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Default Looking for male WG story suggestions

In the world outside of the FA community, I'm a 'chubby chaser' but i often feel that I don't quite fit into the FA community either, because I don't like my BHMs (or BBWs, for that matter) fat enough. When it comes to trying to find WG fiction, I struggle because I don't really want to read about someone getting hugely fat (that doesn't interest me so it's always a bit of a disappointment), nor do I want to read about vore or the use of mystical potions or other magical means with which to gain weight. I don't mind if the characters gain beyond my tastes, as long as it's not extreme - I'm really not interested in gaining to immobility or anything close to that.

I'm also not keen on the stories where the characters gain deliberately from the outset, or where they gain as some sort of challenge or competition. I like it when a gain is (at least at the outset) accidental - either a lifestyle change, a new relationship, encouragement from a partner, or just metabolism slowing down; that sort of thing. If the character then decides that they like it and want to take that a bit further, that's fine, but I like it to start out unintentionally (at least on the gaining character's part - the intentions of those round about are another matter).

I particularly love stories that examine the psychology - characters who start out disliking their gains but grow to enjoy them, or who realise they've gained weight and have to decide how they feel about it, for instance.

I prefer early gains and those leading up to the edge of proper fatness - chubby and plump I enjoy; a little fat maybe but I don't really want to read much beyond that unless it's a really, really well-written story.

Also, I like realism and stories that are well-written, though I can look beyond the latter if the storyline and characters are good enough. I don't enjoy a story if the gains are unrealistic, though - no "when he weighed himself on Monday he was 25lbs heavier than he had been on Friday".

Yeah, I'm not looking for much, am I?!

There are quite a lot of female WG stories that I enjoy but there are so many fewer male WG stories that I'm really struggling to find some that don't leave me feeling just a bit disappointed.

So... does anyone have any suggestions of stories that meet these criteria - either here or elsewhere on the Internet?

Thanks in advance...
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Join Date: Dec 2017
Location: Scotland
Posts: 9
HeidiRayson can now change their title

Incidentally, if you want an idea of the sort of thing I enjoy - https://heidirayson.deviantart.com/a...rt-1-720067234

Though clearly not all stories have to be as long or involved as this one, and I'd ideally prefer a bit more physical description than this gives, but you get the idea.
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