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Default The Teacher - by drianmalcolmxx (~BBW, ~XWG, Sex)

~BBW, ~XWG, Sex

The Teacher

by drianmalcolmxx

Jennifer splashed water on her face, her heart pounding. The raucous chatter of her classroom clamored from down the hallway, sing song voices chanting odd rhymes she didn't understand. She felt wrong, strange. As if she had at some point slipped into a dream without realizing it. She glanced in the mirror to steady herself, but the reflection was obscured by a bright fog.

How did she get here? Memories of the day danced on the edge of her mind, but couldn't fully be grasped. She had been teaching her class as normal, but then one of her most troublesome students began acting out again.

Alina was a fiercely intelligent 11th grader with a mean streak. Class discussion in the AP literature class would often get heated between the teenagers, but Alina took it to another level. Jennifer generally tried to keep things as calm as she could during class debates, otherwise Alina would insult and belittle the other students. Today, though, Alina had turned her venom on Jennifer.

Her head throbbed.

Alina had done something to her -- but what? And how? They had argued in front of the class for far longer than would be acceptable for a teacher and a student. Jennifer lost her patience and said something she immediately regretted.

"You spoiled brat. You don't deserve to be in this class, you deserve to be in Kindergarten."

Alina's eyes had flashed dangerously. She stared directly at her teacher and stated: "Stupid fat cow."

Jennifer doubled over again in front of the mirror, her stomach roiling. She felt waves of nausea radiate through her skinny body, which suddenly were followed by an unexpected sensation: pleasure. A warm, tingling heat crept down from her stomach to between her thighs. She was getting wet, moreso than she had in years. The feeling spread to her legs and waist and chest. She felt weak as if she had run for miles and finally stopped to rest.

The clamoring down the hall quieted down, focusing Jennifer back to the moment at hand. She didn't even remember walking to the bathroom. "I need to get back to my classroom" she thought, pushing the door open and walking gingerly towards the sound of the students.

Jennifer walked down the hallway towards her door, hearing a muffled voice speaking behind it. She peeked through the window and saw a classroom with 25 or so kids, all facing the front and listening to the teacher. The teacher's words were muffled and Jennifer strained to see whoever was at the front of the class.

Squinting, she slowly was able to make out the figure. The woman had long wavy brown hair and was wearing a short red cardigan that ran halfway down her torso. Under the hem of the cardigan was a loose, flowing, cream-colored dress that billowed out around the woman's figure.

"That sounds so familiar...", Jennifer spoke softly to herself, "Isn't that my material?"

The woman at the front of the class turned to her side and Jennifer gasped. The loose fabric of the dress wasn't fabric at all, but the woman's large sides. Jennifer realized that the woman was enormously fat. She had thick, padded hips that sprung outwards from her waist and swayed as the woman moved from side to side. Each step she took sent a slow, jiggling ripple of fat from the woman's plump calves up through her soft thighs and prominent ass.

The woman turned around completely so Jennifer could take in her full figure. She wore a black belt around her waist that gave her an exaggerated hour glass shape. Below the belt, her wide, spherical stomach rested proudly between her hips. A slight crease near her navel spread from left to right. Above the belt were a pair of the largest breasts Jennifer had ever seen in her life. Two massive, doughy tits squeezed into the dress's low-cut bust strained against the fabric. Each was the size of a ripe melon, and their deep cleavage drew the eye down into her bosom.

Jennifer's mind began to race with confusion as she focused on the woman's face. She saw a thin delicate neck that gave way to a wide double-chinned face with a toothy grin that beamed in in her direction. As she looked directly at the woman, she recognized her own amber-green eyes and was overcome with dizziness. A warmth spread between her legs.

"Hey babe, what are you looking at?"

Jennifer was snapped from her daze by the sound of her boyfriend, Dan, speaking up from behind her.

"I thought I'd swing by to see the master in action".

Dan slid his arms around her wide hips while dragging the tops of his fingers across the enormous sides of her stomach, eventually resting his hands on the shelf of her massive ass and playfully squeezing the the round humps of her lower back. He drew her close to him, pressing her mammoth tits against his chest and kissing her deeply.

Jennifer struggled to remember why she was so panicked just a moment ago, but slowly relaxed as she felt Dan's hands squeeze and massage every inch of her backside. She felt his throbbing cock against her upper thigh and the damp, pulsing heat between her legs. She turned and looked through the window and saw that the classroom was now empty. Bright colors and animals decorated the walls in a haphazard fashion. Posters were hung with big bubble letters demonstrating the letters of the alphabet and numbers counting up to ten.

"We can use my classroom. Quick, before the children get back from recess."

The two hurried inside and slunk into a corner of the room out of sight from the hall. Jennifer sat heavily on the desk and felt her thighs and hips spread out around her. Dan worked his hands up her legs and slid her considerably sized underwear down to her ankles, before unzipping his fly and plunging deep into her waiting pussy.

As Jennifer felt him thrust inside of her, her fat body quaking with each pump, she looked around the kindergarten classroom where she remembered she had taught for years. A voice inside her cried out in confusion, but then Dan grunted loudly and she felt him cum inside of her. A deep sense of peace washed over her taking the last vestiges of her old life with it, the voice inside her went silent.

She slid her panties back on, walked Dan to the hallway, and began planning her classroom activities for the rest of the day.
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