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Default The Food Critic (BBW, WG)

The Food Critic
by chrissy

Since joining the masthead of a major newspaper in my mid 30s, I had been thinking about how to stir up some of the staffing and sections to appeal to a broader audience. It was a huge job -- you all know the state of disrepair the papers are in these days. I reorganized sections, placed a dedicated section to lifestyle news and travel, and food criticism -- one of the few reasons people still go out these days was our booming gourmand industry -- got its own column.

I hesitated about two top two choices the editorical team presented me with to head up the food column. There was Ted O'Brien, the consummate critic and sommelier who had the background, but I felt his writing was a bit dry. Then we had an internal option in Marlene Dougall, who had previously worked for us in lifestyle. There were two things leaning me towards Marlene, and one I wouldn't admit. One was that she was the younger up-and-comer. There's something to be said for someone working hard and wanting it, experience be damned. The other reason reason was, well, Marlene was sinfully pretty, and I didn't mind the idea of her possibly picking up a few pounds on the job. She had the face of a doll with a button nose and almost-black curls swinging down just to her shoulders. She was slim and tall, at maybe 5 11 and 140 pounds, and her enthusiam was contagious. I felt she could take all that the job had to offer. So I offered it.

Marlene sat in the office not entirely sure what to expect.

"Hi, well I know there was a typo in the last column and it won't happen again and --" I cut her off and her hands fell to her lap, business slacks and blouse sort of draped over her.

"No, no, silly, no none cares about those unavoidable mistakes. I want to know if you like food."

"Hmm... Yeah, I'd say I'm a foodie," Marlene responded.

"And do you want to write about food?"

"What? Hell yes I do."

"Okay, this could work out then. Here's the job description and here's your first assignment. You understand we want to be aggressive with our reviews?"

"Um, what do you mean?"

"I mean we're looking for five reviews a week. A mix of brunch, dinner, maybe the odd breakfast to throw them a curve ball."

"Yeah, I mean why not?"

I leaned back in my chair. "I'm just saying, it's most likely not a big deal, but if it were me doing that work for a couple of years I think I would possibly gain some weight. You're not concerned about that?"

Marlene was taken aback and thought about it. "Um... no, I mean I don't think so. I hope not. It's a great position and I hope I can fill it."

I smiled internally at her unintended double-entendre.

"Okay, well the first one is the Leopard this Saturday. It goes from there. Five reviews a week. Our audience is hungry for a critic not unlike yourself, I think."

Marlene nodded.


The first few weeks were indeed nigh unnoticeable for her. Her reviews were a hit, and restaurants -- well, the good ones, anyway -- were clamouring to serve Marlene. Three to four months in, and things started to get interesting. Just outside the office, I overheard Marlene and her colleague Andrea doing some small talk in the corridor.

"Soooo, how's the food critic stuff working out so far?" Andrea asked. She was in marketing.

"Ah, it's pretty great. People love the columns, I love writing them. I can't deny it's pretty sweet to get all that free food. But I'm feeling a little more swollen thesse days, haha."

"Ah, whatever, it happens to everyone. You're what, late 20s?"


"Yeah, you look great. Who cares, honestly? Just be healthy. Be you." Andrea, herself, had become a bit of a chubby office worker in the three years I had seen her around, so I don't know if it was the best advice, but it worked for me.

"Fair enough." They parted ways and I promptly returned to my work, pretending I has heard nothing.


My plan was to ask if I could joing Marlene on a dinner critic expedition, in a professional capacity, once she had significantly gained weight. It took a while. The first real sense I got of her progress was at our Christmas party (as you do), about eight months after her tenure began.

In fact, it was hard to believe either Andrea or Marlene were single, but this seemed to be the case. They sat together at one of the tables and I recall glancing over from the editors' table as Marlene got up to peruse the washroom. She had on an all black sleeveless affair and, to my surprise and delight, she had actually grown some very delicious looking, tanned arms, and a noticeable belly complemented by her C cup breasts. I wanted very badly to strike up some conversation, but there was little way to do so without looking terribly out of line. So I viewed from afar.


By February, Marlene requested a meeting with me. I thought nothing of it until she actually presented the problem.

"To be honest, I never thought I'd say this, but I don't know if I can be the food critic anymore."


"Well, I mean, do you see me?" Marlene stood up in jeans and a t-shirt (casual Friday). Whether intentional or not, her belly peeked out from under her now-too-short tshirt -- just a slice of honeyed pudge. I got hard but did my utmost not to show any difference as I remained in my chair.

"Yeah, I... I see that."

"I've put on 45 pounds this year. I have no idea how that happened."

I sighed. I wanted to make a sexy comment so badly, but I knew far better. Or did I? I intentionally planned this. I could have given it to Ted. But Marlene really did want the job.

"Okay, well maybe we could get a second critic? But people love your stuff, Marlene. They love it. And I love giving it to them."

"But I'm fat." To be honest, she really wasn't. But as I was learning, Marlene was very good at holding her curves.

"Well if we're talking about opinions, I'd say you were very skinny before and now you're almost average." This wasn't quite true either -- Marlene's stomach was a beautifully convex, slight-more-than-average sight with an array of curves and bumps and a noticeable navel indent on her tshirt -- but this was the narrative.

Marlene simply scoffed, in a gently agreeing way.

"I thought so. You know we have gym memberships for everyone here too. It's barely my place to make any kind of comment like that, except as it relates to your job. So I take it we're ok for now, overall?"

Marlene sighed. "Yeah, we're ok."

"Maybe more than ok."

"Don't push it."

"Fair enough." She left, and as she left I saw her now-packed size 10 jeans remit two budding love handles atop her not-quite-fitting shirt, and once again I fought to repress my sexual urges.

This was quickly getting dangerous.
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chrissy has said some nice things

Suffice it to say, casual Fridays for the next few weeks were an event worth looking forward to, if only for occasional glimpse of Marlene and her curves which threatened to take over her pants. It took about two months, but finally at one point I overheard another conversation between Marlene and Beth, who did hard news.

"Um Mar, can I tell you something?"

"Yeah?" Marlene was grabbing an office donut, which seemed to happen a little more often these days.

"Your uh... I think you might need new pants." Marlene glanced down and saw her shirt had ridden up again, and her side had gently rested over her very, very tight jeans.

"Oh my God, how did I not notice that," Marlene said, genuinely shocked.

"Just get a bigger size, honestly. Worked for me," Beth said nonchalantly. I continued to sip my coffee in the break room and use my phone, pretending I had no idea and that I wasn't in earshot. But it was all very titillating. Beth was another of the ones to have put on weight while here, and she was similarly gorgeous, albeit married.

"Yeah um... time to start using that gym eh," Marlene laughed it off.

Unfortunately, or fortunately if you're most people, she did, and her handles rescinded over the next three months. She couldn't get it all off, but I would say by the summer Marlene was a fair 160 pounds. I had to think of something.

The first week of June, the editorial board worked with me to come up with something that jived very well with my personal desires -- a tour. For the food critic. A tour of America's best dives. I loved it. It was perfect travel and tourism coverage mixed with the hallmark food writing we were starting to become known for.


I dropped the news to Marlene the next day.

"Oh wow, okay. That's pretty heavy food though."

"Well it looks like you're handling everything ok so far."

"Yeah... can we stop talking about my weight, actually? I'm fine."

"Right. Sorry."

"No problem."

"So you're off next week. Twenty five stops."

"Looking forward to it."


Marlene submitted her reviews by Google Docs. I relished reading about everything she ate. She seemed to really enjoy it all. I fantasized about having her actually put on even more weight, but I knew deep down it wasn't looking likely. Still, if anything is going to make a dent, it's twenty five greasy meals in a couple of months. I almost felt bad no compensating her more for the task.

About three weeks into the tour I got a quick message from Marlene. The subject was about a per diem.

"Hey," it read. We were probably too casual with each other, but that's fine. "So I know we're still technically tight in terms of budget, but I was wondering if a per diem would be possible. Turns out I've been eating out a lot in addition to the reviews. Not sure how I didn't anticipate that. Give me a call."

I hesitated. Who was Marlene to tell me to give her a call. But I did, on my personal phone, just in case.


"Hey, I'm so glad you called." Her voice was so sweet, perhaps especially so with the phone's distortion. "So yeah, a per diem..."

"Well I mean, we didn't necessarily agree to that in the first place, and you know that." It was business, sadly.

"Okay, but it's just $30 per day for about a month. About a thousand. Consider it a bonus based on performance."

"Well, when you put it that way, it kind of falls into place. And I want to make sure you're happy. That everyone's happy and doing their best work."

"Fat and happy." Did I just hear that?

"Um, what?"

"Haha, yeah I guess that doesn't quite fit there. So anyway, $900. I can get it later, I was just checking for approval now."

"I am sure I can make that happen. You're having a good time then?"

"Yeah, am just about to check out our Austin dive. This was a good idea, I'm really enjoying it. Terrible for my figure, but good. Haha."

"I thought we weren't talking about your figure."

"Well if it comes up it comes up, I guess."

"Alright then."

"It's not all bad. These E cups are pretty fun." My heart stopped. As a professional I should immediately condemn such comments, but we were on my personal phone and, well... moving up two cup sizes is news. I guess it was an overflowing C before she left.

After a moment of silence, Marlene pressed on. "What? Cat got your tongue? I know this is your personal number. It's fine. Anything else you want to ask?"

"About the trip, or...?"

"Hahaha, you're cute. About my body."

I audibly cleared my throat. "Um... no, I mean, we have to keep this professional."

"Really, it's ok. And my hourglass figure? Now it's like... a super hourglass."

I was glad the office door was closed, because my ears were burning.

"Is that right?" I managed to let out.

"Oh don't play dumb... I saw you on casual Fridays ogling me. You like curvy women. I like food. We might as well make this work, no? I tried working out and I've decided to try going the other way without any resistance, for once."

My member was throbbing at this point.

"Don't you want to see me on the first casual Friday in September after this... massive tour?"

Again, I fell silent. I did. So, so much. Marlene giggled.

"I'll take that as a yes. And another question."

".... Yeah."

"Any chance you could actually increase the per diem a little more on top? I've been suuuuuuper hungry lately."

"I... yeah, I can do that." She had me in the palm of her hand at that moment.

I read the rest of her August articles in the full knowledge of what was probably going on. It coloured all of the language she used... and I knew the first week of September would be like Christmas.
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Suffice to say, everyone was talking about Marlene's sizeable gain when she arrived back around the office in September.

"Marlene's got quite the ass now, did you see?" I heard Andrea tell Beth. We were all in the break room. I raised my eyebrows and Andrea looked at me.

"What? I'm a chick, I can say it. She's catching right up to us!" Both girls laughed.

Marlene now had much else besides. She would just glance at me and smile a knowing smile whenever we passed eachother in the hall. She changed up her hair -- straightened it out and dyed a deep dark red -- and she changed out her slacks for a pencil skirt with tummy control and just a touch of cleavage on display. She wasn't a big woman, but any means, but she remained tall -- as tall as myself, just about -- and completely filled out. If you could see her thighs they'd probably be lightly but permanently touching.

On Friday, she asked for a lunch time meeting. I obliged.

I'm almost embrassed to admit this, but I had spent another $2,000 on various of Marlene's other trip expenses, including food, in the interim. I was invested. Obviously I didn't expect anything, but the innuendo this woman has been giving me for weeks on end certainly suggested otherwise.

Finally, Friday, a knock at the door at lunch time. "Come in!" I yelled, and Marlene discretely entered and quietly locked the room behind her. I stood up. This was no ordinary meeting.

Marlene had on the jeans she had had since the beginning -- size 10s, but overtop that she had a jacket and shirt which repletely covered all of the top of the jeans. When one could see from the jeans was that they were fighting for dear life thanks to Marlene's recently enlarged form.

"So." She was nervous.

"So," I said, not necessarily wanting to make her less nervous but hoping not to scare her.

"You had a good trip."

"Yeah, thank you. It's been lovely. Turns out, I learned on the road... a lot of guys like bigger girls."

"It happens." I turned a little red.

"Well it just so happens that I've sort of become a bit of a bigger girl. Do you like it?" Her breathing deepened and became audible. I approached her and held her smooth arms covered by her jacket.

"You were always very beautiful, inside and out, but I can't deny there's a difference between a coffee and a latte."

"Haha... is that the best you can do?"

"Hey, it works." I took off her jacket, exposing Marlene's plump arms. I started to knead her soft back.

"Oh, that feels nice. On the road for two months. Even the eating can be hard work, haha."

I continue to feel her sweet-smelling back and shoulders, pushing out the knots.

"Mmm.. I have a number of surprises for you, but one I think you'll especially like is I have my old tshirt on from before."

"The casual Friday tshirt?"

"Mhm, that's the one. The one that left my little lovehandles cold," Marlene demurely put it.

"But now," she continued,"you might find that my lovehandles aren't so little anymore."

I reached my hands underneath her flowy shirt and searched for her sides. Indeed, trapped inside her size ten jeans which probably fit four sizes ago at least, Marlene's fat had gotten completely out of control relative to her former standards. I pressed further and found that she had developed a bona fide pot belly, hanging over her jeans and completley unhideable, completely devoid of any muscle.

"Hoooooly shit that feels nice," Marlene cooed. "No one has ever done that... I ever never been so curvy in my life. Sex it nice when you're more athletic or skinny, but I think the cushion amplifies everything, don't you think?" She turned and looked at me straight. You have to remember that Marlene is tall and was somewhat of a lanky girl, so it took quite a few meals to achieve such a figure. Her stomach was wide and expansive, yet stuck out just enough to make any regular person think twice about wearing a bikini in public. This was Marlene, now. I subtly placed my fingers against her F-cups and kneaded her excess. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Lunch was over.

"Almost done our meeting here!" I yelled, almost completely lying.

"Next Friday?" I said. I didn't even get to take her flowy shirt off.

"Yes, I'd like that." As Marlene got her jacket back on her shirts rose up just enough for me to see the ridiculudly hot way her size tens only managed to reach just over her groin, and the delicious curves all around her draped over them. Marlene's will to stay in shape was completely broken, and a slippery slope had started.
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I love this!
We all laugh in the same language; English.
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Wait, this story is just beginning? Awwsome.
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brilliant! i loved reading this and hope there's more
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Well done!
I love how Marlene is leading the game!
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Can't wait for 'more'!
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Benny Mon
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Super well written - excited for more, if there is more!
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