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Default looking for a story

A woman tells her friend about this doctor who could help her get pregnant, the friend goes and sees the doctor, the friend is taken back by the size of the doctor who is obese himself. The doctor puts the friend on a regimen. The friend notices the receptionist is pretty big. Soon, the the friend gains weight, the couple becomes pregnant. The woman goes in for a check up and notices the receptionist is bigger then when she last saw her, she asks the receptionist when she's expecting and is mistaken for not being pregnant. Another check up and the receptionist is much larger. The receptionist is having a fling with the doctor. The doctor's late wife died and the receptionist is taking everything slow with the doctor. Towards the end of the story, the receptionist and woman become friends, the doctor and receptionist become official, both are at a wedding?

I have been unsuccessful trying to find this story. Any help finding it, would be appreciated. Thank you.
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