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NYSquashee can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesNYSquashee can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesNYSquashee can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default A Night in the Office - NYSquashee (SSBBW, Imagery, Squashing)

SSBBW, Imagery, Squashing - a 400+ pound dominatrix can land a powerful impact, but some guys love being a slave

A Night in the Office
by NY Squashee

It was a humid night in August, the kind that gets you sweating before you even think of going outside, and he was laying out in her office again, awaiting the sounds of her loud footsteps from the hall. The black leather couch didn’t help with the heat, but it was something far in the back of his mind as he laid still, trying to dream up what she might have in stall for him next.

It wasn’t the first time he’d been in this stop. Stretched out on the same black couch, the couch that sunk in due to considerable daily sitting of her massive body on it. The springs, long ago bending and breaking to her huge body’s will, lay beneath him.

Before, she had pushed him past the limits, his breath being forced out of his lungs numerous occasions as she came crashing down upon his prone form. Her thunderous bulk, 420lbs of beauty, wrapped in the same black spandex pants that he wore tonight, flattening and smooching his body, much like the springs of the sunken couch.

In that brief moment he lay remembering, his gargantuan Goddess had made her way back into her office room, stepping as lightly as she could from the hall, trying to muffle those loud footfalls of hers, that she knew he had been using as a warning to get his body ready for impact.

Now she watched as he lay out on her loyal couch, with his body flat out, and eyes closed. I wonder what he could be thinking, she thought to herself as she tip-toed closer. Close enough that she was directly in front of the couch, her shin lightly touching it’s side. He laid still, eyes closed, as she quietly turned her bulk around, so that her elephantine backside, the one he loved so much, was positioned over his lower stomach and chest.

She stood for a moment, slightly swaying her hips back and forth, enjoying the rush from the on-coming crush she was going to inflict on her victim. And then, without further pause, she threw her legs out and came crashing down upon him, landing with a loud BOOM, followed closely by the burst of air rushing from his lungs.

He was brought back to the present time in a 420lb smashing rush, taken completely off guard by his Goddess’s plan of attack. After the landing, she rode out the small bounces that her crash created, listening with giggling pleasure as he tried to gather some air back into his much compressed lungs.

“Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you, little man?” she said.

He didn’t answer, instead, shook his head in a slow “no” while still gasping for air. He met her eyes, looking up her mountainous form. She was so wide that her butt had stretched from the beginnings of his mouth to his waist. After the after-shocks of her drop had ended, she began to sway once again, this time with her enormous body ironing him out more so into the couch. From left to right, her body compressed his more and more, each full movement ending with a grunt of his, an answer to his squashing.

“So what do you think? You wanna try another?” The huge woman said.

Using the small amount of air he had in his lungs, he answered, “Yes please.”

With a huff, she lifted her bulk off of his body, turned around and looked down on the effect of her squashing. His shirt was crumpled, as was his body, smashed into the couch cushions. Still very red in the face, his eyes stared at her body, the beautiful fold and curves her fat made through the thin material of her pants. She just smiled, plotting a different way to squash him with her glorious fat…

Part 2.

After a few teasing seconds, she was ready to once again devour her slave with her tremendous body.

“Sit up,” she commanded. He obeyed of course. Now, sitting upright on the couch, he watched as his Goddess stepped as close as she could, and grabbed him by the head, forcing him face-first into her soft belly. Almost his entire head was swallowed by her belly’s girth. He was drowning in her flesh and she was loving every second of it.

After a short time, she let go, and he fell back to the couch, huffing and puffing heavily for air. She just stood there, smiling that evil smile at him once again, now rubbing her belly, the soft middle where his face had just been submerged in .

She then bend forward, towards him on the couch, took a hold of his hand, and pulled him gently off the couch, leading him to the floor,

“Lay down,” she said.

He once again, obeyed without second thought. After he was laid out again, this time on the floor, she stepped over his body, with her right foot, so she was directly over him. He had the amazing view of the expanse of her belly sticking out, far enough that when she looked down, she could not see his face, but the same belly that he was gazing up upon.

The thought thrilled her, that she had this normal sized man under her, yet her glorious fat was so prevalent that she couldn’t even see him under. She thought of other times she could use that as a playful excuse, the times when smaller people were at a lower footing then her, and she “wouldn’t know” that she was stepping on them, pushing them to the wall with her girth; this kind of “accidental” squashing was something new and exciting to her, and definitely something she wanted to try out later on. For now…she had this willing crush victim under her, and she was ready to make him feel her impact once again.

Talking out, not bothering to try to bend to speak to his face she simply asked, ‘You ready?”

He, from between her legs, looking up at her immense thighs and belly answered, “Yes, Goddess.”

And with that, she began to lower herself done on his stomach, closer and closer he watched her come till she was about a two feet away from his stomach, and then she just let go and came crashing down on him. This time, the sound of his lungs emptying out their air was much louder, and the sound was encompassed in the shake and boom of the room, also comping with this sensual fat queen landing for impact.

Again, she rode out the shock waves from her fall, enjoying the feeling of his smaller frame trying to adjust to the titanic weight of her on him. She then mover her legs so they were stretched out in front of him, her ankles over his shoulders so that now all of her 420 beautiful pounds were being used to flatten his body to the carpeted floor. His only answer to this were gasps and grunts. While his goddess was sitting on her favorite throne, smiling to herself, plotting more and more, the ways she could squash him.

Part 3

After she was satisfied that she had used this crushing position to it’s peak, she felt ready to move on to something more…dangerous.

Slowly she rolled off her 420lbs from the compressed form under her, and made her way back to her feet again. Then, positioning her massive figure over his body-now standing at his feet, facing him-she awaited his return to normal breathing again. Slowly his breathing slowed, and he filled his lungs again with that very air which was so precious to him, when being ironed out under this magnificent woman. The same who now was looming over him, casting a very large, wide shadow over him in the moon light.

“How are you making out, down there,” she asked.

“I’m fine,” he replied.

“Aww…that’s no good.” She said, in a playful voice. Just as she uttered the last syllables of that statement, she jumping into the air, and came rushing down forward on his powerless body.

She landed with a thunderous splash, causing items to fall off of the walls surrounding them, and once again totally emptying the little man of any and all oxygen that was in his body. The now very crumpled form under her let out a small grown, though she couldn’t tell if that was from him, or simply his body, the bones trying to withstand such an onslaught of splashing damage.

“Oh yes!” she gasped, reaching new heights of pleasure from the rush of power and control over he flattened slave.

“Again,” she exclaimed, rolling off him to the right. Faster than he thought possible for a woman of her size, she was standing up, and back in the same spot she was before her mighty jump. Before a word of mercy could escape his lips, she was again in the air, crashing down onto his pancaked form.

Part 4

She returned to her desk a few days later, and her amplitude descended to her desk chair, where a few days before he fully received all 420 lbs of her.

The chair seemed dull, the industrial brown weave that covered it seemed to damage her skin.

"It's not the way a chair is supposed to feel" she mourned in private.

The chair that had so faithfully served them lacked the warmth of his body, it lacked his eager arms that caressed her and it lacked his suppliant grunts that at once were pained and each exhalation of breath that rushed out of him cooled her skin with a soft "huuuh" that rippled throughout her ears as the most pleasant sound that she had heard in quite some time.

It's those intimate sounds between two, the "ummm" that comes from a well placed kiss, that sound of his as she left his pancaked form, the rush of air coming back into him; that played in her mind as she struggled to focus on work.

"If this office could talk", she whispered to herself. She smiled.

At once, she heard her supervisors voice, as it called out her name. "I need you to do this task", she came crashing back into her work reality, all the while wondering when her chair would feel right once again.

Part 5

It was a while till the two of them got together again. The Squasher and the Squashee. For both of them it might have been too long in fact. So once things were planned out, and they were set to meet again, they were going to try to get the most out of there new chance with each other and the office.

As soon as they exited the elevator of the building, entering right away to the floor where she worked, She took her first opportunely to throw her weight around. She walked toward him, his form still so much smaller compared to her, and as she advanced on him, he backed up. The steps went fast and before he knew it, his back was to the wall and he had no more room to move.

In an instance she was on him, using her massive belly and chest to squash him into the wall. it took very little for her to smother him between the wall and herself, and she was delighted by this. Delighted enough to apply more pressure to him. For what would hardly be the last time of the night, his face began to redden as his body fought to deal with the immense weight that was crushing it. He was caught between a 420 pound squashing Goddess and a hard place. And despite his shortness of breath, and the contraction of his body, he was in heaven.

"You've missed this, haven't you?" she asked him, ending her sentence with a slight bounce of her body against his.

After a slow grunt as more air was forced from his body, he looked up at her eyes and answered, "Yes."

She smiled and finally backed her bulk off of him, allowing him to regain a small amount of composure. She stood for a very small moment smiling and watching him as he realized that the small crushing power she had used on him was nothing in comparison to what laid in store for him. After this, she raised her hand up and gestured quite coyly with her index finger.

"Come over here," she said. She walked over to her desk and then behind it.

He of course followed without question, watching her large-much larger than he remembered-backside sway back and forth with each step she took. he was slow to raise his eyes as she turned quickly, and she caught him in the act. It wasn't anything surprising, she knew he was mesmerized by her size and her ability to move with such effortless grace.

Now a bit sterner in tone, she pointed to her wide chair and simply said, "Sit."

Again he followed the command with no question. Soon he was seated in her chair, awaiting the unpreventable. She pulled the chair back slightly, needed to make room between him in the chair and her desk so that her body could fit in between. And with no further words, she turned and gave him a very close up look to the ass he had be lusting after just seconds ago.

His view ended quickly though as she simply sat back and overwhelmed him and her chair with her 400+lbs. He let out another grunt, this one more audible and breathless. She just sat and enjoyed the satisfaction of crushing this young man once again with her sexy body. She truly was a Goddess, and he was here only for the sake of her voracious needs. Still low grunts escaped his mouth as he tried to cope with her on top of his lap, she let this be.

She leaned forward in her chair, reaching for the mouse to the computer on her desk. This was another sight to behold for him, the expand of her massive butt and back as she leaned forward. How could he possibly hope to fully contend with such awesome size and beauty?

With a few clicks music filled the front office. Happy with her choice, she leaned back, this time into a fully reclined state. Her upper back and hair now covered his face as she completely dominated him and turned this young man into nothing more but the added cushion for her seat she had so been dreaming about in nights past.

"How you doing back there?" she asked, slowly grinding in her frame on top of his now very crushed lap. She got more grunts and moans for answers, or was that a "Yes" in there? She couldn't tell. Of course it didn't matter. She was doing fantastic. Now she reached to her sides, were his arms laid. Taking each wrist in hand, she started to pull his arms around her stomach. They could hardly reach around the full expanse of her belly, and again that thrill of satisfaction entered her.

She let go, and he knew what to do without any further direction. he began to run his hands up and down her beautiful fat body. A massage chair for real, she thought to herself and left out a small giggle. After a few moments of this, she decided he was having it too easy.

"Only one way to fix that," she told herself, and in one quick motion lifted her bulk up and brought it crashing back down on him again.

He couldn't believe the sensation, though hardly new to him, it was nevertheless still as electric. All of the air he had filled his lungs with in the short time he'd been on this chair forced it's way from his lungs. it blew some of her hair with it's force, and she smiled at the cool air coming across her neck.

She followed her bounce with some more rocking and grinding of her ass onto his much crushed legs. She was loving herself and the night so far, but she knew that he might need a small break to breath and relax the muscles in his body after the squashing it had just endured.

With a small heave of herself, she was up and off the crumpled young man who had been made into nothing more than a breathing cushion.

"Oh come on, I'm not that heavy, am I?" She asked mockingly. She didn't even wait for an answer, she just smiled to herself and started to walk towards the conference room which was located directly behind her desk.

He once again, followed, though it was not as easy as it had some been. Getting up from his seated position was difficult. His legs had just been pushed to their limits, and weren't happy about being asked to walk afterwards. Slowly but surely, he made it up and into the next room.

She was standing with her back to him, leaning against the large windowsill of the office, and looking out onto the night.

"Why don't you lay down on the couch," she said without looking back.

The couch in this conference room had seen many a day and night under her massive bulk, and it let you know it as soon as you sat down in it. He recalled it's going to give to your body as you sunk in, the springs of the couch mostly falling to her weight long ago. However when he laid himself out on it tonight he felt even more give to his body. The time between there last get-together and now had not been good for the couch. Or had it been too good?

His thoughts didn't wander on the subject long, as his Goddess had turned her attention back to him. He saw a sexy SSBBW who loved to be worshiped, yet she saw just another handsome young man, whom she was more than happy to crush. She had been growing tired of the sink of her couch, it would be nice to have a struggling body to sit on for a while.

In a few short seconds she had walked her massive body over to her squash victim as he lay staring up at her body. She took a couple of seconds to rub her large belly, smiling to him as they both knew what was coming. And it did. She turned around, again affording him with a marvelous view of her butt, and slowly sat down on his stomach and chest.

The couch made a few sounds as it tried to deal with the weight that had just been brought down onto it, and so did the crushed form under her. He let out small grunts littered with a few moans and once again tried to breathe in as much air as he could while he was being flattened out by this huge woman.

"Now this is comfy," she said aloud. "Are you enjoying this, little guy?"

"Yyes," he managed.

"Very good. I mean I wouldn't want you to get bored while I'm crushing you, now would I?" She joked.

Part 6

More bounces from the SSBBW sitting on his much crushed stomach. His mind began to run away with him, picturing all of the previous crushing he's endured by her. Each memory brought home with her massive weight crashing down on him again.

Time went by without him or her even being aware. She was in another world, the world she wished she could have awoke and slept in. A world where her size, beauty, and power were always respected and worshiped.

And he, well he was being engulfed in her body and the couch. His efforts went to breathing and holding consciousness. Soon enough, she grew bored with the current position.

"Up we go, handsome," she said, as she lifted her bulk off his flattened form.

His face was completely red and he was forever thankful for the air he was now sending back and forth from his lungs.

"Where...?" He questioned what his Goddess had in mind.

"Come with me, little guy. It's a beautiful night. I think I'd like to crush you outside where I can enjoy it..."

After he was able to compose himself enough to force his legs under him for support, they made their way back into the elevator. Out of the building on an to the street, his was just staring at the wideness of this woman, and waited for her next move.

Her next move turned out to be the hailing of a cab. She leaned her size towards the street, held out her arm and the first cabby who laid eyes on her stopped immediately. She reached out and opened the door, turned to her now portable cushion and said, "Get in."

He of course obeyed. He was about to slide over to the other side to make way for her, but she reached out and stopped him with a grab of the arm.

"Where you going, little guy?" She asked with a smirk. Then she lifted her leg and lowered her massive ass into the cab and onto the lap of him. He let out another of his now famous low groans.

She smiled and told the driver, "Take us to 72nd and 3rd Ave."

And with that the cab sped off.

As far downtown as they were, the little man underneath his 420lp woman knew he was in for a bit of a trip under this crusher. And the trip was not going to be smooth thanks to the many speed bumps of the city streets. At the first one which propelled her a few inches into the air and then forced her weight to come crashing down on him, he felt like he was sent to the moon. She followed her bounce with a smile and some grinding in of her weight onto her victim.

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ciaobella can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesciaobella can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Oh my that was sizzling!
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Makes me wonder what other stories you have brewing in your mind.......
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Hm? Did the original story dissapear?
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ciaobella can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesciaobella can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

I don't think so no, I'm the idiot who managed to post seperately so it seems...can a mod fix that?

Yes - a mod can fix that (and did!). But it would be helpful if a PM were to be sent when repairs are needed! This was done two weeks after the accident!

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Great story! Will one of these chairs or couches collapse??
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very nice ... the best part when she sat on his lap ...
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