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Default Between Your Thighs

"Between your thighs..."
By Zonker aka growinluvhandles

Oh, to grow fat between your thighs. I have already started down that path.

My gluttony knows no end, no limits.

I nibble at your soft inner thighs, so soft so creamy. I lick there gently, so gently.

I am starved for you, hungry for you.

You know I am a glutton. You knew this when you first saw my belly.

And now, my appetite for you grows.

I will make you into my dessert, nibbling, sucking, licking your softness, so gently at first, so slowly at first.

I fill you with whipped cream and warm fudge.

You are my hot fudge sundae, and I want nothing more than to gobble down every soft sweet bite of you.

I push a cherry into you with my tongue.

For later.

And now, you will need to spread those legs wider than ever.

Because I'm going to grow so fat between your thighs.

Just something which came to me while reading erotic poetry about oral pleasures.
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