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Default Chase and the Chocolate Factory - FA200200 (SSBBW, Feeding Fantasy, Romance, ~XWG)

SSBBW, Feeding and eating fantasy, Romance ~XWG - On 3 million a day you can get as big s you can dream of
Chase and the Chocolate Factory
by FA200200

As a child Chase had seen the movie "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory" many times. He enjoyed the movie as most children do, and it was just another fantsy story to excite the imagination. However as he grew older, the movie had taken on new meaning.

As an adolescent Chase discovered he was an FA as many young men do. When he was in college a late night viewing of the movie created sexual excitment that could barely be contained.

It was not so much the story told in the movie but the chocolate factory itself that captivated him. A place where food and sweets were praised and expoited was a very exciting idea. A river of chocolate and a beautiful forest of edible surroundings made his heart pound with excitement.

He dreamed of roaming this small world with a beatiful fat lover. He would spend most of his time feeding her and making love to her. Chase knew this was just a fantasy, but to him the fact that it was somewhat realistic (physically possible) made it more infatuating.

A few years later Chase graduated college at the top of his class with a degree in computer science. He got a good job with a software company and was on his way to being a successful man. He dated many bbws and was a very desirable guy. The problem was he never met the right girl who shared his love of feederism.

As time went on Chase was making more and more money and eventually
left that big software company to start his own from the ground up. Shortly after that he met a voluptuous 200 pound girl named Amy on an online dating website that lived in his same city. They went on a few dates and were very compatible. Chase was wondering if he would be dissapointed once again by Amy quickly beding turned off by his feederism fetish. One night at dinner Chase ordered desert for Amy. He was hoping this would be a good way to bring up his very much developed fetish for feeding.

"How did you know I was stil hungry?" said Amy

"You look like you've got a little room for dessert - you do don't you?" said Chase

Amy began laughing "Yes Chase, i guess you don't know me well enough yet, I always have room for dessert"

As the Fudge Brownie Sundae arrived at the table Amy's eyes lit up. It was obvious she had a sweet tooth. After Amy had a few bites Chase asked Amy if he could see the spoon real quick. He began feeding her slowly and she appeared to enjoy it.

"You know i could really get used to this!" Amy said as she giggled.

"I definately could too!" Chase replied

"Oh really?" Amy said in a deep sexy voice.

Chase continued feeding her slowly. He had an incredible hard on and it was obvious that she was also aroused. After the sundae was finished, Chase quickly ordered another. Amy giggled with delight and stared into Chase's eyes untill the next sundae arrived.

After the second sundae was finished, Chase picked up the tab and they both left the restaraunt holding hands and staring into each others eyes. As they drove home in Chase's convertible Amy grabbed Chase's hand, placed it on her belly and began to rub it.

"Thanks baby, that was really good" Amy said

"I'm glad you enjoyed it sweetie, i know I did" said Chase

As they drove home they would frequently stare into each others eyes and then quickly begin to giggle. It was obvious that they had both just experienced their first intimate feeding experience, even though it was brief and very tame.

When they arrived at Chase's house they had the most satisfying sex of their lives. This brief feeding experience had released strong underlying sexual desires.

After making love they had some long pillow talk where they began to confess their deepest sexual desires. Chase explained how he had always dreamed of being in love with a girl who loves getting fat. Amy confided that she had always hoped for a passionate relationship with a man who wanted to love and fatten her. This pillow talk quickly turned into more passionate sex. The next morning Chase asked Amy to move in; she happily agreed.

So now that Chase had met his dream girl it seemed that his life could not get any better. He was very wrong. Chase's small software company had been working on a new program. This program was to revolutionize internet banking, and that is exactly what it did. Before Chase knew what was happening, this new program was being purchsed by major financial institutions around the world.

Over the next year Chase's company had grossed hundreds of millions of dollars and even better, Amy had gained 50 pounds. Chase and Amy were soon married in a lavish wedding and now had more money than they knew what to do with. For the most part Chase was retired while still earning an increasing amount of money every month. Soon he was making 100 million dollars a month.

At this point Chase had one thought going through his head. It seemed extreme but he now had enough money to fulfill his wildest fantasy. Amy was more than happy to help him pursue this goal which was part of her own fantasy. They wanted a place seperate from their home where they could live their fantasy to the extreme.

They soon planned the creation of a building that would be very similar to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. The land was purchsed and construction began. Chase wanted to suprise Amy and she trusted him to make this new fantasy world a reality. A year later Chase and his now 300lb wife were ready to move into this new extravegant wonderland.

The day they moved in Chase and Amy were very excited. They had been anticipating this moment for a long time. This new building looked more like a massive airplane hanger almost a mile long. Amy new that it was what was inside that mattered. As they entered their new "fantasy home", they were both stunned at how this fantasy was brought to life.

The inside of this structure would immediately remind anyone of the main room in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. There was a large river of rich chocolate running through the center. Everything around them was edible. There were hills, trees, and giant chocolate figurines, all which could be consumed, preferably by Amy. This wonderful place could only be described as a Disney World for feeders and feedees. Aside from the edible wonderland. The building had several chefs avalible 24 hrs to produce anything that Amy desired. They were in a seperate wing of the building that allowed Amy and Chase to have complete privacy.

Now that they were there, they could hardly contain themselves. Chase grabbed Amy and kissed her as he carresed her fat.

"Now we have nothing in the world to do but get you incredibly fat." said Chase

Amy was so elated she could barely speak "I want you to make me so fat that I can barely move."

They wasted no time at all. They walked down to the chocolate river. Chase provided Amy with a large straw. She layed next to the river and began to suck down the rich chocolate that had been mixed perfectly to the most fattening mixture possible. Chase caresssed her belly and she moaned in ecstacy.

After an hour long liquid feeding session Chase brought Amy to another part of their fantasy home. They approached a large chocolate bunny that stood 6ft tall. Amy approached this object and began to consume it very qucikly. It was gone in 20 minutes. In the same area of this large chocolate bunny there was a pond filled with m&ms. By this time Amy and Chase were completely nude and they could not keep their hands off eachother.

They quickly sat next to this pond and Chase began to scoop m&ms out of the pond and feed them to Amy a handful at a time. After this 15,000 calorie feeding session had ended Amy was very tired. Her belly was very distented. She and Chase began to make love slowly not disrupt the massive amount of chocolate in her belly. This time they both were so aroused they could barely last more than a few minutes. They were both experiencing a fantasy that no feeder or feedee could resist. They both simultaneously had massive orgasms that totally depleted their bodies of all energy.

They slept for several hours. When they awoke they continued the same behavior over and over again for days. This fantasy world they were sharing together was much like an earthly garden of eden for those with a feeding fetish. They were more blissfully happy than anyone could possibly imagine being.

After about two years of frequently returning to their private chocolate factory, Amy had reached 600 pounds and was now waddling about the building. They lived happily ever after in this fattening wonderland. Who knows how fat Amy is these days, but one thing is for sure....they won't be changing their lifestyle anytime soon.

The End-

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Neat story.

But i still couldnt help but laugh at this line,

"Over the next year Chase's company had grossed hundreds of millions of dollars and even better, Amy had gained 50 pounds."

I love big gals as much as the next fellow, but hundreds of millions of dollars totally wins over a 50 pound gain. Unless this 50 pound gain was on Natalie Portman...Egads.
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