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Default Route 66 - BHM, BBW, WG

~BHM ~BBW ~~WG A man follows his dream to find it exceeds his expectations.

Route 66

by SSaylleb

I've had this running round my mind a long time, so glad to put it down in writing. It started off in my mind as a guy-gaining story but somehow my leading ladies always seem to gain too The first part sets the scene, more to follow.

The Throttle Fest in Chicago attracts thousands of bikers, bike lovers and rockers to a weekend celebration of all things motorbike and rock music. Danny was there with his Harley Fatboy to mark the start of a long-held dream: only one part was missing.

Danny had spent many office hours in dreams of riding along the famous Route 66 on a powerful chopper. The tech start up he had joined after leaving school had just gone public, and while certainly not placing him at Zuckerberg-level wealth, it did allow him to clear his mortgage and help out family members financially. Most importantly, he had enough to buy his coveted machine and the time to fulfil his dream.

The teenage dream was simple enough: buy a bike, ride from Chicago to the sunny state of California along America’s most well known road. What better tonic for the soul than riding solo across the free lands? High school taught Danny little in the way of formal education but served enough for him to add another important part to the dream: a female companion. Ah yes, what better than cruising across the country with some babe’s arms wrapped tightly round his waist?

Not one to sit idly by and wait for life to happen, Danny moved towards achieving his dream and bought his first motorbike as a spindly and rather geeky 18 year old, his rider’s licence still warm from the laminating machine. It was a Honda Rebel, with more previous owners and miles on the clock than he cared to acknowledge, but still, they were two wheels and they were his.

College held little appeal for Danny and as the summer after high school raced to a conclusion, he offered little resistance when his mother dragged him to a career fair on the local campus grounds. At the fair nothing interested him and they were leaving when a small stand, clearly hastily erected caught his attention. A guy was sitting behind the desk, whom Danny recognised from his school. Dirk the chap’s name was, perhaps a couple of years older than Danny and renowned at the time for being a computer whizz. More to get away from his mother’s well-intentioned but nevertheless frustrated comments Danny veered towards the stand and asked Dirk what he was up to.

“I’ve started a company doing digital imaging, looking for new people to join” He paused. “Wait, Danny, Dany… you programmed Tetris in 3D. That was you wasn’t it?”
Pleased at the attention for a fun challenge completed two years ago Danny mumbled “yes, nothing special really, I just got into the main…”
But Dirk cut him off “I could use talent like that, what are you studying nowadays?”
And so Danny forsook further studies and joined Dirk’s team, much to his mother’s consternation.

While the pay was not much at first, they were doing work that no one else was, and that alone was the kick that kept them going. Work came in slowly at first, local advertising firms looking for something different, then construction projects requiring a higher level presentation. The team remained small and therefore had to work hard, keeping them in the office at all hours and snatching meals whenever possible. Until he turned 25 Danny noticed no difference to his body, but thereafter his sedentary lifestyle and ill-timed eating habits began to tell on his body. Pants slowly became tighter and he noticed a layer of flab bulging over his boxers, so that’s a muffin top he thought. It affected him little, after all it was barely visible and no one commented on his slight weight gain. In fact by the time he turned 28 he had only gained perhaps 20 pounds, and these filled out his skinny 140 lb frame to a slightly more solid look.

His aim of finding a female companion for life also progressed well. Although Danny had no money with which to impress girls, Dirk had a huge social circle and invited the team along so Danny had no shortage of opportunities to strike female gold. In his early twenties he tended to have short lived affairs as he was too focussed on work to dedicate as much time as his girlfriends seemed to require. As he got closer to thirty however, he was given increased responsibilities at work. Dirk had managed to wrangle a contract for a movie producer: success would launch the company to a whole new level. Danny now had a larger team so he could work more reasonable hours. This allowed him to not only meet Lara, a co-worker in a different team, but for them to proceed successfully to living together, taking holidays away together and talk of a shared future.

Their relationship was not perfect however. Lara complained at the weight that was accumulating on Danny’s waist more quickly than it had before, leaving him carrying 210 lbs on his thirtieth birthday. His weight gain earned some comments from colleagues and friends but as the gain was slowly spread across the years, there was never a huge jump worthy of attention.

Lara was also forever nagging at Danny to stop using his bike (now upgraded to a 750cc Honda Shadow) and sell it. She pooh-poohed his dream of riding Route 66, calling it a ridiculous adolescent dream he would never actually do: “Seriously, who wants to see a fat nerd on a Harley?” she would taunt him. Although he never proved it, Danny suspected that other girls in the office made fun of his weight gain to Lara, which was why it bothered her so much.

2012 was the year Danny turned 32 and a major turning point in his life on a number of fronts. Promising to lose weight as a resolution, he weighed in on New Year’s day at a record 224 lbs. Lara lost it, packed her bags and left him, pausing only to slap his fat gut on the way out, yelling out over her shoulder as she left “Sure you’re gonna lose weight you bloated pig, you don’t have the willpower to keep from stuffing your fat face just like you have in the last 5 years!”

The truth that Danny had never admitted to Lara was that he did not hate the weight gain. The first pounds helped to make a skinny boy into a healthy man, no bad thing in anyone’s view; in fact he got compliments from those around him. As more time passed and his belly surged out more prominently into his lap Danny realised that at some indefinable point he had passed from a healthy ‘gaining weight’ to an indulgent ‘getting fat’. By this time however he enjoyed his little treats: the office was always well supplied with pastries, cakes and coffees with more cream than caffeine. At home he had got used to microwave popcorn with a movie, crisps as snacks all through the weekend and a sweet tooth demanded dessert after meals. Lara had made no comment at first, after all she had moved into his apartment.

In time however she tried to stop him from loading such fattening food into the shopping trolley, not shrinking back from grabbing the roll of flab that poured over his waistband – in the middle of the supermarket - and saying such gems as “you don’t want to add to this do you?” or “don’t you think you’re fat enough already?”. A part of Danny agreed with her and did try to reduce his intake, but at a deeper level he liked being fat, and even more strange was thrilled at the thought of getting fatter. While he mumbled an embarrassed response to her in the store, he secretly answered with actually I don’t mind if I do or not really, I’m sure I could gain a hell of a lot more. More than his own weight gain, he found himself admiring girls and women that were plump and looked well-fed rather than the thin image of women portrayed by mainstream media.

At the end of January Dirk returned from a ski trip with big news. He called Danny into his office, along with Matthew who had handled the finances since day 1. Dirk had met someone at Aspen who would help them float the company before the summer. As long-standing members of the team and critical to its success Dirk was happy to share the spoils with them. The next months were a whirlwind of busy, busy, busy, but helped Danny take his mind off Lara’s shallowness and callous dumping. It also left him little time to eat and by the time they floated successfully at the end of May, Danny was down to 193 lbs. He had to quickly buy a new suit on the morning of the stock market announcement as his old ones hung off him.

All in all, Danny couldn’t confess to being overly heartbroken at Lara’s abrupt farewell. Although he was currently losing weight due to the stress of meeting work deadlines, he added another part to his dream. What better than riding the open road, some chubby babe’s arms wrapped round his own expanding waist?

Which brings us back to the Throttle Fest in Chicago, where Danny has a spanking brand new Harley Fatboy, the time and money to live out his dream, but lacks a female companion. Danny jumped up and down in the rockers arena, feeling a strange mix of emotions. One one hand he was happy to re-live his teenage persona of a rocker, at the same time he felt out of place, too soft and well cared for to fit as an equal with the others. Not for the first time, he mentally blamed Lara for never wishing to attend a rock concert.

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I like the set up!
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Love it and great start! Nice idea too
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Any admins out there, I've continued this story and wish to add chapters. Do I add them here or as a new thread in recent additions?

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Moved to new additions (and ~standard formatting applied. I never do remember the exact formula, but it should be close)
Criticism is so often nothing more than the eye garrulously denouncing the shape of the peephole that gives access to hidden treasure.
-Djuna Barnes, writer and artist
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Great start!
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Originally Posted by Tad View Post
Moved to new additions (and ~standard formatting applied. I never do remember the exact formula, but it should be close)
Great thanks, will add the next chapters later .
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Default Part 2

Sorry for the slow pace. I wanted to move along more quickly to the gain but sometimes my writing takes over… I promise more will happen in the next installments. Apologies also for the huge delay in adding the next chapter/s, I write when I’m quiet at work and it’s been busy (which is good as I’m self-employed!)

The loud music finally started to hurt Danny’s ears and he sought refuge in a quieter section. There was an empty stage and he walked aimlessly up to it, swigging his beer. A guy roared onto the stage on a wild custom chopper and within seconds the hall filled up with people, packed so tight that Danny couldn’t make his way out. He remained wedged up against the stage, the crowd heaving behind him. He gulped at his beer nervously; in the event of an emergency he would never make it out through this crowd.

“Alright alright alright!” screamed the presenter on stage. “I’m your MC for the night, Jack Hammer and we’re here to crown the Throttle Fest Chick for 2014…. all contestants pleeeeease strut your stuff!”

Danny’s mood improved considerably as a series of young women, all between 18 and 25 years of age paraded up and down the stage, first dressed in biker leathers, then stripping off down to raunchy bikinis. Danny roared along with the crowd but in his heart he wondered why they all had to be so thin. Some of the girls had clearly resorted to breast implants to puff up otherwise skinny chests.

By a scientific process of elimination involving wet T-shirt competitions and riding pillion backwards on a Harley while grinding their ass against the rider’s head, the contestants were whittled down to the presenter’s favourites. These were further cut down to the eventual winner, Stacey, a textbook hottie (where the textbook in question is Playboy).

“Alright alright alright, we have a winner, Staay - See” hollered the presenter, “and here with us today to hand over the crown is last year’s winnerrr… Bambi!” Danny thought he was dreaming. Bambi did not look like any of the other girls he had seen up on stage: fake-tanned blonde airheads. She was naturally tanned and had a wholesome look about her, a girl next door type, and must have been closer to thirty years old than twenty five. . And she carried a good 25 to 30 pounds over the other girls. Her soft body poured out of the too-tight biker’s leathers she wore. A muffin top bulged out between her black pants and a corset or waistcoat kind of thing. A jacket on top was too short to cover the soft flab that shook delightfully with every step she took across the stage. Her face had a smile painted on but it was clear she wanted to be anywhere else right then.

“Bambi! uh… wow girl, did you eat your ride?!” asked Jack Hammer rudely, poking her love handles. The crowd roared with laughter. Bambi didn’t reply but being so close Danny noticed tears spring to her eyes. “Well Stacey,” Jack Hammer turned to the new winner “make sure you find out what Bambi’s been eating the last year and steer well clear of it, har har” he guffawed unpleasantly, echoed by the crowd. Danny felt his blood boiling, why should a gorgeous babe like Bambi be made fun of? “Now come on Bambi, you know what to do, hand over the Throttle Fest Chick leathers to the new winner!”

Bearing the corporate sponsor’s logo all over them, a part of the tradition was for the outgoing babe to hand over the leathers to the newly crowned chick. Bambi tugged at the jacket lapels and gulped. “Wait hang on” Jack had spotted another opportunity to humiliate the unfortunate girl. “Close up the jacket first!” Bambi mouthed something to him. “What’s that? I can’t hear!” screamed the asshole into the mike. Bambi whispered but the jerk off held the mike to her mouth so whole audience heard her mutter “I can’t do it up”
“Why, the zip doesn’t work? I can’t believe our sponsors would let that happen!”

“No it won’t fit” whispered Bambi.

“Cos you’re too fat!” hollered Jack, clearly proud of his abuse “Now off with the leathers!”

Visibly dreading every second, Bambi pulled off her jacket. Next she reached behind her back to untie the laces of her corset. She turned her back to Jack Hammer to complete the task but he turned her so that she looked toward the back of the stage. The reason became obvious when he pointed out that the laces criss-crossing her back dug into her flesh, leaving small mounds of fat to poke out between the tight material. With a flourish, Jack pulled away her leather corset to leave her in a bikini top with a soft belly hanging out over the pants, her navel deep and round. “Geez” laughed Jack cruelly, “have you done nothing but eat the last year? Why don’t you suck it in?” he asked poking her belly roughly. With a gasp she exhaled, letting her belly out even further. “Oh you were sucking it in?” he jeered, to many snarky laughs from the other girls on stage.

Bambi wordlessly tugged her pants down, not without a struggle to get them past her hips, her body swaying sensually as she pulled. Only yards away Danny was mesmerised by her butt that seemed to expand as it was released from the dark confines of the leather. She handed the clothes to Jack Hammer without a word, who passed them on to Stacey. “Here you go then babe, the worthy queen of Throttle Fest for a year!” Stacey pulled the leathers on quickly, then held out the waistband to show how much slimmer she was than Bambi. The crowd roared with laughter and Jack Hammer took to poking Bambi’s soft plush figure, now exposed except for her miniscule bikini, clearly chosen by a costume manager.

“And here you see the dangers of becoming the Throttle Fest chick peeps, you get to enjoy the easy life and relish it too much, see how Bambi, who was a real babe last year has turned into a prize hog!” In the second between the MC stopping and the crowd roaring, a voice piped up:

“Hey that’s enough already mate, she’s gorgeous!”

Jack Hammer quickly checked out the intruder with a seasoned eye. He looked like an office suit, tall but running to fat, dressed in leathers for the weekend: no danger at all.

“Do you want to come up and meet the fat chick?” taunted Jack. Danny didn’t waste a second and hauled himself up onto the stage. Bambi looked at them both fearfully, wondering how much more excruciating her embarrassment would be.

“What would you like to say to Bambi then?” asked Jack and passed the mike to Danny, who suddenly fell silent, overcome by stage fright.

“Come on” hollered Jack, “don’t wait too long or she’ll eat you as a snack!”

That made Danny snap to attention and respond, looking straight at Bambi.
“I think you’re gorgeous!” he shouted, to mixed cheers and boos from the crowd. He continued “and anyone who doesn’t agree is either blind or crazy!” the crowd burst out laughing as one. Bambi grabbed Danny’s hand and dragged him off backstage, her butt wobbling deliciously with every step.

Bambi stopped to pull on jeans and a top then they left the event and Bambi led him to a quiet diner. Over a dinner of ribs and fries, washed down with beer they exchanged stories. Danny explained what brought him to Throttle Fest, the start of his long held dream to ride the Route. He briefly mentioned Lara and her negative views on the trip.

“She sounds like a wet blanket!” exclaimed Bambi.

“And you ain't heard the half of it!” he responded wryly, then went on to relate his weight struggles.

“Of course I’m not at 193 lbs anymore, since I quit working I’m sure I passed 200 again.

“Oh you’re fine”, Bambi dismissed him, “guys can gain weight, not like girls.”
“I think..” he started but Bambi had launched into her story.

“I’ve been into bikes since forever. All my jobs have been around bikes, at a parts store, with a training school. Last year I was working at the Harley dealership when the organisers of Throttle Fest came in to discuss sponsorship and they got me to compete. I didn’t think I stood a chance but hey ho there you go. Oh and my name’s not Bambi of course, that’s a stage name I came up with. I’m Laura.”

“Over the last year I had to attend loads of events, concerts, promotions and stuff, many of them out of the city. At all of them there’s always loads of food, and by that I mean burgers, fries, donuts… not to mention the beer! I guess I didn’t realise how much I was indulging until when I noticed I just couldn't seem to stop myself. I’d promise myself that I’d eat healthy but when I saw the burgers it was like they were calling my name and I’d down two before I knew it. When the managers stated getting on my case I’d find ways to hide food in bags then guzzle it back in my hotel room or in my trailer. Some nights we’d get wasted and God only knows what I ate then, probably like a bakery full of donuts!

“Even now after being humiliated on stage for getting so fat, I’m enjoying this full rack of ribs and see, have I left even a single fry uneaten? And before I’ve even finished the meal I’m looking at the desserts being served and can’t choose between the banoffee or mud pie!”

“Get both!” Danny almost shouted, unable to believe his luck at finding this girl.

“No, that’s what made me this fat already!” she protested, running a finger lightly down her belly, swollen from the meat feast.

Danny seized the chance to go for broke and took her hand in his. He looked at her steadily in the eyes across the table and said “I think you look gorgeous just as you are. Unlike what you think and society dictates, some guys really do think that girls can eat like a normal person and be beautiful, even if, or rather especially if they need to go up a dress size.

“You don’t mean that” replied Bambi quietly.

Danny slipped his hands down to her stuffed belly and started rubbing slowly. “I like how this feels” he said. “I don’t want to see you suck it in, just let this sexy belly hang out in all its well-fed glory.”

Laura just moaned, her eyes shut.

He continued “what if I say I’d like to see you eat as many desserts as you like?”

“I’d want one of everything!”

“Bet you can’t finish them!”

“Hah I bet you can’t, you just watch me!”

Danny called the waiter over and shocked him by asking him to bring out two of each dessert, one at a time. They matched one another bite for bite through waves of chocolate cake, banofee pie, cherry pie, lemon meringue, a decadent calorie bomb of fudge layered above chocolate and biscuit. Laura had to undo her jeans button at one point, Danny smiled approvingly. An hour later they rose with difficulty and waddled out to the cool night air. Danny’s gut hung out like a basketball, pulling his T-shirt tight. Laura’s belly had expanded so much her jeans were pushed down while her top rode up, a clear couple of inches of soft belly on display. Stopping now and again to rest or to rub one another’s belly they made their way back to Danny’s hotel room.

The next morning over breakfast he moved on his plan and invited Laura to join him on the roadtrip.

“Seriously?” she asked excitedly. “To do the Route on a Harley with a hunk like you? Of course I’m in!” Then a second later. “I need new leathers though.”

Before shelling out for a new outfit, Danny demanded to see her in her old leathers. After much complaining and pouting he got to see her in them.
“Ready to be disgusted Danny? I’m coming out”

Danny lay on his hotel bed, while Laura changed in the bathroom. Now a leg clad in red leather poked out and sheer voluptuous sexiness followed. In her slimmer days she had flaunted her body in an outfit of tight red leather pants with a matching jacket that just about met the pants waistband. Underneath the jacket, her preferred top was a black tube top that barely covered the bottom half of her breasts, while pushing the top half into a cleavage that sold more Harleys per month than the slickest salesman could.

Now the same outfit perfectly showed the effects of her gain, much to her embarrassment and Danny’s delight. By not breathing she just about managed to do up the pants button, and the jacket also had one button done up, just below her breasts then her body just exploded out of it. Her belly hung out in the front almost as far as her breasts, while juicy lovehandles a good two inches thick bubbled out over her hips. The tube top was stretched over her expanded bust so that it looked like a belt.

She shuffled over towards Danny, her pants creaking with the pressure her thighs put on the seams.

“No, no, no” breathed Danny. “You’re doing this wrong. I don’t want to see you too scared to move. Go back in that bathroom, and come out again like the hot sexy diva you are!”

“But I’m fat and ugly, look how I pour out of these!” complained Laura.
“From where I am they fit just fine, you’re gonna have to burst out of them before I get you new leathers!”

Laura gasped at that, then straightened up, nodded and went back to the bathroom. Now she strutted out again, her head held high, and struck a pose with her hand on her hip.
“Hey mister, do you like what you see?” she called out. “Looks like this biker chick has been going a bit heavy on the burgers and beer! See this fat gut she packed on!” slapping her belly so it shook.

She slowly walked to the bed then stood on it, over Danny. “I think this porker’s gonna blow right outta her leathers!” she called out.

“Hah I doubt it!” he gasped, “those things are triple stitched so a team of horses can’t pull them apart!”

She lowered herself over him in a squat, her butt stretching the leather, Danny could see the threads of the seam widening until finally they gave way and her fat ass burst out. Danny reached up and grabbed it, pulling her down onto his face, then reaching up to fondle her belly.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t you fat boy? you like feeling my aaaahhh…” whatever she was going to say was swallowed by their lust.

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Fun story. I loved it.
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Love the story!
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