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Xyantha Reborn
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Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.Xyantha Reborn has ascended what used to be the highest level.

Chapter 9

Inelegant snorts of laughter filled the room, and both women wiped tears from their eyes. The blonde sighed. “That felt great. Seriously though - I’m ok. Really. It’s gorgeous weather outside – and even if I can’t leave, I can still sunbathe.” Behind her, sunlight streamed through the open windows, the curtains fluttering in the wind. “I’m more worried about you. How much longer do you think you can carry on without getting trapped in a tower too?”

The brunette shrugged, pulling thick lengths of curly hair over her shoulder and fiddling with her split ends with some assiduity. “I don’t know - and I don’t care,” was the candid response. “I’m not going to marry some man just because of who I was born to. I’ll just keep going for as long as I can, I suppose. It’s worked for me thus far. To be honest, I don’t want to marry – period.”

Pale blonde brows rose. “You are just saying that because you haven’t met the right guy.”

Melody twisted a lock around, watching the sunlight transform her drab hair into a shimmer of golden highlights. “Right. And I suppose I will overcome my distaste for children, once I have them too?”

“You are so unpleasant this morning!” Giselle cried, stomping her foot. “You seriously do need to find that guy and get laid, or something!”

Her companion raised her snub nose and sniffed haughtily. “I don’t know what you are talking about. As far as I know, I am a delight.” After holding that position for a moment her shoulders sagged and her eyes lowered. “You’re probably right. I just…feel edgy. I haven’t been able to sleep well for weeks. I feel like something is hounding me.”

Cupids bow lips curled. “Your father? Fen? Any number of people you probably offended on a daily basis?”

Suddenly and momentarily serious, Melody shook her head, staring off with eyes unfocused. “No, it’s weird. I mean, Fen does have his own presence…but this is like…hearing rustles in the bushes. You think something is there, but the more you listen the more you jump at nothing. I feel like some magic keeps…touching me.” Her eyes brightened, and she straightened, concern forgotten. “Maybe it’s Handsome! Do you think you could scry a little more today?”

“For sure, I – ” Her best friend tilted her head, cutting her own words off as a merry grin spread across her face. “Oh, heeeeey there handsome,” Giselle purred, gazing behind Melody with a flirtatious air. “I knew you couldn’t resist me,” She blew a kiss, eyeing their newest companion brazenly.

Turning, Melody saw Fen approaching through the door. For someone who didn’t have a body, he seemed very aware of his movement, his power, and how he interacted with the world around him. It would be easy for him to rip the door off the hinges, but he moved with exaggerated care when grasping objects. He paused at being so addressed, then walked forward with more hesitation. Since the episode at the river he seemed less urgent – and he seemed riveted by Giselle’s presumptuous attentions.

There was other good news, Melody grinned. Her plump friend seemed to have returned to her normal flirtatious self after their conversations, too. Giselle has been growing more sad – Melody could see it, but couldn’t do anything about it. And what was she supposed to do? Tap the mirror consolingly and assure one of the most powerful witches she knew that surely things would be all right? Bah. Lying was stupid. They had tried for years to get her out – and the last time, they had almost entrapped Melody in the same snare when she approached. Giselle had more clout and had held onto her sanity for a long time – and as annoying as Fen could be, she appreciated the distraction he was providing her friend. If the same had happened to her, she’d have tossed herself out of the window ages ago.

“That’s right, into the spider’s web,” Giselle cooed, curling her index finger several times. “Pass the mirror to him, won’t you, dearest?” She asked Melody, eyes still locked on Fen. A familiar light had crept into those baby blue eyes, and they exchanged a smile before the mirror was passed.

A large gauntlet extended forward, and Melody deposited her friend’s visage into it. The tiny mirror looked like a child’s toy in the man’s hands. He gazed into it, jerked back, and almost dropped the mirror in his haste to hand it back to Melody. Whipping about, he hastened out of the room, back rigid.

When the door shut behind him, Melody turned the mirror towards herself again. Summoning all of her will she managed to school her features into stern look at the mirror, though her twitching lips gave her away. “What did you do to him?” she demanded.

Blond lashes fluttered in an unconvincing display of innocence. “What? Little old me? Just showed him ‘the girls’. Poor man nearly had a heart attack. Prude.” Giselle sighed, smiling with contentment as she adjusted her shirt. “He isn’t as bad as all that – even if he is trying to take you back home. Perhaps we can change his mind. I think he likes me,” she added in a stage whisper, raising her cupped hands to her mouth.

Melody rubbed a spec of dirt off the mirror. “How can you tell that a suit of armour likes you? Dearest, he doesn’t even have a face. Oh – and before I forget, do you think you could use the power of your meow to compel him to give me a few days to find Handsome?”

“Of course I can try and convince him.” Her intelligent gaze pierced as she frowned, biting her thumb. “Do you think…you could be cursed? I’ve never seen you so interested in a guy before. Or…are you in love? Maybe he is the right guy?”

Brown eyes widened, and the corners of her lips drew down in a grimace as she turned a horror struck gaze to the tiny face. “Ew, no! To both! No, I just need…closure. I was craving cake – I just need that piece of cake.”

Those plump lips stirred, then closed. “Fine, whatever you say, baby girl. I think if you leave the mirror out Fen will grab it at some point – he is lonely enough to talk to me, the poor thing!” Blond curls swung as she shook her head. Returning her attention to the present, she pointed a forefinger at her friend. “Remember, dear heart, good friends let friends live vicariously. Don’t wait for me to find this guy - go hunt you some more of that grade A quality man meat! I’ll still help, but don’t get all caught up in one guy – especially some Shiva half breed.” Her visage faded.

Melody found herself smiling. Giselle had always been such a flirty clown – which was why her father had locked her up in a tower. Her smile faded. Her own father was not her favourite person at present, and she resolutely turned her mind from the thought. Nothing could be done, so why well on it? Following her friend’s advice, she left the mirror on the side table and left the room. Fenwick, leaning against the wall, straightened at her approach. “She likes you,” she told the hulking figure.

He had his back to the wall, his right foot also leaning against the wall, and his arms crossed over his chest. Sulking. At her words, Fen rubbed the back of his helmeted head, shaking it slightly.

“No, it’s true. Although unless you are going to have a long distance relationship you’ll need to free her from that tower.” She chewed on her lip, ignoring how his head reared back violently. “Anyways, I’m going for breakfast – then I am having another bath before we go.”

Arms dropped from his chest, and his right foot dropped to the floor from where it had been resting on the wall. His entire, silent demeanour seemed to demand – what, again?!?

“Yes, Fen, again,” she sighed, running her hands through her tangle of curls. The humidity was making it ridiculous – it was time to braid it again. She sighed again at the thought of all that work. “I love being a witch, and I love the earth. But I also love being clean. I still feel dirty from all those weeks in the woods. And that was your fault.”

He raised a finger and pointed to her nose.

“Yeah, well, the earth loves me too, what can I say?” She rubbed her sleeve across her nose, trying to smudge the ever-present dirt on her face. “I tried to fight it – I’ll never be as neat and pretty as Giselle. I spend too much time rolling around in the dirt. But it’s nice to pretend, every once in a while,” she cast over her shoulder, trailing her fingers along the wall as she went.


The annoying chit rounded the hallway, and Fen turned his head to the left, staring at the clear surface of the mirror. It was just visible from his vantage point at the door. A brief turn of his head to check the hallway had him padding into the room. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he caught up the small piece of shiny surface. The blank visage of the helmet lowered to stare at it before he placed his armoured thumb against the surface.

It rippled in response, and the flushed face of Giselle dimpled at him. “I’m so glad you two are getting along.”

Of course Melody had left it on. He made a mental note to be more aware of that in future. Somehow, Fen gave the appearance of a snort of derision, and he made a noncommittal movement.

Giselle’s view of the world suddenly blurred after he turned his head to check around him. One of the disadvantages of the size of their mirror was that it made for some pretty disconcerting movements, especially when doing anything other than being perfectly still. “Hello?” Giselle called, curious as to what he had done with her. Raising her palm to the surface of her mirror, she blinked, wondering if he had ended the conversation.

After a long moment, a tentative answer came, sounding intimately close. Can you hear me?

An absurd level of pleasure flowed through her. “Yes!” There was no real way to describe his voice using normal terms – because it was a feeling, not a sound. Although his voice normally strummed with angry tension or derision, he sounded curiously cautious today. And his voice always sounded so intimate, like words spoken in a deep fog bank.

I am…no longer in practice for long conversations anymore, he finally admitted after a rather uncomfortable pause of several minutes. It is not comfortable.

The witch bit her lip, edging closer to the mirror on her seat. “You don’t have to force yourself to talk to me…” Everything was still darkness, which meant she wasn’t near his…well, his soul. She swallowed, remembering the simple lines that bound him to his body, and the angry red which shone from each marking. Though, he had seemed to try and dim his anger for her. Would he be pulsing red? Or be barely glowing? Her initial horror and fear at the idea of squan had faded somewhat. If he was really as evil as she had been raised to believe, he would have throttled her friend a dozen times over. Although he seemed exasperated, he never seemed violent.

I…am not forcing myself. He sounded rather astonished, if she was reading his tone correctly. It gives me a surprising amount of pleasure to hear you speak.

A heated flush eddied across her cheeks, and she gnawed on her lower lip as her stomach flipflopped. It had been a long time since she had received male attention, apparently. It still made her giddy, even if it was from a disembodied soul. And he was such a delight to tease. The way he had nearly dropped the mirror only moments made her wriggle with pleasure - at least she still had a fraction of her old charm. “Well, I already nattered your ear off the other night. How about you tell me about you instead?”

I am dead.

Determined not to let his abrupt coldness put her off, the witch shrugged. With nothing to look at in the mirror, she stood, pacing from one side of the room to the other. It took her exactly five paces to reach the window, and she looked out at the bright sunlight with a pout. “Well, what about your favourite colour? Food? Do you like dancing?”

I cannot taste or feel anything. I do not ‘like’ anything, he countered with some irritation, his tone a clear rebuff.

Don’t ask? Mysterious man? Pul-lease. Giselle rolled her eyes, sliding her hands down her sides as she stretched her back. “…so how can you feel pleasure hearing me speak?” She inclined an ear towards the mirror. “Oh, sorry, what was that? Oh, nothing? Sounds like I win!” A low chuckle floated from her mirror, and she flashed a triumphant smile. It faded when a sigh followed.

I am trapped.

“Do you regret D putting you back…?” No answer was forthcoming, so she slid onto her bed, curling up and running gentle fingertips along her soft hip. It was sore today, and she tried to let it relax as she massaged the muscles lightly. “I know how you feel being trapped. I’m trapped in a tiney, tiny tower.” That only seemed to be shrinking as she expanded. She had always been a glutton for the pleasures of the flesh. Both food and sex satisfied her immensely – in fact, was a source of power for her. With the distinct lack of male attention, extreme boredom, and limited physical space, her figure had gone from a more buxom version of Melody to an overblown matron, then rounded out further. When laying on the bed like this, her stomach rolled onto the mattress. She poked it and sighed.

Instead of answering, he countered her question with his own. There is no way for you to leave?

His diverting of subject matter was far from subtle, but the witch allowed it to pass as she shook her head. Belatedly realizing he couldn’t see her, she blinked at the oddity of this conversation. She was in his suit – the only time they could hear him. Of course he couldn’t see her. “No. And no one can visit me either. My coven spelled every nook and cranny so that anyone trying to leave or enter will die. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it,” she murmured, sitting up on the side of her bed. Taking up her comb, she slowly brushed her long locks of shimmering hair to distract herself. For several moments, she stemmed tears that were threatening to rise, her comb never slowing from it’s rhythm. Slowly, the tightness in her throat eased, and she rolled her neck as her shoulders relaxed, warming.

It looks soft, like silk. His voice was so close, it almost sounded like it was behind her.

Her eyes sought the darkened mirror. “You can see me? Even though the mirror is not in front of your eyes?”

Another chuckle. I do not have eyes…and so am not limited by them. However, I do try to emulate the typical motions when I am communicating with others. Without the ability to speak, physical cues become important.

“How long has it been since you spoke to anyone?

Many years. A lifetime.

Well, that explained his taciturnity, she reckoned. “No one spoke to you in all of that time?”

I was regularly given commands, but my previous masters were unable to hear me. None others have ‘ridden shotgun’ inside of me, as Melody put it.

“I am so curious - why are you taking her back to her father?” Giselle asked next, approaching the mirror’s surface once more. Extending the fingers of her hands, she pressed the palm of her hands against the cool surface. “What benefit could it possibly give to you? I guess your master command you?” Her eyes widened. “Wait – what do you mean, previous masters?”

His presence abruptly vanished, and the mirror returned her reflection, eyes wide in her round face. “Damn!” And she had only been dressed in a shirt the entire time, she realized as her gaze dropped. She hadn’t planned to stand up when talking to Dee…which meant all of her pale, fat legs had been exposed as she pranced around.
“Double damn!” she cried, snatching up a skirt to hide herself.
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