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Default The Clinic - by Jeremy (BBW, WG aids, Eating, Explicit sex, ~~WG)

BBW, WG aids, Eating, Explicit sex, ~~WG - introducing obesetrics, a new medical specialty for those desiring to gain weight

The Clinic
by Jeremy

Kate was a thin teen. She had been born a thin girl to thin parents, and was raised to continue being thin. Her dad had left when she was young, and her mother had always pressured her to stay skinny, because fat girls are not happy.

Kate didn't know why her mother thought this, because her mother was as skinny as a broomstick, just like Kate, and yet her mother was always upset. But Kate knew that she had started becoming more and more envious of her friend Liz; Liz never had to count calories, and it showed. Liz was a plump, round girl who constantly snacked on cookies and candies during school, and Kate suspected that she continued eating at home.

Liz did have a boyfriend at one point, Kate remembered, but he broke up with her. Strange, Liz used to be so skinny until a few years ago; her boy friend dumped her around the same time she started putting on weight, but Liz seemed happy anyway. This compllete contradicted the view of Kate's always miserable Mom

Kate one day asked Liz “Hey, girl, whatever happened to that guy you were dating a while back?”

Liz grinned and told her how she had been surfing on the Internet when she accidentally found a site with pictures of fat women eating and eating and eating.

“Well, Kate,” Liz told her. “It was so exciting to imagine being just huge. The ladies looked so fulfilled just by eating and gaining weight. I got really turned on, and went to bed and had a dream where I got really fat, I mean too big for my car fat. But when I started to actually get bigger the poor guy I'd been with couldn't handle it.”

Kate felt her nipples hardening, and a thought passed through her mind. What if? She thought all through the next week about gaining weight, knowing that her mother would never let her. Eventually, she decided to ask Liz how she had managed to get so fat so quickly.

“Well, first of all I really wanted to gain, and that helps a lot. Second, I got help from a nutritionist who said he would help me get into tip-top shape.”

“You got a doctor to help you get fat?” Kate asked, astonished.

“Couldn't have done it without Dr. Grayson's help. He got me on a diet plan, and even gave me some special dietary aids,” Liz told her.

“Why would he help someone get fat, though? Isn't that unhealthy?” Kate asked.

Liz told her about the “special diet aids” that Dr. Grayson had given her, how the first set of pills had cured any illnesses or disease normally associated with obesity. She also told Kate how the second set had not only increased her appetite but also slowed her metabolism so that she gained weight quicker.

Kate got really excited. She made made plans to visit the doctor's clinic that Friday after school with Liz; for the next three days Kate dreamed of really packing on the pounds at night. She even jump started her plan and, much to her mother's dismay, began eating constantly after school. That Friday, Liz picked up Kate in her van and drove her to the clinic near the edge of town.

Kate was wearing her tight black pants and her form-fitting blue shirt, which sported a new set of love handles, just beginning to form, and a small belly which peeped under the shirt's edge. They went into the clinic and were met by an immense receptionist who had squeezed her massive girth into a tiny nurse's uniform. The top was stretched so tight that it nearly burst when the woman got up to meet them. Kate caught a glimpse of the massive butt that followed her out of the chair and admired the seductive way the ass undulated and jiggled with each sexy step. Kate also noticed she did not actually walk, she waddled.

“Hi, Liz! You're looking great. Who's the waif?” the nurse asked with a husky voice. It was then that Kate noticed the trace of chocolate on the receptionist's full, luscious lips. She was also slightly offended at being called a waif. She had eaten all she could find in the past three days, and managed to add eight pounds to her scrawny frame.

"Well," she thought, "I still only weigh a hundred and seventeen pounds. Probably under half of the nurse's weight." The nurse showed them into a waiting room and told them the doctor would be with them shortly.

It was not like most doctors' offices: the halls were wider, and the lighting was softer than the fluorescent bulbs found in hospitals. On the table in the center of the room was a bowl filled with chocolates, and next to them a stack of magazines.

Kate wandered over to look at the magazines, expecting to find the usual assortment of outdated People magazines. Instead, she found a recipe book and several adult magazines depicting portly women eating the most delicious looking foods Kate had ever seen. She grabbed a handful of chocolates and began eating while she turned the pages. Liz walked over and began eating too. They ate for twenty-five minutes while reading about the feasting women in the magazines when Dr. Grayson walked in. He was tall and thin, with hair going slightly gray at his temples. Both girls looked up at the sound of his voice.

“Why, hello, Liz. Tracy said you were here with a friend that could use some help. I can see why she would think as she does. Still, if we act quickly, I think we can save her from wasting away.”

"What in the world? e's talking like I was a twig," thought Kate.

“Hello, doctor,” Liz replied cheerfully, “I hope she has enough potential for you.”

“Yes, she seems to be starting to fill out on her own already. Hello, miss, what may I do for you?”

“Well,” Kate began nervously, “I was really wanting to put on some serious weight, and Liz said you would know how to help me. I hope that doesn't sound too weird or anything.”

“Kate, I assure you, some people will not like meeting a fat girl. They just don't understand the beauty of corpulence. Others, like myself, admire the grace and splendor of a curvy woman in their arms. When we are finished with your stage one development, you will understand. But I must warn you; it is difficult to be such a sexy, fat woman today. Skinny women or most men won't understand you. It is up to you whether or not you want to get really heavy.”

Kate thought for several minutes before remembering a slumber party her freshman year when they had compared breasts, and noticed how the heavier girls had large, full breasts. Her tits weren't even that big yet, and it was her senior year of high school. Then she remembered how lovely it had felt to spend her afternoons eating until she had to lie down.

“I'll do it, I want to get really fat.”

“Very well, Kate. Liz, why don't you take Kate here into Exam Room One and get ready for your physicals. I'm interested in seeing how you have done in the last two months,” Dr. Grayson told them. Liz led the way to Exam Room One, and Kate saw another patient walking from one room to another, dressed in almost exactly what Kate was, only a few sizes larger with a light pink shirt.

Kate stared; fascinated by the way the clothing stretched to contain her. The woman was only about twenty-four, but was already larger than the receptionist who had greeted them. Her thighs filled the pants, stretching the seams. The shirt was a few sizes too small as well, and every roll and bulge showed. She looked as if she had been wearing the outfit, and layers of fat poured in after her. Kate noticed that, all in all, the outfit looked much better on the other patient. The girl turned and saw Kate staring and smiled. She lumbered over with a contented smile on her face that lit up her soft cheeks. Kate noticed that the girl had gained weight mainly in her thighs and butt, which were nearly two and a half feet across.

Her thighs were as wide as Kate's hips, and her butt was as wide as half of the extra-wide hallways. Above her expansive hips, she had a drooping potbelly and mammoth breasts. Her arms were the size of Kate's thigh. She had a handful of chocolates as well, and munched on them continuously.

“Hey, you look like you could use some help. My name's Trisha, but most people call me Trish.”

“Hey, Trish. Yeah, I've decided I would enjoy being fatter, and my friend Liz said this was the place for me,” Kate replied.

Trisha chuckled, a deep, rumbling sound, and said, “Well, the doctor certainly knows how to help. Look at me, I used to be almost as skinny as you, but three years later and I'm busting out all over, 'specially in the back here.” Trisha smiled happily and let her hand caress her colossal ass.

Kate began to get excited at the thought of being so large. Kate stared at Trisha's hips, the swell of her thighs, the way her whole body jiggled when she chuckled. Kate also noticed that Trisha's plump hands were also moving between her face and a fanny pack that stretched around her rounded waist, and asked about it.

“Oh, this is a bad habit of mine. You see, I'm not supposed to be wasting so much energy, but I keep snacks in my pack. I just can't help noshing, and Dr. Grayson never seems to mind too much. Want one?” Trisha asked.

“Sure,” said Kate, expecting to receive another small chocolate. Instead, Trish handed her a donut ball, covered with chocolate frosting. "Well," she thought,"I'm trying to get fat anyway.". It took her two bites to finish her snack, and Trisha let loose another belly shaking chuckle again.

“Don't worry,” she laughed. “You'll get better about eating. Try to find a favorite food, and eat as much of it as you want.” Trisha advised. Just then Liz poked her head out of the door, and looked around.

“Kate, hurry up, we don't want to disappoint Dr. Grayson,” Liz informed her.

“Well, I'm sorry I've got to go, but have fun.” Trisha laughed again and wandered farther down the hall.


The exam room wasn't like any Kate had ever been in, either. The lighting was soft in here as well, and instead of the traditional exam table, there was a wide, curved chair to support a very large woman flanked by end tables supporting platters of donuts and other sweets. Liz already had her shirt off, and was squirming out of her jeans when Kate walked in.

“C'mon, it's part of the physical. Take off everything but your underwear,” Liz told her. Kate took off her clothes with considerably more ease than Liz had, and wondered how long it would take Trish to strip herself of her clothes. She looked down at her classically “beautiful” body and felt a great deal of regret and shame. She was not proud of her slim frame at all.

She had the small, hard breasts, the narrow hips, and the non-existent ass. She rubbed her ass, and longed to have the broad expanse of Trisha's. Liz, on the other hand, had gained more like the receptionist, with smaller thighs but a large hanging belly and a thick back filled with chubby, sexy rolls of flesh. Her ass, though still large, was dwarfed by her belly, giving her an apple shape. They sat and waited for the doctor eating donuts until he arrived a few minutes later.

“Why, hello again, girls. I see you've been enjoying my treats. Very good. Now, let's start with Liz, I'm anxious to get you weighed and measured before we move on to Kate here,” the doctor greeted them. He measured Liz carefully, and then weighed her on a scale similar to one Kate had seen in the back of butcher's shops. The doctor then proceeded to measure Liz's thighs, hips, waist, bust, arms, and even her neck. He patted her softly on the tummy, and slowly, teasingly, fed her a donut before he finished. “Now that Liz has been taken care of, we can get down to the business at hand. Liz, if you would please excuse us, you'll find some snacks down in the Lounge Two. Help yourself to anything you would like.”

He then began discussing Kate's medical profile, finding her in perfect health, save an extra eight pounds, and completely willing to be fattened up. Then he took some measurements, a file photo, and weighed Kate. She was shocked to find she weighed one hundred and twenty-one pounds, having gained four pounds since that morning.

Dr. Grayson thought for a few moments about the best method of treatment, and finally decided that, along with the usual appetite stimulants and metabolism regulators, Kate would require something more to help her get maximum effects. They decided she was to take a combination of protein and carbohydrate supplements that were most commonly used for patients who were seriously anorexic and needed to add weight quickly.

He then took her on a tour of the clinic, which was larger than she had originally thought, due to a dual level basement. It even included a small swimming pool and a series of lounges and exam rooms. It had originally been, according to Dr. Grayson, a hotel that had gone bankrupt before he and his patrons had purchased and renovated it.

It had, along with the swimming pool, a large kitchen, a friendly cafeteria, and even rooms where a patient could spend the night with a companion. Kate wondered what a girl could do here that she couldn't do in a normal hotel, but apparently having a kitchen had something to do with it. Kate began to see that this was a very costly operation, and began to wonder about her bill. When she asked Dr. Grayson about it, he replied that it was all research, so the treatments were free.

He went on to explain that in order for his experiments to work properly, he must have subjects who were completely content with the idea of fattening themselves up. He went on to say that not everyone was happy with the treatments, but they were given antidotes and usually returned, slowly, to near their original weight. Katie decided that, if nothing else, it was worth getting to just absolutely gorge herself without trying to maintain her waifish figure.

They began treatments that very day, with potent appetite stimulants coupled with milkshakes, donuts, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Kate felt her stomach swelling, and it was finally time to go home. She looked at the clock and realized she had been in the lounge eating for nearly four hours. Her belly was pushing out under her shirt, riding up a good five inches above her pants. The button on her pants had been undone for quite some time now, and at one point, the pants unzipped themselves partways.

Kate felt absolutely contented to become such a chubby woman that she was hesitant to leave. Dr. Grayson only smiled and handed her one week's supply of stimulants and metabolism regulators. Kate promised to do her best, and slowly plodded out to the lobby to meet Liz, who had also been eating for several hours.

The sundress Liz had been wearing was no longer technically a sundress, having molded itself around Liz's breasts and paunch during the visit. Liz drove her home, and Kate found a note from her mother saying that she was working all night and that Kate should eat something healthy. Kate called Liz and asked if there were any healthy foods that made you gain weight. Liz suggested bread, being high in carbohydrates, and Kate ate three loaves of French bread that evening.

Kate fell asleep dreaming of Trisha's immense ass and the way her entire body seemed so soft and fleshy and sensual. She hoped to have big thighs, and a big butt, to be more pear-shaped than Liz was. Of course, Liz had to waddle as it was.

Katie thought. I wonder what it would be like to try to walk with that big of a leg to move back and forth? Then another thought crossed her mind. What was it like to have sex when you were that fat? Kate had had sex before, of course. Being classically “beautiful,” she had pretty much gotten any guy she went for. She wondered if she would have that much luck when she was the size of Trisha. Well, Trisha was the happiest person she had ever met, and also one of the fattest. That had to mean something.


Kate tried the program for a few months and began to grow. Her once tiny lovehandles were now two thick folds of blubber that circled her waist. Her firm B-cub breasts were now pliant cushions, and over her once firm abs was a stout paunch. She had packed on eighteen pounds in the brief time she had enjoyed obesity, and looked forward to adding more weight to her one hundred and thirty-nine-pound frame.

She had spent quite a bit of time at the clinic, eating and making friends with the other patients. Her favorite activity was to go to the poolroom and sit in the hot tubs while she watched the plumper women play in the pool.

It was especially exciting to watch a truly overblown girl go off of the high dive. Kate loved to watch the padded figure first bounce on the board and then fling their wobbling selves over and plummet toward the water.

Kate swooned to watch her new friend Trish in the pool. Trish was fond of wearing hip hugger bottoms with tight bikini tops. Her wide hip-huggers strained to carry her corpulent ass, stretching tight and showing just the curve where her butt melded in with her massive thighs, barely covering the deep crack of her ass. Her dripping thighs, seemingly stuffed to bursting, slid against one another fairly easily, compared to the usual friction that they caused. Trisha's stomach hung down to cover the front half of her suit, and above her stomach, was another roll of fat, wedged tightly underneath her ponderous breasts. Her whole body was wet, and Kate loved to sit with Trisha and talk of being fat.

Even in the poolroom, the girls carried their drinks, concoctions of weight-gain powder and hot chocolate mix, stirred in with whole milk. Kate was stuffing her face constantly, and had gained nearly thirty pounds in the two months that she had been gorging. But, alas, her butt wasn't nearly as big as she had hoped for. She seemed to be adding weight in the same fashion Liz was. Her belly was swollen, filled out to support her massive tits. She had the same apple shape that Liz did, though she wasn't nearly as large. She decided to talk to Dr. Grayson about it to see if there was any way she could gain more weight in her butt. She scheduled an appointment for the end of next week; the doctor was usually extremely busy. Only about thirty-five patients frequented the clinic, but they all wanted to convince him they needed higher dosages of medications so that they might get even fatter.

The next week, Kate slowly clumped through the door of Exam Room One, filling more of the door than she had just a few weeks before, she noticed. She explained her problem to Dr. Grayson, and he sat for several minutes thinking of a solution. During this time, Kate looked down at her new body, admiring the plumpness and softness of her belly and her tits. Her thighs had gained weight too, of course, but not nearly enough to satisfy her.

Finally, Dr. Grayson suggested that they try a new procedure, which he had only tried a few times before. Fat cells, he explained, were impossible to get rid of. Once a fat cell had formed, it could only shrink or grow, never disappear. The procedure consisted of transplanting fat cells from her overly large upper body, and relocating them in her lower body, giving her a defined pear shape. It would take only about a half-hour to perform the procedure, but would take several hours to take effect. He jokingly recommended that she avoid any strenuous activity until then. They scheduled her for the next Friday after school, and Katie couldn't wait to tell Trish and Liz the good news.


Sadly, Kate's mother had also noticed the change in her daughter's habits and in her silhouette. She had struggled with her weight while she had been married to Kate's father, and remembered how she always felt as if she was not pleasing her husband. That was before he had ran off with a thirty-two year old clerk at the local Dunkin' Donuts.

What kind of woman worked at a donut shop when she was thirty-four, anyway? Her profession probably was due to the fact that the shop had plenty of leftover donuts; her husband's mistress was almost too big to fit behind the counter.

His wife, Kate's mother Sarah, had been devastated. She decided that he had run, er, waddled off with such a fat woman to spite her, and began to see overweight women as evil and disgusting. She was therefore most displeased with her daughter's new weight gain, and took her to see the family physician. Kate never told the doctor about the clinic, and he proclaimed her to be in perfect health, save for an abrupt thirty pound weight gain.

Kate's mother was furious, and demanded to know how he explained her having gotten so fat in such a short time. She banned all junk food from entering her house, so Kate was forced to eat at the clinic whenever she could. Kate almost hoped that if the procedure went well, maybe her mother would be less apt to notice weight farther down on Kate's frame.


The next Friday, Liz and Trisha took Kate to the clinic and helped her prepare for the procedure. She weighed in at just over one hundred and thirty-four pounds. She lay back onto a soft recliner while Dr. Grayson began the process.

First, he tranquilized her body, and let her move about to see if any sensation remained. It felt strange to not be able to feel her swollen body, for Kate had gotten used to the swish of her thighs, the bounciness of her distended breasts.

Then the doctor inserted a needle and used it to guide a small tube into Kate's bloated belly, and then into each breast. He carefully removed cluster after cluster of fat cells, and then transplanted them into her lower body. The cells from each breast went into each thigh; her belly was transplanted into her butt, which grew larger as the cells took hold of existing fat cells.

Kate had fallen asleep during the hour-long procedure; it was that painless. When she came to, she sat up and looked down at her figure. She saw her smaller breasts and tinier belly and felt a pang of remorse to think of all her time spent eating had been wasted. Then she felt a tingle of her butt waking up where her butt was not supposed to be. It was about three inches to the left of where her left cheek had been.

She shambled over to the mirror and turned around to discover her beautiful ass that had been formed as a result of the surgery. She was naked, and could see the fullness of her thighs where they met with her pussy. She was trying to put on her clothes when her panties split apart in the back, and it made her tremble all over. Liz had loaned her some pants, and Kate tried them without panties. They were the bottoms of a wind-suit, but Kate's ass was larger than Liz's had been when she had worn the pants. She oozed into the pants and threw on a tee shirt, which was, due to the procedure, a tiny bit baggier than it had been. "Oh, well", she thought. No time to worry about it now. I've got to cram as much fat onto this new frame as I can.


Trisha and Liz were excited as well. They had been waiting one of the lounges, eagerly cramming their faces. Kate walked in to see two sets of round, red jowls working up and down in a rapid succession. Liz was beautiful, with a thick double chin and cheeks that filled out her otherwise thin features. Trisha had a double chin as well, though smaller. She also had lips that were delightfully voluminous, with a dab of chocolate frosting around them. Her tongue darted in and out of her voluptuous mouth between her teeth, licking her broad lips. She also noticed that the girls had been feeding themselves for the entire hour she had been asleep.

They looked up when she entered but continued to press more food into their respective mouths. Liz was wearing another dress, which drew taut under the strain of her breasts and vast belly. Liz was also gaining weight, and had gained twenty pounds herself since Kate had joined the clinic. Trisha had gained as well, and was now wearing a tank top and a new pair of sweat pants. Though she had bought them recently, they were already nearly too small already. Her ass jutted out from her sides when she sat down, and the pants were form-fitted to her globular buttocks. The legs of the pants were packed with her rotund thighs, which stretched the seams. "I hope I'm there when those pants split," Kate thought.

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default The Clinic -2


Kate was there, in fact. They had been in the café when they had burst, and both girls stared at each other for a moment in shock, then kept eating.

That had been nearly a year ago. Kate looked down at her body, and saw what a year of serious eating could do to a formerly thin girl's figure. She had, thanks to Dr. Grayson's diet aids, gained around one hundred and fifty pounds. That placed her near two-sixty, and she had her eye on three hundred.

Kate went to the poolroom and put on her bikini, as much good as it did her. She wore a string bikini top with a bottom that had strings that cut into her fleshy hips. Kate lounged in the pool for nearly an hour, eating from the trays that floated in the shallow end. Mostly Tupperware cases filled with pastries. When she got out she toweled her immense form dry and applied her cream to keep her skin firm and supple. This kept her skin soft and smooth. She had really packed on the pounds this past year, and it showed. Her breasts were larger than ever, and rested on her round belly.

Her belly hung above her enormous hips, which flared out from her waist before curving outward and back down around to form her gigantic ass. Her thighs met from her pussy down halfway to her knees, and gave the area below her stomach a gentle heart shape. She wore tight nylon pants, much like the black pair she had first worn to the clinic. Only these pants were specially ordered and designed to stretch themselves to match her expanding thighs.

She reached over and grasped a tray which held a bottle of body-builder's weight-gain formula and a plate of croissant rolls, hot and buttery. Her hands, which had grown plumper, were soft and bulging with fingers that looked like stuffed sausage, grabbed a roll and smashed it between her luscious red lips. She wasn't wearing makeup, that came off soon after she started gorging, but the amount of blood required to keep her jaws pumping and her tongue tasting filled her plump lips and dyed them red.

Her neck was hidden by warm cushions of fat that wrapped themselves around her neck. She had put on a tank top that she had saved from a few months ago. It no longer covered her entire back, rolls of doughy fat dripped around her sides. She no longer wore a bra, the top was drawn out enough to give plenty of support, and besides, bras only got in the way, she thought.

She slowly peeled off her tank top to let her pendulous breasts sway free, and tried to do the same with her pants. They stuck partways off, and her butt and thighs poured over the edges. Finally an idea caught her fancy, and she pulled the pants back up. She ate three more croissant rolls, and then tried to touch her toes. It was a valiant effort, but she didn't even get close when her belly pressed its soft form against her padded thighs, hindering the movement. At first, she didn't think it would work, but when she tried the maneuver again, after a few more rolls for good luck, the pants split. The legs were still bunched around her thighs, but she slipped them off easily. Then she wrapped a kimono that the clinic supplied around her vast physique and headed off.

She went to the dressing room, where clients donated outgrown clothes, and selected a blue catsuit that should fit her. It was tight and made of a super-stretchy material; then again, she wanted it tight. Over this, she put on the sweat suit she had worn in and left the clinic. She walked out to her car, an old thunderbird, and swung by home. She got her purse and headed out, scolded by her mother the whole time she was there.

“You can't go out looking like that, Katie, you're just too fat,” her mother told her.

“Mom, I don't care, and if I don't care, nobody else should either.”

“Listen young lady, you'll never meet a nice man if you keep getting fat. Look at you; you're even bigger than you were last week. You can't possibly be happy looking like that…” Her mother continued as she left the house. She drove to a club where several guys who liked fat girls hung out. It wasn't a feeder bar, she regretted, but at least she could meet guys who wanted nothing more than for her to get fatter.

She took off her sweat suit in the car, and just walked in her jumpsuit. She got the usual puzzled and bitter looks from the skinny girls in the halter-tops, but some of the guys turned and looked when she entered. Her catsuit was seamless, and showed every bulge on her pear-shaped frame. She went to the bar and met up with James, her most recent boyfriend, and said hello in their customary manner, which is to say a but of sexual activity, she playing with his organ as he massaged her body..

They rejoined the main party, and went out to the dance floor. Her catsuit hugged her from her ankles to her shoulders, with cutouts for the arms and a low cut neck. The material was designed to hold itself to the wearer's body, so no matter how she bounced or flopped, she stayed in the suit. After a while Kate became winded, so they sat and she ate while an eager James fed her potato skins and platters of cheese fries.

They eventually went to James' apartment, where he led her to the bedroom and returned moments later with a tray carrying a plate of donuts and a large bowl of chocolate ice cream and syrup. James fed Kate four donuts in short succession, and then smeared ice cream and chocolate sauce over his torso and sat on Kate's lap while she tongued it off.

Kate was more compressed in her catsuit than she had been at the clinic; eating all night had taken its delightful toll, and James helped her peel it off, unleashing her obese body. James plunged himself onto her and became lost in the mass of boobs, rolls, belly, butt thigh, and arms that searched for him. He buried his face into the crease where her tits met her belly, and began licking. He moved up to her face and began kissing her puffy lips, finally making love to her.

The next morning he rolled off of her; he was exhausted and she was starving. She put the catsuit back on and drove to a fast-food restaurant, and ordered a dozen donuts, three cinnamon buns, five hash browns, and a vanilla milkshake. She ate quickly and drove home to sleep. Her mother had already gone to work for the day, but had left an angry note. Kate went to her bedroom and weighed herself; she weighed two sixty-eight. Then she removed her clothes and put on her enormous tee shirt and sweat pants and went to bed.

She dreamed of gaining more weight, eating until she burst. She had another dream of becoming so fat she couldn't walk. She woke up hungry and thought of her dreams, reaching under her bed for a hidden container of cookies and began eating. Some day. . . she thought. Some day.
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Default What story is this?

This story seems similar to this one.
A story about two women who get help from a doctor who is obese, himself. The women gain weight for pregnancy and the doctor's receptionist gains weight too. Does anyone know what story I'm talking about? The doctor falls for his receptionist towards the end.
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