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Default The Great Eatscapade - by runningsoft (~BBW, ~~WG, Erotica)

~BBW, ~~WG, Erotica - Story of three friends

The Great Eatscapade
By Runningsoft

Part 1

Natasha couldn’t stand it anymore. The weather was the warmest it had been in over a month, not a cloud in the sky. But there she was, stuck in English class, her last period of the day and bored out of her mind.
Natasha was in her final year of high school at Brockridge High but almost had to switch schools because of her father. He had just completed a huge financial deal on some expensive engineering contract to some overseas buyers. With the huge business contract in hand, this meant that his 70 hour work weeks were finally at an end. He could retire.

It was decided that, since their daughter had less than a year to graduate, that the family would relocate but keep the essentials in their old house until Natasha graduated and finalize a sale afterward.
Enter Natasha. Frustrated.

She had known that the move was coming. What she didn’t know is that it was going to happen as quickly as it did. She thought she had more time.

But she found that even if she had to move and switch schools because her family would be moving into a neighborhood of a different school district, that it wouldn’t be that dramatic on her social life because she really only cared about losing her core group of friends.

Among those at the top of her friend list were Megan and Josh. Natasha and Megan had known each other since they were in diapers. They had been next door neighbors all the way up until the move and both of their families got on very well. Both being single children, they practically got on like sisters. Sleepovers, family trips, the works.

Josh had come around when Natasha was in middle-school. His family had just relocated and he was new to the area and sat in the vacant desk to her left in her homeroom class. She had noticed how he would steal furtive glances at her but hastily looked away when he saw that she was looking back. She always smirked a crooked half-smile to herself and he became the new topic of discussion between her and Megan. After all, why wouldn’t it? Middle school is often that awkward time when boys and girls begin to feel those feelings and on occasion, act on them.

For Natasha, it was at a house party that she shared her first kiss with Josh. He was nice and kind to her, but the kiss was sloppy and wet and clumsy. She supposed looking back on it, that it was on account of those yellow sugary drinks that left her light-headed and open to suggestion. She had never regretted what she had done and it was from there that she and Josh began to see more of each other.

There had never been any secrets between Natasha and Megan and so she felt compelled to tell her friend of her “first”. Naturally they both giggled feverishly, but then again, that’s what girls do.

As they entered high school, Josh, Megan and Natasha all became firm friends. Although Josh and Natasha had been each other’s firsts, neither one of them really felt head-over-heels for the other. It was mostly comfort sex or heavy petting and they always had great conversation.

Also, Natasha’s father took a liking to Josh because of their mutual love of cars. It was never taken as odd for Josh to stay late and do “car stuff” in the garage and then stay a bit later to hang out with Natasha and sometimes Megan in the family den.

It is now probably a good idea to describe the characters of this narrative as they appear now in their final year of high school.
Natasha, 18, was a normal looking girl of about 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighed 115 pounds, olive-skin complexion, with an athletic-feminine build which she had inherited from her mother. She had strong arms and legs; firm, perky B cupped breasts and had a cute, but not overly-pretty face. Although she never had to use much makeup, she always refrained from using lipstick because it accentuated her already big lips. She had a thin button nose and dark brown eyes that could be mischievous when she wanted them to and had thick curtains of red-brown hair that fell down past her shoulders. She had also, much to her chagrin, inherited from her mother her backside and stomach. It wasn’t an all-together amazing ass, but it did have a bit of sagginess to it and did not have any hint of cellulite (thank god!). Although Natasha did work out, she could never quite achieve a flat stomach. Instead, she had a slight pouch of soft fat just above her waistline that was would only ever turn into a fat roll if she bent over.

Megan, 18, was Italian by birth and it showed. Standing a graceful 5 feet 8 inches, she weighed 135 pounds, had a darker olive-skinned complexion than Natasha, with a more feminine physique that all Italian women share. She possessed voluptuous C cupped breasts that hung perfectly off her chest, a small belly, firm ass, wide hips and slender thighs. Of course, when she got older, her body would bow to gravity and would run to fat if she wasn’t careful. But it hadn’t so far, as Megan was adamant on cardio to keep thin and jogged nearly every day. She had an exotic face with high cheek bones and an oval face that made her look older she actually was. She had brown eyes and well-maintained eyebrows. She, unlike Natasha was a slave to fashion and beauty and usually wore more makeup than was necessary. On any given school day she was an 8 but when she went all out with the makeup she was a 10 all the way.

Josh, 18, was your typical kid. He had recently become the victim of his summer-vacation growth spurt and now stood 5 feet 11 inches; 6 foot with the right shoes as he was proud to tell anyone who would listen. He had a handsome face with ice-blue eyes and black hair that always had that attractive messy look like he just finished a magazine shoot for some expensive cologne. Although he was bullied in middle school for being scrawny, he had taken it upon himself to find a sport he liked and develop in it: the triathlon. Josh was a very good tri-athlete, but was always in the pool working on his front crawl – he had never been a good swimmer. The summer before his final year of high school—in addition to the growth spurt—was he had added 20 pounds of solid muscle to his entire frame. He developed a natural whole-body muscular physique that wasn’t comical as you might see in the average gym rat who trains the glamour muscles only.
Return to English Class.

With the day winding down, Natasha wanted out. She said so as she texted back and forth between several of her friends.

“OMG, when will this end. Shakespeare is LAAAAME!” she texted to Megan.

“No way, I love this stuff. I wish Mr. Harker would ask us to read passages from A Mid Summer Night’s Dream”, she texted back.

Natasha glowered at her friend who, in turn, gave her a cute wink.

Sarcasm 1. Natasha 0.

Inside the stuffy classroom on the second floor of the school building, Natasha pondered how to spend her up-coming summer holiday. It was the last one before they all went off to college to become “real members of society” as her mother had once put it.

A few months ago, she along with the rest of the schools across the country had sent out their applications to various colleges and universities.

For Natasha, the choice was obvious. She knew she would get to go where she wanted because she had the brains and strong work ethic to get into Dental school when the time came. For now, an Ivy League school would do until her graduate-level education, that is dentistry, was to come around.

For Megan, the choice wasn’t as clear. She was really into marketing and design and was a whiz with a computer. Her parents told her that she should consider engineering and might be able to talk to Natasha’s father who still had high contacts. She told them she would consider it, but that her passion was really in marketing design and business.

Josh was also a guru with computers but was really into science. He excelled in all the core courses that are looked at by nearly all the colleges and was just going to accept what felt right when the time came.
Natasha’s pocket vibrated, “Hey, what are you doing later?” came the text from Josh.

She smiled her crooked-smile inward as she always did, “ Hmm, I dunno. I was thinking of going to the beach with Megan. It’s so nice out.”

She had not had sex for over a month because of her extracurricular school activities and her part-time job at a dental office pulling files and other busy work. This resulted in a significant slippage out of her normal workout routine and she was sure that her stomach was more bloated than usual. Natasha knew that she was probably making it up, but she didn’t want have Josh run his hand down her body and stop at her stomach as she imagined him say, “Tasha, you’ve got a little belly now”.

Of course, he never said anything unkind about her body and she knew she was making it out to be worse than it actually was. Perhaps tonight was a good time to invite him over for sex.

“Okay, I think I’m going to hang out with the guys at Steelers tonight and catch the game. Wanna come?” he texted back.

“I think I’m doing something with Megan this evening. I’ll keep you in the loop though,” she said as she snapped her phone closed—better not make it that easy for him, she thought.
Finally the bell rang and the classroom exploded.

“It truly was a pleasure teaching you all this year. I wish you all the best of luck with your future careers and professions,” said Mr. Harker.

He is always so polite, Natasha thought to herself as she packed up her binder and pencil case for what was to be the last time in this stuffy classroom. I wonder what he looks like naked.

For a long time, since she could remember, she and Megan had made a game out of singling out all the attractive male teachers and wondering how they would be in bed. They looked at such things as how they dressed for the classroom, the way they smelled as they walked by handing out papers, the tones of their voices, their hand writing, and how often the smiled. Out of the entire school, both she and Megan agreed that out of the entire faculty, Mr. Harker was the second-best looking, but was probably the most gentle in the sac and therefore earned #1 Most Desirable in their books.

Of course, they both never thought of acting on their guesswork. That was for the cheerleaders to do.
Daydream aside; it was time for summertime action planning.

“Oh man,” said Megan as she, Natasha and Josh made their way into the crowded hallway, “I am SOOOO glad we’re done with high school. I cannot wait for college. All those cute guys.” She chimed.

“Meg, you always are looking for a piece of ass. It’s like your M.O. What’s your secret?” said Josh with a grin.

It was common knowledge that Megan, although attractive was never as into guys as she portrayed herself to be. For her, she just loved the attention. But when she wanted something she usually got what she wanted.

“You know how I work, Joshy,” came the reply. “I get them to buy me dinner and if I think they’re worth it, I’ll give them a hand job in their car.” She grinned.

“Riiight,” said Natasha.

They turned down a corridor, which lead to their lockers, which were separated by homerooms. Josh was on the floor below while the two girls were on the second floor.

“Alright biotches, I’m FREE! Time to snap a beer and hang out with Thomas. I texted him in class and he says his dad’s new plasma TV is coming this evening and he says that if a few of us help him hook up the surround sound and cable boxes, he’ll buy us beer and we can watch the game there instead of going out to the bar.”

Josh gave them both a wink and turned to head down the stairs to clear out his locker.

“I was thinking,” began Natasha

“That you want to make the most of this summer and have great sex with Josh starting tonight?” Megan cut in.

“I was thinking,” Natasha repeated harshly, “that we should go to Slim Point tonight and get in some tanning. I don’t want to start losing my color now that summer is here and we can stop going to the tanning booths. I hear they give you skin cancer.”

“I’m down for that,” said Megan as she unlocked her locker and swept the final loose pages inside into the open zip of her school back, “except my Nana flew in this afternoon from California so I’ll have to spend the usual family time with her. When were you thinking of going?”

“I want to go as soon as I get home,” said Natasha as she too closed her locker. My parents are out late this evening so I don’t think there will be much of a dinner at my place. And I don’t even want to think about that until I am nice and toasted by the sun.”

“Well, you know there’s always a plate for you at our dinner table,”

“Yeah, I know,” said Natasha, “Okay, tell you what. I’m headed over there now and just text me when you are free. I’ve got a novel I wanna finish off anyway.”

“Ugh, aren’t you finished The Girl Who Played With Fire yet? My mom needs her copy back; she’s got someone else she’s promised to lend it to.”

“It’s really, really long and detailed, but I’ve only got 100 or so pages left. At this point, I’ve invested so much of my time in the series that I have to finish. Tell her she’ll get it when I come over tonight,” ended Natasha.

“Ugh, that book was so creepy! We can talk about the ending later.”

The walk home was uneventful and the girls hugged each other and went into their respective houses.
The house was being prepped for sale and still had that paint smell Natasha decided as she dropped off her school bag on the living room sofa and headed up the stairs to her bedroom. It had been a hot walk home and she was now damp with sweat.

Natasha slowly peeled off her clothes and haphazardly tossed them in the direction of the hamper.

“Fuck, I need to do laundry this weekend,” she thought to herself as the pile of clothes she threw on the hamper cascaded down onto the floor to join the already gathering mound.

Natasha turned away from Clothes Mountain as she called it, and turned to get a good look at herself in the full-length mirror. She stood there naked and stared first into her eyes. She always examined herself in the mirror by first looking into her eyes. They stared back, quizzical and searching.

First her eyebrows. Yes, they were still alright, no need for any new plucking. Next her hair. Those ends would need to be trimmed soon and she was due next week at her stylist for her summertime highlighting.
Next she flexed her arms and did her closest impression of a bodybuilder pose. The strong physique stared back at her and she was satisfied. Next her breasts. Perky and attentive as ever, she cupped them both and held her hands there for 30 seconds.

She closed her eyes and imagined Josh’s hands as her own. Slowly, she drifted into a fantasy and she slowly began to caress and fondle her breasts. She could feel her nipples hardening as she tugged on them and rolled them between her fingers like the tips of a pencil eraser.

Next, one of her hands came slowly up and cupped her left breast and after a moment’s lingering, allowed the fingers of her hand to begin questing and eventually come to rest on the back of her neck. With her free hand, she slowly drew it down her body to her ass and pinched it. Hard.

Natasha moaned softly as the pain registered in her brain. She slowly started softly spanking her ass as her other hand came down off the back of her neck and traced a finger down her abdomen toward her pussy. She stopped abruptly as her finger registered hard muscle transition into soft fat.

Instantly she opened her eyes and stared down at her stomach. There was definitely a deposit of fat there that was larger than she had cared to notice or admit to herself.

Almost to reaffirm this point, she placed both hands on her stomach and exhaled deeply, accentuating her belly. Then after a few sharp inhales and holding her breath, she exhaled forcefully.

“Time for the giggle test.” She stood on the balls of her feet and took a few small jumps. There was definitely something there. Quickly she reached to her sides and pulled at them and exhaled a sigh of relief.
“Phew, no love handles; just this pooch. I’d better watch it this summer or I could get fat.”

Somewhat satisfied that her belly problem was manageable, she quickly looked over the rest of her body before pulling out her favorite pink bikini with the white floral pattern.

She lifted her arms up, “getting kinda prickly ladies, I’d better shave you when I get home from the beach.”
Then she stared downward at the V between her legs.

Natasha had usually kept to her own standard rule that if she thought it was getting a little unkempt, than guys would definitely think so. She was always a fan of the landing strip and hers usually grew in full enough for her to make the occasional design. She was never really a fan of being shaved balled. For some reason, she thought having some hair made her look older and more seductive.

True, her regular sex campaigns for the last few weeks was a boy from school named Greg and he liked her bald– but she had grown it out again after she felt that their sexual relationship was getting stale. Besides, Josh was on her menu next and he liked her with a tight little landing strip.

At first he wasn’t as big a fan, but when she started to show signs of disinterest and he felt the loom of a breakup was upon him, he switched tactics. And so did she.

“What do you think about anal?” he asked one night after they had left a friend’s place after an evening of watching movies.

“Dunno, I’ve only done it a few times. I guess it’s okay.” She replied nonchalantly.

“You’ve had anal?” Greg exclaimed a little louder than he would have liked, considering it was late outside in the neighborhood and there were a few elderly couples out for evening strolls in their matching jumpsuits.

Natasha came to a stop just as they had walked under a streetlamp near her house. She cocked an eyebrow and gave Greg her best mischievous look, “does that surprise you? Does that turn you on?”
Greg fumbled for the next few words but eventually came out with, “gh-h-yeah. I-I mean, I’ve never done it before and I really want to.”

She took him by the hand and they walked back to her house, just a few more street lamps away. She could feel his hand begin so sweat as she walked him to the back of her house and opened the gate to her pool. She grinned to herself.

“Uh, wh-what are we going to do now,” he said, all bravado leaving his voice.

“I want you to fuck me. In the ass. Tonight. Right now. Natasha said in a sweet voice.

She led him over to a sturdy full-length pool chair that was nearer the back of the pool and away from the windows of her house. She lay down and slowly started taking off her clothes. She stood there naked, save bra and panties and put her hands on her hips akimbo with one foot crooked forward pointing at Greg like she was a lingerie model.

“Well?” she said, softly but somewhat impatiently.

“C-can I at least do some foreplay on you first?”

She didn’t say anything, but gave him her half-crooked smile which he took to be a yes and he smiled back and began to take off his clothes.

She produced a condom from out of her purse and handed it to him,

“For when you fuck me in the ass,” she said as she put it beside their fallen clothes and laid down, spread eagle on the pool chair. He entered her and all the familiar pleasures of sex returned to her and she began to moan softly.

She could tell he was a little on edge. After all, they were pool side at the back of her house and they might be visible from the neighbors or worse, the window above the pool.

After sensing his hesitations, Natasha told him the window above the pool was her own room and that her parents had a room on the West corner of the house, which meant that even if they looked out they would see only the corner of the pool and even then, there were hedges blocking anything else. They were safe.
To the East of the pool was Megan’s house and it looked like the lights were off and there were no cars in the drive.

Satisfied, Greg got into a furious rhythm began pumping her hard.

“Uhhhh, yeah Greg! Fuck my vag, fuck it!” Natasha cried aloud from the bottom.

“You like that? You like that?” said Greg.

“Ohh, you got a big dick. I want it in my ass now. Right now.”

Natasha pulled his member outside her and began stroking him as he stood, straddling the pool chair, while she reached for the condom.

“Oh, fuck where is it?” she said, one-handedly tossing their clothes around.

“What’s up babe?” he said.

“The condom, I can’t find it anywhere and it was my last one.” she said.

She felt Greg begin to go soft on her. “Do you still want to fuck me in the ass?”

“Y-yeah, I do. I just want—you know..” his voice trailed off.

“Look Greg. I know you’re clean and I’m on the pill and I’m not big on condoms anyway, but for noobs who haven’t had anal, it can be a bit intense.”

“Hence carrying around condoms,” he said, as if all recognition suddenly dawned on him.

“Look, why don’t you just come on my tits, and we can just call it a night. It’s your big ‘finishing move’ anyway,” she said making air quotes one handed as her other was still firmly gripping his shaft.

“I can take it. I’m not afraid. Besides, the pool’s right there,” he said.

“Whatever works for you Greg,” she said as she took him in her mouth to gather up enough saliva to make his anal experience a bit easier.

Satisfied, she reached back and pulled the lever on the pool chair so that it was fully horizontal and rolled over onto her stomach and put ass in the air. Then she spit into her hand and started to finger her ass.

“I’m ready now,” said Greg, his voice more confident now.

“Okay. But you have to start off slowly.”

She felt strong hands grab her by the hips and she felt him enter her.

“Ohhh god!” she said once worked into a slow rhythm.

“nnnnnnnnhh” he groaned as he began to pump harder and started squeezing her ass and then slapping it.
She reached around and tugged on his balls. She could tell he was close to cumming. Then, without warning—

“Mmmmmmmm—Ohhhhhhh!” and she could feel his dick pulse as he ejaculated into her ass.

“Fuck he’s loud” she thought to herself after they’d finished and she stood up to begin to tidy herself.
She could hear the sound of water gently splashing as she looked over and watched him washing his parts.

“Well, what did you think?” she said as she put her hair back into a ponytail with the elastic on her wrist.
Greg stood up, more or less satisfied that he was clean, “That was fun and it’s definitely tighter than your va—“

But he stopped mid-sentence as the pool flood lights came on.

“Oh fuck”, Natasha thought to herself.

The patio deck opened suddenly as Natasha’s father stepped onto the deck with a flashlight in his hand.

“Who’s out there!” he cried scanning the edge of the pool and then stopping abruptly.

“Hi dad,” said Natasha demurely as she picked up and then dropped a toe into the water at the pool’s edge, naked except for Greg’s button up tee exposing her chest but covering the rest of her.

“Do you know that it is 2am, honey?” he said as he glanced at his Rolex, “A little late for a dip isn’t it?”
He scanned the pile of clothes, undecided as to whether it looked like they belonged to more than just one person.

“You know us crazy kids,” she said, continuing to dip her foot into and out of the water.

“I heard something. Thought it might have been an animal. The pool lights are on the fritz and when the automatic sensor didn’t come on, I thought to check it out. “He said, still eying his daughter with now mild suspicion.

“That was me,” she said, “I went to go in for a dip and the weight of all my clothes must have caused the lever on the pool chair to release and it must have slammed. That’s probably what you heard,” she gestured to the pile of clothes.

“Alright honey. But you know I don’t like you walking poolside naked,” he said gesturing at her in a waving arc.

“I know dad, which is why I’m wearing a shirt. See?” She pulled at the collar and buttoned a few buttons for his benefit.

He gave his daughter and the bush beside the pool one last glance with his flashlight and turned to head back in the house.

“I’m just protective of my little girl. Only child and all that. You know how I get sometimes.”

“I know, Daddy. Night night.”

And with that he doused the remaining lights and she kept up her charade for an extra 5 minutes after she heard him turn the lock on the patio door.

She chuckled to herself. He was always so predictable.
He never had a reason to distrust her, but he was once in high school too and knew what to be on the lookout for.

Unfortunately, what he might have thought he was on the lookout for slipped into his flip flops and dove headlong in the direction of the bush just as the lights came on.

Natasha slowly got up and began to put her clothes on and slowly turned around to whisper.

”I can hear a gale force 7 wind breathing behind that bush”

“Holy. <Wheeze> Fuck. <Wheeze>”

Natasha giggled, “It’s okay Greg, the boogey man is gone.”

Slowly he emerged from the bush, still pulling leaves out of his hair.

“Your old man nearly gave me a heart attack,” he said as she handed him the rest of his clothes.
They dressed in silence and it was Natasha who broke it.

“It’s pretty late and we still have school tomorrow,” she said glancing at the timer on her mobile.

He thanked her, kissed her on the cheek and hopped the fence and took the long way around before he merged with the street and headed home. Just in case.

She shrugged and let herself in the front door and locked it. All she really wanted was a good fuck and she had had it. She briefly went into the bathroom, brushed her teeth and prepared for Monday.

That had been one month ago. Her last fuck.

***Continued on next post***

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Default The Great Eatscapade

Part 2
by Runningsoft

Snapping out of her daydream, Natasha strung up the pink patterned bikini and took her beach bag complete with chair, book, sun tan oil and a flask of vodka to mix in with her Sunny D. as she went down stairs and into the garage where the silver Volvo was parked.
Natasha never had any reason to drive to new school. It was only about a half-mile away and she had thought it was great exercise. She had seen at that driving to school made people lazy and she was more than satisfied when she saw several of the rich cheerleader girls get a little chubby.
The traffic was medium as Natasha made her way uneventfully to the beach. The beach itself wasn’t ever that crowded unless it was booked for events. Only last week it had been a zoo when a local band held a charity volleyball tournament / concert and she didn’t want to go because she thought they were all dorks.
The bandstands and court poles were still there, not to mention the copious amounts of garbage and litter. And used condoms.
Natasha went to her favorite spot, which was, thankfully left untouched by the volleyball tournament / concert. She set up her chair and lathered herself with tanning oil and laid back to resume reading of her novel.
About an hour later, she got a text. It was from Megan.
“Hey ladayy, I’m on my way. My Nana surprised us all with a huge early dinner banquet. And you know it was Italian style. All 7 courses of it!”
“lol. Hurry up little piggy and come get tanned. Usual spot. How far away?”
“About 10 mins. Traffic accident up ahead. And no joke about piggy. I ate tons!”
Natasha resumed reading and only looked up when she noticed that page 596 was suddenly eclipsed by a shadow. She looked up and saw Megan standing there. Well part of her anyway.
She stood in flip flops wearing khaki short shorts and a white Guess t-shirt.
“Whoa! You weren’t kidding when you said you ate tons!” said Natasha with genuine surprise.
She has always known that Megan had a sweet tooth and an affinity to eat carbs and that she frequently fluctuated weight but this was the first time she could ever remember her friend with such a huge belly.
“She fed us all until we were fit to burst,” said Megan as she put down her own chair in the sand and sat down heavily.
“First, there was a cheese and cracker platter. Then the soup. Then the antipasta. Then the pasta. Then the meat dish. Then the dessert. THEN the after-dessert. OMG, I am going to have a 12-pound shit after this food baby passes.”
Natasha laughed, “I believe it. God, look at that thing. You must weight a good 3 pounds extra”
Megan lifted up her shirt and exposed her domed stomach which stressed the fabric of her khakis.
“3.5 pounds to be exact,” she grinned, patting her swollen belly. “Right now, Nana brought me up to 138.5 lbs—the heaviest I’ve ever been.”
“Well-“said Natasha sarcastically.
“Yeah, well since two winters ago when I had my last growth spurt last winter that surprised everyone and my mom said that I should nourish it. Boy, I got so fat that winter,” she said reminiscently.
“Yeah, I did too. Even though I didn’t have a growth spurt in sight, your mom fed us the same whenever I came over.
“So how’s the book?” Megan said flippantly.
“I can’t finish it. Just tell me how it ends.”
“Nope. You gotta finish it just like I did. Page after excruciating page.” She grinned.
Natasha gave up, marked her page and put the book back into her bag. She looked over her bloated companion.
“Hey you’re going to burn sitting there like that. You bring any tanning oil?”
“Yeah,” she said reaching into her own bag, “No. Wait! Fuck. Can I borrow yours?”
Natasha picked up her bottle and tilted her sunglasses down her nose and gave her mischievous crooked half-grin.
“Sure, you can use it. But only if I get to oil you up, baby.”
She said the last words mockingly and followed up with a kissy face.
“Alright lover,” Megan said, playing along.
She stood up and took off her shirt and khaki’s revealing a stunning red bikini with gold tassels. She caught Natasha giving her an appraising look.
Megan smiled at her friend and unfolded a towel to lie in the sand spending a little longer than necessary flattening out the corners of her towel in order to showcase her ass to her friend. She then lay down onto her belly and let her “slave” apply the cool liquid to her skin. Natasha oiled her methodically while her mind was elsewhere.
“I think she’s gained more than just those few pounds from today” she thought as she applied the oil to the back of Megan’s calves and thighs. There was definitely a new softness to her physique and her solid red bikini was looking a little snug. Especially in the ass.
She proceeded to apply oil to the backs of her arms (more fat there too) and to her middle-back. There were the beginnings of love handles that if Megan had been standing, would have had a cute droop over the edges of her bikini.
“A bonnified muffin-top!” Natasha thought to herself.
And with a pat on the ass she said, “Alright piggy, now turn yourself over. We need to oil that cute belly of yours. I might run out of lotion!”
Megan turned over and stretched out like a cat waiting for its affectionate master.
Natasha attacked her friend’s body with the same fervor as before, methodically covering the fronts of her arms and legs. She began to apply tanning oil to Megan’s belly when she let out a soft moan.
“mmmmm,” she said
“What was that?”
“You have a soft touch, Tasha. I was starting to fall asleep. This personal treatment stuff. You know, a girl could get used to it.” She said with a wink and then laid her head back down.
“Man, this belly is rock hard” Natasha thought, then said aloud.
“Yeah, but it feels good when you rub it.”
“Yeah?” said Natasha skeptically
“Oh yeah. Whenever I eat a large meal that I didn’t intend on, I end up overdoing it. I get a stomach ache and the only thing I’ve found that makes me feel loads better is to give myself a belly rub.”
“Can’t say I’ve ever tried that. I just usually grab the Pepto Bismol,” Natasha said, still rubbing her friend’s belly.
This went on for a few more minutes until Natasha found that the lotion on her hands had dried up. She reached for the bottle when she saw that Megan adjusted herself on the towel and let one leg swing wide revealing a slight wet patch on her bikini.
Natasha knew right away that it was cum and she had, whether intentionally or unintentionally, got her friend off!
How bizarre, she thought as she resumed the belly rub. They had always been close and she had seen Megan naked loads of times. Megan was more the sexy model type whereas she was the more athletic of the two.
In the past, they both talked at length of all of their sexual encounters and had even made out on several occasions just to “get some practice” for when, they joked to themselves, that the guys they would make out with, were lousy.
Natasha had always liked the sight of Megan’s body and had often said so. Megan replied with her usual banter and the comment would be playfully returned. Natasha had never thought of herself as a lesbian, but she did admire naked women. She loved the softness they had compared to a man’s. She had thought of penises as ugly unless they were erect. And even then, some of the ones she had seen were oddities.
She had once fucked a guy outside a club because she drunkenly thought he looked like Johnny Depp and had managed to get her and her friends in under aged.
She had made him wear a condom but when he entered her, he kept sliding from left to right. Finally, when she told him she’d let him cum on her tits, she saw that his dick was bent at a 45 degree angle. She let out a laugh as remembered it.
“What’s funny?” said Megan turning on her side.
“I was just thinking of Crooked-Cock. Remember him?”
“Hahaha, yeah. That was a fun night, wasn’t it!”
“Sure was,” Natasha said with a smile as she finished the job.
Glistening with freshly applied lotion, Megan’s belly was already starting to tan beautifully. The darkness of her tan accentuated her girth so that her stomach looked even bigger now.
“God, look at this thing” Megan said, cupping her belly. She scooped it and let it fall several times watching it quiver.
“I feel like I am watching a yo-yo over here,” said Natasha as she leaned back and spread herself wide on her chair to finish off the tan she had come to get.
The two friends laid there for another hour before the sun started to lose its warmth and began to turn cool.
“So what are your plans this evening?” said Megan as they began to pack up their things.
“I was thinking of inviting Josh over for a quick fuck. I’ve been aching for it for a month already and masturbating isn’t helping.”
“Maybe you’ve masturbated yourself out. Hit your limit. It always works for me,” said Megan.
They packed up their things and walked up the beach to the vacant parking lot and Megan popped the trunk of her car as Natasha did the same.
“I just love the feel of something in my pussy and the strong pull of a man as he throws me around a bit. I like it a bit rough. But you already knew that.” Natasha said, continuing their sexual conversation.
Megan sighed and rolled her eyes, “What is he up to now?”
“I think he is drinking with Thomas at his dad’s place. I think they were hooking up some electronics or whatever.”
“Oh, well if it’s the game I’m thinking of, it won’t end until late.”
She glanced down at her phone, “Like in 4 more hours late.”
Natasha considered, “Hmm, I didn’t think about that. I was kind of hoping he’d take me out for a quick bite before a quick fuck. Well, I’m hungry and there isn’t shit for me to eat at my place and my folks aren’t home till late. Mind if I--?”
She left the words hanging for Megan to finish for her, “—come over and eat me out of house and home? Sure, why not!”
Natasha smiled, “Great. Let me change out of this bikini and then I’ll be straight over.”
The two friends drove home together as a convoy and Natasha had a quick shower.
As she lathered herself under the falling water, she remembered from her mirror-examination from before that she needed to shave her arm pits. She did so and also did a quick tidy-up job of her pussy.
Satisfied with her job, she hopped out of the shower and with a towel around her head, she reached for her phone on her bed to text Josh.
“Hey fella, what’s the game’s score?”
She put down the phone to get dressed. She took a long time deciding what to wear that evening.
“Gotta wear the black lacy combo” tonight she thought as she rummaged through her drawer.
Next, she grabbed a Club Monaco turtle neck “for the hickies” she told herself, as well as her tightest-fitting Guess jeans. She poured herself into them without difficulty and did up the snap.
“Better not overdo it tonight at Megan’s, or else I’ll pop these pants.” She said to the room.
As if to answer her own thought, she reached for a belt and smiled. Just in case.
It was 30 minutes later before she got an answering text from Josh. It was brief.
“Game is grrreat! We’re drinking now. It’s over around 12. What are you doing l8r?”
She smiled her crooked smirk again, “I’m going over to Megan’s for dinner and a movie. Wanna be my knight in shining armor tonight?”
She put the phone down and resumed applying her makeup. Her decision not to text him all afternoon at the beach had been a good one. He had texted her 5 times and she didn’t answer any of them.
“Better way to build up the necessary tension” she said to herself.
The first one was innocent “Just got the TV hooked up, it’s pretty tits. He’s got Bose surround sound. I think I may be deaf
Then: “the game is the late one. Wanna grab some food before? Wanna come here for pizza and beer?”
“Certainly not” said Natasha to herself.
Followed by: “So, what are you doing after your beach girl-party? Is Megan there? She texted and said you guys were hanging out tonight?”
Then: “If I’m not too loaded tonight, can I get dropped off at your place? Or Megan’s?”
Natasha had to chuckle to herself at the last one he sent: “I want to have sex with you. Real bad.”
She was heading over to Megan’s as she texted him back, “Make sure you don’t have too much. I want all your parts to work when I get hold of them. Toodles.”
Natasha locked up and walked down her driveway, across a few steps then back up another long windy driveway and knocked once before she entered the house.
Megan’s family was use to Natasha’s frequent visits and she made herself at home.
“Hello Mrs. Picollo” she said as she set her purse down on table in the hall, “something smells absolutely delicious!”
“In the kitchen dear! Come and say hello to my mother, Gianna!” came a lilting voice from a room away.
Natasha stepped into the kitchen and smiled. There was the Picollo family, gathered around the tiny island sipping espressos and talking animatedly with biscotti waving in their hands.
A low wolf whistle came from the back of the room as Megan came from around the corner.
“Hot damn, you look stunning!”
“Language dear. Not around Nana,” said her mother.
Gianna was a fun grandmother, but growing up in the Old Country and did not put up with the “new ways”.
“Sorry Mama,” she said with a mock-bow of regret.
Her mother brushed the matter aside. “Tasha, come and meet Nana. We’ve told her all about you. Her English isn’t that good.” She finished with a whisper as Natasha walked over to meet the older lady sitting in a chair sipping tea.
“Good to meet you, Tasha. My daughter tells me that you and Megan are very good friends. Is nice to meet with you.” She said with a warm grandmotherly smile.
Natasha gave her a hug from where she sat in the chair and said to the room at large, “What’s good to eat around here?”
Nana got up from the chair and waved a hand over the kitchen table in the next room.
“Is dinner left for hungry persons. It’s best when warm, but is always good. Yes?”

Natasha walked into the dining room adjacent to the kitchen and sat down at a vacant place while Megan went to fetch a plate and some cutlery and also a bowl for herself.
Her family resumed chatting animatedly in the kitchen and left the two girls to themselves.
“Seriously,” said Megan who helped herself to a bowl of dessert, “you look really, really hot. Are we still staying inside? I just threw on some slummy clothes.”
This of course wasn’t true and Megan always exaggerated. She was wearing perhaps last season’s designer outfit that was firm in all the right places and definitely not slummy.
Natasha began to start dishing herself some of everything while Megan provided commentary for the food that her friend wouldn’t recognize.
“This one tastes very, very good!” said Natasha, as she refilled her plate with a particularly foreign dish.
“That one’s my grandmother’s favorite to make. I can’t remember what she calls it, but it’s so tasty. My mom makes it, but never as good. She says you have to add a lot of fat and starches to get it all fluffy and savory like that. But she’s always going on about health and all that, so we make it with a fraction of the fat,” she ended, helping herself to more desert.
After about her third helping, Natasha slowed and put down her fork and leant back.
Megan had gone into the kitchen and grabbed two wine glasses. “Hey, I’m having a glass. My Nana’s here and my family always celebrate with a good bottle of red.”
She began to pour two healthy measures into the two glasses then added, “Nana doesn’t know I have a glass with every meal, but again—old country—so hush hush,” she said with a friendly wink.
While Megan was pouring the wine, Natasha let out a small belch and reached her thumb into the button of her jeans. They were tight.
She glanced down and looked at herself. She had eaten very well this evening. That was for sure. The was a sizeable bulge in her stomach and her shirt had raised itself an inch or so, so that it just covered her skin. She touched her belly and felt with astonishment that it was as hard as a rock. Just like Megan’s had felt at the beach.
Natasha took her other hand and placed it under the table under the guise of reaching for her table napkin and thumbed the catch of her button.
She had to dig her thumbs into her taught belly and after a second, felt instant relief as her belly had more freedom, the zipper having slid down half way.
She smiled inwardly. She was suddenly glad she had worn the belt.
After a bit more gabbing and subsequent eating, the girls pushed back from the dining table and went into the basement den to watch a movie or two.
When Natasha stood up she could hardly move, her belly felt like a rock. All pretense gone, she looked down and saw her stomach completely bulging and that her shirt had ridden up several inches. Cupping her bulging belly in both hands, Natasha headed downstairs and took a seat in her favorite spot on the leather couch with the best view of the television.
A few minutes went by before Megan came down. She had two bottles of wine in one hand and two glasses in the other. She wore a grin on her face.
“I helped clean up the dishes while someone just helped themselves to the best seat in my house,” she said in mock-anger.
“Yeah, and it took you long enough you slow-poke. What kind of wine did you bring us now? I’m still full from that gargantuan dinner your Nana made.” Said Natasha as she pulled up her shirt and displayed a prominent belly with a V that was her open zipper bound by a belt that was on its last notch and strained to its limit.
“Hahaha, now who’s the piggy?” said Megan as she flopped down on the couch next to her companion. She put the bottles and glasses down on the coffee table, leaned back and exhaled deeply.
Natasha glanced over and saw that Megan’s belly was larger than it had been at the beach earlier in the day and that her jeans were completely undone. If she had to guess, her friend’s belly looked like she swallowed a basketball. The corners of her pants were widely separated from the middle and her panties were clearly visible from the center of the V, but Megan did not seem to notice. Or care.
Megan groaned as she leaned forward to pour herself a fresh glass of wine, “Ugh, I couldn’t do this every night. I’d be fat in no time.”
“Still,” said Natasha, “I don’t mind a feast now and then. Especially this being the first day of our summer holiday right before we head off to college.”
The evening slowly wore on as the girls talked and gossiped, plying themselves with more wine and ignoring yet another chick flick, randomly chosen by Megan so that they had some background noise. By 10:30pm, they were sufficiently drunk and had gone through 1 and ½ bottles of wine already.
“Oh man, I’ve got a really good buzz right now,” said Natasha, as she inched her back more into the leather couch to get more comfortable.
“Yeah, me too,” said Megan as she reclined even further on her side of the leather couch and put a hand on her belly and absentmindedly began to rub it as she stared blankly at the TV.
By now, both girls were quite without inhibitions.
“You know what I could go for right now?” Said Natasha.
“A good fuck.” Said Megan,
“Yeah, and I can’t wait for Josh to come over and fuck me. Speaking of which, what time is it?”
Megan hazily glanced at the wall clock on the far side of the room.
“Nearly 11pm. Wasn’t he supposed to call by now?”
Natasha reached around and remembered that her phone was all the way upstairs in her purse. But she felt too lazy and comfortable to move.
“Hey Meg, wanna grab my purse from my phone. I mean my phone from my purse?
“Hahaha. Drunky. No way. I want to see the rest of this movie.”
“You know how this one ends, we saw it last weekend. And besides, I’m the guest.” Said Natasha, “and as a reward, I’ll let you teach me how to rub a stomach the right way. I’m getting that uncomfortable cramping I always get from overeating.”
Megan stared at her friend then pulled herself up into a half-seated / half leaning position and said in her best cheesy Western movie imitation, “Friend, you got yourself a deal.”
Megan got up and began to cross the distance of her basement when she remembered her pants were undone and her shirt pulled up, exposing her bulge.
“Better pull myself together in case my family is still talking in the kitchen,” she said and noisily made her way up the stairs.
What seemed about 20 minutes later, for Natasha had no concept of time she was awoken by a body landing on her and pinning her to the couch. She had fallen asleep with one hand down her pants and the other resting on her aching belly.
“Hey there tubby. Wakey wakey, here’s your phone,” said Megan as she balanced the phone on Natasha’s ballooning stomach.
Natasha thanked her and checked her inbox.
No new texts.
“Hmmm,” she said after checking to make sure the memory of her inbox wasn’t full.
“What’s up?” Megan asked.
“I didn’t get any texts from Josh. He’s usually pretty good about getting back to me. I’ll text him back.”
After many mistakes, she spell-checked her message as best she could under the circumstances and hit send.
“Wanna watch another movie while we wait?” suggested Megan?
“I dunno, I’m sleepy from the food and wine. Got anything sugary for a quick pick-me-up?”
“Perhaps, I think there’s some ice cream in the freezer, but don’t hold me to that.”
Megan again went upstairs to fetch some food while Natasha waited and only half paid attention to the new movie they put on. Her thoughts were of Josh. She was really discouraged by not getting a solid fuck from him that she knew was a sure bet. What could have happened?
“I hope he didn’t get carried away and get plastered again. Wait, who am I kidding, I’m plastered!,” She thought to herself with a giggle.
A few minutes later Megan returned with a package in her arms, “We’re in luck – sort of.” She said.
And she produced a box of ice cream bars with an Italian label on it.
“What the hell are those? Are they even English?” said Natasha.
“Yes, of course they are!” said Megan, and she pulled one out of the box and removed its wrapped. She tossed the box to Natasha who removed one and inspected it.
It was an ice cream bar much the same as a Klondike Bar with what looked like nuts melted into it.
Natasha, not being able to read the print on the box held it up for Megan to read.
“Nona’s Best Bars: 100% Whole Rich Ingredients for that Creamy Smooth Taste.”, she said.
Natasha eyed the bar suspiciously. It definitely looked like it contained rich ingredients, “Do I even want to know the calories I’m about to consume?”
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Default The Great Eatscapade

Part 3
By Runningsoft

“Definitely not,” said Megan who herself just read the nutritional index. She just managed to stifle a gasp as she read that the caloric content of each bar was 2,500 – a complete day’s worth of calories for any normal human being.
Natasha looked down at the bar and popped it into her wanting mouth. “Oh, wow! This has to be the best bar I’ve ever tasted!” she cried.
The two girls sat in semi-silence while they demolished a bar each and started on their second.
“Hey, I think whatever is in here is doing the trick for me,” said Natasha.
“It’s probably the sugar in these things.” Said Megan who managed to catch a drop of chocolate that had nearly fallen off the corner of her bar and onto her designer shirt.
“So I’ve never seen these in the store before. Where do you get them? I want to get some for the house when my folks go food shopping next,” said Natasha.
“Yeah, my mom gets them for special occasions only from a little Italian shop in town. You can’t find them in just any supermarket. Mom knows the owner and he makes sure she gets a fresh shipment whenever she places an order with him. Which is not often.” Megan gave her stomach a longing glance.
“Aw, shit!” said Megan.
She had been careless with nibbling the top of her bar. The room temperature had heated the chocolate coating of her bar. The result was that she had not noticed a few drops of chocolate landing on her nice shirt.
“I’ve gotta get this stain out. I really love this top.”
Natasha glanced over at her friend, “Hey tubby, when you come back, see if there are any more bars in your freezer. We’ve polished off this box. And I think I’ve got a second wind to eat some more.” She gave her stomach a loving pat
“I’ll see what I can do,” said Megan as she stood up headed for the stairs.
Natasha glanced over her shoulder and saw that Megan had taken off her shirt as she disappeared up the stairs. But not before Natasha had a long glance at her friend’s back.
Megan’s jeans were definitely a few sizes too small now and her waist showed a spillover of two cute love handles. Her bra was also looking pathetically strained and she could see the deep creases in her friend’s back.
Natasha felt her cheeks flush and put a hand on one of them feeling its warmth. She was blushing.
Feeling self-conscious, she looked down at her own bloated form. Her shirt had ridden up so that her belly button was exposed. She was behaving like a pig tonight and was wondering what Megan or Josh or whoever she saw the next day would think if they could see her now. She made the conscious effort to slow down her caloric intake. She felt the best way to do this was to suck in her gut and do up the top button of her jeans again. With supreme effort she managed to get the job done. Slightly satisfied with herself, she awaited her friend’s return and so she took in a few minutes of the current chick flick they had put on.
Megan returned about 20 minutes later, wearing yet another designer tee and cradling an abundance of food in both her arms.
She placed the food on the coffee table (Natasha having tidied up the area in her absence to make more room for the new food) and sat down on the couch.
“Phew, that stuff is heavy,” Megan said exasperatedly as she dug her fingers into her flesh and thumbed the button of her jeans and let the pressure of her gigantic belly do the rest.
Both girls watched in eagerness as the zip of her jeans ran down half-way and exposed a huge mound of fat.
“Damn!” they both cried and then began to giggle.
“Alright,” said Natasha, “since we are both behaving like total pigs tonight and there doesn’t seem to be a man on earth for me to fuck tonight, let’s pork out and binge-eat. You know, get it out of our systems. Once and done, you know?”
“Once and done?” said Megan
“Definitely,” said Natasha hitching her famous half-smile on her face
“Okay,” said Megan who matched her friend’s grin.
Megan swept her arm across the table like a croupier at a roulette table signaling no more bets.
“You won’t believe it, but it looks like my Mom bought a large shipment of those bars as well as an abundance of chocolates and ice cream when she visited that Italian shop.”
“I thought you said you only got them as an occasional treat for special circumstances.” said Natasha.
“I know I totally forgot that since it’s the summer, Mom gets her largest shipment because we always entertain guests and have extended family over and all of that,” said Megan.
Natasha eyed the table in front of her. There were 5 new boxes of Nona’s Best Bars, Five 1lb Paolo’s Famous Chocolate Bars, two 5lb tubs of Luigi’s Luscious ice cream mix…and 2 bottles of dessert wine.

“Oh, Megs. This is a ton of food.” said Natasha
“Yeah, I know,” she said
“When I meant that we should have our Once and Done, I didn’t think of this much food,” Said Natasha
Megan looked at her, “Look. I saw the way you’ve been eyeing by body all night. Don’t deny it.”
“Well-I mean, it was. Um” stuttered Natasha
Megan gestured to her body and said in a kind voice, “I know I haven’t been eating all that well lately. I am sure you can tell by the way my clothes fit.”
“No, no, you look good,” recovered Natasha
Megan brushed her comment away with the flick of her wrist
“To tell you the truth, ever since I’ve been eating more, I feel happier. I mean, we sweat all day in a gym lifting weights or running on treadmills to sweat off an extra pound but what does it matter?”
Natasha thought for a moment before answering.
“Yeah, I have noticed that your mood has changed a lot over the last few months. I guess I never put the two together.”
Megan reached forward for a box of Nona’s Best Bars and tossed one to Natasha
“Let’s just enjoy a good stuffing, like we agreed to and go from there, okay?” said Megan.
“Deal” said Natasha
The girls ate with fervor, pausing every few minutes to rub their swollen bellies. By the time 2am rolled around, Megan and Natasha had managed to eat about half of the frozen desserts and gone though one of the bottles of dessert wine.
By this time, both girls were getting very uncomfortable in their clothes.
Megan had unzipped her jeans the rest of the way down the seam at one point but then decided that wasn’t enough.
“Fuck it,” she said startling Natasha who had only eyes for her own food.
She turned and saw Megan standing up and try to remove her too-tight jeans.
Megan had a firm grasp on the sides and was trying to wriggle out of them. Even with the zip undone all the way, she was having difficulty getting them over her swollen ass.
Natasha continued to watch transfixed as her friend contorted her body this way and that, trying to squeeze herself out of her jeans. With immense difficulty Megan somehow managed to free her enormous ass from the fabric of her jeans.
Finally satisfied that she had made some progress, she bent over to wriggle out of the legs of her jeans which were now catching at her thickening thighs. Instantly, Megan’s belly sagged forward creating a giant paunch that now resembled a large watermelon that for all its contents remained firm and tight as a drum.
Natasha for some reason couldn’t stop staring at her friend’s bulging physique. She had never remembered Megan having filled out so much and at one time, so fast. She must have gained about 20 pounds over the course of the evening. She didn’t want to think how much she had added to her own frame.
After Megan heard fabric tear, that was enough.
“I never liked these jeans anyway,” she said as she began to remove them with more aggression. She tore at the legs of the jeans and after hearing the fabric rip at her thighs, she managed to wriggle out of them more freely until she was finally out of them.
Megan, out of breath, sat back down on the couch and threw her jeans one-handedly to the far corner of the den.
As she continued panting from the effort sitting on the couch, she spread her thighs so that her left thigh brushed against Natasha’s right one.
“Oh, baby. That’s a world of difference.” She said contently looking at her friend as she reached for a fresh box of Nona’s Best Bars and her glass of wine and resumed her gorging as she looked at the television which was now displaying its fourth movie of the evening.
Megan was now on her third bar of the box and was glued to a particular entertaining scene of the new movie. She had the box at her side and with her free hand, was rubbing and caressing her massive belly. She had even pulled up her shirt to ensure that she could rub every inch of herself. Natasha, who was now stealing more frequent furtive glances at her friend’s exposed form, was beginning to feel more and more aroused.
Natasha was still aware that their thighs were touching and felt a hot surge of desire sweep through her in electric currents. She felt like it was almost sexual. And she suddenly wanted more.
Suddenly Natasha didn’t care that she was overeating. She was in the company of her best friend whom she was now having unexplainable feelings and urges for. They had always gotten on like sisters. Surely Megan had these feelings too. She had to find out. She had to.
Slowly, Natasha she stood up and loosed the final notch of her belt buckle that had all this time been confining her stomach all evening and been making it unpleasant for her.
“How silly I was for trying to deny myself the pleasure of eating all this food,” she thought.
Once the latch was freed, the pressure of her stomach was too much for the wall of denim to contain. She raised her shirt up so her belly button was exposed and glanced down at her swollen belly as, almost in slow-motion, it began to push out farther and farther until—POP!
She watched, transfixed the metal button of her jeans flew off and her zipper slid the remaining all the way down her pants as her enormous belly still continued to protrude ½ an inch, an inch, 1 ½ inches, two inches past her jeans. Finally, after protruding 5 inches past where the snap of her jeans had confined her stomach, Natasha was left standing there with the V of her black sexy lingerie on display for Megan.
“I-I’ve never done that before!” Natasha said, a little shocked and a little impressed.
“What, pop a button and watch the zip trail down?”
Megan was suddenly more interested in her friend. She turned her body more towards her to drink in the scene that just happened. She let her eyes wander while Natasha was busy pulling and pinching and poking every bit of her newly-released belly that she could reach.
She had definitely gained weight this evening, Megan told herself. She was always slender and had the shadow of a 6-pack all her life. Tonight, it looks like she swallowed a beach ball. It’s kind of hot.
Natasha wrestled her jeans so that they were down just past her ass (she had not shown the same gains there that Megan had had) and then sat down on the couch and began to tug them from where they were stuck at her thighs.
Megan could tell that she was having difficulty. Just as she had struggled just to get them over her own massive ass.
“Allow me.” Said Megan as she hopped of the couch and pushed her friend back against the couch so that she could really heave the jeans off which were currently stuck at thigh level.
As Megan kneeled between her best friend’s legs, she first let her hands wander up towards her belly. Instantly, both of her hands were met with Natasha’s soft belly fat.
“Looks like we both have Buddha bellies tonight,” said Megan, who allowed her eyes to wander of the rest of her friend’s midriff before helping her with her too-tight jeans.
Slowly, working as a team, they had managed to tug one of Natasha’s legs free.
“Like I said before,” Said Natasha as she allowed her friend to continue, “Once and done, and so far, we are doing it like heroes.”
“You can say that again, babe.”
Megan lingered between her friend’s legs as one of her hands rested unnecessarily high up on Natasha’s free thigh while the other was working around the fabric of her still-trapped leg. Megan stole furtive glances at her friend’s sex. Natasha had worn her favorite black lacy lingerie. She had told Megan this earlier at the beach. She had worn them tonight because she wanted to really turn on Josh. He loved the black lacy ones. But Megan found that she was herself transfixed. She noticed that the fabric was strained from the rapid weight gain of her friend from this evenings binging. Where they once sat flat against her friend’s abdomen, they now were U-shaped, now having to accommodate for the bulk of her belly. The stretching of the fabric also made her panties more or less see-thru. Sure, she had seen Natasha naked dozens maybe hundreds of times, but never in this context.
Megan decided to throw caution to the wind a little.
“Hey Tash, do you still grow yourself out or are you still shaving yourself bald?”
Natasha was waiting for a window of opportunity to talk like this and now she had it.
“I’ve grown it back out. Remember Greg? Well, he liked a bald pussy, but I just need something there. For context.” She added, blushing a little.
“Yeah, context.” Megan repeated still staring at her friend’s sex.
Natasha looked down at her friend. Megan was obviously still letting her eyes wander over her body. It was turning Natasha on immensely. She could see Megan’s eyes lingering over the lower half of her body. She could see her gazing here and there, half at her V and half at her bulging belly, which stretched over her panties, creating a U-shaped curve of fat.
Natasha, who could feel herself get wet from having someone so close to her pussy said quickly, “What about you?”
Megan was waiting for this question and had already steeled herself for the reaction and said, “It’s kind of a design. It’s uh, easier if I showed you,”
The two friends looked at each other dead in the eye. Natasha, shirt ridden up, gut exposed and spread-legged, while her childhood friend, who had clearly gained a ton of weight his evening too had her hands on her inner thigh and was now noticeably breathing a little heavier than before.
“Meg, are you nervous?” she said, looking down at her friend?
“No,” She replied quickly, but it was clear to both of them that she was.
“I just—I dunno. I’ve never been this intimate with another girl before,”
“Megs, puh-leeze. We’ve known each other practically our whole lives. I’ve seen your body naked tons of times. What? You think I would judge you or something?”
Megan felt immense relief, “No, I dunno what I am saying. Here—,” and with that she stood up and slowly displayed her body for her friend.
She stood akimbo, hands on hips with one leg poised toward her friend the other splayed outward like a model. She had a smirk on her face. It was definitely an invitation for her to make a comment on what she saw.
The shirt that Megan was wearing was by now very tight. It had ridden several inches above her waist line and the bottom ¼ of her belly was now exposed and pushed out several inches from where her silk panties sat.
Natasha could see by the taughtness of her friend’s designer tee that it was definitely two sizes too small and said so.
“You should take off your shirt first. Really make it a show,” she added with a wink.
The color flushed in Megan’s face again but went unnoticed by Natasha.
Slowly, and still standing in between her friend’s thighs, she lowered her arms to her sides and crossed them and slowly pulled the shirt off her now large body.
It was no easy going and she had difficulty getting the ends of the shirt up and over her now enormous breasts. She looked like a trussed chicken when all Natasha could see was a big quivering belly, two enormous breasts and two arms stuck out at the top.
Finally, she had freed herself from the fabric and was standing there in bra and panties.
“Wow Megs, you look really hot.” Said Natasha, now whose turn it was to blush.
She felt the rise of color in her cheeks and added, “I mean, don’t take this the wrong way or anything, but you look really good with some extra padding on your frame.”
And without hesitation, she leaned forward and drew her friend close to her and put her hands on her belly.
Megan moaned softly and let her own ecstasy take over as she felt tiny kisses all over and around her belly button. Next came the gentle kneading of her rolls of fat as Natasha grabbed them and rolled them between her hands.
Megan didn’t feel it as Natasha’s hands reached up and unclasped her powerfully tiny bra. The catch sprang free and when she removed the bra and sat back to admire her friends swollen breasts, she could see red marks from where the fabric was starting to dig into her soft flesh.
“Oh Megs, your boobs are huge as well as your belly,” Natasha said as she leant forward again to cup them into her hands.
Megan could feel herself getting more aroused and felt her nipples pucker and elongate. They were as long as the tips of Natasha’s pinkie fingers and she reached up her mouth to Megan’s left breast and began to suck on her. Natasha felt a hand grab her by the back of the head and felt a weave of fingers in her hair as her head was drawn closer into Megan’s heaving chest. Megan moaned again.
Megan was lost in the pools of ecstasy. Deep inside of her, she could feel her pussy getting moister by the minute. She was sure she has soaked through her silk panties and felt down with her free hand a discovered a wet patch. She was cumming.
Slowly she began to stroke the outer fabric covering her sex, feeling it getting more saturated by the second. The next thing she knew was a hand – not hers – tugging at the edges of her tight panties and began to tug them down.
Natasha had allowed herself to be man-handled by Megan’s hand holding her to her breasts and was content to suck on her nipples. Natasha had never felt this sexually charged before. Not even with Josh or Greg. She knew deep down, she loved men. She loved having them inside her and taking them in her mouth. But this was something new to her. But no less exciting.
As she remained attached to Megan’s chest going from right to left with her mouth, she had let her hands continue to massage and caress her friend’s bulging belly. Occasionally, she teased Megan by allowing a hand to reach back and grip one of her ass cheeks and then trace its contours before giving it a playful spank. Or else she would let her hand continue downward and with gentle fingertips, caress her inner thighs.
Natasha sensed, rather than felt Megan’s own hand begin to reach down for her pussy. Being an accomplished masturbator all her life, she recognized that feminine fragrance that could only mean one thing. Megan was wet, from her!
At first Natasha tried to rip the panties off her large friend, but found this task impossible. Apparently in addition to her boob and belly expansion, her ass had also been a casualty.
After a few initial tugs on the fabric, Natasha temporarily gave up and methodically and almost lovingly allowed her hands to once again to search for Megan’s ass cheeks. She felt them from top to bottom, all the while observing their newfound softness. She scooped them and allowed each cheek to fall back into her hand and quiver.
She wanted Megan’s panties off in the worst way, but it appeared they were too well-made and definitely not from China. “Leave it to imported silk panties!” Natasha thought.
Slowly, Natasha made to stand up from the couch and Megan released her grip on her hair.
Both girls stared at each other, profiling one another for what looked like the first time. Barely an hour ago they had been the best of friends. But now, they had crossed into new territory and neither one seemed to mind at all.
Finally Natasha spoke, “So, uh, what do you think?”
“About making out with my chest?”
“Yeah, among other things.”
Megan collected herself, “I’ve never felt like that before. No guy has ever made me wet by just kissing my nipples before.”
“Yeah, and I’ve never gotten so aroused by running my hands over a body that wasn’t a man’s.” Natasha said
“What does this mean?,” said Megan, as she looked her friend in the eye once more before glancing down at her own naked body, still bulging from their eating binge.
“I dunno. I mean, I don’t feel grossed out or uncomfortable or anything. I kind of like it. It’s like discovering sex all over again.”
“I was thinking the exact same thing!” said Megan, “I mean, I’m not grossed out or anything else like that either. I just want to, you know…return the favor.”
She shrugged her shoulders at this point and Natasha couldn’t help but giggle.
“Okay, I want to keep going. I feel like it’s a drug or something. But I just want to make sure you’re cool with it and if it gets weird than one of us has to tell the other and no feeling hurt, alright?” Natasha said.
Megan hesitated for a second, but then said, “Yeah, I can do that.”
With renewed vigor, both girls resumed their exploration of each other’s bodies.
Megan helped Natasha to her feet and walked her, by the hand to the center of the basement and onto the plush carpet in front of the television.
She switched off the movie, so that only a dull blue light up their bodies.
“I wanna look at all of you; I want to drink you in with my eyes.” Said Megan
“That turns me on” came the reply.
Natasha stood with her arms at her sides and watched as her friend circled around her body. Poking here, pinching there and caressing everywhere else.
She stood behind Natasha and brought her arms around her friend’s middle. Natasha could feel the heat and pressure from Megan’s bulging belly against her spine. She could also feel the pricks of Megan’s nipples through the back of own her shirt, still hard with desire.
Megan let her hands explore her friend’s body once more. She cradled her belly and scooped it up and allowed it to drop several times. Each time, she could feel it shake her entire body and each time, Natasha felt an unexpected but incredible sensation surge throughout her entire body.
Natasha could feel herself getting really wet and recognized the smell of her own wet sex. Megan, unaccustomed to the new aroma couldn’t at once place the smell but she soon put two and two together when she let a hand drop to Natasha’s waist and allow her fingers to explore the parameters of Natasha’s black lacy panties.
Megan could feel herself getting wet again and began breathing heavier as she continued to play around Natasha’s sex. She suddenly felt Natasha squirm as she reached a clumsy hand around and pushed her panties to one side and slid in a curious finger. Then two.
“Mmmm, you are so fucking wet, aren’t you, Megs?” Said Natasha in a seductive tone of voice.
Megan was at first shocked to hear her friend speak like that, but soon fell into step as she found it turned her on even more than before.
Natasha slid her fingers in and out of Megan’s pussy and slowly brought her hand to her mouth.
“Mmmm, you taste like honey”
Megan couldn’t believe her friend her friend just tasted her. But by now she was aware of the pheromones both girls were giving off. She suddenly wanted to reciprocate.
Tracing her fingers around Natasha’s panties, Megan brought her hand to the underbulge of her friend’s belly. Then slowly, she slid one finger then two underneath her panties.
Megan could feel that Natasha had a neat landing strip and followed it all the way down to her wet sex. She heard Natasha moan.
“Yeah, you like it when I do this, don’t you? You like it when I rub your pussy like this?” she splayed her first two fingers and began to grind them against the outside of Natasha’s lips.
“Or maybe you like it like this.”
And she crooked a finger and began to rub harder and harder.
“Ohhh, Meg, Oh, Meg, take my clothes off! I want to feel your skin against mine!”
Slowly, the two girls faced each other again and wordlessly, Megan reached down and removed Natasha’s soaking panties, then reached up to remove her turtle neck that was now stretched beyond the point of normal return.
As she reached overhead to remove the shirt, she noticed that Natasha wasn’t wearing a bra.
“Boy, you really wanted it bad tonight,” she said coyly.
“Yeah, well I figured Josh might be too drunk to navigate the fineries of bra clasps, so I removed a step for him. Gone to waste now. For him.”
Natasha let her friend explore her breasts. She was pleased to see that her night of binging had left its mark on areas other than her belly. As Megan caressed and cupped each breast, she could feel her nipples hardening into pointed peaks. Megan brought her mouth down to one of them and began to suck and nibble and bite playfully at them.
Natasha moaned and surreptitiously reached for her ass. It had grown. She guessed that it was bigger in every way. She cupped her ass cheeks and began to spank herself. She could feel her whole body giggle and she noticed that she loved it.
Gently, she pulled Megan’s face up to hers and they slowly fell to the floor on the rug as their mouths met and tongues danced on each other’s mouths.
Both side-lying, Natasha began to pull at her friend’s nipples while receiving in turn a delicate fingering of her pussy.
Natasha reached down to finger her friend in return, but found it difficult because of the tightness of her panties against her meaty pussy.
“Uh, hey,” Natasha whispered after many minutes, “this isn’t working for me. Can we take these things off?”
It took her a moment to realize what she was talking about, “Oh, my panties. Yeah, of course!”
Megan rolled onto her back and put up her knees. Natasha got between them and began to tug at them. They didn’t budge.
“Meg’s, your ass won’t let go.” She said playfully.
“Well, don’t rip them. They’re imported. From—“
“—Italy, I know.” Said Natasha, rolling her eyes. “Well, I really want to go down on you, but you’ve got the Italian chastity belt over here and they’re tighter than hell on you. I can barely get a finger into the waistband!”
Megan hesitated for a second, and rolled over onto her elbow. She had wanted to do this all night, and wasn’t sure how to proceed.
“Uh, I have an idea. But, I dunno if you want to. This is that ‘let’s say yes/no and still be friends’ moment”.
Natasha sat up and leaned on one elbow to face her friend.
“Shoot,” she said as she brushed a curtain of red-brown hair out of her eyes.
“Okay, well you know how I’ve gotten ah—‘bigger’ towards the end of school?” she said hesitantly.
“Sort of. But I only really noticed today when you met me at the beach. But I thought it was because of that huge meal your Nana made you.”
“Well, yes and no.” said Megan.
She looked hard at her friend and braced herself for what may come.
“To tell you the truth, I’ve been experimenting with something and it’s like the next level of masturbation for me.”
Natasha stared at her friend, “I’m all ears!”
“Well, it’s sort of a fetish. It’s called food sex.”
Natasha looked at her friend quizzically, “So you’re saying it’s not just because you don’t think working off the last pound is worth it like you mentioned earlier?”
“No, this is kind of different,” said Megan
“Okay, go on.” Said Natasha after a time.
“What I do is kind of different though. What I do is periodically stuff myself when I am at my horniest with as much food as I can get a hold of while I masturbate. Basically, I get off to the way my body changes as it expands and gets bigger and I have a massive orgasm at the end of it.” She blurted out all in one breath.
“I only got part of that.” Said a calm Natasha.
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Default The Great Eatscapade

Part 4
By Runningsoft

She sighed. But said, much more slowly. “I like to eat food and masturbate. It’s called a feedee. I love to be fed and when I binge, it gets me really hot. Combine that with my normal hormones and you get a double-whammy. And tonight, I’m really, really horny.”
She looked away and then back to gauge Natasha’s expression.
She put a hand on hers and said. “Okay Megan, what else?”
“I get off the most when I wear the tightest clothes I own and can still fit into. Then I eat the most fattening, bloating food I can find and watch my body expand and if I’m lucky, I burst or rip the clothes I’m in.”
She continued, “Sometimes, I soak myself through my clothes because I get so hot and can’t get naked fast enough to masturbate with my dildo. Last week, I ate so much so fast that I broke the clasp of my Calvin Klein bra and popped off the button Guess designer jeans. It went clear across the room as I lay there against the island in the kitchen from exhaustion and I—I gushed.” She blushed.
“You mean you got so horny, that you actually squirted?” Natasha said.
Megan was suddenly lost. She’d taken herself back to last week when she completely soaked her panties and moaned so loud that she woke her sleeping parents and had to explain to them when they turned the light on, that she had been out late, was hungry and spilt a large glass of water on herself.
“Well,” said Natasha, bringing her friend back into reality, “I’ve never heard of that. But I do understand a great masturbation story.” She smiled.
“And besides, I told you already that I love your body with extra padding, so maybe I am a fat-ogler, or whatever you want to call me.”
“FA,” said Megan. “It means Fat Admirer. People who appreciate the sight of someone who is bigger, but not necessarily into gaining weight themselves.”
Then it suddenly dawned on Natasha.
“You want me to feed your already bloated body with more food until you pop out of these panties?”
Megan froze. “Damn, she’s quick”, she thought.
Natasha looked at her friend and gave her that mischievous half-crooked grin and said, “Let’s get to work.”
She kissed her friend on the lips long and hard and then said, “It’s 4am, when do your folks wake up?”
Megan thought for a second. The mixture of alcohol and sugary snacks having clouded her judgment.
“Well, tomorrow is Saturday and I think that they went pretty hard tonight; even Nana. I would expect them to wake up around 8 – 9, but if the door is closed down here, than they won’t bother us for anything. They’ll think we fell asleep down here and wait until we emerge. My folks are really good about respecting my space”
Natasha winked and stood up.
“Okay. First, I need a huge glass of water. I’m very dehydrated. All the sugary desserts and wine have given me the spins.”
“We can just bring down a pitcher,” offered Megan, as she too got up to her feet.
Both girls looked at the coffee table, still full of food.
“I think we are doing well for food,” said Megan, “there are still 3 of the 1lb chocolate bars left, 2 single Nona’s Best bars, and we each ate about half of those 5lb tubs of ice cream.”
“And if we are going to pop those suckers off your ass, you need to eat a lot of food fast. It’s a good thing most of the ice cream has melted. We can pour it into you,” supplied Natasha
“Yeah, and I can snack on the chocolate bars and rest of the wine if I get an ice cream headache and have to take a ‘break’” giggled Megan.
The two girls tip-toed up the stairs. Natasha completely naked and bulgy, while Megan still had on too-tight panties, belly spilling over the edges in all directions.
The hallway was deserted and they made their way to the fridge for the pitcher of water, but first passed the bathroom.
“Hey, I wanna weight myself,” said Natasha. And she sprinted inside.
The bathroom was small and at first Natasha thought they would have to go upstairs to the main bathroom, but as luck would have it, Italians are vein and there’s always a scale in every bathroom.
“So, the last time I weighed myself was two weeks ago. I was 115 lbs.”
She stood on the scale. It was one of those glass ones. The digital kind. Highly accurate.
She gasped when the numbers flashed back. 144 pounds. A gain of 29 pounds.
“Holeee-Shittt!” she cried, I cannot believe I packed that much food into this small body!”
She hopped off the scale and examined herself in the bathroom mirror.
Her face still held onto its firm good looks. She did notice that her cheeks looked a little fuller and she had the beginnings of a small double chin.
Her breasts had expanded and grown to about a D cup. They hung down like cantaloupes and her areolas were triple their previous size. She tugged on her nipples and they stuck out nearly an inch!
She turned and examined her waistline next. Where once there was a firm, fairly toned stomach there now stood a cute pot belly. She guestimated that she had added about 8 inches to her waist! Her navel was deep now and there was a deep fold of fat there. She had obvious love handles now and could get nearly a full handful on each side.
She looked down at her sex. Her pussy was still glistening from their earlier escapades but it too looked fuller and meatier. Next, she examined her thighs, which were now touching at the tops.
“Wow, I’ve never had my legs touch before,” Natasha thought as she rubbed them across each other several times.
Natasha turned and examined her side profile. She was shocked but not altogether surprised to see that she had developed a huge ass. She must have gained a good ten or so pounds back there. She noticed that it did not sag, but remained firm, with an obvious shelf. She had a boo-tay!
Also in side profile, she noticed her belly protruded outward from her stomach by several inches. Gravity had caused it to droop slightly and if she were wearing any panties, she knew that there would be an impressive lip of fat hanging over them.
Her breasts, despite their new growth, were uninhibited by the effects of gravity. They hung proudly off her chest.
“Damn,” she thought, “This getting fat thing isn’t half-bad.”
Then she said aloud, Wow, Megs. I am truly a porker now, aren’t I?” as she gave her belly a firm pat.
Megan giggled, “Yeah, I guess you are. But don’t worry, you’ll have a nightmare in the bathroom tomorrow and most of the weight will drop off.” She could see the concerned look on her friend’s face and added, “It’s only if you do it often for long periods of time that you will gain a lot of weight. You’ll be fine.”
Natasha flashed her a reassuring smile and said, “Your turn.”
Megan steeled herself. True, she had weighed herself countless times after binges like this, but this one had to be the most she’d ever consumed slowly over a day.
She stepped on and waited for the numbers to finalize.
She turned to Natasha who was peaking over her shoulder now.
“I was 135 this morning and 138.5 after my first course of Nana’s cooking. Now I am—“
“185 pounds!” said Natasha as the dialed numbers flashed.
A 50 pound gain. She stood there stunned.
“Wow”, said Natasha as she came over to hug her friend, “That has to be some sort of record for you.”
Megan hadn’t expected that much of a gain, but she was inwardly pleased with herself.
She smiled and said, “But I’m not finished with this binge yet.”
Natasha giggled and ran back into the kitchen for the pitcher of water and went back into the basement. Megan followed, but not before she examined herself in the mirror as Natasha had done.
Still pretty as ever, she had put on weight. A lot of weight.
Her cheeks were fuller now and she had a good-sized double chin. Her neck was thicker as were her arms; especially at the back.
Her generous C cupped breasts rocketed outward and were now at best guess, EE’s. They looked like two beach balls had been inflated under her skin. Her areolas were at least 9 times their original size and her nipples, when pinched, protruded 2 and a half inches.
Her eyes scanned her midriff next. Definitely pear-shaped. She had always had a small pooch there but now it was prominent. No, that wasn’t the right word.
Her belly was gargantuan.
She guestimated that she added 10 inches to her waistline. Maybe more. Her navel was so deep that her jeweled belly ring was lodged deep inside. She had a deep crease at her belly button which displayed off two large rolls of fat.
She looked at her sex and noticed how pathetically strained her panties were. And wet. The silky triangle was hiding her sex and she was dying to find out if it had gotten bigger too. She glanced down at her thighs and saw that her legs were touching all the way to her knees. Something that she also had never experienced on this scale before.
In side profile, she was pleased to notice that her breasts proudly stuck out uninhibited by the effects of gravity. She gave her nipples a gratifying tweak and watched as they protruded outward.
She looked at how far her belly stuck out from her panties. It was domed and had a bit of a droop. She slapped her belly playfully a few times and watched as it quivered slightly.
Lastly, she examined her ass. Boy did she have curves! Her ass looked like each cheek swallowed a basketball.
“No wonder I tore my jeans. Look at this behemoth!” she thought to herself.
She ran her hands over her ass, top to bottom, and cupped each cheek and lifted it. She watched as they fell and followed up with a slight giggle. Again, the effects of gravity seemed minute despite the new weight she carried.
After glancing at herself in the mirror for a few more minutes, she was satisfied that tonight was a night that she would never forget.
Sure, she had had food sex by herself several times and only once has orgasmed to the point of gushing, but tonight she would be aided by her best friend. A friend who didn’t judge her for her fetish and one who didn’t mind participating.
Megan didn’t know what the meant for their future. Things had changed, that much she knew for sure. But she felt deep down that it was a good change.
“Hey Megs, everything alright?” came a voice from the door,
It was Natasha, leaning against the bathroom door looking at her friend through the mirror at her reflection.
The sudden appearance of the voice instantly made Megan cover up her sex and her breasts before she realized that it was Natasha.
“Oh, you startled me!” and let out a low sigh, “I was just coming down. I wanted to get a good look at my new gains.”
“Everything looks fabulous from here,” Natasha added with a smirk, “I was wondering where you went to and you looked like you had a concerned look on your face when I came in.”
She looked at her friend through the mirror and smiled. She then turned to face her in the door way, “I’m fine. Better than fine, actually.”
She smiled again and crooked a finger to her companion, “Come here sexy. I want to kiss you.”
Natasha sauntered into the bathroom and their lips met, tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.
Megan intertwined her hands into Natasha’s hair while Natasha in turn planted both hands on her friend’s ass and began to lightly spank her.
Both girls were now aware that they had gained a lot of weight. Bellies touching, warm skin against warm skin, they continued making out for several more minutes.
Natasha could feel herself getting wet again and her familiar fragrance enveloped them both.
She took Megan by the hand, “Let’s finish this downstairs, my lovely.”
Securely in the basement once more, the girls set up the coffee table so that it was next to the carpet in front of the television which stilled glowed blue.
Megan had grabbed some pillows and blankets from a chest in the corner of the basement and made a perch for herself so that she could be in a semi-reclined position and still be able to eat and pleasure her friend.
“Megs, this ice cream will slide straight down your throat,” Natasha said, “and added to your cute belly.”
Megan let out a moan as she lay back on her mound of pillows and took the jug of melted ice cream.
She tilted her head back and let the cool liquid enter her mouth. She took it slow, allowing herself to be teased by the sensation of getting fuller and closer to having an intense orgasm.
As she continued to finish off the first tub, she could feel herself getting fatter. This was confirmed by Natasha, who was splayed between her friend’s legs, rubbing her belly and kissing around her belly button.
“Ohhh, Megs, you’re getting bigger by the minute. It’s like I can feel you growing under my hands as I massage your belly.”
Megan, with mouth still full from the liquid could only stifle an affirmative, as she tilted her head back even further and finished the first tub. But before she did so, she began to squirm as an orgasm rushed through her body.
She sat it down and washed the dregs down with a few sips of water, then gasped for breath
“Tasha, that was incredible. I just had an intense orgasm.” She said still panting.
“I know,” she replied, “you just soaked through your panties even more.”
With that let her fingers wander down to Megan’s sex and stroked her panties and let a finger come up and slowly approach her friend’s mouth.
Megan closed her eyes and took the finger in her mouth.
“Honey”, she said to herself.
She opened her eyes and saw that Natasha was looking at her expectantly, eyes wide with desire.
“Megs, I want to try it now. I want you to rub and caress me while I try eating for a bit. Looking at how much you enjoyed that last bit, I want to see if I’ll have a similar experience.”
“Sure thing babe”, said Megan
They exchanged positions and Natasha reached for one of the chocolate bars. She began to consume it and felt Megan’s warm hands caressing her belly and breasts.
Her nipples at once registered the sensation and hardened with desire. She stared over the chocolate bar in her mouth as Megan inched herself forward and began to suckle on her nipples, one hand on her belly, another reaching down towards her sex.
“Mmmmmmmm, oooooh, mmmmmmm,”
Megan was getting into rhythm now. She found herself getting turned on giving pleasure to her friend while she ate.
“Tasha’s going to get nice and big for me, isn’t she”, she said.
Natasha moaned approval.
“You like it when I suck on your tits and rub your fat belly,” she continued, trying to further seduce her friend while finding herself approaching another orgasm.
“I love it when you touch me,” whispered Natasha as her eyes opened and closed, head moving side to side with each wave of pleasure that washed over her.
“I want you to get nice and wet for me,” continued Megan as she lowered her face from Natasha’s chest and slowly kissed her way down her bulging belly, around her navel and towards her sex.
She could smell the sweet fragrance as she followed Natasha’s landing strip downward. She put one finger, then two into her friend and Natasha began to thrust her pelvis.
Megan began to enter her friend faster and faster and felt as Natasha gripped the back of her hair and pushed her into her sex.
“Ohh, Meg, Ohh, OHHHH!”
Megan brought her mouth to Natasha’s sex while penetrating her and took in the aroma. Then she went for it.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Oh, yeah! That’s it! Deeper, Harder!”
Megan continued vigorously while Natasha bucked against her face when she felt Natasha tense up.
“Ohhh, Ohhhhhhhhh!”
Natasha lessened the grip on her friend’s hair and brought her face up to hers.
“Megan, that was fucking unbelievable. That was the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had!”
They shared a long kiss.
“Seriously, how did you know how to do that?” said Natasha
Megan looked at her, “I dunno. It just felt right and I went a long with it. I know what I like as a girl, and I know that guys barely have a clue.”
“That’s the truth,” cried Natasha.
They switched positions and Megan attacked the remaining half of Natasha’s chocolate bar, the full 1lb chocolate bar and the rest of the ice cream.
Natasha played with Megan’s breasts as she straddled her friend. Belly to belly, she began to thrust her pelvis against her friend and began to buck against her.
Megan moaned softly as Natasha secured herself more tightly by gripping on her by the ass and grinding harder. Megan began to feel herself approaching another orgasm. This was going to be the one, she was sure of it.
Natasha could feel Megan’s belly continuing to grow as she finished off the last of the chocolate bars and was on the final tub of ice cream that was now half full.
Between thrusts Natasha glanced down and could see the fabric tightening and beginning to fray.
“You’re panties are starting to come part, my beautiful feedee,” cooed Natasha
Megan began to guzzle the liquid, feeling the most intense orgasm approaching climax.
Natasha kept grinding their sexes together, all the while growing in excitement at the deterioration of the panties. She could feel herself approaching another orgasm herself and kept her eyes on her friend’s sex.
Megan could feel the pressure of her panties on her waist bordering on excruciating. Desperately she willed them to disintegrate as she was nearing the bottom of the melted ice cream, her last item of food. When all of a sudden:
Natasha looked down as she heard the noise and pulled back to see both sides of the fabric come away to showcase her friend’s glistening sex. Her belly leapt forward another inch and she looked up in time to see Megan drop the empty ice cream tub on the floor next to her and tilt her head back and moan,
“OH MY GOD, I’M C-U-M-M-I-N-G-!-!-!”
Natasha felt Megan’s body shudder violently and then pulse as from somewhere deep within her friend’s sex, she ejaculated a clear liquid all over her own sex, belly and breasts. Then she felt her own body tremble as she felt a hot wave of passion surge through her and she orgasmed herself.
The two girls looked at each other with animal passion and Natasha dove forward at her friend to meet her lips which were met with equal fervor.
After several long minutes of intense, passionate kissing, the two girls broke apart and stared into each other’s eyes, panting heavily.
They sat semi-upright, each leaning on one elbow, staring, when Natasha said,
“So it’s a heart.” And smiled.
At first Megan had no idea what her friend was talking about. She was completely somewhere else. She had attained the highest pinnacle of ecstasy she had ever reached before and she had done it with another woman.
Slowly she felt her mind begin to unfog and she realized what Natasha was talking about.
“Oh yeah, my design. It’s a heart.” And she giggled.
Natasha giggled too and they both brought themselves closer. Bellies touching, they casually explored each other’s glistening bodies, folds and creases for many minutes.
Feeling completely content and not to mention exhausted, Megan felt a huge wave of fatigue wash over her. So did Natasha.
“Oh my god, I’m so tired,” yawned Megan, “what time is it?”

“Who cares,” said Natasha, “I just want to sleep next to you.”
They looked at each other again, drunk with sleep and the fatigue of the experience they had shared over the past few hours.
Megan leant back on her elbow and rolled onto her back and was instantly asleep. Natasha remained awake for a few more minutes and looked at her friend’s naked, glistening body.
She knew that she wasn’t a lesbian and she was sure that Megan wasn’t either. They both loved men and told each other this on many occasions. Natasha had enjoyed the entire experience, even though she was initially unsure what she was walking into.
“One and done,” she said to herself as she pulled a blanket close and draped themselves in it.
She stared up at the ceiling and listened to the heavy breathing of Megan.
Then she smiled to herself and said again, “One and done? I don’t think so.”

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This was very , very intense!

Thanks for sharing it!

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