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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Corporate Chubbies 6 - by Samster (~BBW (multiple), Eating, Romance, Realistic, ~SWG)

~BBW (multiple), Eating, Romance, Realistic, ~SWG - Work success comes from focusing on the job, not your body. Of course, such job focus can also impact the body...

Corporate Chubbies 6: Hitting Their Stride
by Samster

[For prior chapter click here]

Chapter 6

8:00 am Monday

Julie Lindley was in for work early. Her role as HR Advisor at the NatWest bank wasn’t particularly demanding, but then Julie had precious little outside work to do. The effect was that she arrived in work early just to be there. Getting in an hour early was better than another lonely hour alone.

Slowly she flicked through her emails; her eyes resting on the one from sally.turner @ haysrichmond.com. Julie’s heart flipped a beat. Sally was the object of most of Julie’s current fantasies. The persistent saleswomen was trying to sell her firm’s recruitment services, but all Julie could think of was Sally's greedy appetite and increasingly plump figure.

Just a few years back, when they’d attended college together, Sally had been the toned, athletic tennis champion; now she was a full blown office chubbette - all of which Julie loved.

Over the past two weeks Sally had been chasing her for business, Julie knew she could probably parlay this interest into an opportunity to take Sally out to the city’s best restaurants. There she’d watch the corporate chubby sit on her fat ass and stuff her face with whatever was the dish of the day.

“No wonder you’re getting to be such a little fattie,” she chortled to herself as she opened the email. “I’d love to see your fat ass on the tennis court now!”
The email popped up on the screen. Sent on Friday it read politely.

‘Hi Julie,

Enjoyed our meeting the other day and wondered if you’d had the opportunity to speak to you boss about our proposal. I am confident we can supply you and will give you a call tomorrow to discuss further.

Kindest regards

Julie clicked reply email. She felt bad for a moment. She hadn’t actually spoken to her boss at all. In fact, Julie in no way had the authority to place Hays Richmond on her employer’s preferred suppliers list, but she couldn’t resist leading Sally on. So she wrote.

Good to hear from you. I spoke to Neil and we have a few more questions. I’m out most of the day but how about we meet at La Tasca for lunch?

Satisfied, she clicked send. Now all she had to do was wait for the reply.

8:30 am Monday

Standing third in line at the Starbucks, Sally Turner’s mind was slowly coming back to life. She’d had a late night out Sunday with her boss Matthew Hodgson and had over indulged a little on the red wine. Not to mention the roast lamb and creamed potatoes with green beans almandine. And the praline pecan sundae Matt had “shared” but she wound up devouring 2/3 of.
Her belly wasn’t complaining, but Sally’s head was thumping just a little and the stress of the morning commute had been hard work. So she needed her Starbuck’s fix.

“What can I get you?” asked the perky barista.

“Uh…I’ll have a venti peppermint latte”

“Coming up, and can I recommend the new Apple and Cinnamon muffin. It’s just what you need to get your day started.”

Sally paused and thought for a moment about her diet. But then her appetite got the better of her as felt her tummy rumble at the thought of the oversize sweet cinnamon and apple muffin.

“I’m never going to lose weight like this!” she thought, but then she said out loud:

“Ok, one of those too please.”

After handing over £4.95 Sally walked slowly to the next counter and waited for her coffee and muffin. She was still sleepy and struggling to wake up. It was one of those mornings that made Sally just want to lounge lazily in her warm bed; rainy outside, grey skies, bad traffic into work and a long day ahead.

Sally had four candidates to interview for the morning and another two in the afternoon; this meant a day of working through assessment tests, personality profiles and typing tests with her candidates. Interviews were the long boring groundwork that just had to be put in before she got the placement; not exciting but 100% necessary. She wanted the NatWest account but wasn’t neglecting her other prospects in the meantime.

The barista handed over her hot coffee and muffin. Sally then began her walk across the office block foyer and towards the lifts. Pausing by the lift entrance to press the ‘up’ button she tried to think of something exciting that could happen that day…and her mind settled on Julie Lindley at NatWest. Now that deal had to be going somewhere soon…

Slowly she stepped into lift and took the first drink of her coffee. She didn’t notice the man who’d stepped in next to her until he planted a kiss onto her peppermint latte flavored lips.

“Hey Matt,” she laughed pushing him away, “I thought you weren’t going to kiss me at work?”

“Sally babe,” returned her secret lover “we’re in the lift. Just me and you.
Nobody can see”

“Ooo sexy” she giggled “so kiss me again.”

Matt obliged and planted a deep kiss on her lips that progressed into an interlocking of tongues. She tasted warm and sweet even that early in the morning. Sally’s tongue had a coating of Starbucks peppermint and her scent of shampoo from her morning shower mixed in with her perfume. Although he hated to admit it, Matthew Hodgson was falling for Sally Turner big time.

Suddenly the lift slowed and the two released each other and resumed their normal poses. Matt hoping her lipstick hadn’t smudged and Sally tugging back down on her snug jacket. Suddenly she felt wide awake. Both she and Matt had agreed their relationship should remain secret within the office until they were permanently together. For the rest of the staff to find out that the boss was sleeping with a consultant would have been the catalyst to the ultimate office rumor mill.

They stepped into the office.

“Good luck today Sal,” said Matt in a friendly yet professional manner.

“Thanks,” she smiled.

“Aren’t we the full of it foxes,” she thought as she walked to her desk.

8:55 am Monday

Reggie Cornwall was one of the industrious blokes hired to solicit and service clients.

Walking into the office lobby Monday morning he was running late and in a major rush. It was Hay Richmond’s monthly sales meeting and he couldn’t afford to be late again. All that changed very quickly when he caught Kirstie Jennings coming out of the Starbucks outlet in the lobby.

Kirstie was a stunning brunette who worked on a different floor from Reggie. In fact she didn't even work for the firm, but for NatWest Financial. Her floor was separate from Tasha's realm with its free coffee room pastries. Her office had no such amenities. Kirstie was carrying two holders, each filled with six coffees. She was clearly worked for the NatWest organization because she was wearing their corporate blazer.

Reggie slowed right down and took an approving look. Her navy blue uniform was incredibly tight. She was clearly fitted for it before her curves had filled out as they had. That skirt clung like a second skin around her chunky bubble butt. It also clamped down very nicely at her knees and was forcing her to sway her hips in a very sexy wiggle simply to move forward.

Reggie's spirits lifted and his mood improved considerably.

To his surprise she headed for the stairs rather than the lift. He decided there was no way he was going to miss this porked up hottie navigating the stairs. To him there was nothing like the sight of a bubble butt, a too tight skirt and a flight of stairs.

He was not disappointed. The sight was incredible. Her skirt was so tight around her curves that she could barely make each step...and after several it was obvious she was struggling for balance. There were crease and stretch marks across her skirt and he could see the seams being pushed hard. She was trying to reach out for the banister but couldn't because of the coffee balancing act. Eventually he managed to tear his eyes away from her fat bum and offer some assistance.

"Can I help"

"Oh yes, thanks. I should have taken the elevator with this load. "

"Well, maybe. But normally climbing stairs is good exercise."

She blushed slightly and he could see her thinking about her weight. She was what you could call a "regulation hottie" who had apparently just crossed the line into the chubby bracket. Her uniform was really tight and Kirstie (which he discerned from reading her name badge) was no doubt feeling the squeeze.

"Hey, not that you need it any differently from anyone else. You look great to me."


"Whoever it is you work with they shouldn't have a lady like you walking down there for coffee."

She laughed.

"Oh, I offered. Its so boring sitting up there all day with no windows."

So Reggie carried the coffee's up to Kirstie's floor. She really was stunning although her uniform really seemed too tight. From the front she had a nice little belly growing and her boobs were pushing her blouse just a little. She wasn't fastening her jacket but he imagined that it really was a squeeze.

At her floor she took the coffee and wiggled back on into her office. Reggie couldn't hide the big cheery smile as he punched the key for the elevator to his own floor. As he exited the elevator his mind was wandering, imagining Kirstie sitting bored at her desk snacking, drinking her lattes and getting way too chubby to even try squeezing into that NatWest uniform.

"I'll certainly be keeping my eye out for her again - maybe she likes Italian food," he thought.

He had barely noticed Tasha riding up and then exiting the elevator with him, or that she had witnessed his initial pursuit of Kirstie on the stairs. Nor could he dream of what she was thinking, any more than Sally and Matt knew she had them pegged. Tasha was a quiet observer, not a gossip.

Tasha was a mature woman in her early fifties with a faithful and loving husband plus 2-3 grown kids. Weight had never been a vanity issue for Tasha - just having her health and love of a good man was good enough.

Always larger, she just counted her size as the price to be paid for pampering a generous appetite. And recently she too had grown a tad.

Her love of food was early-on translated into a tool used to both please and to achieve desired goals. Matt and Will knew she was good with people - that's why she was a manager.

She was also a master manipulator and occasional matchmaker. She suspected the boss and Sally were possibly becoming an item, she thought. She had nothing definite to work on, but she could see the chemistry. She also saw potential in Kirstie and Reggie.

"Hmm, I wonder what would happen if those two encountered one another again at an office party. She's nice and he seems interested," Tasha mused.

She had her chemistry right. But even Tasha at that moment did not realize there was destined to be a link between Kirstie and Julie at NatWest.

Kirstie set the lattes down on the department table adjacent to an existing large box of doughnuts and other pastries. Others in the NatWest telephone response unit took note and prepared to come get them.

“Thanks for volunteering, I know its been a slow day today,” said her lead, Millie Horn.

“No problem,“ smiled Kirstie, as she adjusted her tight skirt. “The management training program here at NatWest has its phases – they explained that when I came aboard after graduation. Three months of classes, six months as a teller in the branch, now this for another six in phone service before the final six as an understudy in personnel. I understand the drill and am happy to help wherever I can.”

When she reached the Personnel Department in six months Kirstie would be an understudy to Julie. It was a twist of fate the consequences of which no one at the time understood. For the moment Kirstie was just another ambitious NatWest career girl.

Millie appreciated Kirstie’s cooperative attitude. Some in her place simply filled in time talking to friends on the phone. Others, like Kirstie, tried to find useful things to do – which of course was from management’s point of view secretly the idea. It was a test of the trainee’s inner character.

Millie realized that her intern’s assigned tasks weren’t that challenging, but the bank insisted on compartmentalizing each phase of the trainee program. Millie wasn’t allowed to load a trainee up with other departmental tasks just to fill in time gaps.

Of course Millie had observed more than one associate do something other than personal matters with gaps. Some formed the habit of filling in moments of idle time snacking on comfort foods. Kirstie seemed to be doing this, but in that regard she was just another in a long line.

Ten months of entry level work, the amount she’d put in this far, were duck soup for a girl of Kristie’s intelligence, but wasn’t demanding physically. Her thighs had filled in nicely but, although fleshy, weren’t yet rubbing together. Her butt and upper arms were noticeably rounder as well. Her once taut midsection had a slight pudge that formed into two small rolls when she sat down. Kirstie knew she’d likely picked up a few pounds but was not greatly concerned – the real issue for her was her uniform. The bank had supplied her with one a size smaller than she had requested due to stocking problems.

Millie took one of the lattes and retired to her office. Kirstie took two pastries and a latte herself and retired to her cubicle. She’d already replied to a dozen or so inquiries that day, but call volume was below normal. She idly daydreamed a bit about the nice young man who’d helped her out.

“Such a gentleman – and idiot me, I didn’t even give him my name or ask his!”

She munched on the maple bar. When the phone rang she snapped back into business mode. So it went for the next two hours until Millie stopped by and invited her into her office.

“Kirstie, I have some bad news and hopefully two pieces if good news. I’m truly sorry about having to make you endure those snug size 8 uniforms instead of the 10’s you requested when you transferred in. The bad news is that I’ve had purchasing check with our uniform supplier in Asia. They are only now shipping the container with fresh size 10 uniforms - it likely will be a few months until they arrive. There are, however, some size twelves available – if you don’t mind.”

“I really don’t,” replied Kirstie, fingering her too tight waistband. “I may have picked up a few and these are really snug. So much for bad news, what’s the other good news?’”

“I may have a project that will relieve some of the boredom I know you’ve been feeling.”

“Oh? Sounds interesting. What’s up?”

“We’ll be having a Guy Fawkes festival next month and the firms in the building are coordinating our observance. The bank needs someone to serve on the organizing Committee. I believe you did that sort of thing in college. Feel up for it?”

“Sounds interesting. What do I do?”

“The manager of one of the recruiting firms upstairs is the co-ordinator – you can begin by calling her – the name is Tasha Preston.“

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

11:30 am Monday

Sally meanwhile wasn’t just daydreaming about Matt. Amidst her routine work she’d replied accepting Julie’s invitation regarding her note of the prior week; concurrently she called attention to two exceptional prospects being made available from a local bank due to redundancies from an upcoming merger.

Hays Richmond wasn’t yet on NatWest’s preferred supplier list. Not even near to being considered. Julie knew she was misleading Sally as to the extent of her own discretionary authority. Still, the bait of being offered the chance to again stuff the nascent butterball was too strong. Julie had accepted Sally’s invitation, suggesting a local Spanish tapas bar. This time Tasha wouldn’t be there.

Julie watched in a mixture of awe and pure lust as Sally Turner wiggled across the restaurant towards her.

“Oh my oh my! “ she thought.

In her previous meetings with the hot corporate chubby Julie had never been disappointed and this occasion didn’t look to be any different. Sally was packed to bursting in a jet black skirt suit that was definitely a size too small.

“Is she doing this deliberately or is she really in denial about her true size?” Julie wondered.

Julie fought back an evil smile as she imagined Sally fattening herself up to for her pleasure just to land the NatWest account.

“Well she’s just about greedy enough…both for money and food,” she thought.

The truth for Sally was a mixture of both; denial and dressing for the part.

She’d long since learnt her looks could sell and more than one deal had been won on the back of a snug fitting skirt and a wiggle of her hips. But as her weight had crept up the increasingly chubby saleswomen hadn’t dared admit any further increase in dress size was necessary…so the suits really were almost impractically tight.

After a brief handshake Sally settled her plump buns down opposite Julie Lindley and looked at the menu.

“I’ve got to be good and remember my diet or I’ll burst out of this skirt,” thought Sally to herself.

Then Julie surprised her, saying, “I already ordered us the chicken fajita lunchtime special, its to die for!”

Sally smiled and placed a hand on her soft middleand sighed, “Alright, guess the diet’s gonna have to wait again”

“Awesome, I love La Tasca.”

Her skirt really was too tight and uncomfortable, so Sally crossed her legs and tugged at the hem as she and Julie chatted as they waited for the food. The material girl’s brain was whirling as she tried to figure out how to get a deal out of Julie Lindley. No doubt all the meetings were positive but Sally was hungry for the actual deal, not just yummy lunches. It was time to move towards a close and that meant shifting gear.

“Julie, what do I need to do to get Hays Richmond on your preferred suppliers list?”

“Just keep eating babe!” Julie thought to herself.

“Um…you know how difficult it is to just put you on the list.”

Sally smiled sweetly,

“I know but we really do have the candidates and I’d love to help you. Everything we do is to the highest standard and we thoroughly screen any candidate we send to you…”

Julie settled back as Sally ran through her sales patter once again. Truth was she heard much the same from any recruitment consultant. Julie watched Sally’s softened jowls and arms jiggle with bemused eroticism as she dangled obfuscatory questions and postulated trivial objections, her scheme working to perfection.

Then the fajitas arrived. Julie had made sure she’d ordered the large and smirked as she watched Sally tuck in.

“Oh what a greedy girl you are! “ she marveled to herself.

“This is delicious!” squealed Sally with delight as she took a first bite.

“I thought you’d like it”

Sally was already pleasantly full after a morning of snacking but she knew Julie had recommended the restaurant so she just had to do Tapas justice. Plus it tasted so good. Her skirt grew tighter and tighter as she took bite after bite of the Spanish meal and her portly middle pushed the seams closer and closer to their limits. Eventually the stuffed hottie took her final bite and moaned to herself, “I really do need to cut back on these business lunches. “

“You enjoyed that Sally?” said Julie.

“Yeah” returned Sally belching lightly “I just love our lunches together. I swear you just take me out to fatten me up!”

She laughed.

“I do not” gushed Julie “I really am interested in what you have to offer”

Sally raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, so are you going to put us on the supplier’s list?”

Julie paused; she was in a corner now.

“I’ll have a word with Neil and see about setting you up a meeting…he’s down in London”

“I can travel…”

“I’ll see what I can do.” Julie she purred. “Now, since you bought the meal, can I at least buy you dessert?”

Thus encouraged Sally consented with some misgivings to some ice cream and returned to her office, leaving Julie to hopefully fulfill her word.

As she returned just before 1:00 Tasha was talking in her office with someone in a NatWest blazer.

“What is going on?” she wondered. But with two afternoon prospect interviews already scheduled there was no time to find out.

2:00 PM Monday

Matt couldn’t resist a smile to himself as he walked past his Financial and now Legal team. The four hotties that made up the team were all present and accounted for, as well as their lead. Tasha Preston was, at that point, leaning back in her chair and engrossed in some long and lengthy telephone conversation.

“Gracious, Tasha,” he thought to himself you really have gotten fatter.
Regina he knew was in the field. Claire was typing up some CV and Sally was similarly engaged. She smiled discreetly in his direction, showing off her nascent double chin as she did.

“Oh wow, what a babe!” he thought. "I wonder if she has noticed what I just did?"

Sally hadn't.

Stephanie Ashman looked less at ease but every bit as tantalizing. She was wearing a snug fitting pin striped trouser suit and, in Matt’s opinion, looked hotter than hadesl. Her considerable breasts were placing untold pressure on the fasteners of her cream blouse and Matt was pretty sure she couldn’t button her jacket if she tried.

“Looks like the baby weight is sticking!” he smiled.

“Hey Steph, how’s things going?”

“Good thanks” was the automatic answer “your computer guy has me logged on and I’m gonna call through my contacts”

“Good, good, that’s what I like to hear. How’s everyone treating you?”

“Everybody’s been really nice. I met Reggie and he took me out for lunch with one of his prospects,”

Matt simply smiled knowingly. “That sounds like Reggie”.

“Where did he take you?”

Stephanie thought for a moment.

“China Palace.”

“Ah the buffet…you like Chinese?”

“I love Chinese!”


Matt continued on across the office making a note to haul his newest consultant’s chunky butt to the Chinese buffet at soon as she made her first placement.

As he did Stephanie watched absently. “Matthew Hodgson is cute and seems to be a good boss…maybe I will be happy here.

Then her eyes rested on the half empty box of cookies in the centre of the team table. Stephanie wasn’t really hungry after the buffet but she was bored…so she reached across and fished out the last remaining chocolate chip cookie. Then she settled back in her chair and nibbled as she checked her email.

Things were slow for Stephanie but she and Matt had agreed to a steady start and build up. Hays Richmond had never been involved in legal recruitment before and the plan was to build around the firms existing base of financial clients then move on to Stephanie’s personal client base as soon as the marketing hit its stride. He hadn’t yet had a chance to read her proposal on temps.

As it was, it made for a slow day at work. Slowly Stephanie rose onto her heels and looked down at her colleagues.

“Hey, do you girls want tea or coffee?”

“Tea please with milk and sugar” said Claire and Tasha nodded, the handset still to her ear. Sally tugged at the hem of her skirt and rose from her chair.

“I’ll give you a hand” said Sally.

The two office babes walked across to the coffee room. Across the open plan office more than one male employee glanced over from their monitors. Both Sally and Stephanie were a pleasant distraction from work. Sensing the audience both ladies amplified their wiggling walk just a little – it was a nice mid afternoon ego boost.

Inside the coffee room Sally sighed and rested her hefty haunches down on the table. It was proving to be a long day and she needed a break. She was full from her lunch and struggling to stay awake. An interview with an administrator had almost literally sent her to sleep and Sally was desperate to away from the office, stop at the gym and then go home.

“That guy I just interviewed was sooo boring,”

“The geeky one?”

“Yeah, he told me all about some stupid computer game he plays called…um…World of Warriors or something…”

Stephanie laughed and rolled her eyes.

“Better hope he doesn’t do that when he goes to see the clients”

“Yeah, I told him not to and it was like he was gonna cry,” she said running one hand through her hair and flicking though a copy of OK magazine that was resting on the table .

“Ooo Steph look at Danielle Lloyd, she looks so fat in that bikini.”

Stephanie pivoted over on her heels and looked between the tea pot and the glossy magazine. No doubt the former Big Brother contestant had packed on some pounds.

“Mmm…she is looking big.”

Both fat bottomed office girls peered critically at the picture of the blonde girl in the bikini. She had two small rolls of fat hanging above the waistline. That was enough to qualify her as fat in the world of OK magazine but maybe not quite so in the offices of Hays Richmond. This was a fact both chubbies were happy to ignore for that moment.

“Hah, she was such a nothing in Big Brother” pronounced Sally with authority “like so racist and considering she was Miss England or whatever she’s got really fat thighs…even before she put on weight. I’m not surprised Teddy Sherringham dumped her.”

“Teddy Sherringham’s so cute.”

“He is…I met him once at a club in Manchester,” declared Sally dreamily “he bought me a drink.”

“Cool…I once met Chris Evans,” countered Stephanie before turning back to the tea. She wasn’t a lady who liked to be out done.

Sally shifted her weight from the table and walked over to the kettle. The memory of the famous footballer buying her a drink pulled her out of her mid afternoon boredom. Then she glanced over at the picture of Danielle Lloyd and her tiny fat role…then in a moment of reality she nervously ran her hands down her own portly middle and wide hips.

“Would he buy me a drink now?” she asked herself.

The thought was pushed from her mind when Stephanie said: “Hey Sally, how much free food is there in this office?”

“Loads,” laughed Sally “I’ve put on so much weight since I started here.”
Stephanie surveyed the chubby consultant and had to agree she was sporting a packed appearance. Rather than being catty she politely said “Yeah, but you hold it well. You don’t look fat to me”

“Thanks…I can let you in on a secret too,” whispered Sally, picking up on Stephanie’s desire. “I know where they put all the cookies.”


Sally wobbled on her heels across the coffee room and reached up on her tip toes to the top drawer. She balanced precariously in her too tight skirt and heels, grabbing the door open and revealed a drawer full of treats. Reaching for a box of cookies she hauled it down, then placed it on the table next to Danielle Lloyd’s picture.

“Oh they’re Double Dark Chocolate chip,” gushed Stephanie. “My favorites!”

“Me too.”

For a moment both office girls eyed the forbidden box. Then two mischievous smiles curled up on their lips. Not only were the cookies delicious it was also just a bit naughty to be eating them. Like they’d sneaked behind the teacher’s back and had their hands on some forbidden bounty. It was too much for either to resist. Almost together they reached for the box and grabbed their first cookie. First one cookie, then two and then three disappeared between their greedy, glossy lips along with some swallows of sweetened tea before they heard footsteps.

“Oh no!” mumbled Stephanie with a full mouth, “somebody’s coming”

“Quick, let’s go,” gulped Sally as she grabbed hold of the tea tray and headed for the door. Much as eating more cookies than she should was far from a stackable offence it didn’t look too good either.

Both Sally and Stephanie had managed to shove the third cookie into their mouths and the half empty cookie box to one side whilst balancing mugs of tea when the door opened. Both stood like two naughty little girls as Will stepped in. He was a partner in the business with Matt and surveyed the two consultants. He noted the chocolate stains on their lips and reflected groaned inwards as the smell of cookie’s mixed in with their perfume; he shook his head with comprehension, thinkuing “yep, another two of Tasha and Matt’s protégés getting fat!”

"What are you two up to?” Will aaked.

“Making tea?” whispered Sally as she licked an errant chocolate chip from her lip. Stephanie nodded compliantly.

“I see…Sally did you send the CV’s across to Horizon Finance?”

“Yes,” nodded Sally.


Will held the door open for them and both saleswomen rushed out like corks out of a bottle. Sally was desperate not to be grilled on the slow progress with Horizon Finance and Stephanie simply relieved that her first day wouldn’t be remembered for a raid on the cookie jar. Within the offices of Hays Richmond the two partners played the differing role of good cop and bad cop – with Will definitely bad cop. As the shorter, balding counter to Matt’s tall dark and handsome look he played a definite balancing act in an office that was three quarters women. He glanced round the coffee room at the half empty box of cookies.

“Wow, what a pair of little piggies,” he said to himself, glancing at he coookie box.

“I pay for free real food and drink and still you stuff your faces on these things.” he shrugged as he began to make himself a coffee.

“But then I guess that’s why they’re both sporting prime pieces of office ass,” he reflected.

Meanwhile both Sally and Stephanie settled their prime pieces of office ass back down at their desks. They smiled naughtily to one another…getting caught with the cookies had been fun. Sally snickered and typed a quick email to her new friend:

‘Hey Step…we all call Will the umpa lumpa”

Stephanie laughed out loud when she checked the email.

“I really am going to enjoy working here!” thought to herself.

Sally was just eagar for the day to end so she could hit the gym and then go home and collapse.

7:15 pm Monday

Sally was gasping for breath and almost in tears as she walked across the car park of the Activ8 gym. Each step felt painful as sharp jabs of pain ran up her pudgy legs. She could feel her fat butt jiggling within her too tight gym shorts and her belly was protruding over the waistband. After an hour workout the former tennis champion was almost ready to faint.

“How could I have let myself get this out of shape? I need to be doing this more often!” she exclaimed to herself.

Eventually she reached her car, clicked open on the key fob and almost collapsed into the driver’s seat. Her plush behind settled into the seat and Sally gasped for breath before turning the ignition key and pulling out of the car park. It was a great effort just to press the accelerator and as she pulled out into the evening traffic Sally suddenly felt incredibly tired. After a long day at work interviewing candidates and now the gym she just wanted to curl up on the sofa and go to sleep. Then her mobile rang. With an effort she reached over to her hand bag and grabbed the tiny Nokia.

“Hi Matt” she answered, glamcing at the incoming number.

“Sally, where are you?”

“Just driving back from the gym. Is this business or pleasure Matt sugar?”

Sally paused and waited for the response. It felt funny talking to her boss like that but after their last two dates had ended in a night of passionate sex Sally wanted more of Matt the lover than Matt the boss. So she waited anxiously for the response;.

“Was last night a one night stand or does he really want me?” she wondered.

The response made her smile.

“Pleasure…just wondering what you’re doing tonight”

Sally felt a warm rush run through her gym pained body; “Matt really is serious!“
Her instinct was to rush straight over to his house but Sally’s scheming brain took over. “Never give a man what he wants.”

“I’m going home” said Sally matter of factly “I’m so tired I just want to curl up and go to sleep”

She heard the disappointed sigh down the phone line.

“Oh, right, I suppose you’ve had a hard day” he paused “so what does my hottest consultant do with herself on a lonely night in?”

Sally giggled as she slowed for a traffic light; “he really is crazy about me! “

“Just girlie stuff…you’d be sooo bored”

“I seriously doubt that…”

She giggled again,

“Don’t be naughty…you are my boss after all. Hey Matt! Do I get lots of favors now at work? You know, now that I’m sleeping with the boss?”

“Don’t push your luck Miss Turner…well, if you really are wanting a quiet night what about the weekend? I can get us reservations at that new Indian that’s opened. Do you like Indian food?”

“Oh yeah”

“Great stuff, have fun Sal. I'll reserve Sat night and see ya tomorrow”

With that the line went dead and Sally sat at the red light puzzling over her relationship. She loved the excitement of dating her boss; sneaking around the office hiding their affair from the others. The whispered comments as they passed each other and stealing kisses in the lift were a pleasant distraction from work. But Sally also knew Matt did really seem to love her and she had to admit she was falling head over heels for him.

“This has the potential to get really messy,” she thought. But if she was living on the edge a little, it was also fun.

The warm fuzzy feeling was still there as she stepped into her apartment. After hitting the shower the still glowing Sally slipped into a baggy pair of sweat pants and an over sized t-shirt and padded over to the kitchen. She bit her plump lip as she surveyed the kitchen’s meager offerings.

“I should have called at Sainsbury’s,” she groaned before reaching over to the Pizza Hut menu that was fixed by a magnet to the fridge door.

With a guilty smile she reached for the phone and keyed the number in. “Hi…um…I’ll have a stuffed crust Super Supreme…delivered.”

Some thirty minutes later Sally was curled up like a contented kitten in the expanse of her cream leather sofa taking her first bite of pizza and watching a re-run of Ugly Betty. Slowly the pains of the gym worked out of her system as she absently watched Vanessa Williams strut across the TV screen in another impossible outfit. “Ooo I love the outfit…”

Then her phone rang again. Her lips curled into a smile as she noted the incoming number and placed the handset to her ear.

“Hi Matt.”

“Hi Sal…what you up to now?”

“I’m being a bad girl”

“Oh, sounds interesting?”

“I’m watching TV eating pizza.”

“Nice…you want any company?”

Sally took another bit of pizza and puzzled. Her brain said hold back and let him chase but then Sally Turner had always been a self indulgent little kitten.

“What’s more I really need some more exercise to work off this pizza.” she rationalized.

So she took another bite of the Super Supreme pizza pie and said: “Okay, Matt babe, come on over. You can help me finish this pie.”

“I’m on my way.”

(for the next installment click here.)

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