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Exclamation Love at First Bite - by Bolder Boulder FA (SSBBW, Romance, Sex ~XWG)

SSBBW, Romance, Sex ~XWG - a story of a gradually developing and expanding relationship

Love at First Bite
by Bolder Boulder FA

"Please refer to your syllabi for upcoming exam dates." My professor's monotonous command roused me from my daydream. It was my freshman year in college, and I was sitting in my first lecture trying my hardest not to be noticed staring at the girl across the round table around which the class was seated. She briefly locked eyes with me, and for a brief moment it seemed as through electricity crackled in the air between our shared gaze.

The professor's drone continued in the background as we continued our game of flirting with our eyes, throwing a sideways glance here, drawing our vision across one another there, never really staring but definitely more than simply eyeing. She caught my gaze again, and briefly cracked a beautiful half-smile. My heart seemed to stop beating, time slowed, and I knew then we were already captivated by one another.

Stephanie, as I would later discover her name, was gorgeous. Auburn-brown ringlety curls tumbled onto her shoulders, framing a face with beautiful depe blue eyes, soft pouting lips, a smile so perfect it would light up a room, a cute strawberry of a nose, slightly rounded cheeks and only the slightest hint of a double chin. Standing around 5'7", when she first strode into the room, I definitely noticed her figure, despite the clothing covering her in the chilly fall weather. Round, full breasts filled out her top, perfectly shaped and the size, perhaps, of large oranges.

Plump upper arms w ith chubby fingers swung by her side as she took her seat, her wide hips and relatively flat butt shifting into position in her chair, her protruding belly providing an ample perch for her breasts. While her moderately wide hips gave her walk a delightful bounce and shake to her butt, her defining attribute was most definitely her belly. Swelling out from under her breasts like a divine orb, it beckoned to me to be kissed and carressed, a pillowy upper tummy framed by a smaller rounded belly roll and creased in the middle. At around 225 pounds, she was big, quite a lot larget than the majority of the other waif-like nymphs who flitted about, but she commanded her size with an aura of confidence and sexiness.

Our flirting grew more intense as the semester dragged on, our infatuation growing in inverse proportion to the earth's descent into winter's slumber. We shared our first meal together - a pizza, which she heartily ate the most of - in her dorm room, and in late October, kissed for the first time. It was not long before we professed our love for eachother, and soon we were together all the time. As the winter months passed and her weight climbed to around 250, I told her of my love for girls who were fat, and instead of being surprised or disgusted, she was intrigued.

She had never been ashamed of her body (and had actually lost 25lbs since coming to school), and the sudden revelation that I was turned on MORE by her being fat only seemed to enhance her confidence and desire to eat. I pondered, aloud sometimes, what she would look like even fatter, and she only gave me a sly smile and wink. At the end of January, she had gained up to 275lbs and showed no signs of stopping, growing more beautiful (and fatter) it seemed, by the day. She went from a size 16-18, when we first met, to an 18-20.

Then, disaster struck. Following a brutal courseload and astronomical tuiton costs, her parents decided to withdraw her from my school and back to her home state of Texas. We were both deeply saddened, but vowed that we would stick together and remain true in our love to one another no matter what happened. I went through the next semester lonely, missing my plump darling, despite the fact that we spoke over the phone and in online conversations nearly every day. Finally, spring had passed and summer had come, and I was able to fly down to spend the season with her. I infrequently and somewhat shyly asked if she had "maintained" her beautiful figure, and her only reply was a coy "you'll have to wait and see". I had not seen her in what seemed like forever, so I was unsure of what she'd look like after our time together.

When I finally made it down to Texas and met her, we flew into eachother's arms and shared a passionate embrace. I could feel her belly pressing into me and grew hard as we stared into eachother's eyes. We rushed home as fast as we could, and once we were alone in the bedroom, I got a good look at the abundance provided over the last months. She had gotten much bigger - apparently, Texas cooking had agreed with her newfound appreciation for her size. Easily 300 pounds by now (295, after she agreed to let me see how big she was) her whole body had filled out with luscious, soft blubber.

Her face and cheeks had become fatter, her once slight double chin now fat and round under her first, her neck deliciously plump and begging to be kissed. Her upper arms had swollen too, forming a slight indentation above her elbow, with chubby fingers still prevalent on her hands. Her breasts had grown as well - each becoming rounder and more full, as they expanded beyond a mere handful. Rolls of soft back fat draped from her shoulders around to her front. Her belly, swollen and huge, ballooned out in front of her.

Where once her lower belly had barely been large enough to squeeze, it was now so fat it jiggled and bounced with each of her steps. Her upper belly remained like a soft pillow, but larger and plusher, straining against her now tight size 20 tops. Her hips had widened and thickened as well, fat thighs becoming larger than I dreamed possible. When she had ridden me in the first carnal days of lovemaking, her tummy had barely hung down over her delicate flower. Now, it rested on MY stomach, and I could feel her fat belly sliding up and down on me as we embraced and felt our souls connect in the most intimate of moments.

In the afterglow of one of many of our triysts, I told her I loved her new size, and she agreed that she had never felt sexier or more beautiful - and that she would keep growing, for me. I told her then that I wanted to be with her for the rest of her life - to marry her, to be her protector, her champion. She simply drew my face close and kissed me tightly, her silent aquiescence all the answer I needed. I kissed her softly and held her close for the rest of the night.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and a tearful goodbye was said at the end of the summer. The same love and endearment was still between us and even stronger still, the same promises made. I flew away into a gray-skyed morning, tears in my eyes as I watched the miles grow between us from the impenetrable glassy prison of my window seat. Again, I was alone, without my other half, my soulmate. For 3 whole months I wondered how she was, if she had grown, if she still loved me, if I was doing enough to keep her happy, tormented by my nightmares - and my dreams. Then, finally, my 21st birthday had arrived, and she had agreed to come and celebrate it with me.

When I finally picked her up at the airport, I gasped in astonishment. She was enormous. She had gained at least 45 pounds to put her at a solid 350 and looked fatter than ever. Her cheeks and double chin had fattened even more, becoming a collar of soft white fat on her plump neck. Her upper arms had expanded, fatter and rounded, jiggling now with each swing of her arms. Her perfect breasts were even larger, a full C now bordering on a D, creating a crease of cleavage that begged to be kissed.

She had developed a noticable waddle and swayed from side to side with her walk. Her belly had simply ballooned. Protruding at least a foot in front of her now, her upper belly had begun to hang over whatever pants she was wearing, jeans or not, plush and full of delightful fat. Her lower belly now rested on her upper thighs, fat and full, jiggling and bouncing with each step. We raced home, eager to explore the carnal desire that had been building between us over the previous months, and she pounced on me. Pushing me to the bed, she mounted me, thighs engulfing me that were much fatter and fuller than when we first met. As she climbed on top of me, she asked,

"So what do you think of the new me, baby? How do you like all this fat?" And she grabbed her flabby belly, jiggling it slightly and sending ripples through her body. I responded by pulling her close to me and kissing her more passionately than I have perhaps ever kissed her before. Her belly now rested on my stomach and pushed onto my chest a short way, like an amazingly soft and warm blanket.

She rode me for hours, and asked me if I wanted her fatter....375...400....425...450, each new weight she moaned increasing my lust for her that much more as I envisioned her at greater and greater weights. Every time we moved in rhythm, our bodies as one, her blubber jiggled and bounced, sending waves of pleasure through her body. As we came as one, she sighed as we lay next to one another and knew, right then, that we would be together forever.

She, my growing fat princess, and me, her protector, provider, and nurturer, entwined in the nirvana of love that only two soulmates, a fat admirer and a growing girl could know.

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