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Default Experiments in Revenge


Hi, JP here, this is another recent story, the one I wrote before the last one I posted "The Lost Shipment". This story has the largest weight gain I've ever done and I tried to focus quite a bit on the process. Enjoy!

Experiments in Revenge

Four slim and attractive women lay naked and dozing on gurneys inside a large white and clinically sterile room. A moment later a door slid open near them and a person dressed in a baggy and completely sealed environmental suit with a sealed face plate that had a gold tinged screen walked in. No features, not even the sex of this person could be determined as he or she approached the sleeping women and set down a large plastic suitcase and opened it up next to them. It made a slight hiss from released pressure as it did so, revealing an assortment of very high tech biological and technological paraphernalia. The figure started with a scanner and pointed it at each of the unconscious women in turn, storing the results in the scanner’s memory. It held their weight, a current picture, and some vital information. Their weights were almost exactly the same, a few pounds difference here and there at most, but averaging out to 120 pounds. All the women obviously dieted and exercised regularly to keep their bodies toned and light.

Once that was done, the figure took out a slim white case and popped it open. In it was a pile of what looked like bandages neatly stacked. The person took one out and peeled a safety strip off of it with some difficulty due to the gloves and then applied the adhesive pad directly to the first woman’s chest between her small breasts. The figure repeated the procedure with the other three before returning the pads to the case and recovering something else. This one was labeled in a variety of warning signs in several languages, but the message was that these were highly dangerous Nanites, and very likely the reason why the figure wore such an enclosed suit, and handled the container with such care. The figure went to the first woman and turned the canister over and carefully placed it in the center of the pad on her chest. The figure gave the container a twist at the base, causing it to hiss and depositing a measured dose of microscopic machines into the sleeping woman. The nanites were already changing her, following a program that had been set up for her. The primary purpose of nanites was for medical reasons; your standard nanites could keep a person alive possibly forever, preventing aging, disease, poisons, injury and most other things that tend to kill people. But nanites could also make significant changes in a person, changes nature didn’t typically allow, which was part of the reason their use was so restricted. Judging by the labels on the container, these nanites were not merely the benign and medical kind.

The process was repeated on each of the women, and after an amount of time determined by a beeping sound that came from the figure’s watch, the pads were peeled off one by one, and the figure took one of the gurneys and pushed the sleeping occupant towards a strange array of equipment and apparati.

Joan woke up groggily, her head feeling strange and heavy, and she seemed to be having trouble moving. Here eyes were opening slowly, like they were gummed shut, and when she tried swallowing she felt something in her mouth. Panic slowly started to rise in her and she tried harder to open her eyes and move, but she only managed to accomplish the former. The room was too bright at first for her to see anything other than white walls and bright lights. She definitely couldn’t move though, but sensation was returning to her body, she knew she was tied or secured some how. Blinking and straining, her vision began to clear and she almost wished it hadn’t.

She seemed to be sitting on some kind of platform, and she felt a pole at her back which was what she was tied to, with bands across her chest above her breasts and another band at her waist. The bands pinned her arms to her side also, not tightly, but she could tell as she was coming around that there was no way she could get out. Her legs were splayed flat out in front of her and strapped down at the thigh and calf. The worst was that she had a large clear tube in her mouth, and actually down her throat, crossing her eyes to look at it she could see there was a second much smaller tube that was stuck to it, perhaps a breathing tube. She started to look around and see what else was going on and finally became aware of the other women in the same predicament.

She didn’t know any of them, but they were all tied up in a similar way. Directly across from her was an almost mirror image of her, at least in size and body shape. She had chocolaty brown skin, straightened shoulder length hair, and small athletic breasts much like her own. Joan’s skin was pale white and she kept her blond hair short and a touch curly. Taking another look, it seemed that there was a connection between their two platforms, a sturdy beam perhaps, and at the center she could tell was a fulcrum, it was like they were on a teeter-totter, though a bigger one than any she’d seen, their own platforms were probably more than teen feet in diameter.

She heard struggles to her side and turned her head and eyes as much as she could to see that there was another woman off to her right and lower down.

Veronica was a slim red headed beauty, trussed up with a tube down her throat like the others. Her pole was flush with the floor, but she could tell the she too was on a platform. Her main view was of the strange see-saw she was facing, and the two women on it. She could see from her vantage point though that underneath each of the platforms was a large clear plastic cylinder, filled with a thick yellow fluid. That in itself wasn’t too alarming. But whereas the women on the platform had their tubes going into the ceiling, Veronica’s tube was plugged into that plastic cylinder. From her view she could also see that still another woman was tied up like her to the other platformed woman’s right.

All four of the women struggled futilely for a few seconds; all were completely awake at this point, Lisa, the other woman on the floor, and Janice, the woman at the other end of the see-saw. All desperately wanted to escape, shout, do something, but could barely manage grunts and gurgles and ineffectual squirms. After a few moments, the white walls and ceiling stated to fade and change. They went from opaque whiteness to a reflective mirror shine, further showing the women their helpless captivity, and giving the see-saw women a good look at their partners on the floor. With the change in the walls they sensed that something was going to happen soon, and they weren’t disappointed (only terrified).
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At the fulcrum there was a metallic snap, followed by a pneumatic hiss and even though none of the women knew much about mechanics, they all assumed that the balancing mechanism had just been released. Like its namesake, the teeter-totter began to…teeter. It was obvious that the two women were very nearly equal in weight, for several seconds nothing happened, the women on the platform didn’t dare to breathe, and Veronica and Lisa did everything in their power to will the see-saw from leaning their way. Gravity and physics would not be denied though. Slowly, inevitably, the platform with Joan on it began to descend. As it did so Veronica’s eyes bugged out as tears rolled down her cheeks, the clear plastic tube under the platform was collapsible, and it began to get crushed as the platform lowered. As it collapsed it forced the fluid through the tube, and despite all her silent protests, into her. It passed her lips and went down the tube to its final destination, her stomach. Veronica felt nothing really, not even when it began to fill her small stomach. A few seconds later though as more and more fluid was pumped in, she felt the inevitable fullness, and then the drum tight feeling of being stuffed to any limit she thought she had and more as the platform continued to fall towards the floor, squeezing more and more of the fluid into her. The other girls watched with sick fascination at this, Veronica’s stomach bulged and strained at holding so much of the fluid, surely she’d burst or something as her belly filled like a beach ball, stretching and straining the belt across it that held her in place. Finally though, there was a click as the platform came to rest on the floor. Veronica grunted and sobbed in discomfort as she wondered what the Hell she had just swallowed so much of.

Janice however had her own worries. She was some ten feet in the air, and she definitely heard something above her, where her tube led, but couldn’t see it. A moment later she saw the same yellowish fluid travel down her tube and then down her throat, and somehow she actually squealed as it did so. It felt like nothing until it had taken up all the room in her stomach and began to painfully stretch it. Her eyes were squeezed tight against the discomfort, but eventually her curiosity took her over and she had to see what was happening. From looking down and also at the mirrors her belly was distended and pregnant looking and still getting bigger as the flow continued. Tears rolled down her face for several more seconds, and she knew she would explode when it suddenly stopped. She would have liked to breathe a sigh of some relief, except that the tube down her throat breathed for her. There was a click and a release on the platform, and this time it didn’t waste any time as it began to descend, there was no comparison as to who weighed more. Despite the other women’s innocence, Veronica and Janice couldn’t help but share a thought; ‘OK, now it’s your turn bitch!’

Janice and Veronica had other issues though. Their stomachs started rumbling a few moments after the fluid was through pumping them up like living balloons. Then they felt warmth spread through them emanating from their stomachs. Then their bulging bellies began to subside, shrink, almost as if they were digesting whatever it was they just ingested. That provided relief but then they were shocked when they realized that all that fluid had to go somewhere, and where it went seemed to be…everywhere. They began to get fatter, pounds and inches accumulating on hips, bellies, breasts and asses. It was gained fast enough for them to literally see and feel the accumulation. The bonds got a bit tighter, their butts spread more on their platforms and their breasts sagged and drooped. Veronica’s weight seemed to concentrate more on her breasts, becoming fuller and riper, while Janice was getting wider in her caboose, but both were gaining elsewhere. The gain continued as the others encountered what they had already just been through.

Lisa’s stomach seemed to get full in just the first few seconds as Janice’s platform past the halfway point and began crushing her own plastic cylinder, and on Veronica’s side she could see that her cylinder was already refilling now that the platform was off of it. Her petite belly was overstretched past any limit she thought she had. Her stomach was on her lap and spreading with the pressure from getting so much liquid pumped into her. She shook her head as much as she could but it didn’t matter, she would be filled up like the others.

Joan had meanwhile reached the top, faster than she wanted, and heard the click that Janice had heard a bit before, and sure enough, the liquid began to fall down the tube and into her. The balloon of her stomach was quickly filled, and then pumped up to the bursting point as she squirmed in pain and discomfort. She thought it would fill so much her head would pop off as it backed up, but her stomach held despite how much it was filled. Finally the click happened again and she began to descend. She saw Janice who was on her way up again and was horrified to see she had gotten quite a bit fatter, and knew by the warmth and rumbling in her stomach that she was about to share the same fate.

Lisa’s weight gain was concentrated in her midsection it seemed. Her belly went from pregnant and overstretched to Buddha-like. Weight went elsewhere of course, but her protruding stomach was the most noticeable. Joan seemed to mainly get larger everywhere. It was difficult to say that any one part of her was plumper than the rest. She got thicker and wider, a layer of flab covering most of her body. All-in-all, it seemed that the women gained perhaps fifty pounds each from the experience, though they were hardly in a position to say.

The second time around was no easier than the first, Veronica’s stomach hurt just as much time as the one before, and it got pumped full just as much, though she thought she felt the warmth start even sooner perhaps. As Janice was getting filled some ten feet above, Veronica’s gains continued. Her breasts were impressively large before, now they were growing to a size that was more ridiculous and grotesque, though other parts were following as well, such as her belly and hips, but most wouldn’t notice as their eyes were drawn to her massive and flabby tits.

Veronica struggled in vain as she forcibly ingested more of the stuff and felt her ass widen and flatten as her weight climbed. Her hips widened as well, but she was definitely a ‘booty Mama’, as she gained perhaps another fifty pounds.

Joan wept as she traveled up on her side as the release was triggered and Janice’s increased weight easily overcame Joan’s. As she went up, Lisa swallowed more and more, the warmth kicking in just as Joan reached the top and began swallowing her own dose of the stuff. Lisa’s belly became wider, more plush and voluminous, a challenge to any beer belly you’d see at a truck-stop. Joan was becoming a simply mountainous woman, widening all over, getting fatter by the second.

The see-saw moving up and down became a kind of clock, setting off a chain of weight gain in the women. First Joan would bottom out, squeezing gallons maybe of that fluid into Veronica whose breasts were now getting caught up by the rest of her body at last. Then Janice up at the top, whose hips just wouldn’t quit. From there it was Lisa’s turn, and her belly just kept getting bigger, the rest looked spindly and strange because little weight seemed to accumulate anywhere else. Then it was Joan, who just became bigger and bigger, no one part bigger than the others, just a large fat woman getting fatter and fatter. Then it was back to Veronica again.

After being stuffed to capacity for the fifth time, they began to get used to it, so there was at least some relief that way, but the weight kept piling on, 50 pounds at a time. Despite their initial proclivities for where their weight would go, they all eventually started to look like Joan. Veronica’s breasts, while huge, could only be expected on someone as fat she was becoming, and they rested on her growing stomach, spreading to either side of her. Janice’s ass was actually pretty comfortable for her as her upper body caught up and widened as well, but her hips were still considerably wider. Lisa finally started to get some weight elsewhere so it didn’t look like she was just pregnant with a baby hippo or something. Joan…Joan was huge, bigger and bigger, rounder and fatter, very well proportioned would be about the best way to put it. The women all had good looks of themselves and each other, thanks to the mirrors, and they all wondered why they were here and having this done to them, and by whom.

The women quickly lost count of their trips up and down the see-saw, the changes going on in each other absorbed too much of their attention. Inevitably, their bellies began to be able to easily accommodate all of the fluid with barely any discomfort at all, their stomachs were just getting so stretched out and loose from the pressure. The fluid amount didn’t increase, but the pace seemed to be picking up. They’d barely be done digesting their latest dose and transforming it into more fat before they were getting pumped full with the next dose. Their weight was getting difficult to estimate at a glance. Was it 500 pounds? Maybe, but probably higher, as the machines showed no signs of slowing down or stopping its cycle.

Joan was the biggest looking overall, but that might have been because she was the tallest when this all started. Her body was shaped more and more like a giant Hershey’s Kiss, her shoulders sloping down to her incredibly widened midsection. Veronica still led the way with her huge breasts that actually touched the platform she was sitting on at this point, though her body was widening also. Janice’s shape was similar to Joan’s, she looked a bit slimmer up top, and hugely wide at the hips and ass, and she seemed to be sitting taller as well. Lisa’s belly was huge, but at least she was getting fat in other areas. Still, her stomach protruded a few feet in front of her, obscuring her legs.
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The fattening cycle continued, their bodies kept swelling and getting larger. The bands on them began to loosen, more for comfort than anything else, they were now too fat to move well enough and try and escape, and they simply lacked the mobility and strength now to move their flabby limbs well. None of them could say they were physically uncomfortable though, their fat cushioned them well, they had no trouble breathing, and their stomachs easily handled the dose of liquid each time. But all wept and cried as well as they could as they saw themselves and each other in the mirrors and as they pumped up and down on the see-saw. Several more up and down cycles and they were probably over one thousand pounds, with no sign of slowing down. It was harder and harder to see how the weight gain affected them at this point. Gaining or losing fifty pounds when you weigh over half a ton is just a drop in the bucket. Their skin though was flawless, even though it was stretching fast and to the extreme, it stayed soft and firm without stretch marks or tearing or even cellulite. Their faces were drooping with the fat, gaining extra chins (Joan had the lead at 4 chins) and swelled jowls.

Several more cycles and most of what little struggling stopped altogether. They were simply too fat to move. The poles they were tied to remained, but the bands were withdrawn. The poles were mostly absorbed into the fat of their backs, or in Janice’s case, the crack of her enormous ass. When the bands were gone they all tried to struggle again, but it was no use. They’d need a forklift to move their one ton plus bodies at this point. Most of them had their arms pinned to their sides by their enormous breasts anyways. Though the bands were gone, the cycle continued, their weight pinning them in place easily, there was no chance that Joan or Janice would somehow tumble off.

The cycle continued unabated, for at least another 15 times or more, by Lisa’s count. Then it seemed to finally slow down, the see-saw didn’t go all the way to the top and produce the click, nor did their cylinders refill after their contents were squished into their cavernous stomachs. It took minutes though for the see-saw to cut its momentum and counter the tremendous weights on either end of it, but inevitably it stopped, and the fulcrum’s locking mechanism engaged with a pneumatic hiss. Seconds later a slight amount of yellow fluid traveled through their respective tubes, topping them off so to speak. It was so small they didn’t even feel it fill their stomachs, and the weight gain was unnoticeable. Moments later they started to feel tingly and drowsy, and despite their efforts they fell asleep.

When they awoke, they were rearranged in a different fashion. Now the see-saw was removed and they were all on raised platforms, each about three feet above the floor. Though they could no longer turn their heads they were facing a mirrored wall and could see that they had been transformed into living pink blobs of flesh, bigger than compact cars. They were sitting upright, the fat from their enormous hips and ass spreading in all directions and easily held them up, they needed no support pole for help. They had some differences, but they were subtle. Veronica’s breasts were larger than the others, as were Janice’s hips and ass, and Lisa’s belly, but that was marginal when compared to the sheer staggering size they had all attained in such a short time. They still had the tubes in their mouths as well, and they despaired that they might somehow be made still fatter. Suddenly a voice could be heard clearly, like it was projected in through speakers they couldn’t see. The voice was electronically modified; it was unrecognizable and could have been a man’s or a woman’s.

“Ladies, I hope you liked that little snack and trip on the see-saw. I wanted to make the experience special for you. Just to satisfy your curiosity, you all weigh exactly 3000 pounds now. You gained 50 pounds at each cycle, and weighed in roughly at 120 pounds. You did almost 60 cycles, and then just a little extra to make sure you were evened out.” The women sobbed at that incredible number, and they had no doubt it was the truth. “Don’t worry though, you’re perfectly healthy, and will stay that way, I’m not a killer. And don’t bother trying to figure out who I am, we’ve never met before today. I’m using you in a bit of an experiment see, an experiment in revenge.

“None of you, or me for that matter are very nice. Veronica” the voice started with Veronica who was the woman furthest to the right. “You participated in electoral fraud, stealing votes from machines to fix a mayoral election.” Veronica blushed at that, actually more embarrassed by this revelation than her tremendous weight and breasts. “And Janice” who was next in line “you’re a small time model, going on exotic photo shoots, who would think that you act as a drug mule too?” Janice tried to shake her head in denial, but it was useless. “Joan, you’re next. You’ve made a fortune on insider trading, who cared if it ruined a few people’s life savings?” Joan actually tried to speak on her behalf, but only managed to grunt. “And finally Lisa. You’re not terribly bright, but you can act decently enough for insurance fraud.” Lisa didn’t bother doing anything, they all knew what the voice said was true.

“How do I know this? Because you’ve all been blackmailed!” Their eyes grew wide at this, and they could see in each others’ eyes in the mirror that this was true. “See, I’ve been blackmailed too, it’s pretty easy to figure out what, I dabble in illegal technology. Unlike you, I didn’t pay though, I tracked the bitch down. Here see for yourself.” The mirrored wall began to change, instead of a mirrored finish it turned into merely a glass wall. On the other side, sat a woman who was trussed up just like they were so long ago. She was completely naked, bound to a pole with a tube down her throat. She appeared to weigh even less than they did before this all started, and was their same age, early 30s at most. She looked absolutely terrified, and it was obvious she recognized all the women and had seen their fate. For the first time since this ordeal began, the massive women actually tried to smile. “Don’t get excited yet ladies. When I caught her, I was going to blow her up a lot bigger than you, but that was when I found out this scheme she had going with all of you. That was when I decided to have this little experiment; I am a scientist after all. How far would the four of you go for revenge? She cost each of you thousands and thousands of dollars, not to mention the anguish and stress you felt when you realized someone knew your dirty little secret. What would you do to her if you got the chance?” The women were definitely wondering that very thing.

“Here’s the experiment. As I said, you each weigh 3000 pounds. You have the chance to make her weigh as much as all of you combined.” The voice let that sink in. The thin woman on the other side renewed her futile struggles at that and moaned as tears ran down her face. The fat women definitely liked that idea, it was easy to see even in their trussed up state. “But” the voice continued “you’ll have to gain some more first.” At this point a slim rod rise from the platform on either side of each of them. The rod rose until it was touching each of the women’s right and left hands, with their limited mobility all they could do was grasp it. The thin woman dared to hope at this; maybe she’d have a chance here. “Those rods are how you’ll decide. When I say go, all you to do is grab the rod and pull it back. The left rod means a vote of yes, and the right a vote of no.” The women all grabbed the rods and pulled. “Ah…not yet! There’s still some rules. First of all, you’ll each be gaining another ton.” The voice let that sink in, and the women loosened their grip a bit. “5000 pounds, that’s right. And this weight will be impossible to lose. Right now, if you really tried hard you might be able to get down to 1000 pounds, but that’s where I locked your weight. Third, the vote has to be unanimous.” At that the wall turned opaque again, they could no longer see their reflections or the other woman, and since they were too fat to turn their heads, and couldn’t speak, they had no way of conferring with each other. To add to this, a static noise started up, which prevented them from sending any messages even by grunts. The voice continued over the static. “Fourth, as you can tell you will not be able to talk to each other and make plans, you each have to decide on your own. Fifth, if you vote yes, you gain the weight regardless of how the others vote. When you see the green light appear on the wall in front of you, you have ten seconds to vote. If you don’t vote at all, then I’ll vote for you. At the end, if the vote is unanimous, then the bitch will get what she deserves and weigh 20,000 pounds when this is all done. If even one of you votes no, she goes away scoot free. The bonds will release and she’s free to leave. She already knows who I am, so I’ll be leaving here one way or the other, and notify emergency crews on my way out.”

“So that’s it ladies. If you want revenge, if you want justice, you’ll have to work for it. If you want this blackmailing bitch who ultimately got you into this mess in the first place, you need to put on just a bit more weight. Make your choice.” The green light appeared on the wall in front of them. Over the static and the muffling effect of their tremendously fat bodies, no one tell could who voted for what, or even if they voted. There was no count down, the green light appeared and disappeared after what the ladies assumed was ten seconds. On the other side of the wall Gwen, the blackmailer, saw it all, but due to the fact that they were so fat she couldn’t tell how they voted either. When the green light disappeared, the wall turned from opaque to mirror again, though Gwen could see from her side still. The static noise ended, the rods withdrew to wherever they came, and the voice began again.

“Well ladies all I have is bad news. First, only three of you voted yes. We’ll start with those. Veronica!” their disappointment and shock was obvious that they went through all this for nothing, but then the yellow fluid rushed down the tube that was in Veronica’s mouth and began filling her stomach. Unlike before, this wasn’t a fifty pound dose. A steady and fast stream of the stuff continued to flow into her. It was only when her stomach was almost full that she felt the warmth that accompanied the growth as it was digested. For several seconds she sat there inhaling the stuff, her size changing only if you looked very hard. But on the mirrored wall above her head the numbers 3127 appeared and continued to rise. The numbers increased by the second, and seemed to get faster as she kept getting filled more and more. Her whole body was spreading out now, getting larger and larger, gaining at ten pounds a second and then still more. Her system was barely able to keep up with the flow, her bag like stomach completely full and more as the warmth and growth didn’t stop. In only minutes she gained another 1000 pounds and had no signs of slowing. The huge platform she was on was getting smaller and smaller as she took up more space on it. The numbers were racing by, impossible to tell how much she was gaining per second. It was only when she reached the phenomenal weight of over 4700 pounds that they started to slow and the flow of liquid stopped. Her weight didn’t stop though. She continued to digest her full stomach of the stuff, and her weight continued to rise, slower but just as inevitable. The last 20 pounds were tortuously slow, a pound every other second at most until she finally reached the impossible weight of 2 and a half tons. She was massive, a mound, a hill, a mountain of flesh, a female landmark. When the weight was reached, the platform made a loud click and slowly descended into the floor until it was flush with it. When that happened, clicks and whooshes could be heard ominously above Gwen’s head, who was breathing a sigh of relief when nothing came down her tube.
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“Janice!” the voice called next, and without ceremony the yellow fluid rushed down her throat and filled her up. Her weight was still primarily in the ass, and as she neared the 5000 pound mark, it looked like there was a danger she might actually overflow it. With a click she hit 5000 on the nose and her platform descended to the floor as well. The clicks and whooshes above Gwen’s head started again, and again, nothing happened afterwards.

“Joan…voted no.” was all the voice said. Dagger like stares were aimed at her in the mirror as she was spared from further weight gain and allowed their blackmailer to escape justice.

“Lisa!” the voice called finally, and the yellow fluid rushed down to fill her voluminous belly still more. Her body swelled, but her belly dominated, and like Janice they wondered if she would overlap the edge. She was mere inches from it when she reached exactly 5000 pounds and her platform sank into the ground. The ominous sounds happened again over Gwen’s head, but nothing happened still. Gwen wasn’t released yet though, she assumed that whoever was doing this would make good their escape first.

“Like I said” the voice continued. “I have nothing but bad news. In order for this to work, there needed to be a unanimous vote, and Joan voted no. The bad news Joan is that you voted after the 10 seconds was up.” Joan’s eye bugged out and she tried shaking her head, as did Gwen. “Now was definitely not the time to be indecisive Joan. Since your vote doesn’t count, I’ll go ahead and cast your vote for you. Since you almost ruined a perfectly good revenge scheme, I’m going to go ahead and vote…” seconds ticked by as they waited for the decision to be made. 25,000 pounds was waiting to be added to two women. “Yes!” the voice crowed as the yellow fluid rushed down the tube into Joan’s waiting body. Since no one part of her seemed bigger than the rest, her weight gain was mainly an over all swelling of her mammoth body, going from gigantic to colossal. Any movement left in her was done by the time the fluid stopped and her weight gain ended. Her platform sank into the ground with a final click, and all could hear as the last preparations were made for their revenge on Gwen.

Gwen was almost vibrating with the intensity of her struggles. “Well Gwen, like I said I have nothing but bad news. The bad news is that you’ll be gaining enough weight that you’ll probably never move from this spot again. There are whales in the sea that don’t weigh as much as you’re going to. Here we go!” the voice finished as the fluid started to pour down the tube. If the other women could smile they would, as the mirror reflections vanished and the clear glass returned just in time for them to see the fluid enter her mouth.

The first few seconds were just of Gwen’s stomach getting filled. Her shaking continued but to no avail, her stick thin body (so skinny you could count her ribs) was going to be transformed. Her belly swelled, pooching out until it was round and tight as a beach ball. The strain on her face was visible but the yellow fluid didn’t show signs of slowing. The weight meter in the glass above her head had started at 112, with the weight of the fluid she gained perhaps seven pounds, but it was obvious that the real weight gain hadn’t started yet. She quivered and shook as she kept getting pumped full of the stuff, and it was only after she knew she would burst, that she felt the warmth that was now so familiar to the others. Her weight started to shoot upwards, her stomach finally making room, only to be filled immediately by the pressure of the tube. In seconds her weight went from 120 from the addition of the fluid, to 146. The boniness disappeared, her almost nonexistent breasts blossomed, and her hips actually appeared. There was no pause though now in her weight gain. Her altered metabolism absorbed the stuff directly, converting it into fat almost as quickly as it entered her body.

Moments later she reached 200 pounds and raced by it. “Congratulations Gwen, you’re 1/100th of the way there!” the voice announced. Gwen gained weight in a similar way as Joan, her body just swelled in all directions, no one part getting more or less of the gain. She was already past 300 now, taking on the pear shape that most women get at that weight and her struggles were lessening as she lost what limited mobility she had. The weight was piling on at over 20 pounds a second, her body almost a blur of swelling and weight gain, far faster than the other women when they gained their weight. While her body was swelling, no one part seemed to get bigger than the others, yet at times there were small explosions of weight in one area that would be evened out in the next few seconds. One breast might surge forward past the other, and then the next second be back to normal.

Gwen’s struggles were not only in vain but weakening, in only a few minutes, when her weight was already past the 1000 pound mark, the straps retracted. Once her first ton was gained, the pole retracted and she was able to sit upright by virtue of her ten foot circumference ass. “Only 9 more tons to go Gwen!” the voice continued.

Gwen’s weight didn’t slow down or let up, she just continued swelling non-stop. In mere minutes she was racing past the women’s original weight of 3000 pounds, minutes later she was actually fatter than them. Fortunately she didn’t seem to be on a platform, but was directly on the floor; otherwise she would definitely overlap it. Upon close examination all could see that certain parts were not swelling as much any more. Her face and hands and feet (her feet were actually buried under her flab, but they assumed) while tremendously bloated and fat, but at almost 7000 pounds they should have been larger. The instigator of this knew why, the nanites were making sure she’d be able to breathe, and he or she programmed the hands and feet like that so there’d be a good thing to compare with her old size. The other women had the same thing happen to them, but it wasn’t quite as noticeable.

On her 4th ton she truly seemed to be reaching her limit though. Her weight gain seemed to stop or slow, but the fluid poured down just as fast as before. Her belly swelled and surged from the influx of the stuff, but that was it. This went on for several torturous seconds, and the women looked on with worry, Gwen knew something was wrong also, but was too miserable to contemplate it. She looked like she was trembling, getting ready to explode, her belly was filled with enough of the stuff to fill a bathtub. Finally, in a cartoon like burst of expansion she suddenly grew taller, her limbs a few feet longer, she became a true giant in order to accommodate the massive weight she was still gaining. The nanites needed to make desperate changes to allow her to continue gaining, a woman that started at 5 feet 2 inches tall just couldn’t handle all that weight, but one that was 10 feet tall could. From her ass to the top of her head she was almost twelve feet tall, her width was even larger than that as she hit 10,000 pounds, as much as two of the huge women.

With the sudden burst of growth past, her weight gain was steady as the seconds went by, but overall hard to notice. Despite her incredible height, her breasts were big enough and flabby enough to reach the ground on either side of her yards wide stomach. Each breast was close to a ton easily. Her stomach had a capacity measured in gallons. Her jowls practically merged into her flabby shoulders, and her neck was gone, buried in chins that seemed to have become part of her chest. You could literally hide a backyard tool shed behind her. Her weight was closing in on ton number 7.

The voice began counting off the 1000 pound marks as her weight raced up to the finale. “15,000…16,000…17,000…18,000!...19,000!...” No one could believe that it was actually going to happen, this poor woman, who started out at barely over 100 pounds was about to hit the 10 ton weight! The fluid stopped slightly before she reached 19,000 pounds, and with the loss of pressure, her weight started to crawl instead of race upwards. She had been gaining at almost 20 pounds a second for most of the fattening process, now it seemed she was going tortuously slow. The tension was unbearable in all of them, especially Gwen, for on her side of the room, the wall in front of her gave her a mirror surface to look at, but behind her as well were mirrors, so she actually could see all angles, from her ass that a basketball player could literally disappear into, to her titanic stomach which was as big as a weather balloon. She was at 19,900+ pounds for agonizing seconds until finally…

“20,000!!” the number finally stopped at that impossible weight. She weighed as much as all four of those bloated women, who each weighed almost 3 times as much as the fattest human ever. There was a hiss that seemed to shake the women out of their shock, and they all looked up as best as they could, worried that they’d be fattened again. But it was the wall in between them retracting into the ceiling. The voice came on, probably for the last time.

“Well ladies, time for me to take my exit. Gwen I’m sure has figured out who I am, so I’m off to another country with non-extradition laws. I left all the evidence of everyone’s actions for the authorities to find. Given your current state, they’ll probably take it easy on you. When I’m about a half hour away I’ll be calling the emergency crews to come and find you, along with the media, this will make a Hell of a story don’t you think? Good luck ladies, hope you enjoyed the food.” The voice clicked off and the women were left in silence. A few minutes later the tubes began to slowly and carefully extricate themselves from their mouths and throats. The women sat their miserably as they had to acclimate themselves to not having a plastic tube fed down their gullet. Finally Lisa spoke.

“Well bitch, I hope it was worth it.” She said to the towering and massive Gwen.
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Default wondering if comments are wanted?

An interesting tale, though a bit confusing to follow in the first see saw mode.
Life is only once, so live yours and not your co-workers.
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Originally Posted by MoColenpear
An interesting tale, though a bit confusing to follow in the first see saw mode.
I was a bit worried about that myself, one of my goals was to try and make an interesting method for fattening someone. The problem with that is that as the writer I can see it eaily, but it might not be clear to others. A bit more description of it might have helped.
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