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Default A Belly for Love - by Fanedfox (BHM/BBW (multiple), Stuffing, Rmance, Imagery, ~MWG)

BHM/BBW (multiple), stuffing, romance, imagery, ~MWG - One man’s gain triggers a falling domino effect

A Belly for Love
(Combining an initial tale and sequels into one)
by FANedfox

Chapter One – Matt’s expansion

Janet and I met in college. After dating for a few years we began living together. I was slim, around five ten and about one seventy five pounds; she was petite, five two and a plump one forty. I adored her plump figure and bubbly personality. We lived in a large western city and after graduation both had good jobs making very decent money.

I worked out a lot, mainly by habit, not really even thinking about it. Janet was not much of an exercise person, though not totally sedentary; the truth was that she really didn’t get much exercise because it bored her.

With some couples living together can either ruin a relationship or solidify one. In our case it solidified. There was one problem however. I’ve mentioned that Janet was plump but very happy with her appearance and weight. She had gained during and since college, but it didn’t bother her or me. In fact I really loved her plumpness and ample curves. She didn’t mind my "hard body," but I always suspected that if I gained weight she would not mind at all and might even enjoy some extra padding on me.

Her mother, however, had a far different opinion of my physique; she hated my body. To her, men should be big and that in the sense of being overweight, fat to point of obesity. Janet's brothers were both obese, being six feet and well over two fifty. Both the brothers were married and their wives, thanks to Janet's mom, Carol, became overweight too.

Janet and I discussed getting married, but she was honest with me and it posed a problem. "Matt you know I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I will not marry you or anyone without Mom's blessing."

"I know babe, you are right, I have to find a way to get your Mom's blessing, and you know I will do anything to get it, too!" I assured her.

We had a weekend at Carol's house and while in the kitchen with her, I asked, "Carol, I really want to marry Janet. Will you give us your blessing?"

Carol looked at me, mainly at my waist, and replied, "Matt I know you love Janet and she loves you, but I cannot give you my blessing. At least not now."

"Carol, then tell me, is there anything I can do to change your mind?"

"Yes, Matt there is. I want you to be as big as my boys. I know that someday, Janet will be nearly as big as me, if not bigger; obesity runs in this family, there is no escaping that fact. I do not want Janet marrying someone who will look ridiculous with her. You gain weight and become obese and I will then bless your marriage to my daughter!"

I was stunned. I could not believe that Carol would make that kind of condition. I could not even imagine getting that fat. The boys were only a little taller than me and outweighed me by eighty pounds at least.

The rest of the weekend went by and finally Janet and I were driving back to our apartment. Janet asked, "I saw you in the kitchen talking to mom. What did she say? You have been so quiet this weekend."

"Yes, I have a problem. She said that she would only bless our marriage if I got as big as your brothers. She wants me to get fat!" I blurted.

Janet giggled, "Is that all that's bothering her about our getting married? She just thinks you are too skinny for me!"

"Yeah, honey that is all she said, she thinks we would look like freaks later on, she says you are going to be at least a big as she is and with me so thin, it make you look ridiculous."

Janet started laughing, "So what's the problem with you gaining weight, just eat and stop exercising? In fact let me feed you until you are nice and fat!"

I got just a little turned on with that comment. "You would do that, feed me until I got fat enough for your mom?"

Janet giggled, "Maybe I would feed you until my Mom was satisfied and then feed you even more, so you are even fatter!"

"Then that settles that, I will get fat for you and your Mom!"

Janet lit up and said in a throaty voice, "Matt, pull into the Hungry Farmer Buffet at the exit before ours, no sense wasting time before starting you new diet!"

I pulled in and Janet and I went inside. We paid the dinner fee and Janet said, "Matt you sit down I will take care of getting you plates of food to eat, and you better eat what I put in front of you!"

True to her word Janet brought me plate after plate of rich "comfort food" and I did manage to eat everything she put in front of me including three courses and a chocolate sundae! I had to undo my belt, then my jeans button and finally un-zipped the fly to let my engorged belly bulge free. Janet giggled when we got up and pulled my t-shirt down to cover my open jeans. "Looks like someone got enough to eat tonight!"

"Yeah, babe you did a good job, I am so stuffed right now!"

We got home, I was so stuffed I just sat down on the couch and let my belly stick out. Janet came over and gave me a belly rub.

"Oh babe that feels good, look how bloated my belly is," I exclaimed.

Janet giggled, "Let's measure your waist, I want to see if we made any progress tonight."

She went a got a tape measure. "Stand up Matt, and let me wrap this around your tummy."

She giggled. "Matt, your tummy is thirty four inches around and you regularly wear size thirty-two, not bad, two inches in one night!"

She gave me an affectionate poke in stuffed belly. After about a couple of hours, I was feeling less full. Janet said, "Matt I want you to drink a couple of beers before you go to bed."

"Whoa Janet, I don't know if I can babe; I might get sick, I am still pretty full," I protested.

"Matt, come on, you need as many calories and carbs as you can get. You know that!" Janet replied.

I knew she was right, but had my doubts as to whether I could do it. Still, I agreed
"Yeah, you are right honey, sorry. I can drink a couple of beers."

I hope I thought to myself.

Janet went in and poured two beers into a large mug and brought it out to me. "Matt you need to drink this down for me."

Janet brought the mug to my lips and started to tilt it back and I drank down the rich lager. She was careful not to tilt the mug to much that beer got past my lips. I slowly drank down thirty two ounces of beer, taking nearly an hour. The bloat came right back, my belly was really bulging now!

Janet was giggling, "Oh Matt, your tummy looks awesome, good job!"

"Oh babe I need to go to bed, I am stuffed, bloated and tired!" I groaned.

I am a brief man, as far as underwear goes. In fact I really like bikini cut and low rise briefs. Janet marveled at my bloated, bulging belly ballooning over the waist band of my tight underpants. I fell right to sleep I was so stuffed and the beer certainly did not hurt either.

Janet fixed me a massive breakfast the next morning and fed it to me in bed at five thirty! By six a.m. I was stuffed and bloated again. "Whoa, Janet, you were not kidding about feeding me, were you?"

Janet giggled, "Matt I hope you are enjoying this half as much as I am!"

I staggered to the bathroom showered and then got dressed. I had to push the waist band of my trousers down to get them around my belly. Janet loved that!

She fixed me several sandwiches, a whole sleeve of cookies, chips and a regular can of pop for my lunch. "There that should hold you until supper time, when I can stuff you full again!"

I got in the car and started for work. I could really feel how bloated I was, the waist band of my pants was cutting into my belly. I dutifully ate all of my sandwiches, chips, the pop and the sleeve of cookies. I did not get up from my desk all afternoon, except to raid the vending machines around three. I was getting sleepy and "needed" some snacks to keep me awake.

Meanwhile, Janet had gone to work early so she could hit the warehouse store that we were members of. She filled a flat cart with over two hundred dollars worth of snack foods, prepared dinners, chips, candy bars, whole milk, regular pop and anything else remotely fattening.

I got home to awesome cooking smells. Janet had a huge pan of lasagna in oven. When I came in she just said, giggling, "Matt go take off your clothes except for your underpants and a t-shirt. It is your feeding time again!"

I needed no further encouragement, by stomach was getting stretched out and I was getting an appetite even after only a few hours of being "fed".

Janet stuffed me with five huge slices of lasagna, covered with parmesan cheese and plenty of wine. I was totally stuffed by six thirty. I sat back with my belly bulging out, now just lifting the t-shirt up.

Janet giggled as usual, "Let's get you into the living room so you can digest your dinner."

I staggered to the couch and plopped down. I watched TV not moving at all until nine thirty, when Janet called, "Matt I want to try to finish the rest of this lasagna, honey please come in the kitchen."

I got up, not feeling stuffed at all and after three hours of just sitting, I even was a little hungry again! Janet fed me four more slices and then a two pieces of cheese cake covered in caramel and chocolate sauces. I sat back with my belly bloated again. Janet giggled, "Time for a tummy measurement!"

She got the tape measure and I struggled to my feet and stuck out my belly as much as I could. She wrapped the tape around my belly and nearly shrieked, "Matt, you are doing so well honey, thirty six inches! Your belly is growing. I am so proud of you!"

"Hey I aim to please babe.” I replied, “but now I need to get to bed, I am stuffed and tired again."

The next morning, Janet again stuffed me with a huge breakfast, fixed me a nice big lunch and sent me off to work. I now looked noticeably bloated, with my belly sticking out.

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Default Chapter Two

Chapter Two – Marge pitches in

One of my co-workers, who I had known for a long time and whose husband I also knew came into my office. "Matt, are you okay, I don't want to be nosy, but you look like you are gaining some weight. Is everything alright with you and Janet?"

I chuckled, "Marge close the door, would you."

She did.

I took a deep breath and confided to her "Janet and I could not be better! We are doing just great and that is why I am gaining weight. I want to marry Janet, but her mother will not approve the marriage unless I gain weight to empathize more with Janet. She told me that Janet, through no fault of her own, will be obese someday, and she wants me to be obese also."

Marge was obviously surprised. "Wow Matt, that sounds weird to me. I cannot imagine getting fat to marry someone."

I nodded but stood my ground, "Marge, I love Janet so much, just like the line in the song "Grenade" ; "I would catch a grenade for her." If I am willing to do that, then getting fat is no big deal."

Marge started to get a little misty, "Matt that is awesome to me that you love her so much that you would become obese! How does Janet feel about you getting fat to please her mother?"

I grinned. "Would you believe she is being totally supportive, actually she’s feeding me!"

"Really Matt, that is awesome, I kind of envy you. Thanks for letting me in on your little secret, if there is anything I can do." she replied.

I chuckled and patted my belly, "Marge I cannot get too fat for either Janet or her Mom, so any contributions will be appreciated!"

The routine of feedings continued all week. I noticed that treats were showing up on my desk and sometimes even tucked into my lunch bag. A got a few looks from and winks from several other women in the office too. I wondered if Marge had shared my little "secret."

After Janet stuffed me on Friday night, she wanted to continue the tradition and measured my waist. This time I was up to thirty eight inches and really "showing" now.

On Saturday morning Janet slept in. I told her the night before that she could just feed me a brunch instead of having to get up early to fix a breakfast to stuff me with. I absently pulled on my jogging brief and a pair of running shorts, before I came to my senses. Janet looked up, "Matt what are you doing, you are not going to get any exercise!"

"Oh Janet, I am sorry, I did not even think about running, I just got up and put these on. Hey babe, look how tight they are! I have gained so much these shorts are so tight and my running brief is giving me panty lines!"

Janet eyes widened, "Oh Matt just put on a t-shirt! We are going on a feeding frenzy this weekend and I am going to feed you until you pop out of those shorts!"

Janet got up, used the bathroom, and pulled on a t-shirt and sweat pants. "Come with me, Matt."

We went down to her car and got in. I inquired "Where are we going babe? I am getting hungry, you have been feeding me so early."

Janet smiled, "Matt I am going to stuff you all weekend!"

Our first stop with Village Inn, where I had three different entrees, coffee, juice, sides of bacon, sausage, eggs and even half of a pie. The next stop was Burger King, for their breakfast sandwich, then McDonald's for their breakfast, then to Five Guys, I thought I might burst myself there I ate so much. After a nap it was the evening fast food parade - we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Coldstone Creamery.

I staggered into our apartment totally engorged and so turned on. Janet poked my rock hard belly, "Don't you dare take off those shorts and brief! I want those to pop off, tomorrow we continue your frenzy."

Sunday was indeed more of the same, becoming a blur. This time we started with IHOP, then to Black Eyed Pea, Applebee's, Chiles, TGIFridays, Quiznos, Subway, and finally Dairy Queen. Somewhere along the way we picked up a box of Sees Candies for a topping off treat!

I had eaten over thirty five thousand calories and heaven only knows how many grams (or kilos) of fat over the two day frenzy. I staggered to the couch and as I was trying to lower my engorged body onto it, I heard a loud rip!

"Matt did those shorts finally rip?" she queried. I straightened back up, my butt was sticking out of the torn seem in the back showing the now super tight jogging brief trying to contain my fat bottom.

"Yes Janet you succeeded. You burst me right out of them!" I declared.

Janet shrieked, "Yes, oh Yes! Matt you were wonderful this weekend, I can't believe how much you ate and you were such a good sport about eating and not complaining."

"Janet to tell you the truth, I loved it!”: I responded. “This was the best weekend I have ever spent! Baby, don't you worry, I am going to get so fat, all I want to do is eat and eat and eat and of course make love to you!"

Janet practically tackled me, ripping off what was left of the tight shorts, she dragged me by the waist band of my jogging briefs to the bedroom and onto the bed!

The next morning, Janet poked my belly to wake me up. "Matt honey, time to take a shower and I need to measure your tummy."

"Sure babe." I answered. I staggered to my feet, feeling my rapidly expanding paunch bulge out.

Janet wrapped the measuring tape around me and shrieked, "Matt, oh honey, your waist is forty two inches!"

I gave my belly a slap, causing it to jiggle, "This is only the beginning, baby!"

I went to take a shower and get dressed. Janet gleefully padded into the kitchen to fix me a huge breakfast. I had to wear sweat pants as my trousers no longer came even close to fitting. I put on a t-shirt under my dress shirt to cover my belly through the openings around the buttons straining to hold the shirt closed over my gut.

Janet stuffed me like a goose with a massive breakfast, pancakes, half a bottle of syrup, butter, scrambled eggs, waffles, more syrup and butter. I looked and felt like I was going to burst! I waddled to the car, with a huge lunch, and two shopping bags full of fattening treats to re-stock my desk drawers.

I was sitting in my office finishing my fourth donut and third cup of coffee, with cream and sugar. When Marge came in, she closed to door, "Matt what did you do to yourself over the weekend, you are so bloated!"

I chuckled, "Marge, Janet took me to over fourteen restaurants this weekend, I ate all day, both days, over thirty five thousand calories. It was fantastic!"

Marge stared in awe at my huge orb of a belly, now even bigger with donuts and coffee. "Matt, how fat are you going to let Janet feed you to? You are going to be obese soon if this keeps up!"

I had an announcement to share. "Marge, I have not told Janet this, but I want to gain at least one hundred pounds! I want to see her Mom's jaw drop when I ask her for permission to marry Janet!"

"Wow, Matt you are going to be huge if you gain that much weight. I can't believe you want to do this to yourself! You are going to go from being the most fit person here to the fattest!" she observed.

I decided to confide in her the real truth. "Marge, I want to get really, really fat! I have been getting so turned on overeating, I can barely control myself."

She looked at me with incredulity. "Matt that is so weird. What about Janet, is she going to still love and want you when you weigh nearly three hundred pounds?"

I laughed. "I worry if Janet will want me if I only weigh three hundred pounds!"

Marge looker flabbergasted, "Matt this is almost too much for me."

I knew going to have to prove that I was serious by introducing her to a world I’d been discovering. "Marge, come around and look at my monitor I want to show you some sites, but promise, you are not going to report me for sexual harassment."

She rolled her eyes. "Oh Matt we have known each other for years, go ahead show me."

I logged onto Fantasy Feeder, Dimensions, Dr. Feeder and my Yahoo groups. I surfed through them for nearly a half hour. Marge was amazed.

"Wow Matt, I had no idea how many people were into feeding their spouses or significant others. This is amazing! So Matt are you a feedee or feeder?", Giggled Marge.

I laughed and patted my belly, "I am a feedee now, but after Janet and I get married, I am going to be a feeder!"

Marge giggled, "Matt you are pretty special, you and Janet are going to be so happy together!"

Marge headed to the door, as she left she winked at me, "Alright Matt, I am going to help you with your diet anyway I can. Now I really want to see you fat and happy!"

The word soon spread around the office that I was getting fat and really wanted to get fat. Treats, left over donuts and pastries from meetings, extra burgers and fries from lunches started to appear on my desk. The rare times I actually moved around the office, I got winks from nearly all my female co-workers, some even giggled at my increasing girth.

Janet kept her constant assault on my waist line too. Four meals a day at least and sometime five or even six on weekends for me, I loved it! My next waist line measurement, my belly had grown to forty six inches, the pounds were really piling on!

One side effect I did not count on was my bottom and thighs were getting very round and soft. I had expected getting a huge protruding belly, which I really wanted and turned me on too.

I started to notice that it was really hard to pull any of my pants up. At first I thought that my belly was so big, but that should only make it hard to button or hook my pants. But I was having trouble getting the waist band over my ass!

The size of my ass really became an issue for me and a source of delight for Janet one Saturday morning. I was just wearing a pair of bikini cut briefs, which were not doing a very good job of containing by fat ass. Janet came in the bathroom and shrieked, "Oh my word, your bottom is huge, your butt is bigger than mine!"

She reached over and started to knead my fat butt in my briefs, she giggled, "Oh Matt your ass is so soft it jiggles in my hands."

I blushed bright red.

"Oh I’m sorry I did not mean to tease or embarrass you, Honey," said Janet.

I tried to reassure her.

"It’s okay Janet, I should have known that I would get a big ass too." I replied pulling on a pair of sweat pants to cover my nearly bursting briefs.

Janet giggled, "Oh Matt you have panty lines! This does it, I am so turned on right now, I want to stuff you like a goose, let's do the restaurant binge tour again!"

"Oh yes Babe that sound great!" I replied now getting turned on myself thinking of how much I get to eat and how big I am going to be Monday morning!

We hit Village Inn, McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Five Guys and Dairy Queen on Saturday. I went to bed with my belly engorged and taught.

On Sunday we hit IHop, Golden Coral Buffet, Pizza Hut, Olive Garden, Fuddruckers and topped me off at Cold Stone Creamery.

Sunday night I had to lie on my back, my belly was a hard, swollen ball sticking up in the air.

On Monday, Janet got up and fixed me a huge breakfast. I got staggered/waddled into the bathroom. I was shocked at my reflection in the mirror, I was HUGE!

"Janet, baby, come and see my belly and bring the tape measure, too!" I called.

She came in and shrieked, "Oh Matt honey your tummy is awesome, you are huge!"

Janet wrapped the tape around me, no small task now.

"Matt, Oh my, honey, you are fifty inches around!" She giggled, "Now let me measure your bottom."

She giggled again as she wrapped to tape around my fat ass. "Oh Matt, honey, oh my, your bottom is fifty five inches!"

Janet sunk her hands into my ass and started kneading my cheeks. "Oh Matt you are so hot! Let me feed you your breakfast!"

I waddled into the kitchen and Janet started to place plate after plate of fattening breakfast treats, French toast, pancakes, pastries, bacon, sausage and whole milk and I gorged on it. I was totally engorged. I knew my waist had to be fifty five inches or more I was so bloated. I struggled to my feet and waddled/staggered to the bathroom.

I showered, struggled into a pair of briefs, largest shirt I could find and a pair of sweat pants. The company had agreed to relax the dress code for me until my weight stabilized, so I would not have to constantly buy new dress pants to wear to work.

I waddled into my office after extracting my massive ass and belly from my car. I settled into my office chair noticing that my ass completely filled it. Marge came in.

"Hey good morning Matt, oh my it looks like Janet stuffed you again this weekend!" she giggled.

All I could do was pat my belly. "Yes she did, we went restaurant hopping again! I can't believe how much I ate this weekend!"

Marge changed the subject. "Matt when are you and Janet going to ask her Mom's permission for you two to get married. You are really getting really fat."

I patted my belly again, "You are right Marge, not just about how fat I am, but we really need to get going with our wedding plans. I will talk to Janet tonight, we are going to her Mom's for Thanksgiving, which would be a great time to unveil the "new me."

I chuckled and Marge smiled, then we both got back to work..

I got home and waddled into the kitchen. "Hey babe, how was your day?" I asked.

Janet replied, "Just fine honey. Were you good today, eating all of your lunch and snacking?"

I patted my belly, "Of course dear!"

I started down to the bedroom to change, Janet followed me and I thought she loves the view!

While I was taking off my sweat pants and shirt, I asked, "Janet, baby, I think it is time to ask for your Mom's blessing on us getting married."

Janet walked over to me. She placed her hands under my sagging belly and hefted it, "Matt you are right, you look so awesome now all nice and fattened up. I know Mom will love how much weight you have gained and how fat you are now!"

I smiled. "Thanks honey for the compliment, but I could never have gained so much weight and gotten this fat without your feeding me so well. You have done an awesome job, fattening me up!"

The next few weeks I kept up my "diet" overeating and indulging myself to be sure I would be huge when I asked Janet's Mom for her approval and blessing of our engagement and marriage.

We arrived at Janet's family's house the Wednesday evening prior to Thanksgiving day. We had finally bought me some nicer pants and some shirts to wear. Janet was wearing a tight fitting dress showing nice panty lines. We went up to the door and rang the bell.

One of Janet's brothers answered, "Hey it is about time you two got here! Hey Matt is that you? Wow, you look fantastic! How did you get so fat overnight?"

I chuckled and patted my huge belly causing it to jiggle, "Your sister stuffed me like a Thanksgiving turkey!"

Janet said, "Don't say a word, I want to surprise Mom. I can't wait to see her expression when she sees Matt so fat!"

Carol was in the den working on her computer when Janet and I (waddled) walked in.

"Mom, Matt wants to ask you something," Janet said softly.

Carol turned around in her chair. I thought she might pass out the look on her face when she stared right into my huge belly. "Matt is that really you? Oh my you look so handsome so nice, round and fat. Your belly is simply amazing dear. How much have you gained?"

I replied, "Nearly eighty pounds, but I am planning on gaining more!"

Janet’s mom started to cry. "Matt dear, you don't even have to ask for my permission to marry my Janet. Looking at you now, so nice and fat, I insist that you marry my daughter!"

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Default Chapter Three

Chapter Three – Janet’s turn

Carol continued to lavish praise on my eighty pound weight gain. I was being treated like one of her boys. She loved to poke my belly and watch, what formerly had been a flat six pack now jiggle and wobble like a huge bowl of jello. She also loved how fat my ass had become, though she only confided this to Janet.

My future brothers and sisters in law treated like a hero, they were all so amazed that I would gain so much weight so quickly to please both Carol and Janet. Janet's brothers kidded me about my "counter weight" to my belly, referring to my huge ass.

The Thanksgiving weekend could not have gone any better if Janet and I had planned it. Her Mom, Carol, loved the "new me" and was constantly complimenting me on my appetite and my ever increasing capacity for food. Her brothers had a more passive attitude, just being satisfied that their sister was happy. I loved every second. I ate to my heart's and belly's content, stuffing, being stuffed, gorging and being an absolute pig!

I mentioned earlier that Janet had dressed in a surprisingly tight dress for our drive to her Mom's. I certainly enjoyed the view. Janet had always been plump, short five two or so and around one-forty in weight. I know she had put on some pounds feeding me, which is really only to be expected given all the food and over-eating scenarios as she fattened me up.

I noticed, between stuffing myself or being stuffed, that Janet was eating a lot more than she usually did. She did have and always had a good appetite, but now she was really "packing it in".

We were sitting watching a movie on TV when I asked her, "Hey babe, I noticed that you have quite an appetite lately, is everything okay?"

She giggled and patted her bloated belly, "Oh Matt things are fantastic! Mom is thrilled with our engagement. She loves how much weight you gained and that you are going to keep gaining. She also told me she wants me to wear her wedding dress!"

"That's great honey, but that still doesn't explain why you are eating so much." I asked, poking her belly, causing Janet to giggle.

"Matt I have to wear Mom's wedding dress, she wants me to fit into it perfectly, so silly I have to gain weight to be sure it fits me, like it did Mom when she and Dad got married." giggled Janet.

I started thinking, “Wait a minute -Carol must weigh well over two hundred pounds and she is the same height as Janet."

I remarked "Wow, honey, how much did Carol weigh when she got married to your dad?"

Janet giggled, patting her belly again, "Matt Mom weighed two hundred and fifteen pounds! Isn't that awesome?"

I thought for a moment, "This can't be happening, Janet is going to get that fat to fit into her Mom's wedding dress!"

"Matt, hey you still there?" giggled Janet.

"Oh, sorry honey, just thinking," I replied.

Janet giggled again, "About how fat I am going to get, I hope!"

I blushed and Janet giggled. "Matt, now seriously, I need your help. I helped you get nice and fat. Now you are going to have to help me gain weight and get fat too!"

I hefted myself up and waddled into the kitchen, filled a plate with fresh cookies Carol had made that day and a large glass of whole milk and waddled back into the living room.

Janet shrieked with joy when she saw all of the cookies and the glass of milk. I chuckled, "Baby we better get started! Now open wide!"

I fed Janet the whole plate and she pounded down the glass of milk. She un-snapped her jeans and I help pull them off. She slouched on the couch in just her panties and t-shirt while I rubbed her bulging belly. "Matt, I want to gain at least seventy pounds by our wedding day in April to fit into Mom's dress. You are going to have to stuff me like a turkey to gain that much weight in five months."

"Janet, I can't wait to feed you baby; we are going to be huge by April!"

We made out for awhile and I helped my engorged fiancé up off the couch and we now both waddled upstairs or our respective bedrooms. Janet and I hugged, she pinched my fat ass and giggled, "I hope my bottom gets as big as yours!"

I chuckled, "I am going to stuff you until it is!"

Janet giggled and whispered "Promise!"

The next morning we both made pigs of ourselves at breakfast eating as much as we could and getting totally engorged. We both were wearing sweat pants and t-shirts to allow un-restrained expansion of our respect waists.

After hugs and kisses all around we got in the car and started back to our apartment and the best five months we had ever spent!

On the way home we stopped at four different fast food places Janet and I both indulging are expanding bellies. We got home around four thirty , we got the car un-loaded and then snuggled on the couch.

I poked Janet's tummy, asking "What would you like to be stuffed with tonight?"

Janet giggled, "Matt I am too tired to go out and we have not done any shopping, let's order out."

"That's sounds like a good idea, how about some nice rich deep dish pizza for your belly tonight." I said.

Janet giggled, "Oh my tummy would love to be stuffed with pizza."

I ordered three large deep dish pizzas. We did have some regular soda in the house, but I ordered a couple of liters also. After the driver left, Janet said to me, "Let's get more comfortable Matt."

She slid off her sweat pants giggling. I pulled off mine, we plopped ourselves on the couch for the next few hours as we fed each other all the pizza, a liter of coke each, topping ourselves off with a whole box of ice cream bars.

It was now ten thirty. We were slouched on the couch rubbing our nearly distended bellies, packed with the rich, heavy pizzas. Janet groaned, "Matt honey, I need to get to bed, I am so tried. My belly feels so good nice and full. Can you help me up, dearest?"

Janet and I (now both waddling) went into the bedroom to get ready for bed. I was stunned at how big her belly was in just one long weekend of stuffing. Her belly now sagged over the waist band of her bikini panties, with nice love handles all the way around too.

Janet patted her bulging belly and giggled, "Matt you are doing a nice job so far getting me fat, keep it up dear!"

I replied, "Janet you don't have to worry about that babe!"

The next morning we both pounded down a box of frozen waffles each, nearly a whole bottle of syrup between us and a stick of butter. I had to dress in sweats again, since I had eaten my way out of my new pants over the Thanksgiving weekend. Janet dressed in a tight blouse and a pair of black stretch pants, showing off her expanding figure.

I got into the office and no sooner was Marge in my office wanting to hear about the weekend and if I got Carol's approval to marry Janet.

"Matt how did it go?" asked a nearly breathless Marge.

I patted my belly. "Marge, Janet's Mom, Carol was in awe of my weight. She really did not believe that I would gain this much weight to marry Janet. Marge I was treated and fed like a king, I could do no wrong! We are getting married in April."

Marge nearly shouted, "Matt that is great news! I too cannot believe how much weight you deliberately gained to marry Janet. How much do you weigh now anyway?"

I again patted my huge belly. "Marge I weigh two hundred and seventy pounds, my waist is now sixty inches around and I am embarrassed to admit how fat my ass is!"

Marge giggled, "I know some of the girls in the office say that you have the biggest booty in the whole company! You mentioned to me months ago that you wanted to get to three hundred pounds/ You’re not going to get that fat are you Matt? What about Janet has she gained weight, is she going to get fat too?"

"Marge, yes to both, I am going to keep on getting fatter. I love being fat and I love to over eat, binge, gorge and get totally bloated. Carol, Janet's Mom, wants her to wear her wedding dress. But to have it fit properly, Janet will have to gain seventy pounds and she wants me to feed her and fatten her up!"

Marge just stared at me. She sat down in the chair opposite my desk. "Matt I can't believe that Carol wants you two so fat! You two will be morbidly obese in no time."

"I know Marge, and to tell you the truth, I can't wait!" I replied.

"Well Matt in that case, as your friend and co-worker, I will do anything I can to help you keep gaining weight." Marge said getting up.

"Thanks Marge, you have really been a great friend, putting up with my over eating and getting so fat., Thanks again." I replied.

I worked at my desk, which really increased my productivity at the company. Since I now no longer worked out and had become somewhat lazyas well as fat I pretty much sat on my fat ass and worked all day with plenty of food in my desk other than bathroom breaks.

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Default Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Gail joins in the game

When Janet got to her job, several co-workers noticed immediately that Janet had gained more weight over the holiday weekend.

One of her friends and co-workers, Gail, came into Janet's office and closed the door. "Janet what is going on, you have been gaining weight all year and this weekend looks like you really let yourself go, what's up?"

Janet giggled and then held out her left hand. Gail gasped, "Oh Janet it is glorious, what a nice ring. So Matt finally got your Mom's approval. What did he have to do?"

"He gained over eighty pounds! He looks so hot now, he has a sixty inch belly and he has the fattest butt I have ever seen!"

Gail was shocked, "You mean your Mom made Matt get fat!"

"No she didn't make him get fat, he wanted to in order to please her, and I helped him." replied Janet giggling.

"How did you help him?" asked a confused (clueless) Gail.

"I stuffed him like a turkey, I made him overeat like crazy!" Janet boasted.

"Oh my word, Janet you deliberately fattened up your boyfriend to please your Mom?" Gail nearly shrieked.

"Yes I did and in fact, Matt's going to fatten me up for my Mom, so I can wear her wedding dress!"

"What! You are going to get fatter to wear your Mom's dress! Janet that's crazy, why would you do that to yourself?"

Janet stood up, patting her belly and ample bottom and said, "Gail, I have wanted to be fat and round since I was just a little girl. All the women in my family have been fat, my Mom, her Mom and even my great grandmother were all fat. It is my destiny!"

"Wow" said Gail. "I could never do that to myself, but you are determined and you are happy about becoming fat or even obese?"

"Yes Gail, I am happy and I can't wait to eat and eat as much as I can and get fat for my Matt and Mom!"

Janet sat heavily back down, she was feeling hungry again, since she had eaten over an hour ago. Gail asked, "Can I get you anything? I am going down to the coffee shop on the corner."

Janet giggled and pulled out a five and a couple of ones from her wallet. "Gail, could you get me a latte and some pastries, I am hungry."

Gail giggled, "OK, I guess I will be your go-fer."

Gail brought back a whole dozen donuts for her expanding friend. Janet gradually binged them down, getting bloated. She pulled down the waist band of her stretch pants to let her bloated belly bulge out onto her lap. She worked all morning, never getting up.

Around twelve thirty Gail came in. "Janet, do you want to go to lunch?"

"Gail, I would love to. But can we go to the buffet on the mall, I am really hungry?" Janet answered.

Gail swallowed but recovered quickly. “Sure Janet! I was thinking that would be prefect given you new mission."

Janet sucked in her belly and pulled her stretch pants up and hoisted herself out of her chair. She noticed that Gail was staring at her plump belly. Although Gail would not admit it, she was becoming green with envy that Janet was going to deliberately get fat and that her fiancé and her Mom not only approved but insisted!

Gail and Janet got to the buffet, they paid and immediately got in line. Janet filled her plates to over flowing with rich heavy comfort foods; meat loaf, macaroni and cheese; French fries, bratwurst and burgers. Gail got a couple of things but could not stop staring at Janet's overflowing tray.

Janet sat down heavily and just started to pound down everything as fast as she could. She finished and then got up, not without some difficulty and filled her tray again. Gail noticed that Janet's belly now bulged against the material of the stretch pants pushing down the waist band and the tight blouse was now riding up, revealing some tummy fat.

Janet plopped down and slammed down another plate full. Her belly now was bulging up against the table. Janet burped and smiled, "<Burp>, oh excuse me, I have made such a pig of myself, Gail would you get me a chocolate sundae and a couple pieces of cake?"

Gail smiled, "Of course Janet, I'll be right back!"

Gail walked over to the dessert bar and fixed Janet a killer chocolate sundae, grabbed a couple slices of cake, being sure the frosting was nice and thick and returned to the table.

"Here you are Janet, now eat up!" giggled Gail.

She thought to herself, "I have never been turned on or attracted to fat people, but why am I so turned on watching Janet stuff herself silly?"

Janet pounded down the sundae and the cake, her belly now was nearly distended she had eaten so much, but she felt good feeling so full.

"Gail, I'm sorry, can you help me up? I am afraid I am too full to get up myself!" Giggled Janet.

"Oh sure Janet, here let me pull the table back." As she did Janet somehow managed to stand up. Her belly was so engorged in bulged straight out just under her boobs. The waist band was sagging down a couple of inches and the blouse was riding up. Her stretch pants were now so tight Gail, and anyone else for that matter could see the perfect out line of Janet's panties compressed inside the taught stretch pants.

Gail giggled, "Oh Janet you are so bloated, are you okay?"

Janet smiled and patted her engorged abdomen "Gail I am great! I feel so stuffed its turning me on!"

Janet waddled to the door, as Gail followed, amazed at Janet ass encased in the now nearly transparent stretch pants. Gail hailed a cab to take them the four blocks back to the office, Gail knew there was no way Janet could walk that far.

Janet waddled into her office and plopped down in her chair. She quickly pulled the waist band down on her stretch and let her bulging belly out onto her thighs. She thought, "Man that feels good, I love eating there, I can just stuff myself silly until I nearly burst!"

The thought made her giggle. Gail walked in to be sure Janet was okay.

"Janet what are you laughing about?" asked Gail.

"Oh nothing, just thinking how much fun I had at lunch eating, that's all." She exclaimed.

"You sure did, I have never seen anyone eat that much!" replied Gail.

"I hope I did not embarrass you today making such a pig of myself. I notice some guys watching me pig out." replied Janet.

"Oh no, Janet I really enjoyed going to lunch with you. I have to admit, I am fascinated by you and Matt gaining so much weight to please your Mom, I just can't stop thinking about it." answered Gail.

"If you have any questions or if I can show you, you know, anything, just ask Gail. I really appreciate all of your support. I know lot of people would think I am an idiot or mean to feed Matt until he is so fat and then to do the same thing to myself."

"Oh thanks Janet, it means a lot to me that you appreciate my help and support!" Gail replied.

Gail left Janet's office and went back to work, though distracted. Janet continued to work through the afternoon, though she got up several times to get snacks to help keep her awake. The digesting of all of the food she ate was making her sleepy.

Janet got home at the regular time. She pulled down the waist band of her stretch pants and pulled her shirt up to show me her belly.

"Honey I'm home!" she called.

I answered, "Hey babe I am in the kitchen fixing you a nice big dinner. How was your day?"

"Oh Matt it was great, I got caught up on a lot of work and I went to lunch with my friend Gail. She was really so cool and supportive about me fattening you up and now, deliberately gaining weight myself. I think she is confused. I think she is getting turned on watching me eat so much and getting so bloated. I am not sure what to do. I don't want to encourage her to gain weight and ruin her figure, but she acts sometimes like she wants to join me overeating."

I said nothing so Janet continued.

"Oh Matt, what did your friend at work, Marge say when she saw you again, after our naughty fat weekend?"

"She was thrilled that we are engaged. She was startled that I am still going to get to three hundred pounds for the wedding. She was surprised that your mom would want you to gain weight to fit into her dress, rather than alter it."

Just then Janet's belly growled. She giggled slapping her belly now bulging over the waist band of the stretch pants. "I almost forgot with our mutual gossip, what's for dinner? I am starved."

I grinned, "Spaghetti and meat balls, garlic bread, salad and for dessert, we have a huge cheese cake!"

Janet went to plop herself in a chair, "Well let's eat!"

We were two mutuial feeders feeders laying into the heavy, rich food and gorged ourselves for over an hour. We ate all the spaghetti, meat balls, sauce, garlic bread (whole loaf), and the cheese cake. Then we lay down on the coach; there were two, very, very bloated, engorge bellies bulging up in air.

Janet got so full during dinner she had pulled off her stretch pants to let her belly "roam free" as she said. I had on a pair of XXXL sweat pants with an elastic waist band. I managed to get to my feet and clean up the kitchen. While I was doing that, Janet just sat, slouched in her chair rubbing her belly. Finally I helped her up and we both waddled to the bedroom.

The next few weeks were a blur of overeating, un-restrained gluttony, sloth and debauchery. We loved it. We went to Wal-Mart every two weeks to get new under wear for me, lingerie pants, shirts, sweat pants and dresses for Janet.

The Christmas holidays were fantastic, both of ua gained over twenty pounds at Carol's house. We were both fed by not only Carol, but Janet's sisters-in-law as well. If we were not sitting down to a meal (four or five times a day at this point) we were being constantly coaxed by her family to eat this or have a bite of that, here snack on this.

After New Years, we went back to our respective jobs. I now was nearly three hundred pounds! His waist was a whopping sixty eight inches and he was having trouble fitting through doorways he was now so fat.

Marge came into his office, "Matt, oh my you gained more weight over the holidays!"

I smiled, patting my massive belly, "I know Marge, Janet and I were practically force fed at Carol's house over Christmas and New Years. I don't think I was without something to eat, unless I was asleep."

"So how big is Janet now?" asked Marge, smiling.

"She’s up to one eighty and loving every minute," I replied.

"That's great Matt I am glad you two are so happy! Well I must get back to work, talk to you later."

Janet arrived a little early to her office. She wanted to get in before anyone saw her. She did not have time to buy any new outfits for her and her stretch pants and blouse were straining to contain the additional twenty pounds Janet had packed on over Christmas.

Gail came in after Janet sat down. "Good Morning Janet, how was..Oh my gosh, you gained a lot more weight! How much did you gain?"

Janet giggled patting her belly, "I gained over twenty pounds! It was the best holiday ever, my family fed Matt and I like we were prized piggy's. If we were awake, we were eating! My pants, panties, bra and blouse as so tight, I think if I move I will burst out of my clothes!"

Gail smiled at her expanding friend, she was also more than a little turned on by Janet's revelation!

"Janet, can I get you anything?" asked Gail.

"Gail, are there any donuts or pastries in the break room? I am hungry again."

Gail giggled, "Yes there are, I'll go get you some!"

Gail came back with several donuts for Janet and watched transfixed as she pounded all of them down in a matter of minutes.

Gail could barely control herself. She was confused by what she felt and the intensity of those feelings, ever since Janet had come back from Thanksgiving at her Mom's obviously much heavier than she left. Gail said, "Janet what do you want to do for lunch?"

Janet giggled absently patting her belly (which of course Gail noticed.) "Oh let's go to the buffet. Gail if you don't want to go, I know you are watching your figure, I will totally understand."

"No Janet, I want to go with you. We are nearly best friends!"

Four hours later, Gail came into Janet's office. "You ready to go?"

She asked. Janet smiled and hoisted herself out of her chair. "Yes I am starving! Can we take a cab, I will pay. I just don't want to walk any more than I have to."

"Oh sure Janet, I can understand," replied an even more turned on Gail.

Janet and Gail went downstairs (in the elevator of course). Gail was walking just behind Janet and was amazed by the view! Janet stretch pants were so tight, that not only could she see the outline of Janet's panties, but the pattern too! They quickly got a cab and got to the buffet. Janet paid for both of them over Gail's protests. Janet gorged herself, relishing in the rich, heavy comfort foods she adored and knew how fattening they were. Gail was transfixed watching Janet eat. She could hardly stop watching and ate much more herself than she had planned.

Gail had to help her engorged co-worker and friend back to the office. Janet was so stuffed both of them were afraid Janet, her clothes or both would burst!

Gail helped Janet into her office. She could hardly keep her eyes off of Janet's huge bottom and ballooning belly. When Janet sat heavily down there was a loud rip! Janet stretch pants had finally given up. Her huge bottom exploded into the chair, barely clad in overstretched pink panties. The stretch pants had been working like a girdle containing Janet expanding figure. Her belly bulged onto her thick thighs. Janet looked at Gail, who looked she was going to faint! "Gail, I am so embarrassed, I should not have eaten so much in these clothes! I am almost naked! Gail, you okay?"

Gail just blushed and stammered, "Oh sorry, I need to use the restroom right now!"

She rushed out of Janet's office.

Janet thought, "Oh darn, I hope I did not embarrass her. I think there might be another potential fatty here."
Janet dialed Matt.

"Matt, here may I help you?" I answered.

"Honey it's me. I have been a bad girl. I ate way too much at lunch and literally blew out of my pants! You need to bring me a pair of your sweat pants. I know none of mine will fit any more."

I nearly shrieked, "Awesome babe, I bet you look so hot right now! Do I need to come right now?"

Janet giggled, "No I can hang on until after five, besides, I really can't walk around the office without any pants on. Everyone clears out of here by five fifteen. Oh I am worried about Gail, I think I really grossed her out today, she was in here when my stretch pants let go. She looked like she was going to be sick and nearly ran out of my office."

I replied, "Umh that's odd, you thought earlier that she was getting into watching you overeat and gain weight. Well I will be at your office at five fifteen."

"Thanks dear," replied Janet.

She did not see Gail all afternoon and was getting concerned about her. Around five, Gail came into her office and closed the door. Janet immediately asked, "Gail are you okay. I'm so sorry if I grossed you out making a pig of myself and then bursting out of my pants."

Gail blushed, "No Janet I am the one who needs to apologize. I'm so sorry I bolted out of here this afternoon. I was so embarrassed by my reaction to your predicament. I had get some air and use the restroom."

Just then I waddled to the office door and knocked. "Janet it's me. I have some sweat pants for you honey."

Gail opened the door, she nearly passed out she was so turned on. She had not seen me since I started to gain serious weight to please Carol. Janet had told her that I had become obese, but she could not imagine my size.

All poor Gail could do was to stammered, "Oh Matt, it's really you, oh my god you are huge, I mean, you look great, no awesome, Oh I'm sorry."

I laughed my huge belly shaking. "Thanks Gail, don't apologize, I love being fat! Thank you for the complement, too!"

Janet asked, "Gail could you help me change. I don't think I can bend over to get the sweat pants on."

Gail blushed, but replied, "Oh certainly Janet, I can help you."

Janet stood up her shredded stretch pants clinging to her body and straining bikini panties.

"Oh Janet, you look awesome!" I said. Gail was either super nervous or super turned on, she was shaking.

Both of the girls brushed by me, I am so fat that I could not get out of the way in Janet's office. Janet giggled, Gail just looked wide eyed at me, stammering "Excuse me Matt, I'm sorry."

I just replied, "No Gail I'm sorry, I'm too fat to get out of the way!"

Gail followed Janet waddling down the hallway nearly naked, transfixed by Janet's huge bottom bouncing and jiggling in her tight panties and ruined stretch pants. Once in the rest room Janet asked, "Gail are you okay? I'm afraid I am grossing you out eating so much in front of you, and now bursting out of my clothes. “

Gail started to cry, "Oh Janet no, no you are not grossing me out! I,I can't keep my eyes off of your body! I had never liked "girls" before always guys, but you and Matt getting so fat. It is driving me crazy!"

"Oh Gail, I'm sorry I have put you in the situation. I never thought my eating and gaining weight would be so upsetting to you. I can get Matt to help me dress, if that bothers you?"

"Janet I will help you." replied Gail. She pulled down what was left of the stretch pants and put them in the trash. She knelt down and held the sweat pants so Janet could get her leg and then the other in and pulled them up around Janet's thick round thighs and huge bottom.

"Gail, I think we need to talk," said Janet.

Gail replied, "Not tonight Janet I am so confused right now. I need to think about what I want and how I feel about my body."

"That's sounds like a good idea to me, Gail. Matt and I have some websites that we go to they are very supportive of gaining weight, to the point of encouraging it. I will email you a list when I get home. Not that I want you to get fat with me, but you need a different perspective than what in preached in the popular media, that skinny is the only way to be!" said Janet.

Gail and Janet hugged, leaving the rest room. Gail followed Janet back to her office, trying not to stare and Janet huge bottom bouncing up and down in the tight sweat pants.

I struggled to my feet from the tight chair in Janet's office.

"Honey are you ready to go home?" I asked.

Janet replied, "Yes dear I am."

Janet got her things together. I said good night to Gail who still was a bit shaky.

We got home a little while later and I put a couple of five pound lasagna dinners in the oven for us. Janet changed into panties and a teddy cover up and I did the same into briefs and a t-shirt.

As we were eating, I asked, "Is Gail ok."

Janet giggled wiped her mouth with a napkin, "Yes she's fine. She is confused though."

"Oh how so, honey?" I asked.

"She can't understand why she is getting turned on watching me eat so much and gain weight. So I sent here some links to our favorite websites. To help her decide what she wants to do and how she feels about her body and present weight." explained Janet.

I said, "I noticed she has put on some weight, not a lot but enough to be noticed."

Janet giggled, "Of course you would notice, you chubby chaser, you!"

With that she poked my huge belly.

The next several weeks just seemed to fly by. Janet and I were still eating everything in sight and getting bigger by the day!

Janet was doing well a work. Gail seemed to have calmed down and accepted what she was feeling. Janet, just like me, was very sedentary at work. She usually stayed in her office all day, except for lunch, which Gail joined her most the time. She just did bathroom breaks and occasional meeting. Though several people were curious about her increasing weight, most chalked it up to pre-wedding jitters.

I, with the continued support of Marge, who was fascinated by my deliberately gaining weight and getting morbidly obese was not having any of the issues that Gail was. She brought me goodies and leftovers from meetings but never hung around to watch me eat them.

The company did notice my sedentary ways, which led to a huge increase in my productivity. There were some "suits" that thought my obesity was disgusting, most just shrugged it off, thinking I was just letting myself go, since I was engaged.

One incident proved my worth far beyond just my increased productivity. The company had landed a new account for our software and other services but it was not going well getting them set up. As it turned out it was a chain of both men's and women's big and tall stores. Most of their management team looked like me. Our young, mostly trim and fit sales team was having a hard time relating to them.

A meeting was scheduled and I was asked by my boss to join them. I am an "inside" guy, not a marketing type so I was surprised, especially since the VP of marketing was one of my most ardent critics of my new weight and size.

I waddled down to the meeting room and maneuvered through door hearing a couple of giggles from some of the skinny little marketing girls. I found a chair that I could fit in and most likely not break either.

A few minutes later the president of the big and tall chain showed up. He and his two assistants were all at least as big as me if not bigger. He waddled in, same issue with the doorway and looked right at me, "Finally, you have someone we can work with!"

Well that made me the hero. We got along great, we settled all the issues and they signed a long term and very lucrative contract with us. He insisted that we all go to lunch. It was great. We both, and his assistants too, gorged ourselves on huge entrees at his favorite restaurant.

Not only did I totally enjoy stuffing myself, but watching the skinny little marketing girls have to eat to be polite was an added bonus! The lunch lasted two hours, the four of us could barely get up from the table we ate so much. The girls, I noticed were all showing bloated bellies. Two of them, Taylor and Morgan, had to un-snap their skirts. I loved it but was not immediately aware of what transpired afterwards. That would come months later.

The next day I was promoted to vice president! I asked that Marge be assigned to my department and management agreed.

It was now nearing the wedding date. I now weighed three hundred and eighteen pounds. My waist was almost seventy inches, Janet and I loved it!

Janet now weighed two hundred and seven pounds, she was all belly and bottom. She jiggled like a bowl of jello. She fit into the wedding dress perfectly.

Janet asked Gail to be her maid of honor a month before the wedding. Gail was thrilled. Janet asked, "So are you okay with Matt's and my weight and your own feelings?"

Gail giggled and closed Janet's office door. She said, smiling, "Since I have seen you in your panties, you should see me!"

Gail lifted up her loose fitting dress revealing tight lacy bikini panties and a nice round bloated tummy! Gail patted her modest pouch giggling, "I loved all of your websites. I never knew there were so many people who are like you and Matt. I started chatting on the forums and I met someone who lives close by. He has been very supportive of my decision to gain weight!"

"Oh Gail are you sure? You have a really cute figure, I don't want to ruin it because of Matt and I." Janet said sincerely.

"Janet, I made my own decision, you showed me something that I really wanted, not to have to worry about my weight, you only reinforced what I had been longing for. Now that I am going to be your bridesmaid, it gives me an excellent reason to really start putting on weight and get this tummy of mind nice and round!"

"What do you mean Gail? We don't have any size issues with a bridesmaid dress." asked Janet.

Gail giggled again, "Not that silly, I knew that. I don't want to be up front standing next to you, all nice, round and fat, looking like a skinny ninny!"

Janet's turn to cry. "Oh Gail you are the best!"

Janet giggled now, poked Gail's little tummy bulge, "I need to help you with your eating and weight now!"

Gail and Janet were now regulars at the buffet. Under Janet's tutelage Gail was gaining weight and getting a nice pot belly. They picked out a bridesmaid dress that accentuated Gail growing pot belly.

Finally wedding day arrived. Janet and I were now over a quarter ton of round fat fun! Carol was crying the entire weekend of the wedding she was so happy. Gail came up to stay for a few days before the wedding. Janet and her sisters-in-law fed her relentlessly.

When the music started a beaming and now very plump Gail waddled down the aisle. It seemed I took up most of the front of the church I was so huge. We had to order a specially made tuxedo for me.

Janet was a sight! She really was now all belly and bottom which made her look as round as she was tall, which was nearly true. (It would soon be!) It had taken Gail and Janet's sister to get her into the dress. Janet stood in her white lacy panties and camisole as her sisters and Gail fussed over her. Gail pranced around in panties and bra showing off her growing belly and bottom to Janet's heavy sister's and Carol. They all complimented her and her growing body.

After gaining more weight with Janet's encouragement and feedings, Gail gained (pun intended) the courage to meet her online friend. He was a pretty fat too. He loved Gail's gaining body and she brought him to the wedding.

The ceremony was short and sweet. Since neither, Janet or I were in any shape to stand for very long, it was planned that way. The reception was another matter!

It was planned to be an eight hour feast! Most of the guests were friends and family from the area, which meant pretty much everyone who was in attendance was also fat! We had an endless buffet, the wedding party moved from table to table usually eating at least one plate of food at each table and there were dozens of tables!

By midnight, Janet and I were totally engorged. Our clothes were painfully tight and we felt like we would burst! It did not help that her family's tradition that the bride and groom virtually eat the whole wedding cake if it was not finished by the guests.

Janet, Gail, her boyfriend and I were all slouched in chairs rubbing our distended bellies. Janet's dress was barely containing her. Gail was so bloated, her tummy bulge was lifting up her dress! Her boyfriend was enjoying the view, no doubt thinking what the future will bring!

One Month Later:

Janet too got promoted at her company, her productivity was outstanding. She and Gail, her now fat little butter ball assistant. were constant lunch companions. Gail and her squeeze spent the weekends restaurant hopping enjoying lots of rich food and plenty of it.

I now weighed three hundred and thirty pounds. I finally was bigger around than I was tall. The company gave me a scooter to move around the office. People were tired of waiting for me to waddle down to meetings etc.

Home life was fantastic. Janet and I made enough money to afford a nice home and even our own cook and maid. Janet weighed two hundred and twenty pounds. She still is all belly and bottom. She loves to waddle around the house in just briefs and t-shirts showing off her awesome belly as it jiggles with every move.

To Carol and the rest of Janet's family we are the favorites. We love to go up to Carol's, we get pampered and flattered the whole time we are there.

Janet and I, and for that matter Gail, do not regret gaining weight and becoming obese for a minute!

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Default Chapter Five

Chapter Five – Taylor’s Turn

I’ve mentioned our getting the big and tall contract and the girls from marketing , Taylor and Morgan, that participated in the banquet who ate so much in their snug pants that they had to unsnap their skirts. I loved it, but had no idea then of what occurred afterwards.

When Taylor and Morgan finally got back from lunch they plopped themselves in the chairs and both quickly un-zipped their painfully tight skirts and began gossiping.

"Oh did you see how much Matt ate?" Morgan nearly shrieked. "He's so fat! I still can't believe his fiancé and future mother in law made him get so fat. He is disgusting!"

Taylor disagreed with her. "I don't think he is disgusting, Morgan, he is really fat, but he is not a slob like most fat guys. Besides, It is really sweet he would do something that profound for his fiancé."

"Whatever" replied Morgan.

Taylor discretely adjusted the waist band of her skirt, she didn't mean to eat so much at lunch, but the way Matt and the new clients gorged themselves it kind of turned her on. She and Morgan worked the rest of the day with their skirts un-zipped. Fortunately no one came into the cube they shared.

When five o'clock finally came, Morgan zipped herself up and headed for home, "Taylor I'm not going to eat for another week!"

Taylor replied, "Yeah, me too, see you tomorrow, Morgan."

Taylor closed her skirt, the zipper was really tight.

She opened the door to the apartment she shared with her boyfriend, Adam. "Hey honey I'm home!"

"Hey babe, how was your day?" Adam answered.

"It went pretty well, I got assigned to a new client with Matt from the software engineering dept. We took the clients out to lunch; man can those guys eat! I ate too much too."

Adam replied, "Oh I hope you did not eat too much, babe, remember we have a reservation at Delmonico's tonight."

Taylor thought, "Drat I forgot all about that. Adam has really been looking forward to eating there too. Well I have no choice, but to go and be a good sport and hope I don't explode from over eating today."

Aloud she said "Adam, don't worry I did not eat that much, I will be fine, let me change and we can get going."

Taylor went into the bedroom and stripped off today's outfit. She looked in the mirror and was startled by how much her belly was sticking out. She patted it, "I am going to have to work out extra this week. I look "preggers" with this belly sticking out."

She quickly showered and dried her hair. She found Adam's favorite "little black dress" and pulled on lacy, black panties and matching bra. There was a slight lift to the dress right under her boobs from her still bloated belly.

When Taylor came out of the bedroom, Adam notice the "new" bulge under her boobs, but wisely chose not to say anything. Adams thought, "Darn, Taylor must have really stuffed herself today, she has some serious "tummy bulge", and it looks hot!"

Adams exclaimed, "Taylor, wow, you look so hot in that dress!"

Taylor blushed at the compliment, thinking, "I hope he doesn't notice how bloated I still am."

"Oh thanks, Adam, I have had this dress forever," she replied.

They arrived at the restaurant and were quickly seated at an excellent table. Soon a waiter was there, Adam ordered a bottle of wine, which quickly arrive accompanied by a basket of fresh bread stick, olive oil and rich butter. Taylor absently started sipping wine, and nibbling on the bread. Her stretched out stomach was ready to be refilled.

The waiter came back and they ordered. Adams got a linguine with alfredo sauce, but Taylor ordered the combination platter. Not even thinking about how much food that was. Adam was startled, but did not say anything.

The dishes arrived and they both started to eat. Taylor was pounding her rich, huge meal, not even thinking how much food it was. Adams ordered another bottle of wine and poured Taylor another glass. Twenty minutes later, an engorged Taylor slouched back in her chair, showing her bulging belly sticking up in the air. "Oh Adam, God I have made a pig of myself! I am so stuffed right now, I think I might burst!"

"Hey babe, it's okay, you will be fine." Adam paid the bill and a generous tip. He then helped his engorged girlfriend to her wobbly feet, get a nice panty shot, as Taylor dress rode up on her bloated belly. They took a cab home and Adam got a bloated and a little drunk Taylor to their apartment. He helped her undress and use the bathroom and got her into bed. Taylor fell asleep immediately.

Taylor woke up and the usual time. Surprisingly she did not feel hung over at all. She swung her leg to floor and stood up. She looked down at her still bloated belly and thought, "Oh crap, I am getting fat! No breakfast today. I hope I can find something to wear so no one will notice my belly sticking out."

She plodded into the bathroom and took a shower, drying off, she looked in the mirror and was startled by the how big her belly appeared. Adam came in the wrapped his hands around her, "Hey babe, did you have a nice time last night? Wasn't the food great?"

Taylor felt Adams hands on her belly and patted them, she giggled, "As you can no doubt feel, I had a great time last night and yes, the food was great."

Taylor dressed she was starving, but she had had so much to eat yesterday and last night, she was determined to skip breakfast.

"Adam, bye honey, I am off to work!" called Taylor as she headed out the door.

On the way in sitting on the subway, she could feel her panties cutting into her waist and bottom cheeks. "Man, I really have to watch my appetite or I am going to gain weight."

A more accurate thought would have been to say more weight.

When Taylor got to the office, her boss, Dave, the VP of Marketing wanted to see her and Morgan.

"Good Morning ladies please sit down." said Dave. Morgan and Taylor sat down. "Ladies, I need one of you to work on the new "Big and Tall" account coordinating with the techies and the customer."

Morgan blurted out, "Oh no, not that huge fat guy Matt. He grosses me out!" she whined.

Taylor sighed and thought to herself, "Matt really is a nice guy, I bet he would be much nicer to work for than Dave, who can be a real jerk."

Taylor spoke up "Dave, I will volunteer, I won't mind working for Matt at all, and I have already met the customer's team too."

You could see the relief in Dave's face when Taylor volunteered. "Taylor, hey, thanks, that's great, are you sure you are okay with this assignment?"

"Yes Dave, I am perfectly fine," replied Taylor.

"Taylor, Matt is having a staff meeting at ten in the small conference room near his office, he doesn't like to walk very far," snickered Dave, causing bitchy Morgan to giggle.

"I'll be there!" said Taylor as she and Morgan left Dave's office.

"Oh Taylor thank you so much for volunteering to work with that Matt guy, he really grosses me out!" whined Morgan, again.

"Morgan, it's okay, I really don't mind at all. I got along pretty well with him and his team too. I think we have totally different reactions to him," stated Taylor firmly, annoyed at her friend’s attitude.

Taylor went to her cube. Her stomach was growling from not eating anything. She hoped that Morgan would not hear it, as she was sure she would make a snide comment. Taylor left for her first staff meeting with Matt and his team.

She walked in. I was already seated at the end of the table. I no doubt appeared really huge, my belly pressed up against the table. There was a large platter of donuts on the table and fresh coffee, tea and hot chocolate on the counter. Taylor got a cup of coffee, tasted it, it was pretty strong so she put both cream and sugar in.

I looked up as Taylor sat down. "Taylor, I am so glad you were assigned to work with our group! I was afraid Dave might assign Morgan and I know she would not be happy working with me. Oh Taylor please have a donut or two we have plenty."

Taylor's stomach growled as she smelled the fresh donuts, they were still warm from the bakery that I ordered them from. (She soon would realize that I had my secretary pick them up every day! It heped set the cultural norm for our department.) She knew she shouldn't but they smelled so good!

"Thank you Matt, I think I will have a donut." She used the tongs and set a donut on her plate she brought over from the counter.

Soon the rest of the staff came in. They were all really nice and greeted Taylor warmly. I wouild later learn that Taylor was thinking, "This is really going to be a much better situation than Marketing, everyone here is so nice. No back stabbing here."

The meeting started with several people giving updates etc. No one was shy about having some of the donuts. Taylor did not realize it but she pounded down four without really thinking about it. Taylor felt her panties getting a little tighter.

When the meeting broke up, by now Taylor had absently eaten six donuts.
I said, "Taylor, why don't we meet over lunch. You also need to get your things out of your cube in Marketing; we have an office for you down here."

"Oh an office, thank you Matt, that is great." She replied, she also knew that my meeting over lunch was a statement and not a request. I neded to acclimate her to the team.

Taylor went and got her stuff out of her cube. Not much, some pictures etc. She was glad the Morgan wasn't in. She did not want to get any more snide remarks about working with the "fat guy". Taylor also did not want Morgan to see how tight her skirt felt. She could feel how tight the waist band was.

Taylor sat at her desk and called Adam. "Adam hi it's me Taylor."

"Hey hi, babe what's up?" asked Adam.

"I got my own office! It's not really big, but it does have a window and a view of 15th Street," she announced.

"Taylor, that's great babe, we will go out tonight to celebrate!" replied a genuinely pleased Adam.

"Sound's great Adam, I looking forward to it! I have to run, I am having lunch with Matt in a few minutes. See you tonight!" Taylor said as she hung up.

Taylor used the rest room, while pulling her panties and skirt up she could feel how bloated her belly was with the six donuts she pounded. She patted her tummy, and thought, "I have to be really careful at lunch, especially if I am going out to dinner tonight too."

Taylor and I took a cab to my favorite restaurant. He insisted on ordering, not really pushy but very gentlemanly. Of course the entrees arrived and they were huge. But I knew Taylor did not want to be rude. We ate and talked and ate and talked. She relaxed more and more as we discussed the account and my plans and her thoughts. We kerpt it professional and I felt she knew I appreciated her opinions, rare in Marketing.

By the end of lunch Taylor was so stuffed she was worried about being able to get up! I hoisted myself up and went to pull back Taylor's chair. Taylor gingerly stood, glad the zipper on her skit did not let go.

"Thank you Matt," she said with genuine appreciation. We went out and got a cab back to the office.

Taylor got to her office and plopped into her chair. She un-zipped her skirt and let her painfully bloated belly bulge out. Taylor worked the rest of the afternoon with her skirt un-zipped and her belly bloated. She rubbed it as she digested the huge lunch. She really appreciated having a private office now, not having to hide her engorged belly from annoying Morgan was a huge plus.

Later Taylor got home to Adam.

"Where do you want to go out tonight?" he asked He noticed the bulge of Taylor waist, but knew not to say anything.

"You choose, honey, I need to change, though so decide quickly!" She replied.

Adam thought, "I really want to see her belly grow even bigger. I know that new Italian place!"

"Taylor let's go to the new Italian place over on Eighth. I have heard it is pretty good."

"Adam that sounds fine, let me change and we can leave right away, I am really hungry!" she said knowing it wasn’t really that true, but Italian titillated her taste buds.

Taylor let her tight skirt fall to the floor. She looked in the mirror in just panties and a bra, noticing now a distinct bulge around her waist and her panties were cutting into her bottom cheeks. Taylor ran her hands over her body and thought, "I really am gaining weight, I need to talk to Adam about my weight and my career."

She pulled out a short cocktail dress, black of course. She changed into lingerie that matched the dress feeling how snug it felt.

"Adam, I am ready, let's go." called Taylor.

"Wow, Taylor you look so hot! That dress looks awesome on you!" He exclaimed.

"Thanks Honey, it feels a little small to me. Are you sure it looks okay?" she queried.

Adam knew to keep his mouth shut, the hem of the dress was lifting up both in front and back, giving an incredible view of Taylor's thighs, and nearly a peek of panty.

Taylor and Adam took a cab to the restaurant. Walking in Taylor could feel a draft up her dress. She thought, "Goodness, I hope I am not flashing in this dress, it feels really short on me."

Taylor and Adam were soon seated. Taylor started to look over the menu, it was a little pricey, but not really too expensive for the city. She looked over several dishes before deciding on a combination platter. Adam asked, "Honey order whatever you want tonight, my treat!"

Taylor smiled, "Thanks Honey, that is really generous of you. I am going to have that combination platter on the third page, under "Pastas"
"Oh that does look good, but I am going to have the chicken parmesan," replied Adam.

The waitress arrived and took their orders, "Miss that combination platter is quite large, are you sure you would like that?"

Taylor smiled, absently running her hand over her growing and now growling belly, "Oh yes I am sure."

Adam ordered a bottle of wine.

The entrees arrived, the combination platter, combined with, the wine, a stretched out stomach and in general a good mood, Taylor gorged herself! Adam could only watch in awe as Taylor shoveled the rich pastas into her mouth; she drank glass after glass of wine too.

The waitress came over and was surprised that Taylor at literally cleaned her plate. Taylor sat back in the chair, not quite slouching, but clearly very full. She was blushing and her breathing was a bit short.

"Would you like desert tonight?" she asked, thinking the answer would be no, seeing how obviously stuffed Taylor was.

Taylor smiled, running her hand over her engorged belly, "Please, the cheese cake with caramel sauce and a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, please."

Startled, she replied "Yes miss, I will get them right away!"

She went off to get Taylor's order.

Taylor looked over at Adam. "Honey I hope you don't mind me being so forward and ordering dessert, it looked so good earlier, I hope I can eat it all, though."

"Hey babe, no problem, it's your night, we are celebrating your promotion and new office!" Adam said, pleased at her new found enjoyment of food

The cheese cake and coffee arrived and much to Adam and the waitress's surprise, Taylor pounded down the rich, heavy dessert. Taylor sat back in her chair her hands were on her belly. "Oh Adam thank you so much, this was a fantastic night! I had a great time, dear!"

Adam, staring at Taylor bulging belly, "I am so glad you had a good time honey. Ready to go?"

Taylor burped, "Oh excuse me Adam I am so full. Can you help me up, please?"

Adam took Taylor's hands in his and leaned back to help Taylor up. He was startled at how much effort it took to get her to her feet. Her dress rode up on her belly and bottom and Adam smoothed it down as much as he could, getting turned on in the process. She stood a little wobbly. "Taylor are you okay babe?"

"Oh I am fine, honey, just really, really full, I should not have had so much to eat!" Adams helped Taylor out, they got a cab and went home.

Adams opened the door and helped his engorged girlfriend inside. "BURP, Oh excuse honey. Adam can you help me get ready for bed?"

Adam replied , "Sure Taylor"

He was getting excited thinking of being able to fondle Taylor's now greatly enhanced assets. Adam dutifully followed a waddling Taylor into their bedroom and helped pull off her dress, revealing Taylor's now nearly distended belly bulging over her bikini panty. Adam gave Taylor's belly an affectionate pat.

Taylor giggled, "Oh Adam do you like my belly getting bigger?"

Adam wrapped his hands around Taylor and pulled her bloated belly into him. He kissed her hard on the lips and let her stand back. Taylor flushed and breathing hard, "I'll take that as a yes!"

Adam and Taylor fell back on the bed and had the best love making of their relationship.

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Default Chapter Six

Chapter Six – Adam makes a commitment

On Saturday morning a few days later, Taylor was lying in bed on her side. She had her head propped up on arm with her elbow out. Her plumper boobs sticking out and her now expanding belly splayed out on the bed. "Adam honey, are you awake?"

Adam rolled over getting a great view of his girlfriend, "Yes honey I'm awake. What's up?"

"Adam, I am really gaining weight! I have gained nearly seven pounds this week! I'm really concerned about how much more weight I may gain. It seems my team eats all the time and I cannot seem to be able to control my appetite. When I am with them in meetings and especially when we go out for lunch and dinner I eat as much as anyone else. I have not had any time to work out, and I don't think that is going to change. I am thinking about either asking to be reassigned or resigning."

Taylor was crying now. Adam kissed her. "Hey babe, you need to decide what you want more or maybe what you may be willing to sacrifice. I think that Matt knows you are perfect for this assignment, you could get a huge promotion if this account pans out the way the company wants, and I am sure the way Matt wants it to, you would be set."

"Adam, I know that is true and I really, really want the opportunity to succeed too. But I am worried about how much weight I am gaining."

Adam sighed, "Taylor isn't everyone on the team overweight or obese?'

Taylor answered, "Yes, everyone is. I am probably the slimmest of everyone."

Adam said, "Your account is a "big and tall" clothing and lifestyle company."

"That's right Adam."

"Well Taylor, duh, that everyone on the team is heavy, all of the clients' team members are heavy too. You are serving heavy and large people. It is only natural for your team to be made up of overweight and obese people. To be successful on this team, with this client, you have to decide which do you want. The company dropped a huge opportunity in your lap. If you want to be re-assigned, they may not give you another chance. You have to decide what you want to sacrifice, your figure or your career!"

Taylor still crying, "Adam, if I got really fat, would you still love me and want to be with me?"

"Of course I would Taylor, I love you, no matter how thin or how fat you are!"

Adam and Taylor made love that morning. Adams loved the feel of Taylor's softening belly pressing down on him. The fact was that he loved to sink his hands into her softer and fuller bottom cheeks.

The next time Taylor went to lunch with me she shared this conversation and I was really pleased.

* * * * * *

Taylor sat on the edge of their bed. It had been nearly a month since she had confided in Adam about her career and her concerns about her weight. She looked down at her belly, resting on her plumper thighs, she had gained twelve more pounds in the past weeks. She could barely fit into only a few of her clothes, and those had been her "fat" clothes.

She stood up, not without some effort and walked to the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. She was getting used to the feel of her belly, bottom and thighs jiggling and her thighs rubbing together. She showered rubbing her growing belly with soap, started to feel a little aroused. She scolded herself, she had to get going.

Dressing, she struggled "dancing" to pull her bikini panties up over her plump thighs and then over her round bottom cheeks. Running her hand over her bottom cheeks she felt the leg openings cutting into to her plump bottom. She thought to herself, "Goodness, I really need to get some new lingerie, I am bursting out of these!"

She fastened her bra, feeling the growing roll of fat under her arms, created by the strap. She hefted her now rounder and plumper boobs in her tight bra. She thought, "Adam really likes these!"

Smiling to herself Taylor pulled on a t-shirt and padded into the kitchen. She fixed herself a large omelet, two English muffins with peanut butter and honey, coffee with cream and sugar and a glass of whole milk. She pounded that down, patting her bulging belly and went to finish dressing.

Taylor pulled her skirt up and struggled to zip it and button the waist band. She noticed her belly and boobs straining the buttons of her blouse, thinking, "This is the last day for this outfit."

She looked in mirror, noticing how tight the skirt hugged her bottom cheeks to the point of showing the seams on her panties. She gave her bottom a slap, thinking, "I hope putting on all this weight is worth it."

Taylor arrived at the office and got ready for the morning meeting with the team and myself.. She was now used to eating several donuts every morning, as well as several cups of heavily sugared and creamed coffee. The team gathered in the conference room, I waddled in, as big as ever and lowered myself into my extra wide chair.

I looked around and smiled at everyone, "Good morning, I just heard from our client that their CEO wants to come for a follow up visit next week. I will need Joe, Mike, Janie and Taylor to keep your calenders clear to be able to meet with him and his team anytime; this will include the possibilities of lunches and dinners."

They nodded their understanding. Matt went over yesterday's events and plans and projects for the day.

When the meeting broke up, I asked, "Taylor may I have a word with you?"

"Oh centainly Matt." Taylor sat down carefully, she had had five donuts (the new intern had scarfed six) and did not want her tight skirt to rip.

"Taylor, I hope that working with this team is going well for you, both professionally and at home. I am aware that all of us have weight issues, I hope that is not causing any problems for you at home." I was fishing for a followup on what she'd shared a month earlier. Janet and I had discussed her situation and felt she deserved a surprise.

Taylor smiled, "I appreciate your concern Matt. I have gained over twenty pounds, which, I knew I would if I stayed with the team. My boyfriend, has been super supportive for me and to tell you the truth, I think he really likes my added pounds and curves. I do need to get some new clothes very soon though, I have "out grown" most of my current clothes."

I chuckled, patting my huge belly, "I can certainly relate to that. I do have something for you, though."

I handed Taylor a gift card from their client's women's stores. Taylor smiled, "Matt do you think I have gotten so big I need to shop here?"

I blushed, "Oh certainly not, Taylor. They are bringing out a line for "curvy" women, not just the triple X sizes they have been specializing in."

She grinned. "Oh Matt, I was just kidding, thank you this is very thoughtful of you."

On the way home Taylor stopped by one of the stores. She was surprised by the selection of larger sizes and how cute and sexy the selection was. An attractive heavier woman approached her, "May I help you miss?"

Taylor smiled, trying to hide her blouse with its straining buttons, "Yes, please, I need to get some new things, I'm afraid I have put on some weight recently."

Taylor absently patted her round belly. The sales lady smiled, "Well miss I can help you, and you have a lovely figure."

They went from rack to rack, selecting things for Taylor to try on. Several skirts, some dresses, new lingerie of course, plus some "growing into" clothes, (stretch pants, elastic waist band slacks). The sales lady was very good everything she picked out for Taylor fit very well.

She rang up Taylor's purchases; both she and Taylor were surprised that the gift card was for a thousand dollars! Taylor smiled, "I work for the software firm that designs and implements your "point of sale" and warehousing software."

"Well that explains the large amount. These high amounts usually come from corporate for executives of our vendors and our own executives."

Taylor got home and hauled in her purchases. "Adam I'm home, I finally got some new clothes today."

"Hi, babe, how are you? How was your day?"

"It was pretty good, Matt asked about my "home" life, I think he is worried about my weight gain. He gave me a gift card for our client's stores; it was for a thousand dollars! Come and see what I got."

Adam came into the foyer of their apartment. He had been worried that Taylor had not bought any new clothes; he thought that she might be planning on going on a diet to lose weight. "Let's see honey, what did you get?"

Taylor began pulling out skirts and blouses to show Adam, she got to the lingerie, and Adams suggested, "I think you should model some of your new things babe."

Taylor gave Adam a sly smile, "That sounds like a good idea, help me carry these bags into the bedroom." Adam dutifully carried the bags, noticing that the sizes were now fifteen and sixteen's.

Taylor stripped off her tight skirt and blouse, tossing them onto the bed.
She pulled off the tight panties and bra and pulled on some new ones. She spun around in front of Adam, "So what do you think?"

"Whoa, Taylor you are so hot honey, you look awesome!" stammered Adam.

Taylor ran her hands over her belly and bottom cheeks, she gave Adam a sly smile, "I think we better order out, say a pizza or Chinese, I am really hungry, Adam."

Adam ordered a couple of pizzas and Chinese! "Oh Adam, great idea, dear, both, so I don't have to decide I can eat both tonight!"

Taylor did not bother to get dressed. Adam got out some wine and they sat on the couch. Taylor laid into the pizza, eating three slices, then a whole carton of "Kung Po" chicken, then another slice of pizza, a carton of "Sweet and Sour" pork. She drank down three glasses of wine.

Taylor slouched back on the coach, her belly bulging up in the air. She had her hand resting on her belly, and burped, "BURP, Oh excuse me Honey, god I made such a pig of myself, but Adam I have to tell you, it feels so good to just eat and eat."

Adams leaned over and gave Taylor a kiss and patted her engorged belly. "Taylor you are so hot when you are eating! I love to watch you."
Taylor giggled, "Adam I suspected that you were enjoying watching me gain weight and get fat. You never said a word, when I came home from the office, with my skirt un-zipped because I was so stuffed!"

"You are right babe, I love seeing you bloated and full. I have enjoyed watching your lingerie getting tighter and tighter, straining to contain your awesome new belly and your bottom cheeks."

Taylor patted her engorged belly, "Adam help me finish off the pizza! I want to be sure my belly and cheeks keep getting bigger for you!"

Adam fed the last four slices of pizza to Taylor, gleefully watching her belly rise with each bite.

After another awesome love making session, which resulted every time Taylor got stuffed, the couple went to sleep.

Taylor arrived at the office at the regular time. She went down to the conference room for the daily staff meeting. Taylor was the first one there after myself.

"Good morning Matt." she said as she came in.

"Oh good morning Taylor" I replied. "Say, is that a new outfit you have on this morning?"

Taylor smiled, "Yes Matt it is. I got it at our clients "Ample" store over on Seventeenth. I really like the way it fits and so does Adam."

"That's great Taylor, I am glad you are comfortable working in our group."

Taylor, not worried any longer about ripping zippers and popping buttons in her new clothes ate six donuts and three latte's during the meeting. She, Matt and another member went out to lunch and Taylor thoroughly enjoyed herself.

A few weeks later, Taylor had to go up to the marketing department for a meeting with her old boss Dave. She knew he would comment on her weight gain, which now was nearing forty five pounds. Taylor had been getting comments at her apartment building asking when her baby would be due! Secretly Taylor loved the questions!

Dave was seated at the end of the table, "more room for his ego" thought Taylor. Sitting next to Dave was snitty little Morgan, looking even skinnier than when she worked with Taylor. Taylor pushed back a chair far enough to get her belly and now, very round bottom into it. She heard Morgan snicker. Dave just gave a condescending look.

Taylor gave her report and listened to the others reports being given. She hated being up in marketing, not because of her new weight, but that they never had anything to eat during meetings.

When the meeting broke up, Dave asked, "Taylor are you expecting?"

Taylor patted her belly, "Oh no Dave, I just have been gaining a little weight. But thank you for asking."

She turned and walked (waddled) away. She heard Morgan snicker, "Her ass is huge!"

Taylor was so happy that she did not work in marketing any more, she went to my office, "Matt do you have a minute?"

"Sure Taylor, please come in. What's up?" I replied.

"Matt, I want to thank you for asking for me to come and work with your team. I just had the quarterly marketing conference with Dave. I can't tell you enough how glad I am not working for that jerk anymore!" she declared.

"Taylor I am very, very pleased with your performance with us and our clients are very happy too. I have put you in for a promotion, you have done such a good job. Our clients really appreciate your empathy for them and their product line too," he announced.

Taylor giggled and patted her belly, making it jiggle, "I have really enjoyed empathizing with them too!"

That weekend, after a two day eating/stuffing/binge, Adam proposed to Taylor. She was thrilled and kidded him, "Adam, I was wondering how fat I had to get for you to propose to me!"

He smiled. "Taylor, I wanted you after that first luncheon you went to with Matt. You looked so hot with you belly full and bulging, but I got a little greedy!"

Taylor and Adam got married later that summer. Taylor slowed her gaining, but did not stop, she enjoyed overeating too much to ever totally slow down. Adam began putting on weight, at Taylor's insistence, she really liked how sexy I looked weighing over three hundred pounds. But she promised Adam he would not have to get that big.

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Default Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven – Morgan’s dilemma

Six months later, the company was rocked with a scandal. Dave, the marketing creeper had an affair with skinny little Morgan and got her pregnant. Dave was dismissed by the board, but Morgan was allowed to stay on because it was felt she had been pressured. She was transferred to our department as she was a pariah in Marketing department now. Taylor, since she knew Morgan the best, agreed (with my blessing) she could work with her.

Taylor brought Morgan to all of the staff meetings and insisted that Morgan accompany her and I to our nearly daily luncheon meeting. Taylor wanted to teach the formerly snitty little Morgan a lesson.

I was amused as Morgan initially tried to resist the donuts, pastries and latte's served during the staff meeting, but by the start of her third trimester and her belly becoming more pronounced she started to indulge. Of course she was encouraged to by Taylor nearly constantly. "Oh Morgan try one of these, they are my favorites” or :one isn't enough her have another one."

The luncheons were Taylor's favorite time to get Morgan to over indulge. She would insist that Morgan have the same, huge, rich entre that Matt and Taylor routinely treated themselves to. Taylor or Matt always paid so Morgan really did not have a reason to deny herself the large entrées either. Taylor also worked the "eating for two" excuse on Morgan too.

Morgan began piling on the pounds, gaining twenty pounds in ten weeks. Her belly ballooned out in front of her, her rear end got rounder, wider and fuller with the rich food she was pounding down. She also became, a much nicer person. When she initially had started to complain about something, Taylor would find a way to get to eat. Soon Morgan was just nibbling away and quite happy to do so.

By the end of Morgan's third trimester, she had gained over fifty pounds from her iitial weight.. Her belly was huge and so was her huge wide ass. She came into Taylor's office only a day before she delivered.

"Good morning Taylor" she said in a much more demure manner.

"Good Morning Morgan, oh don't you look cute in that outfit!" complimented Taylor.

Morgan giggled, "Yeah if I don't burst out of it after eating donuts this morning!"

"What can I do for you Morgan, I am sure you did not come in, just to show me your outfit," Taylor remarked.

Morgan patted her growing belly, "No Taylor, that's not it. I wanted to thank you for allowing me to work in this department with you and Matt. I knew I could not continue in marketing after what happened. I really appreciate how you made me a part of the team too."

I thought Taylor was feeling a little guilty (just a little). "Morgan I am so glad it worked out as well as it did for you. I have appreciated having you work here too. You must be due any day now aren't you?"

Morgan giggled and patted her belly. "Any minute really, I can't believe how big I am and how much I enjoy being this big, too!"

Taylor was surprised. "Morgan, you like being so, ah, large with child?"

Morgan started letting her feelings tumble out. "Oh Taylor, not just large with child or preggers, but I really like being this big period! I starved myself to be skinny for Dave and I really resented it. That is why I made that snide remark about how big your ass was, in that last marketing meeting. I guessed when I first transferred that you wanted to teach me a lesson for being so inconsiderate of you, but the more I ate, the more I enjoyed it and gaining weight too!"

Taylor got tears in her eyes as did Morgan, they hugged, their bellies bumping together, causing both of them to giggle. "Was there anything else you wanted to say, Morgan?"

"Yes Taylor, there is. I wanted to tell you first, I am getting married!" she said.

"Really Morgan, to whom?" Taylor exclaimed

Morgan giggled, "To Dan with our clients I.T. department, whenever we met with them he could not keep his eyes off of me. He finally asked me out and we had a great time, eating way too much, but a great time. We have been dating for three months and he is adopting my baby too!"

"Morgan that is fantastic, so when is the wedding?" Taylor inquired.

"It will be in two months. That should be enough time for me to recover from the birth and get settled with a new baby. We already have a condo and most of the baby stuff. All the planning is pretty much done too." Morgan confided.

Morgan delivered a healthy nine pound baby boy. She and Dan were very happy.

Taylor and Adam arrived at the church. It was pretty obvious where our department was sitting, as well as the client's I.T. people. We made a very large crew.

When the music started everyone turned to see the radiant and by now quite round Morgan waddling down the aisle! Janet and I held hands as we recalled our own nuptials.

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Britt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBritt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

And here is a seven chapter combo of a trilogy from DA - enjoy!

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