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Default Tasha and Tara - by HGee (~BBW, Extreme Fantasy Eating, ~~WG )

~BBW, Extreme Fantasy Eating, ~~WG - Double efforts bring double results

Tasha and Tara
By HGee


"You know this will mean you may not see your parents much anymore," the lawyer told them sternly.

The two attractive, twin sisters nodded understandably as they sat side
by side in front of his large desk.

Their favorite uncle Gustav sat quietly in the corner, arms crossed. Gustav had immigrated to the United States as a teenager, and since then made quite a fortune for himself in the food service business.

"They cannot continue the way things are," he commented, speaking with a charming, slight Swedish accent. " I honestly worry for their safety."

Tara and Tasha, his twin nieces, were going through a tough time at home. Their parents fought all the time, and were both very abusive people. This aggression often ended up misdirected at the two meek, eighteen year old twins. To make matters worse, their parents always had money problems. This meant they moved from apartment, to apartment, and struggled to even have put enough food on the table.

Uncle Gustav wanted to save them from this rough, almost unlivable environment. He had a summerhouse in southern California and planned to let them live there until they could get a start on their lives. This would also keep them away from their parents, and to be safe, he hired a lawyer to head off any trouble they might cause.

The lawyer bid them good luck as they left, and said they didn't have much to worry about. After all, they were adults at 18 years old now. The two identical twins were beautiful with blonde hair, very slender, but with slight hourglass curves. Not to mention, perfect breasts. They did look a bit malnourished from their stressful home life and meager diet and even the most waif-loving would recommend they put on a few pounds.

Over the years, the twins dealt with a lot and always stuck together. As a result, by now they were extremely close, they almost acted as one person. They did have trouble relating to the outside world, though. Gustav knew their self-esteem had suffered and they had trouble meeting friends. He hoped to change all these things.

Thus it was that on a beautiful March morning they stood at the door to Gustav's summerhouse. The girls had insisted on bringing their only friend, 22 year-old Megan. Megan was pretty, yet bookish. She wore glasses and her personality fit this appearance. She was smart and caring and the girls simply adored her. She had always been there for the girls when things got bad on the home front.

"Ok, this is it." Said Gustav. "It is furnished, so you shouldn't have many expenses."

They all then sat in the living room and continued to talk. The smiles on the faces of the twins grew as Gustav told them they would be given a generous allowance every month to cover new clothes, food and other living expenses. In return, he asked that the girls work for him in one of his businesses, at least at first. He was giving them a lot, but wanted to build a work ethic in them too. He left it open to Megan to have a job too, but she felt confident she could find something else, maybe in social work. She also didn't have the luxury of an allowance, like the twins did.

The three girls spent their first evening laughing, drinking and generally reveling in their good fortune. They unpacked their clothes. Tara and Tasha decided to share the bigger bedroom, and Megan took the other. Megan walked around the house and looked around. She realized they had everything they could ever need.

Early the next morning Gustav came by with his car to take the girls for a ride. While he was in town he had to stop and check up on a couple of his local business ventures.

"Welcome, sir!" said the voluptuous young girl who greeted uncle Gustav at the door of their first stop. "Eating today, or just stopping in?"

"We’ll sit down and have a meal I think, please meet my two nieces..." As they sat down, Gustav told the staff to knock themselves out to show the twins a good meal.

This was the most successful restaurant Gustav owned in the area. It was called Giovanni's and served mostly pizza, pasta and Italian sandwiches. Not bad for a Swede.

When the food arrived, the two girls ate with pleasure. The delicious food and the feeling of the new freedom they had acquired put them in tremendous moods. They then made two more stops, first at a coffee shop, then finally at a bakery. As they say down to rest and have coffee in the bakery, Tasha smiled and inhaled the sweet smell of baking pastries.

"Can I work here?" Tasha said, joking with Gustav.

"Sure! You kid with me, but you can if you want. In fact, this is one of the more understaffed businesses I own." replied Gustav.

The next day Tara and Tasha readied for work. Tara had decided she wanted to work at Giovanni's, and of course, Tasha opted for the bakery. Megan wished them luck and then went job searching on her own.

"Alright, here we go," said Suzanne, a curvy young women who was assigned to train Tara in her new job. "Lets start you in as a waitress, I think the customers will like your pretty face."

Tara smiled shyly.

"You could use a few more pounds, though," added Suzanne, eyeing Tara's slender figure. Tara watched her stop to pop a French fry into her mouth as they passed through the kitchen.

Tara then met the staff and got the rundown of the rules.

"Keep a clean appearance," Suzanne note, then went on. "One of the perks is you will get free food...well, sort of a perk,” she said slapping her round hip. “In all seriousness the food her is great, I have worked here for 2 years and haven't tired of it. One thing, don't eat where the customers can see you, it doesn't look good.

“Of course, you are in this with owner, so maybe you don't need to follow any of these rules," she said, kidding Tara.

Meanwhile Tasha had settled right into her spot behind the counter at the bakery. She shared the space with Andrea, the other girl who sold the wonderful fresh baked goods to the customers, if there were any, that is. The bakery had only opened a couple of months earlier and it was still finding its clientele. The shop had truly amazing cakes, pastries, pies, and doughnuts. All the delicacies lay right in front of Tasha as she worked her shift, each letting off its own intoxicating smell.

"I've gained 10 pounds already in the few months I've worked here!" said Andrea as they closed the bakery at the end of Tasha's first day. She ate one of her favorites, a croissant, as she helped Tasha clean up. "This place can be dangerous, look at all the leftovers. They'll get thrown out, so go ahead and take as many home as you want."

Tasha had already eaten more than her fill during the day. She was in heaven and unaccustomed to enjoying such a bounty of delicious foods. She then began to pack up goodie after goodie into paper bags.

"Whoa, easy!" said Andrea. "Good thing you are such a skinny little thing!"

"I've never even seen some of these pastries." Tasha said. "My sister and I have never had money or been able go to any nice restaurants or anything like that. I want to bring some of this stuff home and share in these new experiences with her."

When the Tasha returned back to her new home, Tara and Megan were already sitting in the kitchen preparing to eat. Tara had brought home her own selection of leftovers from the restaurant and was heating them up in the microwave. Megan was overwhelmed at the amount of food Tara and Tasha had brought home.

"This is truly amazing." Said Megan. "They gave you all this for free? "

"Yes." Said Tara, already nibbling on her fettuccini al fredo. "I have never tasted anything to wonderful!"

The two twins were truly in utter bliss as they ate their dinner. Megan had had a little more opportunity to live the good life, so was not as impressed, but still enjoyed herself. After all, this was all for the twins, the allowance, the house, the food, the jobs. Megan was a little jealous, but still happy the underprivileged twins were finally finding some joy.

"Absolutely heavenly!" exclaimed Tasha, as she and Tara shared a piece of carrot cake.

"We have truly missed out!" said Tara, smiling.

Megan noticed how well the twins ate, a huge main course and plenty of rich pastries and cakes for dessert. She herself was enjoyed the bounty, but had always been a girl of moderation did not eat as eagerly. Over the next week, the girls settled into their new jobs. Tara was extremely busy at the Italian restaurant, she was such an innocent, sweet girl, the patrons always wanted her for their waitress. She barely got a chance to sit down all day.

The bakery, on the other hand, was getting a little busier, but still was slow. It was located in an up and coming neighborhood and the influx of affluent customers was slow in coming. Tasha and Andrea were often bored during the long afternoons.

"Oh it all looks so good. I shouldn't have any more, but what’s the difference?" said Tasha as she selected a new pastry from the case.
"Hey, those are for the customers." said Andrea, who came out of the back room with a tray of gourmet strawberry cupcakes.

"Take some of these."

Tasha unwrapped a cupcake and sensuously eat it, loving every bite. Andrea couldn't help but join her and before long the two had eaten five each.

"I wish I was as thin as you," said Andrea. "I really have to watch myself. I will be fat before long."

"I have never had to worry about that." said Tasha. "In our family, you worried about getting enough to eat."

Back at home Tasha continued to enjoy her new life with her sister and Megan. As they ate their latest copious meal, Megan announced she had gotten a job at the local social services office. It was a good job, but wouldn't be able to return home until nine at night.

"Don't worry." Said Tara. "We'll save some food for you!"

The next morning, the twins wished Megan good luck at her new job and went off to work themselves. They continued paying their debt to Gustav by always being prompt for work. This took them successfully through their first month.

"I need to get some new clothes." said Tasha one wseekend.

"We have a lot of money left over, let's go on a shopping spree!"

Tara agreed it would be great fun and the two rushed off. As they left, Megan noticed some changes in the young twins. Tara looked a lot healthier and no longer looked malnourished. It looked like Tasha had put on even more weight as she looked softer. It was no wonder she needed new clothes. When they returned, the twins carried bags and bags of new clothes. They then modeled the new wardrobe for Megan.

"Wow! Sexy, sexy." Said Megan as she watched.

The twins had gone all out and both splurged on some tight, flattering outfits. Tara now had a nice, slim, perfect body. Tasha had carried a few more curves thanks to the bakery, but was really just settling in to an average weight.

The next month brought new experiences for the girls. They often went out and partied and had all the fun eighteen years olds should have. They sometimes attended parties, drank, and did not return home until late. Megan felt she should watch over the girls, but decided to it wasn't out of hand, at least not yet. They always got up early and maintained their obligations at work.

Three and a half months into their new life in California, the girls were never happier. On this evening they eat with ease until nine when Megan returned from work.

"Still eating?" Megan asked, as she sat down at the table with girls. Tasha was nibbling a piece of peach pie and ice cream. The allowance allowed them to keep the house stocked with whatever supplies they desired.

"Sorry." Said Tasha. "I think we ate too much. We'll order you a large pizza. It'll be on us, looks like we didn't leave you much of anything else left except desserts," she said eating her pie.

On the kitchen counter lay many decadent leftover treats, a half a crème cake, some cherry turnovers, some double chocolate brownies, and half of a crème Brule.

Tara ordered the pizza and assured Megan it would arrive in no more than
40 minutes.

The girls talked and laughed about the day's activities as Megan awaited her dinner.

"I can't get over all these wonderful creations!” said Tasha, still eating.

She now was picking and picking at the crème Brule. "Ooh, this is the best yet," she beamed.

"Why don't you just serve yourself a piece?" said Megan, eyeing Tasha casually eat.

"Oh, I just want a little." Tasha answered, her mouth full of crème Brule.

Soon the doorbell sounded and Tara quickly brought Megan her delicious
smelling, but tardy, meal.

Megan was famished and quickly dug in. "Very good, nice choice." said Megan.

"Uncle Gustav told me the all the restaurants to avoid. He said this place was the best."

"Wow, that smells good!" said Tasha, entering the room.

She paused, pondering whether to do what she was contemplating.

“Want to share?” remarked Megan, reading her mind.

"Well, maybe just one." Tasha said, reaching over Megan and stealing a big piece of pizza.

"Hey girl! Haven't you had enough to eat yet?" scolded Tara, hands on her hips.

"Oh stop! I am just making up for lost time!" Tasha laughed. "You gotta be a pig and overeat once in a while, no harm in it. Come on, have a piece of pizza or some dessert, live it up!"

Tara gave an amused smile, and did finally did have a bit of cake before she went to bed.

Another week past and Megan was starting to settle into her new job. She
often worked late, and didn't see the girls as often as she would have liked. She usually got home in time to bid them a good night as they ventured off to a party or to meet some friends. That was the case on this particular night.
"Be careful! See you guys tomorrow." Megan said.

Megan had noticed that while Tara had not changed a great deal and seemed to level out at an average weight, Tasha was still packing on pounds. She now had a nice curvy butt and hips. The tight nylon fabric of the pants she wore stretched to over her new rear. She had a definite fullness to her, not much of a belly or anything, but a nice curvy, rapidly growing, figure.

Late that night, Megan was awakened by a door slam, and then a bunch of giggling and talking coming from the kitchen. She couldn't get back to sleep and went to check on what was undoubtedly Tara and Tasha who had had a little too much to drink that night.

"Oh it's only you guys." she said tiredly. Then she glanced around.

"Whoa, nice spread! she said laughing. "Enjoy yourselves, I have to get some rest, good night."

The girls did indeed have a nice spread. They had gone to In 'n' Out Burger and had several of the famous burgers, and a mountain of French fries in front of them.

The next weekend, a rare patch of stormy weather cast gloom over sunny California. On Saturday and Sunday, Tara didn't have to work. Tasha only had to go in for a couple of hours during the bakery rush in the morning. This particular Saturday morning she brought home the largest, most copious bunch of fattening desserts Megan had ever seen.

"Phew!" she said as she dropped it all on the counter. " Hope you guys have a sweet tooth this weekend, I need help with these leftovers. The shop was super slow today and these are all the extras. All these Californians are afraid to go out in the rain." she joked.

In no time, Tasha was eating a huge cinnamon roll with rich frosting. "Help yourselves, come on, don't let me pig out all by myself!"

Megan watched in amazement as both girls sat around all afternoon and watched television or read, all the while eating the delicious leftovers. During the course of the afternoon Tasha left Tara in the dust as far as putting away the food. Tara just had two or three modest pieces, while Tasha literally ate one sweet after another. Some cake, then a doughnut, then a croissant, then a brownie, then a giant chocolate chip cookie, and so on.

“She must have got a lot of practice being around all those treats at the
bakery five days a week.” Megan observed

By five in the afternoon or so, Tasha was holding her belly. "Ooh, I shouldn't had so much junk food, I think I am going to be sick."

It came as no surprise to Megan who had watched her devouring the goodies all afternoon.

"We should get you some real food," suggested Megan after a bit.

"That sounds like a great idea. That will probably settle my stomach. Besides, I need something besides all the sweets I have been eating. How about if we order ribs from that new place down the block?" Tasha replied.

"Are you sure?" asked Megan. "Are you ready for that big a meal?"

"Well, by the time it gets here it will be dinnertime anyway, why not?"

"Ok, I guess it does sound pretty good. I'll take care of it, you just sit tight." sSaid Megan as she got together the order.

About an hour and a half later, Megan returned with what turned out to be as much as she could carry. The rib joint offered a family meal to feed six. It included 5 slabs of ribs, 5 servings of country fries, and plenty of corn bread with butter.

The twins loved the feast. Tasha had no trouble putting away more than her share even considering her afternoon bakery binge.

Megan found it hard to believe when she thought of it, but it had now been eight months since the she and the twins had started their new life in California. The three of them were getting along nicely at their respective places of employment. Gustav's generous allowance turned out to be more than was necessary, and the girls had not had to worry much about money and could treat themselves to extra stuff like CD's , DVD's and ... clothes.

Tasha in particular, had had been forced to "treat" herself regularly to some new outfits. This went through Megan's mind as she watched the twins readying for work. Tara had gained a little more weight since her initial increase, but would not be considered plump by any means.

On the other hand, Tasha, the more indulgent twin, had gained at least 25 more pounds, Megan estimated. Her butt and thighs had grown the most. She had had a nice subtle hourglass when she was skinny, but now her curves had become truly dramatic. Her round butt was enhanced by her tight stretch pants. Her waist stayed almost unchanged, but her now round and plump rear had expanded itself out on each side and blended so perfectly into her big hips and ripe thighs. When she walked her fat hips had a sexy sway to them. Her arms, belly, and breasts had also acquired a new softness.

"It was no wonder." Megan thought to herself. "She gorges her self on the those sweets all day, it's a wonder she is not as big as a house."

Tasha had never had to even consider what it would be like to have too much food...or too much anything, for that matter. Her years of deprivation had now put her in search of nonstop sensual fulfillment. Even as Megan watched her she quickly devoured a couple of sweet rolls before heading off to work.

Once arriving at the bakery, Andrea watched Tasha waste no time in snacking on one of her favorites, the strawberry butter-cream cupcake. "Better watch out girl...look at you! You're getting fat!" Andrea said as she swung her own curvy hip into Tasha's.

Tasha turned a little red as she finished her cupcake. "You are probably right, Andrea. But I don't think it looks too bad on me do you?" She asked, putting her hands are her hips and spinning around, showing of her curves. "Besides, everything's just so good around here! Oh, I just can't resist!" With that, she picked up another cupcake from the tray.

"Hey, it's all good with me, sweetie, I'm starting to look like the thin one around here!" She said laughing and elbowing Tasha.
Now, after a year of living in California, Uncle Gustav finally had the time to make a visit to his nieces. He had been traveling a great deal and hadn't seen them since biding them good luck a year earlier. He had not been too busy to keep sending the checks, though, a fact that was greatly appreciated.

As you can imagine, Tasha had now gotten very plump. Her butt had continued expanding and she now had given up on the stretch pants as they were too uncomfortable. She now seemed to always wear Drawstring linen pants. They didn't restrict her growing rear, and gave her more comfort. Besides, they fit her pear shape well.

Megan guessed she was now pushing 200 pounds! She was amazed how much Tasha's new butt now erotically jiggled when she walked across the living room. It looked as if it couldn't get much fleshier. Her breasts looked a lot fuller now too. She must have had to increase her bra size. And she now had a belly too! Her body was spreading its new wealth...her waist was finally giving in and expanding. When she sat down, you could see a nice big roll spill over out from under her shirt. She had become a very well-fed, healthy girl.

Gustav arrived to find the three girls lounging in front of the television. He was delighted to see his nieces and immediately they got up and each gave him a big hug.

"Oh, thank you, thank you!" They exclaimed. "We are so happy now. Thank you for all you have done!"

Gustav didn't make any remarks about Tasha's new, plump figure. He was the picture of class and good manners and would never make such a comment. Later on in the evening, however, he got a chance to speak with Megan alone.

"Well, Megan. Many thanks for all the help with my two little angels. I have every hope that their lives will be changed and that they are on the right track now. I talked to their bosses at work. Apparently, they are both very enthusiastic employees and are really dedicated to their jobs. My other concern is that have some happiness. They both seem much, much happier...Tasha in particular!" He said smiling and miming the shape of a curvy women with his hands.

"Yes, she has developed quite the appetite! I'm not letting her go hungry!" Said Megan. "That bakery job really agrees with her."

"We shouldn't be alarmed at this, for the girls grew up with nothing. I think she is entitled to a little fun and indulgence, I am sure the weight will fall back off sooner or later."

Gustav departed the next morning, hugging his precious nieces and bidding them continued good luck.
Now two and half months since Gustav's visit, life continued to be good for the twins. Tara had found a boyfriend, Brian, and spent a lot time with him. Megan thought he was kind of jerk and not good enough for Tara. Both of the twins had always been extremely sweet girls and deserved the best, she thought.

One evening she came home work and found Tasha and her friend from the bakery, Andrea, in the kitchen eating.

"What a spread!" said Megan, laughing a little.

The girls must have cleaned out the bakery for the table was absolutely filled with cakes, pies, pastries, doughnuts, and every other product the bakery could turn out.

"Oh, I don't know what to eat first!" said Tasha, standing over the array of goodies, roll of plump flesh poking out from under her shirt. She licked her lips. She then grabbed a butter lemon tart and quickly inhaled it. Tasha had gained still more weight in the last few months since her uncle's visit. She had now fattened up to over 200 pounds.

Megan remarked to herself how Tasha was now even getting a double chin! Her butt had changed again too. She was losing a bit of her smooth, enlarged hourglass figure that she had before. She now looked very well padded all over with a bigger waist and belly. Her big butt looked enormously full. It seemed infinitely big as it tried to burst from her Drawstring linen pants.

Megan's attention then turned to Andrea. It appeared she had gotten her wish of looking thin next to Tasha. She was definitely falling behind the growing Tasha in size. Megan noticed how now Tasha was much wider and bigger than Andrea. Andrea had continued to gain weight, but nothing like her hungry co-worker.

"Don't you want some real food?" Megan asked after about a half an hour of watching Tasha stuff herself with goodie after goodie.

"Oh, I don't know. There's plenty this bakery stuff and I'm really diggin' it! Here Megan, try one of these tarts." Tasha said stuffing one into her own mouth. "Or maybe a double fudge brownie..." she continued, again sampling one herself.

Megan did nibble on a few treats and she thought were very good. She never had to worry much about her weight. She had always been thin, as had everyone in her family. Besides, she just didn't have the unquenchable desire of Tasha.

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Tasha and Tara 2


As the months went by, Megan noticed the twins were beginning to act differently. They seemed to becoming distant from each other. The once inseparable pair now seemed to only meet by chance and when they did only spoke a few words to one another. Tara was always hanging around with her boyfriend, and Tasha with Andrea. And, of course, Tasha spent a lot of time laying around and eating by herself. Their lifestyles seemed to be diverging and they didn't seem to have much in common anymore.

One night, Tara came to Megan's bedroom. She said she needed to talk.

"What's wrong, Honey?" Megan asked, noticing Tara’s appearance and demeanor. She was very sad and looked depressed about something. She also looked thinner, and almost as undernourished as she had when they had moved in. As of this night, it had been a year and seven months since the three had started their life together. She didn't see Tara much anymore and liked the chance to find out what was going on inside her.

"It's Tasha." she started, tears in her eyes. "We used to be so close, and now I just can't seem to relate anymore. You have to know what it's like to be twins! We used to think like one brain and made sure we were always there for each other. Now it seems we are only distant friends. Another thing is she is getting so plump. She doesn't look like my ol' Tashy anymore...I can barely recognize her! But she seems to be happy enjoying her food...oh I don't know what the issue is...I just wish we could relate again!"

"Well dear, she is definitely having a good time and she really loves to eat. Just last night I came down to get a cup of warm milk and found her down in the kitchen. I sat with her for a while and believe it or not she devoured an entire cheesecake by herself! I think she was deprived of delicious food for so long she is making up for it" Megan explained.

"But back to your problem, let me think...First of all, have you talked to
her about this?" asked Megan.

"I can't! It's so hard to find the right time. Oh, Megan I would do anything to make it like it was before, she means everything to me!"

She burst into tears and Megan held her in her arms. That night, Tara fell asleep in Megan's bed for comfort. Megan stayed awake and thought about Tara's problem. She knew Brian, Tara's boyfriend, was no help and they were on the rocks. She had mentioned a breakup was likely. "Good riddance to him" Megan thought.

Just then she heard a noise outside her open bedroom door. She saw the light in the bathroom turn on and an almost naked Tasha go into the bathroom. She wore only a small, short nightshirt and a pair of bikini panties.

"Man is she getting fat!" Megan thought to herself. "She must be close to 250 lbs now!"

Megan's observation was correct. Tasha's nourishing, constant diet of bakery goods had pushed her past plump... she was now very fat. Her mind flashed back to the image of the skinny, undernourished girl she had started living with a year and seven months ago. She then looked back to see Tasha's well-fed form retreat back to her bedroom. Megan could see she now walked more slowly and proudly than before. She let her new belly and large breasts hang out and her full hips swing. Her butt was huge...it seemed to go on forever, and it quivered more than ever as walked. She couldn't believe the layers and rolls of fat that now covered Tasha's voluptuous, ripe body. Megan smiled to herself, "She's still got it though, she is still pretty...still a blonde haired goddess."

Just then it hit Megan like a lightning bolt. "I know how to solve Tara's problem! She needs to get big and fat, just like Tasha!"

Over the next week Megan became to hatch her plan. If she could get Tara overeating like Tasha and fatten her up, they were sure to behave more like twins again! They would have more in common. Heck, they would eat together if nothing else! Also, hopefully Tara would become lazy like Tasha and would spend more time around the house.

The more Megan thought of it, the more she knew it was the right thing to do. She just had a few things to get straight that bothered her. She felt guilty fattening up a skinny girl. A talk with Tasha was necessary. They would talk about what it had been like to overeat and grow fat. She had to know if it had been all pleasure. After all, they were twins and Tara could expect exactly the same experience, probably even down to where the fat would find itself on her beautiful body. It was very possible if she could get Tara to gain 125 pounds or so, she would be almost identical to Tasha! Everyone would be happy again!

The next day she casually dropped some mail off in Tasha's room. She found her dressing and for once, not eating.

"Here's some mail." said Megan.

Tasha was struggling to get her shorts over her plump thighs. Megan watched as she became out of breath and finally gave up and stood with her hands on her hips.

"Wheew! she said. "I'm getting bigger all the time!"

Megan knew this was the perfect time to prod Tasha. She went over and
sat on the bed.

"Damn, your pretty lucky girl! Somehow the pounds suit you. You look very sexy if I do say so myself." Megan started. She wanted to flatter Tasha to remove her guard.

"You think so?" Said Tasha smiling. "That's good, because I could never quit eating my bakery treats. Oooh, there all so good! See, now you have gone and made me hungry."

"Oh, sorry. Well, I have to run to the kitchen anyway, do you want something? "

"Sure, surprise me!" said Tasha. Megan returned with a tray of cupcakes.

"How did you know? Those are my favorite!" Tasha laughed and quickly
began eating.

"Anyway, Tasha. You look great. I have always had this square little thin body. Hope you don't mind the personal question, but I have to know, how does it feel to be so big and curvy?"

Almost immediately Tasha opened up and talked about herself. This happened much more quickly than Megan had ever hoped.

"Well, there are a couple of differences. It's weird, you know. " Tasha started. "I was always so skinny and active, you remember. But I never felt sexy or confident. I would say that's all changed now."

Megan looked on with a pleased smile.

Tasha continued. "There are a couple of other things that are kind of funny too. The other day, a customer at the bakery forgot his change and I had to quickly go after him as he was already on his way out the door. It was then I realized for the first time...you know what? I couldn't run anymore! These are things you take for granted, you know. But I must still have the brain of a skinny girl, because I tried to break into a run just like when I was 120 pounds. I soon found I couldn't do it! My muscles just wouldn't move my body...it felt so awkward. Must be this new addition!" she said smiling and patting her huge butt and hips.

"Andrea made fun of me, but I ended up asking another customer to catch him for me!"

"The other thing is my body has been growing so much, it really keeps me
busy buying pants. They seem to shrink by the month," she said pointing to
her too small shorts on the bed.

"Oh, I know," she said smiling. “This is also something funny. The other day I went to the movie theater with Andrea. As we sat down, she quickly plopped into her seat and I attempted to do the same in the seat next to her. To my surprise, I almost bruised my hips on the armrests! My big butt wouldn't fit in the seat! I finally squeezed in, but it spilled over the seat and even pushed up against Andrea. I soon got comfortable, though, it was no big deal. It was silly more than anything. I just don't realize how big my butt is getting!"

Megan continued to listen and knew she was hearing nothing to upset her
perfect plan.

"Another thing I am finding, I just hate to walk now!" Tasha went on. "I remember in high school Tara and I walked all over town, our parents never gave us a ride. We had to get everywhere on foot, we would think nothing of walking 5 of miles at a time! Those days are over for me. I am not doing that anymore!

“As you know, Andrea has a car and I make her pick me up for work, it's great. Besides...between, you and me, I get out of breath in about 15 steps, anyway! My butt just doesn't like to walk. It jiggles and resists me! I think it likes to stay in one place. So, I have learned to give in and do plenty of laying around....and...for some reason I can't seem to get enough food!"

This last sentence sounded like a complaint, which she addressed by picking up her third butter cream cupcake.

Megan felt good so far. At the end of the conversation she asked about Tara and with some success tried to probe her feeling about her skinnier sister.

"I am worried about Tara." Tasha started. "She seems to keep to herself too much. I wish she would just cut loose sometimes. Besides, she looks so unhealthy lately, she should learn to have fun!" With that Tasha gobbled another cupcake in about two bites.

Megan now had her work cut out for her. Her first idea was to have the girls switch jobs. Tasha would work at the restaurant and Tara would take up work at the bakery. The girls didn't mind the change, although Tasha would miss eating sweets all day. She enlisted Andrea to help and told her of the plan. Andrea felt if would be no problem and was excited by the challenge. "120 pounds huh?" Andrea said. "We can do it. If one twin can do it, so can the other. How long do we have?"

Megan told her time wasn't really a factor, but she hoped to do it in less time than Tasha had taken to fatten herself up. After all, the faster she could get Tara to look like Tasha, the happier they both will be and faster they will be reunited, so to speak.

After a couple weeks, the plan seemed to begin to work. Andrea reported Tara was tough, but she was showing beginnings of the casual snacking that had made Tasha get so fat. At home, Megan now changed her hours at work so she could be home to cook for the girls. She took it upon herself to cook the largest, most fattening meals she could manage. Tasha was no trouble, she was sure to stuff herself every night. Megan even had trouble keeping the food away from Tasha long enough for Tara to get her fill. At first Tara let her get away with it, but as her appetite grew over the weeks, she put up a fight for her share and stuffed herself too.

After a couple of months, Megan stopped into bakery to say hi. Andrea was out front and told Megan Tara was in the back. Megan found Tara munching on a huge, rich double chocolate cookie as she got ready to bring a fresh batch of sweets out front. Megan was struck how healthy she looked. She had a glow to her that had been gone for a while.

Andrea stood and watched with Megan as Tara walked to take a batch of brownies out of the oven. Her butt was growing! Andrea gave a contented smile as we watched. Sure enough, she was filling out just as Tasha had. Her butt was nice and round and we noticed that familiar swing of the hips! Four months into Megan's project, it was going splendidly. Tara was eating very well.

Tasha on the other hand had to work a little harder than she was used to at the restraunt and didn't have as much time to eat at work. She didn't complain, but was probably a little unhappy. At home, the twins were getting upset there were not enough bakery leftovers. The bakery was getting busier. In an effort to keep the plan alive and to keep Tara eating, Megan called Gustav.

Megan explained the situation and he said he would make a few calls. Apparently he told the bakery managers to step up the amount of products they baked. They were confused, but went along. This now meant a giant load of sweets and goodies would be available after Tara got off. He even arranged for them to be delivered to the house everyday after the bakery closed.

Tasha was thrilled. One Friday Tasha returned home to find Tara experimentally tasting many of the new sweets. The kitchen had a cake, pie, or pastry on every open surface.

"Oh, this cake is wonderful!" said Tara forking giant bites in her mouth. She held a plate with a very large piece of lemon cream cake in her hand.

"I told you would love it!" said Tasha. She held a éclair in one hand and a big frosted chocolate doughnut in the other. She was quickly taking giant bites of each as she scanned the kitchen for her next fattening treat.

"Did you try these?" asked Tasha, between bites. "These are supposed to be like those Hostess fruit pies! Remember we used to treat ourselves and share one once in a while in high school?"

Tasha grabbed a blueberry pie and before Tara knew it, she was passionately biting into it. They were indeed like an "upscale" version of Hostess pies, but much larger and probably much richer. "They're huge, “ exclaimed Tara.

"Oh, no, they are not that big, once you start eating, “ Tasha.replkied. “I'll tell you secret, last night I came down in the middle of the night and before I knew it I had eaten THREE of them!"

"Nice going, chubby!" said Tara laughing.

Megan stood at the door and smiled a pleased smile.

Her plan was going perfectly. It had now been six months since she started it, and Tara was fattening up just as planned. Megan estimated she was doing so even faster than Tasha had. Tara was now quickly getting to the end of her plump, enlarged hourglass/pair shape phase and it looked like before she knew it she would be verging on "fat girl" territory.

Megan remembered the progression well. Now soon her waist would expand, she would get a nice flabby belly and bigger breasts. Then, soon after the "curvy" look of her body would give way to the "fat" look as plenty of pillowy layers of fat developed. This would be accompanied, of course, by an unbelievably fleshy, jiggling, butt.

Megan now knew it was time to start the next phase and she would have no time to waste. She hadn't counted on Tasha gaining more weight, which she was. Tara now had even more catching up to do. Megan though she would start by revealing her plan to Tara.

She did it with some style too. In the middle of the night, she went to the kitchen and loaded up a tray with some of the sweets she had seen Tara grow fond of over the last few months. She then quietly woke up Tara.

"Wake up, I brought you a midnight snack," said Megan.

Tara was a little confused. She did start eating, though. Megan knew at this point Tara's appetite would start to become unstoppable and she could get Tara to eat almost constantly if she played her cards right. She knew she needed to get her capacity up so that she would take longer to get full.

This would even mean she could probably wake up Tara every night and feed her rich goodies without any protest. Megan's planning was extensive. When she cooked, she always cooked way too much and pushed it on Tara as much as possible. She made sure she ate a little more each time. Tara didn't even notice. Whether she knew it or not, Tara now was overeating grossly. She was stretching her stomach a little more each time she ate.

"Oh, why are you being so nice?" smiled Tara, still eating.

"Well...to be honest I am trying to get you to gain a little weight sweetie," stated Megan, embarrassed. "I think it would help you become closer to Tasha again..,just like you wanted. I notice you guys spending more time already!"

"Yeah, eating!" Laughed Tara. "Tash is amazing. She is so sensual I can't believe it. She has turned me on to so many luscious desserts!" Tara paused. "...I suspected you were up to something, though"

"Oh, well I'm a little uneasy; are you cool with this?" asked Megan.

"Are you kidding?" Retorted Tara. "I feel happier already. Besides, I have to tell you, I would kill to know what it's like to be as big and fat as Tasha. I've grown totally envious! I'll definitely give it a try, it should be fun getting there in any case...this stuff is delicious! And..."

She pulled the sheets down to reveal newly plump, luscious thighs. "I am getting there, aren't I?" she boasted.
I'll say." Said Megan. "You've got some work to do, though. Tasha's appetite doesn't seem to be tapering off, hope your hungry!"

"I know I can catch up to her weight! We'll be identical, just like before!" Tara hopefully exclaimed.

"Ok as of now we have officially started. How about I will bring you this extra food every night...how's 2 am?"

Megan was true to her word. She would load up her tray every night. After a month or so, she found it took many more goodies to satisfy Tara's appetite. At home during the day or after work, Megan also worked on making sure Tara didn't have to exert herself in any way. She would always jump up to get her more food at the dinner table or when she lounged in front of the television. She learned to anticipate her every desire.

Tara didn't have to walk much at work these days, either. Andrea made sure she had a ride anywhere she wanted to go. During the day at the bakery, Andrea sometimes would take up the slack for Tara when she wanted to be lazy.

Another two months passed. One Saturday morning, Megan came down to the kitchen to have a bowl of cereal. She was astounded once again by the bakery stuff sitting all over. It looked like a giant bake sale, only this stuff was much richer and more expensive than any bake sale.

Soon Tara came down and looked longingly at the goodies.

"Now, let's see. What's first....I'll take a cheese Danish, a piece of that chocolate cheesecake, and oh yes, it wouldn't be breakfast without a couple of croissants." She said walking around the room devouring the sweets and grabbing her next choice with her greedy hands. She went on like this for a half an hour before Tasha came down.

"Out of way my skinny!" Tasha declared, pushing Tara playfully and going right
for the cupcakes.

Tasha was dressed in a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. She looked very fat, probably about 260 lbs, but for the first time Megan had the feeling her weight gain might be slowing down. After all, she had been really busy at work, and even had to work some overtime. This cut into her time to indulge herself in the rich food.

Megan watched Tara, who was now starting on a huge piece of German chocolate cake. She stuffed gooey bites into her mouth and in between popped scarfed a cookie or whatever bite-size morsel she could find.

"She is definitely in the "fat" stage, now." thought Megan. Tara's too tight exercise pants displayed a nice big butt and full thighs. As Tara reached for her latest goodie, Megan noticed a pleasantly full, new roll of fat spill over her pants' waistband. She could see her breasts spill out of her too small bra as well. What did she weigh? Megan guessed just over 200 lbs...not bad for eight months, but a long way to go. Thank goodness Tasha's growth was slowing.

At 2:00 am sharp Megan arrived and with a soft knock enter Tara's room. Her tray was overflowing with sweet, luscious food. Tara lazily woke up and hungrily started munching on her feast. She soon perked up as she tasted the creamy, sweet desserts.

"Mmmmm...I am really getting into this!" Tara said. "The thing is, I just can't stop! Something has awakened in me and I can't help but overeat like this. These days, I just LOVE food more than anything!"

She beamed as she gorged. The bedside lamp made her hair look golden and
her eyes a piercing blue.

"You're the only pair of girls I've seen that seem to always be beautiful, no matter the weight," purred Megan, admiring Tara's model caliber beauty.

"Good." Said Tara. "But I still really feel Tasha isn't going to feel close to me until I get up to her weight, though. Good thing I'm having the time of my life! I know I can get there!"

Tara stuffed a huge bite of cheesecake into her mouth with ease. When Tara had finished consuming her ever-growing "snack", Megan left here alone, and she quickly drifted into a sound sleep.

The next morning was Saturday, and Megan greeted Tara again with a huge breakfast in bed. It took three trips to carry the eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and pastries into Tara's bedroom. She was delighted to have the feast appear just as she awoke.

"Oh, good timing. I was just starting to get hungry!" said Tara, sitting up and starting in on the meal. Megan had planned it perfectly. She knew by getting Tara to stuff herself each day, this only made her hunger come on stronger when her
overstretched stomach was empty. After a while Tara leaned back contently relaxed back in her pillow.

"Whew! I think I am full," said Tara, still with a few pancakes and some
sausage patties in front of her.

"Come on, just a little more!" said Megan. "Maybe if you stand up and walk around a little the food will settle."

"No way!" She laughed. "I am cozy right here."

"Ok, then. How about I massage your belly to make some more room?"

Megan then pulled down the sheet and began to massage Tara's food stuffed stomach.

"Good work Tara!" Megan said as her hands noticed the newly added fat
rolls around Tara's middle. "I've never seen all that before!"

That being finished, Tara had no problem finishing off the feast. In fact she asked Megan to bring her one more pastry from the kitchen!

Tara barely rose from her bed that day. Megan knew this laziness was just what she needed from Tara if she had any hope of fattening her up to 260 lbs. or so.

All day Sunday, the girls enjoyed the new, larger bakery bonanza Gustav had granted them. This day, Megan let the twins sit on their fattened butts on the couch and waited on them. She made a list of the day's sweets and handed each girl a list. They could now choose what they wanted without getting up and making constant trips to the kitchen. She tried to make sure Tara got more food than Tasha. She wanted to try and keep Tasha's weight gain slow. Tara could never catch her if she started gaining at the pace she had been a few months ago.

"Oh, I love life!" Said Tasha.

Tasha looked like a beached whale as she lazily stretched her huge body on the couch.

The months passed and the eating continued. Megan's project was now a year and a 1 month old. She rose early to begin preparing Tara's monster breakfast. She went over in her mind how well Tara was doing. The previous night before bed, she had finished off two big, rich cream cakes, all by herself. Amazingly, she was already starving again when her midnight snack was brought to her. Tara's capacity was astounding! Megan went up to see if Tara was awake and came face to face with her in the hallway near the bathroom.

"Hey Megan, come in here for a minute," said Tara.

Tara was dressed in a while sweat suit, now too small for her. Megan followed the now very fat twin into the bathroom. She watched Tara from behind as she slowly walked to the bathroom. The nice, fat blonde lazily sauntered down the hall. Each step shook the floor and her huge butt jiggled and swayed. The layers of fat had found their way onto every part of her ripe body.

"250! How about that!" said Tara, as she stood on the scale. She struggled to lean over her protruding tummy to see the numbers.

"Great." Said Megan. "I think we can do this. I have to say, you look a little flabbier than your sister did at that weight, you're a lazy little thing aren't you?" she teased, grabbing one of the many rolls of Tara's belly flab.

"Yeah, you’re probably right, she always looked a little more toned, must be that running around the restaurant all the time." Tara responded. "But I really don't care I'm getting so soft and flabby, anyway. I'm proud of my new body. Besides, I can feel myself getting more and more out of shape by the day, who cares? I never have to run or even walk much anymore, what's the point? I sure am not going to start exercising!” Tara finished, laughing.

"Your right! Those days might be over for you!" smiled Megan, remembering Tasha's decline. "Now come on downstairs and eat. We've go to get you fatter!"

"Come on Meg." Tara protested. "Bring it up here, there's no point in me walking up and down all those stairs all day. I think I'll just stay in bed, after all it's Sunday...that is unless you want to carry me around."

"Fat chance of that." laughed Megan. I would if I could, but you have gotten to be a little more than I can carry, my dear!"

Tara got her wish and all day Megan waited on her every desire. To Megan's amazement Tara ate literally constantly all day! She would carry the three big meals up to her at the regular times, but in between meals Tara snacked continuously on the endless supply of bakery sweets Megan had placed around her bed. Tara barely moved all day. Megan could imagine how on days like this, her muscles were growing incredibly soft and out of shape.
Another three months of this lazy lifestyle and amazing appetite put Tara up to 275 lbs.

"Hey Tara, get up for a minute!" said Megan waking Tara on a beautiful
Saturday morning.

"Oh, I don't want to." said Tara, lethargically turning away.

Megan then pulled Tara's fat arm and finally with great struggle, got
her out of bed.

"Look at you! I think you might have gained enough my dear! I saw Tasha walking around in her underwear yesterday, and I don't think she's much bigger than you anymore!" Megan proudly announced. "In fact..." She continued. "I think we might have gone a little overboard!" Megan said, holding back a laugh. She gave Tara's gigantic butt a slap. Her whole body seemed to wiggle upon being touched.

Tara now looked amazingly different than she had before Megan's fattening project. Soft, thick flesh seemed to cover her whole body. Her arms, breasts, belly, thighs and especially her butt now showed the efforts of the last months in layers upon layers of fat. She was definitely flabbier than Tasha, the fat seemed jigglier and quivered tremendously as she walked.

"Congratulations! What you say we take a walk out on the patio for a change. You could probably use the fresh air." Megan suggested. Tara reluctantly agreed and said she might as well put on her new bikini and get a little sun. She had been cooped up eating all this time and hadn't gotten her lazy butt on the patio for months.

Once ready, Megan and Tara walked down the stairs and out to the patio. Megan was shocked at how quickly Tara was out of breath and how slowly she walked. She seemed barely able to move her huge, flabby body she was so out of shape.

To Megan's surprise, Tasha was already outside enjoying the sun. She now could marvel at the two twins as they lay sunning themselves. The two once svelte, almost skinny girls were now tremendously over-fed and lazy. As she watched them sunning themselves, it was now obvious to Megan that Tara had become fatter than Tasha!

Just then, Megan noticed the mailman dropping their mail in the box out front. Megan quickly retrieved it and on her way back, handed each of the twins their mail. Tara reached for the envelope she knew contained Uncle Gustav's generous check. As she ripped it open, a gust of wind tossed the check from her hands. As it wafted down and off the patio, Tara awkwardly struggled to get up and tried to chase down the check. It was quite a sight as her flab jiggled and her rolls shifted as she got up and tried to run. Her enormous butt bounced dramatically and her whole body quivered as she gave chase. After only a few steps she gave up and put her hands on her knees, panting.

"I told you your running days were over!" said Megan, laughing and trotting out. she easily retrieved the check from the sidewalk.

"I won't ever try that again!" acknowledged Tara slowly walking back to the deck, still out of breath.

"Hey Megan!" yelled Tasha. "What do think? Looks like Tara is fatter than me now!"

Tasha gazed at Tara's huge body as she plopped herself on the lounge chair.

"Maybe so," said Megan with a cool smile. "Maybe so."
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This story is okay, but it has some weak points.

Use more contractions, the lack thereof gives the dialogue a sort of choppy, robotic feeling.

The characters are a bit flat, and the gaining idea just doesn't make sense. How would precise physical equality make a girl emotionally closer? Also, why did Tara shrink back to malnourished size with her boyfriend? Anorexia? Pressure to lose? Depression? It's never adequately expalined

I wouldn't call this Extreme fantasy eating, since it's still somewhere within the bound of reality. Really this doesn't belong in fantasy/science fiction.
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all we ask is that those without fetishes respect the notion that the vast majority of fetish-havers know how to reconcile their kink with the dangers of reality just as you would assume your next door neighbor is not a pedophile.
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mll77 has said some nice things

Ok, I know that a lot of time passed but will be there any continuation? This story is great!
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