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Default Noah - by Lewis-spence (~BHM, ~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~XWG)

BHM, BBW, Eating Romance,~XWG - an author and a fan script their own life story

[Author's notes: This was a story I wrote in 2005. I may have tired a bit towards the end, but for those who like to get off on reading rising numbers , this will suffice more than reading the times in "TV Guide".

There is a little bit of non-explicit gay stuff in the last third, but you should always write about what you know . if you don't like it, do not bother me, or anyone else, with your views, and remember that everyone isn't born, or has to live, the same way as you. If you're not bothered, please carry on as before.]

by Lewis-spence


My name is Noah and, like all good people, I have a secret. It is something that doesn’t fit human convention – which is always good – I even consider it to be WRONG, making it even better.

I want to be big. That is the body image I want for myself, and I hope my reasons are understandable.

I have an image of myself at the point where I’ve achieved all I want for myself; where I am the person I want to be, truly content. I am surrounded by friends, and by myself – I have become a being so large, I have my own gravitational field.

I would weigh around five hundred pounds, massive for my six-foot height. My jowly, chinful face, accenting my eyes, would give way to wide shoulders and huge arms – I use weights, and would make sure I had the muscles to carry such a substantial payload, even if you can’t see them under that load. My torso would start with a manly set of breasts, hiding developed pectorals, leading to a cascade of flesh. My belly would hang half way down my oil-drum thighs, supported by puffy knees and meaty calves. Above, love handles to be grabbed with both hands, and an ass to fill a two-seater sofa.

Any questions?

For someone who weighed a skinny 150 lbs. at the start of this year, I have a way to go before achieving my target. But, I soon realised I wasn’t interested in gaining muscle mass – I wanted to be fat too. I wanted to be big, no matter what. So, to have any chance of getting anywhere, I had to start quickly. My New Year’s resolution was set.

To do something like this requires a massive level of commitment. Thankfully, as a writer, working from home, with my own workout room filled with weights, there is nothing to stop me from being fully committed to both endeavours. I also don’t have to worry about money, thankfully – as the creator of a reasonably successful series of crime novels, I am comfortably living off the royalties from the first few novels – advances on the next few are very welcome bonuses. As long as I can write, I’m made up for life.

Having started my new routine on New Year’s Day, I reasoned I need to slowly ease myself into this – a little more food, a little more exercise. Once I am used to that level, I can up those limits. I’m reminding myself not to expect huge gains straight away – acquiring the mass I want will take some time...

...as proved in the first month – I gained just two pounds, but it was all muscle. It is a slow and steady start, but the plan is working!

February was similar, but I gained three pounds this month. I have noticed another factor to bear in mind – because I was gaining muscle, I was losing fat. I thought I was getting thinner, but my muscles were marginally bigger – the muscle gain was everywhere, so I was going about this the right way.

The focus on my goal has benefited my writing – I trained myself to make quicker, and more lateral decisions. The script for my latest novel, delivered in March – before time – had more twists and turns in the plot than in my previous efforts, making for greater acclaim, and better sales (on its September release) than earlier in the series. I also gained four more pounds in March – everything is up to speed like I never imagined.

October signalled the start of work on the next novel. By now, nine months of continuous effort produced brilliant results. I continued the trend of gaining one more pound per month than previous, giving me a total weight of 204 lbs. A 46-inch chest, 36-inch waist, massive shoulders, arms and legs – I bought myself a Superman outfit from a fancy dress shop, and revelled in how good it looked on me. I began seriously considering whether to abandon the thought of gaining fat over my muscles, obscuring the work I had achieved so far. I then remembered I was after stature – I definitely had that, but many others had this body too. With fat as well – and as long as I continued gaining muscle – I could become something out of the ordinary. That was what I was after – that was my target for next year.

Continuing my “plus one” gaining pattern, I entered the new year weighing 240 lbs. – Christmas indulgence always helps. I was unrecognisable from this time last year. But, I knew I was on the road to something much, much bigger...


The first few months of this year were cause for celebration regarding my regime, breaking a number of barriers – the fifty-inch chest, the twenty-inch arms, the thirty-inch thighs – and the forty-inch waist. I resolved to gain at a steady rate of ten pounds per month this year, reaching 270 lbs. by April. Sure enough, I had reached the point where I started to gain fat, but my muscles were still growing at a slower rate.

My next book was finished, and the usual preliminaries before publication took place – the editing of the manuscript (although, as my writing skills are continuing to improve, less of my work requires editing – I’m weeding out problems at an earlier stage), and the taking of my publicity photo for the dust jacket.

I was waiting for the first person to comment how I am looking different with each photo, and it finally happened during a book signing in June. A fan, named Lisa, coyly referred to my changing size as she asked for my autograph, and that I was continuing to change – my steady gain continued to a new weight of 292 lbs. Seeing as I was interesting someone not just by my work, I took the opportunity to meet her in a restaurant later that evening.

Lisa wanted to know how I write, as she perceived the shift into more complex plots I have attempted, and I explained my more focused attitude – knowing it would refer to my body-building. Lisa immediately picked me up on that – confirming my suspicion that it contributed to her wanting to meet me – and said she loved what I am doing to myself. In fact, she wanted to volunteer her services to help me continue – Lisa definitely wanted a certain something in her men, and it attracted her to me – and me to her.

We celebrated my 26th birthday – and my 300 lbs. anniversary – on 1st July at, yes, a restaurant. I had upped the weight training again, and my belly was only 45 inches around, but was a sign of the times. Lisa encouraged on the food front, and when I worked out at home. By August, I had broken my “ten pounds per month” rule – by twice that amount.

The rule was broken again in August, except this time I gained twenty-five pounds. Lisa was a good and bad influence – I was gaining, but too much too fast for my liking. However, her being around me was causing herself to change, gaining twenty pounds herself over the last two months. She now weighed 155 lbs., filling out her five-foot four-inch frame. Whether is was just being around me, or if she wanted a bit of weight for herself, she was refusing to let on – I think it was the latter.

In November, Lisa gave me news I wasn’t expecting at all – she was leaving Britain, for the United States. I was helping her with her own writing skills, while she helped me with my training. Lisa had got a job as a script reader with a Hollywood film company – it wasn’t necessarily a job that required you to move country, but Lisa had relations there too. I was disappointed, as the relationship we acknowledged we now had was progressing to a different stage, but I knew Lisa had to take this job – how could you turn it down? The only job I would do, apart from being paid for writing, is be paid for reading.

We had until 29th December to continue what we were doing best – I wrote, now faster and with more inspired plot twists, with Lisa’s encouragement. She was trying to lose a bit of weight, but would eventually reach 175 lbs. just before she left for the US – she developed a belly that wouldn’t be out of place in any state, to be frank.

I, on the other hand, could not believe my own progress – another novel completed for the new year, even faster than the previous manuscript, but also a hell of a lot more weight. By November, I weighed in at 415 lbs. – finally, my weight exceeded my chest, my belly succumbing to gravity. My arms, thighs and pectorals were beginning to be laden with a layer of fat, certainly not unwelcome. However, I thought I was, at least, a whole year ahead of schedule. I guess being with Lisa was too much fun – when we began exploring each other more carnally, we naturally thought more weight was a godsend, contributing to our weight gains. I was in heaven.

November and December threw caution to the wind, as I enjoyed the last of Lisa’s company. I saw her off at the airport weighing 450 lbs. – Lisa contributed to a 210 lbs. gain this last year. My stomach rested on my thighs, and my face began to show increasingly puffed cheeks. In my last couple of months with Lisa, my exercise routine did take a slide, with more concentration on food – and sex. Next year would require me to slow my weight gain – I was almost at my target weight after only two years of growth!


On New Year’s Day, I called my editor at the publisher. She also encourages me with my body-building plan, because she saw how happy I was – and saw the rise in the quality of my writing. We exchanged our new year’s greetings, and I told her my plan.

I was ending my crime fiction series, aching to try something else. I had now written six books in the series, and had ideas already in place for another three, that would form a trilogy to end the series. They would all be published on the same day, this Christmas. My editor told me to e-mail the synopsis to her as soon as possible – she got it that afternoon. A few days later, I was amazed to find I had been given the go-ahead, plus a first-look deal on further projects. There was some concern over whether I could deliver the manuscripts on time – my previous novels have been annual publications, at 100,000 words each. This, obviously, requires some work.

I was ready, needing something more to focus on, to stop myself from getting fatter too quickly. I was hitting new peaks with my writing, so it was a great opportunity to test where I am right now, and where I can go next – what will I be writing next?

To meet a September submission target, I need to average 1,500 words per day. I wrote every morning, with exercise in the afternoon. Soon enough, I introduced an extra evening plotting session. This increased my work effort the following morning by one third, on average.

By the end of February, the first manuscript was ready – a month ahead of my original target. I also lost ten pounds in weight. I could feel my muscles beginning to firm up, although there was nothing to show that on the surface yet. But that’s still progress...

The pattern was repeated with the second novel. Now two months ahead, with one book left – and, amazingly no lost of quality despite my current speed – I spent a week making plans for my last crime book. I decided that, if I wanted to do another crime related story, it now had to be part of something else.

For three months, I tapped merrily away at my keyboard. I called my editor to tell her this final book may be longer than the previous two – she told me to go right ahead. The final manuscript extended to 160,000 words, deliberately ending with the death of the central character, so I didn’t have to continue the series. The longer length was partly due to wrapping up all the loose ends I could identify – I am proud of the work, but growing as a writer means you eventually need to move on.

I had lost more weight – I was now 410 lbs., and my muscles were more toned. They were also massive – I had a 55-inch chest, 50-inch waist, and 30-inch arms – all supported by 35-inch thighs. However, I feel healthier than I have ever been. The indulgences I had on my 27th birthday made no impact at all.

I have received some messages from Lisa, telling me how she has done in her new job. She hopes to get a book deal of her own soon, and hopes I can visit some time. August was a good time – the height of summer in California.

When I met Lisa, she clearly had not lost the habits she picked up with me last year. In fact, she embraced them. She now weighed 260 lbs. with a big belly, breasts and ass. Lisa said she realised what she wanted in others was what she really wanted for herself, and thanked me for helping her realise that.

From September, the rest of this year was spent writing ideas for new stories. They came thick and fast – I surprised myself. I am on the creative roll of my life, giving me cause for reflection – my whole body-building regime has had many additional benefits. I have become very productive, very determined, and a very reflective person – qualities I never thought I could improve upon. And yet, these last three years have seen the beginning of something very interesting in me. But, it also shows no sign of stopping – and I don’t want it to stop.

At Christmas, I gathered my friends around the turkey to make an announcement – I was taking a year off. Having written three novels in a year, I felt I could take the opportunity to relax, travel, and prepare for the writing I would do on my return. I was also interested in what this would mean for my weight – I have gained since September, and now weighed 450 lbs. – but I’m much better condition than when I was last 450 lbs. Not bad, really.


I have every intention of not writing anything this year – well, nothing to fit a target or a release date. I have a year to plan my next direction, and to relax. These last three years have been so much better than I could imagine, but they have been strenuous. I need to get all my energy back.

I didn’t realise, however, the effort needed to relax. My writing and body-building routine has become so regimented, the physical act of keeping myself in bed past 7.00am is ridiculous – it took a month to get past that barrier.

I also had to adapt my body-building routine just to make it, I realised, more enjoyable – I’ve done three years of hard building of muscle (and three years of hard eating of fat), and all I need to do now is enough exercise to keep my current physical condition. I’m at where I want to be for now – I have more than enough muscle, and I can get fatter if I want, but so long as I keep my exemplary health level, I will be made for life. Yeah – knowing you’re in a space where you are content – the space I imagined I would be with my current weight – I am actually there.

So, January and February consisted of me making various notes in a big notebook – I’ve also made big use of highlighter pens, just to track all the ideas I’m having I’ve found this attempt to relax is unleashing even more (supposedly) untapped creativity – this is writing because you can, not simply to earn a living. I’m currently writing about anything that comes to mind, bouncing ideas off any surface – a good way to get your mind going is to watch, read or listen to any story, and think “how would I do it?” Certainly, you find out quickly how you tackle individual points in a story, but you begin to unlock your own storytelling formula for any genre – I wrote crime fiction because I studied it inside out. Now I have clues on expanding my work to other areas – I could even write a book on how to tell a story, but if I’ve never found them useful myself, would I expect anyone to read mine?

During this time, I’ve noticed my appetite has increased. I’m writing for pleasure, but I’m now eating for pleasure too – something I’ve never actually done before, as I’ve only been interested in the end point of my weight gain, and not in the journey itself. Hmm... what am I working towards with my writing? That is more for the journey itself, but where am I planning on being in, say, five years from now?

On 1st March, I weighed myself, and got a bit of a shock – I’ve reached my target weight. Five hundred pounds – and two more. I was stunned – not by the weight, as the way I’ve been eating means I would have reached it soon enough – but that I’ve actually reached my target.

I looked at myself in the mirror. What am I seeing? I have a chubby face, very wide shoulders, big, muscular and flabby arms, large pectoral-enhanced breasts, and a massive belly that now rests on my thighs. My legs are still suggesting much muscle, and my ass is definitely that of someone who does a lot of sitting.

I am surprised by my reaction – now that I weigh a quarter of a ton, which is no mean feat, I realise it is not enough. My perspective on myself has been changing these last couple of months, and I have found that, while content in some respects, I am capable of so much more. Perhaps I am in need of some self-discovery this year – what sort of satisfaction do I need before I can finally say “I am content”? I have to work this one out – perhaps something is there already in me that needs to come out? I’m not sure yet...

I spent all of March delving deep into myself, having realised I was at a crossroads. I had achieved everything I wanted in life – I was a successful writer, comfortably well off from my efforts, and I achieved the body I wanted for myself. I think it was the actual achievement of these – without working out, on the way, where to go next – which has put me in this predicament. Don’t put aside a whole year to work out yourself, or you will stand still. This is what I’ve realised – I am one of those people who can never be satisfied. I need to keep in motion – no goals, just keep going.

This realisation made me feel so much better. My writing could take quantum leaps from now on, but there is still something that could, in the future, be a cause for concern – I’ve realised my current weight isn’t enough. I am big, and want to get bigger. However, I will probably only find out what I deem “too big when I actually get there. That sounds so entirely wrong – yet so right. I have always wanted a life without limits, and I have broken through the last barriers to that reality. If only I had realised all this when I started building my body, because it would have saved all this existential trouble. But now, I need to get myself in motion, before this year-long break becomes one to wallow in my own self-pity.

April was an all-out success after last month, because – after realising that releasing three books at once, at Christmas, in a crowded market, would actually be counterproductive – my crime trilogy was finally released. However, the postponement of the release date allowed for word of mouth to spread, to everyone’s advantage. This month has also given me the chance to regain the ten pounds I lost last month worrying about myself, through different parties to celebrate the success of the books, and in hospitality suites on the way to, or from, different interviews.

Something I had noticed these last few years, during my body-building regime, has now fully blossomed – everyone is really happy to see me. My friends have even taken to giving me a pat on my belly, supposedly for good luck. I haven’t become a “jolly fat man”, because I don’t hide my emotions well enough for that, but it’s as if what I’m doing – living my dreams – is bringing out those feelings in others. I’m doing what others wouldn’t always have the courage to do themselves – it makes me feel good, which makes them feel good, which encourages me to carry on “as normal”. How do I know this is right? My friends are now encouraging me to gain more weight, and offer to help in any way possible. This is more like my original vision, back at the start of it all. This is brilliant – I gained back those ten pounds by April, so how much can I gain by the end of the year?

By July, I could celebrate my 28th birthday with the discovery of what I will be writing next – science fiction. While it allows for flights of fancy, science fiction can comment on contemporary issues while being set – safely – in the future. There are too many reasons to go for this genre, alone with being a ripe area for genre mixing – if I still have a crime story, I can still write it in a science fiction setting.

I have also gained fifty pounds in these last few months. I discovered what I really enjoy about my body – my muscles are still visible under all this fat, giving me the definition I wouldn’t have had if it was all fat. I must continue to have this sort of body if I want to continue getting bigger – the fact I can still get around without any difficulty is surely due to having such big muscles – I can feel the power in them.

The acclaim from the trilogy continued to the end of the year, and I won a few awards for the work. People are now eagerly awaiting my science fiction stories, which I will begin next year. This brought a crucial, and ultimately brilliant year to a close, and I await next year. Plus, will my now six hundred pound body grow any further? I know it will, but by how much?


I have been keeping in contact with Lisa since she moved to the United States. In February, I went to visit her for the first time in over a year – taking a twelve-hour flight to Los Angeles is an ordeal for anyone, but doing so and have to pay for two seats on the plane in order to have enough room for myself – I’ll only do that every so often.

When I reached Lisa’s apartment, I was greeted by a surprise – Lisa had kept her word regarding how much she loved gaining weight, after her relationship back home with me. She now weighed 380 lbs., and had expanded in all directions from when I last saw her. Lisa’s belly now rested on her thighs, her ass had acquired an American-style shelf, and her thighs, breasts and arms were massive – and she loved all of it, and so she should.

Lisa was also surprised by me – I had already gained twenty more pounds this year – my 620 lbs. body was a true sight to behold, but I could still get easily get around, despite there being ever more of me to move.

We embraced, and immediately entered the second stage of the relationship we always knew we put on hold. We broke Lisa’s bed together with our half-ton weight. We were overjoyed.

I was visiting the United States for a month, and I intended on taking advantage of every morsel American restaurants had to offer – and the size of portions were another matter. It was an opportunity for Lisa and I to feed each other. I told Lisa I was gaining fat without any limit, and she intended on taking full advantage of that – I let her.

In that month, I gained a massive fifty pounds – all of which seemingly around my middle, which I imagined was going to be the case as I was mainly horizontal for the whole time. The United States leads the world in sitting down, even while moving place to place in their cars, and anyone who entered their borders would have to do the same.

Lisa gained only twenty pounds, but she was now a total of four hundred pounds – and still loving the prospects of gaining more. She intended on gaining more with me for a long time yet – on my last day, Lisa revealed that she was moving back to Britain. I was completely astounded, and ecstatic. However, it would not be for another three months. That didn’t matter – we could wait, and anticipate. We left each other at the airport knowing it wouldn’t be too long before that heavenly month could be repeated. I also knew I had been upgraded to first class on the plane back to Britain – it was easier for the airline than giving me two seats together.

I had another book to complete, and I knew that would be what would fill the next three months. However, my desk was also lined with sugary treats – I was going to see how much weight I would gain by the next time I would see Lisa. I want to see her response, as I liked her gasp when she saw me at 620 lbs.

And so, one hundred thousand words and countless calories later, I was ready to meet Lisa. However, I told her to meet me at home – I had a plan. She rang the doorbell, and I told her the door was unlocked. She walked in, and she had a surprise – I was on my new, big leather sofa, in as seductive a pose as I could manage, with a rose between my teeth – naked. A sight only for connoisseurs, you would imagine – certainly so, as I weighed a magnificent seven hundred pounds. My belly now filled my lap, pushing my huge legs aside on a descent to the floor. My ass now only filled half the sofa, as I bought one for, intentionally at least, four people.

An astonished Lisa joined me, filling up the rest of the sofa. She did the same as me, now weighing 450 lbs., her whole body succumbing to gravity further. We made love on the floor, as we now knew nothing was strong enough to hold us, unless we had something made. That was wickedly wrong, but felt so right.

We recreated that month again, and again, and again. We were in love with our minds, and in list with the insatiable appetite of our bodies. It only spurred me on to write more, and better, than before, just like the old days. I finally knew why Lisa returned to Britain – she missed being an inspiration to someone. Lisa did well enough in her script reader job, and it continued to a new role as a script editor for screenplays – and novels. Another pair of eyes to watch over my two great works – my writing, and my body – is all too welcome.

The end of the year had great surprises for both Lisa and I. We deliberately had not weighed ourselves since she arrived back in June. So, seven full months later, we chose to find out what we had done to ourselves. It was a shock – Lisa, whose belly now approached her knees, weighed a massive 530 lbs. – heavenly is the only word. I, on the other hand, was truly colossal at a total of 835 lbs., as I was the focus of our weight gain. My belly was also approaching my knees, and somehow my massive muscles, which I have continued to work on, are still evident amongst a sea of flesh. What I am slightly wary about now, however, is that my gain rate is slowing, as I am now so fat. I am definitely going to continue for some time, but I know that if there is a limit, it is nearer than before.

to be cont/...

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Default The concluding half...


Lisa and I were married in January – we were certainly two of a kind, and we looked it too. We are the fattest people we know, and it doesn’t look like we’ll stop growing any time soon.

I was now insatiable, eating continuously to maintain my current size. However, I was continuing to push my appetite ever further, and Lisa is always there to help.

We also have somebody else to help around the house. A friend of ours, Mack, was in need of a job after being fired as an administrative assistant at an office, due to the allure of “free” stationery. I had been considering an assistant to sort out the business part of my writing, so I can get on with the actual writing, but it is becoming clear I need someone to help me around in general. I can still get around, and have no problem with walking, it’s just the need to stop for a breather is coming earlier, like it would do. Still, Mack was one of the friends I have who was encouraging my growth, so he was only too happy to help out – and I can get back to my proper work. However, I feel that having an assistant is only going to make me gain even faster...

By April, everything was running swimmingly, but dynamics were changing. Lisa, who had originally wanted to encourage weight gain in others, and decided she wanted part of the action, finally had to throw in the towel. She was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and we decided her health was much more important. Lisa is now losing weight, although our food bill has not decreased.

Lisa now weighs 495 lbs., although we are taking full advantage of her sensuous body while we still can. Her gelatinous ass and thighs are still what gets me every time. However, Lisa cannot get enough of mine – at a weight of 880 lbs., I now measure nearly five feet across, let alone attempting to measure a circumference. My oil-drum thighs engulf my knees, and my calves now cover my ankles. The weight isn’t bad at all, but the volume of fat can make things awkward now and then.

However, I have started noticing this – Mack seems to be gaining weight by osmosis. Just by being surrounded by two very fat people has made him gain ten pounds in the last three months – he now weighs 180 lbs., which is still OK for his height of five feet, eight inches. He has notices, but isn’t bothered at all. In fact, he may even replace Lisa as the “second gainer” in our family.

My days were now becoming an all-day food-fest, with additional writing and exercise. I was still maintaining my exercise routine to keep all my muscles in place, although I have a feeling all the fat surrounding my muscles may become too large a payload.

Unfortunately, I finally found out what was too big a payload. I was at a party held by the publishers of my novels to celebrate three big events – the publication of my latest science fiction novel; the signing of Lisa to a contract to write her own novels, which I always knew she should achieve; and my 30th birthday.

Lisa was down to 420 lbs., which she was managing with a very balanced diet indeed. I, on the other hand, was now up to 950 lbs., and yet still enjoying every moment. It was something everyone could now accept, as it can always be down to a quirk of character, but everyone could see how happy I was. Mack was seeing me as the head of some kingdom, as everyone was surrounding me – I was noticing how his belly was beginning to surround him, or at least make itself known, with his extra thirty pounds bringing Mack to a total of 210 lbs. Nothing could go wrong that night...

...until, when I was getting up from my seat, and lost my balance. I fell over at an awkward angle, and broke my left leg. Actually, this is the first time I have ever broken a bone in my body, but it would have to be something that kept me upright – and, with my weight, it would be more difficult.

The requirement was for me to undertake bed rest for six months – or, until the end of the year. I was not allowed to move my leg, or put any weight on it. This was going to be extremely difficult for me, as I have prided myself on still being able to get around easily when I weighed so much. However, not being able to get around at all was going to have an adverse effect on my morale.

A month was spent continuously eating, with no words put down – I actually have a new novel awaiting release, so I could afford a little time off. I was in a bit of a depression, but what really hit me was that I continued to gain weight without being in an enjoyable mood about it. This has led me to realise a few things – my reason for being in a depression was not that I was unable to move, but because I was in a position beyond my control. I had to stay in bed if I wanted my leg to heal. But, I have realised I would be prepared to voluntarily get so fat I would become immobile. That sent a shudder through Lisa and Mack, who were as turned on about it as I was. However, this was not quite the time to turn it into reality...

On my bed is a sensor system, which I now use as my scales. During my enforced stay in bed, I have seen the readout for my weight creep up almost daily – it reached a high of 992 lbs. At this point, I realised I needed to lose weight just to make sure my leg was properly healed – I needed to be able to get up, so I could stand on it. That was that – with great willpower, and the help of Lisa and Mack, I will get out of this bed – at least for a while.

The main part of the plan was to get my strength back up, doing what exercises I can do. Lisa continued to be an inspiration to me, as her weight loss continued – in August, when we started, Lisa was now 380 lbs., and had taken to using my weights to help build her own muscles – I couldn’t help but think that she may have not had her problems with high blood pressure if she took them up earlier. Mack, on the other hand, was continuing to gain himself – he had found a boyfriend, who was also encouraging him, and had reached 250 lbs. He was growing all over, but particularly in his belly.

What made the next few months easy, therefore, was that we all had goals for ourselves, or rather had directions to go, and we all wanted to travel as far down that particular road as we could. We were going to drive each other as far as possible.

At the end of the year, everything was coming up roses. Lisa’s new book, which she has been working on for years, has been published; my new one has also reached the bookshelves; and we are all much more healthy.

Lisa is now down to 300 lbs., and I can see her muscles. She is so wonderfully chunky, and she encourages me to pinch where I can. Her health levels have also improved dramatically, which is the most important thing.

Mack has actually surpassed Lisa, now weighing 310 lbs. I have noticed how, with the more weight he gains, the less shy about his body he becomes – well, when your belly now reaches your thighs, like has now does, it will be hard to hide. But, Mack had come out of his shell, and I am happy for him.

I am now 850 lbs., and on my feet with a fully healed leg. It gave us a chance to do something we talked about for a while – we were going to have a group photo taken, naked, to see the bodies we grew for ourselves. I looked at myself, with my belly reaching my knees, and now almost as wide as I am tall, and I know I have passed all thresholds of normal human convention. I was the same as Mack regarding my weight – the only way for me now was up.


This year, I was to attempt something which would be the ultimate pinnacle of my weight gaining efforts – by continuing to build muscle, how much will I weigh before I finally cannot rise from my bed? I am actually excited by this, because it finally proves how big I can be, after all these years of effort. I am ready.

This was my part of a three-way body-building exercise. By the end of the first month, the effects were beginning to surface. Lisa is very heavy-set, still, but is looking powerful with her new muscles. She now weighs 280 lbs. Mack is continuing to grow, his boyfriend supporting whatever he eats here with extra goodies at home. He now weighs 330 lbs. I am also fatter, but feeling stronger at 880 lbs. Thirty pounds in one month. It gave me an idea.

For the rest of the year, we would have to match our monthly gains, or losses, that we managed in January. Lisa was not up for the challenged, reasoning that losing that much weight consecutively would be dangerous – her twenty-pound loss in January was merely shaking off the effects of Christmas. We decided upon a ten-pound loss per month instead. However, Mack and I were gearing up for gaining twenty and thirty pounds per month respectively. We all decided to keep our goals consistent, because we don’t want to cause any health problems – our only intent is to build our bodies in the way we want, and lead a great life.

By May, we were well into what we were now describing, without any shame, a decadent lifestyle. That is the right word, as Lisa and I have no problems about sharing our bed with a gay man in a threesome, as we have come to know Mack so well. Not only do we have a bed that is big enough for three people, but one that can actually hold all of our weight, and it cost a lot of money.

Lisa was now down to 250 lbs., and is looking so luscious and husky. Mack is now up to 400 lbs., and is revelling in his oversized belly, thighs and ass. And, I have some news – I have now broken the thousand-pound barrier. My belly has surpassed my knees, my calves are drooping over my feet, and my upper arms have surpassed my elbows. It is now harder to move about, but as long as I can still write, I am not seeing any problems on the horizon. However, I have decided I won’t try to gain any more – it will simply be because I am eating so much anyway, and the reduced mobility I am now experiencing. What this does mean is the focus is now completely on Mack...

I have now started writing another novel. With my new computer set-up, I am able to work from my bed. What this does mean is I am having fewer distractions than normal – usually, if I am having writers’ block, I might go away and do something else, coming back to the job later. Now, once I have asked myself whether to go to the effort of getting out of bed, I will generally stay, and work out the problem. As a result, I am producing, at least, three thousand words of usable material – and, after I have done some editing to make is presentable to anyone, I completed a whole novel of one hundred thousand words in a matter of weeks – bliss. I am hoping my productivity will improve further.
By August, we were all continuing happily along. Lisa was now down to 200 lbs., losing more weight than planned, but she still looks great. I’ve only gained twenty more pounds, still meaning as total of 1,020 lbs. Mack has been the biggest gainer, however, as a result of two people encouraging him to keep him going – unfortunately, his boyfriend left because he found Mack too fat, but he knew Lisa and I were more considerate to what made Mack happy – the whole situation encouraged him to gain more than ever, reaching 500 lbs. in August. Both Lisa and I have now said he needs to gain some more muscle in his legs, if he plans on gaining any more weight.

By the end of the year, I was seeing that was slowly coming together between Lisa, Mack and I – we had become a fully-formed unit of three people. Not only were we working on novels together – with both Lisa and I working on separate stories, with Mack handling our business affairs – we were sharing our bodies too. Mack and I had effectively become bisexual in the process, such was the physical infatuation with our growing bodies, but with Lisa returning to her original encourager role, I was in heaven, and she had her pick of two people whose bodies gave her the satisfaction she deserved. We were decadent, we were degenerate, we were whatever people who don’t agree with our lifestyle would call us – and we didn’t care.

Lisa is now 180 lbs., and is where she feels happy. She is rippling with muscles, under a layer of fat. She is, basically, well-built, and we both love it. We have enjoyed every moment of our exploration of each other during our marriage, and there is no intention of us stopping soon. Mack, on the other hand, took my advice and now has very well-developed leg muscles, to support his now 600 lbs. weight. And me? I have continued eating, but now weigh 1,100 lbs. I am amazed by how insatiable I have become, and there is no way it can stop – good!


The first few months of this year were signals of great changes in the lives of myself, Lisa and Mack. We moved from my home of the previous eight years – an apartment in the centre of London – to a large, spacious house in Los Angeles. Yes, that is a big change, but the United States is a country that we all have liked – remember, Lisa lived there for a while. Anyway, you can write anywhere, so our jobs will not be affected, but a contributory factor to moving to the United States is its status as a Mecca for fat people. Not only do we have a huge following for our writing there, but we are also well known for being fat, and people love that. In fact, some American fans of ours have helped with the move.

We were fortunate enough to travel to Los Angeles in a private jet, owned by another, wealthier fan. It was perhaps just was well we went this way, because I doubt we would be allowed on a normal plane – between the three of us, we are galloping towards weighing a full ton. Lisa remained at a relatively svelte 180 lbs., Mack had increased to 650 lbs., and I had climbed to a huge 1,150 lbs. when we boarded the plane to a new life in March.

Mack has currently been enjoying how his body sways from one side to the other while he walks, his massive thighs meeting all the way down, and his belly meeting his knees. He finds his every move to be extremely erotic, needing a rest every so often to calm himself down, rather than to regain his strength.

On the other hand, my steps have been few, and slow. At my colossal weight, I am in danger of tripping over my stomach, and even my ankles. However, I have refused any use of a cart, or anything that will move myself around without any effort, as I want to be still using my muscles to their full advantage, to keep them running – and, right now, the best weights to keep those muscles in shape are already wrapped around them. Lisa is now using my weights more than I do, merely because I grew my own!

In Los Angeles, one we were settled, our existence as a self-contained unit began again. However, we were soon becoming a chain of command. Mack, originally my assistant, was soon in need of an assistant of his own at the rate he was growing. In the United States, he was appreciating the huge portions, and was soon gaining at least a pound every day under his own speed.

Gradually, I am beginning to do the same, but it has been due to something more benevolent – my fans have started sending me food parcels. They want me to get fatter. Thankfully, this is balanced by their willing me on in my writing, but this has been an unexpected development. It is very welcome, though. They are full of rich, expensive, fattening foods – I am sure some are from businesses attempting to sponsor my increasing weight, but it is all welcome.

And so, for the next few months, leading up to my 32nd birthday in July, I was leading a life consisting of nothing but eating, writing, having sex and eating. Mack was also sharing the food parcels, and Lisa was beginning to take the occasional nibble. I am sure the habits she was used to having when she last lived here were beginning to take over. There is surely enough food around to do that to someone.

On my birthday, we finally took stock of our new calorie-laden routine. Lisa was back into gaining weight, with no escape now. She gained 70 lbs., bringing her weight back up to 250 lbs. Her ass regained its American shelf, and her belly and breasts had drooped under their new weight. However, she loved it – she acknowledged her new situation, and the beauty she obviously radiated.

Mack was possessed, gaining such a huge amount of weight, in such a short time, he has become the first of us to eat his way to immobility. He has been so for the last few weeks, although we don’t know it for sure – for the month before that, all Mack had done was lie on his bed, stuffing his face. When he came to move, his legs and belly had become too bloated to move under his own weight. His final weight, measured using the sensors in his bed, was 890 lbs. – he may have gained as much as one hundred pounds in the last month alone. Mack has now resolved to slow his food intake – he says that now?!

I have also gained a large amount, although I was still able to move under my own power (with a couple of helpers) to a scale to measure my weight of 1,320 lbs. The 170 lbs. I have gained since moving to America have made less difference than the previous 170, but it is becoming clear I will not be able to move for much longer, and I realised this month when looking at my belly – it has begun to lightly brush the floor as I slowly put one foot in front of the other and, once I sat down, my belly flowed out across the floor, engulfing my massively bloated legs.

The next few months carried on as normal – at least for us – with Lisa and I writing our next novels, with Mack continuing to manage our affairs with a couple of helpers. We all ate all day, with a continuous stream of food entering the house – both food we have bought, and the continuous, increasing food parcels. We have taken to having a website monitoring our growth, such was the demand, but our expansion is making people think we require even more food – perhaps they’re right.

I got a pleasant surprise in a phone call from the publishers – they were wondering if I was interested in selling the film rights, for all of my novels, to a production company in exchange for $50 million plus a percentage of future receipts. Was I going to take this or not? Of course I was, but I have asked to be a consultant on any films made of my works, just to make sure my original intent is kept. What this does all mean is, with this deal and the royalties from my previous books, I will never have to work again. I have two books left on my current contract with the publisher – I am about to deliver one of them, with the last to be written next year. After that, I will “retire”, but I’ll always write for pleasure – those works can always be discovered after my death, right?

This year has been wonderful in that we are all now financially, and emotionally, secure for life. But, as it reached the end of the year, we needed to monitor our progress from the previous year. Again, I wanted a group photograph of us – this time, being naked was easy, as Mack and I had almost given up clothes, but there was a difficulty in that we were also confined to our beds. Still, a comparison can be made on how far our bellies were ahead of our feet as we lied there.

All of our weights had leapt forward since July. Lisa has definitely returned to weight gain, at a huge 380 lbs., filling a seat like she previously could – she was not stopping any time soon, and we were overjoyed. Mack had grown even further, and weighed a colossal 1,050 lbs. He was beginning to have trouble lifting his arms, and his features were sinking into his face – and yet he was going to continue as far as he could, and his helpers – all men – made him feel like a good. As for me, I knew it would come, but after eight years, I have reached the point where my muscles can no longer support my weight. I am now 1,500 lbs. – my gut reaches the edges of my bed, and I have not seen my legs in a while. However, it gives Lisa even more to play with. All together now – I am continuing until I gain no more!


Events have continued as normal at our house – writing, food, sex, and little else – and that is how we like it. We have been getting regular visits from doctors, as we want to make sure our health has not been compromised – and amazingly, we are doing very well. Lisa, who has kept up her exercise while gaining weight for the second time, has no trace of high blood pressure. Mack has no problems at all, although I am sure the sex he has with his helpers has been a big help. And, despite weighing three quarters of a ton, I still have no problems at all with my health, as my body has seemingly adapted – my heart, lungs, stomach and kidneys have all expanded to shoulder the extra workload. I am, seemingly, a medical marvel!

However, as I have continued gaining weight it has become an effort to lift my arms to continue typing my novels. I have now employed an advanced voice recognition software system, by which I mean when I say something, it actually gets the word right first time. My work rate has actually increased again, as I can certainly speak faster than I can write. It’s nice that, although my body is slower, my mind can continue to get faster.

As I would be ending my professional writing career this year, I was planning my “retirement”. Lisa was looking forward to taking full advantage of my free time, as was I, but I knew that some of that time would be involved in eating even more. Perhaps I will continue writing in a reduced capacity, and acting as a consultant in the film versions of my works will be an interesting change of pace. I have no reason not to feel helpful for the future, and I look forward to the new challenges I will be facing.

Mack has been facing a big challenge of his won. In his own way, despite never setting out to be famous, he has become a gay icon through the website used to monitor the progress of our weight gain. However, because Mack ate his way to immobility, he is unable to take full advantage of the scene he has created. People visit him, sure, but he now wants to be able to visit his public himself, which is fair enough. I have given him all the tips I know to lose weight, as I’m not using them, because Mack knows he needs the muscle to carry himself around – he is only losing enough weight to get out of bed, and no more. As long as he is happy, we are all happy. It certainly isn’t the life he originally intended for himself, but he cannot imagine a better one, with the attention he has now. However, Mack currently weighs 1,100 lbs., so he has a way to go.

I spent more time than usual finishing the last book on my contract, simply because I knew it was the last. I wanted the reader to feel that every single word was discussed and approved by committee before it could be included in the final draft. I am someone who likes his work to be tightly written and concise in detail. I have always felt I have achieved that in my work, but it has been more so here – I am sure the crime trilogy I wrote a while ago contains the same amount of story as this novel, but my last work is one third of that trilogy’s length. It is as concise as I can manage, but it is an interesting point on which I can end my contract. People will be talking about this for quite a while, once it’s released this Christmas.

The Christmas party to celebrate the publication of the book was an extremely opulent affair, dominated by food, and attended by the fans that provided all the food. After everything book-related, we turned to the centrepiece of the evening – the unveiling of how much weight Lisa, Mack and I had gained (or lost) in the last year. I already knew the results, so I could predict the uproarious cheers we could expect...

Mack was first up – he weighed an amazing 850 lbs., building up much muscle to support himself. His legs were massive, supporting his five feet-wide ass, and a belly that reached his knees. He looked extremely frisky with his new boyfriend, who himself weighed 450 lbs., and it was Mack’s intention to fatten him up – he thanked me for the hints. Mack was happy, and so long as he was driven to orgasm by his body when he moved, he always would be.

Lisa, mindful that she too wanted to keep her mobility, weighed 540 lbs. – the fattest she has ever been. She looked like a female version of Mack, but beat him in terms of her breasts, arms and ass – she was doing this to turn me on as much as for herself, and it worked. She said she would stop gaining soon, but we can worry about that later.

I won the greatest cheers of the night – I am the fattest human ever, at two thousand pounds – one ton. My belly flows over my bed, and to the floor. My feet and hands are engulfed by ever flowing fat, and my head is sinking under the fat surrounding my shoulders and chest. I cannot move independently – I am truly immobile. After this nine-year journey, I have a huge sense of achievement – and I will never stop. Why should I?

THE END - for I shall not be writing any more...

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Default Thank you

At 10.43am GMT, I have seen that "Noah" has currently received 661 page views. I have just pictured myself reading the entire story to an audience of that many people, and fainting on stage. I would like to thank those who have read it so far, and I would love to know what you thought of it - no-one else bar me had read it before I posted it here...
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Coop can now change their title

Write another story plx.
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Thankyou Coop. I have the first act of a new story, written last month (and the first WG-type fiction I've imagined in ages), but I am working out where next to take it.

While I'm here, now we are in a more permissible climate (as evidenced by "Torchwood" and "Hollyoaks" in the UK, and by the Logo cable channel in the US), what does a general WG community, like Dimensions, think about a gay WG story being posted among the usual fare? Include it among the others, provide a separate thread, relegate it to a separate forum, or send it to Hell?

I only ask because, having been emboldened by my little success with "Noah", any new story I write will be as gay as I am...
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Lewis, since you've asked a public question I'm answering it in public since the subject is of general interest as well.

The published guidelines which we have for writers include the following statement:

Excluded Contributions: Those that are off topic and/or primarily dedicated to other fantasy genres, alternative life styles and art forms (including specifically explicit stand alone pictures and drawings, vore, cannibalism etc.);
Please note the underlined portion. The term "alternative life styles" has traditionally been interpreted to mean that inclusion of lesbian or gay characters in stories is fine (and in fact you will find a number of examples of each in the collection) but, like everything else here, the focus of the stories needs to be in the context of weight and size acceptance, which is what this collection is all about. If a story is instead focused on specifics and advocacy of the lifestyle with no real size-related aspect it will be declined.

I would highly suggest your discussing your specific ideas and plotlines in this area in advance to avoid any disappointments. This can be done via PM or writing me at observer_writer@yahoo.com.
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Thanks for the clarification. If I were to do a gay WG story, it would be in the sense that someone can write a "science fiction comedy" - it would primarily be a WG story, but the relationship dynamic would just be different.

I wouldn't know how to advocate being gay - being fine with yourself is one thing, but putting forward a persuasive argument sounds both impossible and bizarre. You are who you are, and if that is what you know, that is what you find easiest to reflect.

I just want to be sure of my position - some can be accepting of one "alternative lifestyle", then be sniffy about another one.

Perhaps I should get on and write something, rather than overanalyse it...
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Bellybuilders also has a Stories section and that forum is predominately gay. I'd look into posting the story there as well if you want to widen your audience. Just a suggestion though. I tend to go there for my stories since it is pretty much a "gay" site.
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I would perfer a mutual wg story.
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Default Wonderful!

Originally Posted by lewis-spence View Post
At 10.43am GMT, I have seen that "Noah" has currently received 661 page views. I have just pictured myself reading the entire story to an audience of that many people, and fainting on stage. I would like to thank those who have read it so far, and I would love to know what you thought of it - no-one else bar me had read it before I posted it here...
This is a fabulous tale - I loved it, especially the mutual and friendly gaining. Please write more!
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Thanks - I will, eventually!
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That was alright, having read through that, though the size and weight gets a little too out of hand at the end.

I don't know what the gay hang-up was - there was a gay man in it, but not enough to require that protest!
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