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anonymous.viewerun has said some nice things
Default BBW/SSBBW Girls having fun from overloading small rides:)))

Although I am not a big guy I am a big fun of SSBBW. I even have a small fetish connected with SSBBW ladies Beside wonderfull shapes you have girls I like to feel your weight on myself Just when woman sits on my knews I must feel that someone sits on me hehe. Everybody knows that big booty massive nice shaped legs big breast etc must weight something and the more lovely body the more lbs) I have a question directed mainly to the ladies that are really confortable with their weight... I really like to watch when BBW or SSBBW ladies are making surrunding stuff struggle to hold their weight I am wondering if any of you girls would be able to make some movie where she is for example taking a ride on kiddie ride in walmart? It would be perfect to see how small ride is bearly moving and making a noises saying pleasee get of me while some of you would have a fun taking a ride Even a better situation would be when few bbw/ssbbw girls would take a ride at the same time making a ride completely stop standing a bit up to let it go and once again making it stop and so on. I think there a many movies on youtube with skinny girls sometimes even 3 or 4 taking a ride together but there is not too much with bbw/ssbbw. I think plenty of people would enjoyed it P.S excuse me for my language
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Warrior has said some nice things

Yep, that would be very good stuff. There is nothing better than a nice big girl on a small ride.
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