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DaveTheBrave has said some nice things

This has got to be one of my favorite stories of all time. The plot is interesting, the imagery is fantastic, and the gaining is somewhat realistic. Can't wait for the next installments; nice work!
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2ful2mi has said some nice things

Another chapter, please! You are such a good writer!
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dan422 has said some nice things


Maria stood at the stove making lunch. Gloria sat at the kitchen table, absentmindedly eating churros while she read her magazine, Novedades. It was Christmas Eve and the bakery would close early. Lupe would be arriving soon with the pastries for tonight's holiday meal.

Maria's figure was swollen and decidedly plump. Her once boyish figure had transformed into generous curves of flesh. Her jeans, several sizes larger than her former size, were beyond snug. She wore an apron and the apron strings wrapped around her waist and dug in to the fat on her belly and hips. Her well-padded backside gyrated and her bare arms jiggled as she vigorously stirred the pot of beans she was cooking.

Consumed by guilt for what she had done to Ana, Maria subconsciously punished herself by continuing to cook as she did when Ana was there, but instead of overfeeding her sister, she was now the one consuming plate after plate of her own calorie-laden creations. Word had gotten around about her prowess in the kitchen and she had taken a part-time job cooking at La Carretta, providing some relief for Senora Jimenez who was getting on in years and finding it difficult to be on her feet all day, what with the great weight that she carried on her small frame. Of course, this new job only amplified Lupe's rapid weight gain.

Whether her self-inflicted overeating relieved her guilt, or the added weight softened her personality, Lupe had become more pleasant, more compassionate. At the restaurant, she met Chucho -- he was not particularly attractive, but a kind-hearted and devoted man. He visited her most evenings and the budding relationship also had a positive effect on Lupe.

Gloria too had continued her pace of consumption and the result was that she had fattened up considerably. Where before she denied her appetites, taking pride in her flat stomach, she now indulged them. Her abdomen and hips were thick and fleshy and her tummy bulged onto her lap, inflated and heavy from the effect of too much rich food. A generous double chin added to the roundness of her face. She was comfortable in her skin, happy and fat. She popped another sugary churro in her mouth and licked her fingers.

Approaching footsteps resonated down the hall. Lupe turned the corner and entered the kitchen, carrying a box under her left arm and holding a bag in her other hand. She placed the bag of pastries from the bakery on the table. Over the summer, Ana would have polished off most of the contents of the bag, but in her absence, Lupe continued to bring home leftover pastries from the shop and the sisters picked up the slack.

Already the heaviest of the three, Lupe had changed the least. The roll of fat that overflowed her waistband testified to the twelve additional kilos she had gained since Ana's departure. However, on her already obese frame, this added weight was hardly as noticeable.

"I picked up the package at the post office. It's from Ana and Danny," Lupe announced.

She picked up a paring knife off the counter, cut through the tape that sealed the box and opened the flaps. She removed an envelope and three smaller boxes wrapped in red paper. Each box bore the name of one of the sisters written in magic marker.

Lupe opened the envelope first and pulled out a card and three photographs. She looked at the photos then handed them to Gloria one by one. Maria wiped her hands on her apron and came over to the table to see as well.

The first photo was one Danny had taken of Ana and her sisters taken at the beginning of the summer. Ana was in the middle, holding a half-eaten pastry in her hand, foreshadowing the eating binge and 60 pound weight gain that would soon follow. Maria and Gloria looked slender next to their two overfed sisters.

Gloria held up the second photo for Maria to see. Maria's jaw dropped. Ana and Danny were standing in front of a Christmas tree. Ana was turned slightly to the side, her right arm wrapped around Danny's waist.

She was enormous.

Ana's face was rounder than before. Her cheeks were flushed, pink and so plump they made her large, dark eyes squint as she smiled. The tip of her chin was surrounded by the fatty dewlap that enveloped her jaw and blended into her neck, like an island in a calm lake of tan, rounded flesh. Her scoop necked t-shirt fit her a bit too tightly, cinching her meaty upper arms and stretching across her engorged, ponderous breasts. Below them, her gut billowed outward and from side to side. What waist Ana still had when she left Mexico had been overwhelmed by her swollen belly and subsumed under thick layers of lard around her middle. If there was a part of her body that could be described as relatively narrower, it was up around her ribcage, just under her breasts. Below her bra strap, her tight white T-shirt followed the contours of two rolls of fat that resembled oversized sausages, the fabric of her T-shirt caught between the folds of those rolls.

Ana's prodigious, distended paunch dominated her physical presence, making her legs, arms and head seem short and small by comparison. Moving down her torso, her stomach seemed to sprout another belly which bulged further outward and wrapped around her hips like an inner-tube filled with gelatin. Her tight, light grey sweatpants cradled her drooping, porcine lower belly and hugged the rolls of fat that bulged from her hips and inner thighs. Her massive stomach tipped her hips forward and arched the small of her back, causing her hips and butt to look even larger.

"Ay, caray!" Maria whispered.

The last photo showed Ana standing alone outside the doorway of an office building. Her mouth was slightly open and her tongue was visible, covering her bottom teeth and touching her lower lip. Though she was not moving, her face glistened and she looked as though she was out of breath. She wore dark, low cut jeans and sandals. Her feet looked tiny under her massive thighs and abdomen and her jeans obviously compressed her over-fat lower body, causing her unctuous flesh to ooze upward and outward over her waistband. Her red short-sleeved turtleneck sweater enveloped the corpulent rolls that swelled out of her pants and framed the thick double chin that folded under her smiling face. Ana's blubbery, lower belly could be seen poking out from below the front of her sweater and slouched flabbily over the top of her taut pants. Thick as her thighs used to be, her arms hung at her sides, thrust outward from her shoulders by her rotund girth and inflated middle. Her right hand clutched the folded edge of a large white bag that read "Krispy Kreme Doughnuts."

"She's gained more weight," Gloria remarked. "Mucho más."

To Lupe, Ana looked as though someone had pumped kilos and kilos of the sweet, gooey crčme they made at the bakery into her through her navel, like they injected it to the puff pastries they then drizzled with chocolate and sold at the bakery. The blissful look on Ana’s face suggested that she would have been a willing and gluttonous participant in any such scenario.

Lupe opened the Christmas card. In green ink, Ana had written "Felíz Navidad y prospero Ano Nuevo" in large, swooping letters. Lupe read aloud what followed.

"I hope that you are well. We are fine. I have a new job working in an office, which I like because I can sit and I don't get tired standing most of the day like I did at the school. It's only part time, which gives me the afternoons to cook and practice the recipes I learned with Maria at Senora Kennedy's class. I'm taking another cooking class, making desserts and cakes and really enjoying it. Of course, that hasn't helped my ‘diet’, as you can probably see... (this was followed by a happy face). I thank you again for the wonderful summer you gave me. I hope that you'll come to visit us soon. I love you. Ana"

Lupe noticed there was writing on the back of the card and turned it over. It was a note from Danny.

"There's more," Lupe stated. "A note from Danny."

Dear Maria, Lupe and Gloria,

When we arrived in Mexico in June, I could see that you were surprised to see how much weight Ana had gained since our wedding. I knew she had gotten bigger since then, but as it happened gradually, I guess I didn't notice it or pay much attention. When we arrived in Mexico, the looks on people's faces when they saw Ana and the comments they made caused me to realize how much she had changed over the past few years and that she was much bigger than when we had met, let alone when we got married.

This made me feel a little uncomfortable and embarrassed, especially as she was eating much more than the usual while we were with you. When she decided to stay for the rest of the summer, I warned her to watch her weight and not gain more. She promised me she would do this. So, when I saw her at the airport in August, it was my turn to be shocked by how much fatter she had grown in just a few weeks time.

When she got home, none of her clothes fit. She said she couldn't understand how she didn't realize how much weight she had put on. I didn't want to buy her new clothes so that she would be forced to diet until she could fit back into her jeans. However, she was miserable and hungry all the time and I think she ended up eating even more out of her frustration. It seemed like her appetite had multiplied while she was with you in Mexico. She continued to gain weight and by the end of September, all she could wear were sweatpants and a few of my extra-large t-shirts.

Then, a funny thing happened. I always loved her curves and roundness and I found myself beginning to appreciate her new shape. I enjoyed watching the pleasure she took in eating and soon was contributing to her growing daily feast. I encouraged her to eat more, took her to restaurants and bought her snacks and ice cream between and after meals. She was also happily cooking more and preparing large, multi-course meals. As you can probably notice from the enclosed photos, all of this has caused her to grow even rounder.

I don't know what happened while Ana was in Mexico, but I want to thank you for taking such good care of her. She is more satisfied, enjoying the good life, and we are both happy and more in love than ever. Gracias, mil veces gracias.


The sisters were silent. Lupe folded the card and placed it back in its envelope. Gloria looked one more time at the photos then put them face down on the table.

"Who would have thought?" Maria paused then turned back to the stove. She took the casseroles and placed them on the kitchen table. The three sisters sat and ate their Christmas dinner. Gradually they began talking, telling jokes and drinking beers and rompope. As on dish was finished, one of the sisters would get up and bring something else from the refrigerator and prepare it for the others.

They ate, and ate, and ate.

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It's finished!!!!!!!! The end to a wonderful story. Thank you!
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mdy73 has said some nice things

What to say? I'm little sad because of the end of such excellent & long story. This is even better than my fantasy :-) and i'g truly glad for happyend. I truly like how it was written. So thank you very much for the effort and i hope for some other nice story...
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2ful2mi has said some nice things

Thank you for the epilogue, Dan! I never thought I'd see the day! This has been a wonderful, wondrous story!
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bbwsrule can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesbbwsrule can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesbbwsrule can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Awesome ending

Thanks for the greatly-awaited ending. This is by far the best WG story I have ever read!!
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Quincy has said some nice things

One of the best stories ever - looking forward to the next one
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dan422 has said some nice things
Default Thanks

Thanks for the positive feedback. I know there was a long break between Angela's leaving her sisters at the end of the summer and the letter they received in the epilogue at Christmas, but I figured the delay mirrored the time that passed between Angela's departure and the update on how she and Danny were doing.

This was my first story. I'll try to come up with a new one before year-end. Any thoughts as to a theme?
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Hmm, perhaps branching out into a different genre, such as fantasy or sci-fi since there's a lot of potential for stories in those fields. And as everyone's said before, fantastic job on this story
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DaveTheBrave has said some nice things

That being said, I loved the genre you chose. The descriptions, especially at the beginning, were absolutely great. I definitely enjoyed the subtle development of these beautiful Latin women in an imaginable scenario. Even the slightly conflicted emotions about the weight gained added well to the story. Can't wait for the next one!
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mr1311 has said some nice things

This is simply superbe! Thank you for writing this, you made my day!
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DaveTheBrave has said some nice things

The sequel thread to this story can be found here, entitled "Coming Home Again":


Warned, not for the faint of heart.
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Champ has said some nice things

Thanks for the heads up! I wish there was more.
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