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Default Vignettes from a fat world - BBW (mult.), BHM (mult.), WG

Author's note. In a parallel universe society appreciates a fuller figure; fat is celebrated as the ideal. There are no inhibitions on body image, so much so that people often go around with only underwear in the street, at work, or strip off in front of strangers, or on a train. Food and eating are recognised as highly sexual and casual sex is normal and takes place anywhere, including office desks, factory floors, planes and in taxis. And especially in restaurants, most of which had sofas and beds dotted about specifically to facilitate stuffed sex. The casual sex does not interfere with long-term relationships: love and lust are well defined and distinguishable.
Food is given the importance it deserves: everyone's a foodie and tasteless processed food simply does not exist. The humblest burger joint or hot dog stand pride themselves on serving amazing, high quality meat. There is no food specifically designed to be low calorie, but vegetables are enjoyed by all - although these are often deep fried and battered. Being fat is a sign of happiness and contentment, anyone who loses weight or finds no joy in eating see therapists. During vacations and holiday seasons it is a known fact that people will gain weight as they merrily over-indulge and friendly competitions often ensue as to who gains the most.
With the importance given to food, it was totally usual for people to show up to work two hours later than expected because a good breakfast opportunity came along. Similarly lunch breaks could easily take four hours or more, and calling in with a food coma was nothing strange. As long as over time the work got done, no one complained.
It is not a society completely given over to mindless stuffing, people still enjoy usual activities such as walking or cycling as a means of transport or to spend time together. Gyms are focused on stretching and flexibility, yoga and pilates, the idea of a treadmill or stationary bike does not exist. Some people enjoy weight lifting to help them bulk their body further and allow them to carry even more fat.

Another note. This will not develop into a complete story, I think more a series of vignettes.

Vignettes from a Fat World
by Ssaylleb

Vignette 1

****Linda and Lucy met in the lift going up to their office. They greeted one another, happy to see each other again after the Christmas break. Both in their late twenties they were sexy plump hotties and team-mates.

“So how was it babe?” asked Linda.

“Ah-may-zing honey, we ate sooo much, I can’t wait to get into to the office to show you my belly. It sticks out further than my breasts now!”

“Oh well done sweetie, I can tell you’re fatter even with your coat on!”

“Thanks! How about you?”

“Oh not as good as you, we got stuck in the airport with all that snow so we missed a couple of days, then when we finally got there my sister was ill and we all caught the flu. I think I actually lost weight!“ added Linda sadly, before continuing. “Well OK, not really, my skirt is tighter than it was, but you know I only managed a couple of days of proper gorging.”

“I’m not wearing a skirt, none would fit!” giggled Lucy. “We’ll have to turn up the heating.”

“Yeah right, you just want to show off your sexy curves!”

“That too” laughed Lucy.

In the office the heat was turned up very warm so that they could freely strip off the clothes needed for the cold weather outside. Everyone was keen to parade their fattened bodies and compliment others on their gain. The first hour was lost on such pleasantries.

“Oh wow Lucy, how much did you manage to eat? You look pregnant!”

“Thanks! I owe it to Mark’s mum, she really took care of me!”

“Awesome work bro! Your gut’s halfway to your knees now!”

“Thanks dude! You should see my wife, she looks like she swallowed a beach ball!”
“Lucky bastard!”

The sound of soft flesh being slapped lightly. “Look at this. What a belly!”

“I know, it really popped out now right?! I love how it blew up so round with this overhang even when I’m standing. Before I had to bend over a little.”

“Mm-hmm even your love handles, look what a nice roll of fat, it seems to come out of your spine then curls around your waist, getting bigger and fatter till it joins your tummy. Do you want to hook up later?

“Sure, you have a couple of new rolls yourself I’d like to fondle.”

The sound of an fat ass being spanked softly.

“Here’s some apple pie guys, we had loads left over and it will go. I got ice cream too.”

“Yes please!”

“Me too”

“Me three!”

Slowly the colleagues settled down at their desks and began the expected groaning at seeing so many unread emails, and adding to the “to do” list. A young guy walked into the office dressed only in tight white boxers. Rudy was the butt of many jokes as he did all he could to start off his office gut but at eighteen years old his metabolism was just too powerful for any flab to stick. In an attempt to appear fatter he liked to wear tight clothes so as to force out miniscule rolls of flesh.

Now his belly bulged out ever so slightly, as though he’d just downed a large drink.

“Oh Rudy, you poor thing, you didn’t manage to gain at all did you?” asked Linda.

“Damn it, and I tried so hard. I swear I just sat on the sofa and ate all day, every day!” he complained.

“Not like Lucy here then, she gained enough for two!”

Lucy blushed at the compliment and asked for another slice of apple pie.

“Oh wow Lucy, you look awesome!” exclaimed Rudy. “I mean you were hot before but now you’re just in another league!

“Look” he pointed out to Lucy. “Your butt and hips are actually spreading outside your chair, see how this fat bulges out under the arm rests. And in front your belly’s so fat it hides your panties completely! Wow look at this!” He grabbed her soft ball of a belly, lifted it and let it drop onto her thighs.

“We can tell you like her!” laughed Linda, pointing at Ruby’s erection, clearly visible in his tight undies.

“Oh honey, that’s so cute!” smiled Lucy, pleased at the effect her body had on the younger guy.

“Here let me take care of that for you” said Lucy, pulling Rudy to her, slipping his pants down and taking his cock into her mouth. He reached down to fondle her breasts as the team cheered them on.

Rudy’s face flushed with pleasure and pride. He had become one of the team.
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rwagner has said some nice things

Keep it going!!!!!!
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Vignette 2

“Where do you want to go for lunch, honey?” Lucy asked Linda at around 10.30.

“Are you hungry already?” laughed Linda.

“I want to feed you up hun, I’m worried you’re wasting away”

“Aww how sweet. What about Alberto’s?”

“Fresh pasta? Huge portions? You bet I’m in!”

When the two ladies walked into the restaurant they were immediately overwhelmed by the heat and quickly stripped off to their undies. As they walked to a table the two plumpers received many approving smiles and Lucy even had her belly patted by a couple of regulars.

They noticed their CEO, Paul, and another director, Gerry, at a table and waved. Paul nodded them over and invited them to join their table.

“Looking good boss!” said Linda to Paul. “May I?” she motioned to his belly.

“Of course” he beamed.

Linda went behind his chair, grabbed his fat gut and shook it. “Wow boss, you really fed well this Christmas huh?”

“Yes I did” he smiled smugly. “Eight pounds in seven days!” he boasted.

Lucy smiled at him from across the table. “Not to brag” she smirked “but I managed ten.”

“You what?” exclaimed Paul.

“I gained ten pounds in the week we were off” Lucy explained happily.

“Let me see!” demanded Paul.

Lucy did not need to be asked twice and stood again, posing with a hand on her hip, turning this way and that. Her antics were not unappreciated as both Paul and Gerry’ dicks stood to attention, and she earned a few wolf whistles from around the room.

There were two specials for the day, oven baked beef cannelloni in tomato sauce and tortellini served with cream sauce, mushrooms and bacon. Each dish was meant to serve three people but they ordered one of each.

The group chatted and exchanged holiday stories, Linda receiving commiserations for her “wasted” Christmas, having only managed to gain three pounds. Gerry had added a modest five lbs to his round form.

When the food was brought to their table, they were all given a generous portion of each dish. Paul eyed Lucy and started to eat. Lucy stared back at him defiantly and matched him bite for bite. Once their plates were empty, Linda and Gerry only took a little bit more while Paul filled his plate again. Lucy did the same.

“Hey, I thought you wanted to feed me

up!” complained Linda.

Lucy only smiled at her friend as she dug in to her plate, sauce dripping off her chin.

Linda and Gerry smiled at one another as they looked at their companions. Lucy’s belly, already nice and fat before the meal was now swollen out even further, resting on her plump thighs. Paul’s ball belly was similarly bloated, his navel deep and inviting. Linda reached over and patted Paul’s belly. “Come on boss, keep going!”

Linda squeezed her hand under Paul’s flabby gut and curled her hand around Paul’s cock. She nibbled his ear, whispering “eat her under the table and I’ll fuck your fat ass.”

Paul looked at her plump body, her full breasts fighting to escape her lacy bra and dug in.

Lucy shot her friend a dirty look as Gerry leaned over and started to rub his hand clockwise around her gut. “Come on Lucy, show him what eating means!” Lucy burped and then seemed to get a second wind, eating with gusto. Gerry’s hand slipped further down, still rubbing, until Lucy started gasping and he felt a rush of wet warmth spilling through her panties.

As both plates were emptied, Gerry and Linda declared a tie, Paul and Lucy red-faced and fast approaching food coma. But Paul had not reached the top professionally by backing down from a fight. He called the waiter over.

“Do you have tiramisu?”

“Of course sir”

“Great, I’ll have one. Anything for you?” he waved his pudgy hand round the table.

“Tiramisu” said Lucy. “And chocolate gateau!”

“Huh, you’ll throw up!” said Paul dismissively, rubbing his overfed gut and burping.

“I live for sweets” smiled Lucy.

Linda and Gerry also took a tiramisu. It was the renowned house specialty for a good reason.

They all enjoyed the tiramisu, an oversized celebration of gluttony with untold quantities of double cream and marsala-steeped biscuits. Gerry and Linda sat back and folded their arms over their warm, stuffed bellies, burping now and again. Paul stared at Lucy, waiting to see her next move. Licking her lips she pulled the chocolate cake towards her and took the first mouthful. Gerry stared at her in frank admiration. “I can see how you’ve grown so fat if you can really eat like this!”

Paul motioned to the waiter. “Get me a chocolate cake like hers!” he ordered. He was halfway through it when Lucy finished hers. She lazily lifted a finger for the waiter, who rushed to her side.

“What else do you have?” she burped.

The others stared at her in amazement.

“Watch out Lucy, I don’t want you to literally pop!” cautioned Linda.

“Wow you’re being really greedy today” the waiter complimented her with a belly pat, then continued, “apple pie, lemon meringue, banoffee, cheesecakes we’ve got blackcurrant, lemon again, and strawberry, then panna cotta and creme brulee. And ice cream of course.”

“Ooh I can’t choose” Lucy looked so worried that the others had to laugh.

“Panna cotta” she decided.

Paul waved his hand at the waiter, indicating a “me too” signal, his mouth still full of chocolate gateau.

“You look like you’re beginning to struggle” said Linda to Paul. “Can I help you?”

She turned her chair closer to Paul’s, took the fork from his hand and started to feed him, her other hand running lazy circles over his distended belly.

Gerry looked at Lucy, the question in his eyes. Lucy assented and he also pulled his chair closer to hers. She did not need help eating the panna cotta so he focussed on rubbing her swollen belly to help her digest. Now and again he let his hands slide down to graze her thighs or grab her pussy, making her alternately gasp and burp.

Lucy called the waiter over. “Meringue”. Paul nodded.

Even Lucy was tiring now, her body exhausted from the sheer amount of food that she had ingested. She rested her elbow on the table and supported her head.

“Cheesecake. Blackcurrant.” Burp.

The waiter looked at Paul, who lifted a hand and shook it in surrender. He stared at Lucy, his eyes alive with disbelief and respect.
“You don’t need to take the cheesecake” he gasped, “I give up!”

“But I want it!” pouted Lucy.

Gerry fed it to her.

A few minutes later, the bill paid, Gerry and Linda stood up. Paul grabbed the table and heaved on it, slowly lifting himself to his feet, his overfed gut making balance difficult. Lucy tried to stand but couldn’t. She looked at Linda, panic in her eyes.

“Hehe” laughed Linda, “have you really eaten so much that you can’t stand up?!”

“It’s not funny!” gasped Lucy.

Gerry and a waiter helped her to her feet but she could barely stand.

By common consent they drifted over to a large bed at the side. Paul sat down heavily while Lucy fell onto her side. Linda stood in front of Paul and started to massage his gut. He reached around her back and unhooked her bra, letting her full heavy breasts free. She leaned in towards him so that he took her juicy nipple into his mouth. After enjoying for a while, she knelt down, lifted his fat belly and sucked his cock into her mouth, letting his belly rest on her head.

Gerry looked down at Lucy. Replete, her belly ballooned out in front of her, her plump arse smiling at him invitingly through her panties, which by now were completely wet thanks to his attention at table. He leaned over her, his own belly hanging down over her. Not wasting any more time, he pulled his pants down and twisted her panties apart. A waitress quickly rolled a condom over his dick before he thrust it inside her, his own overfed gut slapping on her curved hips.
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rwagner has said some nice things

I'm a big fan of this piece. Very fun.
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Originally Posted by rwagner View Post
I'm a big fan of this piece. Very fun.
thanks more on the way
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