all the walking.

"Oh she knows I appreciate all she does for us. I give her tips at least once a week."

She continues to waddle ahead of her partner but he doesn't let the issue drop.

"It's not about money, it's, huff, about being respectful."

Rosa, who has her back to him, rolls her eyes away from his line of sight.

"Whatever you say, gasp, George. Oof, they really need to bring back those Segways, this walk is brutal!"

She wipes more sweat off her forehead with her flabby arm.

"Ro, she really deserves at least a thank you, something other than, gasp, money to show you think more of her than a peasant getting you coffee and donuts!"

With that Rosa turns back to see him visibly upset and angry with her, his face bright red not only from exhaustion but also intensity and rage. Rosa is for the first time in awhile nervous at and scared for upsetting him.

"Come on big guy, don't have a heart attack. She's not a peasant" she says before patting him in his blubbery stomach. His belly jiggles in front of him and slaps his thighs from the sudden movement.

"I know she's not, I just want to make sure you know that."

He stares at her and for the first time in seemingly forever he is back to his old confident self. He has no shaking, trembling quiver in his voice and he is making direct eye contact with his shorter partner. She lowers her head as she cowers below his grill, a nervous fart escaping the vast expanse that is her ass.

"I, I do appreciate her George, I really do. She's, she's really nice" she says, her sweating becoming even more exaggerated.

George wobbles closer to her before his belly mashes into hers. He adjusts himself and points a finger in her face, the bacon smell on his pudgy digit almost making her forget she's getting brow beaten.

"Don't forget that. If you mistreat her again I'm not driving you to work anymore. I will NOT let you walk all over her."

He turns and heads towards the doors while Rosa stands their speechless. She can't believe what has happened and is filled with anger and resentment that her partner would do that to her in public. She wipes away a would be tear from her eyes and makes her way back to the office.

"Hope he does stop taking me to work, it'll mean I actually get to have a proper breakfast for a change", she says not too quietly.

As she waddles away, Roy emerges from one of the Cinnabon spots with a coffee and a bag of treats in his hands. He smiles as he watches her push open both doors to the office; her hips are getting too wide for her to enter through only one door comfortably.

"Looks like your mouth and attitude keep getting you in trouble my obese princess. Don't you worry though, I'll have no problems getting you a proper breakfast to go along with the late night meals you've been enjoying."

He heads back to the command post to give Rosa her morning snack. As he does he whistles Frank Sinatra's "My Way" and gets ready for another day at work.

Rosa didn't know it but her world was about to come crashing down very soon.
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Hopefully there will be more.
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Please, I need more.
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I just read this for the first time. Amazing story, very well written. I wonder, do you ever plan on revisiting it?
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Hey everyone, hope you're all well. Been a really long time. Was talking to a friend the other day and he got me into wanting to rework on this story. He even might do a few sketches on it.

I'll probably be changing a lot of it so when it's finished there will be significant changes to what I've already written.

Hope everyone is well.

Jake (JMJ)
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