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The agony of delete.
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Default Early Risers -- (One Shot, BBW, WLW)

A slice of life one-shot about two women--a bbw and an ffa--and their morning routine. Some erotica, but it is brief.

Early Risers
by Elybiggs

Morning light filters in through Bianca’s window, casting shadows on Samantha’s half of the bedsheets and highlighting the curves beneath them. She stirs, still half caught in a dream she doesn’t want to surrender, and rolls to her side, allowing the fullness of her hips and the sloping curve of her thighs to take center stage in the cloaked display.

Bianca watches her face--that of an angel, with softness to match even the chubbiest of cherubs--riveted in loving admiration, as Sam lives of the last moments of her dreams, and Bianca catch the twitch of a smile on her plump lips before her partner wakes.

“Good morning, beautiful,” slips off Bianca’s tongue before Sam’s eyes fully open.

“Mm,” Samantha hums pleasantly, rolling closer to her lover and resting her chin on Bianca’s shoulder. “‘Morning.”

Samantha slips the sheets off--much to Bianca’s delight--and swings her feet over the edge, clad only in her panties and a stretched out, midriff-baring tank top. Her panties--an indigo, lace-back little number--sit low on her wide hips, just above the fullest part of her large, twin cheeks, and the tiny triangle of fabric threatens to bury itself with each step she takes about the bedroom as she gathers her things to get dressed.

Samantha bends down low, holding back her hair to show off her cavernous cleavage to her girlfriend as she picks up the bra that had been so carelessly discarded the night before.

“You don’t have to leave so early,” Bianca tries as Sam adjusts herself in her bra, sitting up and reaching for her phone to check the time. “You’ve got ten whole minutes before your alarm goes off.”

“Well, in that case,” Samantha begins, standing in front of Bianca’s vanity mirror and running her hand through her hair. just as impressively full-bodied as the rest of her, with waves that reflect her voluptuous curves. “Maybe I should go back to bed, then.”

She tosses a look over her shoulder, sly and desirous, before returning to Bianca’s side of the bed and leaning in for a deep kiss. Immediately, Bianca’s hands find purchase in Sam’s hair, near the nape of her neck, and she holds the other woman in position, lest she pull away, and Samantha responds in kind, hefting a thick thigh up and over her girlfriend’s comparatively thinner hips and effectively bringing her bulk to straddle Bianca. With her free hand tracing the lace cups of Sam’s bra, lingering at the newly overflowing flesh, Bianca can’t help but grin into the kiss.

“Looks like all that lasagna you had last night found a new home here,” she teases lovingly as their lips part, now cupping both breasts in her dainty hands, weighing them, and bouncing them carefully.

“Looks like it,” Samantha chuckles, leaning back until her ass rests on her heels--which doesn’t take much.

One of Bianca’s hands slides further down Sam’s side, following the hills and valleys, the creases and rolls. Her bottom lip is pulled between her teeth, briefly, as she jiggles Samantha’s stomach, still somewhat full from the decadent pasta and rich desserts the night before. She sinks her fingers in further, as though Samantha’s stomach were dough to be kneaded, as she dips her head low to lay kisses along the exposed portion of her breasts. This close, Bianca can still smell the sensual perfume Samantha had worn the night before, and her fire increases, squeezing Samantha’s fat harder, pulling her closer as she buries herself in her cleavage.

Sam moans, again weaving her hands into Bianca’s hair and pressing her face into her chest as as Bianca slips a deft hand under the waistband of her tight panties and down the front. In time with Bianca’s fingers, Sam’s hips begin to twitch, thrusting and building momentum as the rest of her fleshy body jiggles in response. Her breasts bob and sway as Bianca comes up for air with a sultry grin.

Just then, an alarm reminiscent of an actual alarm clock blares from Samantha’s phone, startling the two women apart, neither believing how quickly the time had escaped them. Sam frowns, reaching past Bianca to silence the alarm.

“You know…” Sam starts, eyeing the pouting Bianca, still stuck between her massive thighs. “I do have a couple sick days saved up.”

A/N: Hey all. This is my first time posting anything like this here, and I'm a little unsure about this piece But hey--I thought someone might enjoy it. I probably won't continue this, as erotica isn't really in my wheelhouse, but you're more than welcome to continue it, if you'd like.
Constructive criticism is always welcome.
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rwagner has said some nice things

Niiiiiiiice!!!!! Keep it going.
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