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Default What I Discovered!!

**Ladies eat your heart out!**
Hey Everyone,

I've been pretty busy with school for the past few months, so i havn't really had any chance to post or to do some heavy eating :-(. I just wanted to share my experience i had in the bathroom the other day. I had not really been paying attention to my body lately, i was kind of hoping that maybe i would grow out even though i am not doing any heavy eating. Well i was in the bathroom and after taking a nice relaxing bath, i stand in front of the mirror and OMFG! I cannot believe what i see. My thighs are bigger than ever, the touch fully when i standup straight, my belly is 2 inches from my knees when i sit with my legs closed, and when they are opened, my full belly hangs and flows over my lap!!!...of course really noticing this for the first time, i jump on the scale and it sores to 310LBS!!!!! All i have been wearing lately is jogging suites, and i guess i never noticed how tight they have gotten. :-D Wish me luck on my feast tonight. Leave me lots of love!
"Everything is possible the impossible just takes longer"

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