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bobbzr1 has said some nice things
Exclamation Watching you significant other cover her own face with her belly.

I figured out how to do it with my wife. She had a huge low hanging belly that was very liftable. One night I had the idea for her to lay on her back with her head almost up against the wall. I put a couple of pillows under her head to raise it a little. I then helped her to raise her feet off the bed and put them flat on the wall above her head.once they were up there she could wiggle around to get better leverage. She then started to slowly walk her feet down the wall. As her but went up in the air, I placed more pillows under her back. This way she could tilt down at a better angle. When I saw her huge belly coming back to her face, I could not believe it. The higher her legs went up the wall, the more belly covered her face. To watch her push on it and squeeze it from underneath it was staggering. Too bad there are no picks of this, but you all now have something fun to do to see if it works (1) and (2) to see if it turns either of you on. Have fun and maybe you'all could take some pix of this position.
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Gentleman can now change their title

Right hand red...left foot yellow...it's a Twister!
You have to be different to be better!
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