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Cool Gem Sisters - by BigLadyLover (SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Lesbian Sex,Immobility. ~XWG)

SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Lesbian Overtones. ~XWG - Two lesbian roommates contending for big hip honors become Internet reality show celebrities

[Author's note: I tried posting my story before but it was too long, so I divided it into 5 parts. Here's part 1. Hope ya like it.]

The Gem Sisters
by BigLadyLover

Part 1

Crystal is a lovely young lady of 20. She is 5 feet tall and weighs a beautiful 275 pounds. She lives in New York with her childhood friend and roommate Gwen, who is also 20 years old. Gwen is a little taller than Crystal at 5 feet 3 inches; however she only weighs 230. They’ve been friends since they were kids, growing up together in the same neighborhood.

When they graduated high school they decided to go into the adult entertainment business. They found out that a lot of adult magazines and video companies are looking for plus size models and this seems to suit them very well. Both girls loved to eat and they needed to make plenty of money to keep themselves well fed, especially Crystal.

Crystal has a rare condition in which her stomach is twice the size of a normal stomach and she also has an extremely slow metabolism. So any weight that she gains would be nearly impossible to lose, but she is ok with this. Besides she’d rather be big and beautiful than skinny and gaunt.

Gwen was out buying groceries leaving Crystal home by herself. She was supposed to be gone for about 2 hours but she was more than an hour late and Crystal was starting to worry. Whenever she would worry, Crystal would eat even though she may have already eaten before, and the more she worried the more she ate. While waiting for Gwen to come home, Crystal made herself a big bowl of tuna salad. She was eating the tuna salad as she got more worried about Gwen even though she ate a two foot Italian hoagie less than twenty minutes ago.

“Where is she? She was supposed to be home over an hour ago. What could be taking so long?” Crystal said worriedly as she ate more tuna. About twenty minutes later, and a nearly empty mixing bowl of tuna salad, Gwen finally walks in the door with the first two bags of food.

“You’re home!” Crystal squealed with glee as she put down the bowl and trotted over to Gwen.

“Sorry I’m late but the store was just crowded.” Gwen said as she put the bags on the floor.

“Oh, I missed you.” said Crystal as she hugs Gwen tightly for a moment and lets her go.

“So I see.” Gwen said eyeballing Crystal’s belly being rounded out by the two foot hoagie and tuna salad she had just finished.

“Well you know how I get when I worry about you.”

“Sorry to make you worry but I tried to get home as fast as I could.” Gwen reassured her, “Oh I have a surprise for you.”

“What is it?” Crystal asked happily.

“I’ll give it to you but first let’s get the rest of these groceries.”

Crystal agrees and the two of them bring in the rest of the groceries from the car. Then they spend the next half hour putting them away. Gwen purchased a lot this time, beginning with pounds of meat such as beef, pork, chicken, veal and fish (good thing they have a deep freezer in the basement). There are also several boxes of cereal, macaroni and cheese, rice, instant potatoes, pancake mix, 6 dozen of eggs, gallons of milk and plenty of junk food and snacks.

When the last of the groceries were put away, Gwen finally gave Crystal her surprise- eight pounds of chocolate. Crystal jumped for joy and took the bag of chocolate from Gwen and kissed her on the cheek. She sat down on the couch and quickly began devouring the chocolate.

Gwen had secretly wanted Crystal to get larger and would always bring home treats for her whenever she was out. She knew that that eight pound bag of chocolate would easily put about five pounds on Crystal due to her slow metabolism. Gwen had developed an attraction toward Crystal and she loved everything about her from her plump legs and chubby face to her incredible 48 EEE breasts and extra wide hips.

Crystal has unusually large hips for her height. While her bust is 68 inches and her waist is 54 inches, her hips are an astonishing 81 inches, and Gwen can’t wait to see what her girlfriend would look like with 100 inch hips. Gwen went in to the kitchen and began preparing dinner.

Crystal watched her plump girlfriend walk back and forth from the fridge to the table getting out some of tonight’s dinner that Gwen has already prepared ahead of time as she continued to eat her tasty treat. Gwen was pear-shaped just like Crystal but even her measurements of 44DDD-40-62 were nothing compared to Crystal. But Crystal wants to see all that change; she revealed to Gwen her desire to see Gwen get fatter a few weeks ago and she accepted. Crystal would encourage Gwen to eat little more during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Gwen would oblige. So both roommates were committed to getting the other larger.

Gwen would sometimes keep eating until her belly couldn’t take any more punishment from stuffing it rock solid. In the recent two weeks, they have gone out to an all-you-can-eat place two blocks from the home just about everyday. During the week, they would only go there just for dinner but on Saturdays and Sundays, they went for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two hours of nonstop eating each round. After each all day eating session, Gwen would be overly bloated but, because of her extra large stomach, Crystal rarely ever got full. She would always stop whenever Gwen stopped so she’s never really tested the limits of how much her belly can hold, but tonight that’s going to change.

“Sweetie, dinner’s ready.” Gwen called from the kitchen. Crystal put a few more pieces of chocolate in her mouth before setting the remaining quarter of the bag on the coffee table. She gets up off the sofa and walks out to the kitchen. Once out in the kitchen, her eyes grew wide as she surveyed the amount of delicious food on the table. There was a large pot of spaghetti, 2 casserole dishes of lasagna, a big bowl of potato salad, 2 dozen garlic bread rolls and another large pot of broccoli and cheese.

“Wow, you really out done yourself tonight, haven’t you?” Crystal said as she sat down at the table.

“Well we’re going to do something special tonight.” said Gwen, and then she took off her tight fitting jeans and sat down on the other side of the table, “We’re going to see just how far we can go. I know you wanted to do this for a while and I also want to see how much you can really eat. And I know you want to see me do the same thing so tonight I want you to stuff me until you feel I can’t take any more.”

“I had a feeling you were going to do this sooner or later, and I also know that you want to see these big hips of mine get even bigger so I have a small suggestion, if we happen to run out of food before either one of us feels that we’ve had enough then we order some more food from the pizza shop around the corner, ok.” Crystal said.

“Okay.” Gwen agreed, “Now let’s start eating before all this food gets cold.”

With that said, the girls dug in with ambition. They started with the lasagna, taking one casserole dish each and scarfing down the heavily cheesed pasta dish. They were eating at about the same pace and finished their dishes together; next they attack the spaghetti. Rather than using a plate, they scoop a heaping mound into the casserole dishes nearly filling them with half a pot each. After grabbing a few rolls of garlic bread, they begin tackling the spaghetti alternating between eating one or two rolls and then a mouthful of the stringy pasta.

Half way through her spaghetti, the skirt that Crystal was wearing was starting to become a little tight as her belly expanded so she tucks it under her growing gut and resumes eating. Again they finish nearly identical to each other and quickly begin work on the potato salad. They put their respective halves of the potato salad in the same casserole dishes that they just ate the spaghetti and lasagna out of.

Crystal is still eating at the same pace she started with but Gwen was starting feel the effects of all that pasta and bread expanding in her stomach. She was eating the potato salad a little slower but she was determined to finish it so she can try to pack at least half of the broccoli and cheese inside her. Crystal had finished her potato salad before Gwen so she got up and filled her casserole dish with at least half the pot of broccoli and cheese.

Crystal was about to sit down when she noticed that Gwen was struggling with the last bit of her potato salad. It took a couple of minutes but Gwen was able to get the last few mouthfuls down. Gwen had never felt so stuffed in her life. Her belly was round and taut, tightly packed with more food than it was meant to hold but the last few weeks of stuffing herself to the point of pain and pleasure have paid off by increasing her capacity. As stuffed as she was, Gwen knew she can hold a little more.

“You ok, Honey?” asked Crystal.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just starting to get a little cramp in there. Don’t worry, I’m not done yet.” said Gwen. She was about to get up when Crystal stopped her and handed Gwen her dish and took Gwen’s dish and filled it with the rest of broccoli and cheese and sat back down. Gwen leaned back in her chair and sat the casserole dish on her growing belly and started to eat. Crystal did the same. As Gwen ate she could feel the heavily cheesed broccoli push her belly out further. She instinctively started caressing her belly as she ate more, feeling its tightness under her hand. However she may have bitten off more than she can chew when she started to have trouble finishing the last half of her meal.

Crystal had finished her broccoli and cheese when she noticed that Gwen was trying to stuff the rest of her dish in her. Crystal pushed herself out of the chair with a slight grunt and walked over to her. Gwen’s breathing had become labored from all the food in her fully distended belly.

“I think I may have over did it a little.” she said, “I don’t know if I can finish it.”

“Try, I know you can finish it. Just try for me, Honey.” Crystal said softly and seductively. She got behind Gwen and started kissing her neck softly which was turning Gwen on. As she continued to softly kiss her neck, Crystal reached around Gwen and unbuttoned her shirt and started to massage and squeeze her breasts, even giving her nipples a slight pinch. Gwen closed her eyes and concentrated on Crystal’s soft touch as she started to eat the rest of her dinner. Crystal then reached down and started to massage her bloated belly; in which Gwen responded by kissing her arm.

Crystal whispered into her ear very sensually, “Come on, baby. Eat.”

So Gwen continued to eat the rest of her dinner while moaning passionately as her girlfriend rubbed and soothed her belly. A few moments later, Gwen finished her meal and let out a very satisfying moan.

“Have you had enough, baby?” Crystal said softly.

“Mmm, I could go for a little more, but right now it’s your turn. I wanna see how much this big belly of yours can really hold and then some.” Gwen said in a deep seductive tone with passionate bedroom eyes.

“Then do it. Feed me, stuff me, fill me until I can’t move.” said Crystal sensually.

Gwen got up out of the chair and Crystal sat down in her chair and leaned back. Gwen walked over to the stove and saw that al the food she cooked was gone.

“Um, Sweetie, there’s no food left. We ate it all.” said Gwen.

“What about that cake you made, Baby?” Crystal said.

“Oh yeah.” Gwen said realizing she forgot all about it. She walked over to the fridge and took out the triple layer Swiss chocolate cake and sat it down in front of Crystal.

“You know we’re gonna need more than just this cake.” Crystal said as she picked up the fork Gwen was using and digs out her first bite.

“I know. So while you’re eating that, I’m gonna order some more food for us, and with the way we’re eating I’m gonna make sure we got enough.” Gwen said as she walked over to the phone on the wall next to the fridge.

“Don’t forget my milkshake with extra cream.” said Crystal as she ate her cake.

Gwen dialed the number to the pizza shop and gave them their phone number. Since they ordered from them a lot, the employees automatically knew who they were whenever they ordered so they didn’t need to ask Gwen for her address. When the lady on the other line asked her by name what she wanted, Gwen gave her a larger order than usual. She ordered 2 house special pizzas with extra cheese, the family size chicken fingers bucket, a whole cheesecake and 2 large milkshakes with extra cream, one chocolate for Crystal and the other strawberry for her. The lady gave Gwen her total and told her that it’ll be delivered in twenty minutes. The pizza shop always made Gwen or Crystal’s order quickly because they were always tipped well by them.

It would be a half-hour before their food would be delivered. In the meantime, Gwen decided to go back over to the table and get some cake. When she got there she noticed that all but one-third of the cake was gone. “Well I see where 70% of the cake went.” Gwen said eyeing Crystal’s belly which has expanded nicely over her skirt.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Baby, I didn’t mean to eat almost all of it. Here, you can have to rest.” Crystal said.

“That’s okay, Sweetie, you go ahead and finish it. I’ll eat the Banana Custard Cream pie my mom made for me.” said Gwen. She walks over to the fridge and takes out the large 18 inch pie her mom gave to her a couple days ago. Then Gwen sits down at the table and begins eating her pie just as Crystal finished the cake.

“So how long did they say it would take?” Crystal asked as she got up and walked over to the fridge.

“About 20 minutes.” Gwen said through a mouthful of pie.

“Well they better get here soon; I’m still hungry.” Crystal said as she got out a gallon of milk.

Crystal takes the lid off and begins swallowing the milk in huge gulps as Gwen begins on the second half of her pie. About twenty minutes later, just as Crystal finished her milk and Gwen licked the pie tin clean, the doorbell rings. Crystal walks over to the door and looks between the blinds to see that the delivery guy was here with their food.

“Ah, great, food’s here!” she said as she unlocked the door and opened it. The delivery guy nearly dropped the food as he was greeted by the biggest, most beautiful belly he has ever seen. His eyes made instant contact with Crystal’s huge breasts and billowing belly. He started alternating his focus between the biggest pair of tits he has ever seen and a large, globular belly until he was reminded why he was there.

“Um, excuse me, I know I’m short but I’m not that short.” said Crystal.

The delivery guy looks up at Crystal’s chubby face and says, “I…I’m sorry. I…I didn’t mean to…uh, here’s your food.” He handed the two pizza boxes and bucket of chicken to Crystal and she took them and headed to the dining room.

“Baby, can you grab the other stuff?” she said to Gwen. Gwen got up and walked over to the front door to get the rest of their meal. Again the delivery guy became captivated by another large beauty coming towards him. He held out the bag containing the two milkshakes and a whole cheesecake as Gwen approached him.

“Thank you,” she said as she took the bag and the cheesecake.

“Y…you’re welcome.” said the delivery guy. He stared at Crystal and Gwen while they got the money together to pay for their food. Once the money was together, they walked to the door and handed him the money.

“You two are Crystal and Gwen, aren’t you?” he said as he took the money.

“Now what would give you that idea?” Gwen said.

“I remember the layout you two did for the May issue of Luv’m Large magazine.”

“Oooh, look Baby, we have a fan.” said Crystal with a smile.

“So you really liked that layout?” Gwen asked with a sweet smile.

“Yeah, I did.” said the delivery guy slightly nervous, “Hey, I have, like, two orders of bread sticks that, like, a customer canceled. You can have ’em if you want ’em, uh, free of charge.”

“A special offer from a special fan.” Crystal said as she squeezed her humungous breasts together with her arms crossed.

“*Gulp* Um, yeah, you…can say that.” said the delivery guy as his eyes were drawn to the large set of breasts before him.

“That sounds so sweet. Why don’t you go get them for us?” Gwen said seductively with sultry eyes.

The delivery guy quickly responded and nearly stumbled down the steps as he trotted back to his car for the breadsticks. He came back up with the breadsticks just a couple minutes later and handed then to Crystal.

“Thank you, Cutie Pie.” Gwen said sensually as she leaned towards him and stroked his chin with her finger. Then she turned from him slowly and walked back toward the dining room swaying her hips teasingly.

“Good Night.” Crystal said as she pulled the front of her shirt down exposing more of her humungous cleavage. Afterward she closes the door slowly making sure that the last thing the delivery guy sees is her huge triple E breasts. She walks over to the dining room table and sits down, and leans back a bit in the chair ready for Gwen to stuff her.

“You ready, Sweetie?” Gwen asked lustfully.

“Let’s do it, Baby.” Crystal answered seductively.

Gwen opened one of the pizza boxes and took out a slice. She feeds it to Crystal who takes it in her mouth gingerly and satisfyingly gulps it down. Gwen picked another slice of pizza and a slice for herself. She feed Crystal her second while she ate her first. She alternated between feeding herself and feeding more of the pizza to Crystal until all the pizza was gone. Next they move on to the family size bucket of chicken fingers.

They ate the 100 piece bucket one chicken finger at a time with Crystal taking more for herself. After about thirty pieces or so, Gwen was stuffed to tightly to eat anymore so she had to stop but she encouraged Crystal to continue. About 15 minutes later Crystal finished the rest of the chicken fingers.

“How ya doin’, Sweetie?” Gwen asked.

“Just fine but I don’t think I can reach the cheesecake.” said Crystal. It was true; Crystal’s belly had expanded so much that it was preventing her from leaning forward to reach the cheesecake. Her belly was nearly twice the size it was before they started eating.

Gwen hoisted herself out of the chair and pushed the cheesecake to Crystal. Crystal turned her chair to the side and started eating the cheesecake while Gwen massaged and caressed her expanding belly. The cheesecake tasted so rich and creamy as she ate it slice after slice. Gwen could feel her girlfriend’s belly growing as more cheesecake went into it. Pretty soon the cheesecake was all gone and inside Crystal’s extra large stomach.

“Do you want any more?” asked Gwen. “Mm-hmm.” answered Crystal. Gwen walked into the kitchen and went in the fridge. She got out two gallons of dairy creamer; not the low fat kind but the real stuff that loaded with fat and calories. Gwen takes the gallons to the dining room and sits them on the table if front of Crystal.

Crystal pops of the lid and starts gulping down the thick dairy creamer. What Crystal didn’t know was that Gwen had mixed the two gallons of cream with milk and weight gain shake.

While Crystal sucked down more cream, Gwen went back to the fridge and got out the third gallon she made for herself; then she went back into the dining room and sat down. As stuffed as she was, she opened the gallon and started drinking it. Gwen gulped down the cream filling every crevasse of her belly, pushing it out further. Pretty soon she finished the cream just as Crystal started on her second gallon. Gwen was too stuffed to even move; her belly had grown so much that it now rested almost half way down her thighs. She sat there rubbing her belly as Crystal drank the rest of her second gallon of cream.

“Mmm, that was delicious.” Crystal said rubbing her supremely expanded belly with satisfaction. Then she looks over at Gwen and asks, “How ya doin’, Baby?”

“I’m done. I don’t think anything else is going to fit inside of me.” Gwen said as she did her best to sit up straight. Gwen then tried to stand up; after a few attempts she is able to stand on her feet holding her over loaded belly in her hands for support.

“Well I’m gonna try and make it upstairs to bed,” she said. She waddles over to Crystal and kisses her on her cheek, “Goodnight, Sweetie.”

“I think I’ll stay here. There’s no way I’ll be able to get up as full as I am.” Crystal said lightly patting her belly which was resting in between her thighs stretched almost to her knees.

Gwen shuffled her way up the stairs trying to maintain her balance from the weight of all the food in her engorged belly. Crystal was still sitting at the dining room table rubbing and massaging her belly to relieve some of the tension from being stuffed so tight. As she was rubbing her belly, she realized that she still might be able to eat a little more; she wasn’t hungry, she just wanted to eat. She decided that she’ll try to stand and after a couple of attempts, she was on her feet. Crystal waddled out to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out a five pound stick of liverwurst; then she opened the freezer and took out a gallon of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. She grabbed a spoon for the ice cream and took her treats out to the living room.

After plopping herself on the couch, she opened the liverwurst and started eating it taking huge bites out of it. Bite after bite Crystal put more of the liverwurst in her belly which still seemed to be expanding more as she ate. After a few minutes, she had finished the five pounds of meat and went to work on the ice cream which had melted enough for her to eat it easier. The mint flavored ice cream was going into Crystal at a steady pace pushing her already humungous belly out even further. She was eating the ice cream at a fast pace but not too fast as to where she can get an ice cream headache. More minty goodness entered her belly and soon the gallon tub was empty. But Crystal wasn’t done yet; she knows her stomach very well and she knows she can put more food into it.

Returning to the fridge, Crystal started taking out bowls of left over food (which was a rare occurrence considering they ate everything that was made). She sat the bowls on the kitchen table, went back to the fridge and took out a loaf of bread, a jar of mayonnaise, pounds of lunch meat and cheese and got out a gallon of whole dairy cream. She sat the items on the table and then sat down herself.

The bowls of leftovers were first; there were six of them filled with various foods they ate but, on a rare occasion, didn’t finish. The bowls contained lasagna, pizza, chicken fingers, a partially eaten cheeseburger with all the fixings, fries and spaghetti. She opened the bowls one by one devouring its contents until all six of them were empty. Then Crystal started making sandwiches with the lunch meat she had got out. She had turkey, roast beef, ham, and salami. But rather than eat a sandwich as she made it, she went over to the cupboard, got out a bag of marshmallows, sat back down and started eating them in between making sandwiches.

She made each sandwich by spreading a thick coating of mayo on the bread, layering both slices with extra cheese and cramming a half pound of meat on each. After about ten minutes, Crystal had finished making her double meat treats as well as finishing the bag of marshmallows. She didn’t waste any time as she started eating her meaty treats right away. She made a total of twelve sandwiches with about a half pound of meat and cheese on each meaning that six pounds of meat, bread, cheese, and mayo is going inside of Crystal, and she couldn’t be any happier.

She tackled the sandwiches with gusto quickly devouring one and moving on to the next. Her already humungous belly continued to grow with every chew and swallow of each sandwich. The expanding sphere that is her belly swelled up to her knees (which wasn’t hard for someone who’s barely five feet tall) as she scarfed down her fourth sandwich; it also started to swell upward as well as outward.

After sandwich number seven went down, Crystal had to turn to the side so she could get to the remaining five sandwiches due to the fact that her swelling belly hindered her from reaching forward to the table. Ten minutes later saw three more sandwiches meet their fate in the pit of Crystal’s voluptuous belly.

It was when Crystal started on the first of her last two sandwiches that she started to feel something she never felt before; she was getting full. She sat there contemplating what to do next. She didn’t want the two sandwiches to go to waste but she also knew as full as she was, if she ate those two sandwiches there was no way she was going to be able to get up. Then again, she did want to see how much her belly could hold. So with that initiative, Crystal ate the last two sandwiches.

She was about to declare herself finished when she remembered the gallon of whole dairy cream. “Well might as well top myself off.” she said to herself as she took of the lid. Tilting her head back, Crystal gulps down the entire gallon in about two minutes. She sits back in the chair and rubs her belly with content. She could feel her belly continue to expand as a result of all the marshmallows and bread swelling up inside her. After an incredible evening of stuffing herself full, there was no chance of Crystal getting up to go upstairs to bed; so she closed her eyes and decided to sleep right where she was.

“Too bad Gwen missed this. Oh well there always tomorrow. Crystal thought as she drifted off to sleep.

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Part 2

Gwen woke up early the next morning and turned over to Crystal’s side of the bed to notice that she wasn’t there. So she got up and went down stairs. In the kitchen Gwen found Crystal sleeping in the same chair she was in last night. Gwen observed her girlfriend’s bloated belly and the remnants of her late night stuffing via the two empty loaves of bread, a bag of marshmallows and the cheesecake box.

“Oh man, she stuffed herself silly and I missed it. Oh well, we can always try again tonight.” Gwen said to herself.

With Crystal still sleeping, she went about cleaning up the kitchen. Then she started on breakfast once the kitchen was clean. Gwen cooked 3 dozen eggs, 2 pounds of bacon, an entire loaf of French toast and a dozen bagels with cream cheese. Crystal woke up to the heavenly smell of eggs and bacon, or maybe it was her tummy telling her it was time to eat again. She woke up just Gwen sat a large bowl with the eggs on the table.

“Good morning, Sweetie.” Gwen said and kissed Crystal.

“Mmm, that looks delicious.” Crystal said eye-balling the table full of food.

“Well eat up; we have a big day ahead of us.” said Gwen.

“Oh, that’s right; our photo shoot is today.” Crystal said as she and Gwen sat down.

“Yep so we gotta look our best.”

“Absolutely; so let’s eat already.”

And with that, the girls tore through the food piling their plates high with food. They ate everything that was on the table in less than a half an hour. After breakfast the girls went up stairs and got dressed. As they were getting dressed, they noticed something about their clothes. They were tighter than before.

“Hmm, that’s weird; my pants won’t button. Honey, do your clothes still fit?” Crystal asked.

“Not really, I just wore these jeans last week.” answered Gwen.

“Well we have been doing a lot of eating. Let’s see how much we weigh.” Crystal said. They walked into the bathroom and Gwen stood on the scale first. Her weight read 245 pounds.

“Wow fifteen pounds in just two weeks; pretty soon we’ll be sharing clothes.” Gwen said with a smile.

“I can’t wait.” Crystal said caressing Gwen’s hips, “Ok, my turn.”

Gwen got off the scale and Crystal got on. Her weight read 298 pounds. She had gained 23 pounds in two weeks. Between her slow metabolism and all the eating they have been doing including her all night binge last night, it’s no wonder Crystal gained so much in a short amount of time.

"Wow, you're really puttin' it on." Gwen said smiling.

"Look who's talking." Crystal said jokingly and then she looks over at the clock and sees that their photo shoot is in less than an hour. "Uh oh, we better hurry." she said.

"All right." said Gwen. They rummage through their closet and grab some looser fitting clothing. Gwen put on a pair of tight jeans, a white sleeveless shirt that was cut low to show off her DDD cleavage, a pink shirt that she tied under her boobs rather than button it up and a pair of pink Converse Chucks. Crystal wore a white blouse that she left half unbuttoned, a plad skirt with white candy striped knees highs and black shoes; then she put on a pair of long striped gloves with the fingers cut off and a black chocker. Gwen put her leather bracelets and put her auburn hair up in a pony tail but left two strainds hang down on her cheeks. To complete her 'punk' school girl look, Crystal put her long dark brown hair up in pig tails that reached down to her huge hips.

"Ready to go." Gwen said.

"Yup." Crystal aswered as she put on a 'Hello Kitty' backpack. After Gwen grabbed her car keys, the girls went out the house and into the car and drove off.

Gwen drives rather quickly to make sure that they make it to their photo shoot in time; luckily there wasn't too much traffic. The girls arrived at a studio apartment building with just about five minutes to spare. They get out of the car and walk up to the door. Next to the door was an intercom with five buttons with names under them; Crystal pressed the button marked Kevin.

"Yeah?" said a male voice.

"Kevin, we're here." Crystal said in cheery voice.

"We? We who?"

"Crystal and Gwen: the Gem Sisters." Crystal said smart-assed.

Kevin laughs and says, "Tell me, why should I let you up?"

"Kev, come on. Why do you hafta do this every time we come here." Gwen said smiling.

"Alright, alright, come on up." Kevin said laughing.

He buzzes them in and they make their way to the third floor. They call themselves the 'Gem Sisters' because Crystal's full name is Crystal Diamond and Gwen's is Gwendolyn Sapphire. The girls take the elevator up to the third floor where Kevin was waiting. After exiting the elevator, Gwen and Crystal walk into Kevin's studio apartment. There were bright lights everywhere and a lot of props, also there were a couple other guys and a girl making sure everything was ready for the shoot.

After they looked around for a couple moments, the Gem Sisters were approached by a tall thin guy with khaki pants, a polo shirt wearing brown loufers and a sweater draped over his shoulders with the sleeves tied loosly around his neck.

"Hey girls." he said.

"Hey Kevin." Gwen said back. Kevin was a freelance photographer and sells his pictures of women of various shapes and sizes to several women's magazines; he was also Gwen's gay half brother. He doesn't act like your typical gay male but he certainly, at times, dresses the part. He used to hold photo shoots in a much smaller apartment before saving up enough money to rent the current studio apartment he lives in now.

"So what do you think, sis?" Kevin asked.

"Wow, Kev, this is nice. A lot better than your old place." answered Gwen.

"Yeah, it's really roomy." Crystal said.

"I'm glad you like it." said Kevin, "So how about you two get settled in and we can begin when you're ready, ok?"

"Okay." Crystal and Gwen said together with girl-ish smiles.

The Gem Sisters take a look aound Kevin's studio at the people working there and all the set-ups that were laid out. They soon spot the set-up for their photo shoot that was made to look like a school classroom. There was a teacher's desk with a stapler, a notebook, a big calender and even an apple and a cup with pencils in it. To the right of the desk was a chalkboard with a simple math problem written up on it and to the left was a shelf with books on it that completed the set-up.

"Wow, this is really nice." Gwen said.

"Yeah, good thing we came dressed for the occasion." Crystal said cheerfully.

Kevin finished up another photo session with another large lovely and heads over to the school room set up. "Ok girls, are you ready?"

"Yep." Crystal always had a bubbly attitude.

"Alright." Kevin got another camera and began taking pictuers. It didn't both Kevin to be taking pictures of his half sister. He is gay after all and besides, it was business and he never charged them for his services. He wouldn't feel right if he asked his sister to pay him. The shutter clicked rapidly as the Gem Sisters playfully posed like horny schoolgirls trying to seduce their teacher. They started out at the desks with Gwen pulling down her shirt seductively with one finger showing her bountiful cleavage. A task not too hard for her, Crystal heaved her huge honeydew tits and plopped them on the desk after juggling them in her hands for a bit. Kevin took a series of snapshots of this display.

Afterward the girls made their way over to the teacher's desk and hopped up on it. They sat kirtsie-like at the front of it as they continued to make love to the camera with sultry glares. Between both of their expansive butts, especially Crystal, only about a three inch space of the desk top shown through. And Crystal was more turned to the corner than Gwen was. After teasing with the camera a bit more, Gwen crawled over to Crystal and began kissing the back of her neck. Crystal turned around and they locked lips. Gwen slowly removed her girlfriend's blouse while she held her in place with her passionate kiss. She grabbed and squeezed Crystal's huge sweater puppies, kneading them like dough. Crystal hadn't bothered to put on a bra.

Gwen unlocked her tongue from Crystal's and immediately wrapped it around a large nipple. Crystal's nipples were extremely sensative, especially when being sucked on. She moaned with ecstacy as she undid her long hair out of the pigtails, letting her beautiful folicles cascade over her shoulders and back. A couple strainds swayed across her breasts but Gwen remained latched on like nursing baby. Crystal ran her hands through Gwen's soft mane, tracing the back of her head down to her neck and gliding across her back. She unsnaps her bra and slowly drags her finger nails up and down her spine. Gwen moaned and shuddered as she arced her back like a cat. She opens her mouth wide and takes in as much of Crystal's boob as she can, sucking hard while squeezing and kneading the other.

Crystal let out a small squeal as a wave of sexual pleasure washed over her. Kevin kept snapping pictures while someone else has whipped out a cam-corder as the photo session turned into a hot sexual display of lesbian lust. Crystal cupped her hands behind Gwen's head and brought her up to meet her beautiful green eyes. She latches onto her lips and pulls her pink shirt down off her shoulders, untying it in the process. Then she takes Gwen's bra off and squeezes her big triple D plush pillows together, and sucks on both nipples at once. Gwen moans loudly once she felt Crystal's tongue dance around her nipples, gliding across her boob nips like silk. She then grabs hold of her girlfriend's nipples and begins tugging on them as she began to feel an impending orgasm.

Crystal loved having her nipples pulled on. It always sent her into overdrive. Both girls moaned with ecstacal bliss as they feel an incredible orgasm welling up inside them. Soon they both came like an earthquake, squeezing each other's tits as the orgasm thundered through their bodies. They bask in the glow of each other's lustful fulfillment with Crystal's violet eyes staring deep in her girlfriend's green eyes and Gwen staring back.

"Whoa." A quivering voice disrupts the moment. Gwen and Crystal look over at the cameraman standing next to Kevin who looked a little like Shaggy from "Scooby Doo". He even had on a green shirt and brown pants. There's an awkward silence as the embarassed young man sheepishly places his hand over his crotch and shuffles off to the side. Once he's out of sight, Kevin and the Gem Sisters burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry about that. He gets like that whenever he tapes a scene like that." Kevin said chuckling.

"Don't worry about it." Gwen giggled.

"So he's got a bit of an impulse control problem. Not that he could control himself." said Crystal.

"Look who's talkin' about impulse control." Kevin noted through his snickering.

"Hey, we are in control of our impulses. We know exactly what we wanted to do." Crystal shot back.

"Ok." Kevin said smiling, "I'll have these and the video up on the site in about a week."

"Alright." Gwen put her shirt back on and retied it, displaying a chunky mid-riff.

Crystal puts on her blouse once again, leaving it half unbuttoned. Her hard nipples poked out from under the material. She decides to leave her hair down and let it flow down her back to her thighs. As she straightened herself up, a familiar sound emulates from inside her. "I'm hungry." Her tummy was rumbling.

"So am I. We've really worked up an appetite. Hey, let's go to that Italian buffet. I'm in the mood for something saucy and cheesey." Gwen suggested.

"That sounds delicious." Crystal licked her lips.

The girls go over to Kevin and tell him bye. As they head to the door, they noticed the young cameraman. They said 'bye' as they flashed him tits and ass and then walk out the door. The boy was speechless except for the surfer 'Whoa' that lazily fell out of his mouth.

Crystal and Gwen arrive at the Italian buffet 20 minutes later. They are immediately greeted by Antonio who has become their personal servant. He sits them at the table closest to the buffet so they don't have to go far. They frequent this place alot and Antonio is always coming up with new recipes. He used to be head chef there about three years ago. With the Gem Sisters' love of Italian food and his ideas for delicious recipes, Antonio has created some of the most fabulous dishes anyone has ever tasted. Antonio's amazing cooking drew in big business and the owner of the restuarant made him manager. But Antonio still creates new dishes and is pleased to have Crystal and Gwen try them out. What's even more impressive is that he's only two years older that the two of them.

"I'm so happy to see you." Antonio said happily. He had a slight Italian accent.

"You say that everytime we come in here." Crystal smiled.

"Because of you and your love of Italian food, I can create exquizate dishes." He is ever the gracious host.

"Speaking of which, you got anything new for us to try?" Gwen asked.

"I am working on a new dish but it isn't quite ready yet."

"I guess we'll have to come back and try it next time." said Crystal. "In the meantime, let's get started."

"Absolutely." Gwen got and went over to the buffet followed by Crystal while Antonio went back to his position behind the potium near the entrance. The girls grabbed two plates each and surveyed the display. The buffet was bustling with every rich Italian food anyone could imagine. Spaghetti, manicotti, lasanga, angel hair pasta all lined the buffet area. Each dish was rich with sauce and cheese. The Gem Sister's eyes grew wide and their bellies pleaded loudly to be fed. They began piling their plates high, taking a double helping of everything from the buffet.

They take their plates back the their conviently placed table and started on their 'appetizer'. Crystal put two hairclips on either side of her head to keep her hair back. Her hair was not for eating. The girls gobbled their food down hastfully; their appetites were really worked up after their lustful display earlier. Once their first two plates were clear, they immediately got back up and filled two more plates each. The cooks made sure that the buffet was quickly restocked as Antonio has told them that their 'prefered customers' were there.

Gwen and Crystal made short work of their plates. They were both surprised at how hungry they were. Not wanting to let that hunger got to waste, they got another dual set of plates crammed with food. They even went up and got a third plate for each of them. While they packed more food into their bellies, one cook was kind enough to bring over the half pan of lasanga that they left and gave it to them. He bowed with a kirtsy and went back into the kitchen. They girls were going a little slower towards the end of their third double helping. All the heavy sauce and pasta was really giving their bellies a workout. Crystal's shirt fought to hold her belly back but the food inside of it forced her shirt to give in as her belly expanded and popped of a couple buttons, leaving just one button intact. The one in between her boobs and growing belly. Her skirt quit a while ago and bowed down to her gut as it crawled under the rolling flab.

Gwen's pink shirt was lucky to be out of the way of her expanding gut as it pressed forward and pushed her skirt band out of its way. She pushed more food into her stomach, pushing it out further and further. Her spheroid belly subded her to lean backward but she turned sideways to stay within reach of her meal. Crystal soon followed suit.

Antonio just happened to look over and saw that their plates were nearly dipleated. He clapped for two cooks, who happened to be putting out more food, to tend to his 'prefered customers' table. They promply responded and cleared off the plates from Crystal and Gwen's table. The cooks returned with four more plates packed with food. The girls thanked the cooks and resumed eating. The cooks returned to the kitchen but only after leaving two baskets full of garlic breadsticks on their table.

Both girls were filling up quickly and went through their fourth double helping a little slower. Even Crystal was getting full despite her incredible capacity. Gwen was holding on as she shoveled more pasta in her mouth. Her belly was stretched further than its ever been but she wants to cram it completely full. The Gem Sister's bellies bloated out to their thighs, with Crystal's almost reaching her knees. About an hour passes before Crystal and Gwen finally finishes everything on their table. They both sigh and rub their incredibly overstuffed bellies with satisfied grins drawn on their faces.

"Mmm, that was delicious." Crystal said delightfully.

"You said it." Gwen agreed.

Antonio steps away from the potium and heads over to their table. "I trust you enjoyed your meal." He grinned curtiously.

"Wait a second." Gwen said. Then two earthquake burps erupted from the depths of their stuffed bellies, echoing throughout the restaurant. A window or two may have rattled as a result. "Now we've enjoyed our meal." Gwen finished with satisfaction.

"Although we may need a little help getting up." Crystal pointed out.

"Of course." Antonio clapped his hands and two cooks responded. They grabbed the Gem Sisters by their hands and hoisted them up out of their chairs. Standing up, they were the perfect picture of gluttony. Their clothes were barely containing their bloated bellies bulging out a few inches in front of them. Antonio led the sisters as they wobbled the whole way to the door. "Thank you for coming." he said as he opened the door. "It's always a pleasure to have you here."

"Thanks for the good food." said Crystal.

"Don't forget to tell us about that dish you're working on." Gwen reminded him as she and Crystal walked out.

"I will. And when it's done; it will be magnifique." Antonio said with a pleasant smile. He waved bye to the girls as they wobbled their way to the car. Crystal lowered the back of her seat to a reclining position and got in. Even with the seat back her bloated belly still nearly touched to dashboard. Gwen had to move the driver seat back so her belly wouldn't rub against the steering wheel. Driving home was a bit entertaining in itself. Every little bump they hit bounced their overfilled bellies up and down, along with eveything they ate.

They made it home forty minutes later. After heaving themselves out of the car, they trudged their way up the stairs to the door. Once they were inside, Gwen and Crystal plopped down on the sofa and let their glutted guts fall in their laps. They looked like two bloated sacks of potatoes. They sat for a few minutes rubbing their bellies contently. Then Crystal came up with an idea.

"Hey hon."

"Yeah." Gwen responded.

"How about we do an eating video?" was Crystal's suggestion.

Gwen thought about it for less than a second. "Hey that sounds great." Then she had an idea of her own, "You know what else? We can do like, a monthly gain and we can measure each other too."

"Ooh, I like that idea. How about we tell your brother tomorrow? He can record us and take photos." Crystal said cheerily.

"Alright. But first let's sleep this lunch off and then we really go for it at dinner." smiled Gwen.

"You're starting to make me hungry, even with my belly full."

They share a laugh and hoisted themselves up off the sofa and went upstairs

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Part 3

When they woke up it was almost 7 o'clock after a four hour nap. They'd digested most of their huge lunch but their bellies were still pretty big, just not supremly huge like before. Gwen once again called 'their' pizza shop around the corner and ordered four large cheesesteaks with extra cheese, fried onions, extra mayo and ketchup and extra pepperoni; 2 sides of large cheese fries, mozzarella sticks and two whole cheesecakes with four large milkshakes. The girls munched on a two pound bag of marshmallows for each of them until their food arrived.

Twenty minutes later, their big order was delivered, ironically, by the same delivery boy from yesterday. Once again he hands them another canceled order along with their order and leaves with a vivid image of huge boobs laying on top of big bellies. The Gem Sisters go over to the dining room table and quickly plow into their huge dinner. They unwrap their large 18 inch cheeesteaks and chomp down on the half they picked up. Mayo, ketchup and pepperoni grease oozed out the opposite of their steaks each time they bit into it.

The cheesesteak was extra meaty and tender. They savored each bite as it melted in their mouths. Once the steaks were demolished, they began on the large cheese fries. The mozzerella sticks were dumped on top of the fries as there was only eight sticks per order. Devouring the cheese fries and sticks didn't take long. Gwen and Crystal take a moment to rub their bellies as they have grown back to their overstuffed state when they left the Italian buffet earlier.

With all this they still have dessert to finish and they were both pretty full. They also didn't want the food to go to waste. Crystal and Gwen each grab a cheesecake and open it. They breathed in the sweet scent of cream cheese, sugar and cherries. The cakes were 16 inches wide with 18 slices per cake. After savoring the scent, they savored the flavor. Piece by delicious piece the cheesecakes were disappearing steadily.

The girls devoured each slice in no more than three bites. They could feel their bellies getting tighter with each creamy slice filling and pushing them out further. They began slurping down the milkshakes in between eating slices. Both Gwen and Crystal leaned back in their chairs to allow their engorged bellies more room to expand. Soon afterward, both cheesecakes and all the milkshakes ended up inside Crystal and Gwen's spheroid bellies. The nightgowns they were wearing threatened to rip open from their bloated guts.

They sat for a few moments rubbing and caressing their bellies. They were taut and hard, packed with more food than trhey could've imagined. While they caressed their bellies, they remembered the canceled order that was given to them. They looked on the table and saw that four stuffed shell platters. Both girls were stuffed to the hilt but the platters were calling them. They cast looks at each knowing that the other wanted to eat those platters.

They weren't hugry; they just wanted to eat. They each take two platters and begin to eat them with the plastic forks provided. The shells were big and stuffed full, overflowing with ricotta cheese and drowning in sauce. The ten minutes that had gone by saw the shells meet their final resting place in the pit of the Gem Sisters swollen, overpacked guts. Their nightgowns stretched across their bellies tight like a drum. They were round like beachballs, rolling out from under their huge breasts and resting halfway down their thighs pushing them out of the way. They turn and look at each other contently.

"Full, babe?" Gwen asked.

"I think I'm past that." Crystal rubbed her belly smiling.

"I think we both are."

"You know we're gonna have so much fun doing this." Crystal said.

"Absolutely." Gwen agreed.

Both of them try to get up a couple times but their supremely filled stomachs won't let them.

"Umm, I think we'll be sleeping down here tonight." Crystal pointed out.

Gwen added, "I think so too."

They got as comfortable as they could in their dining room chairs and went to sleep.

The next morning they went to Kevin's studio after eating a monterous breakfast enough to feed a family of six easily. They told him about their idea for an eating video and weight gain pics.

"I think it's a great idea. There are a lot of people, especially guys who love weight gain pics and eating videos." he said. "Let's do it."

"I knew you'd like it." Gwen said.

Crystal was excited. "I can't wait to get started."

"You mean we can't weight to get started." Gwen quipped.

Kevin and Crystal laugh. "Exactly." Crystal grinned and winked.

"I have a friend of mine who works at a catering place around the corner. I can get him to provide the food. Besides he owes me a favor." Kevin told them, "So you two get ready and I'll give him a buzz."

"Ok." the Gem Sisters said together.

While Kevin phoned his buddy at the catering place, Gwen and Crystal changed out of their T-shirts and put on button-down blouses. The blouses were snug but not too tight. After putting on some make-up and fixing their hair, they went over to a set that was made up like a dining room with a purple silk backdrop. Kevin came over to the set after phoning his friend. He told them how excited his friend was and that he visit's their website frequently and he was more than happy to help them with their video and weight gain. Kevin then suggested that they take some before pics. Crystal and Gwen agreed and began posing while Kevin snapped the pictures. The played and seduced the camera as it captured their bountiful beauty.

About a half hour later, the buzzer to Kevin's studio rang. It was his catering buddy. Kevin told him to come up. It took Kevin's friend about ten minutes to load all the food into the elevator and ride it up to his studio. Crystal merrily skipped to the door when someone knocked on it. She opens it and to her surprise, as well as Gwen's, Kevin's catering buddy was none other than the delivery boy from the pizza shop they order from. Instead of his delivery uniform, he was dressed in a bleach white outfit with black pants. His red hair, not hidden under a baseball cap, was spiked up. He also had a couple piercings in his ears.

"You work at a catering place?!" Crystal was surprised.

"Yeah. I just the pizza delivery thing on the side just for some extra cash." said Kevin's friend.

"No wonder you always gave us that free food." Gwen said.

"What can I say? I'm a fan." He seemed more relaxed and easy going than when he delivered the food as a pizza delivery boy.

"Hey Mark." Kevin called over, "Just bring it over, man."

"Alright." Mark called back. Then he turns his attention to Gwen and Crystal, "You guys wanna help out. After all it is your food."

Crystal and Gwen nod in agreement and help Mark bring in the food. There were four carts load from top to bottom with delectible treats. It takes almost no time to bring them all in. Crystal and Gwen breathed in the heavenly scent of what smelled like Chinese dishes. Once the carts were over at the set, Kevin was about to introduce Mark to his sister and Crystal but to his surprise, they already knew each other. "Well I guess that saves the introductions." Kevin said with a sheepish grin.

Mark and the girls share a laugh. "Man, I wish I could stay and watch but I have to get back." said Mark.

"Alright, dude. See ya later." Kevin shook his hand.

Mark shakes both Crystal and Gwen's hands. "I guess I'll see you two tonight. And don't worry about dinner; it'll be on me."

"You got it, sweetie." Gwen said smiling.

Crystal got another idea. "Hey Mark. How about you bring us any leftovers you have from the pizza shop?"

"No problem. They're all yours." he agreed with a wink.

Mark waved to them as he made his way to the door and lets himself out. Mark was clearly not gay as he couldn't keep his eyes from going any higher than the Gem Sisters' big tits and round bellies. Kevin, Gwen and Crystal sat some of the platters on the table with the lids still on them. The girls got themselves situated while Kevin grabbed the cam-corder. He turns on the cam-corder and begins taping. Gwen and Crystal took off the lids revealing their delicious meal.

Just like they suspected, it was Chinese. Egg rolls, fried rice, egg fu young, Lo Mein and Chow Mein dishes spread across the table. The girls sniffed the delicious smell deeply causing their tummies to rumble, commanding them to be filled. With forks in hand, the Gem Sisters plow into the oil-fried delicacies. They munch and slurp through the food, engulfing it in huge bites. The food was extra oily and tasted so good. It may be from their large breakfast they ate earlier but their bellies were already expanding and pushing against their blouses, pulling the material tight. The cam-corder continued to record as Gwen and Crystal worked their way through their brunch platter after platter.

They waste no time moving on to the third and forth carts after demolishing the first two. Their rapidly growing bellies stretch the buttons of their blouses further and further apart as more food was packed in. Soon a simultanious pop of the first button gave their bellies bit more room to grow. The girl reclined in the chairs and turned their tubby tummies to the camera while they continued to stuff themselves.

The camera may have missed the first "pop" moment, but Kevin held the cam-corder in place to capture two more buttons fail under the pressure of the Gem Sisters expanding stomachs. He zoomed in on each of their tummies as their blubbery mid-sections lerched out of the blouses. He even captured another button that gave up its fight against the force of a growing tummy. Kevin zooms back out and resumes filming the girls packing it away. All of the bottom buttons of their blouses have given way to their bloating bellies as they cram the last of Chinese quizene into them.

Their bellies pushed out further than when they ate at the Italian Buffet yesterday and after dinner last night. Even after eating a huge breakfast before heading over to Kevin's, they seem to have no problem managing this even bigger brunch. Their bellies were still kinda full from breakfast and they have more than top themselves off with a big brunch. They were now seeing just how far they can go. Both of them felt ready to burst and their poor abused garbled in agreement. But they pressed on to finish their meal. Good food can not be wasted. They breathed heavily as they pushed in the last of the Chicken Lo Mein platter. It took a bit of a struggle but they manage to stuff in the last platter.

Dishes and lids lay askew on the carts and the table, remnants of an incredible stuffing. The girls sat in the chairs like two bloated blobs as they rubbed their extremely packed bellies. They stuffed their tummies so much food in such a short amount of time between breakfast and now; a span of only three hours. Gwen and Crystal stretched their bellies towards their knees, pushing their thighs apart. They slowly massage their spheroid guts telling the camera how full and stuffed they were.

Kevin asked them to stand up. Normally when they're stuffed full they don't try and get up. And this time they stuffed themselves beyond any stuffing they've done before. However they want to give their fans, including Mark, a full veiw of a super stuffed belly. With plenty of effort, Crystal and Gwen heaved themselves to their feet. The weight of all their early morning eating in their bellies threatened to pull them forward. They quickly adjust and lean back. Both of them look like very fat pregnant women bearing twins, maybe triplets.

Kevin taped for a couple more moments and said, "Cut." Gwen and Crystal plopped heavily back into the chairs which screamed with a loud creak. "I don't think these chairs are gonna hold us much longer." Crystal noted. It was true. The creaking chairs pleaded with them to remove their bodaciously beautiful butts off of them, eventhough they kept them warm.

"Alright. I'm gonna upload this on the site and it should be ready in a couples days." Kevin said, "Oh I have a great idea. How about you weigh and measure yourselves and I'll post those on the website as well."

"That's a good idea, Kev." Gwen said.

"Yeah and besides it's been awhile since we done it." said Crystal. "But we probably should wait until some of this food digests first. No sense in giving a false statement."

"Good idea. Kev, we're gonna go home and sleep all this off. Could you help us up?" Gwen asked.

Kevin grabbed hold of his step-sister's plump hands and pulled her up to her feet. He then did the same with Crystal. If they could, the chairs they were sitting in would breathe a sigh of relief. They removed the remnants of the blown-out blouses and put their now tight T-shirts back on. They waved bye to Kevin and thanked him for a wonderful session. Crystal and Gwen even playfully waved by to the young caneraman who lost his cool in front of them a yesterday. He just simply waved back gawking at their bulging bellies as they wallked out the door.

After arriving home, Gwen and Crystal decided to top themselves off with a gallon jug of dairy cream mixed with weight gain powder. Once they filled the crecices in their stomachs, they plod their way upstairs and take a nap with one hand on the other's belly rubbing softly until they fell asleep. While they slept, each one was having a dream about the other.

Gwen was dreaming about Crystal and her extra wide hips. She imagined her taking up almost all of the sofa in the living room with just her hips alone. In her dream, Crystal's hips spread over 100" across with big meaty thighs and a rump big enough to sit a dinner tray on. Her huge triple E tits exploded into double Q's that lay to either side of a huge globular gut that reached to her knees. Dream Crystal's hair still reached down to behind her knees but about a foot of it rested on her expansive shelf of ass. Gwen smiled happily at her vision of her lover.

Crystal's dream showed Gwen with a huge butt and earthquake thighs atop thunder calves. Gwen's butt was so big that it pushed up the fat on her back creating deep folds and creaveses. Her huge thighs merged with the bottom of her ass. Whenever she would sit down, her huge thighs and ass would make her appear four to five inches taller, maybe more. Dimples spread all over her legs, down to her big marshmellow toes. The fat build up on her calves cascaded over her feet and onto the floor about a inch. Crystal's dream version of Gwen depicted her big triple D boobs as whopping triple M's, maybe N's. They hung low touching to bottom of her blubbery belly. Unlike Gwen's dream, Crystal's dream Gwen's belly was divided into two parts. The top part of her belly was huge and round but the bottom half spread out into a huge apron nearly twice the size of its upper counterpart.

Both dreams may've been dissimilar in some ways but they had one thing in common. Both girls wanted the other's bottom to be really huge.

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Part 4

It was about 6 o'clock when Crystal woke up. The sun was beginning to set as they had slept most of the day away. Gwen was still as sleep next her, snoring lightly. She looked at her kindly a bit. "She's so cute when she sleeps."

Then a loud rumble from her tummy alerted Crystal that it was time to eat.

"Gwen." she rocked her gently, "Gweny, wake up. I'm hungry."

Through Crystal's constant rocking, Gwen finally wakes up.

"What time is it?" she said rubbing her eyes.

"It's almost six. My tummy's hungry." Crystal's tummy growled in agreement.

"Ok, we something to eat after we freshen up." Gwen said. Then came a rumble from her own belly, "And we better hurry."

They get out of bed and hop into the shower together. It was a tight fit but they managed to wash up. In fact, they just lathered up with soap and rubbed against each other.

As they were drying off Gwen noticed something. "Has your hair gotten longer?" she asked.

"I dunno. Maybe." Crystal tried to look at her hair as it hung behind her. She turns to the door mirror and sees that it has grown a bit, and so has her butt. She hasn't checked her hair length for about month and it now reached down almost past her knees.

"At this rate, I'll be walking on it. Maybe my butt will get bigger and hold some of it up." She said with a grin. Crystal loved having long hair and that's why she hasn't cut it for a while. She wanted to see how long it could get before it reaches to her feet. While she was admiring her knee-length locks, Crystal spied the scale under the sink. "Let's not forget to weigh ourselves."

"Oh yeah." Gwen almost forgot. "Then we gotta measure ourselves afterward."

Crystal went over to the sink and got out the scale while Gwen got out a long tape measure; the kind that tailors use. "Lightest goes first." Crystal said smiling.

Gwen chuckles, "You won't be saying that much longer." She steps on the scale and aited for the numbers to come up. The digital read-out had her at 251.

"Wow, I didn't think it was that much. Five pounds in three days." she said happily. Crystal measured her after she stepped off. They decided to stay with standard bust-waist-hip measurement. Gwen's measurement's didn't change much. Her old measurements were 44DDD-40-62 three days ago. Her bust was still 44DDD but she did gain an inch on her waist and hips.

It was Crystal's turn. Her weight is 310. She was over 300 pounds and she couldn't be any happier as she smiled with glee.

"Ooh, I can't wait for these to get bigger." Gwen cooed as she ran her hands across Crystal's big hips.

"Me neither. And I can't wait for this to get bigger." Crystal said, reaching around Gwen and grabbing her ass.

"Now let's see how wide I've gotten." Gwen measured her girlfriend. Three days ago, she was 48EEE-54-81. Now Crystal is 48EEE-57-84.

"Not bad, baby. We keep this up for an entire month, we're gonna have to get the doors widened." Gwen grinned.

"Yeah between your butt and my hips, if we leave the doors the way they are we'll end up taking them down." Crystal joked.

Gwen giggles. "Or we'll get stuck." They share a quick laugh at their impending growth over the month but their tummies quickly reminded them that it was dinner time. They grumbled at them angrily.

"We better get something to eat and fast." Crystal said as her belly complained that it was empty.

The Gem Sisters got dressed in only their night clothes. They each wore a tight top that showed off plenty of cleavage and boob flesh and matching pajama pants. Gwen's outfit had 'Raven' from 'Teen Titans' on it and Crystal's was the 'Grim Reaper' from 'Billy and Mandy'. They went downstairs and immediately called their pizza shop and ordered 3 family specials. Each special consisted of 2 large pizzas, 2 cheesesteaks and two 2 liter bottles of soda. Just to make their dinner worth while, Gwen asked for extra pepperoni and sausage on the pizzas and extra fried onions and mayo on the cheesesteaks. They were going for broke. After placing their order, the girls decided to munch on a family size bag of Doritos while they waited.

Twenty minutes later, their food arrived. The pizza shop was always prompt whenever they ordered. They go over to the door and to their surprise, as well as luck, Mark was delivering their food. He was back in his delivery uniform, not the catering outfit he wore earlier. They greeted Mark and he told them that he had an extra order in the car that was made twice. It was a large stromboli packed with Italian hot sausage. Gwen and Crystal took the extra stromboli without question. Once all the food was inside, Gwen got ready to pay for their dinner. But Mark refused.

"Don't worry about it. It's on me." He smiled pleasantly, waving the money away.

"Are you sure?" Gwen asked.

"Of course. I insist. Just remember to send me that video when your brother's done putting it together." Mark said kindly.

"You got it." Gwen winked at him.

"Anything for our number 1 fan." Crystal remarked cheerfully.

"Well I have to go. I have two other deliveries to take care of. You guys take care." Mark walked back to his car as the girls waved bye to him and thanked him for the extra food.

Gwen and Crystal went over to the dining room table. Before they started eating, Crystal hurried over to the stereo and put in a CD. With Rammstein blasting from the speakers, they began to devour their expansive meal. They started with the cheesesteaks, taking them down in huge bites and downing some soda in between. It takes about fifteen minutes to work through the steaks and then they hit the pizza.

They devour the pizza in a variety of ways. Folding them in half. Sandwiching two or three slices together. Rolling them up like a burrito. Which ever way they ate it, the pizzas ended in the same place--their growing bellies. Rounding, expanding bigger with food as more pizza was stuffed into their bloating tummies, pushing them out further towards their knees. Soon the pizzas were gone and were mixing together with the cheesesteaks to make the Gem Sisters bigger and fatter.

With Rammstein's 'Du Hast' pounding from the speakers of the stereo, Gwen and Crystal pounded back another 2 liter bottle of soda each. Then they begin on the stromboli. Gwen struggled out of her seat and got the box. Returning, she sat down with a plop and opened the box. Inside it was not an ordinary stromboli; it was the house special. It was jam-packed with pepperoni, sausage, green pepper and extra cheese.

The girls began eating the huge stromboli rather quickly as the German heavy metal band played another thunderous tune. Halfway through they begin to slow down as the extra meaty stromboli was quickly taking up a lot of space in their distended bellies. They pushed in more of the meaty treat as their super-bloated stomachs tried to make room.

For the first time during many eating sessions, their bellies started to hurt from being so packed with food, even Crystal's. Nevertheless, they still had half a stromboli to finish. The girls pressed on as the next CD came into play. Evanescence 'Going Under' played as they struggled with the last bit of their dinner. Right now, Amy Lee's angelic voice is what they need to relax and try to finish their meal. Slowly but surely the stromboli was disappearing into their bloated guts. It took them about two or three songs later before they finally stuffed the last of the 'super-boli' inside them.

Gwen and Crystal moaned in unison as they held their super tight bellies, relieved to finally be done. They also couldn't believe they ate everything. They sat and massaged their poor swollen tummies. Their tummies were round, full and tight; supremely packed with food. Big round orbs of fat flesh that stretched to their knees, almost passing them by half an inch.

"Ohhh, I'm so stuffed." Gwen moaned.

"You're stuffed? Look at me." Crystal said light-heartedly. She rubbed and patted her swollen gut for emphesis.

They both tried to laugh but bellies loaded with food and bouncing up and down didn't mix to well. "Urk, I don't think laughing is a good idea right now." Gwen almost retched.

"Ohh, I think you're right." Crystal agreed, "Besides all that food sloshing around inside doesn't feel too good."

They laugh again; this time only a little. They sat at the table and rubbed their bellies contently as the Evanescence CD continued to play. The song 'My Immortal' lulled them to sleep. Their big dinner may've also helped with this as well.

Over the course of the next month, Gwen and Crystal spent most of their time eating and gaining as much weight as they can. They hadn't taken any pictures during this time just to make the surprise of their bigger selves much more enjoyable. They ordered out a lot from their pizza shop and Mark was always more than happy to deliver their food and give them any extras they had lying around.

Mark told his manager what was going on and he agreed to give the Gem Sisters any and all leftover food so it dosen't go to waste, since they were keeping him in business with their large orders. Mark even brought them some food from his catering job and, by a strange twist of fate or pure coinsedence, Antonio even brought Crystal and Gwen food. It turns out when he's not managing his restaurant, he works part time as a chef at the same catering place as Mark and that's where he creates his dishes.

Antonio finally perfected his newest dish and he wanted the Gem Sisters' opinion. It was an old world recipe he learned from his grandmother who is from Sicily. The girls tasted the dish and it was heavenly. The combination of sauce, pasta, basil, oregano and garlic hit them with a delicious taste that make their tongues dance in their mouths.

Antonio has made some incredible Italian dishes but this was unlike anything they tasted before. This was something special and it was absolutely delicious. Antonio knew they would like it so he went ahead and prepared a huge batch just for them. Crystal and Gwen ate this and everything else that was brought to them. Between all the extra food from the pizza shop, the catering place and Antonio's restaurant, Crystal and Gwen had plenty to eat and spent their days at home devouring everything in sight. They hardly left home since Mark and Antonio were more than happy to bring the food to them. This resulted in them becoming bigger faster. The girls would even hold 'all day stuffings' and it was just the name implies. Crystal and Gwen would eat all morning until they were nice and packed full; then they would eat one pound of something every half hour or so just to maintain that fully stuffed feeling all day.

Pounds and inches were piling on them at impressive rates. Their bellies were big and round from being crammed with food all day. Their butts were pertruding out behind them, especially Gwen, forming impressive 'ass shelves'. They were taking on more a 'papple' shape. A cross between being pear shaped because of their large bottoms and an apple shape because of their big bellies.

However as the month progressed on, the Gem Sisters started to lean more towards a pear shape. Even Crystal's expansive FF boobs, formally EEE, couldn't keep up with her rapidly widening hips and ass. Gwen, on the other, can now fit into Crystal's bras with room to spare. The month was coming to a close with just 13 days remaining. The girls picked up the pace and ate more than before, sometimes spending 8 hours to sleep and the remaining hours eating. They even took to waking up in the middle of the night and spend an hour stuffing themselves full before going back to bed.

When it got down to the final two days, Gwen and Crystal decided to do a 24 hour eating marathon. They would spend one day eating and snacking, and the other day sleeping. Two days later after their marathon stuffing and one day of rest, it was time to see the results of their month long eating session. They awoke a little close to 11 o'clock, resting off another big mid-night snack.

Their bodies exploded in all directions. They had bigger, puffier arms with began to fold over with fat at the elbows; huge plush breasts that have easily gone up a few cup sizes; big globular bellies made round from all the constant stuffing. But the part of their bodies that took the brunt of their weight was everything below their non-existant waists.

Gwen and Crystal grew their asses into impressive shelves bigenough to hold a snack tray easily without them bending over or leaning forward. Cellulite and fat built up on their legs creating numerous dimples. Their thighs began to roll over their calves and in turn, their fat-ladden calves spilled over their feet. Gwen took on more of this aspect than Crystal, whose already wide hips sprode even more over the month making her wider than most of the doors in their house. Crystal started to spend her time down stairs and slept on the sofa bed when she found out her huge hips were beginning to keep her from going upstairs about a week ago.

"Well today's the big day." Gwen said.

"Yep. Let's see if all our efforts paid off." Crystal said.

Both of them were very upbeat and happy to see the fruits of their labors. They waddled their newly expanded selves into the bathroom, which they had the door widen to accomodate their expansive butts, hips and guts, and weighed themselves with Gwen going first.

One month ago she clocked in at 251 pounds. Now Gwen weighed 297 pounds. "Wow, that's it. I thought for sure I broke three hundred." she said happily but with a slight disappointment. "Maybe after today I'll get there."

"And I'll be right there with ya." Crystal said cheerily. She took Gwen measurements. Last time she was 44DDD-40-62. Now she's 40F-49-72. "Your hips are almost as big as mine were a couple years ago." Crystal remarked, "Ok, my turn."

Crystal hopped on the scale. Due to her slow metabolism she put on a big gain. She was 310 when they started. Now she's 362. Gwen took her measurements. Before Crystal was 44EEE-57-84 and now she is 36FF-66-94. Gwen's eyes widened with surprised as she measured her hips. Only two inches remained on the tape mesasure.

"Oooh, you're almost there." she cooed, caressing her lover's newly widened hips. The feel of Gwen's soft touch as she continued to run her hands smoothly across her hips was getting Crystal hot. She moaned lightly as Gwen kissed her hips, leading up to her belly. Crystal reached down and ran her fingers through Gwen's soft auburn hair. Being kissed on her belly drove Crystal over the edge, almost as much as having her nipples tugged on. Gwen traced her tongue up Crystal's big round belly causing her to shudder.

Crystal ran her hands across Gwen's boobs and gave them a squeeze while Gwen came up and took in a thumbnail sized nipple, sucking on it hard. Gwen coaxed Crystal to lay down and she complied. With her lover on her back, Gwen can explore every new curve on Crystal's 5 foot 362 pound body. Gwen went back down to her belly, kissing and tracing her tongue across it. Crystal moaned and cooed as she felt her libido begin to rise; she grabbed her huge bosom, groping and squeezing the soft mounds of flesh they lay upon her chest.

Gwen removed her lover's panties while she continued to kiss the underside of her belly, sending shivers up her spine. With the panties out of the way, Gwen was now able to drive Crystal of the edge of lustful bliss and back again. She dove her head into Crystal's honey pot, lashing her tongue around like a whip. Crystal squealed loudly and arced her back in response. Gwen reached up with both hands and grabbed hold of both of her nipples, pulling on them hard. This was it. Gwen was going to eject Crystal into a realm of pure sexual rapture. Gwen's tongue danced around in her pussy while kept tugging on her nipples more. She arced her back more pulling her own tits back while they were still being held tight by their nipples.

Crystal's moaning was becoming louder and her breathing labored as she writhed on the floor in ecstacy. A sensuous lust washed over her, impairing her to articulate words. She was lost in a blissful sexual fulfillment. Low moans and high squeals of ecstacy were the only audible sounds she made. She could feel Gwen's magic tongue cast a spell on her clit, licking and sucking like she would on her nipples. Suddenly Crystal nearly lifted her body off the ground as she howled out when Gwen thrust her tongue deep into her pussy, sending shockwaves of pleasure all over her body. Gwen's own orgasm was coming on as Crystal was about to explode. Her eyes rolled back like a shark as Crystal felt her libidio began to go supernova. Gwen's moans were becoming louder and longer while she still had her head buried between her girlfriend's thighs. To Crystal, it felt like a vibrator. Soon both erupted in a volcanic explosion of massive orgasms. Crystal practically screamed when her sexual overdrive was unleashed in a lustful fury.

Gwen collapsed to the bathroom floor breathing heavily. She tried catching her breath as cumming while eating pussy was harder than she expected. Then she felt a tugging on her hair. Gwen let out a small shudder as her hair was tugged on harder. "Ohh, baby. You know what that does to me." she said with a sultry moan.

By this time Crystal had managed to sit up. "That's right, sweetie. You almost made me pass out. And now it's your turn." Her tone was deeply sultry and seductive. She grabbed more of Gwen's hair and then rose to her feet. Gwen followed suit as her auburn mane was pulled upon. Crystal turned from sweet and innocent to a domineering seductress as she lead Gwen, who was moaning with pleasure, back into the bedroom.

Gwen loved having her hair pulled just as much as Crystal loved a good tugging on her nipples. But she also loved to be dominated by her as well. In fact they both loved the esquizette mixture of pain and pleasure. Gwen loved being seduced harshly as she was pushed gently, bending over the bed with her ass in the air. Crystal still had a hold of her locks as she pulled her head up, causing her squeal lightly with delight. "You've been a bad girl and now I'm going to punish you." she said with a sultry wickedness. "Would you like to be punished?"

"Yes." Gwen was getting hotter and more turned on by the minute.

Crystal yanked on her hair lightly, getting a pleasureable yelp out of her, "Yes, what?"

"Yes mistress."

"For not answering me properly, you will be spanked."

"Yes mistress."

Crystal then gave her ass a light slap, causing it to jiggle. Gwen yelped again. Her ass was slapped again, a bit harder this time. Each slap that was laid across her ass was met with lustful yelp. And the spanks got a bit harder each time. Gwen was beginning to lose control as she was overcome with sexual pleasure. She twists and moves her body as her libido took over; all the while Crystal still had a hold of her hair which she gave a yank each time she spanked Gwen's jiggly butt.

"Don't lose control." she said seductively as she gave her butt another good spanking. Gwen stifled a squeal as this slap nearly echoed through the room. Crystal pulled Gwen up by her hair again and lead her to the side of the bed and bent her over. Then she open the drawer in the nightstand and takes out the 'Silver Bullet'. It was a big grey vibrator.

"Now I get to have my way with you." she cooed in Gwen's ear.

"Yes mistress." Gwen moaned, "Have your way with me. I'm yours." Then she let out a loud sensuous moan that was almost high pitched when Crystal thrusted the buzzing vibrator into her and pull back on her hair like the reins on a horse. The vibrator was worked slowly in and out of Gwen's putty, buzzing like an angry bee hive. Low sensuous moans rolled out of Gwen's mouth as the stiff buzzing dildo worked her putty and clit over while her hair was being pulled taut.

Crystal saw that her lover turned personal sex slave was close to climaxing, but she wanted to take her time with her. "Shh. Calm down. Relax yourself." she breathed in her ear.

Gwen obeyed and tried her best to calm herself down while Crystal continued to deliberately glide the vibrator slowly in and out of her honey pot. She even turned it all the way up just to 'torture' her more. Gwen tried her best to remain calm and let the orgasm build, but it was getting harder for her to do so. Between the hair pulling and having her pussy teased, she was struggling to hold back her climax a little longer. Every muscle in her body tensed up tight as she stifled moan after moan from the orgasm building up deep inside her. Gwen started panting heavily. Her orgasm was increasing building.

She wanted Crystal to stop torturing her and let her climax. "Stop...please..." Her breathing was becoming labored.

"You would want me to stop, wouldn't you?" Crystal cooed as she stopped and held the vibrator on Gwen's clit, moving slowly it around in small circles.

Gwen winched. "Yes...oh. god...yes." she practically wined. The sexual tension of her trying to stifle the massive orgasm growing inside her was becoming too much for Gwen to handle. She was being tortured sexually by her two favorite pleasures. But as Crystal's submissive she must obey and hold back her climax until she is allowed to release it.

Crystal lets go of Gwen's hair and gets out another vibrator from the nightstand. This one she puts in her own putty. Her own orgasm has been building the whole time and now, by giving her putty the same treatment as Gwen, it was coming on faster.

"Ok. Let yourself go." she said while simutaniously pumping her putty and Gwen's.

That was all Gwen needed to hear. She could feel the massive climax churning inside her as it began to boil over. She reached back and began pulling on her own hair to heighten to pleasure of her incredible, impending orgasm. Every muscle in their bodies locked as they both howled out in ecstacy. Their bodies writhed and undulated as they neared an intense orgasm. After some more dual pussy pounding with vibrators, the girls erupted in an earth shattering climax that rocked them for head to toe. Both of them fainted from exhaustion with Crystal slunking to the floor and Gwen collapsing on the bed. They both passed out from the most intense orgasm they had ever had. They both laid where they were, breathing heavy and sweating perfusely.

About an hour or so passed before there was movement from either one of them. Gwen slowly pushed herself up off the bed. Her body was still trembling from the massive orgasm the burst from her earlier. She looked over at Crystal, slumped against the nightstand like a drunkard in a bar. Her long hair was sprawed out around her.

"Crissy." Gwen said giving her a light shake. She used her childhood nickname. "Crissy. C'mon honey wake up."

Crystal slowly woke up and looked at Gwen. Her auburn hair was askew, not nicely combed out like it usually is. She saw that they both naked and she was on the floor with her hair all around her. Crystal then remembered what happened and started to chuckle, "I did it again, didn't I?"

"Yep, you made us pass out." Gwen chcukled as well.

"But it was damn good though."


"What time is it?" asked Crystal.

Gwen looked up at the clock on the dresser across the room. "It's almost two. We spent the whole morning playing with each other, didn't we?"

"Don't forget I made us pass out and we don't know how long that lasted." said Crystal smiling.

"Yeah, you're right." Gwen chuckled, "Oh, we still have to do our update."

"Oh, yeah." Crystal said. They both almost forgot about their weight gain update. "But can we get something to eat first. I'm starving."

"So am I." Gwen agreed after hearing her belly rumble.

They both got up and got washed. Unfortunately because of their newly added poundage, they had to shower seperately. Crystal called 'their' pizza shop and ordered 8 hoagies and four large milkshakes and then she and Gwen got dressed. Twenty minutes later their food arrived but it wasn't deliverd by Mark. Another delivery boy with shoulder length dark hair handed then their order. They asked what happened to Mark and he told them that he wasn't on duty yet. They paid for their food, giving the dark hair boy a healthy tip.

He appeared to have an attraction to large women cause he kept scanning Crystal and Gwen up and down with a big smirk on his face. The hoagies the girls ordered were packed with meat, cheese and veggies, and were dripping with mayo and oil. They swallowed down the hoagies in huge bites, finishing them in a quick half hour. Before they started in the milkshakes, Gwen got up and went into the kitchen. She came back with 2 gallons of dairy cream, 2 spoons and 2 empty pitchers.

The girls each took a gallon of cream and an empty pitcher and dumped the milkshakes and poured the cream into the respectively. They stirred their mixture up and then proceed to chug them down. Crystal and Gwen took the pitchers down rather quickly and finished off the remaining dairy cream, packing their bellies full. Once they finished their late big lunch, they fixed their hair and make-up and headed over to Kevin's.

When they arrived, Kevin couldn't believe the dramatic change they underwent. He hasn't seen his half sister and Crystal for the entire month. "Wow, look at you two. I expected you to gain weight but not at all what I expected." he said surprised.

"So how do we look?" Crystal said smiling.

"Both of you look beautiful as always." Kevin knew he just had to ask, "How much do y'all weigh?"

"I'm 297 and Crystal's 365." Gwen answered.

"Well it definately shows." Kevin smiled.

"That's what we wanted." Crystal said cheerily.

"Ok, let's take some photos for a comparison set." Kevin got his camera ready and the Gem Sisters stood in front of a bedroom set-up. He took pictures as they posed and showed off every new curve they grew since their last shoot. After the 30 minute shoot was over, the girls decided to go to Antonio's place for a long dinner.

As always Antonio greeted them at the door and set up their table near the buffet. He got out two special chairs just for them; the chairs were cushier and more sturdy than the regular chairs. Crystal and Gwen ate to their heart's content for nearly three solid hours. The chefs had a bit of hard time keeping up with them but they managed.

After Antonio's, the Gem Sisters went home and, even there, they continued to eat. They were both packed to the hilt and they didn't want that fully packed feeling to go away just yet. Their bellies were supremely bloated and huge. They now looked like two very fat pregnant ladies bearing quadruplets, maybe quints. They would eat something whenever they felt that their bellies have digested enough to make room. They weren't hungry in the slightest; they just wanted to eat. Gwen and Crystal kept their bellies full until it was time to go to bed. While they were lying in bed after topping themselves off with a couple gallons of milk, Crystal had a thought. "Hey, honey." she said.

"Yeah." Gwen answered while massaging her belly.

"I don't want this to end."

"Oh, well I have a bag of candy just in case."

"No, I mean eating like this and gaining weight. I enjoy eating before but over the last month I've come to enjoy it more. How about we continue to gain? If you don't want to, that's ok. But I wanna see how far I can go. So whaddya say?" Crystal asked, eventhough dshe already knew her answer.

Gwen thought about it for a moment. "Funny you should say that. I been having the same thought for days now and I was waiting to see which one of us asked first. I've enjoyed stuffing myself silly over the last month and there's no one I wanna get fatter with than you."

"I'm so glad." Crystal smiled, "Hey how about we tell Kevin, Mark and Antonio tomorrow? I'm sure Mark and Antonio would have no problem giving us food."

"Yeah and this time, we wait two months to do an update." Gwen suggested.

"That's sound like a good idea."

It was settled. The Gem Sisters would continue to eat and gain weight and love each other. All that's left is to run the idea by Kevin and the guys.

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Part 5

The next day Crystal and Gwen went to Kevin's studio after eating another belly-busting breakfast and told him their idea. He phoned Antonio and Mark, and told them to come over. Once they got to the studio, they were informed of the Gem Sisters' plan to get fatter. They told the girls that they liked the idea and were willing to help out. They also said that they would get some friends of theirs, who are also members of their website and have a facination with girls gaining weight, to help out as well.

Through his pictures, videos and own promotion, Kevin found a guy interested in donig a webcam reality show. Turns out he also has penchant for fat girls. Gwen's brother also suggested that they can stay in a studio downstairs so they can have more space as they get bigger and that it's cheaper than the house they're living in now. The girls agreed and asked the guys if they would help them move when they were ready; they wanted to see how much longer they can live in their house before it became too small for them. Kevin, Antonio and Mark agreed.

It was a done deal. The boys made their phone calls and the Gem Sisters went to a Chinese buffet and made short work of it. The owner was a little upset that these two fat girls came into his restaurant and nearly wiped it out until he saw how much of a tip they had left. Like a typical businessman, he grinned from ear to ear and pocketed it quickly. The Sisters could now begin their new life of food.

The next two months were spent just like their first month but with some changes. Kevin got a hold of his producer friend, Carl, and he loved the idea of a fat girl reality show. He said it was new, fresh and innovative. Typical producer, but he is a fun guy and he's just as gay, if not gayer, than Kevin. Carl had on khaki slacks, white shoes, a Hawaiian shirt buttoned halfway with a sweater drapped over his shoulders and a pair of sunglasses on his head to complete his look.

The flamboyant producer set up temporary cameras in the Gem Sisters' house that were connected to the internet via cable. The cameras will remain and document their progress until they move into the studio apartment that Kevin asked the landlord to hold out for them. Turns out he is also a FA and is married to his 400+ pound wife of ten years. The show, titled simply 'The Gem Sisters', was launched across the internet later the next day after they started their gain.

The cameras were on from the morning until they went to bed. Anyone watching got to see the girls eat and stuff themselves full. The show was slow going at first but over the weeks it started to pick up momentum as the girls continued to pick up weight. Mixture of people watched their internet program from those who were interested to those who were disgusted and everyone in between. However they all watched for the same reason. They wanted to see what they ate next. Gwen and Crystal grew in pounds and inches as their show grew in popularity.

More people everyday were tuning in to watch these two fat girls eat themselves fatter. The audience was becoming made up of more people who like to see fat girls stuff themselves full and get fatter than people who merely watch just to poke fun. Some people watched for the artistic quality, despite who it features.

Crystal and Gwen spent their days as they normally would. They would eat a huge breakfast in the morning and spend the rest of the day keeping themselves full, allowing their stomachs to digest some food and then filling it again. The girls kept themselves contantly glutted. For the whole day their bellies were never empty. They loved the feeling of being so fully packed to the limit; they begin to do it more often.

With the help of Antonio and Mark, the Gem Sisters were continuously stuffed with food. They even took a suggestion from several fans who all unified that they do one thing--use weight gain shakes. They both agreed. The girls would stuff themselves silly and then stretch their bellies even more by drinking a gallon of weight gain shake mixed with heavy cream.

This resulted in some seriously quick gaining. Between Crystal's super-slow metabolism and Gwen's rapidly decreasing metabolism, the Gem Sisters gained faster than anyone could imagine. Near the end of their first month the girls decided to move into the first floor studio apartment as they were quickly outgrowing their house. Perhaps Crystal's now 100" hips wedging her in the upstair hallway may have something to do with their move.

The moving men who they hired were also fans of the show and they both enjoyed seeing a woman enjoy her food. One of them was married to a big woman and now she has more confidence in herself since they had been watching the Gem Sisters' show together.

The moving guys were very kind. Just so no one missed out on anything Carl had camera guys continue to film while the house cameras were removed and installed in the studio apartment. Once the girls got settled in, they can continue with their gain through the next month.

The show was becoming extremely popular and the girls were becoming extremely fat. Everyone whose anyone were talking about the Internet phenomenom. Casual conversation about the world and politics were being replaced with talks about the rapidly growing girls on the Internet reality show. Whether the conversations were in support of or against the show, it was still being talked about.

Two months of solid eating go by so quickly and it was time to reveal to the 2.3 million internet watchers the Gem Sisters' new weights and measurements. Crystal weighed in at 438 pounds and her measurements are 42FF-70-112. Just as she and Gwen dreamed; her extra wide hips were taking the brunt of Crystal's weight.

Gwen's weight, to her surprise, skyrocketed up to 355 pounds. Her measurements went through dramatic changes. She is 45F-56-84. Gwen has been keeping up with Crystal in her eating and she wants to gain faster so she can catch up to her mate.

For the next four months Gwen went on a weigh gain shake diet. She would drink shakes with every meal by the gallon until she caught up with Crystal. The fan base for their show was steadily increasing every week. They received tons of E-mails and wrapped presents from their fans. It was mostly food that was sent or some very generous people would send them money with a request to use it towards more food. No problem there.

Heading into the third month both Gwen and Crystal weighed over 500 pounds. Crystal is 530 pounds and Gwen brings up the rear at 518 pounds. She's so happy that she finally caught up with her. They both plan to be over 600 by the time for their update. Kevin, as always, continued to take pictures and post them on their website.

Since they lived two floors below him he didn't hae far to go, and neither did the girls. However gaining weight like they are has its ups and downs. Upside, Gwen and Crystal love stuffing their bellies with food everyday and eat more to try and break their old limit. Downside, at barely 5 feet tall Crystal was finding it difficult to get around and Gwen wasn't too far behind.

When Mark and Antonio came over with their convoy of foodcarts, the Gem Sisters told them of their plight. Seeing that the studio apartment was very big and had room enough for at least two more people, Mark and Antonio decided to move in with them. Mark asked them if it was ok for his girlfriend to move in with them as well. He explained that she is a big fan of their internet show and her name was Robin, but because of her bright red hair anyone that knows her calls her 'Ruby'.

"Ruby, huh." Gwen said, "Maybe she would like to be another 'Gem Sister'."

"Wow, that's weird. She said the same thing not too long ago." Mark mentioned.

"Really, tell us more about her. And knowing you, she's probably a fat girl, isn't she." Crystal grinned.

Mark snapped his fingers in sarcasm. "Darn, you figured it out. Yes, she is a fat girl. Ruby weighs about 300; she 5 foot 5 and, you'll like this, bisexual."

Crystal and Gwen smiled big at the last sentence. A big bisexual red-head living with them. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? The girls wasted no time in agreeing to let Ruby move in with Mark. The girls ate their mix of Italian and Chinese in antispation of adding Ruby to their duo.

The next day, during their lunch of Mexian entrees, Mark and his girlfriend moved their stuff into Gwen and Crystal's studio. They stopped eating and looked. Ruby was exactly as she was described. Bright red hair flowing to the middle of her back; big wide hips and belly; big, soft honeydew sized boobs and, like Gwen, she had big green eyes. Ruby stared back at the Gem Sisters in awe. She scanned them all over. Before her were two very fat girls with fat bulging on every inch of their bodies. Fat collections on their legs had begun to dimple and fold over onto each other all the way to their feet. Big fatty arms rolled over onto football sized forearms, which in turn rolled over onto dimply pudgy hands. It was the sight of two big girls eating that seemed to stir something up inside her, but she decided to remain calm.

"Hi, you must be Ruby." Gwen said.

"An' ye' are Gwen an' Crystal." Ruby was Irish.

"Wow, an Irish girl. You didn't tell us that, Mark." Crystal said with a wink.

"Uh, dat won't be a problem, will it?" Ruby was almost sheepish.

"Oh, no hun. Not at all. Crystal's just messing with him." Gwen gave a reassuring smile.

"Didn't I tell you they were fun." Mark said. Then he looked at his watch, "Oh man, I have to get to work. I'll unpack when I get back."

"Ok." Ruby said and kissed him on his cheek.

"See you girls later."

"Bye, Mark." the Gem Sisters said together.

After Mark left, Crystal asked, "Ruby, you hungry?"

"Absolutely." Ruby went over to the table and pulled up a chair. She began munching on a few burritos but soon afterward she gorging right along with Crystal and Gwen. They talked while they ate so they can get to know Ruby a bit better. They found out they had a lot in common, including stuffing themselves silly with food. The girls continued to plow through the entrees as they talked.

Ruby was so distracted by their conversation that she didn't realize how much she was eating; she was really putting it away. Soon all the entrees were gone and Ruby was stuffed full. Her big belly was made even bigger from the 13 entrees pushing it out. "Oh, I'm so stuffed. It been awhile since I eat like dat." she said rubbing her belly.

"Wow Ruby you can really eat." Gwen said.

"Told ya I can pack it away w'en I wan' tae." Ruby said with a big grin, "An' dis be only the beginnin'." She looked at them with mischievious grin.

With that, Crystal and Gwen knew they found a new friend and eating partner in Ruby. The red-headed 19 year old Irish girl joined them as a third Gem Sister.

The newly formed Gem Sisters ate their way through the second month with Ruby eating and drinking weight gain shakes for herself and then some. Their viewing public loved the addition of Ruby to the show and were E-mails and letters by the hundreds. Kevin was informed of this and added Ruby to their website along with some pictures of her.

Mark was ecstatic that his girlfriend has found two friends to fatten up with, as it was apart of his plan. When he first met her Ruby loved being a big girl but was a little self-conscious about her size around other people. She knew Mark loved big girls and she wanted to get bigger just for him but she was afriad of other people's reaction. He told her about Crystal and Gwen and how confident they were in themselves. Ruby watched their show on the net and was so inspired by them that she asked Mark if she can move in with them along with him. Now, being around the Gem Sisters and being accepted as a third Sister has given Ruby the confidence she needed to fulfill her and Mark's dream of a bigger her.

Antonio moved a short time later and was introduced to Ruby. He vey happy that he has a new person to try his amazing recipes on. It's always best to have a third opinion. Since the show started, both Mark and Antonio have been getting good business as more people were becoming familiar with them from being on the show.

Antonio's restaurant was booming with customers and packed with people every night. The owner was so happy with increase in business that he gave Antonio a healthy raise. Antonio used the extra money to buy out another Italian buffet that was closing down. This buffet was bigger and more spacious than the one he manages. He now owns his own restaurant named simply 'Antonio's'.

Mark's catering place was getting big business as well. People were ordering dinners and platters for any and all occasions. His boss had given him a raise as well for bringing in customers. He got word of Antonio opening his own place and suggested to his boss that they join up with him as business partners. Mark's boss still wanted to be his own man but he had no problem with Mark joining his friend.

Antonio was overjoyed that Mark would be joining him in his place. Together they will create some of the most delicious dishes anyone has ever tasted. As per to their partnership, Antonio had the sign changed to 'Italian & Chinese Buffet'; the first dual culture place of its kind. The show had made a name for them. Now together they will become entrepenuer dynamoes.

As well known as they were getting, the real stars of the 'Gem Sisters' show were the trio of fat girls stuffing themselves full of food. Their three month update had turned into four months with everyone gaining success from the show. Carl was given a producing job for another show in the city and informed everyone of the offer. Everybody said it was a great offer and he took it. He still oversees the Gem Sisters' show while producing another show; this time for TV. Kevin was still a freelance photographer but he works part-time as a cameraman for a local news station.

With a fourth month gone by it was time for the girls, including Ruby, to weigh in.

Crystal now weighed a beautiful 617. Her incredible measurements were 40H-91-158. Her hips and ass exploded with fat. Her huge shelf of an ass stuck out at least two feet behind her and her humungous fat ladden boobs were still round but they hung down to her waist. And, just like in Gwen's dream, Crystal's long hair would be touching the floor if not for much it resting on her expansive rump.

Gwen ballooned up to 614. She measured 44FF-88-146. She was quickly fulfilling Crystal's dream with her bottom half taking most of her gain. Her legs were bulging with pillows of fat. Standing up, her feet were at least a foot and a half from each other, seperated by mounds of fat on her thighs.

Now for the new girl. Ruby came to them weighing 321 pounds. Now, from nearly two months of solid gorging, she shot up to 405 pounds. Her old measurements were 48DDD-56-71; now she's 36E-67-84. She already had a head start at over 300 pounds; it won't take her long to catch up.

The Gem Sisters decided to do another update in three months. During this time everything only continued to get better. Viewers of their show were now up to over 6 million. Mark and Antonio's place was generating so much success that they opened another interacial cuisine. Carl's TV show is becoming a growing success. His show featured a group of plus size women running a fashion industry. It was a fresh change from similar shows that featured thin women. BBWs and BHM alike quickly embraced the show as it showed fat people in a new light.

Kevin was still a cameraman for the local news station but he still oversees the Gem Sisters' website. Because of the huge success of the internet show, he created a second site dedicated to the show. And the Gem Sisters, as always, continued their nearly endless gorging straight through all of this. Before they knew it, it was time for another update.

Ruby constantly kept herself stuffed never going too long without food in her growing belly; as did the rest of the Sisters. Her weight ascended from 405 to 529. 52E-81-96 were her new stats and she phoned Mark at work to tell him her new weight and measurements. He couldn't be any happier.

Gwen grew up from 614 to 746. Her lower half absorbed all the calories and fat, giving her a measurement of 56FF-108-168. The fat build up on her legs was so much the pockets of it touched the floor and then some, even when she was standing. The fat on her calves covered much of her feet with her only her toes poking out from under it. Above them, huge fat ladden thighs rested on top. They bulged over much of her calves and when she sat down, they nearly reached they floor. She was close to immobility.

Crystal, however, has already reached that point. Weighing as much as she does at 5 feet tall, walking had become an issue not too long after their last update. One devoted fan was kind enough to build her a special bean bag type chair with a scale built into it. It was very comfortable and sat on the floor. The chair's scale read her new weight as 789. Her incredible gain is due to her snail's pace of a metabolism and constant eating. She managed to stand up with help to give what would be her final measurements. 56H-119-210. Her hips and ass were as wide as a full size sofa. Her legs were even bigger than Gwen's. The blubbery flesh ecasing them spread her legs into a perminate split, keeping her feet, or the fat little balls of flesh with toes on it, four feet apart from each other.

About a month ago a feeding machine was installed since the girls couldn't sit at the table no more except for Ruby. The attendants, who were hired at that time and weigh no less than 300 pounds themselves, put the food in the machine which grinded it up into liquid form and Crystal and Gwen would drink from the tubes. Ruby wanted to join them on the machine but she'll hold out until she hits over 600.


One year since they began, the Gem Sisters became an international phenomenom and their show, now on cable as well as the internet, was viewed in several countries worldwide. Everyone associated with the show has met with incredible success.

Kevin has upgraded for a news cameraman to filming movies for a now fast rising Hollywood producer and that producer was none other than Carl. His TV show met a rowsing success and has been nominated for an award.

Mark and Antonio now had Italian/Chinese restaurants all over the U. S. and quickly became multimillionaires.

As for the Gem Sisters themselves, they were just as rich and famous. With the money they were making from their show, they brought a large home in Beverly Hills were their show continues to air. Their trio has grown into a six girl group with the addition of Opal, Topaz, and Tourqoise. Better known as Aurora, Tammi and Teresa who all weigh over 400 pounds and quickly closing in on 500. As for the original trio, here are their current weights and measurements.

Ruby is up to 867 pounds and is 48JJJ-125-158.

Gwen is 1021 pounds. Because she couldn't stand her measurements were estimated at 54MM-142-213. Her bottom half was truly massive as her butt alone rose her at least three feet off the ground.

Crystal was a living mass of fat, blubbery flesh. She weighs an incredible 1800 pounds. Her impossible measurements, to the best calculation possible, are 46PPP-148-313. She was almost comletely immobile except for her arms. Sitting down, her expansve hips spread out more than nine feet around her with a huge globular ass and massive four foot wide thighs that lifted her off the ground a good four feet, almost five. Crystal's huge boobs hung down to either side of her spheroid belly. As was the same for Ruby and Gwen.

The girls were superstars in their own right. They had shown the world that you can be fat, or massively obese like Crystal, and live a happy life. Crystal did not continue to gain weight after she hit a ton but Gwen and Ruby kept on going until they joined her. Opal, Topaz and Tourqoise became the new stars of the 'Gem Sisters' show and were on their way to joining their Sisters in super-sized stardom.

[Well, thart's the last part. I hope you've enjoyed my story and thanks for reading. Feel free to give me some feedback.

Thanks again,

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I simply love such stories. Excelent work. Please another one :-)
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In my honest opinion......I think that this is the absolute best story I have ever read. Such detail, emotion, and feeling. I am a big fan of butt growth stories and you sir have made my day. I really REALLY hope you write more stroies like this.
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Cool Ask and ye shall receive

I have another story in the works and should be ready just in time for the new year. It's a twist on a childhood bed time story. That's all I'm saying for now.

Thanks for reading my story!
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Wonderful story
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Excellent story. Your descriptions are amazing!
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