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Default My Date with Panny - by Crazystef (USBBW+, Tube feeding fantasy, Romance, light sex,)

USBBW+, Tube feeding fantasy, Romance, light sex, XXXWG - if you don't know what a pigfur is, then you need to read this story.

Author's note: This is my first story I'm putting on this site. My English isn't very good and I'm still learning and improving so please be gentle on my spelling errors. Otherwise, Enjoy this story.

My Date with Panny.
by Crazystef

Once … yes, really once, there was a lonely boy. His name was Stef. He had many blind dates. But he just wanted to have a kind girlfriend. Good looking, good in bed and of course nice to live with.

So he went to a dating company to see what kind of women they had. He got a complete list of women. All single. They looked beautiful. They where all pretty thin. Breasts the size in the cup B-C and a nice ass to touch. So he just thought, “let’s try one.”

Here is a sample of how his date usually went – his date with Brith.

They both met in a restaurant and introduced each other. Then they sat down and ordered there food. Stef was a little sad because Brith was such a skinny women. He liked fatter women. But maybe he could help her gain weight.

“Well Brith, you are such a nice women you know,” Stef said

“Thank you Stef. "

“But I got a confession to make. I like to watch fat women."

“What did you say?"

“Well I love bigger women. And since you are just so kind I would like to ask you if I could date you more often and then I can maybe … let you … gain ……. Uuuh gain weight?"

Brith was getting a little scary about what he asked. She was happy the way she looked so she thought he just wanted to have sex whit her or something.

“No, I don’t want to gain weight. I’m leaving. Good bye Stef.” And then she stood up and walked out mad.

“Oh no,” was all he thought. He wasn’t too down on himself because he didn’t feel attracted to her anyway. And he was used to rejection because of his preference.

But things were about to change.

--- The next day ---

The next day Stef went to the dating service company again. There he saw the fattest women he had ever seen in his entire life. The woman was huge, just like he wanted – you could say she was so big that he thought she looked a bit like a like a pig. Pigs of course have a gift to gain weight really fast. Actually she was a pigfur - and if you don't know what that is don't worry. Stef didn't either. But he was destined to find out,

You could see that she was different because of her massive figure. She had a huge belly that was almost hanging on the floor. Her legs and hips where so huge and so full of fat that she was wider then the doorway. Her boobs were almost as big as beach balls. She had an amazing cute fat face whit a double chin and a third one appearing under it. And the beautiful blond hair was completely finishing her awesome body. But for all of this she was still mobile. Pigfurs are that way, they don't lose their mobility anywhere near as soon as most humans. To Stef she was definitely and absolutely the ideal of a women he would like to date.

He walked into the office to introduce himself to her.

“Hi Miss Beauty.”

“Uuh hello,” she said with her face blushing.

“Are you here for a blind date?

“Yes I am.”

“Well I do the same. And when I saw you sitting there I thought that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. “

She blushed again.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?”

“Well I hardly know you.”

“Yes but this is a blind date. And a chance to get to know each other.”

“Well … okay then. I’m Panny by the way.”

“I’m Stef, nice to meet you. He shook her hand. While he held her hand he smiled to her. She looked him in his face and blushed really deep. She felt she was attractive to him. And she was herself attracted, not only by how he looked but also how kind he was to her. And his saying she was beautiful was the first time she had ever heard that from a man. Because she was so big, 990 pounds to be correct, she used to scare a lot of guys away. But Stef… he liked her. She knew he must love fat women really much if he wanted to date her.

“You want to come with me to the park?

“That sounds great.”

Together they walked out of the building. Panny was a little shy because she had never dated a man in her entire life. And this man was enjoying her so much. All because she was so kind but especially because of how she looked.

When they arrived in the park they walked to a couch next to a snack house. Panny was feeling hungry but didn’t want to show it to Stef. She didn’t want to look like just a hungry ugly pig. But Stef noticed.

“Are you hungry Panny? My treat."

“Sure. "

“Okay I’ll go get you some food. What do you like?"

“Well with a figure I have I think I like everything isn’t it,” she said with a wink.

“Yes you do. Then I’ll go get you a surprise.”

Panny was hoping she didn’t let herself go on what she just said. Maybe now he was laughing about her. Maybe he didn’t want to date her anymore. Or did she do the right thing. Well she was going to find out.

“Here you got some my dear.” And he handed her a plate full of hotdogs.

Surprised she took the plate whit all the hotdogs and placed it on the table in the front of her. “Thank you Stef, you are so kind to me.”

“I do it because I like you."

“You know, I like you too. But I also want to know something. Why did you want to date me? Is it because I’m fat?”

“It is because I like you in person. You are so kind and sweet that I had to date you. But you’re also right about the fat. I feel attractive to very fat woman and I even like to feed them and make them bigger. And you are sooooooooo beautiful that I want to know you better.”

Panny almost felt in tears, her pigfur heart was melting into desire. “I like you too. When you walked in the office this morning I thought to myself 'I would never be able to date a man like him.' And now I’m on a date with you. And I like you more and more.”

Before she noticed she had already eaten all the hotdogs. When she took the last bite Stef asked if she wanted to have more.

“Well I love to eat. And I enjoy being fat too. So if I can eat more then I will never even waste the last piece of food on my plate.”

“You wait here then. I get you even more then you already had."

He ordered himself more food on the snack house. But because it was so many he had to wait for his food. While waiting he turned his head and watched her carefully. She was really the best thing ever happened in his life. She was the most beautiful fat girl he had ever dated. While she was sitting on the couch her belly was just an inch of the ground. Her boobs where clearly visible from her top she was wearing. It was definitely four sizes too small. And her pants were so huge. It was the biggest size he had ever seen.

When he got his food he had to walk twice to get it all to her table. This time he had hamburgers and fries whit him. And it was all for Panny.

“I hope you are still hungry dear, because here is much more to eat."

“Can I have all that food for myself?"

“Is it too much?"

“No not at all. But I’m surprised you give me all this food."

“Well I was hoping I could feed you and help you gain weight. Because you love to eat and to be fat, and I love extreme fat women, I thought it would be a great idea to combine our thoughts and let me help you to get fat."

“Oow Stef, that’s so cute of you."

And the date went on like this for almost three hours. Pigfurs aren't very good at deep conversation but will eat contentedly indefinitely as long as there is a food supply. And Stef loved watching Panny eat - there was no need to converse. When they both noticed it was getting pretty late Stef decided to bring Panny home. But when she wanted to stand up she had trouble with her balance. She knew must have put on some weight because of all the snacks she had received from Stef.

“Here let me help you Pan."

“Thank you. Kindest man in the world.”

With a big pull Stef managed to get Panny back on her feet. She still had trouble keeping her balance. Stef looked good at Panny’s body. It seemed that her boobs were bigger. And her pants were also a little tighter. Could she really gain so fast? She had never fully tested her pigfur abilities.

“Uuh Pan, are you alright?"

“Yes I am, let’s go to my place tonight.”

“Okay, where do you live?"

“Just a few block’s away."

“Then we can till get to know each other better while walking."

“Ok, what do you like to know about me?"

“Well how much do you weigh?”

“Last time I weighed I was 990 pounds. But that was a while ago.”

“Then let’s weigh you when we are at you’re place.

“Ok sure. Can you stay for a sleep over tonight?

“If you don’t mind it then I would love to.

“Then you sleep with me then?

“If I can do that I will sleep in heaven tonight.

“You are just so cute when you are kind to me. It’s the house on the left here.”

Although it had been slow Panny had walked the several blocks with ease despie her massive bulk. She was not even labored in her breathing. Pigfurs are built for comfort, not speed, but their size is usuall never an issue. They are ambulatory hedonists, interested in food and pleasure.

Together they walked inside. Because Panny was so wide he had to let her go in first or he would be squashed between her hips and the doorway. Stef watched inside the chambers. It was a really big house for one person.

“Are you living here all by yourself?

“Yes. It’s really silent here isn’t it.”

“Yeah, well it’s pretty late. Let’s go to bed.”

“That’s ok. There is another day tomorrow isn’t it,” she smiled

“Yes, and I hope I can stay tomorrow. Then we can pretend tomorrow like a second date. And I can even take you to a movie of something."

“That sounds great."

“Yeah. But uuh where do I sleep?"

“You can sleep on the couch if you like but I got a huge bed. We can easily fit both in it. But I understand if you like to have some privacy so I’ll go get you a blanket and a pillow.”

“No you don’t have to. I would love to share a bed with you.”

Panny was so happy to hear that. She was truly starting to love him. And Stef of course was in heaven. He always enjoyed the view from behind her. Every step her body was shaking like it had a life of its own. Her boobs where almost breaking her top because of the quaking movements. They were just so darn big. And her pants where almost ready to give.

“I think my clothes are getting a little uncomfortable. Let’s get to bed and then we can date further tomorrow ok?

“My date with you is continuing in bed, “ Stef thought with a big smile on his face.

Together they where undressing. Panny’s top ripped a little in the front when she tried to lift it up. She pretended nothing happened and continued whit her pants. Her pants were a little tight on her legs. She pulled on it with all her strength but didn’t seemed to succeed.

“Stef, I need your help with my pants. I can’t get them down."

“Okay let me help you.

He kneeled before her and started to pull her pants down. It was a real hard job but after few time’s of pulling, her pants dropped to the ground. He smacked his face into her bellyfat. Panny and Stef started laughing about it.

“You are soooooo sexy. You are the sexiest women I’ve ever dated. "

“You are the kindest man I ever met. And I think I’m starting to feel love when I’m with you."

“I feel the same. “

Together they where laying on the huge bed hugging and kissing each other. They were so enjoying it that Panny slowly lifted her huge bra and told Stef to unhook it in the back. When he was behind her he could see all her fat rolls on her back. Her bra was tight so you could see it pretty good she had big boobs. He slowly lifted his hands to her bra and slowly unhooked it. He wanted to be gentle but when he unhooked the huge bra, the weight of her boobs was pulling him down whit her bra.

“Oops I’m so sorry Stef. Are you alright?" The concern was genuine. Pigfurs want their partners to share and revel - dare we say wallow? - in the pleasure they experiance, not be discomfited.

“It’s alright. I enjoyed it."

“Me to. I love you Stef.”

“I love you to Pan. I never want to lose you in my entire life.”

“Me neither. Sleep well my dear sweety.” Thats another thing about pigfurs. They are easy about commitment as long as they are recieving pleasure. This also makes themvulnerable to abuse, but Stef was not an abuser.

“Good night Pan. “

He kissed her deep on her mouth. While he kissed her, Pan’s belly and boobs where pushing him back. He hugged her and together they felt asleep.

(To be continued) …

(In the next part Stef gets to know Panny better and better. He wants to stay with her and feed her food to let her gain weight. But then he figures something out. You want to know what it is? Actually you perhaps already suspect it. Either way, just wait for the next part. )
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My date with Panny part 2.

The next morning Panny was the first one to wake up. She felt really happy to have Stef next to her. She was also very hungry so she decided to go to the kitchen and make herself a huge breakfast to stop her hunger. While she was in the kitchen cooking Stef awoke by the smell of fried eggs and bacon. When he first saw her this morning she looked kind of bigger then she did yesterday. Did she put on some weight?

“Good morning Pan."

“Good morning lover. How are you today?"

“I’m good. You know why?"

“How’s that?"

“Because you are my beloved girl." And he hugged her.

“You are so sweet Stef. I love you."

“I love you too."

Together they made themselves a breakfast. Stef was also a little hungry so he ate 2 eggs and some toast. But Panny on the other hand ate 23 eggs, 17 big pieces of bacon, 30 sausage’s whit extra lard on it. And 4 and a half liter of orange juice.

“Man you are hungry aren’t you?"

“Yes I am. And I enjoy this food so much that it’s always a problem for me to stop eating."

“That’s why you are so fat isn’t it?"

“Yes. But the way I’m fat also depends on something else."

“How is that?"

“Well I have a special gift to gain weight. My body can produce an extreme amount of fat cells. And if I eat food rich of fat or lard, then I will gain much faster then a normal person can do."

“That’s amazing. You are truly gifted and I didn’t even know you did. Can you also just let you’re body turn fat or do you need to keep eating?

“I can turn my body fat very rapidly and indefinitely, but I need to combine it with eating or it won’t work. Its known as being a pigfur."

“Uuh can I … feed you?"

“Sure you can. Just make me the fattest food possible and I’ll eat it all. But first I gotta weigh myself. It’s important to know how much I can gain in one day - I've always wanted to know but normally there's been no one willing to help. So you start making the food and I will weigh myself and put on something stretchy so I won’t rip my clothes."

“Yes ma’am, " said Stef. This experiment exceeded his wildest dreams.

Stef started to work really hard to make the fattest food he had ever made for a woman. Panny was changing her sleep outfit for a bikini. This was the newest stretch bikini in the world. It was made of super elastic rubber material. It could easily stretch to the size of a small car. When Panny chanced her clothes she hopped on the scale. The numbers on the scale where rising very fast. 500, 550, 650, 800, 954, 975, 989, 995, 1002, 1032. And it stopped on 1032 pounds. Boy she has gained a lot pounds this few weeks. And she didn’t even want it then. But now, she wanted to weigh more and more. Pigfurs love excess and have no limits because their bodies adapt.

“Stef. I have some great news."

“What is it hon?"

“I weight over 1000 pounds."

“Over? How much over?"

“32 pounds

“1032 pounds? Yesterday you told me you weighed around the 990 pounds. Did you gained all that beautiful fat tonight?"

“I guess. And you probably like it where all the fat had gone to," she said whit a big smile on her big fat face.

“Where did it go then?" He was hoping her boobs and butt. That is the best place to store all the fat, he thought.

“Well my boobs are much bigger and heavier. And my belly is almost on my feet now. It sure did going fast isn’t it?

“It sure is. No you go sit there and I’ll serve you all the food. Ok my lady?"

“I was hoping you would say that." she gigglked. Althoiugh they can move, pigfurs prefer to sit idlely and consume.

Panny walked to the table and started to eat all the food on it. She ate plates full of pancakes and French fries. It was filling her belly so nicely. Every time she wanted to take a bite she had to bow a little forward. And every time she did that her boobs where pushing her plates away.

“Here Panny, let me help you. You just sit on the couch and relax and let me do all the work for you. "

He helped her stand up and walked her to the couch. When she was ready to fall into the couch she just let herself fall backwards. When she sat on the couch there was a cracking noise. Maybe she was just a little too much female goody for this couch. They pretended like there was nothing wrong and they started to feed Panny again.

In this position Panny ate even faster then she already did. Stef had to work really hard but enjoyed it so much that he didn’t even saw his little jobs as real work. Panny was eating and eating like there was no tomorrow. After an hour of nonstop Panny looked bigger then she did before they started.

“Phew I’m stuffed. I think one more bite and I’m ready to explode."

“Please no. that would be a shame if you would explode. Then I will never see you again." He climbed on the couch next to her and hugged her really fat belly and boobs. “you are just the most beautiful woman I ever saw in my whole life.

“Ow stop. You make me blush."

“But you really are. And things are only getting better."


“Because I think I already see you growing much fatter. You were right about the extra fat cells."

“Yes and I can feel myself growing to. My boobs are much bigger and heavier. They are bringing my out of balance. And my butt is growing further and further behind me. My legs and hips are so wide now and my belly is touching the ground. I think I’m going to weigh myself again ok?"

“Yes, do you need help standing up?"

“Yes I need all the help I can get."

Stef helped Panny to stand up and walked her to the scale. It also seemed she was slower then early this morning. "These fat cells are doing there job really good." she said.

She lumbered to the scale and hopped on. The counting started again. 100, 300, 550 700, 896, 997, 1010, 1037, 1097. That’s where it stopped.

“Well look at that. I’m just three pounds away from 1100."

“This is miraculous. You have gained 64 pounds in just one hour of nonstop feeding. I think I’m in heaven. Can you gain even faster dear?"

“Maybe I can. But there's a isk that I can’t stop it anymore if I do that.".

“How do you mean?"

“Well if I set my body on extreme fat cell production I can’t switch it of anymore. Then I’ll become a helpless gaining blimp. "

“I have no problems whit that. Do you?

“Well I am a pigfur, and we pigfurs have special gift to handle extreme fat. I probably am strong enough to hold much more fat. But I need all the support I can get if wedo it."

Inside her hedonistic fires were raging to become as large as possible and test her limits.

“I’ll stay whit you no matter what happens. Even if you outgrow this place then I’ll stay whit you. You are the best thing ever happened in my life and I never let you go anymore."

Panny hugged Stef really tight now. She held his head into her boobs and pushed his face between her female goodies. “Do you enjoy this?

“Do I like it? Pan, please do that again. I’m in heaven."

Panny pushed him between her boobs again. She enjoyed the feeling too. The feeling to get Stef’s face rubbed between her boobs made her horny. Pretty horny indeed. She wanted to have sex with him. She loved him. And there was no stopping that. She wanted him. Stef did the same. He loved the feeling to get his body rubbed between those massive orbs. He wanted to have sex with her really bad. Make her love him more and more. Then with no warning he ripped her bra of her and started kissing her. She kissed him to and hugged him even tighter.

“Pan, I LOVE you so much. I never wanne lose you in my entire life."

“Ohh Stef. I love you too. When I saw you coming in the office I just knew you were the right guy for me. "

Together they had sex. And it was the most wonderful moment for the both of them. Stef had a little trouble to get her from the back because her but and hips where so wide. But that was only making thing better.

After two hours of constant sex Stef collected himself and started cooking again. This time he made her a huge lunch. The lunch he made her was all real fattening. Real fat pizza, real fat lasagna, real fat cake. And for dessert he made her extreme massive fattening ice-cream. The ice cream contained a special WG powder he got from a shop somewhere in the city.

“Much munch chomp chomp swallow swallow." Pammy was in ectasy, desiring to be more massive as much as she had desired her lover. With knowledge that she was immune from health concerns she was consumed with total desire.

“Do you like all the food?"

She swallowed her mouth full of food before she could answer. “I love your food. You are a excellent cook you know?"

“I am? Well then I have a surprise for you. Here you have the biggest load of ice cream you have ever had!"

“Wow is that all for me?"

“Yes, and now the surprise. I put a few grams of Weight Gain powder in it. now you will gain even faster."

“Stef, aren’t you overreacting whit all the weight gaining? I can gain fast enough with my own abilities can't I?"

“Yes but I like it going faster. Or don’t you want to gain faster?

“Yes but … I don’t like it to become semi-immobile too fast. I like to keep my ability to walk and all the other things."

“Well I know a doctor specialized in Extreme obesity. He can help you to become strong enough to move you’re fat even when you weigh over 10.000 pounds."

10,000 pounds? Not even a Pigfur had ever been so large! But the mere suggestion met instantly with desire in her hedonistic mind. If it could be done she wanted it for her lover.

“Is that possible? Then let’s go right away."

Panny was excited about the idea she could keep her mobility at 10,000 poundfs. They went to the doctor and he gave her a injection.

"This should make her muscles strong enough to support her weight." he said.

Now they were all prepared to fatten her up till the top. They didn’t go back to Panny’s house. Stef had a much bigger house then Pan had so he invited her to do the whole process at his home. They arrived at Stef’s house as soon as they where ready getting some gear from the WG Shop in the city.

“Here, this is my place."

“Is this your place? Is this the place you live?" Pigfurs are sometimes not he swiftest to adapt to change. They need confirmation.

“Yes and yes," he said with a wink.

“This place is so huge."

“It sure is. That’s why I invited you here. You got more space to grow here. "

“You are really wanting me to gain aren’t you?" she said with rising anticipation

“Baby, that’s one reason I started dating you. I love BMHFW’s whit all my hart. And I love you even more.

“I do the same. But what is BMHFW?"

“It means: Big Massive Huge Fat Women."

She smiled as her desire grew.

Together they prepared a couch for Panny to sit on and a machine next to her to feed her. All Stef had to do now was switch the tank on the Machine and watch Panny gain weight. Now they could hug each other while the machine did his job. And it had also a scan scope on it so it could scan Panny’s body and tell how much she weighed. They were prepared for it.

“You weight 1169 pounds Pan. That means you have gained 72 pounds from the lunch I gave you. "

“I still can’t believe it is thru. Are you sure this thing is alright?"

“Yes, it scanned you twice. "

“I have put on so much weight in such a short time."

“Yes you did. And things can go even faster."

“Yes I know. I’ll use my gift and then we will see what happens, OK?"

“You don’t know how happy you make my right now."

“Yes I know, and do you know how you can make me happy?"

“Tell me?"

“Just turn on the machine and come sit next to me and I have a surprise for you."

Stef did what he was told and sat next to Panny. He put the tube inside her mouth and hugged her tightly. He noticed that when he hugged her he hugged only her fat belly and boobs. He was loving all her fat, knowing that there will be more fat to love soon. They were hugging and having sex together on the huge couch. Stef had the best time of his life. After a long time of nonstop sex they felt asleep.

All the time the feeding tube was still inside her mouth and still pumping the WG food/shake inside her fat body. Her boobs slowly grew to the size of tractor tires. Her butt was growing her up and was overflowing the couch. Her belly was slowly growing further in the front of her. Slowly growing forward and downward. Slowly touching the ground and slowly continuing to grow bigger and fatter and larger.

Then Stef woke up. It was 3 o’clock in the night. He was so sleepy that he couldn’t see the big object next to him. He walked to the bathroom to throw some water in his face and then went back to the living room. He went from half sleeping to fully awake when he saw Panny. He was amazed! Her boobs were two giant sacks of fat, hanging on either side of her belly. Her belly had grown so huge, lying on the ground and growing before her. Her butt had grown over her left armrest and her backseat. She was so huge.

He made a scan of her weight. When he saw it he almost fainted. She weighted over 4000 pounds. Correctly 4154 pounds. He slowly made his way to the machine and switched the tank. He was lucky to awake at this moment because the tank was almost empty. He switched the tank and returned to his fat girlfriend.

The night continued…

Because of the thing that happened tonight Stef couldn’t fell asleep again. He was lying on the fat of his girlfriend and he only thought about those numbers on the scale. 4154 pounds. That was extremely huge. Time was passing by. And Stef only thought about Panny grow and grow and grow. He could actually see her grow very slowly. Her boobs where slowly growing down because of there massive weight. They probably weighed about 300 pounds apiece. Her butt was taking a lot of fat as well. Slowly lifting her up and widening her to. Each cheek must weight about 600 pounds and still growing much bigger. And then there was her belly. It was obviously the biggest fat thing he had ever seen. It was like a 12 feet high balloon filled whit fat.

It was around 10:21 AM now and Stef thought about waking up Panny now. She had grown like mad this night. Her belly was growing above her head now and her butt did a while ago. Her butt was growing above her headrest and was passing it. Her boobs were the size of small cars at this point. Her hips and legs where so wide now that they where growing over the armrest now. There was no more room for Stef to sit on the couch, so he had to sit on her fat (which I wouldn’t mind doing)

“Pan… Pan wake up you sleepyhead."

Panny awoke very slowly. She was literally a heavy sleeper. She opened her eyes. First very slowly but when she saw what she saw she was almost ready to scream. Even for a hedonistic pigfur it was a reality check.

“aaaahh what is this?"

“That’s all you honey."

“You gotta be kidding me. How did this go so fast?"

“I think the special gift of you and the constant feeding showed us what can happen. This is just so amazing to see you this big."

“It does? I don’t know how I look. Can you get a mirror or something?"

“Wait I’ll go get one."

Stef returned whit a huge mirror and placed it on the wall on the opposite of Panny. She was shocked to what she saw. She saw a figure the size of … well there was nothing like her size. She was a massive blob of pig flesh. Whit extreme big boobs, extreme massive butt and the biggest belly she ever saw.

“WOW am I really that big?"

“Yes you are. And you are also as beautiful as you can see yourself. "

“Look at my boobies. They are so huge and big and long. "

“They are beautiful. I can’t say it enough times."

“You are so kind. How much do I weigh?"

“Well to be honest I was a little sneaky tonight. I awoke around 3 and I checked you’re weight. Ad that moment you weighted 4154 pounds. But that is like more then 7 hours ago."

“4154 pounds? She almost fainted when she thought about those big numbers. And it wasn’t even her current weight. But like a protypical pigfur she found pleasure rather than terror in the ness.

“You are a sneaky little one you know," she said with a smile.

“Sneaky is my second name hon," he winked

“How much do I weigh at this moment?"

“I’ll check it out ok. You weigh … over 8000 pounds."

“how … much over … 8000?"

“To be correct … you weight 8650 pounds. That is a gain of 4496 pounds in less then 8 hours. You are amazing hon."

“You are the same. I couldn’t do this without all you’re help. "

Stef blushed a little bit. “This is the most thanks to you. You needed to do all the heavy work. And I mean that literally. "

“You are so sweet. I love you.

“I love you too."

“You know, I was thinking about … well us being together. I mean staying together."

“You will make me the happiest man in the world if you would do that.

"Then I’m staying here forever." Panny was preparing herself to stand up. Whit one big push she pushed her belly forward. Her boobs were following to. Slowly dangling down. Hanging and lying wide on the floor. Her butt falling behind her and with one big SPLASH … it was being dragged on the ground with her. Despite weighing over four tons she was still mobile.

“Pan, you are the sexiest thing I ever saw in my entire life."

“Thanks Stef. I love you. And my fat loves you even more."

“Let me play with your fat."

“Just hop on my body."

Stef climbed her massive belly. He was sinking inside it her belly like he was sinking in a back of lard. He placed the tube inside her mouth again and then started playing whit her. Panny played whit Stef as well. She hugged him whit all her fat. She placed him between her so so massive boobs. They where so dam big that she could hide a complete football team under her female goodies.

“You like that?"

“If I like it? I’m almost drowning in a sea of fat. And I enjoy it every second of it," he winked to her.

"Oh Stef. You make me feel … so … Hot."

Panny could feel herself warming up from the inside. She was getting hotter and hotter by second. Stef and Panny had sex again. This time they went on for the entire day. Believe it or not but Panny was still having the tube in her mouth. And Stef switched the tank twice today. All the time she was being fed. Growing fatter and bigger and larger.

Around 21:30 Stef looked ad Panny. She had grown so much bigger. If this keeps up she’ll outgrow this place very soon. And then? What will happen then? She probably will be fed more and more.

“Uh Stef. How much do I weigh at the moment?"

“I’ll check it out ok."

“You weight … 15000 … 600 … 70 pounds. 15670 pounds, that is massively huge and it was all pure fat on yoiu beautiful body."

Part 4

"How much did you say?"

Stef swallowed. “15670 pounds. That’s a gain of more then 7000 pounds in less then 11 hours. You are a natural talent with weight gaining."

“Yeah I know. I think it’s normal that pigs can gain much isn’t it. I guess that's why people like me are called pigfurs."

“Yes but you are not just a pig, you are so special for me."

“You are so sweet you know."

“How big do you think you can get?"

“I don’t know. I think I can outgrow this building without any difficulty."

“That’s amazing. How big do you wanne get?"

“Don’t know. How about the size of … let say … half the city? Or maybe the entire city."

“The entire city? Are you serious?"

“Yeah. I think it would be great to be this big. And think of all the soft flesh you can sleep on and you can hug me everywhere you like."

Without any second to lose, Stef jumped of her belly and turned the machine to his maximum. Immediately Panny putted the tube back in her mouth and whit a great force the machine was stuffing her whit the special weight gain shake. Panny could actually feel her body being filled whit the shake. Stef placed a few more tanks of shale next to the machine and climbed back on Panny’s massive belly and boobs.

“How does that feel?"

Panny lifted her thumb. It felt amazing. Much faster then it used to go she was filled whit almost pure fat. Her belly was growing bigger. Her boobs where larger and much bigger then they where before. And her butt … well it was unbelievable how fast she was growing.

This process was continuing for the entire night. When they both where awaking in the morning Panny was as big as the entire room. Stef had to remove her from the building or it was going to collapse. Four cranes were needed to lift her belly and two cranes for each ass cheek. And 3 cranes for each boob.

When Panny was outside the building Stef thought about another idea to let her gain even faster. Stef thought about connecting more tubes on her body. There were more holes in her body. Like her nipples and her butt. If she connected three more tubes on her body she would gain three times faster so they connected two tubes on her boobs aand one in her butt. All the time Panny was growing and growing. Stef loved her so much that he asked for her hand. Panny couldn’t be happier. She married him (unofficially of course, because there was no body that crazy to come near her).

Weeks passed since when Panny started to gain weight. Panny was so big now that she filled the entire city whit her butt, belly, boobs and all her other fat. Panny grew faster every day so that was a reason she gained almost 15 tons an hour at the moment. And Stef … well he was in heaven. The fattest heaven possible. He was next to her head and talked to her all day. How big she was, encouraging her to keep growing and make love to her nonstop.

They were perfect for each other. This was the best blind date in world history.

The end.

(Well actually Panny kept on growing for her entire life. And Stef just kept loving her. Panny grew bigger then America, bigger than the earth and bigger and bigger and BIGGER ……)

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OK - I promised you a good job of editing from Dutch into English. It was longer than expected but hopefully you approve.
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crazystef has said some nice things

Thank you ^^ can i ask your oppinion? and you have some advise maybe?
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Rotwang does more than just post hot picsRotwang does more than just post hot picsRotwang does more than just post hot picsRotwang does more than just post hot pics

This is the best weight gain story I've ever read. Will you write more stories? Please do !!!
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mostly harmless
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Originally Posted by Rotwang View Post
This is the best weight gain story I've ever read. Will you write more stories? Please do !!!
Stef's last post here was not too long after this story was posted, back in 2007. We can hope he comes back to post more, but after a decade it is not very likely.
Criticism is so often nothing more than the eye garrulously denouncing the shape of the peephole that gives access to hidden treasure.
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