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Da Games Elite
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Default Hired (Parts 1-3) - by Da Games Elite (~BBW (multiple), Feeding, ~~WG)

~BBW (multiple), Feeding, ~~WG – When a college girl gets out of college, she has no idea what she’s getting into when she joins a bakery

Hired - Parts 1-3
by Da Games Elite

Part 1

Allison had just gotten out of college when she learned what she would really due for the rest of her life. It wasn’t what she’d expected at all. How do I know? That’s because I am her. You see, it all started back in High School. Yes, the story starts there, not after college.

I had been a real looker in High School. It was my strange ability to metabolize food completely. I never got fat on any ounce of my body. Ever sinve I had become friends with all of the in-crowd of girls. I had, truth be told, gotten a little carried away. I had been to a thousand parties, never caring about school. So, naturally, my grades suffered.

I didn’t get into a great college because of this slackness. It wasn’t a bad college, but I didn’t realize just how this had affected my future. Did I listen though to the voices of my parents telling me that I should shape up if I wanted a good job? No! I just went on going to endless parties and the like.

I didn’t gain a freshman fifteen. At the absolute most, it was about five or seven pounds. But, nevertheless, I still screwed up college. I wanted to get out of there, and I did just that. I didn’t graduate with honors, and I couldn’t do much now. I had two options: go back to College to get a better job or just accept a simple occupation while I bided my time.

Naturally, I chose option two. I wound up in a bakeshop. I had been desperately searching for a job, spending the little left in my account on the rent of my apartment. In the end, like I said, I joined up at a bakeshop.

The bakery, from the second I walked into it, was a boiling hot oven. The ovens on the wall radiated flames into the air, ashes and soot gathering on the inside of the ovens. I had resisted the giant temptation to devour each piece of bread within reach.

There was another girl standing at the counter. For a second, I was frightened that the job had been filled and they had simply forgotten to put down the sign. But when I walked in, she smiled up at me. “Are you here for the position?”

“Uh…yes…” I said, smiling, “I’m Allison…”

Back then, I had been very judgmental of people’s weight. Obviously this disappeared over time but still, back then, I had been thin enough to pass for a model. Anyway, that being said, this girl perfectly fit my criteria for being a sexy girl. She was just as thin as I was, her face framed by black sheets of hair. She was Asian, and a very happy and perky one at that. She bounced across the room toward her with a cheerful expression.

“Hiya! I’m Yoko! I’m your partner,” she explained with a white smile, “I am here to say to you (after you called our boss, naturally, he sent someone to greet you) that you got the job! Welcome aboard, Allison!”

Yoko patted me on the back, bringing me to the desk, “Here’s the deal. You need to just stand here, and just accept money. The machine does everything for you.”

“I didn’t need an interview or anything?”

“Not at all! We’re so desperate for someone to work for us. As you can imagine…this bakery is pretty big…but not many people actually want to work at a bakery. Ya know how some people fell that it’s lower class. Anyway, welcome aboard!”

“Okay…” I said, sighing confidently. It seemed easy to handle. Yoko mentioned another thing, though, that I would remember until my dying day.

“Oh…there’s one other thing we both have to do: dispose of all the food,” Yoko said, still perky, “They are no guidelines as to how. Trust me, if you wanted to eat all of it, you probably could. But, seriously, there’s a massive amount of food so don’t bother eating every last one. If you want to eat another one every so often, that’s good. That’s what I’ve been doing, at least. Every few days I eat a little bit, but most of it has to be thrown out, burned, whatever. You’d be surprised how much extra food people make, ya know?”

I nodded. Free food, a good amount of pay, and another girl to relate to. This could be a good job for me. Not to mention I didn’t need to do much work anyway!

A month passed. Nothing spectacular happened. I did not fail at any part of the job since it was all pretty routine. And at the end of each day I burned the food along with Yoko, every so often eating a roll or donut. Nothing too extreme.

Until one day everything changed forever.

I had tried this roll that was absolutely delicious. It was creamy on the inside, and very sweet. There was this icing on it that was superb, sour and sweet at the same time. “Mmmmm…this is good! Yoko! What is this?”

Yoko walked over. She picked up one of the rolls, and took a small nibble of it. The next bite was a little bigger, but with the last bite she devoured the rest of it. She chewed it thoroughly, her eyes rolling up as she savored each bite.


“Hmmm…this is horrible!” Yoko said, a smile on her face, “So horrible…mmm….” She had begun chewing on another one, “I really don’t think I can stand another bite, ya know?” She swallowed her second roll, and picked up another one. She handed it to me, and I ate it almost straight from her hand, “Hungry?”

“Famished!” I laughed.

In the end, I had eaten about ten rolls, and Yoko had only eight. We burned the rest, but left one roll remaining to ask our boss about it.

“Oh…” our boss had said, smiling, “You really liked it, huh?”

“Yeah!” I said, smiling and nodding my head, “Delicious!”

“Hmmmm…I’ll tell the bakers to cook a few more than last time! Hey! This thing works out I may need new cashiers. If we make enough money, you are getting promoted. Also…over the next few days…check out the inventory. Search for the extremely good sweets. Tell me which ones are which, and I’ll make sure to stock more of those. Deal?”

I agreed without haste. I had no problem with weight, so I didn’t even consider any side effect. Yoko considered it a little longer before nodding in her silly way, “Absolutely! Leave it to me…and Allison…”

Over the next month or so, we had tasted various goods. I think we ate everything by the end, but we really lost track of what we had and hadn’t eaten unless it was really good or terrible! We must have repeated foods for awhile.

The foods we did say were good, though, sold like hotcakes. Our boss was ecstatic, but, rather than promoting us, gave us a large raise. In my opinion, it beat a promotion that could of supplied extra work for me. Yoko was happy too, for a similar reason. I had learned long ago that Yoko was, at nature, a slacker like myself.

However, the eating, to my surprise, had had a slight side affect. I had been getting dressed in my uniform when I noticed the fabric was slightly tighter than normal. I looked in the mirror to see the shirt pulled a little tighter around my midriff. My breasts and hips, as I could see under the uniform, had grown tight as well. And my thighs, which I could see clearly under the uniform, were different. I undressed hastily to examine my body further. It wasn’t too great of a change. My stomach had gotten a little softer.

I poked a finger into my side, and saw my nail being surrounded by a small blanket of flesh. I hadn’t developed love handles, and it was barely noticeable. My breasts and hips, though, compensated. I was still extremely beautiful and hot by my standards. A complete knock out. My thighs had gotten a tad chunkier, but nothing really big. Just a little softer. More, how to put it, voluptuous.

Not chubby at all. At least not yet.

I had gotten dressed as normal, sure that, if it became necessary, I could loose the weight and just return to a size four again. However, when I arrived at work, I finally appreciated how the eating had affected Yoko.

Like her, it wasn’t anything major. It was just a tad of softness around the belly. When she bended over to reach behind her for some of the rolls to give a customer, I noticed a very small roll form around her midriff. It was very small, and, if I hadn’t been looking for something, I wouldn’t have noticed it at all. Her arms had grown a little softer; loosing her once skinny tubes she had called arms. The same was true for her legs.

Her thighs had gotten a little softer, a little larger, but, like her arms, it wasn’t too terrible of a gain. Her breasts had grown a little perkier as well, and with her hips, she had grown a little more womanly. I couldn’t get my eyes off of that roll as it disappeared with her rising to her full height, a smile forming a slight dimple in her relatively unaffected face. However, I rationalized, as she had been really thin before, she just looked like she was at a normal weight.

“Hiya, Allison!” she smiled, giddy as ever, “What’s new?”

“Nothing…uh, Yoko?”


“Have you noticed anything…uh…different…?”

“Uh…” She looked up at the ceiling for a second, resting her index finger on her chin. “Not really…what do you mean?”

“Did you…uh…gain weight?”

“Oh! Weight-wise…not sure…maybe…” As she turned around to serve a new customer, I realized her hips had begun to wave side-to side. It was a little entrancing. I shook my head, quickly.

“Because I did…maybe the rolls?”

“Rolls make more rolls…” Yoko said, sing-song, “Not the food time for the second one, though!”

I didn’t really care what she meant. “Alright…Yoko…”

“And those new rolls want more rolls! The last one is the food type!”

“What are you babbling about?!”

“Alright…” Yoko said to me, suddenly serious, “I have never gained weight in my life, ya know? I know my family doesn’t care much about weight. So…”

Yoko rested a hand on her still small waist, “If I have to get fat, so be it!”
She laughed a little afterwards, her chest heaving up and down. It must have been a B size, an improvement from her formally A cups.

“I guess you’re right for you, but I don’t want it!”

“Then leave the eating to me!” Yoko said, a smile on her face, winking, “I really don’t care!”

“Maybe that would work…” I muttered, “But I’d feel bad for you, ya know?”

“Not to worry!” Yoko said, sticking her tongue out, “I’ll take care of it!”

[Continued in post 4 of this thread)

[Author's Addendum: How do you like Part 1? I need not explain who will be the main gainers of this story, but, be it somewhat predictable, there will be a few roadblocks instore for our two BBW's to be...]

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I like it, and I can't wait to see how it goes from here!

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Mr. Monopoly
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That was real good. I haven't enjoyed a story like that in a while. Please continue.
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Da Games Elite
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Default Hired Part II (BBW, Feeding, WG)

Author's synopsis: When her co-workmate begins to grow rolls, Allison can’t help but submit to her desires for gluttony.

Part 2

It took only three months for the constant snacking on pastries to take its toll on Yoko. Her arms had gotten thicker from the constant gorging, and, if I didn’t know better, whenever she walked, they shook slightly in their places, like jello. Her thighs weren’t exempted either, growing wider and obviously flabbier. Her face was relatively unaffected, save for a dimple that had somehow grown a little deeper. And, naturally, her belly had gotten a little pudgier. It hadn’t begun to form a pouch yet, but did form rolls now without Yoko bending. It had retained a somewhat hourglass figure, giving her the appearance of a voluptuous woman who had just gained holiday pounds. Her hips and chest, however, compensated slightly for the increase in her waist.

I truthfully wouldn’t have called her chubby yet, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have the potential to be just that! And, truth be told, I had actually lost weight. I had returned to my pre-bakery weight, slim and trim as before. But, even though Yoko had gotten a little pudgy, I still envied her for all the food she could eat.

And she sure did pack a lot of food away. I was truly surprised she wasn’t morbidly obese by this point! Out of the googolplex of food she had devoured, very little had made its way to her gut.

One such night, as Yoko chowed down on three rolls and I was burning the same kind of rolls to a crisp, I looked up. Yoko noticed. She swallowed her three rolls quickly, and handed one to me, “Hungry?”

“No!” I spat, turning back to the furnace.

“I know you want it…” Yoko said, waving the roll under my nose. It was so sweet. “Allison? C’mon!”


“C’mon!” Yoko said, “Open the tunnel! Here come’s the train! Choo, choo!!!” She tried to guide the roll into my mouth.

So I ate it whole.

“See? I knew you’d enjoy it!”

This was true. It was very good. Very, very good. The cream flowed into my mouth with so many flavors. It took all my energy to not grab another one. Yoko saw the desire in my eyes, and laughed, that deep dimple forming in her cheek, “C’mon! You can diet later if you really want to, ya know?”

So I couldn’t contain myself. I grabbed a roll, shoved it into my mouth, gorging on every one within reach. Breads, donuts, rolls, it didn’t matter to me what was there. Yoko was smiling, clearly amused, even after I had eaten a massive amount of food. I could feel a slight pain in my gut, but I ignored it, just devouring every scrap I could find until I fell.

My body was clearly weighed down with all the food. My pants were tight against my belly, which had expanded to compensate for the excess amount of food in my gut. Yoko bent down, and poked it, gingerly. “Wow…hard as a rock…not bad. At least we know where all that food goes. To think you got bloated over sweets, though…wow…” Yoko laughed. As she did so, her stomach heaved in and out.

“That…was somewhat painful…and stupid…”

But, from that day on, I didn’t stop. Every day, I burned most of the rolls, and ate the rest. Yoko found it hilarious at first, but then confided in me her hidden pet peeve about my eating habits:

“I haven’t been able to eat as much! C’mon! Burn less and we’ll split the amount in half. What do you say?”

“Alright,” I said, “But…we’ll eat by my count of rolls!”

“I can do that! I mean…you don’t eat that many per day…do you?”

“Not much at all! Only five more than you ate each day! So that equals…twenty or so daily.”

“Twenty?” Although Yoko was still smiling, it was more shock than actual happiness, “Doesn’t that seem a bit much…?”

“Do you care about getting fat?” I laughed.

“Not at all!” she said, folding her soft arms over her C-Cups, “No siree…”

And so another three months passed before I realized exactly what I had done to us.

I had been changing into my uniform, again, when it happened. I noticed that there was a worn hole in the uniform. A button had fallen out. I glanced down, seeing the button had fallen out. I bent over, and felt cold, soft flesh billow over my thighs. I reached there, my arms trembling slightly. There was no way I could have gotten pudgy again. I pinched her belly to find an ample amount of flesh. I sprung up, and starred at my partially clothed self. The gap where the button had fallen from was sprung open to show my deep navel.

I wouldn’t have called myself a butter ball yet, but I was certainly a little overweight. My rear end was soft and wider than ever before. I felt it softly, feeling my fingers sink into flesh. My already flesh covered fingers. I could see my knuckles swimming on a pool of flab, and my wrists had almost drowned in flesh. My arms had gotten thick, as had my thighs. My hips and breasts had grown, naturally. And my belly, my flabby gut, somehow had managed to bulge out a good two or three inches.

I grabbed it in my hands. It was there. I slapped it, and it rippled as though a rock had been dropped in a pond. It was real. My face, as I soon realized, hadn’t been exempted. A double chin had formed underneath. Not a large one, though. I opened my jaw to see it form underneath, soft. My cheeks had grown a little puffier, but nothing too major. My neck had grown soft as well.

I tried to put the button back in place. Fortunately, my gut had only fattened up to the point where it was only mildly tricky to force the button back in place by tying up the strings. I ran to the bakery. Had Yoko been as badly affected as I had?

I landed on the brick ground of the bakery. Yoko was starring at her, cheery and giddy as usual. And now without a doubt a pudgeball. How I had not seen her fattening up was beyond me. The truth be told, she wasn’t as fat as I was, but it was her still voluptuous build, perhaps, that had hidden it. Her belly fat had formed a massive hourglass, the uniform being so tightly pulled around her flab I was shocked it hadn’t exploded from the pressure of her chub. Her breasts had gotten larger, as had her hips, but only to smoothly merge into the hourglass. Her flabby shoulders were pulled into rolls over her tight uniform. The sleeves were a little too small for her ample arms, and her thighs had grown rather thick as well. She smiled, and her deep dimples dug into a cherubic face and cherubic double chin, not much larger than mine. She was, I realized, a good five or ten pounds heavier than me.

“Hiya!” Yoko said, waving a pudgy hand at me, “Ready to work?”

“Yoko! When did we get so fat?!”

“Uh…” Yoko was staring at her as though she was crazy, but was still wearing her broad smile as always. Even being fat couldn’t keep her from being adorable, “Where have you been the past few months? You just noticed that you’ve put on a good twenty or thirty pounds? And I thought I was a little kooky, ya know?”

“What?! Why didn’t I notice?!” I stammered.

“You see what you see when you want to see it…and only when you see what you want to see…”

“I don’t have time for stupid riddles, Yoko!” I sighed, annoyed.

“You just realized you were fat probably because you felt something was wrong, right? Button burst, fat roll…all of the above?”

“Exactly!” I stammered.

“Exactly!” Yoko said, pointing a finger in the air in satisfaction, “The point is you see what you want. You don’t see what the truth is unless it slaps you in the face!” She slapped me in the face for emphasis. This was rather embarrassing.

“I have never been fat in my like, Yoko!”

“I know, Allison!” Yoko said, smirking, “So now we’ll be fat blobs together!”

“I don’t know if you get the fact that THAT LIFESTYLE DOESN’T APPEAL TO ME ONE BIT!!!!!”

“Really? Not even a sliver?” She put on a pair of doe, cute eyes on my. My heart melted. It was like looking at a child pouting for a favorite toy.

“No!” I said, firmly.

“Alright! I guess I’ll just become immobile alone, thank you very much!” Yoko said, putting up a soft hand.

“Alright, now you’re just being stupid…” I mumbled.

“As always!” Yoko said, her eyes shut in her giddy smile.

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Default Hired - Part III by Da Games Elite -(BBW (multiple), Feeding, WG)

Author's synopsis: Allison realizes that there is more to her weight gain than meets the eye in the finale of this short mini-series![/I]

Part 3

I tried to diet after that. I had watched Yoko’s eating fevers, her gaining weight over the course of three months. And, over those three months of dieting, I didn’t lose anything: I gained. Ten pounds to Yoko’s newfound fifteen. I knew that if I couldn’t lose weight dieting, I had no choice but to accept my fate, and use it for the best.

When I submitted to this ultimate destiny, I finally looked long at myself. The uniform had been so worn by the constant strain that holes showing her flabby belly were visible. I decided to get the next size up for the uniform. My face had grown soft, my double chin visible on my full moon face. My wrists and knuckles had been swallowed up by fat. My belly had pushed to the same distance off of my body as my breasts. My rear end burst outward as though a giant pillow had been strapped to my ass.

And, somehow, I liked it.

It’s screwed up, right? I actually liked it. It was as though I was walking around in a portable blanket everywhere. I know I had been intolerant of fat in college, but now I loved it. I can’t explain it well. It’s just one of those weird things.

When I got to work, Yoko was grinning her ordinary grin at me, her deep dimples cuter than ever. Her hourglass figure had turned into two rolls of fat upon each other. She had gone from chubby to rather plump. Her arms were rather fluffy, as were her thunder thighs and beautiful love handles. To think that less than a year ago she had been a tube.

Her round face was so cute. She sort of resembled a sumo wrestler, minus the part it was a man, and all that. She waved over me, her arms jiggling wildly in the process.

“Allison!” she cheered, slapping me on the back, “Good to see you in top form!”

“Top form? Yoko…do you know how flabby we’ve gotten?”

“Yup! Isn’t it great?” Yoko said, nodding with an expression that was more suited for a little girl than a fully grown (and then some) woman.

“I don’t get it. I should be grossed out,” I said, holding a massive belly roll in my hands, “But I don’t.”

“Does it feel something like…sleeping with someone?” Yoko asked, bending over so her belly rolled over her thick thighs. She could even see her stomach from underneath her uniform.


“Do you turn yourself on?” Yoko said, smirking but also blushing very slightly.

“Yoko…” I knew Yoko, and Yoko never spoke like this. Ever. In fact, I remember getting very sweaty because something was very wrong.

“I think I’ve gotten to know you pretty darn well…but you really don’t know much about me, do you?” Yoko said, grinning like the cat from Alice in Wonderland.

“No…I really don’t…” Yoko had never talked about her childhood. On the other hand, I had spilled my guts to her in the first few weeks of the job.

“Well…how about this?” Yoko said, winking again, “What if I told you that’s how I feel when I watch you get fat?”

In a flash, everything made sense. Not the part about her liking from the start other’s getting fat, but everything did make sense in that one second. I felt myself feel cold as hell.

“Wait a second…you mean you planned this all out?” I had asked, cold.

“You bet!” Yoko said, “I am what you would call a Feeder. I take a lot of pleasure in fattening people up, just like you. I’m also a lesbian, in case you couldn’t guess.”

“You’re a lesbian!?” Now everything made even more sense. Everything Yoko had done didn’t need explanation. She had purposely made me gain all that weight for sexual satisfaction, and had used me! I had thought of her as a friend, but Yoko had only used me for her own ends!

I slapped her soft face. My hand felt her cold flesh, and I remember getting a rush of desire. I suppressed it quickly. I wanted her, and yet I wanted her dead. I wanted to shove her head into the oven, but I wanted to shove buns down her throat at the same time. And she was still smiling and laughing. She was enjoying this.

“Sorry I couldn’t tell you before, Allison! It would of ruined everything! But now I’m done with you,” Yoko said, “I just came in today to hand in my papers of resignation. Time to find a new job, a new woman, and a new diet plan.”

“You’ve done this before?!” I remember asking. She had been skinny as a rail, though, when they first met. She must have dieted unbelievably hard to lose all that pudge.

“Yeah! I am very good at dieting, FYI,” Yoko said, “I can lose this probably in about…say, a good five months. And then they’ll be other bakeries, and other poor saps to fatten up, ya know?” Yoko smiled still, childishly.

“You enjoy toying with people’s lives, then?!”

“Uh…yeah, pretty much! See ya later!” Yoko left the counter, and turned, “I recommend Jenny Craig! Wonderful service! Or weight loss surgery.”

“Why did you tell me now?! You could have waited. Why?!”

Yoko stopped, her back fat jiggling slightly. She turned around, and spoke something that haunted me for the next few months at least:

“You were getting too fat for my tastes.”

And, with that, Yoko left my life forever.

And I was left as a blubber nugget.

Well, that’s my story. Weird as they come, I know. I never did lose that weight, but I didn’t exactly gain anything after that either. I eventually replaced the owner of the shop when he retired, and now own the shop on my own. I make a good amount of money, but not necessarily all that I would like. And I have never seen or heard from Yoko since that day.

[Author's addendum: Sorry if the ending was not what you had expected. Anyway, please tell me what you thought of this part or the entire series, etc.]
FA and WG Writer

I'm not a BHM, feedee, feeder, etc. :p

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