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Default The Omega Moos - by Caffieneaddict6

BBW, eating, WG - Unique pledge initiation to the most unusual of sororities

The Omega Moos
by Caffieneaddict6

(Author's Note: No, I haven't actually seen Revenge of the Nerds. I also have no idea how actual fraternities/sororities work. Feedback is appreciated at Caffieneaddict6@yahoo.com )

Tori stood nervously in a line of other girls in the basement of a sorority house. She was an average looking girl, with red hair and green eyes, with a freckled complexion.

Ever since she had come to college she'd been wanting to join a sorority; but the only one she could get into was Omega Mu Lambda. And despite the fact that the letter "Mu" is supposed to be pronounced "mee," everyone pronounced it "moo." Thus it was that the sorority became known as the Omega Moos and it garnered a reputation for having the largest women on campus.

Tori, a thin girl herself, was wondering what that meant for her. If they only accepted fat girls why had they accepted her? And if they accepted thin girls, how come all of them were fat? She mulled over these thoughts while she looked over the line of pledges.

The other pledges ran the scale of weights, ranging from barely chubby to a few downright fatties. There were a few other thin girls like her, though, so Tori felt a little better. Just then Courtney, the girl in charge of initiations, came in. She had shoulder length blond hair and looked to weigh nearly three hundred lbs.

"Alright pledges!" she yelled, "You're all here to join Omega Mu Lambda," she said, pronouncing it correctly. "Better known as the Omega Moos. Now, as I'm sure you've all heard; we have a reputation of being a bunch of fatasses." She put her hands on her large belly. "Well..." she said, taking a dramatic pause as she walked down the line of pledges; who all stood at attention.

"We are very proud of our reputation!" she declared with an authority that showed she meant it. Tori was a little shocked at this. Most fat girls she knew desperately wanted to lose weight. Could it be that the girls of Omega Moo were really proud of their weight? Or was this just a pledge test?

"You all look way too thin to me," Courtney continued, stopping in front of Tori. She looked her up and down, a look of disgust on her face. "Do you want to be an Omega Moo?" Courtney asked.

"Y..yes.." Tori said.

"You don't sound too enthusiastic," Courtney told her.

"Yes!" Tori said, more enthusiastically than she felt.

"Well, then, you're going to have to beef up, skinny!" Courtney said, thrusting her large belly into Tori's flat one. Courtney walked back down the line while Tori nearly panicked to herself. Her worst fears had just been confirmed.

"That goes for the rest of you scrawny bitches, too!" Courtney continued. "As part of your initiation; you all need to gain at least fifty pounds this month."

There were gasps and some muttering amongst the pledges. "And we don't like girls who settle for the minimum." Courtney told them. A pledge even bigger than Courtney sheepishly raised her hand.

"What do you want?" Courtney asked, getting in the girl's face.

"Well, it's just that, uh," the girl started, "I'm already kinda fat, and..."

"Oh," Courtney said, smiling and nodding. "So you want to know if you have to do this too?" The girl smiled, nodding. "Yes you do!" Courtney shouted, getting back in her face, the smile gone.

"Your ambition should be to get rolled back in here after the month is over!" The girl's eyes went wide, and her jaw dropped.

"Now, you have a few days until the rest of the initiations start; so go report for your weigh-ins; and then I'd suggest going out to eat," Courtney said, walking out. The pledges started to file towards the weigh-in room, some of them talking while others were too shocked. Tori was one of the latter.

'So that's the catch,' she thought. She sighed, looking down at her now flat belly under her black tank-top. She didn't want to get fat. But this was her only chance to be in a sorority. She could always lose the weight after college. She'd just have to suffer through four years of being a blimp.

Tori got into the semi-line at the weigh-in room. In front of her two girls were talking. Both of them were skinny, like her. The one on the right had milky skin and dyed, bright red hair. The one on the left was Asian and had short hair.

"Gosh, can you imagine," the one on the right was saying. She had a British accent. "'Get rolled in here'?" She shook her head. "We're going to get so fat."

The one on the left smiled. "Come on," she said, "it might be kinda fun. We don't have to worry about diets anymore, and we'll get to buy all new clothes."

"Yeah, right," Tori butted in from behind them. "New clothes won't change how totally disgusting we'll be," she said.

The girl frowned. "Come on now, who says we'll be disgusting?" she said. "We'll still be us; we'll just be bigger."

Tori shook her head.

"I'm Brittany, by the way," the girl with the red hair said, offering her hand. Tori shook it.

"I'm Jenna," said the other girl.

"Tori," Tori said. They shook hands. Then they were at the scale. Two hefty Omega Moo sisters stood on either side of the scale, waiting for the pledges.

Jenna eagerly jumped on first, weighing in at 114 lbs. Brittany went next, weighing in at 127 lbs. Then Tori apprehensively stepped up, weighing in at 119 lbs. One of the weighers slapped her on the belly when it was over.

"Now go eat," she told her. Tori stepped away, blushing in embarrassment, and joined Brittany and Jenna.

"So where should we go to eat?" Brittany asked.

"Where else?" Tori said. "McDonald's, the fat ass capitol of the fast food world."

"Just think," Jenna said, putting her arms on the girls' shoulders, "soon we'll fit right in." She puffed out her cheeks jokingly, making the girls laugh.

At McDonald's, the girls all ordered large meals, to puzzled stares from the cashier. Tori shrugged apologetically as she took her meal; then went to join the others. Brittany was eating normally, while Jenna was digging in with a fervor.

"So," Tori said, sitting down. "Where are you girls from?"

"I suppose you can guess," said Brittany. "I'm from Great Britain."

Jenna swallowed the latest bite of her triple cheeseburger and giggled. "Brittany from Britain; that's funny," she said.

"Everyone I've told since I've arrived has thought so, yes." Brittany said, a little annoyed. Tori tried to stifle a smile.

"Where in Britain?" Jenna asked, blushing.

"Hammersmith. It's near London," Brittany said.

"Ah. I'm from Seattle," said Jenna.

"Where's that exactly?" asked Brittany.

"It's in Washington, in the northwest," Jenna told her.

"And where are you from, Tori?" Jenna asked.

"Oh, I'm from right here," Tori said. "I grew up in this town." The other girls nodded.

The conversation went on as the girls ate -ranging from the girls' home lives to their romantic history [all the girls were currently single]. Finally the conversation turned to the Omega Moos.

"So," Brittany asked them, "what brought you girls to the Omega Moos?"

Tori blushed a little, swallowing hard the bite of burger she was chewing.

"Well," she started, "I've always wanted to be in a sorority; and it doesn't hurt what they do for your academic career." She took a sip of her drink, "and the Omega Moos were the only one I could get into."

Brittany nodded. "It was sort of the same for me" she said. "The Omega Moos were simply the best option open to me. I'm not thrilled about getting fat; but I don't really mind either." She shrugged. "What about you Jenna?"

Jenna swallowed a bite of food, "Oh, it was the opposite for me," she said, "I could've been in any sorority on campus."

"WHAT?!" the two others practically shouted. "Of all the sororities there are, why would you want to be an Omega Moo?" Tori asked.

Jenna blushed beet red. "Well, uh," she stammered. "I suppose it doesn't matter now so I'll just say it," she started. "The truth is..." she paused, then took a big breath and launched into the second part: "I've kinda always wanted to be fat."

The other girls just stared at her with their mouths gaping open and Jenna turned an even brighter shade of red.

Tori was the first to snap out of it. She shook her head and then asked: "Wh-why?"

Jenna shrugged and turned the color of Brittany's hair. "It just always seemed so... right to me," she said. "You would be so big and soft, it would be like having your own pillows everywhere you went. And it always seemed so womanly to me."

She looked at the other girls reproachfully. They just stared at her, wide-eyed with shock. Jenna turned crimson and started to get up. "I knew I shouldn't've told you, I'm sorry," she said, grabbing her tray. She seemed on the verge of tears as she started to walk away.

"Hey, come on now! Wait!" the girls said, grabbing Jenna. Tori stood up and helped her back to her chair.

"Come on. It's ok," she said, comforting Jenna.

"Really?" Jenna asked.

"Yeah, we don't care," Tori said.

"We're all going to get fat together, so at least one of us is happy about it," Brittany said, grabbing Jenna's hand with her own.

"Do you guys really mean it?" Jenna asked, sniffing hard.

"Yeah, you're our friend," Tori said.

"We'll help you get fatter than your wildest dreams." Brittany said.

"I don't know about that," Jenna said, blushing anew and laughing.

"Come on, let's go get desert," Tori said, leading Jenna up to the counter.

As they walked out of McDonald's the three girls looked like they were pregnant. "Oof, I think I'm going to explode," said Brittany, clutching her bulging stomach.

"I'm sure Courtney would just love that," said Tori.

"She'd probably give us a gold star," said Brittany. Jenna just hiccuped, too full to respond. When they got back to the sorority house, they had to plead with other girls and some money needed to change hands, but they got themselves a room together. All the rooms contained a mini-fridge and theirs was no different; and each dresser had a drawer full of candy. There was a paper pinned to the wall saying it was the pledge's responsibility to keep them both stocked, and weekly checks would take place. The first thing the girls did in their new room was nap off their large meal.

At the Omega Moo house, the girls were four to a room. And when Tori awoke, she met the girls' fourth room-mate; a chubby young lady by the name of Mariah. Mariah had long brown hair and pale skin. She was sitting on her bed reading a novel, with her left hand dipping in and out of the candy drawer of her dresser.

"Oh, hi," she said when she saw that Tori was awake. "I'm Mariah," she said, waving.

"Tori," Tori responded, still sleepy. She looked around the room and saw that Brittany was gone; but Jenna was still sleeping, her stomach bulging out from the covers like a deflating basketball.

"Where's Brittany?" Tori asked.

"She went out to get pizzas for later," Mariah told her.

"Already?" Tori asked, getting out of her bed.

"Oh yeah," Mariah said. "Do you have any idea how much fifty pounds is? If we want to gain that in a month; we're going to have to eat non-stop."

Tori grimaced. "Oh, don't remind me," she said, putting a hand on her rounded tummy. It had decreased in size since she'd taken a nap, but it was still convex as opposed to concave.

Tori went to the bathroom, then came back to find Jenna waking up and talking to Mariah. "...Yeah, I figured since I was already pretty chubby; the Moos would be the perfect place for me," Mariah was saying. "Little did I know I would have to get even bigger," she said, glancing down at her pudgy belly.

"What's with everybody?" Jenna asked, stretching. "You all act like getting fat is the most horrifying thing in the world."

"Come on Jenna," Tori said, walking in and sitting down on her bed, "you may like the idea of becoming a cow; but nobody else does." Jenna blushed as Mariah gave her a funny look. Tori shook her head and made a 'nevermind' motion at Mariah.

"The truth is," Tori continued, "there's nothing good about being fat. You look horrible, everyone thinks you're disgusting; and it's really unhealthy." Tori sighed, laying back on her bed. "Being fat is horrifying," she said.

Mariah blushed and put her hands over her stomach, looking like she wanted to disappear. Jenna huffed and then got up and stormed out.

"You know what I'm talking about," Tori said to Mariah. She was feeling sleepy again. Mariah mumbled something and buried her face in her novel. "Being fat is horrible..." Tori said, drifting back to sleep.

Some time later Tori was shaken awake. She looked up to see Brittany standing over her. "I've a few pizzas here for us," Brittany told her. "Sure to help make our asses wide and our bellies bulge," she said, smiling and winking.

Tori made a disgusted face and sat up. "What time is it?" she asked, seeing the fading light of dusk through the window.

"About six," Brittany told her, handing her a slice of pizza.

Tori turned to see the rest of the girls sitting around a stack of pizza boxes six high. The top one was open and they were all digging in. "How much did those cost you?" Tori asked, taking a bite.

"Don't worry; we'll just take turns paying for food," said Brittany, sitting next to Jenna and reaching for a second slice. Tori looked at the slice of pizza in her hand. Two months ago she never would've touched it. Just looking at it made it feel like her stomach was pushing against her clothes, straining to billow out.

She sighed and took a bite. 'At least it tastes good,' she thought.

Tori got up and sat around the pizza boxes with the other girls. They ate and ate, talking as they did. They found out Mariah was from Arizona; and they talked about movies that had come out recently and what kind of music they all liked. A short time later they all sat around a pile of empty pizza boxes. They leaned against whatever was closest, clutching their swollen middles.

"Oh my." groaned Mariah as she stroked her stuffed belly.

"Tell me about it," replied Tori.

"Just think," said Brittany with a laugh, "we're probably gonna feel like this for the whole month."

Tori and Mariah groaned; and Tori made a gagging sound.

"You babies," Jenna said. "This feels kinda nice."

Tori just shook her head.

"Oof," said Mariah, "I think you guys should just tie a string around my ankle and pull me along whenever we need to go somewhere."

The girls laughed.

"Yeah," said Tori, "we should just buy tire pumps and get it over with."

"Haha, yeah, or we can get jobs with Goodyear to pay for our food," chimed Brittany.

"Or if there's a parade in town we could dress up as characters and join in," joked Jenna.

"Oh come on," said Mariah, "I bet we could draw money on our own. 'See the Amazing Balloon Girls of Omega Moo Lambda'," she said. The girls laughed.

"Marvel at their gigantic asses and billowing tits," said Brittany.

"And, for just five extra bucks, you can bounce on their huge bellies!" added Tori.

The girls laughed and made balloon jokes for some time. Finally, they got up and unpacked the rest of their things. Later that night, when the feeling of fullness had resided, they went out to a late dinner.

Tori showed them a nice place in town, and they ordered massive meals. Unfortunately, though, none of them could finish. Jenna made the best effort, but even she had to surrender. They drove home in silent defeat; the most full any of them had been in their whole lives. That night they slept on their backs, their swollen bellies sticking high into the air under their covers.

The next morning, Tori awoke to a variety of breakfast smells. She walked downstairs in her pajamas to the kitchen, finding it swarming with dazed girls with bloated bellies eating a small feast. There were pancakes and waffles and bacon and eggs and omelets and everything else you could desire.

Tori looked down at her own belly to find it still swollen from the previous evening. Then she spotted Brittany and Mariah at one of the tables; they'd saved her a seat. She walked over and sat next to them; they were already eating.

"Good morning," Mariah said through a mouthful of egg.

"'Morning," Tori replied sleepily. "Where's Jenna?" she asked.

Brittany nodded towards the stove, still chewing. Tori looked to see Jenna helping cook for the house, munching freely as she did.

Tori sighed. 'She's gonna be a blimp by the end of the month,' she thought. Jenna turned and saw her, smiled and waved, then brought Tori a plate loaded with breakfast goodies.

"Do I have to eat all of it?" Tori asked.

"Good morning to you, too," Jenna said, sticking her tongue out. Then she returned to cooking.

Tori ate her breakfast in a haze, as did most of the other girls; the kitchen was quiet except for the sounds of cooking and some light conversation. 'They're probably all drowsy from being stuffed all the time,' Tori thought.

Tori looked down at her own bulging stomach. She stuck it out and puffed up her cheeks. The balloon-girl jokes from the evening before seemed a little too real to be funny in the morning light.

"Will you relax?" Brittany said, seeing Tori's little display. Tori blushed a little. "We're all going to get really fat, so you might as well just get used to the idea." Brittany told her.

She took a bite of her breakfast. "Just relax and enjoy yourself," she said, still chewing.

"It's just hard not to think about," Tori responded, getting back to her meal. "Yeah, we're all getting fat together, but after that we have to go into the world as a bunch of fatasses. And nobody else will know we were forced into it," she said.

Brittany shook her head.

"You're always so negative," Mariah responded from next to her. "There's worse things than being fat, you know."

Tori sighed, shaking her head.

After breakfast, the girls retreated to their room. There were still a few days before the rest of the initiations, so the girls asked Tori to take them on an eating tour of the city. Visit all the nicest restaurants across town while seeing the sights. Tori resisted at first, but finally they convinced her.

Over the course of the day, they had another breakfast, two brunches, four lunches, an early dinner, two regular dinners, and three late dinners. By the time they got home, people were asking the girls when the babies were due and commenting on how fantastic it was they'd all gotten pregnant at the same time.

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Default Omega Moos 2

When the girls got home, they went to their beds and laid there, drifting in and out of consciousness and talking slowly while they napped. Hours later, the girls were all feeling better, and were sitting playing cards on the floor.

Rather than playing for money, Jenna had suggested they play "Omega Moo Poker," which she invented on the spot. They each took a bowl of candy from their drawers and would bet with that. The person who lost the worst at each hand would have to eat 'the pot.. When Mariah had asked how someone won, Jenna responded that the last person to explode was the winner. The girls laughed and argued, but finally agreed to play.

Not long into the game however, Jenna got annoyed with Tori's tactics. Tori would never bet very much, and would fold if things got too high. "Why don't you play normal Tori?" Jenna asked.

"Because, this is stupid," Tori replied. Brittany sighed and Mariah just looked away.

"Look, we have to get fat anyway-" Brittany started.

"I know," Tori said. "But I don't think you guys do. We're going to get fat," she said. "We're all going to be big disgusting blobs."

"Oh come on, Tori," Jenna said. "What the hell is the big problem? It's just fat."

"It's not 'just fat,'" Tori said, getting angry. "Have you guys thought about this? What happens when we see our parents? Our friends? 'Oh boy, you've gotten really fat,'" Tori said. "'How could you let yourself go like that?'" She paused for a moment. "And forget about boyfriends," she continued. "Do you think any guy would want to date a big fat cow?" Tori said.

"Now stop right there," Jenna said. "I know for a fact that guys like fat girls. Well," she paused, "some guys. But that's not the point."

"And how do you know that?" Tori argued. Jenna paused for a moment.

"On-online. There's a bunch of websites dedicated to 'big beautiful women'. There's just hordes of guys who love that sort of thing."

Tori snorted in contempt. "Yeah, a bunch of perverts and freaks."

"NO!" Jenna said.

Before she could argue further, Brittany chimed in: "Yikes Tori. why do you have to be so damn negative all the time? If you don't want to be here, why don't you just quit?"

"Because," Tori responded, looking down. "I can't get in anywhere else."

"So what?" Brittany pressed, "if being fat is so horrible for you, why bother with a sorority? Why not just go to a different college? There's bound to be some sorority in the country that will accept you."

Tori just stared down. She opened her mouth a few times, but no words came out.

Finally, Jenna sighed and sat down next to her. "Hey, come on," she said, putting her arm around Tori. "It won't be so bad. Besides, college is about rebelling against your parents anyway."

"Yeah," Brittany chimed in. "You think my parents know I have bright red hair?"

Tori smiled at that.

"And there's plenty of cute guys out there who like fat girls." Jenna continued. "They're just scared to admit it for the same reason you're scared to get fat."

Tori laughed bitterly, "I doubt that."

"Here, I'll show you." Jenna said, and she pulled Tori up by the hand.

They went downstairs to the computer room. It was pretty late and college hadn't quite gotten into full swing yet, so the girls had the room to themselves. Jenna picked a console and connected to the Internet.

Within moments she was calling up sites like dimensionsmagazine.com and a hundred Yahoo groups dedicated to BBWs. Tori just stared, wide eyed. The girls on the computer screen didn't look like the fat girls Tori had seen on tv or in movies. They weren't dressed frumpy with ugly hair and little makeup. They were dressed elegantly [if sometimes a bit scampy]; they were beautiful; they were happy.

Jenna browsed a bit more and brought up chat rooms - hundreds of guys chatting about their love of fat girls, and dozens of fat girls chatting about how much they loved being fat. Jenna brought up user profiles and Tori saw that the guys were all around, of all ages, and some were really cute.

Jenna even brought up pages showing how dieting was more unhealthy than being fat. That night Tori went back to the room and laid in bed, contemplating. All her life she'd been told that fat girls were unhappy, unhealthy and unloved. But what she'd been shown that night had blown that conception out of the water.

She took her bowl of candy from the poker game and munched on it as she tried to sleep. The other girls dozed quietly around her. And slowly, Tori drifted off to sleep.

The next few days were a little less eventful. The girls spent their nights in. Eating and playing more "Omega Moo Poker" - or "Omega Moo Porker" as Brittany had dubbed it.

Then, the rest of the initiations started. The girls were told that for the rest of the month, with the exception of underwear, they were not allowed to buy new clothes until they actually exploded out of the ones they had. And each trip they were only allowed to replace the item that had burst, and with no room for growth. The only shirts they were allowed to buy were midriffs.

The initiations ranged from mundane things like house maintenance to spending a whole day dressed in tight cow costumes. One day they were made to jog to McDonald's, then jog all the way back stuffed to bursting. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday there would be eating contests. "And if anyone has any trouble putting on the weight," Courtney told them, "we'll be happy to help." She grinned devilishly.

That Monday, the girls reported for their first eating contest. As Tori sat down at the long table with her friends, she thought how much they had all changed since their arrival. Mariah, who had been chubby to begin with, simply looked like an expanded version of herself - as if someone had grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled in either direction. Brittany looked much the same as well. Her breasts, which had been large to begin with, now strained whatever top she wore. Her hips had expanded quite a bit, and her thighs now touched a little at the very top of her legs. She had been fond of wearing belly shirts even before the initiation rule; and her belly, which had formerly been smooth if not toned, now stuck out a bit and jiggled a little when she moved.

Jenna was the most obvious example of their gain, however. Her desire to be fat was obvious to the world. Whenever Tori looked at her, it always reminded her of the balloon-girl jokes they had made the first night they'd arrived. All of Jenna's clothes looked painted on now, and seemed as if they would burst at any second. Her stomach, formerly flat, now stuck out the same distance as her breasts. Her breasts had grown as well, increasing (Tori was sure) a whole cup size. Her ass always reminded Tori of the scene in that movie about the cheerleaders: "She puts the 'ass' in 'massive'."

Jenna's butt was huge, showing panty lines no matter what combination of underwear/pants she wore. And when she walked, you could see it jiggle through her clothes. Her face had a double-chin all the time now; and her frequent smiles lifted bulging cheeks. Tori always thought that if she had not seen Jenna put on so much weight so fast, she would not have thought it possible.

Tori herself was also considerably rounder than when she'd arrived. The first thing she always noticed about her own gain was that when she looked down, her eyes were now met with bulging cleavage rather than a clear view of her body. And she was now using two less notches on her belt than when she'd arrived. She also noticed that sitting down was a little more comfortable than before. All of her clothes were now much tighter, and she noticed that when she walked her stomach rubbed against her belt buckle.

That night, however, the girls had been ordered to wear pants and no belts. The table they sat at was huge, and was absolutely loaded with all kinds of foods. The table seemed to be straining to hold it all on. And the Omega Moo sisters stood at the door to the kitchen, where the smells of cooking wafted out. Courtney stood near the head of the table, and shouted to get the pledges' attention. "Ok, listen up," she said loudly. "This is your first eating contest, and here are the rules." She turned her head from side to side, in a dramatic pause.

'Wow,' Tori thought, 'she really likes doing this, doesn't she?'

"As you know, you are not allowed to wear belts tonight," Courtney started, "That's because tonight, we want you to grow." Courtney started walking along the table, casting hard glances at the pledges. "The first girl to burst her pants button is the winner." Courtney explained, and several pledges gasped. "She," Courtney continued, "gets to stop eating then. The rest of you, however. . ." Courtney grinned devilishly.

'She seems to enjoy that, too,' Tori thought.

". . .Have to keep eating until the very last one's pants button bursts." At that, all the pledges gasped.

Tori looked wide-eyed at her friends, who shared her panicked expression. Except for Jenna, whose wide-eyes were accompanied by a wide grin.

"This is gonna be fun!" she whispered excitedly. Tori just shook her head. She looked down at her own tummy, and puffed it out to test how much pressure she had on her pants button. For once, she found herself wishing her clothes were too tight.

"On your mark!" Courtney shouted. "Ready, set, GO!" And the pledges started eating.

Tori wolfed food down, barely tasting it. She concentrated hard, trying to eat and push her stomach out as far as it would go at the same time. She cleared plate after plate, feeling sick. As the food on the table diminished, the Omega Moo sisters cleared empty trays and put out new ones of hot, steaming food. Tori's stomach bulged further and further out, until she could no longer puff it out voluntarily. But still her button held on. After what felt like an eternity of eating, a cry raised from one end of the table. Tori looked up and felt like crying.

A black girl with dreadlocks at the end of the table had won and was exhibiting her burst pants to one of the Omega Moo sisters, who proclaimed her the winner. Tori cursed to herself and looked at Jenna. Jenna was staring at the girl in abject jealousy. She pounded her fist on the table, then looked back at her plate. She smiled and shrugged and went back to eating. Tori shook her head again and looked down at her own stomach. And she nearly cried out in shock. She could see her stomach bulging out past her breasts! She put a hand on it and it was rock hard. She whimpered and looked back at her plate.

She just stared for a moment and then went back to eating. As the "meal" progressed, other cries were raised from around the table. The girls had their burst buttons confirmed and then were told to go back to eating. Jenna and Mariah's pants burst at nearly the same time, followed by Tori's. Shortly thereafter, Brittany's button burst, and after that it seemed like another eternity before finally Courtney let out a call to stop eating. The girls moved away from the table in a stuffed stupor, shuffling back to their rooms and passing out on their beds in near synchronicity.

The initiations continued, and the eating contest on Wednesday took place in much the same fashion. A different girl won, and the girls all felt like they would explode before their pants buttons did. The first weigh-in was that Thursday, and the girls filed down to see how they would need to adjust their eating habits.

When the girls got to the scale, Tori took stock of how much weight they had gained. The eating contests had made a huge difference, and Tori was finding it harder and harder to keep the balloon-girl jokes out of her mind. Mariah was the first on the scale, wearing black capri pants and a black tube top.

Tori surveyed her from the bottom up and could see that the bottoms of her pants clung tightly to her calves. Her thighs now rubbed together from the middle up, and her ass looked like it had been poured into the pants rather than having been put in them. Her belt reminded Tori of Violet's inflation in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; the way Mariah's body bulged out so far above and below it. Her marshmallowy love handles hung out over the top of her belt, and her fat made folds below her shoulder blades. Tori had surrendered to a more apathetic view of their fattening-up; but she still didn't think it looked all that great.

"One-seventy-eight, the Omega Moo sister announced from the scale. Mariah stepped down.

"I was one-forty-four when I got here." Mariah told them.

Next up was Jenna, and Tori was again astounded by how fat she had gotten. She now found that even though she had seen it with her own eyes, she still didn't believe it. Jenna was wearing a short, casual dress; and Tori thought it looked more like sausage wrapping than clothing. Jenna's ass was clearly visible through the back of the skirt, and her gigantic legs strained against the hem. Jenna's waist had completely disappeared; and her back looked like rising dough.

"One-thirty-nine," the Omega Moo sister announced, and everyone around shared a gasp of shock. Jenna happily jumped off the scale, her whole body jiggling wildly. At nearly half a foot shorter than Mariah, she looked to be the same size.

Tori was up next, and she gulped in fear at how much she would weigh. She couldn't see the scale for her breasts, and she found that when she inhaled she could see her stomach past them. She was down to the last notch on her belt, and she felt like her clothes would explode off if she breathed too deep.

"One-thirty-seven," the sister announced. Tori groaned. When she jumped off the scale she thought she could feel every pound jiggle and wobble.

Brittany stepped up next, and Tori looked her over. Brittany didn't look like she had gained that much weight. Her breasts and ass had expanded quite a bit, and her stomach now stuck out in front of her, but she didn't seem to be gaining quite as fast as the rest of them. Tori's fears were confirmed when the Omega Moo sister announced: "one-thirty-six." Brittany grimaced, and the sister gave her a hard look.

There was an awkward silence for a moment, then Jenna suggested they all go out to eat.

Later that night, the girls were sitting around their room. Tori was napping, Mariah was reading another novel, and Jenna was laying on her bed playing with her flabby tummy. Then, Brittany stumbled into the room, clutching her bloated stomach. It bulged out, perfectly round, larger than even Mariah or Jenna's. When she came through the door with an agonized expression on her face, the rest of the girls sat up in shock and ran to her. They helped her to her bed and after she was comfortable, asked her what happened. Brittany laid back and groaned, then began explaining.

Earlier that day, when they had been out to eat, Brittany had been wearing a button-up black shirt. The girls absolutely stuffed themselves silly at the restaurant, and as they got up to leave; Brittany stretched and the buttons exploded off the front of her shirt, showering the other diners. She flushed redder than her hair, and the girls paid and left. On the way home, Brittany decided to go to the mall to replace her shirt. The other girls offered to go, but Brittany told them she would be fine.

She went to Hot Topic and selected a dark midriff shirt with a picture of a cartoon ninja on it. But as she shopped and drove home, the same litany of thoughts echoed through her head: Courtney saying: "As part of your initiation; you all need to gain at least fifty pounds this month. And we don't like girls who settle for the minimum." The girl at the scale telling her: "One-thirty-six," a gain of only nine pounds. And then Courtney again: "And if anyone has any trouble putting on the weight, we'll be happy to help."

Brittany didn't like the way Courtney had said that last part. But she didn't like the way Courtney had said anything. She hated to do it, but she had to go to Courtney and ask for help putting on the weight. When Brittany got back to the house, she found Courtney in the kitchen eating a big sandwich and talking to her friends. When she saw Brittany enter the kitchen, her laughter stopped and her face turned to the drill-sergeant expression she'd had since day one.

"What do you want, pledge?!" she barked.

"Uh, y-you said, I could," Brittany stuttered nervously. "You said you could help girls who were having trouble gaining the getting - you know."

Courtney smiled, and Brittany's blood ran cold at the sight. "Come with me." Courtney said, and she walked past Brittany. Another Omega Moo sister followed them. Courtney led Brittany to a door that Brittany hadn't seen anyone use before. It led to the basement. The basement was dark, and when Courtney flipped the light switch; one light came on over a large chair.

"Sit there," Courtney instructed.

Brittany, feeling genuinely frightened, sat on the chair. It was much too big for her, and looked like it was built to accommodate someone who weighed twice as much as Courtney. Once Brittany was sitting down, Courtney and the other sister took straps attached to the chair and strapped Brittany's wrists, ankles, and head to the chair. Brittany's eyes went wide and she opened her mouth to say something, but Courtney silenced her.

"Ah ah ah," Courtney said. "No talking. You came to us so we would help you get fat. And that," Courtney paused, dramatically, "is exactly what we're going to do." Courtney turned, and opened a large refrigerator that was in the basement.

While she had her back turned, the other sister leaned close to Brittany and whispered: "Don't worry, it's just a game. It'll be fine." She put her hand on Brittany's reassuringly, but took it away as Courtney turned back around. In her right hand was a thick, white milkshake in a large glass, and in her left hand was a funnel.

"Sister," Courtney said, "we're gonna help you get real fat." She put the funnel in Brittany's mouth and held up the milkshake. "This," Courtney said, "is our own special recipe. It's mostly pure lard; and the fattiest ice-cream they sell. There's some whole milk in there; as well as a liberal amount of Beefcake 3000 weight-gainer." Courtney smiled. "Guaranteed to blow your petite ass up like a balloon. And we've got hundreds here."

Courtney stepped forward. "Shall we begin?" she asked, and poured the milkshake into the funnel.

For a whole hour, Courtney went back and forth between Brittany and the fridge, pouring more and more of the special shakes down her throat. When her back was turned, the other sister would whisper words of comfort and encouragement to Brittany. And Brittany sat, mostly too stunned to do anything, as Courtney kept pouring and pouring the milkshakes into her through the funnel. She felt her belly swell and swell, and she felt like she would explode halfway through. Miraculously, she didn't, and Courtney finally released her.

When Brittany finished her tale, the girls stood in shock around her. Jenna had turned a bright shade of red, and was breathing heavily. When Brittany had finished, Jenna mumbled something and ran out of the room. Tori and Mariah just stared at each other. Unsure of what to do, they simply comforted Brittany until she fell asleep.

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Default Omega Moos - 3

The next few days saw drastic changes in three of the girls. Brittany slept late into the next day and spent the rest of the day in bed. Over the next few days, her stomach shrank, and the rest of her body swelled. Her breasts became huge, bursting out of her bras. Her ass seemed to be expanding by the second, and her stomach was soft and pillowy when the swelling went down. Her face also blew up, her cheeks becoming puffy and her chin doubling.

Jenna seemed to suffer the exact opposite. She ceased eating as much as the rest of the girls, and she would often disappear for most of the day, coming home sweaty. Her gain, which had seemed to be unbelievable for the first two weeks; now slowed almost to a dead stop. The other girls noticed this, but didn't know what to say, so they just ignored it.

Tori also experienced a miraculous change. She had finally outgrown her belt; and although she hadn't burst any clothes [besides at eating contests] up to that point, it seemed she reached all her clothes' limits at the same time. Over the course of two days, she burst every article of clothing she had. She would struggle to put something on, and mere hours later it would explode off of her.

At first, she was embarrassed by her expansion. At the beginning of the first day, she would flush beet red whenever her clothes popped. But as the day wore on she became more apathetic towards it. By the end of the second day, she was proud when she burst a garment.

Tori and Brittany had gone to the mall to buy new clothes that day,Tori wearing her last pair of pants that hadn't burst. After shopping, the two girls stopped at the food court, and once they were finished; Tori stood up, and the seam at the back of her pants blew wide open. The guys at the table behind her snickered and averted their eyes.

Tori turned to them, smiling widely. "Enjoy the show?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," one guy said sarcastically, no longer hiding his laughter.

"Good., Tori said, spinning around quickly, causing all her flab to jiggle.

As Tori and Brittany walked out of the mall, Tori couldn't stop smiling. She put an extra bounce in her step, causing her ass to jiggle wildly and the back of her pants to tear even wider. When they were out of the mall, the two girls giggled madly.

"WHOO!" Tori yelled, raising her arms, "I'M A FATASS!" She jiggled her whole body, while other people entering or exiting the mall stared at her. Brittany and Tori hugged, still giggling, and Tori stuck her butt out at the passing mall patrons.

From then on, Tori ate with a whole new vigor, and loved to talk about how fat she was getting. Her favorite activity was catching people staring in public. She would stick out her belly or butt and say loudly: "Yeah, I'm getting so fat lately. I can barely fit into my clothes anymore." Or something to that effect. Some people would laugh at her, or make comments; while others would just look disgusted and walk away. She wasn't sure which reaction she liked better.

The next weigh-ins saw different results indeed. Tori eagerly went first, wearing obscenely tight Daisy Duke shorts, and a belly shirt which barely contained her large breasts. "One-fifty-four," the sister announced, impressed.

"Thank you," Tori said, smiling, and hopped off the scale.

Brittany went next, wearing a pair of tight black jeans and her ninja shirt. Her thighs rubbed together now, and her ass was so big that the jeans were giving her a visible wedgie. Her stomach bulged out, hanging over the top of her pants a little bit. Her breasts were truly huge; stretching out the ninja on her shirt so it was hard to tell what it was. "One-fifty-five," the sister said.

"Good job," the other added, patting Brittany's flabby tummy. She smiled and hopped down, hugging Tori.

Mariah went next. Her body had finally outgrown her old build. Her stomach hung down considerably now, forming rolls. Her butt stuck out to balance it, and her breasts sagged noticeably. Mariah waddled to the scale. "One-ninety-three," the sister announced, and Mariah hopped off the scale.

"Just one more pound," Mariah said to Brittany and Tori.

"Remember," Tori said, "they don't like girls who settle for the minimum." Mariah stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes.

Jenna was last in line, looking nervous. She was wearing a pink belly shirt and tight jeans, but didn't look that much bigger than last time. The Omega Moo sister read the scale with a concerned look on her face. "One-forty-four," she said. "I think you'd better go talk to Courtney," the sister told her.

Jenna's eyes went wide and she started to breathe heavily. "Alright, thank you," she muttered. Jenna hopped off the scale and the others gave her odd looks as they all went back to their room.

Later that night, Tori, Brittany, and Mariah sat around playing Omega Moo Poker. Tori, who always bet really high since her change of heart, wasn't betting as high as usual. And the game was grim and subdued as all the girls though of what was happening to Jenna in the basement. But when Jenna staggered into the room clutching her beach ball-like belly; a huge grin was across her face. "Oh, wow," she said.

The other girls jumped up, helping her to her bed. "Are you alright?" Tori asked.

"Oh yes," Jenna said, dreamily. The girls continued with comforting words until Jenna drifted off to sleep; but they were lost on her, as she just laid smiling.

Later that night, as the girls were asleep, Tori awoke in the darkness. It sounded like someone was moaning. As her eyes adjusted, she looked over and saw Jenna. Her arms were reaching around her gigantic belly and she was... 'She's masturbating!' Tori realized. Her eyes went wide and she blushed bright red in the dark. She turned over in her bed, and tried to ignore Jenna until she fell back asleep.

The next few days passed awkwardly, with Tori avoiding Jenna as well as she could, and Jenna just laying in bed as her belly shrank and her body swelled. But she couldn't stop thinking about her time in the basement. Ever since she'd entered "make me fat" into her web browser nearly ten years ago and stumbled onto the world of feederism and intentional weight gain; that type of thing had been her deepest fantasy. She had been forced to keep her fantasies as just fantasies for years. Her family and friends; the same as the rest of society, had frowned on fat people. And so she had to content herself with stuffing pillows in her clothes and imagining.

But then she had heard of the "Omega Moo" sorority at that college over the internet; and she had jumped at the chance, finally being able to live her dream in a way that her family couldn't blame her for.

When Brittany had stumbled into the room the week before and described her ordeal, Jenna had practically orgasmed in her pants. Hearing Brittany tell the tale was like having someone narrate her deepest, darkest fantasy. As much as it pained her to do so, Jenna had cut down on her eating habits, and even started going to the gym for that week. She had hated it at the time, but the reward had by far justified the means. Jenna found she could barely contain herself after her session in the basement; and spent almost all the time she had alone masturbating. But as the milkshakes took effect and her stomach shrank, she didn't know what to do.

When Jenna finally got out of bed, she tried to squeeze into her clothes but found that she couldn't. They had been skin-tight before she had gone to Courtney for "help"; and now with the dramatic weight gain brought on from that, her clothes didn't fit at all. She borrowed an outfit from Mariah and went out and bought new clothes; but the whole time she did she was cursing at herself. With her new weight there was no way she would be able to ask for help again; and if she pulled the same trick she had before someone was bound to catch on.

Later that night, Jenna laid in bed unable to sleep. All she could think about was that chair in the basement and the feeling of her belly being so stuffed and huge. Finally, she could take it no longer. She looked around at the other girls, who were asleep in their beds. Mariah was even snoring. Jenna quietly got up and snuck out. She crept down the stairs, keeping her eyes open for anyone else; but it seemed like everyone was asleep. Jenna crept to the basement door, and snuck down.

The basement was dark and empty, and Jenna felt her way to the fridge, bumping into the chair on her way. Taking one more look around, despite the dark, Jenna opened the fridge. Her eyes went wide. The industrial sized fridge was absolutely packed with more of the fatty-milkshakes. Jenna glanced over her shoulder one last time, then reached in and grabbed a milkshake. They didn't taste very good; but they were the stuff her dreams were made of. After staring at it reverently for a second, Jenna put it to her lips and tipped it back. She chugged until it was empty, and looked down at her stomach. It was a little swollen, and when she put her hand to it, it was cold from the ice cream. Jenna grinned widely and reached for another milkshake.

The basement light clicked on, and Jenna's arousal turned to fear. She sat in front of the open fridge, her stomach bulging and milkshake staining her lips. Several empty milkshake glasses laid around her.

"What the?!" Courtney said. Jenna opened her mouth to explain but a burp came out instead. Courtney turned to the girls behind her, one other sister and another girl who didn't look as big as she should've.

"Come back tomorrow," she said angrily, then turned to Jenna.

"So," she said, walking towards Jenna; "couldn't wait, eh?"

Jenna started to explain, but Courtney reached down and grabbed her by her upper arms. Deceptively strong, Courtney picked her up off the floor and tossed her into the chair. Jenna's tummy sloshed painfully, and she groaned. Courtney grabbed her arms and strapped her into the chair. Jenna looked at her pleadingly.

"Please..." she said. But whether she was going to ask Courtney to stop or keep going even she couldn't say. Her ultimate fantasy was coming to life before her very eyes. Courtney shoved the funnel into her mouth, and Jenna didn't resist.

"So," Courtney said, a smile on her lips and a gleam in her eye, "you want to get really fat, huh? Well, I'll make sure you get really fat." She turned her back to Jenna and went to the fridge, and Jenna moaned. She couldn't even think straight at this point, she just wanted Courtney to hurry with the milkshakes. Courtney walked back to Jenna with a milkshake in either hand and a devilish gleam in her eyes.

Jenna's eyes opened wide. 'Oh God, hurry,' she thought.

Courtney dumped milkshakes into Jenna over and over as fast as he could for most of the night. Jenna bucked and squirmed and moaned, feeling as if she was having a non-stop orgasm the whole time. Courtney mistook her passions for struggles to escape and smiled as she kept pouring. When they were done, the fridge was half-empty and Jenna's belly was as big as Courtney's; bright red and straining. Courtney looked her over and felt immensely guilty for what she'd done. Jenna just basked in the afterglow.

Courtney helped Jenna back up to her room, where Jenna fell asleep immediately. Jenna was excused from initiations for the rest of the month, and Courtney explained what had happened to her roommates apologetically.

Tori became angry and threatened to call the police or take other action, but Jenna convinced her not to. Jenna's stomach eventually shrank, although it remained covered in stretchmarks, and her weight skyrocketed. The other girls continued their initiations (although Courtney went a little easier on them); and finally, the day of the final weigh-in came.

The pledges were told to report to the weigh-ins, and then back to the room they had originally reported to for initiations. The girls stood in line, waiting anxiously. Tori looked at her friends and again surveyed their weights. Mariah was more of an apple shape, holding most of her weight in her belly. It sagged down, forming a little apron past her crotch. Her thighs touched all the way down now, and her arms brushed her hips as she walked. Her gigantic breasts hung down onto her belly, and her face made three chins when she talked. She stepped up to the scale. "Two-oh-nine. A gain of sixty five lbs," the sister at the scale said. "Good job," she added, shaking Mariah's hand. Mariah grinned and walked to the initiation room.

Brittany went next, and Tori looked her over. Brittany had formed more of an hourglass shape. She had a big bubble butt that seemed to defy gravity. It just stuck out like two big balloons. Her breasts were huge and seemed to jiggle whenever she did anything. She had a smooth, rounded pot-belly that jutted out over the waist of her pants but never really seemed to sag. Brittany stepped onto the scale and calmly waited for the sister to read her weight. "One-eighty-six. A gain of fifty-nine lbs. Good job," the sister told her. Brittany smiled and shook her hand, then headed to the initiation room.

Jenna went next, and Tori still found herself in awe of Jenna's gain; even knowing about Courtney's over-use of the milkshakes. Jenna had gained all over. Tori thought she looked like the Michellin Woman. Her stomach sagged down, forming an apron over her tree-trunk thighs. Her thighs rubbed together all the way up to her massive ass, which jutted out to make a sizeable shelf. Her huge breasts stuck out like volleyballs, and her arms were so flabby that they hung out to her sides. Her face formed three chins, and her cheeks looked like she was puffing them out. Jenna waddled up to the scale. "Two hundred and twenty lbs!" The sister read, shocked. "A... a gain of... one hundred and six lbs!" the sister's jaw gaped open. Jenna smiled and hopped off the scale. Her whole body shook wildly. She waddled back to the initiation room.

Tori herself was up next. She found out that she was actually more of a pear shape. She could feel her thighs rub together and her ass jiggle as she walked. One of her favorite things to do in public was put her hands on the back of her sizeable ass, because that pushed out her large breasts and pudgy tummy. Her belly hung down over the front of her pants, and she loved how it bounced against her belt buckle as she walked. Tori stepped onto the scale and looked down. Her view was blocked by her breasts, and beyond those her large stomach. She could feel two (and maybe the beginnings of three?) chins below her face as she looked down. "One-eighty. A gain of sixty one lbs," the sister told her.

Tori stuck out her lower lip. "Aww," she said. The girl smiled and patted her belly, and Tori bounced off to the initiation room.

Once there, the girls lined up the same way they had the first day; but now the line had a row of bulging bellies sticking out. Courtney stepped in. "Wow," she said, putting her hands on her hips. "What a bunch of fatasses." She walked down the line. "You girls've done me proud." And for once, Courtney smiled without any hint of malice.

"Now, the first thing I want to do is apologize," she said, dropping her hands. "I know you girls all know me as a bitch; but I'm really not. I swear," she said, clasping her hands together as if pleading. "And I hope you all can forgive me. It was all just an act. And I hope that as you girls stay here, you'll get to know the real me."

Courtney motioned to the large girl who had protested on the first day. The girl stepped out of line, and Courtney put her arm around her. "Now, I want you girls to know that she didn't actually have to gain the weight. And for those of you who didn't make the cut." Courtney looked at a few girls. "That's fine, we just have a reputation to uphold is all." Courtney looked at Jenna specifically. "And to those who I treated really harshly. I want you to know I'm truly sorry, and I hope we can be friends." Courtney smiled.

Jenna smiled back. "We could do it again sometime," Jenna called from down the row.

Courtney laughed. "I don't know about that," she said.

She took her arm off of the large girl, who returned to the line. "Now, you girls are all officially Omega Moos. Welcome to the herd," she said, smiling. "Now, if you'll just follow me." She turned and walked to the door to the main hall, and opened it to reveal a party. The hall was packed with people, and a surrogate stage was set up where a local band launched into a cover of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls." The girls entered the hall to the applause of the older sisters, and cheers and cat-calls from a bunch of guys who had been invited. The girls dispersed and began flirting and snacking from the numerous refreshment tables set up.

Tori looked about the room, astounded at the celebration of fat. There were guys of all shapes and races. There were jocks, goths, hipsters and preppies. There were blacks and Latinos and Asians. There were guys ranging from hugely fat to downright skinny. A lot of them were really cute. And they were all standing around, holding plates heaped with food, which they would offer to the pledges. Tori even spotted the cashier from McDonald's from her first meal with the girls. Tori looked around for her other sisters, wondering what they were up to.

Mariah was talking to a cute guy with glasses. He was holding a full plate in one hand and a novel that Tori had seen Mariah reading in the other.

Courtney stood amongst a group of pledges, smiling as she apologized profusely, making bowing motions and hugging some of them. Jenna was seated off to the side, both hands on her enormous belly. She was surrounded by both girls and boys; congratulating her and asking her about her awesome gain.

After a bit of looking. Tori spotted Brittany by the edge of the stage. She was flirting with the singer of the band between songs. Tori smiled, feeling immense pride. 'You might even say "swelling with pride",' Tori thought to herself.

Tori looked down at herself and put her hands on her flabby belly. Just one short month ago she would've died if her belly had stuck out like this. Now she wore tight, revealing clothing all the time, and reveled in how fat she was. Amazing how much can change in a month.

She was startled out of her thoughts by a voice from beside her. "Hi," it said. She looked up to see a guy that she found particularly striking. "I'm Carlos," he told her. "Are you hungry?" Carlos asked, holding up his plate.

Tori looked at Carlos, then down at all the food on his plate. "Yes," she said. "Yes, I am."
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Cool Omega Moos is awesome

Awesome story! one of the best ones I ever read.
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I could of sworn I saw this story already in the stories page.
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Default Not in the Forum collection but . . .

This story was never here in the Forum library, but it was among the unclassified html collection in the old Weight Room library, posted there back on 4/17/04. You may have also seen it on the Mollycoddles site, with who we have reposting permission.

It is our intent, as stated elsewhere, to migrate most of the html collection to this format, but the process will be slow in relaton to the task, But how much fresh material can people absorb anyway? At 10 stories per week we have a two year supply.
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