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Default Melissa15 - The End of an Era - by BillieJoe (~BBW, Intrigue, Imagery. ~SWG )

~BBW, Intrigue, Imagery. ~SWG - Greg and Alana recieve their just desserts as Mel and Co get their diplomas

Melissa 15: The End of an Era
The girls finish school!
by Billiejo

(Previous installment found here)

"I can't believe it." said Mel to herself as she dragged herself out of bed. Today was her last day of school. Ever. After spending her entire childhood at school as well as most of her teen years, it was coming to an end.

Melissa had very mixed emotions about it. She was relieved it was over, sad she was leaving, happy she was beginning life and stressed at her looming exams. Today was also the day of Melissa and Christie's revenge on Greg and Alana. Mel didn't think much of Christie's plan to shave Alana's head, but she greatly anticipated her revenge on Greg.

"That'll show him for making me fat!" she sniggered to herself, even though he had only contributed to Melissa's massive bottom gain.

"And for showing my bum in public!" she giggled. She still cringed whenever she thought of it.

At least things had been a little easier after Christie came back from suspension. There was a knock at her bedroom door.

"Melissa, I'm going to work." said her mum.

"Ok. Will I see you today at the farewell assembly?" asked Mel.

"Yeah, I'll be there, don't worry. Bye bye."

"Ok, bye mum!"

Melissa scanned her room, what should she wear? After all, she wanted to look nice on her last day of school. She searched through her wardrobe and pulled out an old pair of hip-huggers.

"These'll look nice.....if I can button them, that is." said Melissa to herself.
She wriggled out of her blue pyjama pants and began to squirm her fat lower body into the beige pants. The flab on her rear lifted with her pants as she tugged, and Mel had to press mounds of butt flesh down to fit her puffy cheeks into the pants. They had a button fly, and Mel wasn't sure whether this would be better than a zipper.

"Hmm." she pondered, before tugging hard at the flaps. They came close to meeting, and after sucking in her chubby abdomen, she was able to close the buttons. The small buttons didn't look like it would take much to pop them open, so Mel was careful her tummy didn't breathe out too hard.

She then squirmed herself out of her black singlet top and clipped on a bra. Her breasts had plumped up quite a bit with the rest of her body, she now completely filled a C cup, with breast flesh oozing over the tops of the cups. She twisted into a button down white top and strained to close all the buttons. The top stretched tightly over her chest, bringing more attention to her hefty boobs. Her plump breasts bulged forward when she breathed. The top rested on her waist, outlining her curvy love handles without clinging to them, much to Mel's relief.

A small ring of white flesh could be seen around her waist where the top and pants failed to meet, but no so much as to be distasteful. Melissa looked very pleasantly plump, voluptuous.

"I look good!" she smiled to herself, feeling pretty.

She looked at her curvy shape in her mirror. She twisted her lower body and stuck out her bum to the mirror. Her fleshy derriere jiggled. Melissa's heart-shaped bottom was well outlined in her hip-huggers, and since their were no back pockets on these pants, her big round cheeks looked like they had been painted beige.

"Excellent!" she said to herself, approving her sexy bottom's appearance.

"Greg'll like this....." she smirked wickedly, giggling a little.

She gave herself a little smack on her bum, watching her portly cheeks wobble in response. She grabbed a handful of flesh and playfully shook it. Melissa's wide, round, fat, soft bottom was just as big and beautiful as ever. Her big bum jutted out behind her several inches.

Melissa walked to school deep in thought. A montage of memories ran through her head of her years at school. It was as if her mind was a corny soap opera. Last day of school.....ever. She was stressing about her exams, which wasn't helping her waistline much. She met up with her girlfriends at school, who seemed to be in the same saddened yet happy mood Mel was in.

"This is so good!" hyped Jodie, jumping up and down on the spot. Her heaving boobs bouncing with her.

"Definitely weird, I'll say." added Vicky, trailing off.

"Ah chill out, guys." reassured Christie, "It ain't the end of our lives. Actually, it's just the beginning."

Good old Christie, thought Mel. Her bestie was so wise and mature. Melissa on the other hand, was naive and rather immature still, however Christie was a good role model.

"Besides, after exams, we'll have the biggest party ever!" said Christie.

"Hey yeah! My birthday!" giggled Melissa, she had completely forgotten about it.

"Then Vicky and Christie a little later next year." said Jodie.

Vicky was the youngest of the bunch, with Christie being only a few weeks older than her. Melissa's birthday was close to Easter, which made her cringe a little. All the food that was available around that time, it was easily going to expand her ass shelf.

Melissa was getting a little annoyed at the pale flesh of her thighs constantly rubbing together when she walked. Mel continued to think about the past year, even though it was far from over. It had definitely been an eventful one. Melissa and her three friends had gotten so fat, and Mel found it hard to believe she was skinny just twelve months ago. Back then, her bottom had been a little big in proportion to the rest of her frame, but had never accumulated too much flesh.

"Once I finish exams, I'm going on a massive diet." said Christie defiantly.

"Good for you, Chrissy." encouraged Jodie, who was happy with her fatness.

"I'll join you if I could be bothered." said Vicky.

"I'm with you Vick." added Mel.

Ashlee came over, her black hair pulled back in a pony tail. Her denim jacket was unbuttoned, allowing her fat tummy to bulge forward, pale blubber poking out the bottom of her black shirt. Her jeans button looked like it was holding on for dear life. Ash's plump face smiled, causing her double chin and chubby cheeks to become more apparent on her pretty face.

"Hey Ash." greeted the girls.

"Hey guys, ready for the last day?" she asked in her typical shy way.

"Bit nervous, but we'll be alright." said Vick. As the bell rang, the girls felt their hearts skip a beat. The beginning of the end of their schooling. All stood a little hesitant to head to class.

"C'mon guys, last time! Let's tackle it!" pushed Christie, giving Melissa a
nudge in the back.


No-one expected to do work on the last day of school, so instead the class ran around getting autographs from each other. People who Mel had never spoken to were asking for her number to "stay in touch."

"Yeah, great," thought Mel. Melissa and Christie spent the first period reviewing their plot for final revenge.

"Short and simple," said Christie, "Vick and Jodes hold Alana down, I run the shaver down the middle of her head. Then we hit the ground running. You sure you don't want in?"

Melissa nodded, "Yep, I'm just focusing on Greg."

"That really is a good idea." said Christie of the matter, "You'll be a true heroine!"

Mel smiled sweetly. The way she saw it, her revenge on Greg didn't involve something as permanent as a shaved head. Nick was her main worry, how would he take it? It was a bit rebellious. Mel figured he's understand.

"Yeah, well I'm sure he'll enjoy it for a moment...." whispered Mel.

Christie just laughed.


The last day of school classes was full of tears and hugs, people exchanging numbers and promising to stay in touch. Mel anticipated lunchtime, that was when she planned to carry out her revenge. Christie decided to be a little nice to Alana and wait until the end of the day to execute her shaving. Melissa was more worried she wouldn't pull it off, but she had to carry confidence. Lunch came soon enough, and the girls collected their last ever lunch and sat at their table for the last time.

"Hey Mel, there's Greg now!" whispered Jodie.

"Thanks, Jodes!" replied Mel, "Ok. Here goes. How do I look?"

"Gorgeous." smiled Christie.

Melissa ran her hands over her bulging bum before breathing deep and walking over. She tried to wriggle her hips as she did so, but Greg's attention was caught in a book. Mel's soft buns wobbled as she strutted, as Greg looked up.

"Hey Greg." smiled Melissa, as sexily as she could.

"Umm....hi." replied Greg, looking a little confused, "Can I help you?"

Greg scanned the room, a lot of people were watching.

"Oh I think you can." said Mel, keeping to her sexy facade.

People were really interested now, as Mel advanced on Greg and sat in his lap, rubbing her chest up and down his. Greg sat there stunned, feeling tingles in his groin. The butt he had been so obsessed with was now all over his lap.

Mel leaned over to his ear, "You always like my ass, didn't you?" she whispered. Greg was stuck for words, what does he feel? Excited? Shocked? Embarrassed? He had no time to think before Mel stood up and pulled Greg to his feet with her. Greg fumbled when he realised the lump in his pants.

"Oh look everyone! Greg likes me!" laughed Melissa, drawing attention to Greg's umm....area.

Greg could only stand stunned as the lunchroom erupted in laughter. He did his best to hide his excitement while running out of the room. Mel stood proudly with her arms folded as the room applauded her. The perfect revenge.

"Melissa, that was awesome!!!" hyped Christie, jumping up and down.

Melissa smiled a huge grin, feeling very pleased with herself.

"You shake that booty!" joked Jodie.

On the other side of the room, Ashlee came in, wondering what the commotion was about. She tried to see over the crowd.

"Hey, what's going on?" she asked a bystander.

"Ha! You missed it! Some fat chick full on rubbed her ass all over that Greg kid, then he got a boner!"

Ash couldn't help sniggering; that had to be Melissa, she thought. The hectic crowd was soon settled by an announcement.

"All seniors head to the auditorium for your farewell assembly."

"Oh my goodness! This is it!" giggled Melissa, knowing the end of school was near.

"I can't wait!" laughed Christie, "Let's get this over with!"

The crowd headed into auditorium and took a seat. Melissa watched the stage as a large projector with a slideshow of photographs played. This was so typical, like something out of a TV show. Melissa couldn't help noticing her tight hip-huggers digging into the bottom of her plump tummy, her waist was lined with a red mark where her tight pants had hugged so snugly.

"Ugh." she huffed to herself, wriggling the pants a little. It was difficult to get a grip on the waistband due to her excess abdomen flesh. Suddenly, POP! Melissa heard her button fly pop open. She blushed red and looked around, thankful no-one had noticed. She sucked in her chubby gut and jiggled the buttons back together.

It took several tugs due to the softness and size of her belly. She was bulging out of her clothes, and Mel could fell her undies wedging up her bum crack. She scrunched up her chipmunk face and wriggled her butt in her chair. This accomplished nothing, and she was forced to settle when the lights went dim. Mel looked over to the other side of the auditorium where all the parents were sitting. She quickly tried to look for her mum but couldn't see her. Her eyes caught Alana who was busy watching the stage. She still has her hair, thought Mel.

"There's going to be like two million speeches before they let us go already." huffed Vicky, who couldn't sit still for longer than five minutes. The four girls sat in a line waiting patiently as all the teachers had their say on how brilliant the year group had been. Their bums spilling over the sides of their too small chairs, Melissa's bum especially.

The teachers ran through the most memorable moments of the year in a lame attempt to bond with the students. Melissa was relieved when her dancing incident went unmentioned.

"This has been - " the teacher was cut off by one of the school captains standing on the stage with him.

"Let's not forget Greg's little incident this morning!" he yelled into the mike, "Bravo to Mel if she's out there!"

Melissa blushed as the rest of the crowd laughed and cheered. She had finally become popular again. After a year of becoming "that fat chick" she was now back where she was. She found it odd that having her rounded bottom exposed in front of the entire school had made people like her again.

"Ah well, I won't question it," thought Melissa.

"Yes, thank you....umm...well we might just get to the presentation." said the teacher, trying to regain control of the rebellious crowd.

"Each student will get a certificate of graduation, but then the rest is up to you. Study hard for your final exams."

Each student was applauded as they came up to receive their own farewell. The sappy montage of photos projected on the background.

"Oh poo, don't cry, Mel." she hissed to herself, feeling tears form in her eyes.

"Remember what Christie said. It's not the end, only the beginning. I guess it's only typical to be teary on the last day of school," thought Mel. After all, she'd probably never see any of these people again. Melissa waddled her chunky butt onto the stage to get her certificate. She got an uproar of cheers and whistles from the crowd, and Mel saw her mum standing in there. Melissa couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she returned to her seat. As the rest of the students got their certificates, slowly the crowd moved outside the auditorium.

"Hey mum!" smiled Mel, hugging her mother.

"Aww hon, I'm so proud of you." wailed her mother in her parent way.

"Oh mum, stop crying!" giggled Mel.

Christie jiggled out to her best friend and jumped at her back. Mel buckled under her friend's weight and Christie awkwardly plodded to her feet.

"Yay! We're free girl!" laughed Christie.

Jodie and Vicky soon followed.

"Chrissy, we have unfinished business." said Vicky, gesturing to Alana.

"Oh right!" laughed Christie, "Mel! Distract her."

Mel struggled for words as her tubby friends waddled off. Mel strolled over to Alana who was talking with Renee.

"Umm....hey." she said, Alana looking at her strangely.

"Hi?" replied Alana.

"No hard feelings about the dance?" suggested Melissa, holding her hand out.

"Shut up." said Alana.

Melissa smiled sarcastically. Ah well, she was about to get what was coming to her. As if from nowhere, Jodie and Vicky grabbed Alana by the arms.

"What the hell are you doing?!" thrashed Alana, unaware of Christie behind her.

"Alana, just a little revenge for the dance." said Christie, before savagely cutting at Alana's hair with a pair of scissors. Alana squealed as a decent chunk of her long blonde hair was shaved off.

"Oh my gawd! My hair!!!" screamed Alana, clutching her bald spot.

"Don't worry Alana, I'm sure you'll be able to comb it over!" giggled Vicky.

"In a few months!" added Jodie.

"Argh!" fumed Alana, before storming off out the school gate. Renee followed, trying to console her friend.

"It's not that noticeable!" yelped Renee.

The evil pair were gone from the chubby girls' lives. And Greg too. The evil trio had gotten a taste of their own.

"Ah how the mighty fall." sniggered Christie. The others laughed.

"You guys wanna go out for dinner tonight?" asked Jodie.

"Yeah, let's. It'll be good. Get into the study tomorrow." agreed Melissa.

"Just don't be out too late." said Mel's mother.

"We wont. Where's Ashlee?"

It didn't take long to convince Ashlee to come out to eat, as they all prepared to leave in Christie's car.

"You coming Mel?" asked Jodie, peering out the car window.

"Umm, yeah just a minute, guys!" replied Mel, who had spotted Nick.

Melissa tottered over to him in a waddling run before he saw her.

"Hey Mel!" he said, sounding excited.

"Hey.....um. So end of school, huh?" said Mel, trying to hint.


Melissa decided to cut to the chase, "Will we stay in touch?"

Nick smiled, "Of course! I mean...well only if you want to...."

"Nono! I mean, not no. But yes...yes I would like to stay in touch. You know my number."

"Yep, Great! I'll talk to you soon then." said Nick.

Mel hesitated, before giving him a hug and running off before he could see her blushing.

"C'mon, butt girl! Let's go!" joked Christie.

The girls decided to go out to their favourite pizza restaurant. Melissa smiled, she loved pizza. Christie's car pulled into the car park.

"Ooooh I love pizza so much!" giggled Ashlee, bouncing up and down in her car seat. Her tummy bounced up and down as she clapped, the seat belt digging into her soft flesh.

"Looking at the size of us all, I'd say we all love pizza." joked Vicky.

Ashlee blushed, even though she had come out of her shell a little since she changed schools, she was still shy to have her weight brought up. The girls entered the restaurant as a pizza boy eyed them suspiciously.

"Table for five, please." said Jodie, taking a deep breath. Her expansive cleavage welling up out of her top.

"Umm, sure." replied the pizza boy, distracted by Jodie's hefty rack.

They squashed themselves into a booth, before Vicky leant over to Jodie.

"He was totally checking you out!" giggled Vick.

Jodie blushed bright red, "He so wasn't!"

The other girls teased her more. Poor Jodie had never had a boyfriend, she didn't know quite how to talk to them. Now that she was on the tubby side, what would guys think of her? Jodie adored her new bulging curves, but would others like it?

"You should go talk to him!" pestered Ashlee, who was also shy around the opposite sex.

"I couldn't! I'd....I'll....umm.....maybe later." stuttered Jodie.

"I'll hold you to that, but right now I'm starving." said Christie, heading for the buffet. The others were quick to follow.

Melissa waddled over to the buffet, her butt wobbling uncontrollably from side to side as her hips swivelled. Many types of pizza sat before her, but Mel had only one in mind, plain cheese. Melissa loved cheese pizza. She had never cared for any toppings, just a thick layer of cheese.

"Ooooo!" she poked greedily, helping herself to several pieces. She then headed back over to the booth and wedged her round bum cheeks into the seat. Looking around, the other girls each had their own mountain of pizza slices, none bigger than Ash's. Christie sat with a mere single slice of vegetarian pizza.

Christie was a strict vegetarian, despite her mother's attempts to stuff her full of spaghetti Bolognese all the time. Christie was still trying to shed her ballooning tummy, and cutting down on her food amounts still showed no signs of slimming. She frowned as she felt her gut brushing up slightly against the table in front of her. She reached down under the table and rubbed her belly in her hand. It was feeling very sizeable, and jiggly.

Melissa stuffed her face eagerly, chewing mouthfuls of melted cheese. Her tummy too bulged forward, and her button fly pants were threatening to burst open. She wriggled her ass in complaint, her underpants wedging up into her butt crack, putting an uncomfortable strain on her bum hole.

"Oof!" she jiggled, scrunching up her chipmunk face before returning to her pizza. Her plump lips rolled as she ate, coated in thin pizza grease. Her little double chin bunching up slightly as she did so.

"Mmm, I love pizza!" giggled Mel, licking her fingers.

Ashlee too, was eating like there was no tomorrow, pushing food into her chubby white face. Her enormous belly bulged forward, pushing apart the halves of her denim jacket. Her black shirt hugged every outline of her blubber rolls.

After a good stuffing, the girls felt fit to pop as they lay back in the booth.

"Oh, I'm so full." hiccuped Vicky, her wide waist oozing out from under her black top.

Melissa burped quietly, feeling her tummy deflate a little. Jodie continued to look at the pizza boy on the other side of the room, and the others could tell she was smitten.

"Just talk to him." said Christie, her breaths short from her distended tummy.

"Ok....I think I'll go over now." said Jodie bravely,

"Ash, can you scoot over?"

Ashlee jumped, awaking from her stuffed stupor, "Oh sure Jodes. Ugh!"

Ashlee wriggled and tried to slide over and out of the booth, but her bloated tummy had wedged itself into the booth. She jiggled and bounced up and down, but the only result was her massive stomach wobbling.

"Oh my gawd....." she blushed, feeling embarrassed, "I'm....kinda....stuck in here."

The girls laughed as Ash blushed and struggled to get out.

"Don't worry, Ashlee, we'll help you." giggled Melissa.

Christie, Mel and Vicky stood up out of their side of the booth and grabbed a hold of Ash's arm. Jodie, who was trapped on the other side of Ashlee's plump body, pressed her shoulder against Ash's and the girls tugged and pushed. Ashlee slowly but surely slipped out of the booth, and stood up after a bit of a wobble. Her over stuffed belly out her a little off balance. Jodie ran over to talk with her mystery man as the other girls left for Christie's car.

"We'll give her a minute." said Vicky.

Ashlee was in for more trouble when she got into Christie's car.

"Oh no....." she moaned to herself, the seat belt wouldn't reach the buckle.

Ashlee tugged at the seat belt strap, but Ashlee's body was simply too round. The soft fat on her waist was pinched every time she tried to get the buckle on. Ash resorted to just slipping the strap over her and hiding the fact it wasn't clipped.

"You guys got your seat belts on?" asked Christie, as Ash's heart flipped.

"Uh, yep!" replied Ashlee.

Christie frowned, "Oh Ash....it's not on properly, I don't wanna lose my license."

Ashlee bit her lip, "Umm.....it wont do up."

Christie's frown turned to a laugh as Melissa and Vicky laughed too.

"Hang on, Ashlee." said Mel, getting on her hands and knees on the car seat and tugging at Ash's seat belt. Her enormous bottom strained her hip-huggers even more, as her massive bum cheeks spread wide apart.

"Suck in your tummy." said Mel, as Ash obeyed.

Mel couldn't believe the size of Ashlee's belly, as she sucked in tenaciously. Melissa tugged at the seat belt, it was inches from the buckle. Mel bit her lip as she strained.

"Ugh.....ah! There it goes!" smiled Mel.

"Thanks, Melly." wheezed Ashlee, she could barely breathe from the seat belt's tightness.

"Did I miss anything?" came Jodie's voice.

"Ha, not really. How'd it go?" asked Vicky.

"I got his number!" hyped Jodie, "His name is David!"

"Nice." laughed Vicky.

"Can we go already?" moaned Christie, who was getting impatient.

"I agree." mumbled Ashlee, constricted by her seat belt.

The girls laughed and giggled all the way home, but Melissa was a little quiet. The fact that school had finished hadn't quite sunk in yet. Plus her tummy was feeling rather bloated and distended after her feast of cheese pizza. She rubbed her rounded tummy, which oozed over her button fly hip-huggers in a roll of soft dough.

"See you later, Melly." called the girls as she was dropped off home, "We'll catch up in a few days when none of us have an exam, ok?"

"Ok guys, good luck!" replied Melissa, before walking daintily up the pathway to her front door.

Mel trudged up the stairs and into her room.

"Mum must be asleep." she thought, before throwing her handbag over to the ground.

"Wow. It's over." she thought out loud.

After years of school, she was never to go back again. Just a set of exams and her life would begin. Melissa contentedly sat on the end of her bed and stared at her pink wall.

"Hmm." she pondered.

Her pants were nagging her to be unbuttoned. Her stuffed pizza tummy was pressing hard behind her button flay jeans, and she had been sucking in slightly for most of the night.

"At least I can't bust the button on these." she said, before remembering the rear seam was also a possible tearing point.

Testing her size, she slowly exhaled, feeling her gut pushing at the buttons. She heard a series of soft pops as the buttons blew open and her bulging tummy oozed forth.

"Ooooooooof....." she moaned happily, feeling great relief as she fat rolls were free from her tight hip-huggers. She was so stuffed her breaths were short, her tummy reaching the limits of its size and unable to bloat anymore.

She rubbed her hands underneath her tummy and pushed up her roll experimentally. It pressed up against the next blubber roll, her belly button sinking into the crease between fat rolls.

"Ooof....my tummy even feels like pizza dough after all that." she mumbled to herself. Melissa poked her finger into her belly button and twisted it around. Her button had gotten deeper since she had packed on the flab.

She lay on her back in her bed, her open pants allowing her belly to expand with her breaths. Each time she inhaled, her plump tummy pushed her jean flaps further apart. Mel rubbed its rounded dimensions, liking the way it felt.

"Mmm...." she moaned happily.

She gave her tummy a slap, sending jiggles through its smooth, pale surface.

"Oooh, I'm tired." she sighed to herself, sliding her pants off after some struggling. Too tired to get into her pyjamas, Melissa lay into bed in her bra and undies. Her fat body was bulging out of her underwear. Her lacy white bra barely covered her nipples, while her g-string covered her crotch, before leaving all of her plump bum exposed bar her butt crack. Melissa's giant ass cheeks swallowed her g-string, deceiving the eye to think her bum was completely nude. She rolled into bed, lying on her stomach. Her colossal rump rising and falling with her breaths. After a long, eventful day, Melissa fell asleep.


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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Melissa had a two week holiday to study before her final exams began. She wasn't the smartest girl in the world, a little too ditzy. Her common sense wasn't the best, but she tried to work hard. Mel was a little more worried about how her weight would fare with the excess stress of exams. After all, she wouldn't be doing anything social over the next two weeks considering how much preparation she needed.

Melissa's bottom really didn't need anymore padding, and her tummy was getting a little too round for her liking. It was a little difficult for her to see her stomach when she looked down, due to the massive size of her soft, inflated breasts. She had become rather happy about her increased cleavage, her pale, perky boobs bobbing up and down as she walked.

Melissa knew she had a very sexy walk. Her wide hips swivelled elegantly, her plump bum cheeks rolling and bobbing as did her chest. Her hourglass figure was getting a little chunkier, her waist getting soft and more filled out. Over the next few weeks she would have to monitor her weight closely to prevent more weight gain.

"Ah.....at least I get to stay at home for two weeks." smiled Mel as she clambered out of bed.

She breathed a sigh of relief, no tight jeans or skirts for a little while. Just track pants. Give her expanding waist and hips room to breathe. She was very much tired of forcing her chubby body into those dreaded tight jeans. There was just too much soft flesh to try and cram into them. Like trying to stuff a sleeping bag into its too small carry sack. There would be no tight waistbands producing unsightly bulge for a while. At least that's what she thought.

"Ugh! Even my track pants don't fit?!" she exclaimed. Sure enough, Melissa's favourite sky blue track pants were a little too tight to get over her round bum. As Mel struggled and tugged and twisted and pulled, the waistband wouldn't stretch to get over her fat butt cheeks.

"Argh! I'm such a fat ass!" she stomped, losing her temper.

She huffed and fumed like a little kid as she searched for a pair of pants that would fit.

"Bike pants....oh poo!" she puffed.

Mel hadn't worn her bike pants since her training with Rio, an indication of how much exercise she'd done since then. She stuck her wobbly legs into the bike pants, as they instantly latched onto her skin tightly. She wriggled them up over her fat thighs, until stuffing her wobbly rear in with some effort. She then tugged on a singlet top and looked in the mirror.

"Hmm, hardly flattering, but it'll have to do." pouted Mel, twisting her hips to look at her big bum. Melissa grabbed a handful of butt flab and shook it. It was like she had two pillows stuffed down her pants. She twisted her mouth to the side, unsatisfied.

"Melissa, honey! Breakfast time!" called her mum.

"Oooo!" smiled Mel, waddling downstairs eagerly.

Melissa walked into the kitchen to see a bowl of oatmeal on the table.

"What's this?" she asked.

"Oatmeal, sweetie! Good brain food." replied her mother.

"Yuk!" moped Melissa.

"Now honey, you're not going to be able to exercise much over the next couple of weeks so you should watch your calorie intake."

"Awww mum....."

"Now now, I'll hear no more of it! I'm off to work."

Melissa's mum gave her pouting daughter a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye mum."

Mel waited patiently until her mother's car had pulled out of the driveway before washing the oatmeal down the sink.

"I hate oatmeal." she huffed.

She rummaged through the kitchen for something good.

"There's barely any food!" she complained to herself.

No cereal (well, only healthy choice cereals), no bread for toast, no bacon or eggs! Melissa pouted. Her eyes widened when she saw a box of chocolate donuts sitting on a high pantry shelf.

"Ooooh! They'll do well!" she giggled greedily.

Melissa stretched up on her tippy toes, her singlet sliding up to reveal her pudgy waist, but couldn't reach the shelf. She plodded back onto her heels with a pout, sending jiggles through her fatty sides.

"Hmm...." she frowned, tugging her top back down.

She pulled a chair over to claim her prize off the top shelf. Melissa smiled, her mum probably didn't want her to find these donuts.

"Can't hide anything from me!" she laughed, forgetting about her earlier flustrations with her clothes..

Mel sat down in a chair and began to eat her donuts.

"Mmmm....I love chocolate!" she giggled, icing circling her mouth.

Her mouth rolled as her big lips bounced.

"Oof, maybe I've really been indulging too much lately." she said to herself.

Since Rio had left, Mel had gotten back where she had started with her weight. And since she had gone out for pizza last night and was now stuffing her face with donuts, there was bound to be a few pounds filling out her bum even more. Melissa's chubby bottom had filled out with so much fat over the past year, and with her birthday coming up soon, there would be plenty of food related presents, cake and alcohol to add to her weight.

"Maybe I should stop...." she thought, eyeing her half-eaten donut.

She looked down at her bulging tummy, which was looking a little like a donut at the moment. Her pudgy belly button looked like a donut hole as bulges of fat oozed around it. Mel saw her butt flub spilling over the sides of the chair and decided she should stop.

"I'm a little too plump to be eating like this...." decided Melissa, "I should do some study."

Melissa's school days were over. After her final exams, she was on her way to a new life. She really didn't care about how well she did in her exams, she was far too eager at what lay beyond that. She planned to be very careful about her weight over the next few months. With parties a plenty and her 19th birthday coming up, there was bound to be plenty of butt fattening ahead for her. She finished the last donut and tried to focus on her studies.

(Next installment found here )

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