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Cool Yin
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Default Stephanie 2021 - by Cool Yin (SSBBW, Extreme Eating)

SSBBW, Extreme Eating - It's the World Eating Championship and Stephanie is the winner once again!

Stephanie 2021

by CoolYin

Part 1: Here in the Future

"Can't any of you guys imagine how much money we will lose?" J. Browner, the president of the World Competitive Eating Organization angrily asked everyone the room.

In the year 2021, Competitive Eating was an accepted sport with many fans around the world. Politics had finally succeeded in beating hunger in the world so it was no longer seen as a waste by anyone, and thus it was able to become much more popular. The well-trained and highly paid eaters were famous sport stars and the World Records were shattered from year to year by incredible amounts of food. Events were shown in Sports TV, the biggest of them at Prime Time. The last years' Championships went over a week with many different categories, with the highlight of each day being the World Championship Eating in one of these categories.

The World Competitive Eating Organization (WCEO) was a powerful organization; they had lots of sponsors and thus high responsibility to these sponsors. The 2021 World Eating Championships were still 6 months ahead, but such a big event with many spectators in the halls and many millions on TV needed early planning.

Everything worked out well, they had loyal long-time fans around the world and also a growing base of new watchers.

But they had a big problem that they were discussing wildly at their meeting for this year's planning for the World Championship, a half year before it began.

Somewhere else in America, while the WCEO was discussing their problem, Steve was pouring a bottle of chocolate sauce over a big pot filled with vanilla ice and whipped cream while his wife, Stephanie, was eating her lunch.

"More," she mumbled through her spaghetti-filled mouth.

Like always, she was never satiated after the first load. That was good because giving her more was what he wanted. It was his job. More love. More sex. But in the majority of cases - more food. Today, just like every day at lunch, she wanted a second or third or a tenth course.

When their feeder/feedee relationship began 10 years ago, he had a good job and spent a major part of his income to stuff and fatten his then 19-year-old gluttonous girlfriend. Back then he adored her 240-pound body, and her ability to eat enormous amounts of food; he loved her nice character, while she was in love with the way the slim man was feeding her to her limits and helping her to gain weight at an incredible speed. After only two years she weighed over 500 pounds, and when they married a few years later, Stephanie had reached 820 pounds.

After three years of a happy marriage, Steve recognized that his wife's stomach was able to take much more food in a shorter time than the eaters on TV could consume. Three months later, the 1000-pound barrier was already broken, and she attended her first Eating Competition, a local burger eating contest, and her victory was totally one sided.

Since that day she had reached a never before seen total dominance in Competitive Eating with a streak of over 200 wins and zero 2nd places or worse in 2-1/2 years. Whenever she started eating a new food, the old world record for it was shattered. In her sport she had earned so much money that Steve was able quit his job and be a full-time feeder for his wife.

Now she had reached an incredible 1870 pounds at a height of 5.6 ft, and is probably the fattest woman that has ever lived on this planet. She looked like a giant pile of fat. Her breasts were massive soft fat bags weighing 100 pounds each, her ass bulged over any armchair she sat in, her legs were elephant mashers covered in cellulite, and her stomach was a soft and oversized accumulation of gigantic fat rolls.

Everywhere on her body, big balloons of fat hung from her skin. They looked like tumors, but were made of sensitive, soft flesh and she loved each of these excrescenses. The biggest of them weighed over 50 pounds; they hung from her thighs, but she also had big balloons hanging from her lower legs, her upper arms and from her forearms. She hoped that each of them would grow and that her body would produce more and more of them.

While making love with her husband, which became more challenging for him with every pound she gained, she made him lick them, suck on them and gently bite each of them. He had to kiss and lick each square centimeter of her enormous body extensively before she allowed him to think about his own pleasure.

Eating and growing was what she thought about nearly 24 hours a day. Lying in her bed and getting big and fat and fed with more than anyone else, "The fatter the better," counted for herself as well as for the food she liked - you can improve any meal with a pound of butter.

Some people thought that she had had surgery to expand her stomach to be able to take such amounts of food or that she used massive weight gain medications for her incredible body, but none of that was true. She was just a one-in-a-billion talent in eating and gaining who lived in a time and a country rich enough to give her unique body what it craved for.

She spent her days usually just lying in her specially constructed bed 23-1/2 hours a day while being served by her husband and binging to increase the limits of her stomach.

Despite her weight, she was still able to walk on her own strong legs because she paid attention to staying independent if needed - when she walked, she did so slow but steady. Immobility was no option for her; she was the boss and so she had to stay independent. She thought about getting immobile once, but came to the conclusion that fun is lying in bed all day because you are lazy, and not because you are disabled.

She would also be able to cook and care for herself, but that was now the job of her husband and so she had her fun and stayed in bed, watching TV, surfing the web, reading and eating. Getting fatter and expanding the capacities of her stomach had become the major purpose in her life.

Steve really did his best to keep his wife satiated, but it was a hard task and he wondered if he would need an assistant cook soon. He had only a little bit of free time every day. Right after making breakfast he had to start making a brunch, that was followed by a big lunch, after which she wanted a giant dessert and so on.

Today he served a large bucket of spaghetti noodles with another bucket of tomato-cheese Sauce for lunch, and for dessert, a gallon of vanillla ice cream was getting soft and creamy on the table next to her, with a pound of whipped cream on top of it, onto which he had just poured a liter of chocolate sauce. He hadn't even hoped that this could satiate her, so he served the family pizzas he had already prepared just in case while he cooked another bucket of noodles, and prepared the afternoon cakes while the second bucket of noodles and sauce were cooking. Yes, being her full-time cook and feeder was no easy job but he loved every second of it.

Back at the WCEO meeting, the discussion about the upcoming World Championship was getting louder.

"We have to change something. The people get tired of seeing her winning. We are losing ratings and thus sponsors. We can't let her win all titles again this year," explained J. Browner.

"We know, sir. We know that. But what can we do about it? We can't exclude her without any reason or she will sue us for more than we have. And she won't be so stupid as to give us a reason. She knows we don't like her. So does anyone have ideas?" replied the marketing director.

"What is with Amber?" asked another person. "We have pumped her up with weight gain medicine and done surgery on her to enable her stomach to expand much more than before. There are also a lot of young talents and there are good athletes from other countries."

"Baloney," answered Browner. "You know that no one is able to beat her. So what can we do?"

One minute of silence followed in which they thought about solutions for their problem. The problem was, of course, Stephanie. She was reigning World Champion in all categories and held all important world records. The competitions with her weren't even close, she usually outclassed her opponents by eating up to 50% more than the second place contestant. She dominated the rest, and so they thought it would make the competitions boring for people to watch.

Silence was broken when C. Schyster, a small, thin man with big glasses who was head bookkeeper of the WCEC, raised his voice.

"I might have an idea. But we would have to change the organization of the Championships totally."

"Go on. We're listening," said Mr. Browner.

"She could only win all titles because we gave her the opportunity to rest for a whole day after each event. But if we run one right after the other, then she could participate in only one of them because she won't have any time to clear or rest her stomach. In the last years, we had run the qualifications many weeks before the Championships. So this year we could use the day before Sunday for the qualifiers, and have one big event with all World Championship Finals on Sunday. Such an event would also bring supreme ratings and money from our sponsors. Some kind of Superbowl for our sport," he explained.

The attendants thought for a moment and soon realized what a great idea that was. Mr. Browner began to clap his hands and quickly all persons in the meeting applauded. Schyster was a bit intimidated, but smiled because usually a small bureaucrat like him didn't get that much attention in a room filled with big ex-competitive eaters or fat managers.

"Gentlemen," J. Browner continued. "That was an excellent idea and I have decided that we'll do it this way. I expect you to come up with detailed plans and possible schedules tomorrow. Today's meeting ends here."

Part 2: The Championships I

Everything went well, and just like they had planned, the event was a big success. The ratings for the qualifiers from Thursday till Saturday were even higher than planned and more spectators than expected had visited the site. The arena on this Sunday was filled to the brim, and people were eagerly awaiting the beginning of the contests. Each event had its own sponsor. The Hamburger Eating was sponsored by the worldwide biggest Fast Food Company (in 2017 the biggest company is one that has a "W" in its name), the Pizza contest was sponsored by a U.S. Pizza delivery service, the Cheese Cake, Donuts and Pudding contests had a big sweets-producing company behind them, and the Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition still had the sponsor like many years ago. The first of the finals would start at 2:30 PM.

As reigning World Champion and #1 ranked competitive eater in the world, Stephanie qualified for each of the contests and so she had free choice in which she would participate. First off was the Burger Eating; Stephanie said she was hungry and thus she would take part in it.

There were 17 other people qualified from ranking and qualifiers who would compete for second place, because none of them hoped to beat her. One of them was Amber, a colossal 940-pound woman. From all participants of the Burger finals, she suffered most from Stephanie's appearance 2-1/2 years ago. She was a great talent, held many World Records in different categories of food and was the clearly the best Burger eater of all time until then. She had been getting a lot of attention and earned a lot of money from her sponsors, but when Stephanie appeared and shattered her records the interest in her decreased.

"Hey, Jabba, looks like you'll lose some of your titles today. And don't be too slow with the burgers, I am in good shape," Amber said when they met behind the stage a few minutes before the competition. She was quite confident after having a stomach surgery that increased its size, but she still doubted that she could beat Stephanie.

"Oh, poor Amber. Ex-best eater in the world. Too bad that you'll end up second place again today."

"You can't disturb my good mood because I know that someone else will win today somewhere."

The referee raised his voice and instructed the competitors to enter the stage, so Stephanie waddled over to the table in the middle of the arena to sit down in a special chair construction and the first plates with burgers were placed in front of the participants. The referee then appeared on the big screen, turned his microphone on and spoke to the whole audience.

"Welcome, everyone, to the first final of the 8th annual World Championship of Eating. Before we start, I want to thank everyone in this arena, everyone on the screen and of course all of our competitors for making this the biggest event in the history of Competitive Eating."

The crowd cheered.

"The first contest for today will be Hamburgers. The rules are simple, as always. The competitors will get 2 x 20 minutes in which they will try to eat as many half-pound burgers as they can. The person with the most burgers will be the new World Champion."

The crowd cheered again and finally the eating could begin. Both began lightning fast and started with the same tempo so that after 20 minutes Stephanie had consumed 49 burgers and was only a bit in front of Amber, who had eaten 47. It looked like Steph's old World Redord of 77 would get beaten by both ladies today. All other competitors were under 30 burgers and out of the competition.

The 5-minute break for TV advertisings was quickly over, and Amber really did her best to keep up with Stephanie, but she had no chance. While Stephanie was increasing her speed Amber had to slow down and in the end it was 101 burgers for Stephanie vs. 79 for Amber, and Stephanie was World Champion again.

After the competition, the rivals proved to be fair sportswomen and congratulated each other on the results.

Fifteen minutes were spent on the winning ceremony, and the crowd cheered for Stephanie after the national anthem was finished.

The next event would start in a few minutes, but instead of heading off the stage, Stephanie wobbled back to the center of the arena and let herself fall into her specially contructed chair.

"You have to leave the stage, Stephanie. The next competition will start in a few minutes," said the referee for the next contest.

"I am qualified for the next competition, so I will participate in it!" she answered.

The referee was surprised and talked to his boss via mobile; they couldn't do anything but allow her to compete. The minutes passed quickly and soon the referee spoke to the audience again.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our next food for today is Pizza. The time will be 50 minutes, like in every Pizza Eating contest. But for this contest, our sponsor has prepared a special surprise. Instead of many small family Pizzas there will be only one Giant Pizza for our competitors. So everyone get ready."

Now the pizza was placed in front of the competitors and they saw how enormous it was.

"These are unique Pizzas made for this event. Their diameter is exactly 60 inches, together with their topping they are exactly 4 inches high, and each of them has exactly the same amount of weight. The winner will be whoever has eaten most of his or her Pizza at the end of the contest. Let's begin."

Three men were needed to place each of these gargantuan pizzas in front of the competitors. After 20 minutes, two competitors were far ahead of the others. One small Japanese man and Stephanie had already eaten half of their Pizza. Soon both had finished the second half of their Pizza, and there was still more than 10 minutes to go. Fortunately, the organizers were prepared for this case and a second monster pizza was quickly carried in for both of them. These Pizzas were only made to have a backup if any of the other Pizzas should fall down or something else happened to them, but now they served a different purpose.

Both began to eat their second Pizza, but only Stephanie was able to keep her speed. In the end, Stephanie won with an an edge of over five pounds but congratulated her opponent for his good fight. A second ceremony was held for Stephanie and again she refused to go off the stage and sat back into her chair waiting for the Pudding Eating.

Steve entered the stage and talked to his wife. "Are you sure you want to do this? That was a very big Pizza and even you have a limit...somewhere."

"Yes, my dear, I am sure. I am quite full, but I think there is some more room in my stomach. You've been a good trainer."

The competition started and Stephanie ate like there was no tomorrow. Pudding was one of her favorite foods because being able to swallow without having to chow was an advanage for the person with the biggest stomach capacity, and that was her. She binged without paying attention to her opponents. 6-1/2 gallons of Vanilla Pudding later, Stephanie had eaten much more than needed to outclass every opponent by far and defended her third Champion title for the day.

After the ceremony Stephanie sat down on the floor, holding her stomach. Steve was soon at her side and asked, "Are you okay, Stephanie? How can I help you?"

"That was so much. Bring...urp, bring me...urp, bring me back to my chair....UUURP. Next are Donuts. You know that Donuts are my ...BUUURP... are my favorite food. I don't want to miss them," Stephanie ordered, breathing heavily.

"EVERY food is your favorite, Stephanie," Steve joked and touched his wife's stomach. "But are you sure you want to do this? Your belly feels already too hard and you can't even walk on your own," he said, concerned.

"Yes, I....UUUURP...am. Now do what I....BUUUURP...do what I tell you."

With all his strength he helped his wife up and led her to her chair.

Parts of the crowd cheered loudly when they saw that Stephanie would participate in another competition; the others just gulped and rubbed their eyes in disbelief that she could eat even another bite after that amount of Pudding, Pizza and Hamburgers were already in her.

There was a new rival in this competition, a chubby young lady with a great appetite. Her name was Anna and she proved to be a real challenge for Stephanie. She had a good technique for the Donuts, a big stomach capacity and she was about to beat Stephanie's old World Record.

Stephanie had started slow to spare her belly a bit, but when she saw that she was about to lose that record she began to eat like crazy and the two had a close head-to-head race. Hundreds of Donuts went into both ladies and in the end both were above Stephanie's old record but Stephanie had still won by more than four dozen Donuts. Again, she congratulated her rival for the good competition and hoped to eat against her or with her soon again.

This time she was too full to walk, but Steve had already anticipated that and brought her motorized wheelchair to her, another specially made construct. With much force, four people succeeded in making the fat woman switch chairs; she wanted to stay in the wheelchair for the rest of the day, but she had to force herself to get up for the ceremony. When that was done, Steve saw that his wife's stomach was bulging.

Usually food does not have a visible effect on extremely fat people, but this time it was enough to make even Stephanie look rounder. He could also hear how her stomach made loud noises and how his wife breathed heavily. He asked if Stephanie wanted to go home now, but was not surprised when she told him that she'd drive back to the next competition. Now she wanted everything, all six titles. So he only rubbed her bulging belly and wished her good luck wondering how much more his wife could take...

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This is a great story so far, very interesting and entertaining.
A big belly is a happy belly.:) A small belly is just a cry for help.
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I really like your writing styles. Not to mention your story with Elena is fantastic as well. Can't wait for upcoming parts...
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