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Default Trophy Wife Trisha - by Lucky Luke/BSFan (SSBBW, Revenge, Eating)

SSBBW, Revenge, Eating, ~XWG - A scheming wife become addicted to the fruits of her own scheme

[Note from BSfan: I found the genesis of this story in the Dimension's Discard Room Forum, here. I had actually discovered it before when I was reading in the archive. I always thought this was a great story, although incomplete, and when I found it in the Discard Room I decided to improve it a bit and give it a proper ending. Enjoy.]

Trophy Wife Trisha's
Tremendous Gluttonous Growth

Initial portion by Lucky Luke
Completed by BSfan

Ten Years Ago…

“Look girls, it’s that fat loser, Donna. What a dork! Dork-faced Donna,” cruelly remarked Trisha to her clique of snobby, superficial fellow high school girlfriends.

Trisha was a petite, blond, tanned, athletic and popular senior who loved to viciously pick on others with physical or other social stigmas. Poor Donna, pretty faced but pushing over 200 pounds by 18, was just one of Trisha’s many victims.

Two Years Ago…

“How could she cheat on me?” grunted Henry.

“Look, if it makes you feel any better, this happens all the time. In fact, given your age difference, what did you expect?” remarked the private detective Henry had hired to track his wife, who was given to unexplained absences.

The detective played the key part of the hidden mike tape again:

‘I want to be with you every night.’ (Trisha’s voice)

‘We need Henry’s money, how is the plan going?’ (Trisha’s boyfriend voice)

‘I keep feeding him as much fattening food as possible. I got him violating every instruction from his doctor. And I’m pushing him to work as hard as ever. Whenever he is out of food or booze or smokes, I get it back in front of him. I even started eating some of the food and smoking so he is more comfortable. I think I’ve put on five pounds myself, so I need to be careful. I don’t want to end up like that fat lard ass first wife of his.’ (Trisha replies to boyfriend)

‘Forget that fatso, let’s make love’ (Trisha’s boyfriend)” (Tape stopped.)

“Just keep watching her,” replied Henry.


Henry was a multi-millionaire who was twenty years older than his slender, beautiful new wife Trisha. Henry was used to working hard and playing hard. Standing five foot eight and weighing just over 300 pounds, Henry was an unhealthy eater who loved to drink and smoke well into excess. Henry had had a few close calls. These included two heart attacks and a quadruple bypass surgery.

Henry thought of himself as a real player. When his first wife of twenty years had put on a few pounds and aged, he dropped her for Trisha. Now he was starting to regret it. She'd always been loyal and, as far as he knew, faithful.

Trisha, if anything, felt she was more beautiful than in her senior year of high school. Despite putting on a few pounds herself, she only weighed 115 pounds on her five feet, four-inch frame. Trisha had platinum blond hair that she kept very stylish.

Six months after meeting Henry, Henry was divorced and married to Trish. Henry gave her everything including maids, clothes, credit cards, sports cars, and a luxurious existence. Trisha was pampered in every way, but all she wanted was Henry out and herself in control of his fortune.


A few days after meeting with the private detective, Henry and Trisha were hosting a pool party. Trisha was dressed in a skimpy black bikini that showed off her slender tan body. Henry was dressed in a bathing suit and Hawaiian shirt that is open and showing off his huge mid section.

Trisha strutted up to Henry wiggling her ass with two drinks in her hands and a cigarette dangling from her mouth, “Here, honey, have another drink.”

Trisha then handed Henry the drink, grabbed a cigarette, stick it in his mouth and lit it for him.

“Oh honey, let’s get you some more food,” Trisha stated as she waved one of the servants over.

Then she noticed something.

“Oh Henry, here comes that fat kid sister of yours,” sneered Trisha. “I’ll go socialize till you’re done talking with that broad.”


“Hello brother!” said Helen, Henry’s kid sister. Helen was ten years younger than Henry, a couple of inches shorter and weighed over 300 pounds. She had lovely shoulder length raven color hair, a beautiful face and was wearing a low cut one piece black bathing suit. Helen was the one person Henry knew he could trust.

Henry explained everything he knew about his cheating, devious new wife. Although Helen hadn't approved of Henry's conduct towards his first wife she wasn't about to let him be done in by this strumpet.

She sat contemplating, then smiled and turned to her brother.

“So, Henry, I think I have a plan. Especially if I can convince her that I’m her friend and also that you would eat more if she eats also.”

Henry and Helen talked for about another half-hour about their plan.

Finally Trisha came back over to them, “Helen, stop hogging my husband.”

Henry nodded, then commented, “Trisha, Helen is going to stay with us here in the mansion for a while. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Oh no dear, I don’t mind Helen at all.” Trisha lied.


The next morning, while Henry was at work, Helen and Trisha had brunch together. Helen wore a black business pantsuit that really complimented her large figure.

“Trisha, I need to use one of your sports cars to buy a wardrobe while I’m here. Which one can I use?” asked Helen.

Trisha dressed in a blue low cut dress stated, “Oh you can take the Beamer. That is, if you can fit into it. But I must admit that for a large woman, you do dress nicely.”

Helen cringed at the crack and realized that she would really enjoy this plot even more than when dreaming it up the day before. She curbed her anger and kept her cool.

“Oh, Trisha, thank you. By the way, speaking of size, do you know that Henry is really down about how little he is eating?”

Trisha replied, “Eating too little. Are you kidding? Henry eats a lot. I don’t understand?”

Helen continued, “Trisha, Henry wants to eat more, but he is too self conscious around you. He told me that if you would just eat more, he could eat more also.”

Trisha thought a moment to herself. Temporarily putting on a few pounds would be a small price to pay to get Henry’s millions once he keeled over. “Helen, no problem. Thanks for telling me. I'll do whatever it takes to make Henry happy.”


Starting that night, Helen began controlling the meals that Trisha ate. Helen made sure that Trisha understood that she would have to match Henry serving per serving. Greedy for money, Trisha struggled to comply with the plan. That first night her tight muscled stomach resisted and she had to stop. But it was the start of what would become Trisha’s massive weight gain.

Helen made sure that Trisha was up every morning with Henry for breakfast to eat with him. Henry would already be dressed in a three-piece suit with his vest holding in his massive gut.

Trisha would come down in her sexy silk sleepwear wrapped in her silky night robe. The meal would include, at various times, pancakes, eggs, waffles, bacon, steak, sausage, muffins, toasts with jelly, chocolate donuts and coffee. What Trisha didn’t know was that Helen - who also ate these meals - made sure that Trisha’s portions had more lard in them as well as the steaks being rarer than her's or Henry’s portions.

Once Henry would leave for work, Helen would encourage Trisha to go to a large dark room on the west side of the mansion. There they would watch TV, and eat more donuts. Helen made sure that Trisha had a bottle of vodka to drink while they watched their morning shows.

Around 11 AM each day, Trisha would bathe, get made up and dressed up before going out with Helen to meet Henry for lunch. Helen, a large eater herself, would pick out a buffet to go to for lunch each workday. Henry and Helen would easily eat large portions while Trisha tried to keep up. After a time she found that was actually enjoying the large meals, and being a bit inebriated didn't realize she was in reality outeating her husband and sister in law.

For dinner, Helen would have the evening cook prepare very filling meals with special instructions for large portions for Trisha. Trisha would always get the largest pieces or portions, again with ample liquor to cloud her perception of what she was consuming..

During this period, Henry gained some weight, but he was really on a maintenance diet. Helen was also putting on weight. She was almost as sedentary as Trisha and was also consuming much than she normally did.

Twenty-three months ago…

“Helen, all of my clothes are tight. I need to buy new clothes. Is Henry gaining any weight?”

“Why, Trisha, I didn’t notice that your clothes were getting tighter,” lied Helen. “I think Henry is gaining weight though.”

“Well, I just want him to be happy,” lied Trisha, who couldn't wait ‘till Henry’s health would take another “downturn.” But she was enjoying her drinks and food herself too much to really notice what was happening.

Twenty-two months ago…

“Helen, I have to buy another set of clothes, and this time it is size ten! I’ve never been double digit in sizes before. Do I look fat?”

“Trisha, you look great. I have not noticed any weight gain; in fact, you look terrific,” lied Helen again.

“Okay, well then, pass the donuts,” Trisha said as she puffed on a cigarette. By now she was snacking on her own apart from Henry

Twenty-one months ago…

“Trisha, you are really fat. I’m going to dump you,” says Trisha’s soon to be ex-boyfriend.

A crying Trisha, “Honey, it is only fifty pounds. I’ll lose it as soon as Henry kicks the bucket. Stay with me.”

“Trisha, you are always eating, drinking and smoking. You’re out of control.”

“But that is the only way to get Henry to eat more.”

“I’m out of here.”

In reality Trisha didn't care - she'd become addicted to overeating

Twenty months ago…

“Trisha, you really enjoy the food we give you. You’re eating so much even when Henry is not around,” observed Helen.

“Helen, if you only knew what was on my mind. Food really makes me feel better.”

But Helen did know. She'd seen the report from Henry’s private detective that Trisha’s boyfriend has left her. Trisha was pigging out from depression.

Nineteen months ago…

Trisha’s weight gain was really becoming noticeable. Her body bounced much more now. The weight gain along with the cigarette smoking & total lack of exercise made her more easily winded. Helen noticed at about this time that Trisha needed to rest when walking from one end of the mansion to another wing.

“Is this house getting bigger?” huffed a breathy Trisha. “Slow down Helen.”

Helen was still bigger and gaining weight herself, but Trisha definitely was gaining weight rapidly. And Helen had the musculature to handle her pounds that Trisha lacked.

Helen purchased an electric cart to facilitate Trish's getting around, even though she was only size 18. But flabby, gullible, typically sloshed Trish accepted it gladly. As time goes on, she would become more and more dependent on it.

Eighteen months ago…

Trisha hit 200 pounds, an 85-pound weight gain! Based on the clothes she bought and wore, she was still very vain. She usually donned something low cut to show off her growing breasts and tight skirts or dresses that show off her ever enlarging rear end. Her nails were extremely long and her hair was always dazzling.

Henry on the other hand, had only gained a few pounds. Helen was up about twenty pounds and weighed a sexy 320 pounds.

Sixteen months ago…

Trisha now was up to 260 pounds. She had gained a pound a day for the last two months. She was going through her wardrobe so fast that she only wore outfits at the most twice before outgrowing them. Helen made sure they were swapped out for similar replacements so as not to be noticeable

“Helen, is Henry gaining any weight? I eat as much as I can so he will eat, too.” asked Trisha between vodka shots and donuts during her typical mid-morning weekday binge.

“Well, Trisha, I think Henry just has a big frame. I know he is gaining weight,” lied Helen. Henry’s weight was stable at 310 pounds. Helen had actually become the heaviest at 330 pounds.

Fourteen months ago…

Trisha was tipping the scales at 300 pounds. She was wearing one of Henry’s favorite outfits. Her platinum blond hair was puffed out with not a hair out of place. She had on white pearl earrings, necklace and an anklet, accompanied by an open collared white silk blouse with French cuffs and a front button, sleeveless, knee length green dress with matching stockings. She was of course drunk, bloated, and desired Henry. She had accordingly heavily perfumed herself.

Henry and Trisha were alone in their bedroom chamber.

“Henry, let me give you a blow job,” said Trisha, lustfully and breathlessly.

“Okay Trisha, get down on your knees and do me good,” replied Henry while he sat at the side of his bed.

Trisha struggled to get on her knees. Sweating from the exertion, she coughed and gasped as she got into position. She licked and sucked Henry with all the craving in her. Henry was also breathing heavily. Trisha thought that maybe this would be the moment. But Henry surged and it was over.

Trisha tried to get up but couldn't. She had gained so much weight so fast while living such a pampered life. She coughed and gasped. The strain was too much, and she pulled a muscle in her leg and collapsed. Henry, fearing his heart condition, did not dare help her directly. Instead, he called for some of the servants and Helen to help Trisha up.

Trisha is traumatized by how out of shape and helpless she has become. Once she is moved to a sofa to rest, she ponders her weighty situation while the servants get her a sixteen-inch deluxe pizza to gorge herself on. But, fully addicted to her new lifestyle, nothing changes.

Ten months ago…

Trisha was eating so much that she finally passed Helen and now is the heaviest among herself, Helen and Henry. She now weighed over 380 pounds. Helen has been packing it in too and weighed 360 pounds. Henry was still stable at just over 310 pounds.

Trisha’s weight gain was getting more and more bottom heavy. She needed assistance getting up from any sitting or lying position. She only moved if she has to. She usually got a servant or Henry or Helen to get what she needs. Constantly under the influence, simply maintaining enough of a food intake to satisfy her belly now became the focus rather than Henry's millions.

Nine months ago…

Trisha passed the 400-pound mark. Helen and Henry celebrated by giving her a large cake. She was estatic. The front button full-length low-cut pink dress Trisha put on at before lunch that day had every button straining after eating the cake on top of everything else she had devoured earlier.

Six months ago…

Trisha fell into an argument with Helen. Trisha would up stating that she was going out on her own, something Helen didn't think she could manage. Trisha, on her electric cart, drove herself towards the garage. Dressed in a form fitting double-breast blue pinstripe dress with white-collar and white French-cuffs, Trisha struggled to get her massive rear out of the cart. With sweat beads forming around her fat face, she grabbed the keys to the BEAMER and started to waddle into the garage. Her 450-pound body rebelled at every step. Her massive butt jiggled with each slow step.

Meanwhile, fat Helen was still trying to move her own flabby body through the house. Her 380-pound body was being strained by all the extra walking. Encased in a lovely leopard print pant outfit with a matching unbuttoned blouse over a black sleeveless sweater top, Helen too was sweating. By the time she reaches the garage she was almost out of breath.

What she encountered and saw made her laugh. Trisha was stuck in the front seat of the BEAMER. Her fat body was pressed against the steering wheel with her melon-sized breasts resting on and over the top of the steering wheel, her mid section pressed against the steering wheel and her lower section underneath the wheel. Her butt was not all the way in. A large portion of her rear hangs over the side of the seat. Trisha is sweating up a storm.

“Helen, help me. I’ve dropped the keys on the floor and I can’t pick them up,” gasped Trisha.

“Well, well, well. Who is too large for the BEAMER now?” cackled Helen.

Helen got several servants to help the pathetic Trisha out of the car. Trisha, exhausted from her ordeal, retires to her bedroom. There the food addicted former vixen ates mass quantities of food and drank large amounts of beer to drown her frustration.

Helen bought herself an electric cart to get around in.

Three months ago…

“Helen, should we?” asked Henry as he looked at an invitation that had arrived in the mail..

“Definitely. How could we allow Trisha to miss her ten-year high school class reunion? I’m sure everyone will love the new 500-pound blond bombshell wife of yours. Especially everyone she was so "nice" to,” replied Helen.

It was ninety days until the reunion and Helen made sure Trish got whatever she wanted to eat.

Last night…

Helen and Henry were sitting in the back of Henry’s limo, with Trisha heading towards Trisha’s ten-year high school reunion. Trisha, unaware of the true situation simply knew she was going out - for the first time in months. She was stunningly made up with her hair piled up on her head, her nails painted pink and as long as ever; her face was also heavily made up. She was wearing a tailor made low-cut, sleeveless pink dress with a zipper back that was knee length. A custom built steel reinforced under-bra propped up her huge breasts. She was also wearing plenty of jewelry. At her heaviest weight ever of 525 pounds, she wass still radiantly beautiful. One of her servants was next to her, filling her cravings with a mixture of sweet and meat snacks.

“When are we going to get there? And, by the way, where are we going?” barked Trisha.

“We are almost there and it’s a surprise,” replied Helen. Helen, dressed in a white evening gown, was also stunning at her heaviest weight of 400 pounds. To keep Trisha's mind on food Helen was feeding herself during the drive and Trisha followed her example like a Pavlovian dog.

Soon enough they arrived. The driver and another assistant helped Trisha struggle to get out of the limo. Trisha is red faced as she exits the back seat. Her fleshy body jiggled all over as the driver and his helper helped her to the hotel entrance.

“(Cough, gasp) I can’t go much farther, (huff) I’m not used to these long walks,” an exhausted Trisha complained.

As Trisha walked into the hall her class had rented, she started to notice faces that seem familiar. Then she noticed the banners around the hall. Trisha then finnally realized she was at her own high school re-union. She was terrorized that her ex-classmates will see her so large. The dress she had on showed so much flesh, too. Then, to make it worse, the driver and helper placed her at a table and left.

Without help, she was stuck there. She is too exhausted from the walk to continue. Helen and Henry sat at the table and placed a nametag on Trisha. Nervously, Trisha starts to smoke and states, “Henry, get me a drink, make it a triple!”

At first, no one recognized the new Trisha, but once her nametag was on, people started coming by and making plenty of remarks. Trisha, so mean in high school, tried to fire back as best she could. After all, regardless of her size she was still married to a multi-millionaire.

“You’re living large. In more ways than one,” was a typical remark.

Finally, Donna stood over her. Donna had put on fifty pounds since high school but is only about half the weight of Trisha.

“Trisha, you sure have changed since high school. You’re huge!” exclaimed Donna excitedly.

“Shut up you fatso! (Gasp) Dork faced Donna!” laughed Trisha defensively and without conviction..

Donna, still standing over Trisha, orders, “Get up you blimp. You're much bigger than me and standing will prove it!”

Trisha tried to get up, huffed and fell back defeated. “I’m not getting up you cow.”

Donna replied, “You’re still mean, but so pathetic.”

Donna slapped Trisha.

Trisha’s face turned red. She was trembling and terrorized. She realized finally that she is so fat she can’t defend herself. Her heart was racing. She started to hyperventilate.

At his point Henry intervened, summoning the driver and assistant back to the party room and getting Trisha out of the party. All eyes were on her now and everyone stared at her as she was helped from the room. She wa sobbing as she struggled back to the limo. Helen and Henry following with smirks on their faces.

On the way back, Trisha was furious at Henry and Helen. By now a total food addict she took out her frustration by eating and drinking as much as she could. She was finally helped back to her room where she passed out.

This morning…

Trisha was helped to the breakfast table late in the morning. She was wearing a black nightgown. She ate a massive quantity of food that was even a lot for her. Her greedy mouth welcomed each fat filled bite. Her breast heaved with each large swallow.

“Trisha, Helen and I have something to tell you.” said Henry solemly

“What, Henry?”

Henry got his servants to help Trisha to his private office. On his desk was a tape recorder. Henry started playing it. Trisha was in shock. She smoked furiously as she listened to the tape.

“Henry, Helen, I can explain,” she stammered.

“Shut up Trisha. You think last night was bad. That is just the start,” stated Henry. “Here is what I expect from here on out….”

At this point, Trisha fainted.

Trisha woke up in her bed with Henry and Helen at either side, both smiling eagerly. Trisha looked across the room and saw an electric sign reading “Trisha’s Weight” and underneath is the number 525. It then that Trisha looked up and saw her reflection in the mirror that had been installed above her.

She looked at her now naked fat body. Her breasts sagged down the sides of her enormous belly. Her cellulite covered thighs touched nearly to the knees. Even her feet were thicker. She could see the sides of her rear saddlebsgs as the fat fanned out behind her as she lay in the bed. She looked carefully at her face, her once delicate facial features now all puffy. Her multiple chins wobbled as she sobbed softly.

She went to speak but Henry immediately shoved two Twinkies into her mouth.

“Trisha it’s a shame. I really did love you once. And now, I find you so beautiful, I wish I could love you again. Maybe we can still make this work. It’s your choice. You can leave right now and end up on the street with nothing, or you can stay here as my wife and eat whatever it is we feed you.”

Henry watched as Trisha, now totally a compulsive eater, finished her Twinkies. As she opened her mouth to talk Helen shoved a generous piece of pumpkin pie into her mouth. Henry smiles.

“So what will it be? Will you be staying with us?”

Henry watched as Trisha swallowed her pumpkin pie and answered by shoving a pair of Twinkies into her mouth herself and nodding.


Henry shouted and stuffed Trisha with another Twinkie. And so the gorge session continued until Henry decided it was once again time to mount his trophy wife.

Now let us take this time to indulge ourselves and look into the future of our not entirely happy and not so little family.


Trisha will eventually weigh 700 pounds, making her completely immobile. She will still gorge herself nightly. However, both Henry and her will have given up smoking by then, and she will no longer be drinking with Helen.

Henry’s weight will continue to remain steady at 310 pounds and Helen will remain at 380 pounds. Helen and Donna will eventually become good friends. Donna will join in Helen’s bridge game every Saturday night and will never miss a chance to take part in one of Trisha’s many feeding sessions.


Henry, still at 310 pounds will have a now 800 pounds Trisha sign divorce papers so he will be free to marry the delightful Donna.

The wedding will take place at Henry’s estate and will be attended by many of Donna’s friends including many of those popular girls that had joined Trisha in making fun of her. Some of them will have gained a substantial amount of weight. All of them will have matured and made their peace with Donna. Trisha will be carted down so that she can be Donna’s Maid of Honor and her gluttony will be on full display at the reception.

Helen will meet the love of her life at the reception, one of Donna’s friends, a chef.

Don’t feel too bad for Trisha though. She’ll live the rest of her life in the mansion, well taken care of by Henry, Helen, and Donna. She’ll still have a special love in her life as well. She’ll have her food.

She’ll have plenty and plenty of food.

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